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Critical evaluation of the User Interface……………………………………………………2.0

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Critical evaluation of the Organisation………………………………………………………3.0

 Images portrayed by the Organisation………………………………..3.1
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Mollie McGillin & Rohaan Hussain



Traditional recruitment channels were not as widely available as e-recruitment. Facebook. “It might be said that finding a potential job has never been easier but to what extent does social media and technology enhance the recruitment process?” 1. Instagram and twitter as it is to phone a local number. With technological advancements e- recruitment has risen to become the most popular and cheapest from of recruitment. The User Interface of a website is very important as it is the difference between the website failing or it being hugely . In this modern day it is now just as easy to talk to someone across the world on social media sites such as Facebook.1 User Interface Graphics: Social Media and Technology enhance the recruitment process online by promoting career Mollie McGillin & Rohaan Hussain opportunities on Apps.0 Introduction Social Media can be defined in the oxford dictionary as “websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking” (Stevenson. Social media has revolutionised communications. Social media and technology enhance the recruitment process by promoting jobs online and making them more readily available for potential applicants.0 Critical Evaluation of the User Interface 2. 2003). Instagram and websites. 2.

Social media and technology enhance the recruitment process by promoting jobs on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. O2 have kept it simple with a clear section to search for any available vacancies. and is the easiest process for creating a positive user experience” (bwired. then even the best service or product in the world could be left collecting dust on the Internet shelves” (Digital Zoo. 2009). whereas traditional methods of recruitment this would not have been Traditional recruitment methods are not as easily accessible as e- recruitment. Mollie McGillin & Rohaan Hussain . 2014).2 Ease of Navigation: The overall impression of the ease of navigation throughout the O2’s careers website is very professional and well positioned. The background graphics on the https://o2careers. User Interface does not apply to the traditional recruitment channels which would be plain black and white text advertising the jobs that are available in Newspapers or on pin boards in employment website are simplistic and very professional which is appealing to the eye and draws attention to the website. The User Interface of a website or social media site is crucial to keep potential applicants interested. successful. keeping users interested as the interface is easy to navigate around and understand. 2. posting vacancies at local employment offices and internally hiring are very different from online recruitment. An example of a company that uses e-recruitment as a means of hiring is o2. O2 has been listed as one of the top 10 business in the UK for social media use. The website is easy for a user to understand and navigate around. Traditional recruitment channels such as Newspapers. “Usability is the foundations of a successful user interface. “If your potential customers find your website to be too complicated to navigate or too busy and confusing.

Live music and cupcakes at the assessment centres. Jobs may not have got many applications. This is an easy way to navigate applicants directly to the job application. (Smith and Rupp. “Shifting hiring processes from the paper and time-intensive manual method to an automated one saves time and money and boosts productivity by leaving positions vacant for shorter periods of time. 2004)” (Broughton A. The internet is the preferred source for those actively searching for jobs (Weiss and Barbeite. “The search for a job has been eased considerably by on-line message boards. rather than them going through the main website.H. They offer both organisations and applicants quick and easy posting of vacancies. Foley B. 2001)” (Searle R. Potential jobs are a lot easier to find due to the enhancement of technology and social media promoting jobs directly links potential applicants directly to their e-recruitment application process by drawing them in with an article and having the application link readily available.facebook. 2013). word of mouth or job centres are a lot more difficult to find. By Putting up relatable articles and using Instagram to promote the assessment centres. maybe even in some cases worldwide. Ledermaier S & Cox A . O2 are drawing in more applicants by creating a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for example. O2’s Facebook https://www. . Mollie McGillin & Rohaan Hussain however with e-recruitment the spectrum of applicants is huge. Traditional methods of recruitment such as newspaper advertisements. 2006). Online recruitment is more convenient to navigate to and is a more cost effective way of recruiting.

For example o2’s careers website has a full page on early careers with o2. This webpage also includes hints and tips on how to create CVs and Cover letters for those wanting to start out their careers. This is an example of social media enhancing the recruitment process through helping potential applicants every step of the application process. the description would be vague and lack quality information.0 Critical evaluation of the Organisation: Mollie McGillin & Rohaan Hussain 3. O2 do this by promoting applicants to message . customers will not want to use the service the organisation is providing them. By providing hints and tips o2 have portrayed the image that they are a welcoming organisation that will help give advice on how to get started with o2. As an e-recruitment applicant for o2. Without a good corporate image and reputation.3 Quality of information: The quality of information O2 put on their website and Instagram accounts is very informative. When corporate branding is done right it can be a very effective marketing tool. 3.” This promotes o2 as having a good work balance and may attract new applicants. Social media is a boundless platform for indorsing the organisations image they want to portray. this would very beneficial and would encourage more potential applicants to apply for a job within o2. as chosen by employees. providing details about internships and apprenticeships. 2.1 Images portrayed by the Organisation: It is very important for an organisation to have a good corporate image and reputation. Their o2Careers Instagram account informs people of interviews o2 Gurus are holding and even a live twitter chat for any questions applicants may have. In Traditional recruitment channels such as newspapers. On O2’s Facebook page they link relevant articles for applicants to read which promote O2 as a company for example as seen in the picture below “The 20 best companies for work/ life balance in the UK 2016.

In the article “Is Print Recruitment Advertising Dead?” it states that “The rapid decline in newspaper employment advertising coincides with recruiter sentiment that newspapers don’t provide the same value as online job boards. 2015). 2009). they are vital to promote marketing and encourage potential customers to join the organisation. J. employee referral programs and. Consequently more applicants are likely Mollie McGillin & Rohaan Hussain to apply for a job advertised online due to more available information about the job and organisation. the ease of applying for the applicants and cost effectiveness. social networks” (Zappe. the use of e-recruitment has become more popular due to its large social media platform. Compared to traditional recruitment channels. As a potential applicant. nationally and globally” (Deloitte. or even tweet @GoThinkBig for CV advice. increasingly. 3.2 Values presented by the organisation: The values of an organisation are the principles or standards of behaviour they believe in. along with help and tips on how to apply rather than a simple newspaper advert with the job title and email address. supportive image that o2’s e-recruitment website portrays. again portraying the image of o2 being welcoming and helpful towards potential applicants. The . meaning they can move anywhere in the world and have the ease of applying for a job online. The traditional recruitment channel of newspapers is unsuccessful in portraying the image of an organisation when it comes to advertising jobs. The newspapers simply state the job that is available at a company and the salary. along with a number to ring or an email address. O2’s values they present indicate that the organisation is a fun and vibrant similar to the images the o2 website portrays. When an organisation presents their values. them for help and advice on Facebook for applying for a job within o2. “Facebook facilitates economic activity as it allows new and traditional businesses all over the world to reach customers locally. E-recruitment also provides a wide range of geological locations for potential applicants to apply too. this is not inspiring them to apply and does not provide the welcoming.

Online recruitment provides more information for potential applicants "45% of external hires come through social media channels. E-recruitment has become a lot more popular in recent years. the image and values the organisation portrays are that o2 are a fun. with a high proportion of these applicants via LinkedIn" (Beagrie. values presented by the organisation are difficult to present within a newspaper advert or within a job centre.” o2 go straight into what the different benefits would be to work for their company by highlighting the main benefits of working for them which . This also emulates company culture and gives prospective candidates a glimpse into what it would be like to work for the company – in this case it is portraying that working with o2 wouldn’t be too serious and can be enjoyable. Innovation. welcoming and helpful organisation to work for. Great work environment. 4. which reads. and friendly graphics while also being informative so the user can gain a positive initial impression while also gaining information about the company.0 How the website sets expectations: A user's initial contact with a company through their website/social media page is vital as the website gives them first impressions of what the company is like. “At O2. O2 have a large online presence and are constantly promoting for candidates to apply to Mollie McGillin & Rohaan Hussain work for their company. Start exploring our jobs today. O2 demonstrates in this article how much they rely on social media to recruit potential applicants. “The intention to apply for a job appears to be strongly connected to the quality and perceived reputation of the employer” (Sivertzen. Enjoy a world where work’s not a chore. like portraying the image of the organisation. A heading is positioned underneath the main title. S. (2015). (2015). This instantly portrays that o2 don’t take a typical serious approach to attracting potential employees. Fantastic benefits. we want to be known for being an exciting. Due to being able display a lot more information it also allows the o2 to set expectations in relation to their training scheme. big text. fast-paced environment that’s at the cutting-edge of digital. Different career routes. Using e-recruitment allows the o2 to give prospective candidates a lot more information about their company compared to a traditional method such as a newspaper listing. article “Getting Social Media right” states o2’s values and as an organisation what they want to present to their clientele.2013) Clicking on the o2 Careers website the user is instantly greeted with the title of “Careers that put a smile on your face” with a large photo of toy like teeth next to this statement. The website/social media page needs to be inviting with pictures. Technology. “Get away from the humdrum. so we make sure those aspirations are reflected across all our social media platforms. A research firm in Aberdeen group found that 73% of 18-34 year old found their jobs through a social network. It’s all here at O2. benefits and overall what the experience would be like to work for such company. A. o2 have presented their values through social media rather than tradition newspaper adverts. and that our online personality matches up with the experience people get when working at O2” (Beagrie. S. Traditional methods of recruitment such as newspaper.

diverse photos of different scenarious to show that O2 aren’t only looking for one specific type of person and are a diverse organisation. The success of e- recruitment mainly comes from the fact that now companies have the ability to reach a larger potential applicant pool since the geographical constraints are non-existent (Cappeli. Organisations that develop experience in and reputations for managing diversity will likely attract the best personnel (Carrel et al. The page includes bright. Diversity can improve organisational effectiveness. Clicking on the our training drop down arrow then gives the user information on how the company will push new staff to be the best they can be and maximise their talents in many different ways to then benefit themselves and also the company. This instantly puts an image into the user’s head of them being able to push themselves to their boundaries working for O2. 2000) An image of an arrow with the words “Think Big” is situated right in the middle of the site and is the first thing the user is welcomed by on this specific page. The second page of the O2 website is titled “Why O2” and instantly highlights the benefits of working for the company. . 2001). This whole experience wouldn’t be possible through a more traditional method such as word of mouth or through a recruitment agency where only the main job description would be highlighted. innovative products and different routes to progress in. Clicking on the left hand side “Why work for us” brings up drop down menus for the user to Mollie McGillin & Rohaan Hussain click on to get a further insight into the company and allows o2 to spread information about their company a lot more effectively than a traditional method. include great working environments.

an estimated 2. O2 have also pinned a poll to their top tweet which asks users to vote on what matters to them most at work . 970 million people were active users on social media however to this day in 2016. These perks are in bold and are listed into bullet points. Organisations have noticed this massive gain and used it to their advantage whether it be for marketing use or recruitment use. Mollie McGillin & Rohaan Hussain O2’s twitter page carries on the same theme through from their website with a large banner displaying the same image of dentures/large text. Doing this highlights why working for O2 would be an improvement to their life . insurance.flexible hours or salary. These perks include flexibility with holidays. In 2010. They have also included a link in the tweet which takes the user back to their website which shows the perks of working for the company.O2 being one of those companies.34 billion people make use of social media. discounts and much more. To this day 92% of companies use social media as a recruitment tool .

0 What makes o2 stick out: *. talent and resourcing Michelle Adams the overarching aim of its social recruiting strategy is to attract top digital talent to join the business. 5. fast-paced environment that’s at the cutting-edge of digital. and that our online personality matches up with the experience people get when working at O2. and it uses different channels to develop a “two-way street” to show why they would want to work there.” she explains. we want to be known for being an exciting. The O2 careers twitter page then go onto highlight the training scheme new staff members will go through with a tweet that shows that “536 O2 employees have gone through leadership and development training in 2016”. “At O2. not only including benefits of being at work but also benefits that would help outside of work such as dental insurance. childcare vouchers etc. so we make sure those aspirations are reflected across all our social media platforms. . Examples of what you consider good practice and an assessment of what it is that makes them stand out from the rest* Mollie McGillin & Rohaan Hussain O2 has been listed by Potential Park Research as one of the top 10 businesses in the UK for social media use in talent attraction for the past two years. According to head of leadership. This is showing the potential new employee that the company as a whole have high expectations for staff member by investing money into their training scheme for them to be an asset to the company.

with a high proportion of these applicants via LinkedIn. Twitter is proving extremely valuable for connecting with young people for its graduate. tweeting about our new vacancies directly to relevant local media and local influencers. “In 2013. It makes use of a wide range of well-known and lesser known sites.” says Adams. But it is not only about young talent. the traffic on Talentum.” Adams says.0 Appendix: . “We also use Twitter to spread the word about all upcoming roles in local stores.” For more experienced hires or non-graduate recruiting. It is also used for hosting live chats with current graduates and apprentices to give candidates a behind-the-scenes look at life at O2. our recruitment site for young people. showcasing our opportunities to the right people. had a huge boost directly from Twitter. 45% of external hires come through social media channels. Experience is informing the business where best to channel its efforts for specific groups. internship and apprenticeship programmes. “This is really effective as it helps us to be targeted with our information. “We recently recruited our head of online for stores using LinkedIn after exhausting other traditional recruitment channels. Mollie McGillin & Rohaan Hussain 7.” Adams reveals.

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