L-1 Zhongfu Middle Palace

Mu point, Point of entry,me eting point of Lung with Spleen.

Regulates and tonifies Lung Qi and the upper jiao, Clears heat and diffuses lung Qi

Chest fullness, shih syndromes of lung, pneumonia, lung abscess, asthma, bronchitis, wheezing, dyspnea, edema, throat obstruction, chest fullness and pain, neck, back and shoulder pain, excessive perspiration, dry cough, stuttering, urine has bad smell.

L-1/ B-13 - Shu Mu combination, B-13/ L-1/ L-6 = chronic bronchitis, L-1/ Dingchuan/ P-6/ Ren-17 = bronchial asthma


Stuttering, urine has bad smell.

The meridian

L-2 Yunmen Cloud Gate

Clears Lung heat and disseminates and descends Lung qi.

Cough, wheezing, asthma, dyspnoea with inability to lie down, shortness of breath, shoulder joint inflammation.

Chest pain: LU-2/ LU-1/SP1/ LIV-14/ BL-13/ BL-47/ P-7 Throat bi: LU-2/ LU-1/ L.I.-15/ KID-7/ GB-10/

The meridian
Window of the sky point L-3 Tianfu Palace of Heaven Regulates Lung Qi, calms the spirit, regulates descent of Qi from the head. Asthma, bronchitis, dyspnea, goiter, throat obstruction, chest fullness and pain, confusion, forgetfulness, cerebral congestion, dizziness, shortsightedness, brachial neuralgia, epistaxis, vertigo, depression, thirst, intermittent fever. Rebellious qi with dyspnoea and inability to catch the breath: LU-3/ KID-27 /KID-25 . Dyspnoea with rebellious qi, breathing with raised shoulders, inability to taste food: LU-3/ ST-13/ LU-2/ HE-7 Goitre, tumour of the neck and swollen throat: LU-3/ SJ-13. L-5 Chize Cubit Marsh Water point, He sea point, Sedation point. Cools Lung heat, Descends Lung Qi, Phlegm heat, Phlegm damp. Cough, asthma, bronchitis, chest fullness, hemoptysis, throat blockage, throat swelling, throat pain, dry mouth, thirst, fever, diabetes, Wei syndrome due to lung heat consumption, erysipelas, psoriasis, dry cough, renal pain, rigidity of vertebral column, sneezing, madness. Asthma, cough, bleeding, acute lung diseases, headaches, migraine, laryngitis, tonsillitis, skin diseases, hemoptysis, hemorrhoids, pulmonary TB. L-5/ B-40 for erysipelas, L5/ K-2/ K-3/ Ren-4/ Ren-6/ Ren-23 = diabetes, L-5/ Si-1 = irritability.

The meridian

The meridian
L-6 Kongzui Maximum Opening Xi cleft point Regulates and descends Lung Qi, cools heat , stops bleeding,stops pain.

L-6/ Du-14/ B-13 = pneumonia, L-6/ Li-11/ B13 = coughing blood.

The meridian

L-7 Lieque Broken Sequence

Luo point, Master point of Ren Mai, main point for head and neck.

Regulates Lung Qi, descends Lung Qi,dispels wind, wind cold, wind phlegm, regulates Ren Mai,dissolves phlegm, tonifies lung yin.

The meridian

Dispels wind cold, stiff neck, facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia, urticaria,, wind rash, hemorrhoids, dry and scaly skin, limbs edema, nasal problems, asthma, cough, sore throat, frontal and lateral headache, rhinitis, influenza, burning urination, hematuria, spermatorrhea, penile pain, pain and itching along ren mai, pain and inflammation of the umbilicus, mad laughter, yawning, bad memory, back and limbs very cold. Asthma, cough, chest pain, esophageal spasm, sore throat, dyspnea, intermittent fever or fever without perspiration, neck Bi rheumatism, pharyngitis, palms hot.

L-7/ K-6 = restores harmony between lung and kidney. Li-4/ L-7 = external wind, head and respiratory diseases, all head and sensory problems, Yuan Luo combination, Li-4/ Li11/ L-7 = all head and respiratory problems, Li-4/ L-7/ B-13/ L-1/ Ren-22/ Ren-17 = for asthma.

L-8 Jingqu Channel Gutter

Metal point, Jing river point.

Regulates the lungs.

Febrile disease with absence of sweating: LU-8/ SP-2.

The meridian
Yuan point, Tonificat ion point, Shustream point, Earth point, Meeting point of blood vessels and pulse. Fire point, Rongspring point. Dispels wind,resolves phlegm,regulates lung Qi, tonifies lung yin,promotes blood circulation in the lungs and in general.

L-9 Taiyuan Supreme Abyss

Weak lung qi and lung yin, cough, asthma, bronchitis, TB, lung abscess, pertussis, heat in the palms, heatstroke, coma, irritability, chest pain, palpitations, emphysema, hemoptysis, brachial neuralgia, toothache, eyes pain, membrane over eye.

L-9/ St-36 = general strengthening, L-9/ P-6/ Sifeng = pertussis, L-9/ Li-6 = Edema in the upper part of the body with absence of perspiration and urinary retention ( Yuan - Luo combination).

The meridian

L-10 Yuji Fish Border

Regulates the lungs, cools lung heat and fire, dispels wind heat.

Throat diseases, tonsillitis, laryngopharyngitis, hoarseness, diabetes with excessive thirst, pneumonia, asthma, fever, hemoptysis, chest and back pain, mastitis, dyspnea, insomnia.

L-10/ Si-17 = tonsillitis, L10/ Li-16/ L-5 = hemoptysis, L-10/SJ-2 = sore throat.

The meridian

L-11 Shaoshang Lesser Metal Phase

The meridian
Li-1 Shang Yang Yang Metal Phase

Wood point, Jing-well point, one of the 13 Ghost Points for madness.

Regulates the lungs and clears fire, heat and wind heat, calms the spirit and restores collapsed Yang Qi.

Throat diseases, heat and febrile diseases, mumps, tonsillitis, fainting, diabetes with excessive thirst, asthma, pneumonia, chest pain with excessive perspiration, epilepsy, hysteria, psychosis, wind stroke, collapse syndrome, coma, delirium, meningitis, dry lips, no saliva, night perspiration, epistaxis, swollen tongue, fingers paralysis. Toothache, throat diseases, tonsillitis, cough, sudden fever, tinnitus, stomatitis, fever without perspiration, mumps, submandibular swelling, tinnitus, deafness, coma, finger numbness, color blindness.

L-11/ Si-17 = acute tonsillitis, L-11/ Li-11 = thirst (in blood and Yin Xu condition), L-11/ P-3 = for the same condition.

For mental diseases direct moxa 3-5 cones, for acute disorders - bleeding.

Metal point, Well jing point.

Clears wind heat, clears lung fire and heat.

Malaria with generalised fever: L.I.-1, L.I.-3, SJ-3, KID-19, HE-3.


The meridian
Li-2 Erjian Second Interval Water point, Spring rong point Dispels wind heat, moistens the throat. Hemiplegia, facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia, fever, somnolence, toothache, headaches, blurred vision, epistaxis, shoulder and back pain, tonsillitis, throat diseases, dry mouth, submandibular swelling, esophageal spasms, renal pain, intestinal colic, diarrhea. Malaria, trigeminal neuralgia, somnolence, insomnia, toothache , eye red swollen and painful, conjuctivitis, borborygmus, diarrhea, constipation due to excess heat, throat dry, tonsillitis, painful throat with obstruction, mouth and lips dry. Toothache of the lower jaw: L.I.-2/ L.I.-1/ SI-5/ SJ-2/ SJ-9.

The meridian
Li-3 Sanjian Third Interval Wood point, Stream shu point. Regulates the colon, clears heat, transforms damp heat, moistens the throat.

Somnolence: L.I.-3/ L.I.-2

The meridian

belching. heatstroke. Li-5 Yangxi Fire Yang Stream point. activates perspiration. toothache. urticaria. chest pain. tetany. voice loss. Li-10/ St-36 = abdominal lumps due to food stagnation. Li-10/ Ren-12/ St-36 = ulcer. cold. arm paralysis. Li-6/ Li-5/ Li-1/ B-8/ Si-4/ Si-2 = tinnitus. softens hard masses. Fever. abdomimnal distention. trigeminal neuralgia. Jing river point The meridian Li-6 Pianli Deviated Passage Luo point Dispels wind. cramps and edema. coma. chills.especially of arms and face.dry throat. back spasm. stomatitis. calms Shen. Li-4/ K-7 = induces or arrests perspiration . sudden blindness. appendicitis. madness. amenorrhea.Luo combination). throat numb and painful. relieves pain. furuncles. Li-4/ L-7 = all head and sensory problems. otitis media. erysipelas. breast abscess. mad laughter. asthma. Li-4/ Li-11/ L7 = all head and respiratory problems. tonsillitis. Li-4/ St-36 = general tonifying and strengthening digestion and Wei Qi. sneezing. ascites with borborygmus. bronchitis. headache. skin diseases with itching. seizures. tonsillitis. glaucoma. constipation. Eye vision poor. Edema . pruritis. The meridian Li-7 Wenliu Temperate Flow Xi cleft accumul ation point. hysteria. hemiplegia. eye disorders.dispels wind. softens hard masses. fever. relaxes the sinews. throat and tongue pain. goiter. Clears Heat and Dryness . edema with absent of perspiration and difficult urination. hearing loss. The meridian Li-10 Shousanli Arm Three Miles Regulates stomach and intestines.Luo combination. Headache. Li-5/ Si-5 = red and painful eyes.benefits throat. moistens the throat. regulates and moistens the colon. clears heat and damp heat. Lymphangitis. nasal disorders. L-9/ Li-6 = Edema in the upper part of the body with absence of perspiration and urinary retention (Yuan . facial paralysis. relieves pain. eczema. arm pain. damp. urticaria. activates labor. flu. mumps. swelling of submandibular region. shoulder pain. tinnitus. migraine. toothache. conjuctivitis. constipation. eczema. Li-6/ Si-2/ Si-3 = deafness. clears heat and dampness. seizures. vomiting. sore throat. Regulates the colon. common cold. regulates the lungs Qi. urine retention. root of tongue pain. eye red swollen and painful. borborygmus. sticks tongue out. difficult labor. diarrhea.Yuan source point Li-4 Hegu Joining Valley The meridian Eliminates wind (hot. dimness of vision. mania. hemiplegia. wrist pain. The meridian . Li-4/ Sp-6 = move and tonify blood. dry). diarrhea. regulates Qi. Yuan . abdomianl pain. myopia.

constipation. phlegm in throat. Dispels wind and wind heat. Spermatorrhea. cools blood. erythema. Li-11/ Li-12/ Li10 = tennis elbow. relaxes the sinews. toothache. scrofula. Li-14 Binao Upper Arm Meeting point of Yang wei mai with Li. The meridian Li-18 Futu Support Prominence Window of the sky point. cough. eczema. appendicitis. laryngeal spasm.. scrofula. conjuctivitis. Wind. brightens the eyes. All nasal afflictions. Fire poison and blood heat type skin diseases. common cold. asthma. Li-11 Quchi He sea Crooked Pool point. children nutritional impairment. wind heat and dryness. excessive perspiration. goiter. depression. Li-14/ B-1/ St-1 = eye diseases. Li-4/ Li-11/ Li-15 = Arm and shoulder diseases. hematemesis. bronchitis. scrofula. hot flashes. invigorates blood. myopia. goiter. acute diarrhea. urticaria. Fever.Earth point. abdominal pain. children convulsions or epilepsy. spermatorrhea. goiter. hemiplegia. eye diseases. shoulder. Cough with rebellious qi. Shoulder and arm pain. sudden loss of voice. Li-11/ St-36/ St-9 = drain yang for hypertension of YangMing. arm and elbow pain. boils. dyspnoea. hemiplegia. dry skin. transforms phlegm. one of the 13 Ghost Points The meridian for madness. Li-11/ Li-4/ YinTang/ L-11 = measles. hypertension. skin diseases. scrofula. lassitude. stridor. All afflictions of shoulder joint and muscles. The meridian Li-16 Jugu Giant Bone Shoulder pain. Li-16/ L-6/ L-5/ L-10 = coughing blood. Li-5/ Li-15 = wind rash. Relaxes the sinews. intestinal abscess. Li-4/ Li-11/ Li-20 = nasal diseases and all head afflictions. Regulates lung Qi. The meridian Li-19 Heliao Mouth Grain The meridian . painful urine. vomiting of foam and clenched teeth: Li-18/ Si-17/ Ren-23/ B-42/ St-11/ B-45 Loss of voice: Li-18/ Si-16/ Sj-6/ G-7/ H-4 Clears nose. Li-14 joined to Li-15 = provide anesthesia for the thorax. carbuncles. goiter. Cough.. pain in opposite hip. pruritis. Associat ed point of shoulder. convulsions. Li-11/ Sp-10/ B-40 = skin diseases. goiter. tonificati on point. Meeting point of Yang qiao mai and Li. nose diseases. clears fire and summerheat. chest pain. dispels wind and heat. softens hard masses. facilitates Qi and blood flow. The meridian Li-15 Jianyu Shoulder's Corner Meeting point of Yang qiao mai with Li.

acne and other skin facial problems. purulent rhinorrhea. rhinitis. roundworm in the bile duct. dispels wind and heat. facial paralysis. anosmia. nasal abscess. Meeting point of Yang ming. lips spasm. cold sores on lips. relaxes the sinews (facial).-4. parasinusitis. Li-20/ Yintang/ Du-23 = sinusitis. dispels wind. excessive salivation. conjuctivitis. Meeting of St and Li. eyelid spasm. color blindness. The meridian St-3 Juliao Large Crevice Yang qiao mai point. Facial paralysis. intestinal parasites. conjuctivitis. rhinorrhea. nose diseases. trigeminal neuralgia. Pain and swelling of the cheek: ST-3/ SI-16 . sinusitis. night blindness. smell diseases. Dispels wind cold and heat. eyes dizziness. flu.Li-20 Yingxiang Welcome Fragrance Exit point. clears obstruction from jingluo of nasal cavity. The meridian St-1 Chengqi Yang Tears qiao mai point. Deviation of the mouth and eye: ST-4/ ST-6/ DU-26/ REN-24/ GB-2/ L.relaxes the sinews (facial). facial swelling. Brighten the eyes. trigeminal neuralgia. myopia. rhinitis. facial spasm. BACK TO TOP meridian St-2 Sibai Four Brightness Brightens the eyes. Roundworm in the bile duct. wind heat and cold. myopia. Container Meeting of Stomach and Ren The mai. Dispels wind and cold. The meridian St-4 Dicang Earth Granary Yang qiao mai point. Biliary ascariasis. St-2/ Dannangxue/ St-25/ Ren-4 = ascariasis. eyelids problems. clears the nose. facial paralysis. Li-4/ Li-11/ Li-20 = all nasal diseases. Feet swelling. eye twitching. trigeminal neuralgia. cold and heat. facial pain and swelling.. Facial paralysis. nasal polyp. St-1/ B-1/ G-20/ Li-4/ St36/ B-18/ B-23 = optic nerve atrophy. Dispels wind and cold. toothache. eyelid spasm. All eye diseases including protruding eyes. relaxes the sinews (facial). All eye diseases. feet swelling. All nasal afflictions. excessive tearing. dyspenea. meeting of Stomach and Li. ascariasis. swelling of the knee.expels parasites. sinusitis.I. Swelling and rheumatism of feet. leg qi. swelling and rheumatism of feet. The meridian .

goiter. dyspnea. eyelid spasm. Li4/ St-6 = toothache of lower jaw. cold and heat. vertigo. one of the 13 Ghost Points for madness. The meridian . neck pain and stiffness. blood and Lung Qi. moistens the throat. St-8/ B-2 = frontal headache. Chest heavy. otitis media. yawning. vomiting. sore throat. Feet perspiration. St-9/ Li-11/ St-36 = hypertension. migraine. St-9/ Du-26/ Li-3/ P-6/ Du-25 = hypotension. esophageal constriction and spasm. gingivitis. The meridian St-9 Renying Men's Welcome Window of the sky point. headache. Regulates Qi in chest and diaphragm. Dispels wind and heat. Asthma.St-6 Jiache Jaw Bone The meridian St-7 Xia guan Below Joint Meeting St and G. photofobia. tempomandibular joint pain. feet perspiration. Tinnitus and deafness: ST7/ L. tinnitus. scrofula. toothache. trigeminal neuralgia. general and acute pain treatment. Sea of energy. regualtes jing luo in the head Headaches. General pain treatment. flushed face. dizziness. photofobia. softens hard masses. bronchitis. painful obstruction of throat. St-6/ Sj-17/ Li-4 = acute parotitis. lockjaw. and sudden motor paralysis. The meridian St-13 Qihu Qi Door Regulates Qi. facial paralysis. especially frontal. pleurisy. opens the ears. speech impairment. St-9 joined to Si-17/ Li-4/ St-36/ K-3/ P-6/ Sp-6 = goiter. cough. dizziness. hypertension. deafness.relaxes the sinews. diaphragm spasm. swollen larynx. toothache. brighten the eyes. psychosis. bi and pain. Dispels wind. facial paralysis.I. excessive lacrimation. dyspnea. loss of taste and smell. St-8 Touwei Head Safeguard Entry point. loss of appetite. lockjaw.-5/ SJ-1/ SJ-2/ SI-5. Li-4/ St-6/ St-44 = toothache of upper jaw. Dispels wind. blurred vision. regulates ascent of Clear Yang to the brain. piglet Qi. Mumps. excessive lacrimation. analgesic point. cold and heat. sore throat. dizziness. blurred vision. The meridian Tempomandibular joint arthritis..

wheezing. undigested particles in stool. Lateral to Ren-14. shakes with cold. Chest and hypochondriac fullness and pain. stomach or duodenal ulcer. indigestion. much phlegm (move with moxa). P-6/ St-21/ St-34 = acute gastritis with pain. hiccup. borborygmus. vomiting. dissolve phlegm. tonifies Spleen yang. mastitis. anal prolapse. poor appetite. The meridian . breast lumps. diarrhea. diarrhoea. clears middle jiao heat. insufficient lactation. bronchitis. St-22 Guanmen Pass Gate Regulates stomach Qi. hardness and pain of the lateral costal region. difficult ingestion. Eye diseases of little children. gastritis. cough. vomiting blood. regulates stomach Qi. The meridian St-20 Chengman Relieving Fullness The meridian Harmonises the middle jiao descends rebellion of the Lung and Stomach. Epigastric and intercostal pain due to cholelithiasis and cholecystitis. aerogastria. Si-1/ St-18/ Ren-17 = insufficient lactation. diarrhea. Abdominal and hypochondriac pain. prolonged menstruation. poor appetite. raises Qi. Prolonged menstruation. abdominal distention. St-21 Liangmen Beam Gate The meridian Regulates and strengthen spleen yang. Difficult ingestion: ST-20/ LU-1/ BL-60/ LU-10/ SP20. prolapse of stomach and anus.St-18 Rugen Breast's Root Regulates the chest and breast Qi. borborygmus. asthma. bad breath. gastroptosis. facilitates lactation. The meridian St-19 Burong Not Contained Regulate Qi in the chest. difficult breathing with raised shoulders. Epigastric pain. borborygmus. shortness of breath. difficult swallowing. eye diseases of little children. spitting blood. Abdomen swollen.

St-29/ K-3/ Ren-6/ K-7 = trichomonas vaginitis. St-28 Shuidao Waterway The meridian St-29 Guilai Return Regulates water pathways. enteritis. regulates Qi and blood. hemorrhage. sciatica. The meridian Regulates spleen Qi and technique). pancreatitis.weary and frightened. dysmenorrhea. urinary retention. Intestinal abscess. vaginitis. lower back pain . orchitis.. uterine tumors and fibroids. St-31/ B-40 (Weizhong)/ B36 (Chengfu) = arthritis of hip joint. leucorrhea. Chong mai point. invigorates and contains the blood. irregualr menstruation.regulates and moistens the intestines. digestive ulcers. leucorrhea. especially lower jiao. transforms damp heat. ascites. St-31/ St-33 = knee pain . lower limb bi and wei. impotence. B-25/ St-25 = for acute syndromes of the colon. constipation.cold. spermatorrhea. lymphadenitis of inguinal region. dysmenorrhea . endometritis. . regulates menstruation and the Chong mai. all uriary afflictions. colitis. endometriosis. piglet Qi. Meeting point of food. appendicitis. St-25/ St-37 = colitis. heaviness or paralysis of lower extremeties. scrotal and urethral pain. uterine prolapse. nausea.. abdominal pain and distention. warms the lower jiao. transforms damp heat. dispels wind. hernia due to cold. Painful urinary dysfunction. impotence. regulates Qi and blood. . practically all uterus (gynecological) diseases. Infertility. (Shu . muscular cramps of leg. tonifies Wei Qi. tonifies nutritive Qi. Sp-6/ St-29 = all uterus diseases. amenorrhea. prostatitis. diarrhea. pain radiating to the genitalia. regulates stomach Qi and yin. St-25/ St-36/ St-37/ St-39 = purges the intestines. heat and damp. poor blood circulation in legs. lower back pain. irregular menstruation. dysmenorrhea. pain in the genitalia. intestinal parasites. Sp-6/ Sp-9/ St-28 = all urinary problems. transforms damp and cold. hunger with no desire to eat. spasms of foot. dysentery with or without blood. Facilitates Qi and blood flow. The meridian Sea of nourishm ent. Dysmenorrhea. The meridian St-31 Biguan Thigh Gate The meridian Lower extremety atrophy. weakness and pain. rectal prolapse. irregular menstruation. orchitis. orchitis. St-28/ B23/ B-28/ Sp-6 = nephritis Regulates menstruation. urinary tract stones and calculi. expels stones. Stabilizes the essence and the lower orifices. leucorrhea. abdominal masses. Clears Heat and dampness. infertility. acute nephritis and cystitis. uterovaginal prolapse. hernia. Infertility. borborygmus. Spasm of foot. Meeting of St-25 Tianshu stomach Heaven's Axis and colon. St-30 Qichong Rushing Qi St-30/ Liv-8/ Liv-3 = hernia.Mu point of colon.

clears heat. Stomach and spleen diseases. For all acute and chronic diseases of the colon. St-36 Zusanli lower Three Leg's meeting point of Miles stomach. St-34/ G-42 = breast swelling. abdominal pain and distention. St-35/ Xiyan = all knee diseases. tinnitus. disentery. Treats almost all diseases. Bi syndrome of knee. urticaria. hemorrhage. Associat ed point of Qi. hemiplegia. atrophy and wei of arm. colitis. sinusitis. anemia. St-25/ St-36/ St-37/ St-39 = purges the intestines. The meridian St-34 Xi cleft point Liangqiu Ridge Mound Regulates stomach Qi. Painful bi of lower extremeties. invigorates the jingluo. mastitis. L-9/ St-32/ P-5/ Sp-6/ Sp-9/ B-40 (Weizhong)/ B-22 = varicose veins. pancreatitis. gastritis. headache . St-37 Shangjuxu Upper Great Void He sea point of colon. The Sea of meridian nourishm ent. Li-11/ St-36 = drain yang for hypertension of YangMing. vomiting. appendicitis. leg Qi. ulcerative colitis. breast abscess. Sea of blood. cold and heat. hemiplegia. insomnia. dizziness. Asthma at midnight. thigh and knee. regulates and facilitates Qi and blood. St-25/ St-37 = colitis. weakness and wei. The meridian Earth point. transforms damp heat. constipation. St-36/ St-39/ G-34/ P-6 = pancreatitis. abdominal masses. borborygmus. eczema. pain and swelling of knee and surrounding tissues. wei of knee. Dispels wind. numbness and weakness of knee. diarrhea. enteritis. raises yang Qi. colitis. nephritis. meniscus injury. bloody dysentery . diarrhea. Regulates and tonifies spleen and stomach Qi. asthma. stiffness and inflammation of knee. brings fullness of Yang Qi down. The meridian . generalized distention. Dispels wind. nausea. St-25/ St-36/ St37/ St-39 = purges the intestines. cold and heat. general weakness . P-6/ St--34/ Ren12 = gastritis The meridian St-35 Dubi Calf's Nose Associat ed point of knee. morning sickness. heaviness of head. Head heavy. pain and cold of lower back. restless fetus. enteritis. diarrhea. dizziness. tonifies Wei and Ying Qi. pain. He sea point.St-32 Futu Crouching Rabbit Associati on point of veins. leg pain and numbness. vertigo. urticaria. skin diseases. intestinal abscess. digestive ulcers. acute stomach pain. eye diseases. appendicitis. allergies. insufficient lactation. hypertension. St-36/ Ren-4/ Ren-6 = General tonification. asthma at midnight. bi of knee. abdominal distention. Regulates stomach and intestines. All knee afflictions. P-6/ Ren-12/ St-36/ Sp-4 = nausea. anorexia.

leg Qi. St40/ Anmian/ H-7 = insomnia and vertigo. dizziness. clears stomach fire and heat and wind. fatigued extremeties. St-40 Fenglong Abundant Bulge The meridian Seizures. menopausal syndrome. incoherent speech. diarrhea. pertusis. abdominal distention. morning sickness. difficult defecation. lung abscess. generalized pain. madness. St-41 Jiexi Stream Divide Fire point. dispnea. Associat ed point for phlegm. pms. Lower abdominal pain. clears stomach heat and fire. epigastric distention and pain. seizures. Calms the spirit and clears the brain. The meridian . drains damp heat. toothache. anxiety. hysteria. abdominal cramps. always cold and seeks warmth. malaria.dispels wind and cold. constipation. vertigo. diarrhea. Sp-3/ St-40 . mouth pain. edema of face. loose stools. hypersalivation. fever. regulates stomach Qi and intestines. bronchitis. epigastric pain and distention. perifocal inflammation of the shoulder joint. drains excess yang Qi to the legs. relaxes the sinews. St-38/ Li-15 = frozen and painful shoulder. constipation. ankle pain and sprain. drop foot. Resolves phlegm. phlegm type depression and mania. restlessness. epilepsy. calms the spirit. St-40/ Sp-9/ Ren-9 = ascites and swollen abdomen. dries damp and damp cold. mania. damp bi. painful throat obstruction. Enteritis. eye disease. Void Sea of blood. incoherent speech. yawning. phlegm heat. redirects rebellious Qi downward. phlegm fire. Headache. throat bi. drop foot. delirium. St-41/ B-23/ K-7/ Sp-9 = nephritis. leg Qi. obesity. dizziness. intercostal neuralgia. acute intestinal obstruction. The meridian St-42 Chongyang Rushing Yang Source yuan point Regulates the stomach. Tonificat ion point. cold and damp.St-38 Tiaokou Lines Opening Regulates the stomach. lower extremety muscular cramp. borborygmus. frozen shoulder with stiffness and pain. pneumonia. no perspiration. headache. frightened. insomnia. asthma. diarrhea. drains excess yang Qi in the upper body downward to the legs. damp.Luo combination). red eyes with headache. dry lips. Regulates the stomach. back pain radiating to the testicles. St40/ B-13/ G-40 = chest pain with phlegmatic cough. St-25/ St-36/ St-37/ St-39 = purges the intestines The meridian Luo point. damp bi. Anorexia. The meridian He sea point of St-39 Xiajuxu small Lower Great intestine. hair loss. dispels wind. gingivitis. madness. facial paralysis and swelling. Regulates stomach and intestines. stomachache. cough.Tonifies the spleen and resolves phlegm (Yuan . toothache.

Facial swelling and edema. transforms damp heat. Regulates stomach and intestines. Hidden White Jing well point. borborygmus. The meridian Wood Sp-1 Yinbai point. incessant cough. clears wind heat and stomach fire. toothache. lumbago. reduces fever. hysteria. one of the 13 The meridian Ghost Points for madness. abdominal heat and pain. hemorrhoids. Stream Valley shu point. sore throat. Regulates stomach. sudden diarrhea. depression. Dysentery and diarrhea. Rong spring point. indigestion. Fever without perspiration. Claers thinking. Li-3/ St-45/ Sp-6 = insomnia with dream disturbed sleep. Hepatitis. Sp-1/ B-40 (54) = ceaseless epistaxis. prolonged menstruation. morning sickness. abdominal distention.St-43 Xiangu Wood Sunken point. toothache. constipation. tonsillitis. belching. dream disturbed sleep. damp and heat. Li-4/ Li-20/ St-43/ St-44 = sinusitis Li-4/ Li-20/ St-43/ St-44 = sinusitis. epigastric pain. fullness and tightness in chest. excessive dreaming. eyes twitch. anorexia. intelligence. hematemesis. sinusitis. clears heat. fainting. enteritis. conjunctivitis. cold limbs. startled sleep. epigastric and abdominal pain. intelligence problems. epigastric pain. BACK TO TOP Regulates spleen and stomach. epistaxis. Entry point. blood in the urine. St-44/ Du-23 = eyeball pain. facilitates blood flow. diarrhea. constipation. disorientation. calms the spirit and clears the brain. facial edema. general pain and aches. claers thinking. The meridian Water St-44 Neiting point. Transforms wind. nausea. seizures. contains the blood . epistaxis. poor digestion. manic depression. Regulates and tonifies the spleen. throat and mouth numb. Sp-2 Dadu Great Metropolis Fire point. stomachache. epistaxis. borborygmus. tonsilitis. regulates the stomach. restlessness nad insomnia. Febrile disease with absence of sweating: SP-2/ LU-8 . The meridian St-45 Lidui Strict Exchange Metal point. abdominal distention. abdominal pain and distention. urticaria. calms the spirit. transforms damp heat. tonsillitis. Jing well point. frontal headache. The meridian . bloody stools. lockjaw. sinusitis. sinusitis. febrile diseases. All bleeding disorders. belching. skin rash with postules and fever. Sp-1/ St-36 = rectal or uterine bleeding. Sp-1/ Ren-6/ Sp-10/ Sp-6 = abnormal uterine bleeding. Inner Ying Courtyard spring point.

flatulence. prostatitis. hemorrhoids. arthritic pain with gastrointernal problems. cloudy urination. borborygmus. damp and damp heat. sterility. pain along medial aspect of thighs. The meridian . irregular menstruation. Sp-6 Sanyinjiao Three Yin Junction Liv-3/ Sp-6 = regulates liver Qi. Li-4/ Sp-6/ Liv-3 = difficult labor. The meridian Luo point. restlessness. eczema. stomach. tidal fever. dysentery. resolves stagnant blood conditions in the stomach. hemorrhoids. The meridian Meeting point of liver. Sp-5/ St-25/ Sp-9 = chronic enteritis. dysuria. ascites. Metal Mound Jing river point. All diseases of lower abdomen. impotence. frequent sighing. neurasthenia. chronic diarrhea. Acute epigastric and abdominal pain. stabbing pain in intestines. kidney and spleen. prolapse of uterus. Master point of Sp-4 Gongsun chong Grandfather mai. The meridian Sp-5 Metal Shangqiu point. reduces liver Yang. regulates menstruation and labor. manicraving. dysmenorrhea. headache. invigorates and contains the blood. infertility. Grandson Regulates and tonifies spleen. constipation. Sp-6/ St-29 = all uterus diseases. raises middle Qi. leg Qi. gastric pain. enlarged spleen. regulates chong mai and menstruation. middle and lower jiao. amenorrhea. maniadepression. resolves damp and damp heat. Regulates and tonifies the spleen. abdominal distention . borborygmus. organ prolapse. urinary retention. bleeding of upper digestive tract. enteritis. lower abdominal pain. dizziness. diarrhea. belching. Leprosy. pain and stiffness of ankle joint. cystitis. H-7/ Sp6/Yintang = insomnia. Regulates and tonifies spleen and stomach.Sp-3 Taibai Great Brightness Earth point. liver cirrhosis. difficultr labor. hunger with no desire to eat. enuresis. Sp-4/ K-1/ K-2/ St-36/ St-34 = for leprosy. resolves damp. urticaria. weakness. abdominal masses and tumors. insomnia. hernia. irregular menstruation. promotes liver Qi. Liv-13/ Sp-3/ K-6 = constipation. nourishes blood and yin and facilitates blood flow. clears heat. clears heat. indigestion. body heavy and arthritic pain. leucorrhea. abdominal distention. hypertension. diarrhea. leg Qi. Abdominal distention. edema. jaundice. flatulence. insomnia. stomachache. Source yuan point. Abdomianl distention. nausea. Sp-4/ St-36/ P-6/ St-44 = bleeding of upper digestive tract. cardiac pain. Sp-3/ St-40 Tonifies the spleen and resolves phlegm (Yuan Luo combination). Sp6/ Sp-9/ St-28 = all urinary problems. Regulates and tonifies spleen and stomach. lassitude. damp heat and dampness. leprosy. diarrhea. calms the spirit and clears the brain. cardiac pain . regualtes the stomach and colon. nephritis. jaundice. damp heat and damp cold. enteritis.

Sp-6/ Sp9/ St-28 = all urinary problems. Sp-15/ sifeng/ St-36 = parasitic worms in the intestines. dysmenorrhea. Li-4/ Sp-8 = acute dysmenorrhea. boils and carbuncles. perineal eczema. uterine bleeding. restless fetus. hepatitis. Dysentery.Sp-7 Lougu Dripping Valley Regulates the stomach and intestines. tonifies wei Qi. anemia. or blood xu. The meridian . abdominal distention. jaundice. cystitis. facilitates Qi and blood flow. St40. sadness. L-7/ Sp-10/ Li-11/ St-36 = urticaria. constipation. Ren-12. difficult urination. excessive perspiration. Transforms damp heat. flatulence. scant urine. blood in urine. cools the blood. nephritis. diarrhea. clots in menstruation. urinary retention. all skin diseases due to heat or heat toxin in the blood. Hernia. Edema. Amenorrhea. ascites. St-40/ Sp9/ Ren-9 = ascites and swollen abdomen. lower back and knees stiff and painful. stomach and lower jiao. herpes zoster. foot and ankle swollen and painful. edema. indigestion. Sp-9. painful urine. endometriosis.5 Cun lateral to Ren-2. St-45 = obesity The meridian Sp-10 Xuehai Sea of Blood The meridian Sp-12 Chongmen Penetrating Gate Meeting point of liver and spleen.moistens the intestines. fecal incontinence. regulates Yang Qi and blood. resolves damp heat. spermatorrhea. resolves damp and damp heat. The meridian Sp-9 Yinlingquan Yin Mound Spring Water point. eating without gaining weight. urinary incontinence or retention. rectal prolapse. invigorates blood. irregular menstruation. regulates waterways. Regulates the spleen . leucorrhea. orchitis. orchitis. Located 3. abdominal distention. Regulates the spleen and menstruation. L-7. sadness. intestinal parasites. all blood disorders. Sp-15/ G-34 = habitual constipation. Difficult urination and seminal emission: SP-7/ REN-3/ LIV-5/ BL-36/ BL67. dysmenorrhea. excessive perspiration. bi and wei syndromes. insufficient milk. Li-11/ Sp-10/ B-40 = skin diseases. eczema. The meridian Sp-8 Diji Earth Axis Xi cleft point. Regulates and tonifies the spleen. hemorrhoids. weak extremeties. breast abscess. urinary problems in general. Sp-6/ Sp-9/ St-28 = all urinary problems. allergies. Sp-8/ K-13/ Sp-6 = irregular menstruation. abdominal distention. stomach ache. The meridian Sp-15 Daheng Meeting Great point of Transverse Yin wei mai with spleen. borborygmus. leucorrhea. infertility. Abdomen swollen and distended. Excessive menstrual bleeding. invigorates and facilitates blood flow. vaginal pruritis. leucorrhea. severe diarrhea.

chest pain. Jing river point.-11/ BL10. calms the spirit. H-5/ B-15 = cardiac arrhythmia. intercostal neuralgia. paralysis of all limbs. dry throat. hysteria. jaundice. dizziness. nausea. hypotension. tonifies Ying Qi. H-3/ St-33 = chest pain with hand tremors. weak extremeties. fullness in chest. speech difficulties. intercostal neuralgia. hysteria. clears heart fire or empty fire. H-1/ Sj-5/ G34 = intercostal neuralgia BACK TO TOP The meridian H-3 Shaohai Lesser Sea Water point. aphasia. Ulnar nerve neuralgia. excessive thirst. anxiety. sudden muteness. Regulates the heart.Sp-21 Dabao Great Envelope Exit point. fear. headache. Regulates heart Qi. fatigue. eye redness. arm neuralgia. H-5 Tongli Penetrating Inside Regulates and tonifies heart Qi. H-5/ St-41 = Headache with red eyes and face. General pain throughout the body. hand tremors. palpitations associated with fear. Arm pain and spasm. H-5/ K-4 = somnolence and disinterest in talking. voice loss. regulates Qi and blood. psychosis. stupidity. headache. upper and lower. H-5/ Du-25 = bradycardia. hysteria. cardiac arrhythmia. blurred vision or eye pain. dyspnea. excessive perspiration. poor eyesight. calms the spirit. lethargy and depression. lymphoadenitis of axilla. Pain of the whole body : SP-21/ GB-34/L. depression. anxiety and fear. heart pounding. He sea point. fear of people. facilitates Qi flow. regulates distribution of blood to the muscles and tendons via the luo channels. axilla or hypochondriac pain. cardiac pain. . harmonizes left and right. The meridian Luo point. Chest pain. asthma. Luo point of all Luo vessels.I. pruritis. H-1/ L-4 = chest pain with dry vomiting. sensation of cold in the bones. dizziness. face warm without perspiration. forgetfulness. insomnia. Loacted midway between H1 and Liv-13 on the same line. Regulates the chest. neurasthenia. anxiety. uterine bleedinig. Qi and blood. Regulates the heart. cardiac. emaciation. inside and outside of body. The meridian H-4 Lingdao Spirit Path Metal point. incoherent speech. calms the spirit. cough. premature ejaculation. tongue stiffness. The meridian H-1 Jiquan Summit Spring Point of entry. parkinson disease. H-3/ Anmian/ Sp-6 = neurasthenia. yawning. The meridian Bradycardia. epilepsy. hypertension. somnolence. intercostal neuralgia.

The meridian Si-1 Shaozi Metal Lesser Marsh point. angina pectoris. enuresis. Dispels wind heat and heat. hysteria. H-7/ Sp-6/Yintang = insomnia. likes to laugh. chronic herat failure. hemoptysis. tonsillitis. epistaxis. chest pain. hyperthyroidism. perineal eczema and itching. stifness and pain along heart meridian. H-8/ St-36 = urinary retention. impotence. fibrilation and angina pectoris. wind stroke. fullness of chest. aphasia. ceaseless chattering. fainting. hypertension. insomnia. dysuria. depression. cold feet with warm hands. fatigue. coma. desire for cold drinks. The meridian H-9 Shaochong Lesser Rushing Wood point. Si-1/ Ren-17/ St-18 = all breast afflictions. H-8/ Ren-3/ Ren-2/ Sp-10/ Sp-8 = bloody urine with cystitis. hemoptysis. hemoptysis. point of H-7 Shenmen sedation. clears heart and small intestine fire. The meridian H-8 Shaofu Fire Lesser Palace point. calms the spirit. febrile diseases. calms the spirit. Source yuan point. sudden rage. H-7/ Ren-13 = mad behavior. irritability. tachycardia. urinary incontinence. itching. manic depression syndrome. bloody stool. H7/ Si-7 = Calms the spirit and treats emotional imbalances ( Yuan . The meridian Insufficient lactation. Regulates and tonifies the heart. neck pain. febrile diseases. torticoll is. point of exit. Well jing point. vaginal pruritis. tinnitus. eczema.Luo combination). Clears the senses. dizziness. forgetfulness. breast abscess and other breast diseases. mastitis. fear. palpitations. H-7/ B-15/ P-6/ G-34 joined to Sp-9 = cardiac arrhythmia. calms the spirit. resolves phlegm fire in the heart. Jing well point. facilitates lactation. cools the blood. polyuria. Arrhythmia. Fear with heart pain: HE-9/ HE-7/ GB-34/ P-6. fainting. tongue diseases. sore throat. palpitations. The meridian Earth point. hysteria. All heart syndromes and diseases. H-6/ K-7 = night perspiration. anxiety and fear. BACK TO TOP . headache. Rong spring point. reduces heart fire. Regulates the heart and transforms heart phlegm. headache. excessive dreaming. regulates and cools the blood. bloody stool. pulmonary tuberculosis with night perspiration. wind stroke. fear. mania. Coma. poor memory. invigorates the blood and cools heat in the blood. Regulates and tonifies heart Qi. arrhythmia.H-6 Yinxi Yin Cleft Xi cleft point. point of entry. grief. Night perspiration. nocturnal emission. anxiety. frequent sighing. neurasthenia. mania. point of tonificati on. dreams of fire. H-7/ P-6/ yintang/ Liv-3/ Sp-6 = anxiety and depression. Spirit Gate Tonifies heart yin and cools the heart. transforms heart phlegm and fire. mania. difficult or bloody urination. deafness. clears damp heat.

fear. finger bi syndrome and other finger diseases. lower back sprain. hemorrhoids. neck and back. cholecystitis. The . dizziness. invigorates Qi flow. regulates the Du mai. maniadepression disorder. malaria. dream disturbed sleep with perspiration. epistaxis. fright. headache. dizziness. mania. nasal obstruction. fever without perspiration. Master point of The meridian Du mai. Si-3/ G-30 = painful legs. malaria. shoulder. deafness. headache especially occipital. damp heat and wind heat. bi syndrome of damp heat type of knee and or wrist. mumps. Si-4/ B-62/ Sj-5/ K-1 = cold jaundice The meridian Si-5 Yanggu Yang Valley Fire point. Si-3/ T5 = pain in the head and eyes. tinnitus. gingivitis. arm painful and weak. relaxes tendons and muscles. High fever without perspiration.mutism. fever. muscular tetany. convulsions. Epilepsy. stiff neck and torticollis. jaundice. alternate hot and cold. eliminates wind heat. depression. Clears the mind. Clears heat. hysteria. hysteria. Haemorrhoids. Invigorates Qi and blood in the sinews. deaf . swelling of the axilla: SI-5/ BL-56/ L36/ BL-40. Pain of the arm. The meridian Si-7 Zhizheng Luo Branch of the point Main Dispels wind and heat. Tired throat. Si-6/ p-6 = belching. bi syndrome affecting fingers. Relaxes the sinews. Si-4 Wangu Wrist Bone Source yuan point. lower back sprain. regulates the ears and throat. no perspiration. neck pain and creaking. insomnia. Back Stream point of tonificati on. calms the spirit. anxiety. blurred vision. Stream shu Si-3 Houxi point. greasy stools. weak eyesight. vertigo. coupled point of Yang qiao mai. swelling of the neck with inability to turn Si-3/ B-10/ Du-14 = torticollis. Dispels wind heat. deafness. stomatitis. brightens the eyes. The meridian Wood point. Si-3/ B-10/ Du-13/ B-11/ L-6 = Headache related to cervical and thoracical stiffness. eye pain or heaviness. resolves heat. toothache. eye inflammatory diseases such as conjuctivitis. febrile diseases without perspiration. hypochondriac pain and distention.Si-2 Qiangu Front Valley Water point. talks and laughs excessively. calms the spirit. Febrile diseases. Jing river point. dry and painful throat. fire and summerheat. Rong spring point. neck stiffness and pain. vertigo. Swelling of submandibular region. Si-3/ P-8 = jaundice. stiff neck. pain and stiffness of the neck. tinnitus. damp heat and wind heat. psychosis. parotitis.Luo combination). The meridian Si-6 Yanglao Supporting the Old Xi cleft point. gastritis. H-7/ Si-7 = Calms the spirit and treats emotional imbalances (Yuan . convulsions. Wrist or finger pain.

cough. neuralgia and stiffness. The meridian Si-12 bingfeng Grasp the Wind Meeting point of Gallblad der. Shoulder pain. coronary heart disease. Pain. Si-11 Tianzong Heavenly Gathering Dispels wind . mastitis. cholecystitis nad cholelythiasis . softens hard masses. The meridian Si-13 Quyuan Crooked Wall Invigorates Qi and Blood in the tendons and muscles. Large and Small intestine. He sea point. neck and arm and shoulder pain. bi and wei syndrome. insomnia. chest pain. headache. shoulder and arm. invigorates Qi. axilla. regulates Qi in the tendons and muscles. tinnitus. Inflammation and pain of the tendons and muscles of the shoulder.meridian Si-8 Xiaohai Small Sea Earth point. insufficient lactation. Shoulder pain with inability to turn the head: SI-9/ SJ-1/ L. weakness of arm. stiffness. Pain of the shoulder and scapula: SI-13/ SI-11 / SI9. Acute pain of the posterior of the shoulder: SI-10/ SI-6. bi and wei syndrome of scapula. insanity.-15 . The meridian Meeting point of Si-10 Naoshu Yang qiao mai Scapula's Hollow and Yang wei mai.I. shoulder and arm. Vertigo.when the point is tender. excessive perspiration of armpit. The meridian Si-9 Jianzhen True Shoulder Dispels wind. deafness. Si-1/ Si-11 = breast afflictions. bi and wei syndrome of scapula. palpitations. swelling of lower jaw. pain. Triple burner. The . deafness. Regulates Qi of the chest. numbness. neck pain. trembling. Facilitates lactation. weakness of arm. Dispels wind and cold. All shoulder and scapula diseases. Pain. Dispels wind. stiffness. hiccups. unable to raise hand.

loss of voice. Deafness. spitting foam. clears heat and moistens the throat. Ear pain. deafness. dry throat with difficult swallowing. Throat pain: SI-16. All ear disorders. SJ-2. calms the spirit. scrofula and goiter. tinnitus. Pain and stiffness of the upper back. neck lumps. aural vertigo. neck and shoulder pain. SJ-1. heat and cold.I. abscess. lockjaw. shoulder and neck.meridian Si-15 Jianzhongshu Middle Shoulder Shu Dispels wind. Triple burner and Gall bladder. tonsillitis. goiter. Triple burner and Gall bladder. Regulates Qi and blood. tinnitus. trigeminal neuralgia. otitis media and externa. deafness. clears Heat and Damp in the throat and ears. SJ-3. regulates Qi in the tendonds of upper back. neck swelling. hoarseness. .I-11/ Si-17/ L-11 Red and yellow eyes: SI-18/ P-6. Meeting point of Small intestine. DU-16. deafness and tinnitus: SI-16. Regulates Qi and blood in the throat. swelling of the cheek. bronchitis. ear disorders. maniadepressio. asthma. The meridian Si-18 Quanliao Cheekbone Crevice Meeting point of Small intestine. Dispels wind. asthma. dyspnea. chest pain and fullness. L. mutism. tinnitus. pharingitis. Facilitates Qi flow in the jingluo. P-8. The meridian Si-19 Tinggong Hearing Palace The meridian Point of exit. jaw swelling. throat pain. Sore throat. SJ-13. The meridian Si-17 Tianrong Heavenly Reception Window of the sky point. toothache. cold and heat. T-21/ G-2/ Si-19 = all ear diseases.-5. plum pit sensation in the throat. Tonsillitis and sore throat: L-10/ L. flu with stiff muscles. Goiter: SI-16. tonsillitis. swelling of chest or cheek. manic behavior. face hot. The meridian Si-16 Tianchuang Heavenly Window Window of the sky point. headache. Facial paralysis. red face. urticaria.

neck and occipital pain. optic nerve atrophy. dizziness. epilepsy. limbs weak and not coordinated. sneezing. weak eyesight. neurasthenia. itching. photofobia. excessive lacrimation. blurred vision. epistaxis. excessive tearing. dizziness. The meridian B-9 Yuzhen Jade Pillow Clears wind. Clear Eyes Stomach. St-8/ B-2 = frontal headache. depression. rhinitis. All eye diseases. torticollis. lacrimation. B-62/ B-1 = somnolence. heat and cold. itching. allergies affecting the eyes and nose. eye diseases. dizziness. blurred vision. Headache. head heavy. K-6/ B-1 = insomnia. blurred vision. acute lower back pain or sprain. cataract. Severe pain in the eyes. loss of smell. Point of Yang and Yin qiao mai. tired. excessive lacrimation. Frontal headache. blocked nose. rhinites. glaucoma. cold and heat. eyes red and painful. conjunctivitis. Small intestine. excessive tearing. Meeting point of B-1 Jingming Bladder. tearing. retinitis. night and color blindness. BACK TO TOP B-2 Zanzhu Gathered Bamboo Dispels wind. opens the sensory orifices. neck pain and stiffness and lower back pain. internal hemorrhage in the eye fundus. brightens the eyes The meridian B-7 Tongtian Penetrating Heaven Clears wind. myopia. glaucoma. hemiplegia.Point of entry. nasal obstruction. facial swelling. opens the nose. cataract. tonifies and circulates yin. St-1/ B1/ G-20/ Li-4/ St-36/ B-18/ B-23 = optic nerve atrophy. Dispels wind and heat. Clears wind. eye diseases in general. relieves stagnation. B-7/ Du-15/ B-59 = heaviness of the head. vertigo. dizziness. throat swollen. supraorbital pain. B-7/ B-6 = Drooling mouth and nasal discharge. . myopia. sinusitis. laryngitis. brighten the eye. dizziness. Triple burner The and Gall meridian bladder. regulates descent of yang Qi from the head. vertigo. The meridian Point B-10 Tianzhu window Heaven's of the Pillar sky. Facilitates Qi flow in the muscles. The meridian Occipital headache. facial paralysis. conjunctivitis. regulates Qi of the senses. B-10/ Du-13/ B-11/ L-6/ Si3 = headache. myopia. convulsions in children. pituitary and pineal gland diseases.

B-14/ Ren-17 = shu . acne. Regulates and tonifies heart. L-1/ B-13 . throat obstruction. chest fullness. flu. fever. boredom. common cold. The meridian Shu point of lungs. B-15/ Ren-14 = shu mu technique for heart diseases B-15 Xinsu Heart Shu The meridian . fever. joints deformity. angina pectoris. palpitation and anxiety. anxiety and palpitations. fear. angina pectoris. neck and back pain. pericarditis. dyspnea. rhinitis. back abscess. hiccups. dispels wind and phlegm of all kinds. acne. pulmonary TB. night sweats. urticaria and other skin diseases. all wind afflictions. mountain sickness. vomiting. Mountain sickness The meridian Shu point of the heart. asthma. neck spasm. night perspiration. yin. pain. pneumonia. heat stroke. back for heart and pericardium diseases. Arrhythmia. chest pain. poor memory. insomnia. The meridian B-14 Jueyinshu Jueyin Shu Associat ed point of Pericardi um. facilitates Qi and blood flow in the joints and bones. whooping cough. Associat B-11 Dazhu ed point Great Shuttle of bones (skeleton ). arrhythmia. flu. tachycardia.Shu Mu combination. disperses heart blood stagnation. B-11/ St-2/ K-1 = Headache and aural vertigo. G-20/ B-11/ B-12/ B-13 = common cold. redirects rebellious Qi downward. cough. All heart syndromes and diseases. heat and phlegm. wandering bi. whooping cough. neurasthenia. numbness and spasm. dispels wind and heat. sneezing. lung abscess. neck and spinal stiffness and pain. tidal fever. common cold. fever. Regulates and tonifies the heart. dyspnea. fever without perspiration. tachycardia. sneezing. urticaria and other Wind induced skin diseases. rheumatic heart disese. neurasthenia. B-12/ B-13/ L-6 = pleurisy. expels wind. atrial fibrilation. Li-4/ L-7/ B13/ L-1/ Ren-22/ Ren-17/ St-40/ Sp-9 = for asthma. calms the spirit. bronchitis. spreads liver Qi. tidal fever. Arthritis. Meeting point of The meridian Bladder and Small intestine. hemoptysis. especially sedation. cools the blood. L9/ B-13/ St-36/ Ren-4 = tonify lungs and immune system. melancholia. pneumonia. All lung diseases shih and xu. cough. nourishes heart Qi. dizziness. fever. bronchitis. Common cold. excessive dreaming. steaming bone (lung yin xu). profilactic for influenza. flu.Sea of blood. cold. muscular rheumatism. pleurisy. rheumatic heart disease. B-13 Feishu Lung's Shu Regulates and tonifies lung Qi. cough. asthma. all wind afflictions. Regulates the lungs. clears heart fire. dyspnea. yang and blood. B-12 Fengmen Wind Gate Meeting point of Bladder and Du mai Regulates lung Qi. B-12/ Du-12/ St-36/ Ren-4 = strengthen Wei Qi for wind diseases. rhinitis.

B-18/ B-23/ G-39 = acute leukemia. Associat ed point of the diaphrag m. All blood disorders. Pericarditis. Shu point of the liver. cools the blood. epistaxis. fever with shivering.chest pain. B-17/ B-19 = the "four flowers" for wasting away syndrome. insomnia. transforms damp heat. night and color blindness. bleeding urine. hepatitis. wei syndrome. hiccup. B-18 Ganshu Liver Shu Regulates and tonifies the liver Qi and blood. B-18/ B-20/ Liv14/ B-16/ Sp-10/ Sp-6/ G-34 = liver cirrhosis BACK TO TOP The meridian . stomach cancer or pain. anemia. Jaundice. hallucination. B-18/ B-23 = strengrthen the liver and kidney in consumptive diseases. optic nerve atrophy. The meridian B-17 Geshu Diaphragm Shu Associat ed point of the blood. eye disorders. lassitude. Li-4/ Li-11/ Du-16/ Du-14/ G-20/ Sp-10/ B-40 = psoriasis. chest pain. schizoprenia. depression. spasm of the diaphragm. all skin diseases due to heat or heat toxin in the blood. hematemesis. cools the blood and enriches yin. gastritis. Regualtes blood and Qi in the diaphragm. fear. chronic fatigue. amenorrhea. dream disturbed sleep. The meridian Invigorates blood circulation. intercostal neuralgia. B-17/ Du-14/ B21/ Sp-10/ St-36 = anemia. depression. abdominal pain.irritability. hemorrhage. or blood xu. neurasthenia. epistaxis. dizziness and vertigo. abdominal or uterus palpable masses. psoriasis. regulates Du mai. vomiting. muscular spasm. regulates blood and Qi in the diaphragm. hemoptysis. headache. boils and abscess. contains the blood. subdues liver yang. hiccup. abdominal distention. diaphragmatic spasm. mania. night perspiration. cirrhosis. abdominal masses. hypochondriac pain and distention. psychopathy. premenstrual syndrome. amenorrhea. cholecystitis. depression. epilepsy. B-16 Dushu Dumai Shu Shu point of Du mai. endocarditis.

chronic hemorrhages. pulmonary TB. anorexia. hepatitis. All digestive diseases. dizziness and vertigo. ascites. axillary lymphadenitis. regulates the sanjiao. neurasthenia. wei syndrome. leucorrhea. insufficient lactation. The meridian Shu point of the spleen. cholelithiasis. wei syndrome. The meridian Shu point of the stomach. B22/ Ren-9/ Sp-9 = edema and ascites. insomnia. headache. belching. painful urinary dysfunction. pancreatitis. eye disorders. bloody stool with diarrhea. diabetes. edema. vomiting. kidney stones. weakness and lassitude. nourishes blood and tonifies ying and Qi. neurasthenia. abdominal distention. B-17/ B-19 = the "four flowers" for wasting away syndrome. scrofula. anxiety and palpitations. urinary retention. B-20/ Liv-13 = All spleen and Tzang diseases (shu mu technique). borborygmus. cholecystitis. dizziness and vertigo. pancreatitis. constipation. Jaundice. enteritis. enteritis.Shu point of B-19 Danshu Gall Gallbladder bladder. anorexia. pancreatitis. constipation. stools with undigested particles. diarrhea. Nephritis. chest. B-20 Pishu Spleen Shu Regulates and tonifies the spleen. stiff and painful back muscles. clears stomach fire. yin type jaundice. stomach and epigastric pain. lymphadenitis. hypertension. B-20/ Du-14/ St-36/ Sp-6 = leukopenia. bloody stools with diarrhea. stools with undigested particles. B-19/ Du-9/ St-36/ Liv-3 = infectious hepatitis. ascites. indigestion. anemia. gas and flatulence. ascites. . tonifies the kidneys. transforms dampness and phlegm. B-22/ Ren-7/ Ren-12/ Ren17 = regulates Triple burner activities in all burners. regulates the stomach Qi and diaphragm. hepato and splenomegaly. diarrhea. Shu Regulates liver and gall bladder. stomach and middle jiao. diabetes. organ prolapse. stomach and epigastric pain. B-22/ B-24/ B25/ St-36 = nephritis. roundworms in the bile duct and intestines. All stomach diseases. The meridian Regulates water pathways and resolves dampness. transforms damp heat. edema. The meridian B-22 Sanjiaoshu Sanjiao Shu Shu point of the triple burner. clears liver fire and subdues yang. abdominal pain and distention. gastritis. gastritis. borborygmus. abnormal uterine bleeding. Diseases of the liver and gall bladder. anxiety and palpitations. alternate heat and chills. transforms damp. edema. weakness and lassitude. dizziness. bitter taste in the mouth. heartburn. enuresis. B-21 Weishu Stomach Shu Regulates stomach and the middle jiao. B-21/ Ren-12 = all gastric diseases (shu mu technique). B-19/ Liv-13 = flank pain hindering sleep. migraine. diarrhea. costal and hypochondriac pain.

enteritis. ascites. Regulates Qi and blood and astringes bleeding. blurred vision. weakness after influenza. sexual problems. optic nerve atrophy. appendicitis. spermatorrhea. irregular menstruation. painful urinary dysfunction. borborygmus. dysmenorrhea. edema. nephritis. cystitis. tinnitus. stabilizes kidney Qi and reinforces the spirit and brain. All intestinal disorders. acute and chronic diseases of the colon. hemorrhage. lower back pain and numbness. hemorrhoids. lower back pain and stiffness. asthma. leucorrhea. impotence. amenorrhae. disentery. abdominal pain and distention. colitis. constipation. B-24/ Sp-6 = functional uterine bleeding. anemia. kidney stones. knee pain. peritonitis. lower extremety weak or painful. uterine bleeding. B-25/ B-32 = bowel and urinary incontinence. resolves dampness. The meridian . diarrhea. B-24 Qihaishu See of Blood Shu The meridian B-25 Dachangshu Colon Shu Shu point of colon. B-25/ B-30/ Du-4/ St-38 through to B-57/ G-34/ Sp-9 = muscular dystrophy. diarrhea. K-3/ B-23/ Sp-6/ Ren-4/ St-29 = infertility. flatulence. sciatica. damp heat. irregualr menstruation. Regulates the stomach and intestines. fear. rectal prolapse. bladder and urinary diseases. Sp-6/ B-23/ Ren-4/ Ren-6 = general weakness and debility. premenstrual syndrome. hemorrhoids. Ren-8 (moxa)/ B-24/ St-36 = chronic diarrhea. forgetfulness. infertility. cystitis. dizziness. B-23 Shenshu Kidney Shu Tonifies and regulates the kidney. enteritis. abdominal pain and distention. weakness and lassitude. B-23/ B-25/ B40 = lower back pain. knee pain. The meridian Kidney. B-23/ Ren-3/ Sp-6/ K-7/ B58/ Zigong = nephritis. wei syndrome. Lumbago. damp heat. ulcerative colitis. resolves dampness. B23/ Ren-4/ St-36 = diabetes. lower back pain and muscular strain. The meridian B-26 Guanyuanshu Gate of Origin Shu Source energy gate Shu point. Regulates the lower jiao and intestines.Shu point of the kidneys. strengthens lower back. strengthens lower back and knees. strengthens lower back. B-23/ G-25 = all kidney sindromes (shu mu technique). genital pain. diarrhea. urinary incontinence. difficult defecation or urination. alopecia hair loss. anxiety and palpitations. indigestion. deafness. Lower back pain and stiffness. regulates the water pathways and lower jiao. and yuan Qi.

orchitis. Urogenital diseases in general. transform damp heat. B-30/ Du-1/ B-57 = painful and bleeding hemorrhoids. leucorrhea. lower abdominal pain and distention. Regulates Qi in the anus. constipation. urine with spermatorrhea. dispels damp heat. lower and sacral back pain and sciatica. no perspiration. dysuria. Various problems of the anal region. cramps. The meridian B-29 Zhonglushu Mid-spine Shu Shu point of the sacrum. hemorrhoids. sciatica. stiffness and sciatica. dysentery. expels stones. Dysentery with pus and blood. dysuria.34/ Sp-6/ Ren-4 to Ren-3 = dysmenorrhea. urinary incontinence. constipation. regulates the water pathways. retention of urine. genital pain. B-30/ B(40)54 = low back pain extending to the waist. spermatorrhea. urinary stones. peritonitis. Dispels wind and cold. The meridian Shu B-28 point of Panguangshu the Bladder Shu bladder. disperses heat and damp heat. swollen feet. diarrhea. The meridian B-30 Baihuanshu White Ring Shu Shu point of the anal sphincter .B-27 Xiaochangyu Small Intestine Shu Shu point of the Small intestine. irregular menstruation. pain. foot numbness. uterovaginal pain and inflammation. leucorrhea. enteritis. stiffness. uterovaginal prolapse. The meridian B-31~ B-34 Baliao Eight Foramina Regulate the lower jiao. urinary incontinence. coccygeal pain. or prolapsed anus. bleeding hemorrhoids. dysuria. pain from the neck to the sacrum along both sides of the Du mai. peritonitis. hernia. B-27/ Ren-4 = small intestine disorders and fluids absorption (shu mu technique). The meridian . eczema of the perineum. constipation. dysmenorrhea. colitis. diarrhea. bleeding hemorrhoids. ovarian cyst or inflammation. spermatorrhea. prostatitis. Regulates the bladder and water pathways. lower abdominal pain. Regulates the intestines. B30/ Zigong/ Sp-10/ Sp-6 = chronic peritonitis. urethritis. B-28/ B-23/ Du2/ Sp-6 = prostatitis. resolves dampness. lower back pain. anal fissure. bloody urine. leucorrhea. Urogenital diseases. difficult defecation. B-31 . B-28/ Ren-3 = urinary diseases (shu mu technique). bloody urine. urinary retention or incontinence. painful urinary dysfunction. spermatorrhea. Sacral and lower back pain. lower back pain and sciatica.

lymphadenitis of axilla. herpes zoster. B-23/ B-25/ B-40 = lower back pain. diarrhea. inability to bend the back or lie prone. heat or sunstroke. M-BW-35 (of B-21/B-22/B23)/ B-46/ B-47/ B-39 = Urinary calculi and stones. unable to bend. muscular spasm. pain and stiffness in the hip and thigh. enuresis. lumbar sprain. nephritis. clears damp heat. skin diseases. genital or coccygeal regions. cystitis. back pain during menstruation. painful urinary dysfunction. retention. Hemorrhoids. genital diseases. Li11/ Sp-10/ B-40 = skin diseases. coccygeal pain. genital perspiration. alopecia and loss of eyebrows hair. Regulates and relaxes tendons and muscles. lower back pain radiating to the abdomen. acute abdominal pain. knee pain and stiffness. dysuria. The meridian B-39 (53) weiyang Outside the Crook Lower meeting point of Sanjiao. The meridian Earth point. Lower back pain. Lower meeting point of Bladder. Lower back pain and sciatica. Middle of Crook The meridian L-5/ B-40 for erysipelas. B-23/ B-36/ B-40 weizhong = lower back pain and sciatica. B-40/ Du-28/ Ahshi on the back = acute lumbar sprain. lower back pain and sciatica. cystitis. pain and spasm of the anal region. cools the blood. herniated disc. B23/ B-36/ B-37/ B-40 = lower back pain and sciatica. fever. B-36/ K-10/ Sp-9/ St-29/ Ren-3 = prostatitis. transforms damp heat. Urinary diseases. leucorrhea. eczema. epistaxis. impotence. psoriasis. pain in the penis. regulates the lower jiao and the water pathways. chest fullness. convulsions. diarrhea. leucorrhea. stiffness and sciatica. cools summerheat. gynecological diseases. incontinence. The meridian B-37 (51) Yinmen Abundance Gate Regulates the muscles and sinews. perineal eczema. bleeding hemorrhoids. spermatorrhea. muscular spasm.B-35 (49) Huiyang Yang Meeting Clears heat and damp heat. boils and carbuncles. furuncle. erysipelas. Cold abdomen: BL-35/ SP7. B-23/ B-36/ B-37/ B-40 = lower back pain and sciatica. herniated disc in the lumbar region. hemorrhoids. B-40 (54) Weizhong. . abdomianl distention. spontaneous perspiration. pain and inflammation of the anal. Li-4/ Li-11/ Du16/ Du-14/ G-20/ Sp-10/ B40 = psoriasis. Prostatitis. dysuria. B-40/ Shixuan/ Du26 = heat exhaustion. BACK TO TOP The meridian B-36 (50) Chengfu Support Regulates Qi in the anal and genital regions.

cough with profuse sputum. The meridian B-46 (41) Geguan Diaphragm Gate Regulates the stomach. dizziness. Located 1. Enterocolitis. bronchitis. dyspnea.5 Cun lateral to B-17. Located 1. chronic cough. hemoptysis. Located 1.B-42 (37) Shu Pohu Animal. depression. absent mindedness. asthma. insomnia. The meridian Regulates lung Qi. shoulder. Regulates lung Qi. dyspnea. Anxiety and palpitation. chest pain. calms the spirit. sadness and grief. asthma. poor concentration. shoulder and upper back pain. Poor memory: Gaohuangshu BL-43/ DU11/ KID-21/ LU-7.5 Cun lateral to B16. pleurisy. B-43 (38) Gaohuangshu Vitality Shu The meridian B-44 (39) Shentang Spirit Hall Shu point of the Shen spirit. fear of cold. anorexia. shivering. belching. fever without perspiration. impotence. chest pain. mania. chest full. bronchitis. neck and back pain.point for the Po Soul Door (animal soul). fainting. Located 1. cools the heart. hiccups. All chronic diseases. dizziness.5 Cun lateral to B13. general weakness and lassitude. mania. gastric bleeding. tonifies weakness of the whole body. forgetfulness. hysteria. Located 1. disorientation. Regulates the heart and the chest. pleurisy. asthma. esophageal constriction. cardiac diseases in general. pulmonary Tb. anxiety and palpitations. Intercostal neuralgia. The meridian B-45 (40) Yixi Yi Xi Regulates Qi and blood in the chest. depression.5 Cun lateral to B14. pericarditis. The meridian . vomiting. Pulmonary TB. Aversion to cold in the back and stiffness of the spine with difficulty in bending: BL-46/ BL-54 / BL-64. weakness. hypersalivation.5 Cun lateral to B15. chronic consumptive disorders. epistaxis. Oesophageal constriction: Shentang BL-44/ LIV-4. nocturnal emission. nausea. night perspiration.

painful bi of the lower leg. hemorrhoids. borborygmus. nephritis. resolves damp heat. Located on the centre of the of the gastrocnemius muscle and midway between Heyang BL-55 and Chengshan BL-57. cystitis. hypertension. vomiting. edema.B-47 (42) Hunmen Spiritual Soul Gate Shu point of the Hun spirit (spiritual soul). lassitude. rheumatism. Gluteal. irregular menstruation. poor concentration. depression. All genito urinary diseases. anorexia. hesitation. renal colic. incontinence.5 Cun lateral to B18. lower back pain. prostatitis. dysuria. diarrhea.5 Cun lateral to B30. gastrodynia. The meridian B-54 (49) Zhibian Order's Limit Invigorates Qi in the jigluo of the lower back. nocturnal emission. belching. pain in the buttocks and sciatica. impotence. Located 1. Located 1. chest full and distended. The meridian B-52 (47) Zhishi Will's Chamber Shu point of the Zhi spirit (willpow er). the essence and source Yuan Qi. Contraction and pain of the lumbar spine. and 3 Cun lateral to Du2. nausea. fear. separation of the soul: sleep walking.5 Cun lateral to B23. severe vomiting. hypochondriac pain. prostatitis. infertility. pleurisy. Regulates and tonifies the spleen. constriction of the esophagus. great thirst. vomiting. The meridian . neurasthenia. jaundice. impotence. shivering with inability to stand for long. Mid back pain and stiffness. slow thinking. visual and olfactory hallucinations. suspicious. borborygmus. Abdominal distention and flatulence. heel and perineum. sacral and lower back pain. redirects rebellious Qi. . M-BW-35 (of B-21/B-22/B23)/ B-46/ B-47/ B-53 = Urinary calculi and stones. jaundice. Located 1. Located 1. melancholia. Regulates and spreads liver Qi.5 Cun lateral to B20. painful urinary dysfunction. dizziness. redirects rebellious Qi of the stomach. heat sensation in the soles. transforms dampness. anemia. urethral pain. regulates the water pathways and resolves dampness. The meridian B-49 (44) Yishe Intelligence Abode Shu point of the Yi spirit (intellige nce). B-23/ B-27/ B-54/ B-36/ B40 = lower back pain extending to the buttocks. swelling of the genitalia. The meridian B-56 Chengjin Support Sinews Regulates Qi of the calf muscles. slow reaction. Tonifies the kidneys. spermatorrhea. difficult defecation or urination. anxiety. pain and contraction of the foot B-47/ B-28/ K-3 = nephroptosis. nocturnal emission. nausea. poor memory.

The meridian Fire B-60 Kunlun point Kunlun Mountains Relaxes the tendons and facilitates Qi flow in the jingluo. nasal congestion. B-57/ K-7/ Liv-3/ Sp-3 = hemorrhoids. nasal obstruction and rhinitis. urethritis. B-62/ Sj-17/ Anmian/ Liv-3 = menier disease. redirects rebellious Yang Qi. tremors. B-58/ Si-5 = dizziness and eye pain. stops bleeding. wind bi rheumatism. dispels wind and cold. fatigue. promotes delivery. thigh and lower back pain with sciatica. faints easily. epilepsy. dizziness. point of The meridian Yangmai. upper and lower back and leg. lumbago. retained placenta. constipation. convulsions. lower leg cramps. lumbago. meningitis. Lower back pain. B-62/ Si3/ Si-2 = epilepsy. Relaxes the tendons and regulates the jing luo. hemorrhoids. gastrocnemius muscle pain and spasm. madness. neck stiffness. Day time epilepsy. spinal cord diseases. sciatica. nocturia. glaucoma. lower back pain and sciatica. glandular diseases. headache. depression.B-57 Chengshan Supporting Mountain The meridian Luo B-58 Feiyang point Flying Yang Relaxes the tendons and invigorates Qi in the jingluo. difficult labor. dizziness. cystitis. Dispels wind Pain and stiffness in the neck. lateral and frontal headache. invigorates the jing luo. B-30/ Du-1/ B-57 = painful and bleeding hemorrhoids. The meridian B-59 Fuyang Instep Yang Xi cleft point of the Yang qiao mai extra neridian. tidal fever. B-62/ B-63 = severe headache. seizures. blurred vision. hemiplegia. red and painful eyes. sciatica. Head heavy: BL-59/ BL-7/ DU-15. Invigorates Qi in the jing luo. Si-3/ B-62 = opens the Yang qiao mai for spinal diseases. diarrhea. Excess syndromes of Yang Qi in the head and upper body. The meridian Master point of B-62 Shenmai Yang Extending qiao mai. knee pain and inflammation. qiao one of Relaxes the tendons and muscles. hemorrhoids. ankle and heel pain and numbness. tinnitus. wind bi of the joints. The meridian B-61 Pucan Servant's Respect Point of Yang qiao mai Invigorates Qi in the jing luo and tendons. calms the spirit. regulates the colon . . palpitations. psychosis. convulsions B-60/ B-61 = laryngeal tuberculosis. epilepsy. Vessel Coupled point of Yin Qiao mai. lockjaw. abdominal pain. clears wind. B58/ Ren-3/ B-28/ Sp-9 = cystitis. heat and fire. anal prolapse. ankle joint inflammation. hernia. legs weakness. seizures. convulsions. headache. gastrocnemius cramps. tonifies kidney Yin and checks floating Yang. disorientation. legs weakness. regulates the Yang qiao mai. Hip. insomnia. K-3/ B-58 = adjust kidney and bladder functioning. leg Qi. dispels damp heat. pain in thigh and hip. dizziness. occipital headache. convulsions. Bleeding and/or painful hemorrhoids. epistaxis. irritable bladder.

difficult urination. difficult labor. Calms the spirit. stiff neck. Headache. Shaking head with open mouth in children. convulsions in children. palpitations. hysteria. skin electrified. insanity. The Jing well meridian point. calms the spirit. rhinitis. dispels wind and heat. lower back pain. The meridian B-65 Shugu Restraining Bone Wood point. convulsions. Hemorrhoids. The meridian Metal B-67 Zhiyin point. chest and flanks pain. vertigo. Rong spring point. unable to ejaculate. nasal obstruction. Calms the spirit. B-62/ B-63/ Li-10 = aural vertigo. epistaxis. fear. abscess. fever without perspiration. Stream shu point. retained placenta. neck stiffness. spasms in the uterus. dislikes wind and cold. gastritis. Clears the nose and eyes. allergic itching and pain of medial eye canthus. expedites delivery Fetal malposition. allergic itching in the whole body. cardiac arrhythmia. blurred vision. calms the spirit. melancholia. dispels wind and heat. Unable to ejaculate. lower abdominal pain. corneal opacity. B-64/ P-6/ H-5/ H-8 = myocarditis. lower extremety pain and swelling. headache and stiffness of the nape of neck. epilepsy. Dispels wind and heat. Reaching Yin Tonificat ion point. The meridian B-66 Zutong gu Foot Connecting Valley Water point. torticollis. B-63 Jinmen Golden Gate Cleft xi point of Yang wei mai. dyspnea. lacrimation. lumbago. Headache. madness. shaking head with open mouth in children. Dispels wind. cold legs. insanity. Sedation point.the 13 Ghost Points for madness. knee pain. cerebral congestion. B-67/ G-20/ TaiYang = occipital headache. head heaviness. chest fullness. epistaxis. . Exit point. rhinitis. stiff neck. Dizziness. sciatica. The meridian B-64 Jinggu Source Capital Bone yuan point. tinnitus. vertigo. hot soles. tidal fever. headache.

borborygmus. interior throat swollen or numb. hysteria with fainting. BACK TO TOP Spring rong point. cystitis. neurasthenia. Tonifies kidney essence. night perspiration. Tonifies. chronic cough. Stream shu point. diabetes. Qi and Yin. cold feet. renal pain or colic. CVA. aphonia. high fever. K-3/ Si-1 = parched throat. impotence. infertility. Sedation point (seconda ry). Earth point. impotence. weakness and lassitude. anorexia. scrotal inflammation. somnolence. dry mouth and tongue. scrotal or genital eczema or herpes. urinary incontinence or retention. infertility. floating Yang. K-2 Rangu Blazing Valley The meridian K-3 Taixi Supreme Stream Source yuan point. blurred vision. Painful urinary dysfunction. tinnitus. Clears fire and heat and cools the blood. Si-4/ B-62/ Sj-5/ K-1 = cold jaundice. heat exhaustion. Sp-4/ K-1/ K-2/ St-36/ St-34 = for leprosy. Entry point. shock. excessive eructation in children. regulates and stabilizes kidney Qi. asthma. Dizziness. asphyxia (drowning). edema. insomnia. vertical headache. restless fetus. irregular menstruation. heel swollen and painful. Liv-2/ K-1 = thirst and emaciation. heart pain. pulmonary TB. K-3/ B-23/ Sp-6/ Ren-4/ St29 = infertility.K-1 Yongquan Gushing Spring Wood point. very red face. clears heat and fire. For emotional shock and paralysis: very deep insertion in K-1. tonifies kidney Yin and checks. kidney pain. Sedation point. Fire point. spontaneous perspiration. K-3/ Anmian/ liv-3 = aural vertigo. Well jing point. anorexia. menopausal syndrome. nephritis. chronic toothache. inflammation of pelvis. convulsions. tonsillitis. Sp-4/ K1/ K-2/ St-36/ St-34 = for leprosy. seizures. tonifies and regulates the kidney. jaundice. hypertension. pain in the toes. tonifies Yin and regulates the water pathways. dysentery. irregular menstruation. spermatorrhea. uterine prolapse. excessive sleepiness. Ren-4/ K-1 = acute pain with urinary retention. windstroke. stomach pain. K-2/ K-7 = drooling. fever without perspiration. sore throat. tidal fever. P-6/ K-1/ St-36 = septic shock. K-3/ B-58 = adjust kidney and bladder functioning. damp cold feet. inpotence. spermatorrhea. The meridian Insomnia. restores collapsed Yang and consciousness. L-5/ K-2/ K-3/ Ren-4/Ren-6/ Ren-23 = diabetes. diaphragmatic spasm. dizziness. calms the spirit. sore and swollen throat. clears deficiency fire. heat in the soles. Du-25/ P-6/ K-1 = for electric shock. nocturnal emission. The meridian . hypertension.

dysmenorrhea. K-4 Dazhong Great Bell The meridian Asthma. leucorrhea. insomnia. ankle pain and foot numbness or hot. Coupled point of Ren mai. K-6/ Ren-14/ P-6/ St-40 = seizures. menopausal syndrome. irregular menstruation. The meridian . mental stupidity. agoraphobia. K-6/ Sj-5 = retained placenta. menorrhagia. myopia. inferiority complex. difficult defecation. . madness. pruritis vulva. fear. transforms dampness. tonsillitis. night epilepsy. somnolence. agoraphobia. dyspnea. children nocturnal enuresis. frequent urination. sadness. pharingitis. lower back pain and stiffness. blurred vision. dysuria. calms the spirit. unhappiness. lower abdomen painful. Diabetes with frequent urination. periumbilical pain. K-6/ B-1 = insomnia. H-5/ K-4 = neurasthenia. abdominal distention. clears deficiency fire and heat. stage fright. Cleft xi K-5 Shuiquan point Water Spring Tonifies the kidney and regulates the bladder. stage fright. dry mouth.Luo point Tonifies the kidney and clears deficiency heat. involuntary erections. dysmenorrhea. fear. hemoptysis. irregular menstruation. The meridian Master point of Yin qiao mai. esophageal constriction. chest fullness. somnolence. depression. abdominal pain. uterine prolapse. unsocializing. inferiority complex. K-6 Zhaohai Shining Sea L-7/ K-6 = restores harmony between lungs and kidney and opens the Ren mai. constipation. constipation. stage fright. Hernia. Tonifies kidney Yin and regulates the kidney. calms the spirit. disorientation. cough. dry throat. chronic fatigue. mouth and tongue dry. colic pain in kidney. amenorrhea. throat blocked. stage fright. uterine spasm. edema. point of Yin qiao mai. prolapse of uterus. mania. asthma. premenstrual syndrome (PMS). ankle pain and swelling. neurasthenia. headaches. difficult labor. anxiety.

Jing river point. leucorrhea. cystitis. fatigue. H-6/ K-7 = night perspiration. damp and itching perineal area. K-8 Jiaoxin Junction of Belief Xi cleft point of Yin qiao mai. Li-4/ K-7 = induce or arrest perspiration. dysuria. pregnancy toxemia. uterine prolapse. spermatorrhea. Irregular menstruation. urethritis. Tonifying K-9 at the 3rd and 6th month of pregnancy enhances embryo's health and resistance to disease. K-7/ Ren-9/ K-9/ St-36/ B-18 = liver cirrhosis. pain in loins and back. pruritis vulva. sensation of heat and cold alternately in the bones. The meridian K-9 Zhubin Building for the Guest Xi cleft point of Yin wei mai. cystitis. insufficient spermatozoa. constipation. Profuse uterine bleeding: KID-8/ KID-10/ LIV-3/ SP6. K-7/ Ren-9/ K-9/ St-36/ B-18 = liver cirrhosis. The meridian K-10 Yingu Yin Valley Water point Tonifies kidney Yin and clears heat. Tonificat ion point. bladder and water pathways. hypersalivation. regulates perspiration. urinary dysfunction. borborygmus. resolves damp heat. BACK TO TOP Level with Ren-2. clears heat and cools the blood. orchitis. pelvic inflammation. The meridian Edema. K-9/ B-23/ K-7/ Sp-6 = nephritis. kidney pain. diarrhea. point of Yin wei mai. ceaseless talking. leucorrhea. leucorrhea. amenorrhea. malaria. cystitis. depression. Involuntary erection with difficult urination: KID-10/ LIV-1/ LIV-14/ BL-40/ BL39. uterine hemorrhage. [S. diabetes with frequency. urinary incontinence or retention. excessive. umbilical hernia in children. calms the spirit. abdominal distention. K-7/ Liv-3/ B-35 = bloody stools. regulates the lower jiao and transforms damp heat. irreglar menstruation. cools the blood. spontaneous or night perspiration. Legs and feet weak and painful. myelitis. feet cold. Loss of voice: KID-10/ KID-2/ REN-22/ HE-4/ KID-7/ ST-40. Tonifies and regulates the kidneys. urinary retention. dysmenorrhea. night perspiration. Morant]. colicky pain in kidneys. The meridian .K-7 Fuliu Returning Current Metal point. tonifies Yin Qi and Wei Qi. Hip pain: KID-10/ GB-30/ BL-65/ KID-8/ SP-6. scrotal eczema. nephritis. orchitis. abdominal pain and distention. flatulence. regulates the Yin wei mai. K-9/ H-3 = foamy vomiting. pain in genitalia. madness. frequent and painful urination. vaginal prolapse. urethritis. Tonifies the kidney. can not stand for a long time. prone to anger. Lower abdominal pain. feet paralized. diarrhea. hyperthyroidism. impotence. hernia. dysentery. point of Yin qiao mai. hematuria. lower back pain. Tonifies and regulates the kidney. uterine bleeding. Stage fright. The meridian K-11 Heng gu Point of Pubic Bone Chong mai Painful knees and thighs. abdominal pain and distention.

Level with Ren-4 The meridian K-15 Zhongzhu Middle Flow Point of Chong mai Clears dampness and heat. Level with Ren-8. Painful urinary dysfunction: KID-16/ KID-11. Chest congestion. vomits mucus. constipation. The meridian K-17 Shangqu Metal Bend Point of Chong mai Regulates stomach and intestines. irregular menstruation. asthma.K-13 Qixue Qi Cave Point of Chong mai Tonifies fertility. breast inflammation. impotence. Heat in the epigastrium. constipation. esophageal constriction. anorexia. Level with Ren-16 The meridian . lassitude. bloody diarrhea. The meridian K-16 Huangyo Vital Shu Point of Chong mai Regulates the intestines and lower jiao. penile pain. Regulates the lungs and chest. region below heart congested. irregular menstruation. Abdominal pain and distention. regulates the lower jiao. Level with Ren-14 The meridian K-22 Bulang Walking Corridor Point of exit. intercostal neuralgia. gastric and duodenal ulcer. impatient. nose blocked with anosmia. vaginismus. anorexia. breast abscess. diarrhea. hyperacidity. urethritis. piglet Qi. dyspnea. urinary incontinence. Infertility in women. sad. Level with Ren-10 The meridian Point of K-21 Youmen Chong Hidden Gate mai Regulates the lungs and chest. diarrhea. spermatorrhea. bronchitis. bad tempered. jaundice. lassitude. amnesia. morning sickness. bladder paralysis. jaundice. agalactia. borborygmus. epigastrium distended. Ren-7/ Ren-9/ K-16 = hayfever and deficiency of Wei Qi. Abdominal pain and distention. colitis. cough. regulates the breasts and stomach. constipation. congested eyes. arthritis bi in the fingers' joints. Whole chest painful. stops bleeding. Arthritis bi in the fingers' joints.

irritability. Gallblad der. bronchitis. Meeting point of the Sanjiao. clears heat. anxiety and palpitations. The meridian K-27 Shufu Conveying Palace Regulates the lungs. palpitations. invigorates the blood. bronchitis. axillary adenitis. 2 Cun below the anterior end of the axillary crease. headache. always cold. dispels Heat and fire. Rebellious qi with dyspnea: KID-27/ KID-25/ LU-3. expedites lactation. bad tempered. cough with phlegm. ankle injury. fear of wind and cold. The meridian . Level with Ren-19 The meridian K-26 Yuzhong Comfortable Chest Regulates chest and lungs. point Window of the sky. dyspnea. descends excess blood from the head. cold hands and feet. bronchitis. anorexia. chest full. Asthma. intercostal neuralgia. night perspiration. foggy vision. mental fatigue and disorientation. redirects rebellious Qi. stomach distended at midnight. Liver and Pericardi um. bronchitis. stiffling sensation in the chest. poor hearing. mamary pain. hypochondriac pain. tonifies the kidneys. P-1 Tianchi Heavenly Pool The meridian BACK TO TOP P-2 Tianquan Heavenly Spring Regulates the heart and chest. The meridian Point of entry.K-25 Shenzang Spirit Storehouse Regulates the lungs and chest. breast abscess. Cough with dyspnea. Regulates the lungs and chest. neck luoli. Ankle injury. dyspnea. excess worrying causes insomnia. Cough. asthma. weak extremeties. gets angry very easily. cough. Chest full. palpitations related to fear. weakness of the vocal cords. chest full. calms the spirit. nausea. pain radiating from chest to back. painful and distended. excessive salivation. pulmonary congestion. insufficient lactation. mastitis. cough. vomiting. itching ears. esophageal spasm. anorexia. Fever without perspiration. vomiting. anorexia. headache due to mental strain. chest painful and congested. depression.

calms the spirit. perspiration of head and neck. hand tremors. Epilepsy. appendicitis. P-6/ Du-25 = Hypotension. seizures. Stifling sensation in the chest. heart pain. irregular menstruation. hyperthyroidism. clears heat . hiccup. stomach. vomits mucus. biliary diseases. forgetfulness. heatstroke. palpitations and anxiety. stomachache. epigastric and hypochondriac pain and distention. asthma. P-5/ P-6/ H8/ P-4/ P-3 = rheumatic heart disease. diarrhea with blood. migraine. H-7/ P-6/ yintang/ Liv-3/ Sp-6 = anxiety and depression. meridian P-6 Neiguan Inner Gate Luo point. nervousness. insomnia. P-6/ K-1/ St36 = septic shock. cools the blood and clears heat. vomiting. vomiting. chest pain. jaundice. epistaxis. irritability. depression. B-14/ B-15/ P-4/ Sp-6 = angina pectoris. rheumatic heart disease. Parkinson disease. hemoptysis. tonsillitis. nausea. hyperthyroidism. bronchitis. sudden aphasia. clears fire. myocarditis. chest and heart pain. fainting. calms the spirit. pancreatitis. hemorrhoids. palpitations.P-3 Quze Curved Marsh Water point Regulates the heart and chest. cools the blood and clears heat. qi and blood. dyspnea. Rheumatic herat disease. diaphragmatic spasm. Envoy one of the 13 monster points for The insanity Transforms phlegm in the heart. gastritis. P-5/ Du-14/ Du-13/ G-41/ Si-3 = malaria. chorea. hemorrhoids. liver and diaphragm. P-6/ P-1/ Du-14/ Ren-17 = asthma. Coupled point of Chong mai. Master point of Yin wei mai. hallucinations. regulates and tonifies the heart. melancholy. jaundice. malaria. The meridian . carditis. sterility. coma and shock. tachycardia. calms the spirit. pegulates the stomach and intestines. restless fetus. dysentery. angina pectoris. dyspnea. palpitations. vomiting. rheumatic heart disease. irregular menstruation. heat in the palms. forgetfulness. pertussis. palpitations. P-6/ Ren-12/ St-36/ Sp-4 = nausea. regulates heart and stomach. morning sickness. P-5 Jianshi Jing river Intermediate point. gastroenteritis. hysteria. heat and phlegm. brings the fullness of Yin Qi upward from the lower half of the body. measles. fear of people. Cardiac and chest pain. malaria. spasm of the diaphragm. vomiting. depression. gallstones. pharyngitis. Redirects rebellious Qi. erysipelas. P-5/ P-6/ H-8/ P-4/ P-3 = rheumatic heart disease. myocarditis. morning sickness. insomnia. abdominal and gastric pain. The meridian Metal point. insanity. P-3/ P-6/ P-7 = chest pain. urticaria. The meridian P-4 Ximen Crevice Gate Xi cleft point Regulates Qi and blood in the heart. cough. hysteria. weeping and laughing. nausea.

P-7/ Du-20/ YinTang/ K-3 = insomnia. clears the brain. stomatitis. point of entry. Earth point. headache.Source yuan point. hemorrhoids. headache. fear. fever without perspiration. gastric pain. Du-4/ P-9 = splitting headache and severe heat in the body. wandering mind. stomatitis. Clears the brain and restores collapsed Yang. severe fright. mania. Tinnitus and deafness: SJ2/ SJ-1/ L. inability to swallow. Rushing Pass Jing well point. P-7/ Ren-4 = bloody urine. The meridian P-9 Zhongchong Middle Rushing Febrile diseases. poor memory. febrile diseases. fainting. conjunctivitis. pharyngitis. fever without perspiration. acne. halitosis. Regulates and clears fire from the heart. incoherent speech. Wood point. Shu P-7 Daling stream Great Mound point. weariness. Tinnitus and deafness: SJ-1/ ST-7/ L. Jing well point. thirst. gingivitis.-5/ SJ-2/ SI-5. Spring rong point. cold extremeties. Li-4 joined to P-8/ Du-26 = hysteria. BACK TO TOP The meridian Sj-2 Yemen Fluid Gate Water point. aphasia. gums pain. indigestion. excessive perspiration of palms. insomnia. Exit point. conjunctivitis. intercostal neuralgia. Dispels wind and heat. sunstroke. tongue root pain. tongue curled up. sommerheat diseases. Palpitations. P-8 laogong Palace of Labor Clears heart fire and heat. fever without perspiration. gastritis. delirium. windstroke collapse. febrile diseases. coma.I. Spring rong point. collapse syndrome. calms the spirit. tinnitus.-5/ ST-7/ SI-5. deafness. blood in urine or stools. fingers pain and paralysis. Sedation point. appendicitis. chest and hypochondriac pain and fullness. loss of voice. The meridian Sj-1 Metal Guanchong point. drowning. Clears heat and wind. axillary swelling. Tonificat ion point. heatstroke. The one of meridian the 13 Ghost Points for madness. The meridian . sadness. chest and hypochondriac pain. regulates the stomach and chest. epistaxis. heatstroke. sore and dry throat. clears heat and cools the blood. Malaria.I. needle shock. fungal infections of hands and feet. one of the 13 Ghost Points for madness. Fire point. panic. hyper or hypotension. cerebral congestion. hysteria. Febrile diseases. vertigo. tonsillitis. dim vision. regulates the heart. headache. seizures. cools heat in the blood and transforms damp heat. pain on both sides of the spine. deafness and tinnitus. conjunctivitis. body hot. Malaria. hot palms. gingivitis. ulcerative colitis. P-7/ Yuye/ St-44 = stomatitis. eczema. fainting. P-7/ P-6/ P-4/ H8 = premature cardiac contractions. dry mouth and lips.

deafness. point of tonificati on. regulates Qi flow in the three jiaos. Coupled point of Dai mai.Sj-3 Zhongzhu Central Islet The meridian Sj-4 Yangchi Yang Pool Wood point. dyspnea. cholecystitis. vomiting. Sj-5/ G-41/ Liv-14/ G-34 = ribs pain and cholecystitis. unilateral or occipital headache. shoulder. tinnitus. epilepsy. opens the sensory orifices. Wrist pain and weakness. blurred vision. Sj-3/ Sj-17/ G-2 = deafness. heat and fire. deafness. deafness. chest pain. neck. sore throat. febrile diseases. axillary and hypochondriac pain. Sj-3/ Li-1/ G-40 = chronic tidal fever. Sj-5/ G-2 = deafness. Wei syndrome. Menopausal syndrome. pain in the center of back. tidal fever. vertigo and dizziness. tonsillitis. Source yuan point Dispels wind. Stream shu point. Jing river point. regulates Qi and blood in the tendons and jing luo. abdominal cramps. Meeting Dispels wind and heat. strengthens Wei Qi. Sj-6/ Liv-13/ Sj-5 = rib pain. eczema. diabetes. vomiting. Clears heat and wind. blocked ears. fever with perspiration. wind bi rheumatism. hypertension. tinnitus. urinary incontinence. herpes zoster. Headache. dispels wind. Regulates the San jiao. nervous trembling. violent fear. hemiplegia. The meridian Common cold and flu. fire and heat. Sj-3/ Sj-2 = red and swollen hand and arm. belching. melancholy. chest and ribs pain. fatigue. heat and wind. mumps. nasal congestion. tinnitus. Sj-6 Zhigou Branch Ditch Fire point. Sj-6/ St-25/ K-6/ Sp-6 = habitual constipation. Sj-6/ G-39 = wandering bi. conjunctivitis. psoriasis. Febrile diseases. dry mouth and throat. deaf-mutism. Master point of Sj-5 Waiguan Yang Outer Gate wei mai. otitis media and fluids in the ear. constipation. parotitis. conjunctivitis. The meridian . lockjaw. limbs swollen and puffy. Painful and acute skin conditions. dispels external pathogens. bleeding and fainting after giving birth. diarrhea. malaria. pleurisy. otitis media. The meridian Sj-7 Huizong Xi cleft Ancestral point. retained placenta. chest and abdominal pain. fecal incontinenece. infantile paralysis. The meridian Luo point. stiffness and numbness. arm. tinnitus. tonifies vitality. malaria. general weakness. pneumonia. shoulder and hand pain. alternate fever and chills. arm and hand pain. nausea. tidal fever. intercostal neuralgia. agalactia. Regulates the San jiao and Yang wei mai.

Sj-8 Sanyangluo Three Yang Connection

Luo point of three upperYa ng channels.

Clears heat and wind, opens the sensory orifices.

Wei syndrome, atrophy of upper body, deafness, sudden mutism and loss of voice, lassitude, dizziness and vertigo, splitting headache, brachial neuralgia, toothache, sleepiness.

Sj-8/ G-20 = headache, Sj-8 joined to P-4 = pain associated with pneumonectomy.

The meridian
Sj-10 Tianjing Heavenly Well Earth point , He sea point. Dispels wind and heat, redirects rebellious Qi, regulates the chest, invigorates the blood, calms the spirit. Tonsillitis, cervical adenitis, pain behind ear, goiter, scrofula, urticaria, deafness, tidal fever, excessive perspiration, headache, cough with purulent sputum, chest and hypochondriac pain, arm, shoulder and neck pain, no appetite, insanity, depression, hysteria, anxiety, somnolence. Shoulder pain, immobility, inflammation and atrophy, bursitis, frozen shoulder, excessive perspiration, urticaria, hypertension. Sj-10 with direct moxibustion / H-3 = scrofula.

The meridian
Sj-14 Jianliao Shoulder Crevice Dispels wind and cold, invigorates Qi and blood in the shoulder.

Sj-14 joined to H-1/ St-38 joined to B-57 = perifocal inflammation of the shoulder joint.

The meridian
Sj-15 Tianliao Point of Heavenly Yang wei mai. Crevice Invigorates Qi and blood in the jingluo Shoulder and upper back pain and stiffness, stiff neck, clavicular pain, no perspiration.

The meridian
Sj-16 Tianyou Point Window of Window of the Heaven sky. Dispels wind, invigorates Qi and blood in the Jingluo. Neck stiffness and pain, torticolis, swollen face, sudden deafness, throat bi, headache due to wind, dizziness, lively dreams, blurred vision, swollen face, pain in the eye, lacrimation, goiter. Facial paralysis, lockjaw, trigeminal neuralgia, convulsions, deafness, tinnitus, all ear diseases, otitis media, parotitis, blurred vision, vertigo, aural hallucinations, scrofula, lymphangitis, toothache. Sj-16/ Si-3 = stiff neck and torticolis Level with the angle of the mandible and Si-17.

The meridian
Sj-17 Yifeng Meeting Wind Screen point of Sanjiao and Gall bladder. Dispels wind, cold, heat and phlegm, invigorates Qi and blood in the Jingluo, opens the sensory orifices.

Sj-3/ Sj-17/ G-2 = deafness, tinnitus, otitis media, Sj-17/ H-5 = sudden aphasia.

The meridian

Sj-21 Ermen Ear Gate

Dispels wind, cold and heat, opens the ears.

The meridian
Sj-22 Heliao Harmony Crevice Point of exit. Clears heat and wind, invigorates Jingluo of the face.

Deafness, tinnitus, all ear diseases, otitis media, ear abscess, excessive cerumen production, tempomandibular joint pain, headache, lips rigid.

Sj-21/ G-2/ Si-19 = all ear diseases.

Headache, facial paralysis, facial tic, tinnitus, otitis externa, convulsions, neck and jaw swollen, rhinitis, nasal polypus.

The meridian
Sj-23 Sizhukong Silken Bamboo Hole Dispels wind, heat and fire, brightens the eyes. All eye diseases, optic nerve atrophy, blurred vision, color blindness, supraorbital pain, temporal headaches, seizures, insanity, sudden blindness relating to hysteria, dizziness, conjunctivitis, facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia, photofobia. Conjunctivitis, keratitis, myopia, excessive lacrimation, photofobia, optic nerve atrophy, night or color blindness, facial paralysis, headache, trigeminal neuralgia. Sj-23/ G-20/ Li-4 = unilateral headache.


The meridian
Point of G-1 Tongziliao entry, Pupil Crevice Meeting point of Gall bladder, San jiao, The Small meridian intestine. G-2 Tinghui Hearing Meeting Eliminates wind heat and fire.

G-1/ G-40 = membrane over the eye.

Insertion - transversely towards TaiYang.

Dispels wind, cold and heat and dampness, invigorates Qi and blood in the Jingluo.

The meridian
G-4 Hanyan Jaw Serenity Meeting point of Gallblad der, Sanjiao, Small intestine. Regulates Qi and blood in the Jingluo.

All ear dseases, deafness, tinnitus, deaf mutism, otitis media, facial paralysis or pain, otorrhea, headache, mumps, toothache, tempomandibular joint arthritis, convulsions, seizures, sadness. Headache, migraine, blurred vision, tinnitus, deafness, vertigo, sneezing, children convulsions, epilepsy, rheumatism, neck pain.

Sj-3/ Sj-17/ G-2 = deafness, tinnitus, otitis media, Sj-21/ G-2/ Si-19 = all ear diseases.

G-4 long needle to G-7 = migraine.

One Cun below St-8.

The meridian

G-8 Shuaigu Leading Valley

Meeting point of Gall bladder and Bladder.

Regulates Qi and blood in the head

Headache, migraine, temporal or vertical headache, vomiting, eye diseases, melancholy, drunkenness, hangover.

The meridian
G-12 Wangu Meeting point of Mastoid Gall Process bladder and Bladder. Dispels wind, cold and heat, calms the spirit. Insomnia (of Liv Yang type), mania, seizures, headache, dizziness, tinnitus, neck pain and stiff, face swollen, weak legs, dark yellow urine. G-12/ B-18/ B-19 = insomnia (of Liv Yang type). Weak legs.

The meridian
Point of Yang G-14 Yangbai wei mai, Bright Yang Meeting point of Gall bladder, Stomach The meridian and Yang wei mai. Point of Yang wei mai, Meeting point of G-20 Fengchi Gall Wind Pool bladder, Sanjiao and Yang wei mai. The Dispels wind, cold and heat, brightens the eyes. Facial paralysis, frontal headache, dizziness, twitching or ptosis of eyelids, conjunctivitis, blurred vision, night blindness, excessive lacrimation, trigeminal neuralgia, photofobia, nausea. G-14/ Li-4/ St-41 = Splitting headache with pain surrounding the eye.

Dispels wind, cold, heat and external conditions, subdues Liver Yang and wind and fire, invigorates Qi and blood, opens the sensory orifices.


Febrile diseases, headache, migraine, common cold and flu, hypertension, hemiplegia, windstroke, cerebral hemorrhage and congestion, glaucoma, conjunctivitis, optic nerve atrophy, excessive lacrimation, sudden blindness, night blindness, stiff neck and shoulder, deafness, tinnitus, vertigo, aural vertigo, seizures, hyperthyroidism, tetany, flushed face, insomnia, blocked nose and sinusitis, skin diseases. Stiffness and pain of the neck, shoulder and upper back, mastitis, agalactia, difficult labor, scrofula, vertigo, vertical headache, chest pain, dyspnea, boils, carbuncles, breast abscess, alternate hot and cold, fever, blurred vision, lacrimation, optic nerve atrophy, tinnitus, poor hearing, stiff spine, nausea, morning sickness

Li-4/ Li-11/ Du-16/ Du-14/ G-20/ Sp-10/ B-40 = psoriasis, Li-4/ G-20/ Taiyang/ Liv-3 = headache, G-20/ Li-4/ St-40/ St-41 = headache with dizziness.

Meeting point of G-21 Jianjing Gallblad Shoulder der, Well Sanjiao and Yang wei mai, point of The meridian Yang wei mai.

Regulates Qi and blood in the tendons and Jingluo, redirects rebellious Qi and spreads Liver Qi, dispels wind and cold, expedites labor and lactation.

Si-1/ G-21/ Ren-17/ St-18 = mastitis or breast abscess.

BACK TO TOP meridian . kidney colic. uterovaginal spasms. sighing. cholelythiasis. calms the fetus. axillary and shoulder pain and distention. intestinal and abdominal hernia. hip or lower back pain. nephrolythiasis. borborygmus. false urge to defecate in women. colitis. transforms damp heat. spasms. irregular menstruation. Tonifies and regulates the kidneys and water pathways. orchitis. lower abdominal. diarrhea. Lower abdominal and lower back pain. G-26/ G-43 = amenorrhea with abdominal pain and stiffness. cholecystitis. jaundice. Regulates the Dai mai and menstruation. Hernia. redirects rebellious Qi. Lower abdomina and lower back pain and distention. unable to speak. ascites. restless fetus. Meeting point of Dai mai and Gall bladder. gallbladder and stomach. nephritis. anorexia. nephritis. transforms damp heat. The meridian Alarm G-25 Jingmen Mu point Capital Gate of the kidney. intercostal. leucorrhea. leucorrhea. hepatitis. biliary colic.(cautiously). vomiting. chronic constipation. vaginal prolapse. hyperacidity. hernia. cystitis. G-27/ Liv-3/ Liv-8 = orchitis. false urge to defecate or urinate. The meridian G-27 Wushu Five Pivots The meridian Point of Dai mai. transforms dampness. endometriosis. diarrhea. Regulates the intestines. dysmenorrhea. childhood convulsions. Meeting point of Dai mai and Gall The bladder. The meridian G-26 Daimai Girdling Vessel Point of Dai mai. gastric and duodenal ulcer. retracted scrotum. raises middle Qi. G-24 Riyue Sun & Moon Alarm mu point Regulates liver. Regulates the lower jiao. painful urinary dysfunction. can not bend. can not stand for a long period.expels stones. Biliary diseases. irregular menstruation. weak extremities. hiccups. kidney stones. hypochondriac. endometriosis. hypochondriac. transforms damp heat. edema. G-28 Weidao Point of Linking Path Dai mai. irregular menstruation. orchitis. Meeting point of Dai mai and Gall bladder. Diabetes. abdominal or lower back pain.

Wei and Bi syndrome affecting lower extremities. liver cirrhosis. headache. Bi syndrome and rheumatism of the knee joint. pain and numbness in upper limbs. spasms. hip and knee pain and inflammation. Sj-5/ G-41/ Liv-14/ G-34 = ribs pain and cholecystitis. especially spreading Qi. dispels wind. lower abdominal and lower back pain. neurasthenia. urticaria. The meridian G-33 Xiyangguan Knee Yang Gate Invigorates Qi and blood in the tendons and Jingluo. cold. lower abdominal and lower back pain. G-31/ St-33 = weak legs. knee pain. cholelythiasis. unilateral itching of whole body. sprain and pain. leg paralysis. leg Qi. irregular periods. B-23/ G-30/ G-34/ G-39/ G41 = sciatica and motor disturbances of lower extremities. hyperacidity. Biliary diseases. pruritis. orchitis. tongue. insanity. leg paralysis. thigh muscular spasm. axillary and shoulder pain and distention. weak extremities. erysipelas of lower body. facilitates Qi and blood flow in the tendons and muscles and Jingluo. sciatica. dispels wind. Regulates and tonifies the liver and Gallbladder. hemipegia. Hip joint inflammation. fright. lower back pain and sciatica. herpes zoster. leg Qi. cholecystitis. hypertension. The meridian G-31 Fengshi Wind Market Invigorates Qi and blood in the tendons and Jingluo. bitter taste in the mouth. subdues Liver yang and wind. leg Qi. He sea point. The meridian . intercostal. dispels wind. cold. Invigorates Qi and blood in the tendons and Jingluo. swelling and immobility. jaundice. clears heat and damp heat. sprain and pain. B-23/ G-30/ G-34/ G-39/ G41 = sciatica and motor disturbances of lower extremities. Bi and Wei syndrome. swelling of the mouth. hypochondriac. Meeting point of Bladder and Gall bladder. heat and dampness. constipation. Meeting point of Yang qiao mai with the Gall bladder. hepatitis. urticaria. G-33/ Liv-8/ G-34/ Sp-9 = arthritis of knee The meridian Earth point. shoulder and chest. sciatica. biliary colic. G-30/ B-67 = Chest pain associated with waist and leg pain. sciatica. G-34/ Danangxue/ P-6/ Huato of T-8/9 = cholecystitis. edema. madness. face and head. cold and heat. G-34 Associat Yanglingquan ed point Yang Mound of the Spring tendons. Bi and Wei syndrome of lower extremities. hemiplegia. heat and dampness. eye red and swollen. Invigorates Qi and blood in the tendons and Jingluo Hip joint inflammation. Thigh and knee weakness.G-29 Juliao Inhabited Crevice The meridian G-30 Huantiao Jumping Circle Point of Yang qiao mai. G-29/ B-17/ B-18/ B-20 = gastric or duodenal ulcer. thigh muscular spasm. dysmenorrhea. leg Qi.

(Yuan . weakness of legs. night or color blindness.Luo combination). Qiuhou/ B-1/ G-20/ Si-6/ G-37 = inflammation of the optic nerve. leg Qi. pasty skin. Assistance Sedation point. extinguishes Liver wind. G-39/ G-43/ G20 = Migraine. migraine. bitter taste in the mouth. muscular tetany. Malaria. general pain and stiffness. fever and chills without perspiration. redirects rebellious Qi. infantile kyphosis.G-35 Yangjiao Yang Intersection Xi cleft point of Yang wei mai. neck pain and stiffness. stiff and painfull neck. chest and hypochondriac pain and fullness. sciatica. eye outer canthus pain and redness. generalized arthralgia and Bi syndrome. dispels wind and heat. chorea. seizures. Meeting point of three Yang lower meridian s: Gall bladder. Wei and Wandering Bi syndromes. anorexia. pain and numbness of the lower extremity. neck. axillary and clavicular swelling. bad temper. dysuria. asthma. headache. The meridian . Hemiplegia. throat numb and nose dry. painful defecation. sighs a lot. Regulates the Gall bladder and transforms damp heat. The meridian Associat ed point for bone marrow. Regulates the Gall bladder and resolves damp heat. invigorates Qi and blood . knee pain. opens the eyes. Bladder and Stomach. optic nerve atrophy. severe arthritis. Regulates the gall bladder and transforms damp heat. G-39 Xuanzhong Suspended Bell Sj-6/ G-39 = wandering bi. abdominal pain. constipation. cold feet. muscular tetany. unilateral headache. migraine. sciatica. G-38 Yangfu Shu river Yang point. chest pain with cough. gastrocnemius and peroneal muscle weak or paralysed or spastic. beriberi. cataract. hands and feet uncoordinated. abdominal or hypochondriac pain. tinnitus. dispels wind and heat and transforms damp heat. The meridian G-37 Guangming Bright Light Luo point Regulates and tonifies the Liver and Gallbladder. Sciatica. Liv-3/ G-37 = to regulate liver and gall bladder functioning and benefit the eyes. hemorrhoids. Hepatitis. dispels wind and heat. chest and hypochondriac pain. goiter. insanity. blurred vision. knee pain. Sj-1/ G-38/ Taiyang = unilateral headache or migraine. All eye diseases. fear. mania. B-23/ G-30/ G-34/ G-39/ G41 = sciatica and motor disturbances of lower extremities. jaundice. sciatica. diarrhea. The meridian G-36 Waiqiu Xi cleft Outer Mound point of Gallblad der. The meridian Fire point. conjunctivitis. melancholia. poor hearing. G-39/ St-36/ Sp-6 = leg Qi. leg Qi. chest and hypochondriac pain and fullness. CVA.

lacrimation. Ankle joint sprain. Du23/ G-40/ St-43 = tidal fevers. insomnia or somnolence. scrofula. otitis media with purulent ear fluid. vertigo. pain or Bi syndrome. G-41/ Sp-6/ Ren-3 = dysmenorrhea. tinnitus. goiter. scrofula. jaw swollen. gallbladder and Dai mai. intercostal neuralgia. vertigo. unilateral or occipital and sometimes vertical headache. Tonificat ion point. sore throat. tidal fever. dyspnea. vertigo. pleurisy. facilitates lactation. G-43 Xiaxi Clamped Stream The meridian G-44 Zuqiaoyin Foot Yin Portal Water point. Wei syndrome. mastoid pain. conjunctivitis. Deafness. cowardice. dispels wind and heat. tongue stiff. unilateral headache. costal and hypochondriac pain and distention. Sj3/ Li-1/ G-40 = chronic tidal fever. unilateral headache. four limbs swollen and puffy. intermittent fever. axillary lymphadenitis and swelling. clears the sensory orifices. conjunctivitis. hypertension. Regulates the gall bladder and subdues liver Yang. intercostal neuralgia. wind edema. dispels wind and heat. dream disturbed sleep. sciatica. invigorates Qi and blood and softens hard masses. The meridian . St-40/ B-13/ G-40 = chest pain with phlegmatic cough. malaria. softens hard masses. dampness between toes. Jing well point. dysmenorrhea. neck. Spring rong point. excessive perspiration. fever without perspiration. transforms damp heat and extinguishes liver wind. chest and ribs pain. Regulates the gall bladder and subdues liver Yang. G-41 Zulinqi Foot Barrier of Tears The meridian Regulates the liver. weak willpower. G-41/ G-20/ St-40 = headache and vertigo.G-40 Qiuxu Ruined Hill Source yuan point. tinnitus. intercostal neuralgia. numb throat. The meridian Wood point. hemiplegia. Breast abscess. hiccups. Dannangxue/ P-6/ G-40 = cholecystitis. blurred vision. G-2/ G-43/ H-7/ P-6 = tinnitus and partial deafness. hypertension. G-40/ G-32/ Sj-8 = intercostal neuralgia. Metal point. cholecystitis. irregular menstruation. axillary and cervical lymphadenitis. crying. G-1/ G-40 = membrane over the eye. deficient lactation. Regulates the liver and gallbladder and transforms damp heat. anxiety and palpitations. Deafness. wind Bi rheumatic pain. conjunctivitis. chest and hypochondriac pain. acid regurgitations. febrile diseases. dyspnea. Shu stream point. breast distention in relation to menstruation. lower back pain and sciatica. infantile paralysis. mastitis. Master point of Dai mai. febrile diseases. G-41/ G-27/ B-23/ G-23/ St29 = dysmenorrhea with breast distention and lower abdominal pain.

malaria. enuresis. abdominal distention. insomnia. Stream shu point. eye red and painfull. abdominal pain and distention. (Yuan .Liv-1 Dadun Great Sincerety Wood point. menorrhagia. Liv-2/ K-1 = thirst and emaciation. restless fetus. Liv-3/ G-37 = to regulate liver and gall bladder functioning and benefit the eyes. vomiting. hernia. hematuria. fainting. amenorrhea. seizures. genital pain. fire and wind.Luo combination). All biliary diseases. colic. Liv-2/ G-20/ Li-4 = glaucoma. breast abscess. mastitis. epilepsy. . genital pain. insufficient lactation. spermatorrhea. cholelythiasis. early menstruation. blood in the stools. knees swollen and painful. The meridian Liv-4 Zhongfeng Middle Seal Metal point. hepatitis. orchitis. Rong spring point. constipation or diarrhea. clears heat and damp heat. constipation. transforms damp heat. Jing river point. epigastric pain. dysmenorrhea. leucorrhea. urethritis. Pain. neurasthenia. Jing well point. breast abscess. colic. blood in the urine or stools. conjunctivitis. irregular menstruation. LIV-8/ LIV-4/ LIV-3/ BL67/ BL-17/ BL-20/ SP-6/ BL-23/ REN-4/ BL-22 = spermatorrhea with dreams. hematemesis. impotence. calms the spirit. menopausal and premenstrual syndromePMS. hepatitis. enuresis. hiccups. The meridian Fire point. constipation. frigidity. muscular weakness. somnolence. H-7/ P-6/ yintang/ Liv-3/ Sp-6 = anxiety and depression. dizziness. pruritis vulva. vaginal pain. jaundice. tinnitus. hernia. anorexia. abnormal uterine bleeding. jaundice. hyperthyroidism. genital pain. BACK TO TOP Liv-2 Xingjian Moving Between The meridian Liv-3 Taichong Great Rushing Source yuan point. Headache. spasm and pain in the diaphragm and hypochondriac regions. Regulates and spreads liver Qi. vertigo. dysuria. reduces liver yang. intercostal neuralgia. glaucoma. excessive perspiration. jaundice (Yang type). invigorates the blood and regulates the Qi. cools the blood and redirects rebellious Qi. trigeminal neuralgia. Abdominal pain and distention. insanity. Regulates and tonifies the liver. Liv-3/ Sp-6 = regulates liver Qi. convulsions. hernia. point of sedation. Earth point. testicular mumps or contracture. cystitis. spreads liver Qi. urinary incontinence. nausea. diarrhea. cools and invigorates the blood. inflammation and swelling of the genitalia. Li4/ G-20/ Taiyang/ Liv-3 = headache. point of entry. abnormal uterine bleeding. red and swollen eyes. Regulates the liver and clears liver yang. cold feet. temporomandibular joint pain. Regulates and tonifies the liver and transforms damp heat and fire. temporal or vertical headache. insomnia.

scrotal or vaginal itching. Liv-8/ K-6/ Liv-1 = prolapsed uterus. testicular mumps. leucorrhea. throat Bi. Hepatitis. leucorrhea. irregular menstruation. Liv-8/ Liv-2 = urinary retention. Regulates and spreads liver Qi. Liv-8/ Liv-12/ Sp-6 = hernial pain. Irregular menstruation. pharyngitis. He sea Liv-8 Ququan point. Liv-5/ Ren-3/ G-26 = leucorrhea with pruritis vulva. depression. vaginitis. tonifies liver yin. The meridian Water point. large stools. The meridian Liv-6 Zhongdu Central Capital Xi cleft point. spreads liver Qi and transforms damp heat. leucorrhea. endometriosis. clears heat and damp heat. hypochondriac or lower abdominal distention and pain. premature ejaculation. Curved Tonificat ion point Spring Regulates the liver and tonifies liver Qi. arthritic pain or meniscus of medial knee. Wei syndrome and weak legs. bloody diarrhea. Liv-5/ Liv-8/ Liv-3 = orchitis. prostatitis. infertility. pain in vagina and thighs. eczema and itching genitalia. disorders of menstruation. invigorates the blood. The meridian Liv-9 Yinbao Yin Envelope Adjusts menstruation and regulates the lower jiao.The meridian Luo point. Uterine prolapse. palpitations. The meridian Liv-7 Xiguan Knee Joint Invigorates Qi and blood. penile pain. Penile pain. impotence. blood and Yin. infertility. painful urinary dysfunction. numb and painful. arthritic pain or miniscus of medial knee. spermatorrhea. uterovaginal prolapse. jaundice. Liv-5 Ligou Draining Canal Regulates and spreads liver Qi. Liv5/ H-8 = plum-pit sensation in throat. amenorrhea. spermatorrhea. transforms damp heat. abnormal erections. endometriosis. dysmenorrhea. irregular menstruation. headache. abnormal uterine bleeding. urinary retention or incontinence. LIV-5/ LIV-9 = Irregular menstruation. hernia. retention of urine. Sexual organs diseases. diarreha. dizziness. skin cold. Wind Bi syndrome. scrotal pain or eczema. fear. .

chest and epigastric pain. vomiting. pancreatitis. B-20/ Liv-13 = All spleen and Tzang diseases (shu mu technique). sterility. regulates and spreads liver Qi. spermatorrhea. jaundice. intercostal neuralgia. Alarm Mu point of the Spleen. hyperacidity.with a strong finger pressure.-3/ = Somnolence with no desire to move the four limbs. Sj-5/ G-41/ Liv-14/ G-34 = ribs pain and cholecystitis. meridian Liver and Yin wei mai. Helps perspiration and sleep. LIV-10/ LIV-4 = Jaundice with periodic low grade fever. harmonizes liver and spleen. Pain of the genitals. Infertility. LIV-14/ ST-19 = sharp pain in the heart. cholecystitis. stomach and middle jiao. hunger without desire to eat. acute abdominal colic. pain of the hypogastrium. The meridian Liv-12 Jimai Urgent Pulse Eliminates cold from the Liver channel and benefits the lower jiao. indigestion. Liv-13/ Sp-3/ K6/ Sj-6 = constipation. urinary retention. The meridian Liv-13 Zhangmen Completion Gate The meridian Hepatitis. regulates and invigorates Qi and blood. Cycle Gate point of Exit. borborygmus. Regulates the liver and gall bladder and spreads liver Qi. pancreatitis. belching. pain of the inner thigh. helps perspiration and sleep. epigastric pain. Regulates and tonifies the spleen. Meeting point of Gallblad der and Liver. damp and itching scrotum. swelling of the testicles. abdominal pain and distention. dry mouth. body tremors. diarrhea and constipation. pain in the inner thigh and knee. uterine prolapse. LIV-10/ SJ-8/ SJ-10/ ST-45/ L. abdominal tumors. hypertension. irregular menstruation. Hepatitis. Many classical texts recommend moxibustion at this point for the treatment of infertility. flatulence. peritonitis. acute abdominal colic . softens hard masses. fatigued extremities.I. LIV-1/ LIV-14/ KID-10/ BL-40/ BL-39 = difficult urination with involuntary erections. thirst. hypochondriac distention and pain. Liv-1/ Liv-14 = hard nodules and flank pain. pain of the penis. cirrhosis. transforms damp heat. . Associat ed point of all Zang organs. malaria. ascites. Meeting point of the The Spleen. regulates tendons Qi in the pubic area. Alarm Mu point Liv-14 Qimen of Liver. Care should be taken to avoid penetrating the femoral vein which passes laterally to the point. The meridian Liv-11 Yinlian Yin Corner Abdominal distention. LIV-13/ SP-4/ SJ6/ GB-34 = pain of the lateral costal region. LIV13/ REN-12/ BL-17 = vomiting.The meridian Liv-10 Wuli Five Miles Regulates Qi and blood and transforms damp heat. enlarged spleen and or liver. lassitude.

B-28/ Ren-3 = urinary diseases. All diseases of the perineal area. dysmenorrhea. genital or perineal swelling and pain. amenorrhea. retention or incontinence of urine. uterovaginal or rectal prolapse. ascites. prostatitis. spermatorrhea. coma. abnormal bleeding. one meridian of the 13 Ghost points for madness. cystitis. lower abdominal pain and distention. raises middle Qi and astringes bleeding. retention or incontinence of urine. Meeting point of Ren-2 Qugu Liver Curved Bone with Ren mai Regulates Qi and blood and the Ren mai. dysuria. impotence. Meeting point of Ren mai with Spleen. Regulates the bladder and water pathways. scrotum damp and itching. . bladder stones. cystitis. B-36/ K10/ Sp-9/ St-29/ Ren-3 = prostatitis. lower abdominal pain and distention. impotence. urethritis. resolves damp heat and cools the blood. calms the spirit and clears the brain. Kidney and Liver. hernia. endometriosis. Ren-3/ B-23/ Li-4/ Sp-6 = amenorrhea. irregular menstruation. impotence or premature ejaculation. lassitude. Ren-3/ Sp-9/ Sp-6 = enuresis. BACK TO TOP Regulates and warms the bladder. H-8/ Ren-3/ Ren-2/ Sp-10/ Sp-8 = bloody urine with cystitis. dysmenorrhea. premature ejaculation. dysmenorrhea. edema. uterus cold. amenorrhea. Meeting Ren-1 Huiyin point of Yin Meeting the Ren mai with Du mai and Chong The mai. vaginitis. leucorrhea with blood. hemorrhoids. The meridian Alarm Mu point of bladder. leucorrhea. insanity. orchitis. genital pain and itching. All urinary diseases. irregular menstruation. uterine prolapse. prostatitis. All urinary diseases. impotence. melancholia. endometriosis. hysteria. Ren-3 Zhongji Middle Pole The meridian H-8/ Ren-3/ Ren-2/ Sp-10/ Sp-8 = bloody urine with cystitis. cold scrotum. tonifies the kidney. uterus cold. itching. Ren-3/ K-11/ Sp-9 = spermatorrhea.Point of Chong mai. spermatorrhea. spermatorrhea. amenorrhea. pruritis vulva. hernia. night perspiration. urinary retention. pelvic inflammation. drowning. orchitis. Liv-5/ Ren-3/ G26 = leucorrhea with pruritis vulva. enuresis. infertility.

Ren-4/ K-1 = acute pain with urinary retention. amenorrhea. night perspiration. testicle pain. Spleen and Kidney. emaciation. Ren. abnormal uterine bleeding. cystitis. knee and back pain. anemia. A general tonification point. organ prolapse . Tonifies the kidneys and regulates the lower jiao. menopausal syndrome. Ren-7/ Ren-9/ K-16 = hayfever and deficiency of Wei Qi. tonifies Qi and blood. dysmenorrhea. distention. urinary incontinence or retention. hyper or hypotension. tenesmus. irregular menstruation. pulmonary TB. leucorrhea. dispels cold and dampness and warms the Yang Qi Tonifies the kidneys. St-36/ Ren-4/ Ren-6 = General tonification. forgetfulness. L-9/ B-13/ St-36/ Ren-4 = tonify lungs and immune system. tonifies Qi and blood. emaciation. Ren-6 Qihai Sea of Qi The meridian A general tonification point. lassitude. K-3/ B-23/ Sp-6/ Ren-4/ St-29 = infertility. shock. windstroke with collapse. B-12/ Du-12/ St-36/ Ren-4 = strengthen Wei Qi for wind diseases. insomnia. The meridian Tonifies the kidneys. Abdominal pain and distention. spermatorrhea. shock. diabetes. leucorrhea with pruritis. infertility. impotence. tenesmus. excessive perspiration and itching of genitalia. The meridian . pain around umbilicus. nephritis. diabetes. damp cold and dampness. abnormal uterine bleeding. clears deficiency heat and cools the blood. insomnia. urinary dysfunction. Meeting point of the Ren Ren-7 Yinjiao mai with Yin Junction the Chong mai. orchitis. Meeting point of Ren mai with Liver. vertigo. infertility. cold and pain of the lower abdomen. asthma. hernial disorders. neurasthenia. The meridian Sea of Energy. dysentery. abdominal tumors. B-27/ Ren-4 = small intestine disorders and fluids absorption (shu mu technique). dizziness. urinary frequency or retention. lassitude. St-36/ Ren-4/ Ren-6 = General tonification. post partum depression. Ren-6/ Du-4/ Du-2 = urinary incontinence. chronic nephritis. organ prolapse. Alarm Ren-5 Shimen Mu point Stone Gate of the Sanjiao. vomiting. amenorrhea. regulates the Small intestine and resolves damp heat. regulates the lower jiao and menstruation. Edema. weak limbs. constipation. orchitis. tidal fever. enriches Yin Qi and invigorates Yang Qi. cancer. Ren mai and raises middle Qi. spermatorrhea.4/ Liv-1 = unilateral testicle distention. Tonifies the kidneys and Yuan Qi. Sp-6/ B-23/ Ren-4/ Ren-6 = general weakness and debility. irregular menstruation. impotence. Yuan Qi and the lower jiao. chronic diarrhea. cystitis. vertigo. diarrhea. abnormal uterine bleeding. hotflashes. Yuan Qi and the lower jiao. anxiety. hernial disorders. enriches Yin Qi and invigorates Yang Qi. transforms dampness. neurasthenia. diarrhea. asthma.Ren-4 Guanyuan Gate of the Source Alarm Mu point of Small intestine. dizziness. irregular menstruation. anxiety and palpitations. leucorrhea. hernia. postpartum hemorrhage. leucorrhea. abdominal hard masses. stabilizes kidney Qi.

Ascites. rectal prolapse. and distention. Ren-8/ Ren-9/ Ren-6 = pain around naval. edema. painful urinary dysfunction. The meridian Acute and chronic diarrhea. Gastritis. restless fetus. St-40/ Sp-9/ Ren-9 = ascites and swollen abdomen. internal cold. abdominal pain. borborygmus. abdominal pain and cold. all urinary disorders. B22/ Ren-9/ Sp-9 = edema and ascites. lower back pain. abdominal spasms. nephritis. resolves dampness. urinary retention. transforms damp heat and dampness. hematuria. vomiting. stomach and intestines. ascites. borborygmus. tonifies the kidney Yang and resolves dampness. stomach. diarrhea. fainting. windstroke and collapse syndrome with cold extremities. Regulates the spleen. palpitations. transforms dampness. Gastritis. The meridian . lips swelling. headache. duodenal ulcer. small intestine and water pathways. only moxibustion or acu-pressure. abdominal pain and distention. The meridian Ren-11 Jianli Interior Strength Regulates and tonifies the spleen and stomach. cold. incessant lactation. abdominal pain. abdominal masses. urinary incontinence or retention. cardiac pain. Needling prohibited. neurasthenia. anorexia. Undigested food in the stool: REN-10/ ST-36/ ST21/ SP-6/ BL-25/ BL-22/ DU-5. leucorrhea with blood. incessant shivering. The meridian Ren-10 Meeting Xiawan point of Lower Cavity the Ren mai and the spleen. borborygmus. Regulates the spleen and stomach. edema. dysuria. anorexia. dysentery. Ren-9 Shuifen Separate Water Meeting point of the Ren mai and Lung.Ren-8 Shenque Spirit Palace Gate Tonifies and regulates the spleen. Ren-7/ Ren-9/ K-16 = hayfever and deficiency of Wei Qi. edema. diarrhea. ascites. anorexia. Ren-8 (moxa)/ B-24/ St-36 = chronic diarrhea. borborygmus. vomiting.

stomach and epigastric pain. hiccup. vomiting. Associat ed point of all the Fu organs.Ren-12 Zhongwan Middle Cavity The meridian Alarm Mu point of the Stomach. forgetfulness. anxiety. palpitations. anorexia. gastroptosis or other organs prolapse. P-6/ Ren-12/ St-36/ Sp-4 = nausea. Pericarditis. diarrhea. Wei syndrome. acid regurgitations. migraine. Alarm Mu point Ren-14 Juque of the Great Palace Heart. morning sickness. pulmonary TB. mania. Ren-13/ P-6/ Sp-4 = cardiac spasm. jaundice. hiccup. stomach and middle jiao. excessive salivation. asthma. jaundice. palpitations and anxiety. depression. emaciation. calms the spirit. epigastric pain and distention. cough with excessive sputum. anorexia. Gate P-5/ Ren-14/ Du-26/ H-7/ St-40/ Liv-3 = angina pectoris with phlegm in the heart orifices. regulates the stomach and redirects rebellious Qi. cold extremeties. ulcers. chest pain. spasms of the diaphragm. chest pain. throat numb and painful. hiccups. collapse syndrome with cold hands and feet. dizziness or vertigo. hysteria. SI. gastralgia. intestinal abscess. madness. diarrhea. Abdominal pain and distention. all gastric diseases. redirects rebellious Qi. diabetes. sour taste in mouth. B-21/ Ren-12 = all gastric diseases. Abdominal pain and distention. (shu mu technique). childhood nutritional impairment. vomiting. diarrhea. spasms of the diaphragm. calms the spirit. headache. Meeting point of the Ren mai. meridian Regulates the spleen and stomach and redirects rebellious Qi. The meridian Luo point of the Ren mai. constipation. SJ and Stomach. B-15/ Ren-14 = shu mu technique for heart diseases. vomiting. seizures. B-22/ Ren-7/ Ren-12/ Ren-17 = regulates Triple burner activities in all burners. Ren-15 Jiuwei Turtledove Tail Regulates the heart and transforms phlegm. fear. acidity. Anti smoking. Regulates the heart and transforms phlegm. acid regurgitations. ulcers. Ren-13/ P-6/ St-36/ Li-10 = acute gastritis. palpitations. nausea and vomiting. BACK TO TOP Meeting Ren-13 point of Shangwan the Ren Upper Cavity mai with the Stomach and Small The intestine. vomiting. borborygmus. The meridian . calms the spirit. dysentery. chest painful and distended. lassitude. clears stomach fire and dampness. weak limbs. Regulates and tonifies the spleen. redirects rebellious Qi and clears stomach fire and heat. hysteria. difficult swallowing. morning sickness. sinusitis. bronchitis. insanity. Epigastric pain. hypertension. Ren-14/ Sj10/ B-15 = mental instability. dyspnea. insanity. mental exhaustion. raises middle Qi. hiccups. pain of the abdominal skin (excess). morning sickness. fear. cough. itching of the abdominal skin (Xu). jaundice. dispels wind and heat. restless fetus. lassitude.

especially sedation. throat numb and painful. weak vocal cords. cervical adenitis. Meeting point of the Ren The mai with meridian the Pericardi um. P-6/ P-1/ Du-14/ Ren-17 = asthma. Ren-20 Huagai Magnificent Canopy Regulates the lungs and upper jiao. L-5/ K-2/ K-3/ Ren-4/Ren6/ Ren-23 = diabetes The meridian . goiter. dyspnea. bronchitis. dyspnea. Small intestine. Pulls Yin Qi upward. Anti smoking. The meridian Ren-22 Tiantu Heaven's Chimney Window of the sky. vocal cords tumors. facial pallor. palpitations. constriction of the esophagus. The meridian Ren-23 Lianquan Corner Spring Meeting point of Ren mai and Yin wei mai. L-1/ Dingchuan/ P6/ Ren-17 = bronchial asthma. wheezing. insufficient lactation. facilitates lactation. cardiac pain. cough. Si-1/ G-21/ Ren-17/ St-18 = mastitis or breast abscess. Generates fluids and clears heat and fire. lung abscess. breast abscess or mastitis. hematemesis. pharyngitis. transforms phlegm and redirects rebellious Qi. mouth and tongue ulcers. vomiting. tonsillitis. throat swollen and painful. mucus in the throat. pulmonary TB. Acute and chronic asthma. B-22/ Ren-7/ Ren-12/ Ren-17 = regulates Triple burner activities in all burners. mutism. aphasia. hypochondriac pain. lung abscess. Thirst. red. esophageal constriction or dryness.Alarm Mu point of the Pericardi um. Si-1/ St-18/ Ren-17 = insufficient lactation. asthma. inflammation or paralysis. Li-4/ L-7/ B-13/ L-1/ Ren-22/ Ren-17 = for asthma. cough. B-14/ Ren-17 = shu . aphonia. tongue paralysis and stiffness. chest pain and distention. esophageal constriction. Li-4/ L-7/ B-13/ L-1/ Ren22/ Ren-17 = for asthma. Regulates the lungs and transforms for heart and pericardium diseases. Chest painful. asthma. invigorates Qi and blood in the throat. bi. Sanjiao. Asthma. aphonia. hypersalivation. Associat ed point Ren-17 of Zong Shanzhong Qi and Chest Center sea of Qi. laryngeal spasms. bronchitis. hiccups. Point of Yin wei mai. dry mouth and throat. dyspnea. Anti smoking. hiccups. and Kidney. anemia. softens hard masses and redirects rebellious Qi. laryngitis. diabetes. somnolence. hemoptysis. Regulates the lungs and expands the chest. hot and congested face. hemoptysis. hysteria with aphonia. glossitis.

fatigue and lassitude. gums or tooth pain. extreme nervousness. Lower extremeties Wei syndrome . colitis. impotence. amenorrhea. dispels wind. depression. urinary incontinence. The meridian . seizures. anal fissure.Ren-24 Chengjiang Fluids Container The meridian Meeting point of Ren mai with the Large intestine and Stomach. Du-1/ Li-4/ Sp-9/ Sp-6 = induce labor. Meeting point of Du ami with the Gallblad der and Kidney. lower back or sacral pain. Ren-24/ St-4/ St-45 = fever. irregular menstruation. knees pain and weakness. blisters on lips and mouth. invigorates Qi and blood. calms the spirit. Stiffness of the spine (shih). scrotal eczema. Luo point. lower extremeties Wei syndrome atrophy and paralysis. lower back or sacral pain. lockjaw. sacral pain and stiffness. Seizures. heat and dampness. Invigorates Qi and blood in the facial muscles. The meridian Hemorrhoids. diarrhea. hemorrhoids. cold. diarrhea. gingivitis. spermatorrhea due to fright. itchiness and numbness. amenorrhea. BACK TO TOP Du-2 Yaoshu Lumbar Shu Regulates Qi and blood and dispels wind and cold. The meridian Du-3 Yaoyang guan Lumbar Yang Gate Tonifies and stabilizes the kidneys. Numbness or paralysis of legs: Du-3 (direct moxa)/ B36/ B-40/ B-58/ B-60/ Du14. leucorrhea. anal pain. pruritis vulva. Ren-6/ Du-4/ Du-2 = urinary incontinence. irregular menstruation.atrophy and paralysis. Upward insertion for needle sensation traveling proximally. clears heat. melancholia. fear. B-30/ Du-1/ B-57 = painful and bleeding hemorrhoids. voice loss. heaviness of the head and shaking of the head (Xu). neck and occipital region stiff and painful. constipation. painful and bloody hemorrhoids. fecal incontinence. convulsions. epilepsy. insanity. dental caries. premature ejaculation. excessive thirst. one of the 13 Ghost Points for madness. excessive salivation. mouth and tongue ulcers. Du-1 Chengqiang Lasting Strength Regulates the Du mai and the intestines.dispels cold and dampness. Facial paralysis or swelling. Du-1/ B-25/ B-57/ Du-20 = anal prolapse. nephritis. rectal prolapse. ulcerative colitis. damp heat and cools the blood.

Level of Ganshu . insomnia. childhood convulsions.B-18. Hepatitis. G-34. lower back pain and stiffness. lumbar pain. Du-8. muscular pain or flaccidity. tinnitus. bloody stools.Wei syndrome. Du-5 Xuanshu Suspended Axis Regulates and tonifies the spleen and stomach. disorientation. clears liver fire and transforms damp heat. epigastric pain. body extremely hot. The meridian Nephritis. jaundice. indigestion. infertility. no perspiration. The meridian Du-8 Jinsuo Sinew Contraction Facilitates Qi and blood flow. bronchiectasis. hemorrhoids. kidney colic and pain. chest pain.Du-4 Mingmen Gate of Vitality Tonifies the kidneys and Yuan Qi. sexual dysfunction. regulates the water pathways and resolves dampness. myelitis. Abdominal pain and distention. Level with B-19. meningitis. borborygmus. bone disorders. hypochondriac pain. The meridian Du-9 Zhiyang Reaching Yang Regulates the liver and gall bladder and spreads liver Qi. anemia. impotence. urinary frequency. Muscular and tendon spasm and contracture. gastralgia and indigestion. abdominal and mid-back pain. malaria. Du-9/ G-34/ Sj-6 = psoriasis. Ren-12 = gastric spasm. frigidity. diarrhea. weak lower extremities. cold extremities. irregular menstruation. calms the spirit and restores collapsed Yang. Du-4/ Du-14/ B-17/ Li-11/ St-36 = iron deficiency anemia. diarrhea. Level with B-22. extremity edema and weariness. cough. Du-9/ B-18/ B-20/ St-36/ G34 = infectious hepatitis. Du-4/ B-23 = urinary frequency in the elderly. warms Yang and dispels cold. spinal pain and stiffness. abdominal pain and distention. atrophy . cholecystitis. urinary incontinence. anorexia. somnolence. forgetfulness. abnormal bleeding. hemorrhoids. The meridian . Level with B-17. Du-4/ P-9 = splitting headache and severe heat in the body. leucorrhea. dysuria. amenorrhea. asthma. deterioration of eyesight. neurasthenia. Cholecystitis. fear. Du-9/ P-6 = arrhythmia. The meridian Du-7 Zhongshu Central Axis Regulates the spleen and stomach. mania. Du-4/ Du-20/ Ren4/ Sp-6/ B-33 (moxa) = enuresis.

Febrile and malarial diseases. melancholy. eczema. The meridian Du-11 Shendao Spirit Pathway Regulates the heart and chest. vertigo. P-5/ Du-14/ Du-13/ G-41/ Si-3 = malaria. insomnia. emphysema. chest pain. Big Vertebra Sea of Qi. Si-3/ B-10/ Du-14 = torticollis. calms the spirit. neck and upper back. Febrile convulsions. urticaria. nervousness and insanity in children. Li-4/ Li-11/ Du16/ Du-14/ G-20/ Sp-10/ B40 = psoriasis. headache. neurasthenia. heatstroke. aphasia due to wind stroke. upper back and neck pain and stiffness. boils. wind Bi rheumatism. neck and upper back.Bi . insomnia. calms the spirit and clears the brain. bronchitis. The meridian Dispels wind. chest and hypochondriac pain. hysteria. Level with B-13. heat. heat and wind. cardiac diseases. cough. invigorates Qi and blood. steaming bone syndrome. pneumonia. headache with fever. upper back pain and stiffness. P-6/ P-1/ Du-14/ Ren-17 = asthma. Asthma. insomnia caused by dyspnea. The meridian Du-12 Shenzhu Body Pillar Regulates the lungs and chest. pertussis. boils. depression. numbness or stiffness in the four extremities and or the spine. B-12/ Du-12/ St-36/ Ren-4 = strengthen wei Qi for wind diseases. intermittent fever. dispels wind and heat. pain. fever with aversion to cold. cough. steaming bone syndrome. headache. epilepsy. Level with B-16. bronchitis. fire and all external pathogens. anxiety and palpitations. invigorates Qi and blood. lower back pain. cough. Asthma. tonifies Wei Qi and regulates and facilitates Qi flow. rigidity and pain of the spine. paralysis. insanity. BACK TO TOP . clears fire. common cold. hypertension. pulmonary TB. asthma. mania. influenza. forgetfulness. neck and upper back pain. calms the spirit. suicidal. speaking or breathing difficulty. headache. Du-14/ Du-2 = tidal fever. The meridian Meeting point of all Yang meridian s on the Du-14 Dazhui Du mai. Wei syndrome due to lung fire. extreme nervousness in children. bronchiectasis. rigidity and pain of the spine.diseases. The meridian Du-13 Taodao Moulded Way Meeting point of Du mai and Bladder Regulates and tonifies the lungs and Wei Qi. intermittent fever. epistaxis. hemiplegia. coma.Du-10 Lingtai Spirit Tower Regulates the chest and lungs. P-5/ Du-14/ Du-13/ G-41/ Si-3 = malaria. rheumatic . Level with B-15. cough. Febrile and malarial diseases. invigorates Qi and blood and restores collapsed Yin Qi.

vertigo. influenza. Muteness Meeting point of Yang wei mai. tinnitus. suicidal behavior. rhinitis. point Window of the sky. meeting point of the Du mai with The Yang meridian wei mai and Bladder. stiff neck and spine. anxiety. Headache. seizures. hysteria. all external inflictions such as: the flu. ceaseless vomiting. painful throat. Du-15/ Sj-1 = flaccid tongue and inability to speak. hemiplegia. myopia.CVA. tongue rigidity. mania. sinusitis. Vertigo. . dizziness. headache. Li-4/ Li-11/ Du-16/ Du-14/ G-20/ Sp-10/ B-40 = psoriasis. clears the brain and opens the sensory orifices. seizures. Dispels all forms of wind. neck stiff. dispels wind and heat.Point of Du-15 Yamen Yang Gate of wei mai. neck rigidity. occipital headache. Invigorates Qi flow in the brain and tongue. flushed face. epistaxis. deaf mutism. one of the 13 Ghost Points for madness. blurred vision. blurred vision. The meridian Regulates Qi and blood in the brain. epistaxis. nose blocked. tinnitus. fear. Aphasia or inability to swallow following wind stroke . numbness or paralysis. weakness and lassitude of the lower extremities. cerebral congestion. Du mai The meridian and Bladder. head feels heavy. collapse syndrome. Du-17 Naohu Meeting Brain's Door point of Du mai with Bladder. cerebral hemorrhage. governs the relations with the exterior world. wind rash or urticaria. Sea of bone marrow. point of Du-16 Fengfu Yang Wind Palace wei mai. seizures.

polypus. eyes stare upward. deafness. bleeding or protruding hemorrhoids. spreads liver Qi and subdues liver Yang. Headache. madness. astringes leaking and calms the fetus. infertility. Du-23/ G-40/ St-43 = tidal fever The meridian Du-24 Shenting Spirit Courtyard Meeting point of Du Mai with Stomach and Bladder. fire and wind. Violent frontal headache. insanity. nasal blockage. tidal fever.Sea of marrow point. extreme nervousness in children. fever without perspiration. tinnitus. Li-20/ Yintang/ Du-23 = sinusitis. purulent rhinorrhea. extreme nervousness. hair loss or premature graying. insanity. rhinitis. abnormal uterine bleeding. vertigo. The meridian . meningitis. calms the spirit. Clears the nose and eyes. amnesia. clears wind and heat. vertigo. calms the spirit. neurasthenia. Nasal blockage. forgetfulness. coma. rhinitis. Du-21 Qianding Crown's Front Regulates Qi and blood in the head. impotence. dyspnea with thirst. fainting. face red and swollen. mad behavior. sinusitis. Calms the spirit. uncontrolled weeping. insomnia. clears heat. uncoordinated. tearing or swelling. nervousness. hemiplegia. Headache. nervousness. conjunctivitis. cerebral congestion or hemorrhage. The meridian Du-22 Xinhui Fontanelle Meeting Calms the spirit. Ren-15/ Du-20/ Du-1/ B-57 = prolapsed anus. meridian Regulates and invigorates Qi and blood in the brain. neurasthenia. seizures. facial edema. uncoordinated. myopia. The meridian Du-23 Shangxing Upper Star One of the 13 Ghost Points for madness. urinary incontinence or retention. chronic diarrhea. anosmia. Vertigo. Meeting point of Du-20 Baihui all Yang. convulsions. shock. clears heat. epistaxis. brings Yin Qi to the head. brings Yang Qi to the head. epilepsy. allergic rhinitis and hayfever. Hundred Meeting point of Meetings the Du mai with Bladder and The Liver. restores collapsed Yang Qi. vomiting. epistaxis. facial pallor or redness. redness. eyes pain. eyes stare upward. rhinitis. restless fetus. lacrimation. stabilizes the lower orifices. uterovaginal or rectal prolapse. frontal headache. windstroke. nasal polypus. anosmia.

. opens the eyes and ears. poor hearing. BACK TO TOP M-Hn-9 Taiyang Supreme Yang (Sun) M-hn-14 Bitong Nose Passage M-hn-13 Yiming Shielding Brightness Extra point. lips tremor. vertigo. Clears the brain and calms the spirit. rhinitis. Myopia. hypotension or bradycardia. regulates Qi and blood. polypus. vertigo. epistaxis. epistaxis and other nasal disorders. TaiYang/ ear apex (letblood) = acute conjunctivitis. Extra point. Nasal blockage. palpitations. Dispels wind and heat and clears liver wind. Located 1 Cun posterior to T-17. optic nerve atrophy. summer heat diseases. The meridian Extra point M-HN-3 YINTANG Seal Hole Calms the spirit. Du26/ Ren-1/ P-9 = revive from drowning. spinal pain and muscle spasms. gingivitis. tinnitus. invigorates Qi and blood. collapse syndrome. hypertension. nervousness. neurasthenia. H-5/ Du-25 = bradycardia. nose and mouth. mumps. Du-26/ L-11/ Sp-1/ P-7/ B-62 (fire needle)/ Du-16/ St-6/ Ren24/ P-8/ Du-23/ Ren-1/ Li11 (fire needle) = in this order for madness (13 ghost points). depression with uncontrolled weeping. H-7/ Sp6/Yintang = insomnia. rhinitis. erysipelas. migraine. acute lower back pain and stiffness. excessive weeping. Extra point. facial swelling. eyes. Opens the nasal passages. eyes red and sore. regulates the Du mai and dispels internal and external wind and wind phlegm. retinal and eye fundus hemorrhage. seizures. febrile convulsions. dispels wind and heat. sinusitis. insomnia. Headache. nasal blockage and polypus. insomnia. and sores. cardiac pain or oppression. P-5/ Ren-14/ Du-26/ H-7/ St-40/ Liv-3 = angina pectoris with phlegm in the heart orifices. trigeminal neuralgia. night blindness. nasal obstruction. facial paralysis.Du-25 Suliao White Crevice Regulates Qi and blood of the nose. facial paralysis. lockjaw. fear and anxiety. wind stroke. chest pain. raises Yang Qi. allergic rhinitis. The meridian Meeting point of Du mai with Large intestine and Stomach. optic nerve atrophy. Du-26/ P-6/ K-1/ St-36 = septic shock. fainting. hayfever. cataract. Regulates Qi and blood in the face. Sj-1/ G-38/ Taiyang = unilateral headache or migraine. one of the 13 Ghost Points for madness. nasal blockage. All nasal and sinus disorders. restores collapsed Yang Qi. Calms the spirit. fright. convulsions. muscular tetany. Headache. brightens the eyes Li-4/ G-20/ Taiyang/ Liv-3 = headache. TaiYang/ B2 (letblood) = inflammation of eyelids. violet and bulbous nose from alcohol. epistaxis. purulent rhinorrhea. hypertension. Facial sores in children. Li-20/ Yintang/ Du-23 = sinusitis. stiffling sensation around heart. Coma. excessive thirst. H-7/ P-6/ yintang/ Liv-3/ Sp-6 = anxiety and depression. nasal polypus. fainting. eye twitches. conjunctivitis. Du-25/ P-6/ K-1 = for electric shock. shock. dizziness. vomiting. Du-26 Renzhong Center of Man The meridian Du-28 Yinjiao Meeting point of Gum Intersection Du mai with Ren mai. hysteria.

Wei and Bi syndrome. M-bw-35 Hua Extra points (a tuo Jiaji. irregular menstruation. dyspnea. Insomnia. menorrhagia. intestinal parasites. Zigong/ Ren-3/ Sp-9 = leucorrhea. deafness. nervousness. spine stiffness and pain. toothache. finger Bi rheumatism. Sifeng/ P-6/ Li-4 = pertussis.headache. neck stiffness. Extra point. stroke. irregular menstruation. stiffness. Regulates lung Qi. Regulates Qi and blood and menstruation. numbness and stiffness including extremities. Extra point. Li-15/ Jian neiling/ Sj-14 = all shoulder afflictions. Anmian/ Li-11/ St-40 = vertigo. urticaria. pain. especially its medial aspect. Located half way between Li-15 and the end of the anterior axillary crease. Located as the Hua tuo points on both sides of Du14. Invigorates Qi and blood in the shoulder. Extra points (a group of points). inflammation and motor impairment of the shoulder joint. lower back sprain. fingers paralysis due to CVA. pain and numbness. Lower back pain. dream disturbed sleep. cystitis. Calms the spirit. uterine prolapse. Frozen shoulder and all shoulder disorders. dysmenorrhea. Extra point. adjacent tissues pain. M-CA-18 Zigong Womb M-bw-1 Dingchuan Stop Wheezing M-bw-24 Yaoyan Lumbar Aperture Extra point. dysmenorrhea. Sp-15/ sifeng/ St-36 = parasitic worms in the intestines. Located in the depression lateral to the area between B24 to B-26. Located on the dorsum of the hand at the proximal end of each web between the fingers. except of the thumb's. 1 Cun lateral to St-29. Childhood nutritional impairment. insomnia related to hypertension or restlessness. heatstroke. N-BW-21 Anmian Peaceful Sleep Extra point. Regulates Qi and blood. M-BW-35 (of B-21/B-22/B23)/ B-46/ B-47/ B-53 = Urinary calculi and stones. . group of points). restores consciousness. Febrile diseases. childhood convulsions. withdrawal symptoms due to drug addiction. convulsions. Located on the middle tip of each finger. Located in the midpoint of the four proximal interphalangeal creases. cough. Regulates Qi and blood in the digestive system. Asthma. Various fingers' disorders. pelvic inflammatory diseases. snake bite. Clears heat and summerheat. coma. Dispels wind and heat and regulates Qi and blood. Hua Tuo Spinal Points Extra M-ue-9 Sifeng points (a Four Seams group of points). Located midway between G20 and T-17. shock. Regulates menstruation and clears heat and damp heat. hysteria. wheezing. pertussis. headache. mania. febrile convulsions. All internal organs disorders. sore throat. Located 1 Cun lateral to the inferior end of each spinous process along the spine. arthritis. bronchitis. M-ue-22 Baxie Eight Evils M-ue-1 Shixuan Ten Drainings M-ue-48 Jian Neiling Shoulder's Inner Tomb Extra points (a group of points). Infertility (especially in women). or arthritis. torticollis. Baxie/ Sj-5 = fingers numbness.

dispels wind. Extra point. facial paralysis. Regulates the intestines and transforms damp heat. Invigirates Qi and blood in the eye. heat and damp heat. Lanweixue/ St-36/ Ahshi in lower Rt abdomen = appendicitis. toes Bi pain. M-hn-8 Qiuhou Behind the Eyeball Extra point. acute lower abdominal pain and colic. M-le-13 Lanweixue Appendix M-le-23 Dannangxue Gallbladder Extra point. epigastric pain. meniscus. between the toes. acute conjunctivitis. Located 1 Cun proximally and distally and laterally to Du-20. ophtalmoplegia. Regulates Qi and blood in the head. cholelythiasis. ascariasis. Located 2 Cun distal to St36. stomachache. Located at the inferior border of the orbit. expels gall stones. Located 1 Cun distal to G34. Located on the foot dorsum. Myopia. numbness and eczema. Invigorates Qi and blood. inflammation or atrophy of the optic nerve. Extra points (a group of points). peripheral neuritis. lower leg pain and swelling. dispels wind and heat.M-le-8 Bafeng Eight Winds Extra points (a group of points). toothache. internal eye hemorrhage. pain. Wei and Bi syndrome. Dispels wind. . Yuyao/ G-1/ B-2/ B-1 = cataract. Located on the eye brow exactly at its midpoint directly above the pupil. Headache. biliary colic and hypochondriac pain. gastritis. cold and heat. dizziness and vertigo. Extra point. Located at the middle of the medial eye of each knee. Acute and chronic cholecystitis. Sj-9/ B-2/ P-6/ yuyao = supraorbital neuralgia. epilepsy. opacity of the vitreus body. Qiuhou/ B-1/ G-20/ Si-6/ G37 = inflammation of the optic nerve. retinitis pigmentosa. snakebite. Regulates the Gall bladder and transforms damp heat. gangrene of leg and foot. proximal to the margin of each web. All knee disorders. glaucoma. headache. Dannangxue/ P-6/ G-40 = cholecystitis. Regulates Qi and blood in the knee. Acute and chronic appendicitis. M-le-16 Xiyan Knee Eye M-hn-1 Sishencong Four Alert Spirit M-hn-6 Yuyao Fish Waist Extra point. at the depression distal to the lateral eye corner. Li-4/ Yuyao = myopia. inflammation and motor impairment of the knee joint. Myopia. 4 points. supraorbital pain. Fever and chills. calms the spirit.

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