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Document Released Under the Access to Information Act / Document divulgué en ye Ge taLol cur acces 2 informatBAge TORT Bedea, Michael -REC From: Badea, Michael -REC Sent: October 13, 2006 2:31 PM To: Martin-Nielsen, Richard -REC ‘Subject: Rosia Montana Richard - below is the piece on RM from the briefing note for the Harper - Basescu bilateral at the Francophonie Summit in Bucharest. As you see, only one talking point was eventually kept for the brief. Hope this nelps. M Bilateral Responsive Rosia Montana mining project $600 million investment by a Canadian company, Gabriel Resources, in partnership with a Romanian state-owned mining company at the Rosia Montana gold mine is controversial with environmental groups and with neighbouring Hungary, because of the possible ecological, social and archeological risks associated with what may become Europe's largest gold mining complex. Some 1.000 nearby villagers have obtained a court ruling that the area has historical value, which Gabriel Resources will appeal. Several Romanian NGOs in the mine area have pronounced themselves in favour of the project (Our Embassy in Bucharest has worked with Gabriel Resources to seek to mitigate concerns about the project. We have emphasized that the Canadian government expects Canadian companies operating abroad to uphold local laws and to reflect our values and international commitments relating to human rights, the environment, labour standards and transparency, Talking points Rosia Montana Mining Project ¢ Canada expects our companies investing abroad to comply with national legislation and international standards for corporate social responsibility