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About the Author Mr. Cromwell Osamaro Ibie was born on 29th September, 1934, He received his elementary and secondary education at Benin City in the Bendel State of Nigeria between 1941 and 1953. He joined the Colonial Civil Service on ‘1st February, 1954 where he rose to the rank of Executive Officer before proceeding to the United Kingdom for further studies. During his stay in the United Kingdom he studied at the Universities of London and Strathclyde where he obtained the 8c. (Hons) in Economics from the University of London and B.A. (Hons) in Economics from the University of Strathclyde. He returned to the Nigerian Federat Public Service in September 1963 where he rose to the rank of Permanent Secretary, a position from which he voluntary retired on ‘st April, 1980. Mir Ibie is currently engaged in private business in Lagos and Benin. He is the Chairman/Chief Executive of several industrial and commercial companies notably- Efehi Ltd, Lagos. AEG — Nigeria Ltd. Eurotrade Cement Works (Nigeria) Ltd Odin Biscuits Manufacturing Co. Ltd, TRW Investments (Nigeria) Ltd. He is also a member of the Governing Council of the University of Benin PREFACE. This work was embarked upon at the instance of Orunmila, who expressed undisguised anxiety for his followers to know more about him. The works revealed in these books are not just fairy tales contrived to tell interesting stories. They reveal the true account of life both in heaven and on earth. In the first instance, it will only have a meaning to initiates into ifism, followers of Orunmila, as well as to students who are looking for materials to enrich knowledge of the unfettered ways of life. The work is not designed to negate the relevance of the Ifa priest. Itis only meant to provide a clearer understanding of the significance of whatever the Ifa priest reveals at divination or does, for suffering humanity. This set of books will neither produce an ffa priest, nor tell ail there is to know about Ifism. It will still be necessary to seek thé assistance of the Ifa priest. My gratitude goes to the following fa priests who were nominated by Orunmila himself to make their contributions to this work: (1) Dr. Bayo Ifaniyi of Ode Irele in Ondo State who now resides at 29, Ajaguna Street, Stadium Area, Sango, Agege in Lagos State. (2) Dr. Idahosa Imasuen who resided in Benin but who unfortunately Joined Orunmila in heaven two weeks after completing his revelations. He specialised in the heavenly works of Orunmila, his OLODUS and ODUS. (3) Chief Omoruyi Edokpayi of Ondo who specialises in the works done on earth by Orunmila and his apostles and disciples. (4) Chief Adedayo Obalola of tlesha, who is an all-round specialist on the works of Orunmila both in heaven and on earth, He has lived for over 110 years and is still growing strong. (5) My father, Chief Thompson Ibie Odin, the Osague of Benin, who prepared the infrastructure for me to embark on this divine assignment. My gratitude also goes to my expatriate secretary, Mrs, Patricia Mary Bassey, who has developed tremendous interest in this new facet of knowledge and closely assisted in the completion of the work. | am equally grateful to Mr. Osazuwa Osagie who did the Ifa instrumental drawings as well as to Mr. Sylvester Ohenhen who did the bulk of the typing. More importantly, my sincere gratitude goes to Orunmila himself who. chose to make me the vehicle for imparting this rich and bottomless body Of knowledge to mankind. | only hope | have suceeded in conveying his message. It is hoped that the writer will live long enough to complete the work Of preparing all the seventeen books, and that Orunmila will continue to assist in providing the time, health and the means of funding the comple- tion of the work. \ ar C. Osamaro tbié, Efehi Ltd, P.O. Box 10064, Lagos, Nigeria. TABLE OF CONTENTS. CHAPTER | Author's Early Association with Orunmila. The Author's early association with Orunmila. The Divine Invitation. CHAPTER II Orunmila and Other Divinities. Orunmila and other Divinities. The Foundation of the World. The Creation of the Divinosphere. CHAPTER Iit The First Attempt to Establish A Living on the Earth. The First Attempt to Establish a Living on the Earth. The other Divinities return to Heaven. The Divinities return to the World. Money comes to the World. The beginning of Physical Conflicts. The beginning of the end of the World. The final destruction of the World. CHAPTER IV The Second Habitation of the Earth. The Second habitation of the earth The arrival of the other Divinities. The World setties down. CHAPTER V How mankind comes to the world from Heaven. How man comes to the World from Heaven. The influence of the Obstacle Divinity on our Destiny. The role of the Guardian Angel. The force of Destiny in our Lives. The place of Divination in our Lives. The origin of the problems experienced by human beings on Earth. CHAPTER VI Man's Relationship with God. Man's relationship with God. CHAPTER VII The Effect of Sacrificial Offerings On Our Lives. The effect of sacrificial offerings on our lives, CHAPTER Vill —The Piace of Esu in The Planetary system. The place of Esu in the Planetary System. The special significance of the he-goat to Esu. CHAPTER IX The place of Witches in the Planetary system. The piace of Witches in the Planetary System. Pages 4-10 Pages 40-11 Page 12 Pages 12-13 Page 13 Pages 14-16 Page 17 Page 17 Pages 17-18 Pages 20-24 Pages 24-25 Page 25 Page 26 Pages 26-27 Pages 27-28 Pages 28-29 Pages 29-30 Pages 30-32 Pages 33-36 Pages 37-39 Pages 40-46 Page 46 Pages 47-49 CHAPTER X Orunmila’s Code of Conduct. Code of Conduct. Orunmila's Eulogy on Perseverance. Efficacy of patience in Ifism. lfa's concepts of good and evil. CHAPTER Xi How Does One Come In Contact With Orunmila. How one comes in contact with Orunmila. The role of Guiding Divinities in our lives. The importance of devout fellowship In the Ifa religion. CHAPTER XII The Ifa Genealogy. The Ifa genealogy. The Order of Seniority. CHAPTER XII The Olodus/Apostles of Orunmila iogbe or Ogbe-Meji. Ejiogbe or Ogbe-M The Head as a Divinity. Ejlogbe leaves for Earth. His Birth. His Earthly Works. The Miracle at the Market Place. The Miracle of the Cripple and the Bill The result of ignoring the advice of Ejiogbe. How ejlogbe survived the wrath of the Elders. How he got peace of mind. He returns to Heaven for Impeachment. His Marriage. His second Marriage. How he helped a Litigant to win his case. How he made a barren woman to have a child. How he helped the Mountain to resist the onset of his enemies. He saves his Son from the hands of Death. How his Mother saves him from his enemies. How Ejiogbe became the King of the OLODUS (aposttes) The contest between Ejiogbe and Olofen. His battle with death. Remarkable features of Ejiogbe. The Puzzle of the Awos. His Poem for Progress and prosperity. CHAPTER XIV Oyeku-Meji Oyeku-Meii ; Other Heavenly Works of Oyeku Meji. How the Fish came to multiply. Oyeku Meji reveals the return of the Divinities tothe World. The Birth of Oyveku Meji. God sends his onty son Jewesun to Earth. How he came to be called Jewesun. The Earthly Works of Oyeku Meiji. Why the Children of Oyeku Meji do not wear caps. Page 50 Pages 50-51 Pages 51-55 Pages 56-58 Page 59 Pages 59-63 Pages 63-64 Pages 65-66 Pages 67-76 Page 77 Pages 77-78 Page 78 Pages 78-80 Page 80 Page 80 Page 80 Pages 80-82 Page 82 Page 82 Pages 82-84 Pages 84-85 Pages 85-86 Page 86 Pages 86-87 Page 87 Pages 87-88 Page 88 Pages 88-91 Pages 91-92 Page 92 Pages 92-94 Page 94 Pages 94-95 Pages 97-98 Pages 98-99 Page 99 Pages 99400 Pages 100-101 Pages 1071-102 Page 102 Pages 10203 Page 103 How Eji-Oye solved the problem of Death. How Oyeku Meji won favours and gifts. How he became King of the Night. How he named a child Adenimi. CHAPTER XV lwori-Meji iworl-Mefi, iwori-Meji's works in Heaven. Ejikoko Iwori makes Divination for the Sun, Moon and Darkness. iwori-Meji makes Divination for Akun (the coral Bead). He also makes Divination for the Lead. Ejikoko Iwori makes Divination for the Lion, the Cow and the Buffalo. twori-Meji leaves Heaven for Earth. His Birth. He contests for Seniority on Earth. How he eventually excelled his Brothers. How he became a strong Ifa priest. The later works of lwori-Meji. He made divination for an only child He made divination for Orare He made divination for Kiniun Advice to the sons of Iwori-Meji. CHAPTER XVI Edii-Meji. Edi Meji. Idi-Meji helps Ode (outside) to regain prosperity. How the Groundnut came to multiply. Idimeji makes Divination for the male sperm and the female menstruation. {di-Meji as a prominent fighter. He leaves for the Earth. He cures the Cripple and the Blind Man. The healing of the Blind and the Hernia afflicted. CHAPTER XVII Obara-me Obara-Meji. The rough passage of Prosperity to the World. Obara-Meji's encounter with enemies. He turns black into white. He shows ingratitude to the Mother. He wins a Chieftancy title. He endures in his prosperity. The last major miracle performed by Obara-Meji. Okonron-Meji. CHAPTER XVI Okonron-Meji. He makes Divination for the Ant. He makes Divination for the tree family. He leaves Heaven for the World. He becomes the Head Chief of Ilaye Oko. He makes Divination for Akpan to be able to bring peace to Ife. The Salvation of Akeriwaye. The ill — fated coronation of Adeguoye Pages 103-104 Page 104 Pages 104105 Pages 105-106 Page 107 Page 107 Page 107 Pages 107408 Page 108 Pages 109-110 Pages 110-411 Page 11 Pages 114-112 Pages 112-14 Page 114 Pages 14-15 Pages 115-16 Pages 116-117 Page 117 Pages 117-18 Page 19 Page 119 Pages 1194120 Page 120 Pages 120123 Pages 123425 Pages 425426 Pages 126427 Page 128 Pages 128434 Pages 134435, Pages 135436 Pages 136-137 Pages 187-138 Page 13: Pages 138-139 Page 740 Page 140 Page 141 Pages 141443 Page 143 Pages 143-144 Page 144 Page 144 CRAPTER ALA OSE Te. lrosun-Meji He makes Divination for all the Divinities before they left. Heaven for the Earth. He makes Divination for the Crocodile. He makes Divination for the Fish and the Rat for them to multiply. He comes to the World. He makes Divination for the Earthworm. He begins a new life on Earth. The benevolence of Irosun-Meji He makes Divination for Airowosebo and Queen Mother of the Benin throne. How he got popularity with kingship. He makes Divination for Olowu of Owu. He makes Divination for the Eko and Akara sellers of Odere. ifa-alaaye takes the crown of Odere. The last test for Irosun-Meji CHAPTER XX = OWanrin-Meji. Owanrin Meji He prepares to-come to the Worid He ties the hands of his enemies. His experience as a Trader. He tries his hands at Farming. He takes a new wife. He checkmates the machinations of his enemies Owanrin-Meji on the threshold of Prosperity. He becomes famous through his son. The last major work of Owanrin-Meji -- he saves the favourite wife of Olofen from the evil machinations of her mates. He makes Divination fpr two wives of the same husband. CHAPTER XX Ogunda-M Ogunda-Meji. The Heavenly Works of Ogunda-Meji. He makes Divination for the Boa makes Divination for ODE. KO seduces the wife of Death. Ej-oko's second wife. He escapes from Heaven to the Earth. He makes Divination for Oyi. He settles down on Earth. Ogunda-Meji cures the barreness of Olofen's wives. He makes Divination for Aguofenia (the trench hunter) He makes Divination for 2 fish catchers. How Ogunda-Meji got the sobriquet of Ogunda-Ja-Meji. His surrogates take over Divination for the crown prince of Benin Kingdom. He helps the people of Oyo in their war with llesha. Ogunda-Meji leaves for Heaven. Page 145 Pages 145446 Page 146 Page 146 Pages 146148 Pages 148449 Pages 149-150 Pages 150451 Pages 151152 Page 152 Pages 152453 Page 153 Pages 153-154 Page 154 Page 155 Pages 155-156 Pages 156-158 Page 158 Pages 158-160 Pages 160161 Page 161 Pages 161162 Pages 162163 Pages 163164 Pages 164165 Pages 166-169 Pages 169470 Pages 170172 Page 172 Pages 172174 Pages 174476 Page 176 Pages 176-177 Pages 177479 Pages 179184 Pages 184485 Page 185 Pages 185486 Pages 186-187 Pages 187-190 CHAPTER XXII = Osameji. Osa-Mejl. He makes Divination for the cotton plant. Osameji prepares to come to the World His Birth. Esu finally gets his he-goat from Osameji. The Witches discover the Truth. Osameji makes Divination for sixteen Obas. He is accused of being a Witch He discovers the cause of his problems. He finally settles his score with witchcraft with a concordat. CHAPTER XXill = Etura-Meji. Etura-Meji. He makes Givination for the Groundnut. He makes Divination for the Whiteman when he was anxious to know how to manufacture a live human being. He makes Divination for Truth and Falsehood. Otumeji leaves Heaven for the World. He opens the way for Wealth to come to the World. The origin of Coup d'etat against seniority. He goes to Imodina to help the Imoles. He goes to Imeka. CHAPTER XXIV Irete-Meji. Irete-Meji. Eji Elemere reveals how Orunmila fought the battle for prosperity on behalf of his followers. Eji Elemere comes to the World. How Success evoked emnity for Eji Elemere. How the he-goat became the staple food of Esu. The Divination for (Yeye Olomo Mefa) the Mother of six children CHAPTER XXV Eka-Meii. Eka-Meji. He makes Divination for the Cat. He prepares to come to the World. He leaves for the Earth. He wins a crown. Poem for correcting the difficult features of Ekameji. CHAPTER XXVI_- Ofogbon-Mefji. Ologbon~-Meji. He makes Divination for Ekun and [faa (the Tiger and the Bush Cat.) He makes Divination for Egherun the most beautiful bird in heaven as well as Ugun or Vulture. He makes divination for the hunter with a stubborn wife. Ologbon-meli leaves heaven for earth. He seduces the wife of Ogun. How Orunmila left the world. Page 191 Pages 191-192 Pages 192193 Pages 193494 Pages 194495 Pages 1954196 Page 196 Pages 196-197 Page 197 Pages 197-200 Page 201 Pages 201-202 Page 202 Pages 202-203 Pages 203-205 Pages 205-206 Pages 206-207 Pages 207-209 Pages 209-211 Page 212 Pages 212-213 Pages 213-220 Pages 220-221 Pages 221-222 Pages 222-223 Page 224 Page 224 Pages 224-225 Page 225 Pages 225-226 Pages 226-227 Page 228 Pages 228-229 Pages 229-230 Pages 230-231 Page 231 Pages 231-232 Pages 232-233 CHAPTER XXVil_ Ose-Meji. Ose-Meji His activities in Heaven. He leaves for the Earth. He takes to Ifa art and practice. He makes Divination for Akinyele of Iwere. The hard luck story of Olokose. The Divination for the Olubadan of Ibadan. He makes Divination for Olokun. The personal experience of Osemeji. He lives longer than any other Olodu CHAPTER XXVIII Ofun-Meli, Ofun-Meji. Ofunmeji reveals how long it took for God to complete his creative works. How the Parrott became a symbol of nobility, Orunmila converts the authority of all the other Divinities to himself. Cfunmefji leaves for the Earth. His Birth. He returns to Heaven, The origin of the Secret fraternity. Ofunmeji's second coming to the Earth. The Divination for Orangun and Akogun. Divination for Aganbi, the barren woman of Ife. Pages 234-235 Pages 235-237 Pages 237-240 Pages 240-241 Page 241 Pages 241-242 Pages 242-243 Page 243 Pages 243-244 Page 244 Page 245 Pages 245-246 Page 246 Pages 246-247 Pages 247-248 Page 248 Pages 248-249 Page 250 je 250 Pages 250-251 Page 251