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done so and suggested that it might Yet early in the morning the win- erans, rushed t o the s c e i e In ar- fixed by the London agreement,

Three Americans Accuse Nazis l"'ve been his predecessor, where-

,>on the Nazis went into another
dows of his Dahlem villa were
broken by bullets and through the
mored cars.
Hamburg was one of several SWANSON PROMISES whether by increase or a decrease
being a matter to be decided by
ioom of the same flat where it was broken windows several Nazis en- large cities in which the Hitlerites the State Department.
> II ! I I 1*1
claimed there were Communists
and did not return. Dakin says that
tered the villa. They took him to
a room used as a Nazi barracks,
seized control, ousting opposition
mayors, following the Sunday elec- TO BUILDUP NAVY "My opinion is that the fleet New Secretary of Labo toBt
should be built up to treaty limits Gu9$t of Hmr Aa$ociatu.
Complain to Diplomatic Officials of Acts of several of the Nazis were intoxi- where he claims he was mistreated tions. as quickly as possible," the Secre-
cated. and held incommunicado for sev- tary said, adding that if this work WASHINGTON, March 7 <A. p.)
Terrorism b y Hitler's Troops. Informed of these cases the eral hours. He was finally re- Imperial Flag Flown.
Secretary Favors Increase were started it would aid In reliev- - T h e Labor Department i. g o i B |
BERLIN, March 7 (A. P.).-For ing unemployment.
American authorities have stated leased later In the day through the
the first time since 1918 the black,
to celebrate tonight with dancia,
link With
facial Cable f! ,;>-if. n to T H 8rN.
Copyright, 1933. All Rlghta l l e i m i l .
that the embassy is taking every
precaution to protect American citi-
intervention of a high government
official. white and red flag of the old Ger- of Fleet to Treaty Limits. He Bald the fleet would remain In and cards its twentieth anniversary
the Pacific until the situation in the honoring its new secretary MiJ
BERLIN, March 7.Three American citizens have com- would zens. To the foreign observer it man empire flew today over Ber- Far East had become more calm. Frances Perkins, first woman S
. at Mi
seem that, the kidnaping of Three Killed at Hnmbnrg. lin's City Hall. WASHINGTON, March 7 (A. P . ) . "There will be no shift until the inet member. *
plained to the American diplomatic authorities in Berlin Wollf is only one case in a num- HAMBURG, Germany, March 7
Since the National Socialist vic- situation in the Orient changes,"
of ill-treatment at the hands of Chancellor Adolf Hitler's happened ber of similar misfortunes which (A. P.).A street shooting affray
tory in the election of last Sunday Secretary Swanson, in his first he said. Former Secretary Doak will v. NEW ELEC
to Germans chiefly yes- between national Socialists and
the imperial colors or the Nazi press conference as head of the The Secretary said he favored de- there too, contributing hla parti!
torm battalions. Two of them are Jews. terday. Communists late last night, follow-
flag or both have been hoisted on navy, said today that h e would velopment of lighter-than-air craft one of the folksy tradition, of Z
scores of public buildings in many Federal working machinery
The most serious case ts that of The principal case is that of ing the seizure of the municipal make every effort to build the at reasonable expense. Party's Vien
on some occasions displayed a red Heinz Ullsteln, son of Louis Ull- cities. Each year since the departmtiii
Nathaniel S Wollf or Rochester, flag. government by the Nazis, resulted American Navy up to the limits of was organized the annual eelehra!
N. Y., a painter, who has been In stein. one of the famous Ullstein in three persons being slain and the London treaty as soon as con- Alaska on 'Gold Dust' Basis. tion has been held. The w0rka 'Our,
Throat IMatnla In Hla F a r e . brothers, who own the newspaper ten others seriously wounded. Million Uae German Spat. JUNEAU. Alaska, March 7 (A. simultaneously greet th* incomi-.
Berlin only three weeks. At the Yesterday morning a gang of five concern. Heinz is something over BERLIN. (A. P.).-Germany has ditions would permit. P.).Alaskan merchants prepared secretary and say good-hy tot*,
A search in the district for weap- ". VIENNA.
time of this incident Wollf was liv- Nazis entered the room, shoved 40 years of age. He is a friend ons was made early today by the 216 health-giving springs, says a Secretary Swanson, who attended to go on a "gold dust" basis today. outgoing one. MW
the disarmament conferences at They resurrected old scales t o do Much interested was Frm,.. movement fo
ing in the Pension West, Kurfurs- pistols in Dakin's face and wanted of Otto Strasser. a National So- police after disorders were quelled survey by German travel bureaus. ionic nation)
tendam 48. His story is approxi- to know why he displayed the red cialist and is the only Ullsteln who Geneva last summer, said the business with prospectors who had Perkins.
at midnight. The new auxiliary The spas were used by a million rMc,
tria. a frequ
flag. is supposed to sympathize greatly police, including Hitler's storm health seekers in 1932, the income United States as well as other na- quantities of the metal in its origi-
mately as follows "I'm counting on attendini." ,h. neighboring
Dakin explained that he had not with Nazi ideas. troopers and steel helmet war vet- being estimated at $40,000,000. tions, should benefit by the ratio nal state. smiled. n, world war, *
He left his original dwelling in
the Pension Stephanie owing to Hitlerites
disagreement concerning the price
acclaiming t
mer Austrii
West. On last Friday afternoon, >
when he returned to his pension,
two maids who were fixing up hi*
We Trust Our Customers and Our Customers Truit Us. I
Hitler, in th,
fcatfd wheth

room were watching a Nazi parade ernment had

hloomingdale Sale! 660 Luxurious

from the window and commented Officers emj
i merit in sesi
on the fanatical participation of I after a etorj

women in the street. They said' t men' of ra
that, If all the Nazis and Commu- j i lemtoffictal
mists were blown up, Germany aid Parliai
would again be peaceable. and not evet
reassemble t |
! H I I I I n i n d t HI* R o o m . Attacking
Wollf assented. Yesterday at 5 Charges of

Pure Dye Satin

i Alfred Fraui
'clock in the morning five uni- threatened
formed Nazis with drawn revolver* peek power
entered his bedroom, called him la permitted"
Insulting racial names and went rata III
through his belongings. One of i "Our Chart
them asked what sort of statements
Dollfuss, oui
Wollf had been making. Hitler,1' he i
Wollf said none and that he was ered here. <
Nazi oppone:

not interested in politics. Then one i
of the men asked. Do you call now to talk
throwing bombs not being interest- i
"One paopl
ed in politics?" Another said, "Are the plogen of
you Wollf. who lived in the Pension Chancellor
ers of Gove
Stephanie?" definite a d |
Suddenly remembering why he had ment His
left the Pension Stephanie and sus- lacked a m|
pecting denunciation, Wollf whis-
tled, whereupon one of them said:
Exquisitely soft, supple and light, because i
and was e o |
i other groupe.
"You Jew Why do you whistle?"
and hit him in the Jaw with his
they are filled with fine white wool and Austria and
e customs t|
The men then said that they covered with pure dye unweighted silk! It was renos
after Franci
would take Wollf to the police, but Czechoslovak
instead they took him to a flat in t
peace treaty

the Knesebeckstrasse. three or four
flights up into a bare room with ACTUALLY A $15 COMFORT FOR

world war f|
economic ag|
boarded windows. They searched
directly affl

him thoroughly, tied him up and penrlence. !
all the Nazis left, but the two re- a n.Tiii.rit
maining as guards. a
a The world
I nliiiirn< Hia B o n d s . t
\ to 7 vote til
At 7 o'clock the others returned was Illegal.
with a different leader, apparently Frank B. K
a superior. The latter said that ing judges,
there was nothing to be gained by ment agreed
lar scheme fi
brutality and untied th'* topes a
which had bound Wollfs feet and a In return fo(
legs, and gave him a cup of coffee. a of Nations ll
The new superior added that the a participating
ffalr * M not so serious because a The dissect
women chatter a good deal. They garian empl
then asked Wollf, "Are you willing , resultant vi
to sign a paper if we release you?" spurred the
Wollf said, "yes " He then signed "You'd buy one AT SIGHT, even if you didn't need a manic union
a statement reading, approximate- one, they are so beautiful!" That's what one woman aa
ly: "I am a Jew. I will leave to-
said when we showed them to her. If you love dainty, aa
night for Paris. I promise never
again to set foot on German soil. I
certify that no physical violence has
luxurious thingsif you want to be the envy of your aa HOOVE
friendsbe one of the 660 lucky women who buy one!aa
been done me and none of my prop-
erty has been stolen."
The leader then said, "you are at
Just imagine:
liberty. These men will take you to All pure dye, unweighted satin
the police sta' in, where you will
be released." Instead of doing this
Generously cut, 72x84 inches Has Enoi
the remaining men put Wollf into Filled with pure white wool
an a u t o m o b i l e and drove out
th ,ugh the Heerstrasse to Gruene- Pattern is elaborately stitched
wald. There they produced large i
traps, as though they intended to Glowing two-tone, reversible. t Herbert H
tie Wollf to a tree. After other the W!dori
forms of mental torture they left e Or same both sides, if you prefer i
auguration I
him abruptly, jumped Into the car
end drove away with the parting
fice as Prei
admonition to leave town immedi- Veach-and-Green time to pure
Rose-and-Green fairs agai.i i
his secretar
1 ii* Left f o r Pari*. Green-and-Orcbid- time of his <
Wollf left for Paris last night,
efter reporting the case to Ameri-
has not yet
Rose-and-Blue i require a ds
can authorities in Berlin. Ish up his a
The other two cases of Americans
were as follows: SOLID COLORS: Mr. Hoovi
breakfast n
The first Is that of Henry H.
tattler, 23 years old. a naturalized
Green, Peach, Rose rner Fecrata
American of German origin, who Gold, Blue, Orchid ii ly Follftw
ley told rej
lives in New York, where his father

has a branch office at 220 Fifth BLOOMFNGDALE 'S President w
t outcome of
M ComfomSecond Floor
Co* ttfH
avenue Sattler u a Jew and has i
been here since last July visiting ttVA Crisis.
his father, who is a resident of OU*' i Except fo
upport of t
SX& You know "Whose i
On Saturday, at 1 o'clock In the
morning. Sattler and two German-
Jewish friends were attacked In
Barbarossaplats by fifteen Nazis SKiTC**
tfji*% deal' with SALE! BUDGET

dopt#d by
the banking
of r
egret a
death o< Ms

\ ^ t h made
who beat them. Then they went to
the police station and were told
that, if they would return and Iden-
tify the assaulters, the police would f- WE-THEY Palm-and-Olive Oil BARGAINS


Riehey. the
granted no
rained seel
arrest the offenders. For Wednesday Only i thirty-third

i toria sir
This case was also reported to the
American diplomatic authorities.
The, third case is that of Edwin f/J)A
CARDS No Mail or Phone Orders i

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VOMJWTEER Charge, bf requiring cvrusty on aacfl purcblie. V edneiday Only ;j.llll

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