Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007 20:12:47 -0700 (PDT) From: "Jim A. Hall" <jimahall@yahoo.

com> Subject: Rogers County court steals newborn: To: Jim Hall <jimahall@cox. net> Rogers County court steals newborn: On October 4, 2007 the newborn infant mentioned below was found with its father. The father was arrested and the newborn is in DHS custody. A court order was apparently issued that orders even the media not to report this tragedy of justice. Please copy this email and post on every group possible. Email it to every media outlet. Please do not allow these corrupt judges to hide their crimes. These same corrupt judges held my children in Rogers County, Oklahoma for over two years with no evidence. Finally the non-Rogers County judge apologized and returned my children to me. Jim A. Hall Founder www.batteredmenofGr eenCountry. com Rogers County Court Attempts To Take Out Of State Baby, Non-Resident Mother Jailed and Held Without Bond! On October 2, 2007 Carla Marie Legates ( A NON Oklahoma Resident ) had a court date a the Rogers County Courthouse for what she was told to begin the process of getting her first child back from DHS. This disabled mother that is a non resident of Oklahoma was set up to have her newborn baby taken from her by Rogers County District Judge Dynda Post. http://www.oscn. net/applications /oscn/start. asp?viewType= COUNTYINFO&county=ROGERS Upon coming from her home out of State and also where she had her baby in that same State that she has moved to and been residing, she was swarmed in the courtroom after firing her Attorney for going along with the State on an ambush on trying to take her new child. Carla and her mother Helen Basks who has power of Attorney over her daughters matters for many years was also in the court room. The mother Helen Basks tried before court to go pay to have a court reporter but was told that she had to come the day before to do that. ( that's BS ) and we all know that you just have to pay I believe $45 before your court appearance to get any court reporter, so Helen Basks was lied to as Judge Post wanted NO RECORD of what was about to transpire. The Attorney was released but spoke up to Judge post in a very positive way for Carla Legates the mother of the new born baby that was born and is a resident of another State. To shorten the story since they were NOT allowed a court reporter as most of Judge Post hearings when she takes children from the young mothers and not a disabled mother was forced to represent herself. She had an appointment today to meet with an out of town Lawyer but Judge Post tried to force her to tell where her child was. Carla then invoked her 5th Amendment and Judge Post said that would not be allowed and if she did not tell her where her newborn baby was she was going to jail her and be held without bond till she told Judge Post and DHS where her newborn was. Carla refused to tell and it is very disturbing for this to happen especially when the Rogers County Court has ( NO ) Jurisdiction over an out of State resident of both mother and child.

Carla was handcuffed and this disabled mother was taken to jail and held without bond until she tells DHS and Judge Post where her newborn is where they can take baby. Carla was ordered to have no contact with her mother Helen Basks which also has power of Attorney over Carla. Helen Basks had asked Judge Post to Recuse since Judge Post had taken Carla's first child and was tricked in to coming in to court with the understanding that she was going to get her first child back that DHS took. Later last night, Judge Post sent an Ex parte message to this unrepresented disabled mother that she would let her out if she would just tell her where her new born baby was. Carla refused. Now, I am NO Lawyer but where in the world does a Rogers County Judge think she has any kind of Jurisdiction over a non resident of Oklahoma or The Non resident child. We are not talking about being in another County but, residents from another State and with the baby being born in another State where the mother resides. It seams to me as a non Attorney that some serious Laws have been broken by the Judge and this has been a pattern of most of the complaints from www.RogersCountyGra that Judge Post at least on all the complaints against her that I have allows NO Court Reporter where there is NO record made to cover her tracks and the DHS and the Asst DA were all witness to this misconduct of Judge Post and required to report this by Law to the proper authorities which they did not do. Carla Marie Legates, is Federally protected under the American's with Disabilities Act and should have NEVER been subject to any action or questions without a Lawyer representing her and everyone is allowed a court reporter just by going and paying for one right before any matter before any Judge unless that Judge is breaking the Law and trying to hide something. I can confirm that a several complaints have been made against Judge Post on several similar matters like this from other your mothers. The Basks family has filed a Judicial Complaint, Americans With Disabilities Act Complaint and a complaint was put in through threw the Rogers County Grand Jury web site. Also, after Judge Post Ordered No Contact with Carla's Mom which has Power Of Attorney, Carla was Ordered back in court on Thursday and Judge Post told her that Carla must pay for her Attorney on her OWN and Carla is just on Social Security and the family has no money and Judge Post knows this. It any matters where a court tries to take custody the Mother by Statute must be provided an Attorney so there is another Due Process violation besides several ADA violations and on and on. I will provide more information later today as things unfold. David Starkey Media Spokesperson