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Management Aspects


The form of organization to be adopted by cheap lugaw is generally partnership. And

this figure shows the organizational chart of the business.


Cashier Dishwasher

Waiter Cook
Personnel Plan

Position Job Description Qualification Salary

Manager -Recruiting, training -Have at least a 9000php with SSS
and supervising bachelors degree in and pag-ibig
staff. business benefits.
-planning menus management or a
-handling customer related field.
enquiries and -Have a good
complaints. communication
-preparing and skills
presenting -25 years old and
staffing/sales report. above
-problem solving

Cashier -Receiving of -18 years old and 6000php with SSS

payment above and pag-ibig
-Compute and -have customer benefits.
record of total sales. service skills
-Cash checks -bookkeeping skills
Cook -Check quality of -18 years old and 4500 with SSS and
ingredients. above pag-ibig benefits.
-Cooking -have experience in
-manage and work cooking.
closely with other

Waiter -Take orders -18 years old and 4200 with SSS and
-serve food above pag-ibig benefits.
-cleaning the tables -Customer service
Dishwasher -Clean dishes, -18 Years old and 3000php with SSS
kitchen, food above and pag-ibig
preparation -able to respond in benefits.
equipment or emergency
utensils situations.

Identification Card

Organizational Policies


-Basic Legal Policies

These include regulations of pay, work hours and medical leave.

-Hygiene and Dress

Personal hygiene and dress code policies

-Food Safety

Cleaning food preparation, food handling, safety and storage areas.

-Other Considerations

Specifying payroll dates to prevent unnecessary employee questions.



Serving all customers including person with disabilities and free from discrimination.