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ATC Light Gun Signals

Movement of
For use in chart or flight planning ring binders, cut along dashed lines and punch holes as needed

Color and type Aircraft on the vehicles equipment

of signal ground Aircraft in flight and personnel
in margins. To ensure accurate sizing, set printer Page Scaling option to None or 100%.

Cleared to cross;
Steady green Cleared for takeoff Cleared to land
proceed; go

Return for landing

(to be followed by
Flashing green Cleared to taxi Not applicable
steady green at the
proper time)

Give way to
Steady red Stop other aircraft and Stop
continue circling

Taxi clear of landing Airport unsafe- Clear the

Flashing red
area or runway in use Do not land taxiway/runway

Return to Return to
Flashing white starting point Not applicable starting point
on airport on airport

General General General

Alternating red warning signal warning signal warning signal
and green exercise extreme exercise extreme exercise extreme
caution caution caution

Reply with one of the following acknowledgements:

Fixed-wing aircraft Helicopters

Between sunrise and sunset: Between sunrise and sunset:
(a) M
 ove ailerons or rudder while (a) W
 hile hovering, either turn
on the ground. the helicopter toward the
(b) Rock wings while in flight. controlling facility and flash
the landing light or rock the
Between sunset and sunrise: tip path plane.
(a) F
 lash landing light or
(b) W
 hile in flight, either flash the
navigation lights.
landing light or rock the tip
path plane.
Between sunset and sunrise:
(a) F
 lash navigation lights or
landing light.

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