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Entry test

You can do this test before using the book to help you choose what to study. Choose the correct
answer, A, B, or C, for each question.

1 I that Daves put his house up 6 The peace talks today, but last
for sale. weekend the meeting was postponed
A m seeing indefinitely.
B see A were to start
C ve been seeing B are starting
C were to have started
2 John me three times already this
morning, and Ive only been at work for 7 Nixon fell off his bike early in the race but
an hour. continue after receiving medical
A had phoned treatment.
B phoned A can
C s phoned B could
C was able to
3 When I said Id visit them in New
Zealand, I how expensive the 8 The blue whale grow up to
airfare would be. 30 metres long.
A havent realised A might
B hadnt realised B can
C hadnt been realising C could

4 If you give me your coat, I it up 9 When the snow blocked the road,
for you. motorists abandon their cars and
A ll hang walk.
B m going to hang A have to
C m hanging B must
C had to
5 Give me a ring when you back
home. 10 Have you eaten all the cake? You
A get have left some for me!
B will get A might
C are getting B may
C can

11 My parents gave me the money for the 17 He had a neat beard and a small gold
car. I have afforded to buy it earring in ear.
myself. A every
A couldnt B each of
B cant C each
C mustnt
18 Although the villagers were very poor,
12 I have listened to your advice they were always happy to share with us
and started out before the rush hour. food they had.
A must A the few
B had better B little
C ought to C the little

13 Todays Times reporting that the 19 The new magazine for teenagers is
number of people emigrating from the .
country risen to record levels. A weekly to be published
A is ... have B to be weekly published
B is ... has C to be published weekly
C are ... have
20 The conference has been a great success,
14 found that most people listen and Id like to thank all the .
to the radio for longer than they watch A people involved
television. B very involved people
A A recent research has C involved people
B Recent research has
21 I felt bad him with all the
C Recent researches have
washing up after the meal, but I had to
15 Scientists are predicting that Britain will get back to work.
have as cold as Canadas within A to leave
a hundred years unless global warming is B leaving
brought under control. C leave
A the climate
22 It wasnt the holiday Ive ever
B climate
had, but it was certainly the .
C a climate
A cheapest ... most relaxing
16 welcome the decision to turn B cheapest ... relaxingest
street lights off at midnight. C most cheap ... most relaxing
A Not all residents in the area
B All residents in the area dont
C Not any residents in the area

Entry test

23 Some people in the factory were found to 29 I often dont have time to eat a proper
be earning a dollar a day. lunch, so I just a banana.
A as little as A make to do with
B as few as B make do for
C so little as C make do with

24 When I started to put up the shelves, I 30 I waited before going to work.

discovered that it wasnt Id first A for the post arriving
thought. B for the post to arrive
A as easy job as C to the post to arrive
B as easy a job
31 In 1927, Belgian-born Georges Lemaitre
C as easy a job as
published his explanation of the creation
25 If you , maybe I can help you of the universe became known
solve it. as the Big Bang theory.
A explain me the problem A which
B explain the problem to me B , which
C explain the problem for me C that

26 Ive been doing lots of training in the gym 32 As warm air rises, it mixes with cooler
to prepare the marathon. air above and cools to a point it
A me for running stops rising.
B myself to run A where
C myself for running B that
C which
27 Considering that we dont have many
interests in common, we get along 33 The police held three men for
quite well. questioning, all denied any part
A with each another in the robbery.
B with each other A of whom
C for each other B whom
C of which
28 After being away for so long, Im really
looking forward back home. 34 The office block now in the city
A to getting centre will be the highest in the country.
B getting A being built
C to get B building
C built

35 The last person the room should 41 Look at those clouds. Itll be amazing
switch off the lights. have heavy rain before long.
A left A if dont we
B leaves B if we dont
C to leave C unless we

36 Im looking for a relatively cheap digital 42 Its still hot in here the air-
camera, and relatively cheap. conditioning is turned up high.
A is easy to use A even though
B easy using B unless
C easy to use C even if

37 I was just about to ring the bell 43 on a box, I was just able to see
the door opened. through the window.
A as A Standing
B when B I stood
C while C Stood

38 Football is the most popular sport in the 44 in the fridge, fish should stay
country more people pay to fresh for two or three days.
watch it than any other. A Keeping
A inasmuch as B Having kept
B inasmuch that C Kept
C as much as
45 him playing football, youd think
39 She avoided telling Alan what she thought he was a professional.
of his painting offend him. A Saw
A not B See
B so not to C To see
C in order not to
46 Todays victory over United doesnt
40 If I more time, Id like to learn change the team has been
to play a musical instrument. playing poorly for most of the season.
A will have A the fact
B would have B the fact that
C had C that

Entry test

47 Mr Thomas is managing director and so 53 She was found on the floor of

he should take responsibility for her kitchen, unconscious.
to the company over the last few months. A lying
A has happened B to lie
B what has happened C lie
C that has happened
54 He after he sent an email
48 A committee has been set up to decide around the office making fun of the
or not the two colleges should manager.
merge. A got himself dismissed
A whether B dismissed himself
B unless C had himself dismissed
C if
55 At first I didnt want to have a burglar
49 Nick is always out playing football or alarm, but eventually he was a
cycling, his brother prefers good idea.
to stay indoors reading or watching A persuaded that
television. B persuaded me that it
A in contrast C persuaded it
B whereas
56 She asked me why to work any
C instead
50 She wasnt worried about having to sing A did I not walk
in front of so many people. , she B didnt I walk
seemed to be looking forward to it. C I didnt walk
A On the one hand
57 They recommended that a new bridge
B On the other hand
across the river in the city
C On the contrary
51 I hate going to the dentist Ive A should build
never had to have any treatment on my B to be built
teeth. C be built
A even so
58 Do you think Claire really wants to come
B even though
with us? I .
C however
A suspect not
52 I remember to the zoo when I B suspect not so
was very young. C dont suspect so
A was taken
B being taken
C to be taken

59 I didnt think Id enjoy watching 65 I first tried to contact with Mr
basketball much, but . Rogers by phone, but when there was no
A I did answer I emailed him instead.
B I did so A make
C so I did B have
C take
60 We won the game although we .
A deserved not 66 The government to prevent the
B didnt deserve to press reporting stories about the Prime
C deserve Ministers children.
A took swift action
61 There was no public transport on the
B acted swift
island so hire bikes and cycle to
C made swift action
a different beach every day.
A what we did 67 Tina rarely tidies up her bedroom. She
B that we did was to just doesnt see important.
C what we did was to A as
B it as
62 I helped Tim clean the house from top to
C it
bottom, but thank you.
A not he did once say 68 Everyone was at the meeting, and by the
B not once did he say time I got to the hall to sit.
C not once he did say A there were nowhere
B it was nowhere
63 , she would be the youngest ever
C there was nowhere
leader of the Republic Party.
A She were to be elected 69 I dont think Ill get the job, but
B Were she to be elected in an application.
C Were to be elected A its no harm in putting
B theres no harm in putting
64 over the last year.
C theres no harm to put
A There has been a spectacularly rise in
the price of sugar 70 He tricked expensive holiday
B The price of sugar has risen insurance when it wasnt really necessary.
spectacular A into buying
C There has been a spectacular rise in B me into buying
the price of sugar C me to buying

Entry test

71 Just put all the paperwork on my desk

and Ill sort later.
A out
B out it
C it out

72 Let me help your coat.

A you on with
B on with
C on you with

73 Protestors have handed a petition to the

government with a demand on
the levels of air pollution in the region.
A for immediate action
B for immediate act
C to immediate action

74 He travelled everywhere by train because

of his fear .
A to fly
B in flying
C of flying

75 I was really annoyed the rubbish

that had been thrown into my garden.
A with
B about
C at