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Peter, A first draft. I am waiting for input from GIF/Beauine, T6B/Hunt and WOE/Froalx. MEETING WITH ROMANIAN PRESIDENT BASESCD Desized outeonae Eeiterate Canadian appreciation for Romania’ s ensagenent in Afghanistan. [IIR te fess out} Encourage support for a closer economic partnership between Canada and the ev Address the issue of Rosia Montana, 2 mining investnert in Romania by ReLterate canada’ interest in establishing vise-free travel for all EU citizens at the overview tour first meeting with President fasescu since the Bucharest La Francophonie summit fo ss Likely to express an interest in visiting Canada in early 2003, His Foreign Minister 1s coe co viest Ortaua cn Hay 12 Given the President's interest sn a bilateral visit, and for Linguistic reasons, erine Winieter Tariceans my represent Romania a: the Quebec Summite ‘the President is likely to ask for visa-free entry of Rosanians into Cenada Meeting Management Possible Controversies Atter nore thas 20 years of effort, Toronto-based Gabriel Resources still) does not have approval fron Romania's Eneirenmont Hiniste® to develop lea sosia #oneana SUisg projects daapite the company’s coepisance woth forypean snd Romanian environmental ca {ORIN te, Belgaeta) are tke only remaining EU States for which Canada nas rot geanted visa waiver~ JPLACE HOLDER TOR REMARK CONCERNING ROMANIA’ S ROLE IN AFGHARISTAN! Romania conteibutes $35 military te TERE PLAGE HOLDER TOR GIF"s LA FRANCOPHONIE 2¥PUT] Romanian leaders seach considerable importance £2 high-level visite President Ratesca was forced 20 cancel a visit to Censda in 2005 for medical reasons. A ‘Sirong Romanian interest in reescheauling it has resuited in considezation being given to SUceEe Ge eety 2009, subject eo your availability. Romania's Foreign Minister Will