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1. Why are you studying English?

-English is the most commonly used language among foreign language speakers.
- knowing English will make you bilingual and more employable in every country in the world.
- because its my passion.
2. Why do people study English?
-English is the most commonly used language among foreign language speakers.
- knowing English will make you bilingual and more employable in every country in the world.
- because its my passion.
3. How does learning the language change when you compare different age groups?
- children soak up information more easily than adults.
- technically, this is more of a disadvantage for many adults, who struggle to find the right
motivation to learn a language. Kids are encouraged by a number of factors including
parents, exams and the desire to communicate.
- adults have too much to do so they cant zero on in learning lagnguages
4. Is learning mission impossible?
5. What does English owe its popularity?
- Historical facts.
- - everybody uses it because its quite easy to learn
- Ads, almost everything is in English
6. How much English is there in everyday Polish?
- There is a great deal of English in everyday Polish, for example ads
7. If you could decide what language the world would use, would you choose English?
- Yes, because its my passion
- Lots of people know this language
- Almost everything is in English
8. Are there any drawbacks to English becoming the worlds universal language?
-No, English can be at least understood almost everywhere among scholars and educated
people, as it is the world media language, and the language of cinema, TV, pop music and the
computer world. All over the planet people know many English words, their pronunciation
and meaning.
9. If you were teaching English, how would you do it?
- I would plan everything before, notes, exercises to make lessons interesting
- I would talk a lot with students, to make them feel more comfortable
- I would not be strict, I would rather be a friendly person, with friendly attitude.
10. What are some kinds of addictions that people suffer from and what are the behavioral
- Alcoholism, people cannot give up or cut down drinking alcohol. They are very
aggressive, rough, argumentative when they are not able to drink
- drug takers people are addicted to marijuana, crack, amphetamine or other dangerous
stuff. Theyre hyperactive, they have a lot of energy, their eyes are specific, yellow,
11. How do you think addicts should be treated?
- Im in to minds about it. On the one hand I think that these people should be treated
with hostility, but on the other hand we should try do treat them sympathetically, as
12. Do you think illegal drugs, or certain categories of illegal drugs, should be legalized?
- Make all drug use safer
- Provide access to truthful information and education
- Massively reduce crime and country will earn a lot of money(impose a tax)
13. Should drug users be penalized or just the pushers?
- They both should be penalized, because selling and buying drugs is illegal.
- We should pay more attention to penalize pushers because theyre the culprits of
many deaths among young people, but among old, too.
14. If drug legalization is the right move, should there be any restrictions on the sale or
- Of course, age restriction is the first factor, I think that drugs should be allowed
when you turn 21,
- amount(quantity of drugs should be cut down)
- there should be taxes imposed
15. Debate whether or not Japan should renounce Article 9.
- Of course!,when you have a country like China at your doorstep threatening you and
trying to steel your land knowing that you cannot do much because of this Article 9. If
Japan was surrounded by peaceful nations, this may not be necessary, but unfortunately
the reality is different.
- Japan needs to scrap that outdated piece of their Constitution and take control of
it's own future.
- It needs to be scrapped. There are too many threats in the region, and Japan can't
just play defense all the time.
16. Do you think Japan should have its own military?
- Of course! Every country should have their own military . Japan is the first country
to do that, because theyre surrounded by dangerous countries like North Korea.
They should renounce Article 9 and create armies, which would be able to defend
their country.
17. Do you think there are countries which should be prohibited from having a military?
18. Should military service be compulsory in Poland?
- I think there are three main points in support of compulsory military service. Firstly, all
countries need a military force. This force defends the citizens in times of war and
therefore all citizens should make some contribution. The second point is a practical one.
If a country in unable to attract enough volunteers to the military service then it cannot
operate as effective defence. The third and most often mentioned point is that military
service is a good discipline fur young people - it teaches them practical and social skills
and encourages them to take responsibility for themselves and others. A society with
compulsory military service is therefore a better society.
- The main arguments against are to do with individual freedom. Many people question
the value of a young person breaking his or her career or education in order to learn how
to kill.
19. Should women have an unlimited access to military service?
- Yes, I think there should be equality in this kind of profession. Women, in a lot of cases
are more pain-resistant. Women are naturally faster and more flexible. They should be
given roles in military based on what is best for the gender.
20. Is army needed in Poland at all?
21. Would you like to join the army?
22. Would you be ready for such extreme challenges as Demi Moore in G.I. Jane?
23. Why are more and more people leaving our country and settle abroad?
- Payments are too low.
- People become breadwinners
- They find their new love abroad
24. Is the economic crisis going to make Polish people stay abroad or come back to
25. What chances, do you think, people who cannot speak English have?
26. What skills would be needed to work and live abroad?
- Communication Skills
- Cultural sensitivity. Working somewhere new requires time and and interaction, allowing
you to discover the idiosyncrasies of another culture. Understanding another culture
could win you a position that requires working with global companies down the road.
27. How are the Poles treated abroad? What kind of jobs do they take?
28. Are the Poles equally treated at work in comparison to the native?
29. Would you go abroad to work?
30. What would make you leave Poland and for how long?
31. Would you be able to adapt to the way of life of the British?
32. What would annoy you about the British if you moved to live there?
33. If you moved abroad what would you miss about Poland?