Sample IGBC AP Exam Questions -2

1) Cement Replaced with Fly Ash is considered what? Ans)Recycled content 2) What credit complies with ASHRAE 5-1992? Ans) Thermal Comfort 3) Reducing building foot print is a credit in? Ans)Reduced Site disturbances 4)Who has access to IGBC templates? Ans) Registered Projects 5) When the commissioning plan should be introduced into the project? Ans)Before design phase 6) Pervious Pavement is used for? Ans) reduce heat island Minimize impact on micro-climate 7) What does the U value of material describe? Ans) Measure of heat loss 8) How do you register a project for IGBC certification? Ans) Online via 9) Specifying Bamboo flooring instead of hard wood flooring: Ans) Rapidly renewable material 10) ASHRAE 62-1999 is used for Ans) Indoor Air Quality performance