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My Side of the Mountain Projects

After reading My Side of the Mountain, students will be

required to complete ONE of the projects below.
Students may choose which every project they would
like to do.

Students will be assessed and graded on the complete

piece, rubric is attached.

Sams Survival Guide: Imagine that Sam decides to

publish a survival guide. Write a series of lessons
that include visuals based on the things that Sam
has learned. Stay accurate to the story and make
sure to pick only the important things. You need at
least 5 pages each include an idea with 1
paragraph and 1 visual. (So at least5 visuals and 5

Researching Thoreau: Bando calls Sam Thoreau

as in Henry David Thoreau. Research him and write
up a comparison between him and Sam. At least 6
paragraphs and 3 visuals.

"Graphic Novel Summary:" Make a graphic novel

version of the story that summarizes the whole
book. It needs to include at least 8 pages each with
a paragraph and a visual. (So a total of 8
paragraphs and 8 visuals).
The Young Man and the Sea Rubric

Points Points
Category Possible Earned

Neat: The project needs to be neat and

organized, handwriting should be readable, with
nothing scratched out or eraser marks visible.
Any pictures attached should show that the
illustrator, took time and effort into what was
Content: The project submitted should be related
to the book with accurate descriptions. Any
written portion should have complete sentences 20
and should not sound like you are having a
conversation with a friend.
Reflection: At the end of every project there
should be a written reflection. The reflection
needs to include, what you thought about the
book, if you would recommend it to next years 10
fifth grade class, and any two things you learned
from reading the book.
(2 paragraphs)

Mechanics: Project needs complete sentences,

with grammar checks. Beware of fragmented
sentences and run-on sentences! Make use of
commas and proper punctuation.

total 55