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Corporate Australia
A look into Corporate fraud in Australia, Stranglehold of Monopolies, Telecommunications Oppression, Biased Law System,
Corporate influence in politics, Industrial Relations disadvantaging workers, Outsourcing Australian Jobs, Offshore Banking,
Petrochemical company domination, Invisibly Visible. It's not what you see, it's what goes on behind the scenes.


Australia's Prime Minister (CEO) Tony Abbott : "Australia is Open for Business"

High Court Australia Cases Wednesday, February 26, 2014 "People 'expect' politicians to claim
expenses for sporting events" -
Ah Yick v Lehmert [1905] claim s Steven Ciobo
HCA 22 Traffic Infringements / Speed Camera Fines -
Andrews v ANZ Bank [2012] Are they really lawful?
Attorney General (WA) v
Marquet [2003] HCA 67 The police, together with lawyers, politicians, law makers and the largest
Brebner v Bruce [1950] HCA propaganda tool the corporate media are for the concealment of the truth and
36 certain facts about the law, from the general populous.
Commonwealth Bank v
Barker [2013] FCAFC 83
Not everyone subscribes to this form of oppression and tyranny.
Commonwealth v NSW
[1923] HCA 23
Below is a document that refers to 'Road Fines', i.e. traffic infringement
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Below is a document that refers to 'Road Fines', i.e. traffic infringement
Deitrich v R [1992] HCA 57 notices, speed / red light camera fines, etc, which was compiled by an ex Should Henry Kissinger be
Engineer's case [1920] HCA police 'officer'. euthanised?
Lane v Morrison [2009] HCA
Mabo v Queensland [1992]
HCA 23
Moeliker v Chapman [2000]
HCA 242 (17 May 2000) -
Authorities deleting cases
Momocilovic v The Queen
[2011] HCA 34
Neil v Nott [1994] HCA 23
Plenty v Dillon [1991] HCA 5
R v City of Melbourne [1920]
HCA 6 Court Fraud
Rutledge v Victoria [2013]
Why the Infringements Court is not
HCA 60
a valid Court – No Act
SA v C'wlth (First Uniform
Melton a new and illegal state
Tax Case) [1942] HCA 14
within Victoria
South Australia v Totani
The illegal Infringements Court of
[2010] HCA 39
State of NSW v Kable [2013]
Why a fine from the Infringements
HCA 26
Court is NOT valid
Sue v Hill [1999]
‘Infringements Court’ fines – The
Taylor v Taylor [1979] HCA great Victorian government rip off.
Victorian Courts Fraud -
Wakim [1999] Infringements Court
Yanner v Eaton [1999] HCA
The corruption of - Sheriff's Office

South Australia Suprem e When the 'sheriff' steals your car

Court Cases where does he hide it?
Posted by AuCorp at 3:45 PM Sheriff's warrants do not exist -
Police v Butcher [2016] Labels: ABC - Australia Backw ards Country, AMI - Anglo Masonic Influence, CR - Consumer verified on video
SASC 130 Ripoff, ELS - Exposed Legal Secrets, GE - Government Exposé, Law , Money for Mates, Victorian sheriff selling Bob Jane's
Politics house unlawfully?
Suprem e Court Queensland Sheriff's Office now Enforcement
Cases Management Unit

Paton & Ors v Mackay

1 comment: What a warrant form looks like

Regional Council [2014] No Lawful warrant from Victoria’s

Bob Valdez said... sheriff – Brendan Facey?
QSC 75 - Council Rates
Again, no PDF on display. Does the govt spooks take these down so How to dismiss an unlawful sheriff
we remain uninformed? - Brendan Facey?
Suprem e Court Victoria Cases 24 May, 2017 17:04 Sheriff's Office - Your vehicle has
open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
24 May, 2017 17:04
the warrant and not you
DPP v Hamilton [2011]
Post a Comment Notice to all pretend sheriffs in
Annotated Constitution (Sirs Newer Post Home Older Post There’s a new sheriff in old
John Quick, Robert Garran) Melbourne town
Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Sheriff's Office Template Letter - To
Australian Constitution 1901 the Natural Person
(Digital) Uni of Sydney
Department of Justice trading as
Australian Constitution 1901 BUTTERFLY WHISPERS
(Scanned) Uni of Toronto WORKSHOPS
Charge sheet and summons
against Victoria's sheriff Brendan
Black's Law Dictionaries
Black's Law Dictionary 1st Exposing Corporate Criminals –
Edn 1891 Victoria’s sheriff – Brendan Facey
Black's Law Dictionary 2nd Sheriff - OHMS
Edn 1910 Sheriff's Criminal Actions
Sheriff's Office Exposed Part 1
Road Law s Docum ents Letter to the sheriff - Brendan Facey
Sheriff Act 2009 (Victoria) - No
Driver Licence unlawful? Hansard
No need to carry 'Driver Sheriffs office response template
Licence' letter
No need to stop for police SHERIFF'S OFFICE VICTORIA -
Traffic Infringements / Trademark 1465780
Speed Camera Fines - Are
they really lawful?
Corrupt Police Files


COVERUPS" Sunshine Police
Affidavit Declaration of Station Victoria.
Service Form 6A $5000 missing from Victoria Police
Application for - Request of exhibits storage unit
Information by police A LIST OF CORRUPT POLICE
Centrelink Rent Certificate Accused ex-Vic cop offended on
form (SU523) bail: court
CHARGE SHEET AND Acquitted cop denies choking in
SUMMONS road brawl
Fee Schedule (2014 - v1) rtf Anger as number of criminals
format recruited to NSW Police increases
Form 29A - Notice For Armed PSO threatened to kill dog at
Discovery (Victoria) self North Fitzroy station, dog owner
litigants claims
Form 29a - Notice of Australia's corrupt police force
Discovery, Magistrates' accessing your data illegally
open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
Australian Police check - ABN's
Infringement Warrant (2016)
Victoria Australian police spend millions on
spyware – WikiLeaks
Judicial Review - Forms /
Rules Australian police to use sonic
weapons to maim the people as
Municipal Rates they are the enemy of the state.
Concession Form
Bypassing encryption: Italian firm
Self-represented Litigants ‘sells global spyware to police,
Info Pack (Supreme Court of govts’
Case confirms police officers' right
STATUTORY to silence
Changing of the guard - Police
What a Sheriff's warrant State
(form) looks like
Civic Compliance - Victoria Police
Legal Docum ents Civilians take on cops in court
Cop crime spree bungle exposed
AFFIDAVIT - What Act have I
been charged under - Is it Cops 'took tens of thousands in
lawful? bribes'

Attorney General's letter - Cops party in hotel room unaware

local councils are not they are being filmed
recognised Cops the new debt collectors
Australia has no valid Cops to use licence to disqualify
government anyone guilty of anything
Australian Constitution and Cops' code of silence - Police act
Act (1900) with original seal like criminals says magistrate
Australian Governor Corporate media cannot name
Generals from 1982 - 2003 - paedophile ex-cop Robert William
No Order Gommeson
Australian Tax Office is Corrupt Cop – ‘Eugene’ shreds
unlawful – Wolter Joosse evidence
case (transcript)
Corrupt Cops - Jodhi Meares drink-
Bill of Rights (1688) valid in driving case: police to drop
Queensland suspended licence charges, her
Bill of Rights and Magna lawyer tells court
Carta valid in Victoria Corrupt cops beat driver
Civic Compliance Victoria Corrupt Cops more dangerous
letter from the Attorney than bikies? Definitely!
Corrupt Office of Police Integrity
Commonwealth of Australia shred documents, illegal tapings
is registered with the U.S.
Corrupt Police conceal Church
Securities and Exchange
Corrupt police investigating corrupt
Crimes Act 1914 - The
original document
Corruption watchdog IBAC
Governor General of
Australia Michael Jeffery - demands answers from Victoria

open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
Australia Michael Jeffery -
No Order Police on Lawyer X scandal
County Court Judge Geoffrey
Sir Harry Gibbs Chief
Chettle should be sued together
Justice of the High Court
with Victoria Police
Australia comments on the
Constitution Court awards almost $130,000 to
man punched by policeman
The Constitution Act 1975
Court hears of grandmother Linda
The Constitution Act 1975
Milazzo's clash with Victoria Police
The queen of Australia -
NOT a lawful entity Cover-up claims over Taser death
Crime pays in Australia especially
Victoria Government Gazette
when you're a cop committing it
No. 98, November 26, 1975
Deadly secrets: Key evidence not
Victoria has no Constitution
shared by police
Doctor and wife sue police for $1
The Crim inal English Royal million after unlawful arrest and
Fam ily tasering
Does Victoria Police really care
'Rightful king of England' about their oath of office?
dies in Australia
Drunk Drugged Driving Instructor
Our Land in Foreign Hands
- Corporate media BS? Emails reveal South Australian
police push to hit their traffic fine
Paternity result from DNA benchmarks
study on Richard III skeleton
raises doubts about royal Ex cop tipping off illegal brothels in
family lineage Melbourne

Prince Philip and Queen Ex Federal cop a convicted

Elizabeth's criminal past? pedophile

Queen Elizabeth II signature Ex Victorian Police officer

on oath - Invalid comments on Fines

Royal Family granted new Foreign Jobs Grab - The

right of secrecy government destroying Australia's
The criminal family of
Queen Elizabeth II Former police officers under
suspicion over Gold Coast boiler
room scams that raked in millions
of dollars
Essential background
know ledge Former top cop Graham Bennett
Fraser jailed for sex assaults
Brian Kelly's Blog Glen McNamara charged with
Constructing fear murder of missing student, Roger
Rogerson wanted for questioning
Counter Currents
Government concealing Domestic
Georgia Guidestones
Violence by Police?
Identifying Masonic Symbols History of the Victorian Police Force
Larry Hannigan's Australia
How the police waste our time, on a
Life and debt massive scale
Manufacturing Consent - Hundreds of police members
Noam Chomsky caught abusing confidential
open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
Noam Chomsky caught abusing confidential
Money Masters
Money, Banking and the ICAC's powers queried in Sydney
Federal Reserve court
Knife-wielding man killed and
RDF TV - The Baloney
hostage shot during police stand-
Detection Kit - Michael
Secret History of the Credit
Card - PBS
Secret Rulers of the World
Mainstream media concealing ex
The Australian Constitutions 'top cop' speeding away crime?
More Corrupt Cops - Ex-cop had
The Domestic Violence mate search Vic Police data
More Corrupt Cops - Police caught
The Red Back Web - by Dr. drink-driving avoid axe
Helen Tsigounis
More Corrupt Cops - Police pay out
The Strawman Illusion $12.4 million in compensation
Truth Origins (removed) No police investigation on $32
Who Profits million Crown casino rip-off by high
NSW Police given option to hide
Miscellaneous URLs name badges to protect identity
NSW Police hit with $1.8m legal bill
Altnews Forum after piracy case
Australia under distress NT police officer suspended and
Australian Police News charged with one count of causing
serious harm
Brokers with hands on their
faces Off the rails: Train PSO probed for
rape and torture still armed at work
Corrupt Judges - Australia
Ombudsman warns on Melbourne
Done by Law
secret society called The
Fred Hollows Foundation Brotherhood
Hands Off Country Paedophile set free in community
Harold Holt Murder Parliament's criminal actions -
Victoria Police a corporation
Just Grounds Community
Mikiverse Law Perth cop's anger goes viral in
Mikiverse Politics
Police already committing criminal
Nestle's inappropriate offences against new metadata
marketing laws
North Coast Voices Police brutality caught on candid
Poweromics video
Stop the Pirates Police bungle on HUGE scale -
False affidavits
Telstra Tactics
Police committing fraud and other
The Chronicles of George criminal actions against Victorian
The Great Australian Rip Off motorists every single day
open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
- Speeding Fines Police complaints system 'broken'
The Wanted Blog Police corruption supported by the
Typing is not activism corporate media
Vital News Australia Police criminal activity - Hacking
user's phones
Westpac Broking Error
Police deny burying truth as IBAC
How To / How The - posts Police hack facebook account -
How can you really trust the Police?
How the administration of
Police had three chances to stop
the penal colony called
stolen car used in hit run tragedy
Australia are taking away
but did nothing
your rights
Police harassment to admit to
How the government owns
crimes not committed
your children
Police have access to your PC
How the government trades
on prisoners Police have changed laws -
government corruption or corporate
How the judges buy your
media lies
court matter
Police hit with 661 criminal charges
How the police support
criminals Police Ignorance of the Law –
Should They Have More Legal
How the traffic cams are
monitoring more than just
your driving Police lies regarding virus ridden
How to aviod data retention
laws - BlackPhone 2 Police lies regarding virus ridden
How To Beat Regulation
Convictions Police linked to outlaw motorcycle
How to contest all fines
Police Minister Mike Gallacher
How to deal with a Ticket steps down after ICAC hears he
Inspector was in 'corrupt scheme' with
How to deal with police Nathan Tinkler
How to dismiss any court Police officer accused of raping
case without a lawyer child remains free until his court
date in two months
How to easily spot an
unlawful Act POLICE officers are losing
identification badges in their
How to get away with -
hundreds, leading to fears they are
being used to commit crimes.
How to get away with drink
driving and sue the state Police officers quit after colleagues
cover up cop’s drunken crash in
How to get away with muder Bendigo
- bullying
Police stats exclude 25,000
How to get out of an assaults reported to Triple 0
'Infrigements Court' fine
Police to gain protection from being
How to not pay for tollway sued
How to not vote due to Police too scared to act but not too
religious reasons in
open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
religious reasons in scared to commit unlawful actions
Australia against the public
How to plea in court Police use loophole to dodge fines
How to see all the Policeman allegedly bashed
companies tracking you on motorist before charging him with
Facebook -- and block them assault
How to sign your name Policeman charged with assault
without assuming liability gets paid holiday
How to stop data being Privacy fears on 'spy' laws
synchronised from your
Private eyes are watching Victoria’s
Windows Phone
police force as claims of bullying
How to stop Twitter spying are probed
on you from your
Protest at Mackay court as police
officers on rape charges bailed
How to stop your
Queensland Police Harassment
smartphone from tracking
and sending your location Queensland Police Service
falsifying crime statistics
Queensland Police Service Recruit
Reference Blog Posts - Law Training Program (v1.7, July 2013)
Queensland the terrorist capital of
Metro - Transport (Conduct)
Regulations 2005 the world or the lawless wild wild
A list of corrupt judges and
ABN - Australian Business GAGGED!!
Rosie Batty tells inquest fatal flaws
Are fines lawful? failed son Luke, slain by his father
Are licenses required under Sacked AFP officer: 'We lie to
Common Law of England? members of the community on a
Australia's (corrupt) daily basis'
parliament is in unlawfully in Shocking video shows Gong Ling
power Tang left to die outside police
Australian Independence station
Day, when exactly? State denies duty of care to injured
Australian Police check - police
ABN's The anti corruption commission is
Australian Referendum corrupt
dates and results The Australian Federal Police
Australian Tax Office (ATO) abandoned informer
is NOT a legal entity The police can rape the children of
Civic Compliance Victoria the cannon fodder and not get
Explained charged

Corrupt courts to stop you Thousands of Victorians go to court

from recording - A new Bill over unlawful 'fines'
Court win - Noosa Townsville officer accused of racist
Magistrates' Court comments implicated in death
open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
Courtroom Shenanigans –
Spot the crime Truck driver films argument with
highway patrol officer who fined him
Difference between and after ‘estimating’ his speed was
ABN and an ACN over the limit
Family Law Court Sworn Two police officers charged with
Valuer attempting to pervert the course of
Federal Circut Court is a justice
corporation UN says Victoria should
Kangaroo Courts of compensate victim of police
Australia are star chambers beating
contrary to law Veteran police officer fears
Kangaroo Courts of backlash over speed crackdown
Australia are star chambers Vic police inquiry stalled by privacy
contrary to law - Part 2 bid
More relocatable units for Vic police suspended for leaking
Victorian prisons info
Natural Justice does not Victoria Police - Manual Policy
apply to the Migration Act Rules and Trademark logo use
Victoria Police asks for your money
No Need to Stop for Police citing part of their oath
Parliamentary Education Victoria Police Corruption - Guns in
Office local government Fact the Rafters
Victoria Police covering up their
Police Powers, Recording in criminal actions and those of
Public, The Right to others
Incriminate Oneself
Victoria Police destroying evidence
Police powers & your rights re Corinna Horvath case?
Private car park Victoria Police failed Bourke St
'fines/payment notices' massacre victims
Recording in court Victoria Police Rapist Phillip
Remove the Roman Gordon Shaw in Court
Catholics from government Victoria Police rocked by alleged
SARC (Scruitny of Acts and crash cover-up
Regulations Committee) Victoria Police sexual harassment
Serf - how the authorities horror stories is a Failure of
classify ALL Australians Governance
Slater and Gordon supports Victoria Police states while
IBM GSA fraud assaulting a minor "I can do
whatever I want"
Suing Police for Assault,
False Imprisonment or Victoria Police to cover up yet
Malicious Prosecution another shooting?
Supreme Court of Victoria Victoria Police untrustworthy,
seal exposed corruption goes underreported
Tasmanian magistrates not Victoria Police urged to withhold
sworn in correctly for 30 evidence
years Victorian cops using and trafficking
The Commonwealth of drugs according to anti-corruption
open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
The Commonwealth of
Australia seal explained investigations
The Domestic Violence Victorian police officer charged with
Method stealing thousands of dollars,
trafficking meth
The Legal Oath - Is it really
for the benefit to the client? Western Australia Police a
corporate entity and not a
The differrence between
government one
Absolute and Strict Liability
Why the AFP (Australian Federal
The terms 'they' do not want
Police) should be charged with
you to know
relation to the Bali 9 executions
The true meaning of the title
Why you can never trust the
Mr Ms Mrs or Miss
Australian police or the courts
The validity of the Australian
Why you can never trust Victoria
Constitution according to
the Parliament of Australia
WikiLeaks: NSW police have used
True English Australia –
hi-tech spyware to monitor
U.K.: Landmark Case Could
Woman who accuses Opposition
Stymie Legal System -
Leader Bill Shorten of rape says
Queen not valid monarch
police failed her
Unidroit Principle - Australia
member since 1973
Unincorporated Corrupt City Councils
Associations - Sue the
individuals 'Gutless' council rejects Maccas
What is a Birth Certificate?
$27m in council rates 'illegal'
What is the first job of a
government? Access to private internet, phone
records up by 9 per cent - without
What is the process of a
guarantee of Justice in
Australia Alarm over city bribes offer
Why a fine from the Call to cull more than 50 NSW
Infringements Court is NOT councils
valid Call to cull more than 50 NSW
Call to slash Melbourne's
Reference Blog Posts
'inefficient' councils
1950 UFO memo to FBI Casey chief executive Mike Tyler
Director Hoover details court case adjourned to October
claim of alien bodies Casey Council chief executive Mike
ASIO fronts - Entrapment - Tyler still in job despite charges
Agents Provocateur City Council building permits fraud
Aboriginals - Non City Council Cleaners fraud
Australian, Non human
City council drink driver goes free
Airport security 'allowed to again
read your emails'
City Council workers impersonating
Banks use tax havens to police officers to steal people's
open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
conceal cars?
Brigalow Corporation City Councils and Rates are Illegal
Queensland government
land fraud City of Sydney Council plants
world's most expensive hedge
CIA finally admits it
masterminded Iran’s 1953 Council approves large Doveton
coup mosque proposal after 1600
Cannabis Cures Cancer
and the Government Knows Council under attack
It Council workers get subsidised
Centrelink ripping off perks
pensioners again Councils want myki to hold private
Centrelink's 'back pay' fraud details

Chemtrails in Victoria since Darebin council overlooks

1967 concerns over chief executive
Rasiah Dev to boost rich pay packet
City Councils and 'rates' are
illegal Doors locked on Maroondah
Council draft budget meeting
Contest ALL fines
Entire Wangaratta Council sacked
Corrupt Judges accepting by State Government after
bribes allegations of bullying
Debt collection in Australia Experts warn vote to change
is illegal Constitution could make dodgy
Declassified secret CIA councils sack proof
history acknowledges 'Area Fast-food fury hits over another Mac
51' exists attack
End of World War I - Fined $5000 for celebrating
Armistice Day Australia Day
Financial Terrorism Govt releases council referendum
Fluvax still given to children wording (corpau: City Council
despite being banned from Rates Fraud?)
under-fives in 2010 Homeowners get a rise out of
Guatemalans injected with council rates
syphilis by U.S. doctors Hume City Council Voting Fraud
Jemena hires unqualified ICAC seeks sacking of Wollongong
'smart meter' installers Council
Judges let criminals loose Illegal Land Grab – Western Grass
to support system Lands - Melbourne
Julia Gillard the Criminal PM Knox Council slashes Boronia
Lateran Treaty of 1929 house valuation by nearly half just
before case goes to tribunal
Mental Health Act - A new
way of dealing with Activists Liberal State Council push to force
and Protesters elderly out of homes
Military 'heat ray' to disperse Local Law No 3 Clause 51 - Laws
rioting crowds for Criminals
Mobile phone radiation a Melbourne City Council denies
possible cancer risk - WHO quotas for parking inspectors

open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
More airplane needed for Melton a new and illegal state
weather modification in within Victoria
Indonesia: BPPT Moreland Council fails to deliver on
NSA stands for ‘No Such CCTV promise after Jill Meagher’s
Amendment’: Intelligence murder
agency violates US Newcastle Lord Mayor Jeff McCloy
Constitution quits after ICAC scandal
New money for Australia in NSW probe reveals council
two years time corruption
No Victorian Constiution Act Nuttall's mate still on govt payroll
Queensland government is Palmerston council has started
the Brigalow Corporation selling the homes of residents who
Reserve Bank of Australia have not paid their council rates
and ASIC Corruption Parking 'Officers' caught fabricating
Rich get richer, poor pay infringements
their taxes Paton & Ors v Mackay Regional
Smart Meters - The Council - Council Rates
corporate media lies Police raid on city candidate
The 'New Hope' Scholarship Residents tell councils to focus on
- Taking children away from roads, rubbish and lower rates
their families
Scrap tax: You'll pay to throw away
UFO & Alien Disclosure by food
Former Canadian Minister
of Defense Stonnington may compel hundreds
of home owners to sell
Vic council intercepted
phone, emails to hunt Strip club staff offered illegal sex
litterbugs acts

Vicroads change of address The proof parking inspectors are

- Criminal activity supported heartless
by the Victorian government Vic council intercepted phone,
War in Syria emails to hunt litterbugs

We got it wrong on global Vic police inquiry stalled by privacy

warming, says IPCC bid

Western Australian Victorian councils spraying drinking

government election fraud water on dusty roads

Westpac bank mortgage What Rubbish: Councils Monitor

fraud Your Trash With RFID
Wyndham council 'out of control'

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Above Top Secret
Ex cop tipping off illegal Al Jazeera
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Jane's Defence News
Meet the people that
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US Air Force reveals Rense
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Voice of America
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An Act for the having of Updated
Horse Armour and Weapon
Australia Act (1986) Popular Posts
Australian Constitutions Act
(1850) Gay marriage vote removes your
rights as a mother or father
Australian Courts Act (1828)
UK If passed through, the rights of
'parents' i.e. a mother (woman) and
Bill of Rights Act (UK) 1688 father (man) WILL be removed, and
Cancer Act (1939) UK your son or daughter which ...
Cestui Que Vie Act (1666)
Centrelink Rent
Colonial Laws Validity Act Certificate form
(1865) Original (SU523)
Commonwealth of Australia Many people have
Constitution Act (1900) been asking where
to obtain a
Criminal and Civil Justice
Centrelink Rent Assistance form,
Act (1351)
officially known as Rent Certificate
Due Process of Law Act form (SU523) Centre...
English Statute of Purple Wiggle Jeff
Monopolies (1623) Fatt undergoes

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Monopolies (1623)
surgery to fix broken
European Communities Act heart
(1972) UK
PURPLE Wiggle Jeff
Fraud Act (2006) UK c35 Fatt was undergoing
emergency surgery in hospital last
Free Access to Courts Act
night. The emergency dash follows
diagnoses of ...
Habeas Corpus Act (1679)
UK Australian Police
Justice of the Peace Act check - ABN's
(1361) UK The Australian
Police force is
Liberty of Subject (1354)
exactly what the
Magna Carta (The Great name suggests a
Charter) 'force'. What the general public are
Royal Marriages Act (1772) not aware of is that the Au...

Victoria Constitution Act

How McDonald's
dodged half a billion
dollars in Australian
Acts (Com m onw ealth) EXCLUSIVE In 2013
McDonald's Austral...
Acts Interpretation Act
Patrol officer issues
C'wlth Inscribed Stock Act ticket to ficticious
(1911) Current drivers - saint or
Statute Law Revision Act
(1973) It is well known
within the 'force' that
you have to meet quotas for
speeding 'fines', arrests, etc. So
Acts (Victorian)
what's a ​...
Acts Interpretation Act
Australian Bureau of
Statistics sells
An Act to prevent the influx of YOUR data for $41
criminals into Victoria million
(1854) Tomorrow, 9th day of
Imperial Acts Application Act August 2016, ALL
(1922) Australians are urged to fill in the
census. The government has even
Imperial Acts Application Act
gone on a propaganda bi...
(1980) - Sect 8 - All fines are
illegal and void
Wage fraud: Pizza
Imperial Acts Application Act Hut franchisees
(1980) Entire Act using 'sham'
Infringements Act (2006) contracts to
v42 underpay drivers
Evidence shows
Police Regulation Act (1958)
Pizza Hut's franchisees are paying
delivery drivers as little as $12 an
Road Safety Act (1986) hour witho...
Victoria Police Act (2013)
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Victoria Police Act (2013)
Gay marriage in
Australia is
Australian politicians
have just woken up
to the fact that they
must abide by a law that has been
put in place for approx 117 years
that b...

Drivers Test Positive

for Drugs They’ve
Never Used
in Share 1 Imagine
this: You are
stopped by police for
a random roadside drug test. You
lick ...

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