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When Death Becomes You:

Plan B

When you are chosen you are basically plan 'B', that means that the 'A' plan isn't going
according to plan. Plan B is the just in case plan. It ain't the pretty plan. In fact as it relates to this
plan; both on Earth as in Heaven. When Plan B comes into effect Niggas get upset.

In my biological family, I was Plan B the one you choose when plan A blows up. When
you are plan B in the physical plan of things (just as with Adam); how you deal with the aftermath or
the polluted. Plan B is never commended as Plan A. Actually when Plan B comes along its
because Plan A fucked up.

Plan B is just in case, or the contingent. My mother chose me, as the Almighty Father in
Heaven and now on Earth Plan B is chosen on Earth as in Heaven. In this B we have the
Balance: { U>2 c<U} In accordance with Creation. This is the plan the fallen 200 entities
along with their legends of fallen spirits. On Earth my earthly father also chose this B.

For it is written the Adam Plan A was made in the image of the Creator. Thus, on Earth
Plan A was named in the image of his Creator. Likewise and for both Urbn is the Plan B. This is
proof that, that which comes in the spirit precedes the body. . Hence, without the spiritual Urbn, the
physical could not be effectuated. For without Urbn the Plan B would not exist as it would be
included in the A Plan; in each they are [mutually] exclusive and Urbn is the separating of A
from B.

The Balance in an inheritance given by the fathers [Heaven/Earth]. This is a duty of task and
not a physical possession, rather a rule. It is what to be done, an assignment; not of volunteerism, of
position, or being place as a foot stool is placed for the benefit of The Lord. It is in this Rest that
the work is committed. For the 'rest' of the man is his grave, of which his son carries forth in plan.
Likewise, has The Lord rested in The Sabbath and that plan is carried forth.
Let they whom have an eye, see. This is the Will and Testimony of my Father on Earth as in

The Truth and Fact of the matter; you don't choose to be Plan B you are chosen. Just as
this family is convulsing; so will Man convulse. And the Earth will vomit forth and heap forth All the
abominations of mand taught by the fallen. 200 entities since the beginning. This is the covenant of
the Almighty that the Righteous and the unrighteous will be given an account for, PlanB.

As the Holy Spirit will give a testimony, so has the Earth given an account. Whoa to them in
which the Creator is not pleased, On Earth as in Heaven.

That Is All.