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Issue 19  November 2008 £1.75 where sold

The Official Provincial Magazine for all Surrey Masons

Provincial website:

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Cathedral service draws crowd 3
Fun weekend planned 4
Provincial stalwart retires 5
Provincial Secretary’s views 5
Almoner reveals giving 6
Jewel can be worn 9
Surveying Masonic history 9
Universities spawn Lodges 11
Teddies scheme expands 12
Royal Arch Matters 14
Tylers’ workshop 16 The ProvGM and his wife Libby chat to guests at the annual reception
SMSA’s year of success 17
Charity needs volunteers 18 ProvGM’s reception success
he Provincial Grand Master’s annual reception – again this year at the House of Lords –
Your letters
Bikers’ rally success
T was a great success. Held over the two evenings of September 18 and 25, it gave
serving Masters and First Principals the chance to meet the RW.Bro Eric Stuart-Bamford, as
well as the Deputy Provincial Grand Master VW.Bro Michael Yalden and the Assistant
Stewards pilot visits 21 Provincial Grand Masters, as well as an opportunity to mix with their peers.
Our front page pictures show many of the guests who attended on the first evening,
Provincial Calendar 22 along with the ProvGM, the DepProvGM, AProvGMs Derek Barr, Chris Rashbrook, and
Bravery of Mason VC 23 Anthony Machin. Among others included in our front page photo round-up are the ProvGSec
Bryan Craddock, ProvGDC Robbie Dobbie, ProvGReg John Yalden and the Provincial
Scribe E David Wills.


Provincial Grand Lodge of Surrey
he role of Provincial Grand Secretary is the most important Reporting to the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, the successful
T administrative appointment in any Province, and can be
likened to that of Company Secretary/Chief Administrator of a
applicant is eligible for a notional salary based on a five day
week covering both unsocial and office hours.
small company.
The appointee must expect to be in attendance at various
W.Bro Bryan Craddock PAGDC has been the Provincial Secretary Masonic and social functions throughout the year as required
of Surrey for the past seven years and during that time he has and deemed necessary to maintain the presence and
implemented a huge amount of change to the management and representation of the Provincial Secretariat. Flexibility is
administration of the Province. We all owe him a debt of essential including evenings and weekends during the season.
gratitude. However, he plans to retire at the Annual Provincial
If you feel you have both the ability and Masonic experience
Meeting on 24th June 2009. We now need to find his successor.
to make an impact in this demanding and vital role, then
The Office of Provincial Grand Secretary calls for exceptional please send a suitable CV which should cover both your
people management skills as well as a high degree of diplomacy, professional and commercial experience, as well as your
confidentiality, excellent office management and the ability to Masonic experience.
represent the Province both at Grand Lodge, and in other
Applicants should write with a covering letter stating the
reasons why they believe they are suitable for the position and
The Provincial Grand Secretary administers the affairs of The state how they could help to manage Freemasonry in Surrey
Provincial Executive, maintains strict financial control over the over the next five years, clearly marked Private and Confidential
Provincial Office and works closely with the Provincial Treasurer for the attention of
and other key Provincial positions. VW. Bro M E Yalden, DepProvGM, to
71 Oakfield Road, Croydon, CRO 2UX.
Attention to detail, excellent verbal and written communication
skills and the ability to manage and motivate the staff at the
Provincial Office are considered vital qualities.

Those considered suitable will be invited to an initial interview, in January 2009.

Closing date 31st December 2008.

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Annual service
draws big crowd

Pictures show:
Top left: The ProvGM with some of the many
dignitaries from civic life on the steps of the
Bottom left: The ProvGM makes his entrance at
the start of the service.
Bottom centre: The procession starts to move off
at the end of the service.
Above: Relaxing after the event, the ProvGM
talks to guests.
Below: The DepProvGM chats to guests.

F reemasons, their families, friends

and civic dignitaries from all over
Surrey turned out in force for the
annual service of thanksgiving at
Editorial comment... Guildford Cathedral on Sunday.
Masons from across the Province
ome years ago I met a Freemason who be a member of it, the – all wearing full Masonic regalia –
S told me that “he kept quiet” about his
Masonry. Apart from the Masons with
world may know that he
is one to whom the
were led by the Provincial Grand
Master RW.Bro Eric Stuart-Bamford.
whom he mixed, only his wife and son knew burdened heart may It is the only time each year that
of his involvement. He had brothers who pour forth its sorrow, to Surrey Masons wear regalia in public.
were not aware, neither did his father, whom the distressed Also attending were the
mother or friends know that he was “On the may prefer their suit, DepProvGM, Michael Yalden, and
Square”. whose hand is guided by AProvGMs.
Asked why he kept it so secret he merely justice and whose heart The first reading was given by the
said “it was no-one else’s business”. To me is expanded by ProvGM, and the second by the
this was very strange. benevolence.” Mayor of Guildford, Cllr Jennifer
I wonder just how much could be These are not just words to be repeated Jordan. The DepProvGM gave the
achieved if we were all more open in in Lodge, but a standard by which to lead third reading.
declaring our Masonry? our lives, and a true illustration to non-
Many dignitaries and local
I know I am not alone in being proud to Masons of the value and principles of
authority leaders lent their support,
say “I am a Freemason” – there are many Freemasonry.
There is nothing wrong in saying: “I am including Charles Fowler,
in the Order who do talk openly and freely
about Masonry, its principles and its quite a Mason… and proud of it!” representing the Lord Lieutenant
amazing contribution to the life of the We need not be evangelical about this, and Mrs Angela Frazer, Chairman of
community by way of its charitable giving. but a willingness to talk openly about why Surrey County Council. A total of nine
But, it cannot be concealed that among you are a Mason and what it means to you mayors or deputy mayors from all
the thousands who range under its will, in a gentle way, help to spread an parts of Surrey also attended.
banners there are some who, for their own understanding of our Order in a society The Sub-Dean, Canon Nicholas
particular reasons, remain secretive about where standards are, perhaps, not what Thistlethwaite presided at the
their membership. they once were. service, and Father Donald Minchew
Freemasonry is becoming more open, Editor: W.Bro John Tomlin
of St Michael’s Church, Croydon,
but the future health of the Order will 1 Marle House, Eastbourne Road, South Godstone gave the address.
undoubtedly depend on each and every Surrey RH9 8JQ The service has been held
one of us spreading the message. Recall Tel: 01342 894606 (home) annually since the mid-1980s, and
07887 790220 (mobile)
those words from the Address to the email: this year attracted more than 500
Master: “…so that when anyone is said to Copy deadline for the next edition is 20 February 2009 people.

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Fun weekend – a new ethos

in Provincial charity giving
he Provincial Charity Committee, (PCC) are delighted to In addition to supporting Masonic charities, The Provincial Grand
T announce an opportunity for Masons across the Province to,
once again, come together for a weekend of fun events designed to
Master has chosen two non-Masonic charities that are committed
to carrying out vital work in Surrey (see below).
include families and friends, and to raise funds for both Masonic It is clear that both of these organisations are worthy of our
and non-Masonic charities in Surrey. support and that is why it is so important for us all to work together.
The ‘Family Fun Weekend’ will be held on the 4 and 5 July next But equally let’s not lose sight of the fact that the Family Fun
year and, like the 2008 ‘Big Event’, the PCC are keen for every Weekend is also about having fun and enjoying ourselves, offering
Surrey Mason to be included. a chance for us to include our families and
Whether it is by organising a Lodge our friends in our activities.
For more details please contact:
event or by joining in at an event organised The PCC have already started to work on
W.Bro Ian Chandler on 07967 987191 or
at one of the Province’s Masonic Centres, a programme of events but would like to
everyone will have a chance to demonstrate hear from you if your Lodge is interested in
or W.Bro Paul Crockett on 07740 648642
a new ethos in Provincial charity giving, that organising or taking part in an event: see
of ‘caring and sharing together’. panel for contact details.


he Children’s Trust, Tadworth exists to offer the best possible care,
T therapy, education and rehabilitation for children who are born with
disabilities or become disabled suddenly through tragic accidents or
Children like Sophie (pictured) who, just before her second birthday, was diagnosed
with a brain tumour. After a major operation, months of chemotherapy and radio
therapy and several infections, she was at last well enough to begin her rehabilitation.
Sophie then came to The Children's’ Trust where a programme designed for her is
helping to coordinate her movement and to communicate again.


he Help for Heroes
T campaign supports British
troops injured in Iraq and
Afghanistan. Currently they
are raising funds to build a
new rehabilitation pool and
gymnasium at Headley Court,
the tri-service rehabilitation
centre at Leatherhead.
There can be no denying
that our Servicemen and women deserve the very best facilities
to help them recover from their terrible wounds and by
supporting this charity we really can do something practical to

o o k yo
B as
istm !
Chr W
y NO

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Provincial Secretary’s Comment

t the end of September, in the of September. Although originally set in
A Provincial Office, we saw the end of an
era. Irene Minchella retired from her job
two parts, the interest shown by the
Lodges has been very positive.
as Office Manager. We all wish her a Therefore the Executive are currently
happy and healthy retirement. (see story working on developing the initiative and
below). further information will be with your
As many will know Cathy has taken Lodge Secretary very shortly.
over that role. Quite a daunting task for This is an important matter in which
her; especially as she is relatively new to we all need to be involved.
the office. However, she is very efficient Also of interest is the task set by
and I am confident she will bring a fresh Grand Lodge: the Historical Survey (see
approach to the office. page 9). This is a project all Lodges and
Flo has recently joined us as my Chapters throughout the country are
Secretary. She is a complete stranger to involved with. On the face of it this would September 2009. Specific dates will be
Freemasonry, so it will take her a while to seem a mammoth task. announced later in the year.
understand us all! Please be patient with But, in fact, once you work your way We are in the season of Official Visits,
them. through it the problem is not too difficult. so please take the opportunity of meeting
The start of the New Year has seen a For those Secretaries involved, an Official your Assistant Provincial Grand Masters
new challenge set by the Provincial Grand Visitor within your Group has been trained and their team of Official Visitors. They
Master: the Membership Challenge. in the process, so help is at hand. are only too keen to bring you up-to-date
There is little doubt our membership is The Provincial Grand Master once on all that is going on.
dwindling and we need to make an effort again held his summer reception at the
to increase it for the future of our Order. House of Lords. A full house enjoyed the Enjoy our new Masonic Year.
Clearly this is no easy task. This marvellous atmosphere this wonderful
challenge was first launched at the establishment offers. For all you Master Bryan B Craddock
Official Visitors’ briefing at the beginning Elects make a note for your diary for Provincial Grand Secretary

Farewell to Irene – a
Provincial stalwart
rene Minchella has retired from the Surrey Provincial office after 27 years of loyal
I service. She will be sadly missed.
The Provincial Grand Secretary, Bryan Craddock, said: “I am most grateful to all those
Lodges and individuals who contributed to her farewell gift. Such a magnificent response
from you all. Donations are still being received.”
Irene and her husband Ralph were guests of the Province at the recent summer
reception at the House of Lords when, in front of the assembled guests, the Provincial
Grand Master, Eric Stuart-Bamford, thanked her for all her tireless contribution to the
Province over so many years.
He then presented her with three cheques... from Lodges and private donations
£5,819, from the Province £1000 and a further £100 from the
Royal Arch, making a total so far of £6,919. Donations are still
being received and a final figure will be posted on the Provincial
Irene held a small lunchtime reception for members of the office
and friends. Both her and Ralph enjoy a visit to the casino at
Brighton so members of the office paid for a suite at Brighton’s
Grand Hotel, so the couple could relax in luxury on their next visit.
Irene joined the Provincial Office in August 1982. Since that time
she has worked for four Provincial Grand Masters: Lord Shannon,
Terry Doyle, Denis Phipps and Eric Stuart-Bamford. Add to those six
Provincial Grand Secretaries: Major Holmes, Bryn Bevan, Peter
Waight, Jack Anderson, Melvyn Danciger and Bryan Craddock. Such
change over so many years.
Irene intends to take thing easy for a while and enjoy a good
“I am sure every member of the Province will join me in thanking
her for such loyal support, for being so helpful and caring. We wish
her a long, healthy and happy retirement,” said Bryan.

Pictured top left, Irene at the presentation from the Provincial Grand
Secretary, Bryan Craddock, and left, receiving a her cheques from the
ProvGM, Eric Stuart-Bamford, at the annual summer reception at the House
of Lords in September.

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Surrey Masons
receive more than
£500k assistance
rovincial Grand Almoner W.Bro David Gould has produced his first report
P which shows that he and his assistant, W.Bro Bob Jenkinson, handled 425
requests for assistance during the year.
As a result, our Masonic Charities assisted, in the following:

Freemasons’ Grand Charity

Pictured: Wendy and Andrew Laver, Ray Collins, Philippa 31 applications who received a total of £36,300
Jan, representatives of the Guide Dogs and Master Danny
31 individuals received annuities totalling £27,742

Lodge’s special achievement Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution

43 Surrey-sponsored residents live in RMBI

F or the second year running Porchway Lodge

7027 held a summer barbecue and family fun
day which raised £1,800.
homes, of which 19 received subsidises totalling

The day was again hosted by Bro Andrew Leaver Royal Masonic Trust for Girls & Boys
and his wife Wendy who entertained, among the 53 Surrey beneficiaries who received a total of
many guests, several guide dogs. The proceeds of
the event were shared between the Guide Dogs Masonic Samaritan Fund (MSF)
Association for the Blind and the Royal Masonic 9 cases assisted totalling £40,752
Trust for Girls and Boys, both of which had stands at
the event. Provincial Petitions Committee
Ray Collins, fund raising manager for the RMTGB 76 applicants awarded a total of £8,232 W.Bro David Gould
and district fundraiser for the Guide Dogs
Association, Philippa Jan, both had an opportunity to This means that 243 Surrey Freemasons, or their
outline the aims and objectives of the two charities dependents, received assistance from the four Masonic Charities and Surrey
to the many guests. Provincial Funds totalling £530,891, during the year.
During the five year period of the Surrey Festival,
However, David and Bob are both concerned that the applications to the MSF
Porchway Lodge raised nearly £25,500 which “are so low”.
resulted in the Master, W.Bro Danny Walsh, As a result, W.Bro David has invited all Craft and Royal Arch Almoners and
receiving on behalf of the Lodge the Special Charity Stewards to the last Masonic Samaritan Fund Seminar at Surbiton
achievement award, adding to the Bronze, Silver and Masonic Centre on Monday 1 December, starting at 7.15 pm.
Gold awards already received. The previous seminars held at Guildford, (46 attended) and Croydon,
(52 attended) in September were very well received.
These seminars have been organised because it is felt that we do not fully
COPY DEADLINE understand how the MSF operates in Surrey. (Last year only nine applications
were approved by the MSF, resulting in grants totalling just £40,752).
THE next edition of Surrey Mason will be published in At both previous seminars John Williams, Development Director of the MSF,
March 2009. Copy deadline for this edition is the said: “The application process is straightforward and confidential. Decisions can
20th February. Articles and pictures for submission be made quickly, but, contact with the Fund is needed at the earliest
in the next issue must be received by this date. opportunity, before surgery or treatment is booked or undertaken.”
For guidance on picture format and acceptable Coffee and tea will be served from 7.00 pm, so please let the organiser of this
electronic files please visit the Provincial website: event, John Coleman, (0787 940 8187 or know of your intention to attend.

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Entertainment at
Fairfield Hall

to 4 Janua
6 Dec
Box office
0208688 9291
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Annual golf day boosts Relief Chest

he annual golfing event to raise funds for the Table
T Fellowship Lodge 8989 Charity Relief Chest was
played in August at the Malden Golf Club. The Brethren in Temple is a
first for Croydon
and guests competed for a number of trophies, with the
main trophy (to be competed for annually by members of
the Lodge), being kindly donated by Ms Conny Viol,
partner of Bro Peter Baker, Senior Warden, and was won thanksgiving service for a Brother
by Bro Nitin Vadgama.
At the dinner and prize giving which rounded off a
A has, for the first time, been held at
Croydon Masonic Centre.
truly social and charitable event, thanks were given to The ceremony, in the Wheeler
W.Bro Seth Barakzai for organising the day and to W.Bro Temple, was to give thanks for the life
Stewart Clyne for being the sponsoring member of the of W.Bro David Armstrong who moved
Malden Club. to Cyprus 12 years ago, and was
The 2009 Charity Golf Day has been scheduled for killed in a tragic accident while flying
Thursday 16 July and will be played at the historic his micro-light aircraft.
Banstead Downs Golf Club founded in 1890 with a course Mrs Carolyn Charbine, pictured He was a member of Porchway
designed by the eminent player and golf architect James receiving the Ladies’ trophy from Lodge 7072, and regularly returned
Braid. Details: W.Bro Barakzai – . W.Bro Seth Barakzai, Charity Steward to the UK for Lodge meetings. Two
members of the Lodge attended the
funeral in Cyprus, but his family
PROVINCIAL LIBRARY SCHEME IS SHELVED requested a thanksgiving service to
be held so that his Masonic friends
scheme to house the Province’s collection of Masonic books under one roof has had to be and family could pay their last
A shelved – because of cost. Last year the Provincial Education Training Team was tasked
with finding out where Masonic books were held throughout the Province. The main libraries
Lodge Secretary, W.Bro John
are at Surbiton and Farnham, with some smaller collections at Croydon, Nutfield and Garland, after consulting with W.Bro
Godalming. The Rev David Allonby and the
W.Bro John Cane, a member of the PETT, said: “The logistics and costs now seem at ProvGSec, W.Bro Bryan Craddock,
present prohibitive to store, preserve and issue them as the Provincial Grand Master would organised the service in the temple
wish. So the project is being held up for the want of good premises where they can be stored where David had spent so many
and monitored. hours during his time in Freemasonry.
“If any brother knows of such a facility where these valuable books can be kept dry and The Rev Allonby officiated and
warm, please let me know and we can investigate the situation, and report back.” more than 70 people attended.


At SYBAR our mission is to service information technology
clients and candidates with integrity. Our team is
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a successful outcome in your search.

We pride ourselves on the expertise and maturity of our dedicated team of I.T. Recruitment
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Our aim is to forge close, long term relationships with our clients, contractors
and applicants and to provide the high quality of service demanded in today’s
competitive marketplace.

For further discussions of your recruitment needs, please call Seth Barakzai.
T: 0800 093 3078 or 020 8225 2903 EMAIL:

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Festival Jewel is H aving already obtained

their gold award for Landmarks visits to raise funds
their contributions to the
now permanent 2008 festival, St Johns
Lodge 1564 continued their
ollowing representation latest fund-raising activity
F from the Provincial Grand
Master to the Royal Masonic
with a visit to the Royal
Hospital, Chelsea home of
Trust for Girls and Boys, the the famous “Pensioners”.
Grand Council have agreed A very entertaining and
that the 2008 Festival Jewel informative tour was
may be considered as conducted by Sgt Charles
permanent. (Mac) Mclaughlin one of
With immediate effect, the the residents of this famous
Jewel may now be worn at all establishment (pictured).
Masonic meetings within the This was the second visit
Province until 2014. of the year to one of the
The 2008 Festival ties City’s major landmarks,
should not, however, be worn. having visited the Tower of Members of the Lodge with their wives and partners when they visited
London earlier in the year. Chelsea Royal Hospital.

Survey to build history of Freemasonry

he United Grand Lodge of England has launched a survey of The forms – which must be returned by 31
T Lodges and Chapters to find out what records they hold, where
they are stored and the conditions in which they are kept. The plan
October – can be either completed electronically as
an Excel spreadsheet, or manually. There are
is that the completed survey will help towards the production of a accompanying guidance notes and you can raise
“Tercentenary History” to mark, in 2017, the 300th anniversary of any questions on these or queries relating to the
the formation of the First Grand Lodge, involving and educating completion of the forms with the coordinator. It is
members and improving the public’s perception and understanding hoped that arrangements can be made to view some of the records
of Freemasonry. Each Province has appointed a coordinator to so that the coordinator or one of his team can complete the survey.
manage this survey, and for Surrey it is W.Bro Jonathan Knopp Individual Lodges will always retain control of their own records
AProvGM. Secretaries have already started to receive a survey form and who may have access to them. The accuracy and timely
which needs to be completed as accurately and fully as possible, for completion of this important survey is crucial. It is anticipated the
every Lodge. survey will be completed by the Autumn 2009.

Worshipful weatherman
hen W.Bro Alan Gosling set off on a cruise aboard the Artemis
W from Southampton to Orkney, Faroes, Iceland and Norway, he
was to find that the official cruise lecturer was W.Bro Bill Giles, the
former BBC weather forecaster.
Pictured are W.Bro Bill (left) and W.Bro Alan of Croydon Integrity
Lodge 7730. A coffee morning on board raised £480 for the Royal
National Lifeboat Institution.

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Kevin’s ‘at home’ raises £5,000

.Bro David Thompson is Treasurer of

W Lovekyn Chantry Lodge 6807, a school
Lodge founded by old boys and masters
of Kingston Grammar School.
Some of the Lovekyn Lodge members
and their ladies stayed for the weekend in
Wellingborough in September while
attending the 61st Federation of School
Lodges meeting hosted by the Old
Wellingburian Lodge 5570 (Province of
Northampton & Huntingdonshire).
PProvGM Denis Phipps is an honorary
member of Lovekyn Chantry, (and former
President of the Federation). During their
stay they visited the local Coach and Horses
public house near to the hotel where David
couldn’t resist taking this picture of the
former Provincial Grand Master.

Photo shows Kevin and Helen, the Master W.Bro John Tetley and his wife
Sue, and W.Bro Jonathan Knopp AProvGM and his wife Annie.

he Lodge of Quality 9356 held a summer barbecue hosted by

T Bro Kevin Potter and his wife Helen at their home. Kevin is the
youngest member of the Lodge and was initiated only last year.
More than 200 people attended, to enjoy the food and the
entertainment provided by “Elvis Presley” aka Matt King, son of
W.Bro Ted King, Chaplain of the Lodge. Molre than £5,000 was
raised for charity.

Lodge gives its support to over

thirty non-Masonic charities
hen Worplesdon Lodge
W 9076 was formed just 25
years ago, one of its stated
aims was the support of local
non-Masonic charities in
addition to its obligations to
the Craft.
In the intervening years,
contributions have been made
to no fewer than three dozen
worthy causes, some having
received ongoing help. In the
W.Bro Vic Simmons, a founder of
last few weeks, as well as The Worplesdon Lodge and for
winning a Bronze Award for many years its Charity Steward has
the 2008 Festival, equal led the Lodge’s contributions to
donations were made to the non-Masonic charities. He is
Woking Hospice and the pictured handing over the cheque to
Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Ruth Scammell, Lead Community
Guildford. and Events Fundraiser the Phylis
Tuckwell Hospice.

Nov_08_pp7to14:Surrey Mason 09/12/2008 09:18 Page 11


New Lodges
nslow Lodge members and their many guests were addressed
spring from
O by the Assistant Grand Master, RW.Bro David Williamson at their
Picture shows W.Bro Oliver
Lodge, W.Bro Chris Rashbrook,
October meeting at Guildford, when he explained the University
Scheme currently being rolled out across the country to attract
RW.Bro David Williamson, W.Bro
Colin Horley and RW.Bro. Eric universities
university students to Freemasonry. Stuart-Bamford.
Apollo University Lodge in Oxford and Isaac Newton University
Lodge in Cambridge have traditionally attracted students and other A D V E R T I S E M E N T
university towns, such as Durham, have followed.
It is now hoped that approaches to students and academics at TAKE A (mini) BREAK
Surrey University will be equally successful, although it will take ONE of the first occasions our
time and dedication from Brethren willing to become involved. newly-appointed Provincial
Also at the meeting answering many questions was W.Bro Oliver Grand Master, RW.Bro Eric
Lodge DepGDC, Chairman of the University Scheme. Stuart-Bamford was pleased
A one-time graduate from Durham University, he said the to attend was the Provincial
scheme had encouraged the growth of interest in that area and Mini Cruise to St Malo
organised in aid of the 2008
three new Lodges have been formed as a result. Festival.
RW.Bro Eric Stuart-Bamford ProvGM said that the Province was This splendid trip took
keen to see a take up from Surrey University and would give every place on one of Brittany
support to the members of Onslow Lodge. VW.Bro Mike Yalden Ferries’ fine ships with a superb French banquet and nightclub entertainment
DepProvGM advised that a advisory board/committee will be set up which was very successful and raised much needed funds for the RMTGB. The
at Provincial level. The Master, W.Bro Colin Horley, thanked the price for this event was considerably less than many traditional ladies nights
Assistant Grand Master and Bro Lodge for their presentation which and even included accommodation. In addition to this participants were able to
set out the challenges that would arise from Onslow Lodge’s enjoy drinks and wine at reasonable prices which were approximately half the
involvement. cost of those charged by many U.K. hotels.
The event was different, thoroughly enjoyable and very cost effective. This
particular trip left Portsmouth on Saturday evening and sailed slowly overnight,
while the guests partied, on the way to St Malo. The ship docked in the morning
allowing those that wished to disembark and breakfast in the old town many
preferred to breakfast on board before sailing slowly back to Portsmouth
arriving around 6.30 p.m.
A few days away will often brush away the cobwebs and recharge your
batteries. With all the pressures of modern day living if one cannot organise an
extra couple of days out of the usual routine then the worrying lights should be
Mini breaks in Europe can be tailored to individual requirements and can
range from a day trip through to a five day “jolly”. It depends on your time
constraints and of course your budget.
Many lodges are now taking advantage of the overseas break and
incorporate it in with their Ladies Night. If your lodge is currently spending
more than £150.00 on a U.K. weekend (be it for a Ladies Night or any other
event) then get your Festival Secretary or organiser to, at the very least, get a
quotation. It could be very worthwhile and your lodge members could be
leisurely cruising to France whilst the traditionalists are battling with the
weekend traffic on our over crowded roads.
For more information contact Mark Dix on 08709 220 102 or e-mail him, See website:

Nov_08_pp7to14:Surrey Mason 09/12/2008 09:19 Page 14



The Provincial team with the 15 Companions who received promotions

Haroldslea Chapter hosts special event at Nutfield

utfield Centre was the Officers of the year, notably the the MEGSupt explained that the the Stewards “on the day”, the
N setting for a very special
Convocation of the Haroldslea
Provincial Grand Scribe E,
E.Comp David Wills, other
additional investiture had been
made possible by a change in
Secretariat and the ProvGDC
and his team for the
Chapter on 16 October 2008. As members of the Secretariat, the the regulations of Supreme organisation of the event, and
part of their regular Convocation Provincial Grand Director of Grand Chapter, which had the Haroldslea Chapter for acting
agenda Haroldslea acted as Ceremonies, E.Comp Mark allowed further promotions as hosts.
hosts for a special Investiture Winchester with his team, within the Province. This was indeed a memorable
ceremony, performed by the together with the invaluable The MEGSupt then personally day for all concerned, in
Most Excellent Grand assistance of the Provincial Invested those being promoted particularly Haroldslea Chapter,
Superintendent, Eric Stuart- Grand Stewards. and at the same time presenting those who had received
Bamford, who was supported by The presence of a former them with their Patents, and promotion and for the Nutfield
the Second and Third Provincial MEGSupt, E.Comp Lt Col Denis congratulating them all on their Centre, which demonstrated its
Grand Principals, Excellent Phipps, a former DepGSupt advancement. capability for the effective
Companions David Lester and E.Comp Oliver Tomlin, and The MEGSupt then added his management of the setting and
David Mingo. The Principals were E.Comp Alan Bayliss, added to thanks for the success of the the provision of a truly first-class
ably assisted by a substantial the dignity of the occasion. day to the Provincial team, with a Festive Board for a major,
number of the Active Provincial Addressing the convocation, particular word for the work of successful Provincial event.

Hand To Hand Chapter7044 Welcome to all our new

50th Anniversary and Banner Dedication
Provincial Family Royal Arch Companions
he Provincial Executive welcomes all the
T he Deputy Grand
Superintendent, E.Comp. Carol Service T new entrants to Royal Arch Masonry in
the Province of Surrey, wishing them a long
Dr R J Howland will attend the
50th Anniversary and Banner and happy membership:
dedication on the 24 January
at Croydon Masonic Hall.
T his most popular and enjoyable
yearly event is to take place at
St Michael’s Church, Croydon on
M D Barnes, P W Bishop, A J Broccado,
G I Cumper, N A Davis, P R Drysdale,
C A Friel, M J Johnson, L E Keamey,
This is a chance to see a
magnificent and extremely Sunday the 7 December. K Kember, A J Kilkenny, S King, W Mallon,
interesting ceremony, and the All members of the Province M S G Marshall, B.Nenadic, B Patel,
Chapter Scribe E.Comp R C Ford has are invited to come along, B P Patel, R R Patel, J Pye, P C Radford,
opened up the chance for visitors to share together with their friends and D S Rees, J Ryle, T J Spellman, D Wightman
the event. Any Royal Arch Companion who families to enjoy this most popular and M J Wilson.
has not yet had the opportunity to be The Grand Superintendent would be
present at a Banner dedication should most pleased to see any and all Craft
The Grand Superintendent and Masons who are not as yet members of
move quickly to secure a place on the day. members of the Executive will be
For further details please contact Reg Royal Arch, join the growing numbers who
in attendance, and they do look are about to become members.
Ford, telephone 020 8251 8450 or e-mail The dining fee will forward to meeting you.
Please make every effort to be Please forward your items of interest to
be a £28 but, if you can only spare the time J A Taylor
to be at the dedication, there will be no present and support this, the 37 Beech Road
charge. Details of the event are available FAMILY EVENT of the year Purley on Thames
on the Royal Arch website: Berkshire RG8 8DR email:
Please send a good digital photo of your
For those Craft Members who have not as yet joined Royal Arch Masonry, special event.
The Royal Arch Representative within your LODGE will readily assist you. Ring me on 0118 984 3112

Nov_08_pp7to14:Surrey Mason 09/12/2008 09:22 Page 12

SURREY MASON Pages kindly sponsored by Davidoff SURREY MASON

Teddies for Loving Care Charity Stewards

W hat is the TLC Appeal? The simple objective is for Freemasons to provide teddy bears and soft toys to
accident and emergency units, for the medical staff, to give, at their discretion, to children who are admitted
play a critical role
in severe distress and where the staff feel that a teddy or soft toy to cuddle will help alleviate the stress and
he success of initiatives such as the The Charity Steward should:
assist them in their work.
The appeal originated after an allergic reaction suddenly caused the swelling and blocking of the windpipe of
the wife of an Essex Freemason. Her life was saved by the rapid action of the medical staff at an A&E unit, who
T Teddies for Loving Care often rely
heavily on the persuasive powers of
 encourage brethren to support
charity and be a constant reminder
were able to resuscitate and stabilise her. They were both eternally grateful for the swift and caring attention she the The Charity Steward. Undoubtedly that benevolence and charity are
received, but found the experience the most frightening of their lives and speculated on the distress that children one of the contributing factors to the fundamental principles of the
must face when visiting A&E units. success of the 2008 Festival was the Order
He asked his Lodge to do something practical as a ‘thank you’ to the A&E unit and its staff.  be acquainted with the various
hard work put in by Charity Stewards
From that point onwards the idea of Teddies for across the Province. methods of encouraging and
Loving Care was born. But, it’s not an easy task. The processing giving
Teddies for Loving Care needs your financial
Charity Steward has an often hard but  gain a working knowledge of the
support through donating small amounts of money
and by purchasing the teddy lapel pins. critical role persuading Brethren to principle activities of the various
There are four new designs of TLC badges. If you part with money... made more difficult Masonic charities.
or your lodge would like a number of them to sell to by the current financial climate.  disburse the money collected
your members please contact Stewart Butcher While charitable giving is according to the wishes of the
(details below). The new badges are £2.50 each. emphasised to each new member on Worshipful Master and Wardens of
We also need some dedicated unpaid, unsung his Initiation, in the North East part of the Lodge, or the instructions of
heroes to deliver the bears to the hospitals. If you the Lodge, there is a fine line between any other competent authority, as
think you would like to help, please contact us. Katie—recovering after the trauma of trapping
reminding Brethren regularly of the appropriate
As a charity, TLC does not turn down donations her finger in a car door.
need for their money for good causes,  record accurately the donations of
from others who see the benefits of the idea, but and becoming a nuisance. every Brother maintaining the
more than 99 per cent of the money needed is Teddies for Loving Care Story? To overdo the call on additional strictest confidentiality
donated by Freemasons. The charity is run on a  gain a working knowledge of the
charitable giving when there are
purely voluntary basis. I am a young child. significant expenses to be met principle activities of the Provincial
Teddies for Loving Care appeal Something is wrong with me. elsewhere will not be welcome, but the Grand Lodge of Surrey Provincial
I am ill, or I’ve had an accident. Charity Steward is, to some extent, the Charity Committee
– helping children in Surrey hospitals It hurts, and I don’t know what’s wrong. ‘force of conscience’ referred to in the  maintain the continued interest of
Since our launch in March 2005, the TLC Appeal Mum and Dad seem worried, that worries me members in any Festival sponsored
First Degree. It is important that a
in Surrey now supports four hospitals with another I am taken to Hospital – the Casualty Unit
Charity Steward strikes the right by the Province and encourage
three coming on stream in the next few months. I don’t understand what is happening
There are strange people – in uniforms balance in this respect. support of Provincial and Festival
More than 7,000 soft bears have been distributed
along with colouring sheets and crayons to: and coats – with all kinds of frightening A Charity Steward should always events and projects
remember that the Brethren have  regularly attend Provincial charity
 East Surrey Hospital—Redhill needles and instruments
 Epsom District Hospital requested him to perform an important meetings and report to the Lodge
 St Helier—Carshalton I am still in pain, but now I’m very scared! role in the life of the Lodge. Each on matters of interest and urgency.
 St. Peters—Chertsey. I don’t want them to touch me – it will hurt Charity Steward is normally Finally, the Charity Steward should
I am scared at what they are going to do remembered for the individual way in make it a practice always of going to
Jess (above) - admitted to hospital with a I cry – I scream – I struggle which he motivates and organises the Lodge committee meetings when
life threatening disease and (left) – Everyone says they just want to Lodge to increase its charitable giving, candidates are being interviewed for
continuing her recovery with her TLC make me better
bears by her side. For more information please contact: and the way he harnesses his membership.
But it’s so scary – they always say it won’t hurt enthusiasm for benevolence and He should make the point under
Email: persuading others to join in with his “any other questions” that Masonry is
Tel: 07831 412255 But one of them has a teddy
They give it to me to cuddle efforts. about caring for other people and that A Charity Steward will undoubtedly each Brother is expected to contribute
They tell me what that they need to do
They show me what they are going bring his own personal character to regularly to charity.
Ask you charity steward to get some lapel
to do on teddy bear on his interpretation of the Ask specifically if, for example, the
pins to sell in your Lodge
Teddy doesn’t cry requirement of the office. proposed candidate could reasonably
It didn’t seem to hurt him The role of a Charity Steward is afford to contribute to charity by a
If it didn’t hurt teddy, it won’t hurt me essentially one of coordinating regular donation each calendar month
I cuddle teddy very hard activities and acting as a medium or quarterly by direct debit or standing
What do the hospital staff say? through which information about order. By this means the first seeds will
It doesn’t hurt as much various aspects of different charities have been sown and, once the Brother
Staff are very happy to be involved in the scheme. They say I am very brave
Here’s what some of them say: and good causes can be channelled to has been admitted, he can be
As brave as teddy reminded of his undertaking.
“The Teddies really help to cheer the children up.” the Lodge.
They say I am going to get better
“We don’t know how we used to cope without the Teddies.” But all the work should not fall on  A handbook for Charity Stewards is
They say I can go home
“We hope that Freemasons will continue to help us with Teddies for many Mum and Dad are smiling his shoulders alone. In most Lodges all available on the Provincial website.
years” The Nurse says I can take teddy home! members, and especially the Stewards, Charity Stewards requiring a copy
Treatment times for children have improved 40 per cent in some A&E I am smiling! will assist him in any fundraising should ask their Secretaries to
units using the TLC Teddy Bear scheme. activities that he may promote over the download it from the Secretaries’
years of his office. area of the website:
So how to summarise the role?
Teddies for Loving Care Appeal or TLC Appeal Registered Charity No 1087765

12 13
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Lodge aids fund

for PC with
terminal illness
.Bro Kevin Hyland the IPM
W of Frederick Lodge of Unity
did not hesitate to help when he
heard of a police officer who was
suffering from a terminal illness.
Kevin’s daughter, WPC Jo Hyland
was raising funds for her
colleague PC Kevin Arnold.
PC Steven George received the
cheque for £500 on behalf of PC
Arnold and it hoped that it will
assist the Arnold family to enjoy
a holiday.

Picture (left) shows W.Bro Kevin

Hyland, PC George and Bro (Detective
Sergeant) Danny O’Sullivan, Lodge
Charity Steward

Festival proceeds go to Crohn’s charity

The National Association for Colitis and Crohn’s Disease (NACC) has
benefited from a donation of £2,000 raised by Azor Lodge 9208 at its
Ladies’ Festival in June. A cheque was presented to the charity’s
representative, Ms Kiron Kurien by W.Bro Nigel Worsfold, Charity Steward,
on behalf of the Master, W.Bro Barry Siviers and his wife Annette.
W.Bro Oliver Tomlin To advertise in this
publication please call Peter Read on 07766494348, or
IN the last issue of Surrey Mason, we carried a picture on page 29 email him at
of Purley Lodge 3136.
We were unable at that time to identify a Grand Officer in the
back row and he was listed in the caption as “unknown” The next edition of Surrey Mason will be published in
He has since been identified as W.Bro Oliver Tomlin PSGD, March 2009.
PAProvGM, and we apologise for any embarrassment caused to COPY DEADLINE for this editions 20 February 2009
Brother Tomlin.

Nov_08_pp15to19:Surrey Mason 09/12/2008 09:24 Page 16


Tylers attend second

Croydon workshop
nder the authority of the Provincial Executive, the Provincial Grand Tyler
U Ted Thorne hosted and chaired the second Tylers’ workshop and
luncheon at Croydon.
W.Bro Ted thanked W.Bro Bryan Craddock the Provincial Grand
Secretary and W.Bro Don Howie the Past Provincial Grand Tyler for their
respective support and attendance. W.Bro Don introduced W.Bro Ted, who
has been a “Surrey man” for 28 years, to the those attending.
Tylers travelled from all parts of the Province to attend the working
lunch. W.Bro Craddock addressed the Tylers and, whilst thanking W Bro
Don for his services to the
Province, welcomed Ted
Thorne to his active rank
and wished him every
success in his high profile
Provincial appointment.
W.Bro Craddock also
used the event to promote
greater care and
awareness to health and
safety procedures – with
particular reference to
signing the visitors’ book,
ensuring that in the
unlikely event of an
incident, each person is
accurately accounted for.
This was debated and
increased diligence was
The Provincial Grand
Tyler confirmed ongoing
pro-active initiatives to
assist the Tylers’ individual
Lodges and indeed the
Province in general.
Ted thanked Bryan
Craddock for the “working
lunch” which was enjoyed
by everyone. Both Ted
Thorne and Bryan
Craddock were very
impressed with the
positive feed-back and
energies generated from
the workshop.
Further initiatives are
being planned.
Situations vacant
Ted is always on the
look out for hard working
diligent prospective Tylers
– if you think you’ve got
what it takes please
contact Ted Thorne
through Provincial Office.

To advertise in this
publication please call
Peter Read on
07766 494348, or
email him at
Nov_08_pp15to19:Surrey Mason 09/12/2008 09:24 Page 17


W.Bro John Milner AProvGM, presenting the winners trophies to St Leonards Streatham Lodge at the Charity Golf Day.

Successful year for Sports Association

he past year has seen an increase in support for the Surrey events. The AGM took place in October and a number of similar
T Masonic Sports Association’s activities.
The boxing dinner, the charity golf day, the Home Counties
events were planned. Sports liaison officers have been
appointed to work with the seven Provincial Groups in an
clay shoot, the Daytona go-kart challenge and the Sportsman’s endeavour to communicate with Lodges and to ensure that all
dinner were all a great success. The inter-Provincial matches Surrey Masons are kept informed and to encourage their
of golf and bowls were carried out with varying degrees of support and those of their non-Masonic friends.
success. The Surrey Mason and the Provincial website both carry
The Association was very pleased to donate more than information relative to the SMSA activities, or more
£30,000 towards the 2008 Festival following these and other information can be obtained at’

Proud 75
years for
ewark Priory Lodge
N 5396 celebrated its
75th anniversary at
Surbiton in October.
Installed in the chair
for the second time was Members of the Lodge with RW.Bro Eric
W.Bro Bryan Craddock, Stuart-Bamford and VW.Bro Michael
ProvGSec, who was last Yalden.
in the chair in 1990.
Bryan’s father, Basil, is also a past master of the Lodge,having
become a Joining Member in 1964. He took the chair in 1993. It
was to W.Bro Basil that the task fell of producing the first Lodge
history 25 years ago when it celebrated its first 50 years.
Updating the history to cover the last quarter of a century was
the responsibility of Bro Steven Hemsley, assisted by W.Bro
Malcolm Clarke. W.Bro Bryan Craddock joined Newark Priory in
November 1980. He was the most recent of “father and son” or
Lewis Masons to attain the chair.
There have been 13 pairs of father and sons in the Lodge, two
of which have also had their grandsons as members.

View Surrey Mason online visit:
Nov_08_pp15to19:Surrey Mason 09/12/2008 09:24 Page 18


Servicemen’s charity needs more volunteers

he Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) who work within serving communities.
T “Forces Help” needs you.
There are more than 10 million people eligible for help from
Freemasons, by their very nature, are accustomed to offering
help and support in the community. The charity already have
SSAFA Forces Help, the leading national charity committed to many Freemasons helping in their work but they are looking for
helping those who serve in our Armed Forces, those who used to more.
serve and the dependents of both. If you would like to be part of the important volunteer team
SSAFA provide a reliable, caring and trusted service to more that cares for those who have left the Services please get in
than 50,000 people each year. touch. Training is provided and all out-of-pocket expenses are
Volunteers can give as little or as much time as they can paid. Contact details: Glen Smith, Branch Support Advisor –
spare. There are positions for people interested in practical case Membership, 19 Queen Elizabeth Street, London, SE1 2LP.
work as well as other roles such as team leaders, treasurers and Tel: 020 7463 9273. e-mail:
fundraisers. SSAFA Forces Help also has a network of volunteers website:

Regis Aurigae Lodge 9264 who meet at the exclusive RAC Club Epsom, held
their annual charity golf day on the picturesque course. A well-organised
tournament by Peter Pierce was attended by 44 golfers who also enjoyed, with
their partners, the hospitality of the Club for dinner afterwards. Our picture
shows two well-known faces in the Province, W.Bros John Fleetwood and Tony
Attfield performing in front of the beautiful RAC club.

Nov_08_pp15to19:Surrey Mason 09/12/2008 09:24 Page 19



Travelling to
Whilst reading the last issue (Summer 2008) of the
Surrey Mason, I was amazed to come across a
photograph that I instantly recognised.
It is that of the Freemasons’ Hall in Savannah,
South Carolina, USA. The accompanying photograph
is the one I took in
April 2006 during
a holiday to the
USA with my wife. Singapore – a disappointing visit
We travelled by
car from Memphis,
via Nashville and
Garden slavery a clue
The Masonic Hall in Savannah
through the Blue
Ridge Mountains
to Charleston
to ritual pronunciation?
where one of my wife’s brothers lives. During our Sir
stay we visited Savannah.... hence the photograph. I must congratulate Martin Gandoff on his article about “words we say” which I
Readers may spot the similarity to the one previously found very thought-provoking. So much so that I wonder whether his comments
published! on “hele” are right? The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines “hele” as “to set (a
This made me wonder if other Masons may have plant) in the ground and cover its roots.” In my many years of slavery in the
taken photographs of Masonic halls overseas, and garden, we have always used the word “heel” to signify settling the plant by
perhaps you might be interested in featuring them, pressing the heel of the boot round its base. The dictionary defines this word as
one each issue, together with any interesting facts? a derivation of “hele”, so I seriously wonder whether the right pronunciation of
To this end, I also submit a photograph of the “hele” should not be “heel” as this would seem to imply that our ancestors
Masonic Hall in Singapore, which I took in January pronounced it this way.
2007. While on the subject of words in the Lodge, can I raise he pronunciation of
My wife and I had been to Borneo to visit my step- “tenet”? I find this an interesting one as the word is defined in said dictionary
daughter and family for Christmas 2006. Our return as “doctrine, dogma or principle held by a group…” and I wonder whether we
journey involved a stay in Singapore for the New are not repeating ourselves when we say “the principles and tenets…”
Year. We tried to visit the Masonic centre but, while However, be that as it may, the word is derived from the Latin verb “teneo”
we were invited by one of the waiting staff to have a meaning I hold, the first “e” of which is pronounced short. I therefore contend
drink, when I said that I would like a tour of the that it should be pronounced “tenet” not “Teenet” as is so often spoken.
building, or at least to see one of the Temples, I was Peter M Dodd
taken to the bar where I received a very cold Sit Perpetuum 5725
There was a group of Masons drinking at a table,
and another lone man who said it was not possible
EAs are proud to deliver the Charge
to make a visit. I was a bit disappointed, but assume Sir
that my appearance as a tourist, in a very hot I had the great honour to deliver the Charge at a 1st Degree for a good friend of
country, must have put them off! mine whom I had brought into Lodge, and I was one of only two of our members
I had, on another occasion, arrived unannounced that had ever done it as a EA Freemason in our Lodge, and I had the honour to
again with my wife, at the Masonic hall in Dublin, do this in front of our ProvGM, RW.Bro Eric Stuart-Bamford. The ProvGM said it
and been given a very interesting tour of the whole was great to see EAs get on so well and great to see they had the backing of the
building, and made to feel extremely welcome. Lodge to take on and be allowed to do this work. Now the best bit is that both of
Perhaps we were expecting too much in Singapore ! our new EAs, have learned the Charge and one of them will get the same
David Watts chance I had to do it at a First Degree next year.
Mid-Surrey Lodge 3109 Bro G Loughman
Bisley Lodge 2317


Sir most with fear and could not be done meeting at one of the homes every once in a
On pages 16 and 17 of the Surrey Mason without some loss of dignity. while.
(issue 18), it was suggested that a member May I suggest it would be far better if a This would mean all Masons in the home
“could help by taking a resident to your room in each of the homes could be would be able to attend because all the
Lodge”. While I accept this would be good provided with the relevant furniture and a relevant personal support personnel and
idea, I feel it would benefit only a few. The Lodge visited the home say once a month equipment would be on hand to see to
majority of people in homes have lost or from September to June. personal needs.
have very limited mobility and the idea of I am sure we would have no shortage of Chris Bryant
being put into the average car would fill Lodges who would be willing to have a St Saviour’s 5853
Nov_08_pp20to24:Surrey Mason 09/12/2008 09:25 Page 20


Pictured are organiser, W.Bro Nigel Worsfold, with the DepProvGM, his wife
Janet and the riders at the end of the rally. Second rally success
he second annual provincial motorcycle rally took place in
T July in less than perfect conditions… occasional heavy rain
and no sun, but this did not dampen the spirits of the 12 riders
who took to the road for charity. Last year, the proceeds of the
ride were allocated to the 2008 Festival.
This year, at the suggestion of the ProvGM, the money raised
went to the Gurkha Welfare Trust.
Last year, riders had to visit any 10 of the various Masonic
Centres in the Province, and provide photographic evidence that
they had been there, using digital cameras or mobile phones.
This year they had to visit any nine pubs in the Province, from
a list of 12 and, like last year, riders could start wherever they
liked, and call at the pubs in any order they chose.
The rally again ended at Surbiton Masonic Centre where the
riders were met by VW.Bro Michael Yalden DepProvGM who
thanked them for taking part. He announced the date of next
year’s rally, which will be on Sunday 5 July, coinciding with the
Province’s Family Fun Charity Weekend.
The list of pubs was carefully chosen, and they all shared a
common link… The Albion, The Surrey Arms, The Onslow Arms,
The William Cobbett, The Pilgrim, The Castle, The Willow Tree,
The Good Companions, and so on... all sharing their names with
Surrey Lodges.
Nearly £1,000 was raised for the Gurkha Welfare Trust.
Those interested in taking part in the rally next year, contact
Nigel Worsfold:

Donation to support young shooters

ore than £350 was raised in a raffle run by W.Bro Paul Hatton
M at the White Table dinner after the August meeting of the Look
Forward Lodge 9305.
The money raised has been donated to the Betty Foster Appeal
which contributes to supporting shooting for the blind and GB junior
rifle and pistol squads.
Betty is well-known in shooting circles, for many years acting as
Chief Stats Office at the NSRA Scottish and Bisley rifle meetings
and, at the age of 81, has just completed a sponsored parachute
jump for her charity.

Nov_08_pp20to24:Surrey Mason 09/12/2008 09:26 Page 21


Provincial Stewards pilot visits

he start of the Masonic season saw the launch of a new pilot scheme
T involving the Provincial Grand Stewards. Where the Provincial Grand
Master and the Deputy Provincial Grand Master have, traditionally been
accompanied on their Official Visits by an Escorting Officer, additionally –
they are to be accompanied on such visits by two Provincial Grand Stewards,
normally Acting Stewards of the Year.
The ProvGM’s first outing with Stewards was on 4 October when he
visited Newark Priory Lodge 5396 at Surbiton for its 75th anniversary and
installation meeting.

Pictured are: Escorting Officer W.Bro Robbie Dobbie , the ProvGM RW.Bro
Eric Stuart-Bamford, newly-installed Master of Newark Priory Lodge, W.Bro
Bryan Craddock, flanked by Provincial Grand Stewards W.Bros Paul Goff
(left) and John Tomlin (right).

Brothers in Arms
changed history
lfonso Camisotti is a member of the appearance and used this advantage to
A Old England Lodge 1790 and, as
featured in previous editions of the
maximum effect, by confusing the
enemy. They often wore each others
Surrey Mason, is a Lodge that regularly uniform to mislead the opposition.
visits Freemasons in Italy and entertains Eventually, Victor Emmanuel was
Italian Freemasons in their own Lodge. crowned King of Italy.
Not surprisingly, Alfredo is interested in There is a statue of Garibaldi in
any Anglo-Italian Masonic connection. Rome, gesturing and pointing to the
In recent research he discovered one Vatican, because the Vatican was held
connection that changed the course of by the French and it was the last bastion
Italian history. In the 1850s, while on a to fall.
Grand Tour of Italy, one Captain John Captain Peard returned to England
Peard met and formed a friendship with and was promoted to the full rank of
the man who was to unify the Colonel. General Garibaldi
then multi-faceted peninsula visited England and was
into the State of Italy – cheered by huge crowds
Giuseppe Garibaldi. Both wherever he went.
men were Freemasons. Commemorative porcelain
Captain Peard was moved figurines were made of
by the plight of the Garibaldi and there was even
indigenous populous and the a special biscuit named after The Shannon Court garden party again was a
appalling treatment they him. In a museum in Fowey, success with a good turnout to support the
received at the hands of the Cornwall, there can be found home. Our picture shows some of the young
occupying forces. The on display Garibaldi’s coat and girls who took part in the young talent contest.
Austrian and Bourbon other artefacts denoting his These winners are pictured with the ProvGM,
atrocities were to enslave links with the county. Eric Stuart-Bamford and DepProvGM Michael
many of the local people. Garibaldi – a Freemason Garibaldi’s campaign flag now Yalden.
Captain Peard returned to hangs
his native Cornwall, resolved to help and proudly in the British
with the consent and assistance of the Embassy in Rome
Duke of Cornwall and the Duke of above a statue of
Sutherland, amassed an army of Colonel John Peard.
Englishmen to set sail from Cornwall to John Peard became
Genova in Northern Italy. Provincial Grand
There they joined with the 1000 Master of Cornwall,
‘Garibaldini’, and the army sailed to the Duke of Cornwall,
Marsala in Sicily to start a campaign to became the Grand
defeat the occupying forces of Sicily and Master of England,
Naples and so to eventually unify Italy. and Garibaldi became
General Garibaldi, had successfully the Grand Master of
fought in South America and had Italy.
accrued a large fortune in North Thus from the
America, which he used to finance the meeting and firm
courageous venture of unifying his friendship of two great
homeland. Freemasons, there
Garibaldi and the now famous English transpired the
Captain Peard, were very similar in unification of a nation.

Nov_08_pp20to24:Surrey Mason 09/12/2008 09:26 Page 22


Provincial Calendar

Friday 14th Sportsman’s Dinner & Presentations with ladies 18.30 Nutfield
Saturday15th Almoners’ Seminar am Shannon Court
Tuesday 18th Wardens’ Seminar 19.3 Surbiton Masonic Hall
Wednesday 19th 3Rs Visit with DepProvGM & DepGSupt L4527 TBA Godalming Masonic Hall
Saturday 29th Xmas Fayre 14.3 James Terry Court
Monday 1st Executive Meeting 10.30 Provincial Office Croydon
Monday 1st Masonic Samaritan Fund Seminar 19.00 Surbiton Masonic Hall
Wednesday 3rd Provincial Petitions Committee 15.00 Surbiton Masonic Hall
Thursday 4th Meeting with other Orders 11.00 Surbiton Masonic Hall
Sunday 7th Provincial Family Carol Service 15.00 St. Michaels & All Angels
Tuesday 9th Sutton Widows AGM 11.00 Sutton Masonic Hall
Wednesday 10th Grand Lodge Communications 12 noon Freemasons’ Hall
Wednesday 10th Grand Officers Lunch 13.30 East India Club
Tuesday 16th 3Rs Visit with DepProvGM & DepGSupt L 8244 TBA Sutton Masonic Hall
Tuesday 13th Croydon Widows Association AGM 11.00 Croydon Masonic Hall
Monday 2nd 3Rs Visit with DepProvGM & DepGSupt L7850 TBA Sutton Masonic Hall
Wednesday 4th Guildford Widows Association AGM 11.00 Guildford Masonic Hall
Thursday 5th Provincial Debate L9455 TBA Nutfield Masonic Centre
Tuesday 10th Promotions and Appointments Board 10.00 Croydon Masonic Hall
Thursday 12th Almoners’ Seminar 10.30 Croydon Masonic Hall
Wednesday 18th 3Rs Visit with DepProvGM & DepGSupt L4526 TBA Nutfield Masonic Centre
Friday 20th 3Rs Visit with DepProvGM & DepGSupt L8205 TBA Soper Hall Caterham
Tuesday 24th Promotions and Appointments Board 10.00 Croydon Masonic Hall
Thursday 5th 3Rs Visit with DepProvGM & DepGSupt L4568 TBA Surbiton Masonic Hall
Saturday 7th Provincial Debate L4722 TBA Surbiton Masonic Hall
Monday 9th Executive Meeting 10.00 Provincial Office Croydon
Wednesday 11th Grand Lodge Communication 12 noon Freemason’s Hall
Wednesday 11th Grand Officers’ Lunch 13.30 East India Club
Thursday 12th 3Rs Visit with DepProvGM & DepGSupt L7730 TBA Croydon Masonic Hall
Wednesday 18th Provincial Petitions Committee 15.00 Crescent Room
Tuesday 31st Provincial Debate L5905 TBA Surbiton Masonic Hall
Wednesday 29th Grand Lodge Investiture TBA Freemasons’ Hall
Wednesday 6th 3Rs Visit with DepProvGM & DepGSupt L4212 TBA Surbiton Masonic Hall
Friday 8th Ladies’ Festival TBA Shannon Court
Sunday 10th Provincial go-karting event TBA Sandown Park
Wednesday 14th Golf Day – Shannon Court Friends TBA Betchworth Park GC
Wednesday 27th Provincial Chapter Annual Convocation TBA Freemason’s Hall
Sunday 7th Shannon Court AGM TBA Shannon Court
Monday 8th Craft Lecture Festival L8037 17.00 Croydon Masonic Hall
Wednesday 10th Grand Lodge Communications 12 noon Freemason’s Hall
Wednesday 10th Grand Officers’ Lunch 13.30 East India Club
Saturday 13th RMBI, Friends Ball TBA Grange Hotel, London

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A Mason and brave and

fearless leader of men
ance-Sergeant Belcher 9539 won his VC in the Army List in April 1921 but was also
L in an action on the road running from
the hamlet Wieltje up towards St Julien
attached to the 5th Battalion 70th Burma
Rifles at Meiktila as a Company
Village near Ypres, Belgium. He was in Commander in the Indian Army List of
charge of an advanced breastwork south of January 1922. He retired from the Army
this road on the morning of 12 May 1915. that year.
Sandbags were blown in by the hostile When war again broke out in 1939he
guns and the violent and continuous rejoined the Army and he served in the
bombardment went on until Belcher was London Rifle Brigade until 1940. From
left with only eight of his men and two 1941–1943 he was with the RAPC and on
Hussars. POW duties.
This little band of men elected to hold Douglas Belcher died at Claygate, Surrey
on by the road after the troops near them on the 3 June 1953 and is buried at Holy
had been withdrawn. Except for them the Trinity Churchyard at Claygate. His Victoria
road was clear for the Cross is held in the Royal
Germans to break through Green Jackets’ Museum in
our front by Wieltje and
make a flank attack on our
A look at the life of Winchester.
Sadly, although he was a
fourth division. an extraordinary pupil at Tiffin School and
During the day Lance- therefore qualified to join the
Sergeant Belcher and his Surrey-born Mason Tiffinian Lodge 3530 (in the
remaining troops – by then
seven in total – held the
who became a Province of Surrey), he did
not join.
German Army at bay. Every hero of the First However Tiffinian Lodge
time the enemy collected for designed and funded a
an attack, Belcher ordered World War plaque to his memory and
rapid fire. The Germans this was unveiled in the
were only 150 to 200 yards Tiffin School Hall on the 10
away but, by maintaining a bold and also November 2006. At the unveiling on that
skillful front and by using such quick and day was his 90-year-old daughter-in-law, Lance Sergeant Douglas Belcher, pictured at
deadly fire, the breastwork seemed fully his granddaughter and his great-grandson. Buckingham Palace after receiving his Victoria
manned. Douglas was however a Member of four Cross from King George V.
The amazing London Territorial London Lodges and one Chapter.
completely daunted the advancing German
column, held the Wieltje Road in the most Lodge membership resigning on the 26 September 1949.
Douglas Belcher VC was a truly
critical phase of the battle. Belcher had He was a member of the Art and Craft remarkable man, he was exceptionally
saved a British Division from a disastrous Lodge 3387 which he joined on 4 March brave and fearless as a leader of men and
flank attack. 1916, his membership ceasing in 1931. his actions in the heat of battle were
Douglas Belcher was born at Surbiton, He also belonged to Hazara Lodge nothing less than courageous His was
Surrey on the 15th July 1889 and was 4159, Club Abbottabad, Hazara, India indeed a heroic story. In addition to all this
educated at Tiffin Boys School, Kingston on (Founder) in July 1920. He was the first he was a very enthusiastic and well
Thames, Surrey leaving in 1903. Junior Warden, but resigned in October respected Freemason.
He enlisted in the Volunteer Force in 1922. Douglas Belcher married Emily Francis
1906, transferred to the Territorial Force The Lodge transferred to London from Luxford on 31 January 1917 but they were
and went to France on the 4 November District Grand Lodge of the Punjab in 1947 divorced in 1935.
1914 He became a member of the 1–5th when he rejoined on 6 April 1948, In 1941 he married Gertrude E Brine.
(City of London) Battalion, the London becoming Master later that year. He is survived by a son who lives in Norfolk.
Regiment (The London Rifle Brigade), a Membership ceased 1951. His other son died in 1972.
Territorial Battalion. In November 1937 he joined the London
Lance-Sergeant Belcher was the first Rifle Brigade
Territorial Army other rank to be awarded Lodge 1962 and
the Victoria Cross. The award was listed in remained a
the London Gazette on the 23 June 1915. member until his
He received his decoration of the Victoria death.
Cross at Buckingham Palace from King He joined
George V on the 12 July 1915. He was Lodge of Amity
promoted to Lieutenant on the 10th August 171 on the 27
1917. April 1945 and
Lieutenant Belcher subsequently served resigned on 13
in the Indian Army from 30 October 1918 November 1949.
and was attached to the 6th Ghurka Rifles In February
from the 2 November 1918 at Abbottabad 1918 he joined
with seniority as a Lieutenant in the Indian the Art and Craft
Army from the 10 November 1918. Two Chapter 3387
years later on the 10 November 1920 he London, resigning
was further promoted to Captain in the in 1927, rejoining
Indian Army. on the 6 April
This distinguished soldier last appears 1935, finally

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