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Hello Junior

By: Kong Siew Hie

So it was my 4th year in teacher trainee institute, and studies were getting harder and harder,
and I need pin drop silence and zero distractions to be able to concentrate in my study. I had a
semester exam coming up so that is when I decided to move into the Bilik Khas in the hostel to
study till late night.

That Bilik Khas is the place where trainees can watch television and mainly for resting. It
usually empty at 12 am and above. So basically this Bilik Khas used to be bathroom and toilet
but had been renovated to be Bilik Khas. This hostel had been built in the early 70's I think. I
heard about the hostel stories of people dying in it. I guess the story didnt even bother me and I
couldnt care less since I havent experienced anything scary yet, and I hope I will not
experience it.

I started my revision at almost 1 am after scrolling Facebook for hours. Its a cold winter night,
no one was out in the corridor. The cold wind had a calming effect on me, the night had a full
moon, it bathed the whole building with moonlight making it look eerily beautiful, the shadows
cast by the thick trees in the garden looked menacing as they rustled in the wind, it was scary
and calming at the same time.

With all the scary movies I have watched, I tried not to let my imagination work its way into
making this whole scene look scary. After 15 minutes of studying, I heard horrible shrieks from
outside as if someone crying in pain. It was like someone is tortured or badly injured. I tried to
convince myself that some human is watching sad movie or anything except ghost. The crying
sounds only last for few minutes. I was glad it finally ends.

Not long after that, I heard someone tapping nail inside wall. It was coming from the roof. The
loudness of sound was continuously increasing and I got disturbed. The feeling was terrible for
me. I tried not to look up but my curiosity is killing me. I was about to pull my chair so I can run
as fast as I could after looking up. Slowly, I put my head up. I saw long hair hanging on the
ceiling, I wanted to run away but my feet couldnt move at all.

I closed my eyes and say some prayers. I was scared to death that night. Suddenly someone
pulled my hand and we ran as fast as our legs can carry us. Then we both reached to the end of
the corridor. After a few seconds I was covered with sweat and I could hear my heartbeats.

We were still holding each other hands. Hey, thanks, I never had seen you before. So with
batch are you from? No problem. First batch January intake 1968. Nice to meet you, super-
duper junior.

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