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1. The Article . .
.. . .. ..10
2.3. Countable,/Uncountable l{ouns
.,. ,.,,.,..1,2
i.+, )t)nle /l Any
| ,
, n, .'.'14
J. IJeternllners.
3.1. This / That/
These / Those . ..
4.ThePronoun . .. ""J'6
.. " ...18
4.1. Personal pronouns and possessive ad;.ectives . . . . .1g
,1.2. Possessivepronouns
1.3. Objectpronouns
,4.4. All pronouns .....22
5. TheAdjective .......24
5.i. Comparison . .
5.TheAdvert .... """'24
6.l.Adjectiveandadverbs.... ......28
5.2. Adverbs of frequency
T.TheNumeral ...:..:. """'2e
S.l.PresenrSimple .,.,..32
8.1.1. TheverbsTo BEandTOHAVE
8.1.2.TheverbTOHAVE. ...........32
8.2. PresentContinous
g.3.PastSimple .......,1C
S'4'TheFuture .,....45
8'4'1 wii1 ......51
8.4.2.ToBeGoingTo... .. ....5i
8.5.Therels/ThereAre.. .......53
8.6.ModalVerbs .........5.1
8'6'1'Can ....55
8.6.2.Must ......56
8.6.3.Mav .....57
9.Preposition.. .......59
9.1. Prepositionof
9.2. Prepositionof
9.3.At /To /In/By.. ......60
10. Questions . . . .. .. ..63
10.1.Yes /Noeuestions- Vheuestions .........53
la.2.Tag Questions .........67
lbcabulartt Lettcrs
and COlmpositions
1,My Daill PrOgraminc F
2,A Dal At Schocl
/4 .

3,Fruit and Vtctabics

/ /
4.Thc Mcals ofthc D tt 8
5 ShOpping
tt ,Q

6.Thc Seasons(P/ S`S
S "




At thc SeaJde r s
8 A Picnic in thc Forcst rP



" 84
9My Birthd Party S
10,Cclcbrating Christllias(Pas S ple)..

" "" " 85
Cclcbttting Eastcr rfDtt
12.C10thcs tt X/ c _ / /
13.Dcscribing PcOplc c
14. obs S p
15 r s /P7p;
/1y Fanlily
P,l S
" "" ""
"" " " " " " 94
16.My Housc r

17,Animals tt _4 c _ / / . . .

18 My Pct
/ s
19.At thc Z00 rfD s` p
`S 102
20,H01idays in thc 10untains(Pas
S ." " " " " "" 103
21.HObbics " 772J


st l
st 2, .

Tcst 3...



Test 4.....



""" ,"

Test 5 "

" ""

Tcst 6....."




Test .




Tcst 8 ...

"" "

" ""


" 124

Appcndix l:List of lrrcgular rbs.. ..



Appcndix 2...






Appcndix 3.


R Putinaoranandwite thc Plural:


a) muscuin-2 *rr"l^

b) important PcrsOn-2 table-2

c) hotcl-2 eye-2

d) ,aCkCt 1 2 oid house - 2

Putin l, orsom

% ,

al car hour rvord

b)milk sofa

oress toothpaste

c)honcst man orange T:shirt money

Use a,
r ,Colour the picture:

a)The clow'n has got (1) .,.. yellowhat, (2) ,.., redllshin, (3)

,,,, blue belt, (4) ,,,, orange trousers, (5) ..,..,,,,.,,. brown socks and

(6) .....,,,.,,,, gteen shoes.

b) Anda has got (7) ,..,,, ,,,.,,, nice jacket,

c) V'e have got (B) ,.,, beautiful clothes.

d) They have not got (9) ,,,. new T-shirts,

e) (10) .,., animals do not like (11) .... ..,...,. zoos.

f) There is (12) ..,, old casde near (13) ,.., big fbrest.

E choose the right answer:

o 1. There are....,.,.,.... books on the table.

a)a b) * c)some
t 2. There is .....,,,,,,.. pink hat on the sofa.
a) a b) an c) some

| 3. There is ..,..,.,,,.,, mineralwater in the kitchen,

E 4. i ,,vant ,., juicel j,,li-:.:, , ir:s:.i:i ni-ii ic i..
a) a b) somec) an
g 5. She has ..., beautiiuleyes. AJr b; a sonri

i)^ b;an c)- O 10. ,.,, lriends are venr imporr:n;.

o 6. ..., , people do not like planes, a)r b)an cl-
a) some , c) an
@ 11.i have .,,. short hair.
C 7. He bu,vs .... ice-cream every Sunday a)a b)an c)-
a) a b) an c) nvo
e 12. iv{1' cat has ,,,.
o 8. Tellme ..., good jokel a) b)a c)an
a)a b)an cJ-

Choose the t ansttr

0 1. ,.,. , camellives in .,,. desert.
al thc thc b) a/an c) the/an

0 2, She wanrs .,,, cup of tea and ..,. interesting book.

a) anlan b)a/an c)a

o 3. Alice likes ..., red flowers and ..., orange dresses.

a) -/an b)the/- c) -l-

o 4.,.,,,lvlaryis,,.,,,,..,,., on1vtall girl in ...,..,.,,,., class.

a) aithelthe bD -lanl- c) -/the/the

0 5. ..., doctors look after ,,., sick peopie.

b) a c) -/an

o 6, Lett go to .... cinema to see ...... ,, .,, ., good film.

a) a D ttc c) the/a

| 7. Peter plays ..., football at ...,,,,,.,,., stadium on .,., Sunday.

a) -lthel- b) the/the/a c) -lalan

0 B. Do you play ,.,, piano in ...,,,,,, .... morning?

a)-/the b) the/the c) theia

0 9. There is ...,..,,,,.,, tea 0n ...,.,.....,. tabie.

a)a a/ c c) some/the

0 10. I want ..,, money to buv ..,, umbrella,

a) ala b) some/an c) some/a


Fill in thc gaPs with Or_:

(1) . . ,.,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,, o1d castle on top ol 3) ,..,,, , , hill. There are 4)
Frank N, Stein lives in 2) .,,

,,,. Bonsrers in front of his castle and 5) ,,.. big foresr around it. The counr i.s ralland has got
6) ..,,,,,,...brownhairand7)....,..,,,lovelveyes: oneredandonegreen.Hehasg) .....,,.,
teeth and 9) .' ,,',,.,,.smallbeard, 10)

.,., girls are afraid of him because he is bad.nd very cl.oer.

He has 1 1) ... sister, i2) ,.,, brother, 13) ... black car and 14) ., orange teddv-
bear and ,..

He rvorks at nighrl
Watch outl

10 A`I(E L i

2e T NouN
2,1 , PIuRALS

M Fillilltheplur s as in the example.

/1.lp 1,onc dog Od

2. one girl-nvc..., 7. one town - t\Yo.,..,,,,.,.,,
3. one book - nvo....,....,,., B. one horse - two.,.,,,,......
,i. one house - nvo.,........... 9. one bird - two.,.,

5. one chair - f\Yo.,.. ,,,.,..,. 10. one pen - ffio,,..

5, one teacher - two.,., 11, one jumper - ilvo....

E Fi[ in the plurals. LIse -s ot -es,

1, one class - nYo..., 5. one iox - ril'0...,

2. one bag - nvo.,., 7. one table - rwo,.,,

3. one watch - two.,.. 8, one giass - nvo...

4. onebox-tw0....,........ 9, one match- two.,..,,,.,,., ,

), one potaro - rwo..,. 10. one lesson - nvo.,..

E Fillh the plurals.

1. one wolf - two,..

2. one knife - two...,.................

3. one sister - two....,................

4. one rhief - nryo...

1 Fill in thc plurals.

6.Onc chcrrv 0,
2. one boy - nvo..., 7, one plav - nvo....

J. one flvir - nv0,,.... 8. one dai, - iw0.....

4. one iamilv - fi,Yo....,...,..

5. one cirv - two....


Ftt h ic Be m tt Th I gd A,
1 r .1 i
2, one rooth - nyo,,...,...,.,,..,,..,.
l. one cn1l0 - n\o...,.,.....

3. one mafl - Ilnlo... 4. one fish - nl'0,...

),onc lnousc t vo 6. one goose - nvo...,,..........,.....

Cho c icttg rm.

1.Thc(child Childrcn)is siCCpillg,

2.Tllc nlcn(arc is)working.

3,Thc twoman womcn)is tall.

4.lThis thcsc)micC arc vcry small.

5` o ofmy Ooth tc arc mttdng,

Complete as in the ttample:

IC74 .1.a computcr

2.a nsh_fivc.

,. 9, a banana-two,.....,.........,....
3`a car thrcc...
., 10.amonkey-three
4 a man hur, . 1 1. a rvolf- two...,,.,..,,,.......,.

5.a match 0. 12, a scarf-two............,.,......

6.a sPy 0. 13. a child - ten.

7.a Par 0. 14. a postman - two.,.....,

8.a kni tvo. . i5.atree-slx

16.a baby vo.

IE changetothePlurd
%? 1,The cat is blaclc.The cats are black

2. The knife is on the table.

3. The baby is sleeping, . .

4. The wall is yellow, J

5. The exercise is easv. . . .

6, The key is made of metal.

7. She is a good gitl. . .

8,Hc is a smart bov. . . ' '

9. This is a new dress. . .

10.Hc has a ncw to

11.Hitt this sto

` ` '

A ( (Ls

2.2 sG[NI IVE

Put tllc lPostrOphe in dhe cOrrect PlaCe,
1,MikC L ToMttsOn
2.BROTHERS na cs arc Kcn and Sam. 5.SUES brOthcr is callcd Bcn.
3.Thisis DNIDS nc v camcra` 6,W crc arc S LYS CDsI
4.Thisis nly PARENTS car.

m crossouttheincOrrectwOrds.

1.lMlr l b
lcrt b ttc nttc BJ.
6.), cF % istP
su /Suct
2. lc /b /b ) cP 7.} 1 II rkc I rt/ )hat uc.
3.L Fur 0hs/cotti / lsh namclmw7 3. CS t ldlc
)sktcrL il c .

4, o
Pttn ) om

g. 9, ( dt n )t ?

5. lF
pFn ) lc. 10.
m nams ttJilllalldttn

Coulqrnnrn / UTcoNTABLE Nourus

i nouns tt cOutta e od wlli
e mcounta e O,
Example; 1. dog - e

2. r,"ter - 7. mouse - 12. bumer -

3. cheese - B. snow - 13, juice -
4. apple - 9. milk - 14. meat -
5 .',.,r,. -
10. money - 15. map -
6' ,gg - 1 1. chair - 16. dolphin -

Mttch ic tt coLm
a botrie 101vcrs
a bar milk
a ioai of chOcOlatc
a bunch
a iar DrCad


E IJse ruuch or ,nany.

Exattple: 1.much miik

2. many boys
3" . . snow 1) ....v/.lrer
4. . . schools 13... ....apples
5. . . computers 14... ....oranges
6, . . mear 15... .,..rime
7. . . eggs 16... ...aii
B, . florvers 17. bread
9. . . brotliers 18. doctors
10. . money 19... .... jr*
11. . rooms 24. children

E LJse much ot marry,

Example; 1.There are many books in the library.

2. There isn't . . milk in rhe glass.

3. \fle need . . . chairs in this ciass.

4. How . . coffee is there?
5.lhavegot.. .roys.
6. How . . mear do we need?
7. How . eggs do we need for the pancakes?
8. There isnt . . time left.
9. have got computer games.
10. We don't need . . . flour for the cake.
1 1. children came to the parry.

13.FIow biscuits are there on rhe table?

14. How juice is there in the fridge?
15. There are . . flowers in the garden.
16. fue there . . children in the pool?
17. Do you spend . . . money on sweets?
18. I see . cars in front of the school,
19. There isnt . honey in the jar.
20. How coiours are there in rhe rainbow?


m cornPlcte thenrstPa. t Ofthc senl Fnces ::L

i Or

zThen rtlalch the

sentence halves and lvrite compiete sentences.

Extmple: Theie are many students g

L lhere rs milk a)did yOu cat?
2. Horv bananas b)at thC librarI

3. Horv time c)in the ciassrOom.

4. children d)do yOu sPcnd at thc club:

5. There are books c)in thC ttidgC.

6. Ive got' fi'iends f)by IadOnna,

/. I dont Know
-a111 songs g)arC invitcd to thc parw

B. How money h)at school,

i)do yOu nccd:

ISoM /AttY
Fill in some ar tmy.
ttp f 1. Are there any cats in the garden?

2. fue there ......,.,,,.,.....,..children in the room? i0. Are there ,......,..,..........chairs in the kitchen?
3. There is....,.....,.....,..,,milk in the fridge. 11. There is.....,.....,...,..,..cheese on the table.

4. There isn't.,......,...........,money in the wallet. 12. There aren't.....,.... girls in this class.
5. fue there...,.,....,......,,,,eggs in tlie fridge? 1 3. There are..,...,...,........,,pictures on rhe wai1s.

6, There aren't..,..,.......,,...,..b0oks on the shelf. 14, fue there...,.....,..,..,...,.fl0wers in the garden?

7. Is there..,..................tea in the cup? 1 5. There is..............,..,,..bread 1eft,

B. fue there.,......,............m0nkeys at the zooi

9. There is..,,...,,............water in the glass.

write eyh gotttd what i h t got

71g s ll sandwiches cheese
E / X / /
BOB V/ / X /
JOHN and K TE X / / /
/ X X X

ExampLe:Jean has gor some oranges, some sandwiches and some cheese . She hasrt got an.r' juice.

Look at tllc picture alld

ite sentences,

L..:unple: Apples?,{re there ary apples on the table?

Yes, there are some appies.

1. Cranges?
l. I,ieat?
h (}(re/


5. Yoehurt?

(1. D.lnanls:

7. Cheese?

B. Books?

9' ]uice?

,, ln iolite o*,.r',
Exntnple: 1. There isnt any meat in the fridge.
l, Is there.,..,.,.,,.....,.,,,,c0ffee in the kitchen? 9. I haven't got.,...,,..,,,.,.,,.,..Gennan books.

-1. There aren't,..,....,,,.,,,,.,,.,pe0ple in the street. 1 0. Isn't there,,,,,,,,.,.,..,.,..,,1em0nade in the iridge?

:1, fue there,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,.spiden in the bathroom? 1 1. Are there..,..,,,.,,...,,,.,.,m0untains in this country?

5. There aren't,.,,,..,,...,,,,..,..desks in this c1ass. 12. There are,,,,.,..,..,,.,,,,.,,h0rses in the yard,

6. There isn't...,,.....,,.....,,,.bread in the cupboard. 13. There aren't .,....,....,,.,.,,,..g00d fi1ms this weekend.

7, is there,..,,...,..,.,....,.juice in the bottie? 14, ihave got ,......,,.,,,,,,,....g00d computer gamcs.

8, Have you g0t...,.,,,,,.,,...,,...br0thers or sistets? I 5. Tim hasn't got,,..,,,,,,..,,,,,,,..pets.


3 l THls/ HAT/T :SE/TloSE

F h Or

1. ,.................... is a bus.

2. ,.....,..........,,.. is a present.

^ `LiS

8. ...................., is a spider.
3. ....... ,..,.. ...".. is a Piane .

4. ,....,........,....,' is a car. 9. ......,.............. is a square.

10. .,...,............... is a bike'
5. .,,. .,......,..,.... is a man.

6. ..,.,,......,,.,.,... is a triangle' 1 1. ...........,..,.....' is a pencil'

7. ,..........,. ...,".. is an ear, 12. ...,..........."..... is a candle.

M Fillin th or and the ect

wers arc beaui .

6. c ack

2._ .
7. C

1 )). .11
.1 cttng

4. 8.
: .


arc u
5. : 'ISSmJI

E Fi[ in with this, these or that.

1, M ... is an envelope' 6....,................,. are planes. )))


lS a phOnc, a bdl,

3. arc candcs.
4. , arc han .

5, . .iS a lowcr.

E l)se these or those to fill in the gaps'

. are my pencils.


1lkc s lasscs.

are open books.

1. .,......,.. .......'. are phones'

, are envelopes.


candles are small.

7....... .. ........'. computers are in the office'

B. .........,..........' scissors are dangerous'


Fiu in th ,

9. are houses.


arc buscs.
MACiC E 11



Repllc9 thc llouns be10w using or7:

Exatnple: 1. the i,vardrobe - it

2.thc at .:. . :.. . 9, some apples -
3. *y copybook 10. his parents -
4. Ben's pencils - i L vour ball
5. our houses 12.thc dOlls
6. Sams horse 13. Johns friends -
7. the elephant 14. ny address
B. an orange -...:........

I RcPllcetheuttderlincdn9unsusing

& 1.Ann she

2 Peter 10. her favourite animal
3.the f00d.1 11. Tinas sister -.......
4.the milk 12. our mother
5. Saliy 13.Mr Hill_
6. your name -..:..................1 14.Irs,POPP

7.^y car -..... 15. Miss Conrad
B. Tom 15. her uncle
9. Kate's brorher

E a) Replace the underlined nouns using she, he, it or they:

1. the books ery (on the table)
2.*y dog - it (in the garden)
3. Mr. \(rilliams (at home)
4. Dtana and Ben ....... (.t the cinema)
5. Cindys ciassmates ....... (in front of the museum)
6. the pupils ....... (in the classroom)


7. the classroom --....................(*der the gym)

B. your gloves --........ . .. ..... (behind the sofa)

9, Briinev Spears 13. the pizza'.......,,

10. my sistet's bedroom

i 1. Mr, Bean -.,.......
i4. lvliss Lopez -..,....
15. your parrots

12. the policeman 16. hrs aunt -..,.....,.

b)Wiite questions and answcrs using the words in column A according to thc mOdel.Use thc

phrases in brachts for pur ttswers,

F,a*nlp' l. \lhere 2. c

L,\i! rt: are the boola? l


The), are on the table. L is .

)w using a PcrSOnd prOnOun( ,

Z, , ,

n Mikc.

The cats are on the table, /....,,,..,...,',.,..,.are on

I Z.The children are at home. /...'...............".are at B,

home. the table.

3. This is my book. 1.....................have a book.

4. Tom is not here. /.............., not here.
9. My dog is verv clever. i.,....,..,..'.....'.,.is ren'

10. This man is my father. 1,,,.......'.....,...,,is mv

5. Alice has a small doll. /........,,.......'....has a small
doll. father.

5, This is her bq. /...............,...,..has a bag. 11. That girl likes ice-cream. /..,,,..,............likes ice-

7. Your name is Ben. /...................'..ue Ben. cream.

E IJse his or ben

,). ..............,..... name is Alina. .) ..,.......,........... name is Miss Ferguson.

fl ...,.......,,..,,.,...
b) ................,..... name is Lucian. name is Dan.

c) ...................... name is Mrs. Hill. g) ,,..,,.,,,..'......... name is Mrs, Cruella.

d) ...........,.......... name is Mr. Red.

E IJse his, her or their.

-) .... .................. name is lieana. d) . ,....... name is Miss Higgins'

e) ..,,.,.....,..,.,..... name is Naomi.
b) ......,............... name is Fiorin.

c) -..,,........ ...,... names are Radu and David. f) .,......,..,,.,. names ue N{r. Gieen and lv{rs. Blue ,

tA`I(E Ct


vse m mlin the blanks:

1. httc a brand ncw car. . Car is VCtt bCtttiftll.


2,I "
halre a brothcr and a sistcr. namc is Liz.

tall is Vcry 10ng.
3.N dOg has a problcm.
tt m

i lTli1111


lo,I hNc a bcauti l hamster.

li00Se the ri ht answer:

,,............. hot outside, 6........ .' a wardrobe in n-

hs ils It bedroom.

a) b) c)
a)Their b)Th rc o There

2. Look at that car.,..,.'....,'.. "'..', " " " "dirry'

7. h mc now

Its b)Itt c) She's

j,can yOu Kc tt d
al ThC rc b)ThCir c)ThCrC

8. . .
at thc hosPital
very short.


a) Its b) lis cl ShC


hair is black.
4...........,.....,.,.....,.. ".cousin is in Cluj now'
9. .

cl HCt
a) Theirs b)There c)Their HiS b)HiSS

i......,.....,...........'..,,.a frog under the bedl

a)Theirs b)Their c)There's

4.2. PossEsslvE PnoNouNs


sentcnces f01lo ving the lllodel:

Example: Yruis mv pen. It is mine'

That is my grandParents'house'
1. Those are Kate's cats. Thev at """""""" 6,

It is ,...............

2. This is Toms jacket. it is '..""""""'

It is .."...""""' 7. These ale mY bailoons'."'

3, This is your radio.

are""""""""' 8. That is mY cat's basket...""'

4. These are Ben's socla. They

It is"...'.'......" 9. Those are Your Pencils..'.'.'

i. That is our car.


11 ]II]EIN( te questions alld answers:

? l.r 1\'1 ,
\\ hos.' qlasse ( ari:fhe;C?
Thet'ale mine.
2. Whose apple is thisr
It rs hts.

II Replace the underlined word(s) with an object pronoun. lJse ber, hirn, it, thern
or us. Rer,wite the sentences in your copybooks.

Example: 1- I like Tom.

I like him.

1. I iike Peter. 7. She likes Mr. Bean.

2. Give Kate some warer! B. Our parents love me and m),'sister.

3. Give yqut-a4 something to eatl

4.Tell )rour friends a joke.
9. Mv morher loves my sister.
10. Drink this glass of waterl

5. Ask vour Darents abour Laura. 11. Eat rwo applesl

5. I put m), sandwiches in my bag.

Chose the co*ect pronoun: -
ExampLe: I have got a book. (i/me)
a) Peter 10ves,...,...,.., very much. f) The teacher is looking at....,.,,.....,..,... :...,..,...

(she/he/hers) (we/us)

b) ..,...,......". ue having breakfast. (us/we) g) Give some watef,

d Te1l ,....,,.. . your probleml (he/him) (they/them)

....,........,.. (them/thev)
d) I'm looking at h) .....,.,. likes cats. (sheihed

e) She is writing ..,,.... a lener. (meli) i) She gives many presents eYerv vear,


Gi(1 11

Corl.Plete as in the exanlPles.
LSt Lstel the istest
i. smatl 11

). large
5. hot

6.short ...... ..

9. young

b) Example: beautifi.rl more beautiful the.most beautifrrl

f . interesting
2. carcfisL

5. dangerous ' ..

3 Fi[ in the adjective in the right form'

ota tail long fast big hot hearY

ExampLe: lv{y father is taller than me'

1. fuIy brother is...."......'..'than me. He is 13

4. August is.,.............'than Septem'bt:

5. A tiger is...........,"...than an
and I am 9.

A snake is..'....."......than a lizard' 6. A bear is..,..,....,...'.than a fox.


3" My bag is....',...'..".'than vour bag'


1 11 EE lite correct scntences ith a corIIParatiVe adiectiVe using thc PrOrllPtS'

mv father i mv grandfather (old)
l"{1' grandfather is qlder rhan m,r' father.

1.whales lions(hca ) .
2.occans/seas Carg .
3. the Everest /the Carpathians (high)
4. policernen / fi1m stars (rich)

5.clcphants/tigcrs( st) . .
6. September / August (hot)
7.Bucharcst/Paris(sma11) . .
8,snttls m c(siolvl.

ru W'rite correcr senrences with a comparative adjective using the prompts.

thc llm thc bobk(interestingl

ThC ll than the book.

1.Htttory GcograP (intcrOslng).
2. snakes / rats (dangerous)
3. English / Science (difficuld
4.Fathcr trandPa ohor ..
5. our team 1 their team (good*;
6. s test Milcct tcst(bad*)

}| Complete the questions and give answers. Use superlatives.

1, Vhich is the (fast),...............,arumalin fie world?

2. Wrich is the (large),.............,.ocean in the world?

3. \fhich is the (tall)....,.....,,....animalin dre


4. V&ich is the (long),..,..,.".......river in the

ri orId?

5, V&ich is the (high)..,..,...,.."'.mountain in the


ACl( (4


ComParc thc animalsi a lion,a mOuse and a crOcodile.Use the alectil

, , , , ,
& z ttf Thc IIousc is thc smaiicst.
A lion is Lstcr than a crOcodilC,ctc.

Rcad the chart attd colllPlete tlle sentences

r Suc oldcr than Matt JaCk iS Oldcr than Suc.Sam is thc oldcst in thc grouF


larv 7 3 Cm
9 4Z C n
Suc 8 44 crn

Jenny 49 cm

Sam 12 Clll

5,Sam is the t..
6.Mav is ic.
7.Suc isrt t.

8.Jack iSrt the t,.


111lIIEI colllpletethe sentences uSingtheinforlllationbeloN


Age: 19 Age:17 Age:20

H6itl,70m Height:1,78m Height:1,80m
Wcight:65 kg uight:70 kg Weight:68 kg
LVatchi 180S watch:250S Watch:125S

1.(pung)JaCkiS ttcrtllan Mi .
6. (heavy) Mike is.,...,.....,....'..'.'Jack.

2.(t 1)Nick and Mikc arc. ,Jack. 7. (cheap) Miket watch is','..'.',.'.....,..."a11'
B, (expensive) Niciis watch is,,.,...,.........,....ail'
3.(old)MikC iS. .all.
4.(short)JaCk iS.
9. (old) jack is.,..........,,...,...,Nick.

5.( C Ch ,M mch 1 0, (short) Jack and Nick are.'.'... "....'...... "Mike


m uenfssch l oH ttd tte mlsofieattetts G00D md 0 L dle


TTI. subicCtS arc English and 5. Iv{y grade in Science

is,,.,...........,......... ".....than my grade in History'
is,.',.......,.,.""""""""'than my

2.My........,. ...subject is History' 5. My grade in French

I am quite....'..................... " " "at grade in Art.

7 Uy grade in Geography is.'..'.'."""""""""'than
4.My grade in Maths
my grade in Maths.

is....,......,.............,.'....than my grade in History'

B. I am,.,..... .., HistorY'

rc \flrite about your school subjects'

I am bemer at..,.'....",'.'.,.....,.'than at" " " " " " " " " " " "
My best subiect is.............'...
My grade.,...,....,".is worse than my grade in""""""'
My worst subject is................

rc Complete the sentences.

I am..'........'......than my father' B. (ta1l) Jimmy is...,....'...."..'.boy in class'

1. (shon)

2. (old) My grandfather is 89' He is"""""""""in 9. (fast) My cu is.".'.'...,..'...'.than vours'

1 0. (good*) You are my.'....... ".'....'friend'
the famii,v.
11. (iast)This pluie is...'....".,'.,.'.plare in the world'
3. (inteiligent) Mike is..'.....,.'....."than Eddie'
12. (cuefui) Dan is'.'..',..',.'.....than Kate'
4, (good*) Angela is.....,..'.'....'.' in class'

is""""""""'than 13. (noisy) fudrew is'.,,.".,..'.""'boy in class'

5. (interesting) "Harrv Potter"
14. (bad*) Yesterday was.....,.......""'day of my
"The Lord of the fungs",
1i. (long) My hair is.,.'.........""'than yours'
5. (beautiful) Mrry is......'...,..'.'..girl in class'

16. (difficult) This is.,....,,....',.'.,problem of all'

7. 6ad*) The weather today is.""""""""'than the
weather yesterday.
` ACi 1_


I Tllrnthe
o ng ttectilrcs hto ad17erb&

Examplci strong stro

1.10ud 4. careful
5.happy .. .. .

2. quiet 6.bad
J. SIOW 7. dangerous -

l\ow, complete the sentences with the correct adverb'

& ThC Wind is blowing

1.Snails walk vcry.

2.Shc smilcd .

3.Hc drivcs.

4.Opcn thc dool. I TOm is siccping.

5,Hc Cut himsclfvcrI

6.Rcad this prOblcm.

7.Th knocked at the door and the babi, woke up.

Choose e cOrred wod.

1.Mikc has g9t a(loud loudtt V9iCe.
2.The old man is walking very (siow / slowly).
3. He did his hcmework (careful / carefullv).
4.The (strong / strongly) wind is good if you want to fly a klte'
5. Be more (carefrrl / carefully)l
6. He opened the parcel (quick 1 quickl.v).
7. i am very (happy / happilv) to see vou.
8. Dont knock so (loud / loudhilThe babv is sleeping.


\Xtite these ad-verbs of frequency- in the correct order.

usually sometimes rarely often neyer always


0% never


Makc true sentences.Add s, , , Z , % .

I aln hTPy

1. I am hrppy. 5. My mother is angry with me.

/. I am sao, 6. I like the English lessons,

3.My deskmate is polite, 7.IwatchTV in the evening.

4. Our English teacher is nice. B. I do my homework. . . ,

Rcad the questiomtt o Then ad the statements abOllt Tomy and say ifdl
are true or false.

l. How often do ,vou visit your grandparents? 3. How often do you go to the cinema?
a) always b) often c) sometimes d) never a) always b) often c) sometimes d) never

2. How often do you watch TV? 4. How often do you read magazines?
,) ,l*ry, b) often c) sometimes d) never a) always b) often c) sometimes d) never

1. Tommy loves going to the cinema.

2. Tommy visits his grandparents every day.
3. Tommy iikes reading magazines more than he likes going to the cinema.

Now, say what is true about yourself.

Example: I often visit my grandparents.

30 A`:(EN4Ll`H


write e fomttng number as h the aln

%? 3-thre
a)5 c)12 c)6 g)11
b)8 d)10 f

Writ the numbcrs:


.. c)15 c)4
b) ...
d)9 f)17
g120 ........


1 write the numbers

ham 46 rtts

79. 13 , . 045
30. 052 f)91
87. . . , . h)18


)26 . . . kl 4



El Write the dates in English.'Write questions and answers:

EX V4rat day is today?

It is the second of April.


E _

litc tllc) cars in lctters:

lTST se cntecn Sevcn



IA Cornplete the sentences with the right years:

asbornin.... 4) i was three years old in

[y father was born in . . . 5) I was nine years o1d in
[y mother was born in

H write sentcncesab()ut their birth ia rs:

i:':,r.inple: Mary - 1 April: N4ary's birthday is on 1st April.

i,Tom-2February ... .....4)Peter- l}July
li\{ike-21June .....r) Cindy- 13April
3) Jane-30 October ... .....6) Robert -22May

]l Complete the senrences:

1) My birthday is on
2) My mothert birthday
3) My father's birthday
4) My teacher's
5) My friend's
A41(E :


1 THtt VttRB

8.1 .1 . THE vERB TO BE

ff| a) Put in am, Are, is

1. woman
This . . . . .my | 4. fhe dog '
teacher, 'in the house"
2.'The boy . . .at school. | 5. You ' 'a good singer'
.our fridnds. | 6. The baby foxes
3. They
. . 'in their den.

b) Make the sentences in 1.a) interrogatiYe:

ExampLe: This woman is mY teacher.
Is this woman mY teacher?

c) Make the sentences in la) negative.

Example: This woman is my teacher.

This woman isnt m)' teacher'


ru Fi[ in at , dre, zi in the affirmative , interrogative or negatiye:

1. Florv rall . . . . . .you?
2."I need to buy a new pair of shoes."
3. It . .rerribly cold outside.
4. The cups on the table .empry.
5.Florvoid.. ....youlsisters?
6.k. .sodarkl tW4rere .....1?
7. There , . .any sandwiches for me ro eat.
8. . . .John yoLir friend?

8,1 .2. THr vERB TO HAVE

Ask questiOns alld give short answers

Exalll YOu/brOthcrs Or s tcr lye They / computers? (no)
HaVC ru gOt b10thers Or sistcrs' Have they got computers?
Yes, I have. No, they havent.
1. father / a new car? (no)

2. they / any pets? (yes)

3. Lassie / any puppies? (ves)

1. youi a dictionary i (no)

5,ths hbrary/h rcsing books? cl

6. r,ou I alarye house? (no)

E a) Fill in haue or hasin the affirmative, negative or inrerrogarive:

he got any friends'in Romania?

\fike. .,...breakfasrevervmorning.
F G: E CLiS}:

3. Thev . .a loi oi troubie building their neu, hor-ise.

4. We ahval.s . . .such a good time al our fi'iend's birthCay parryi

5. .you got any money on yoti?

b) Tianslate the sentences into Romanian.

Ask qucsdOns about ep tu s Gi17c truc ansyr&

v %
Has she got a bat in the cage?
I.{o, she has got a bird in the cage.

b.thCC DCnCils? c. a car? d. flowers? c.carrots? f. a monkey'i

Wr o e ld
HEIGH lm 45 cln
HAIR:10ng and dark

CHARACTER:gcnerous,c m
Anna is lln and 45 cm tall.She has long,dark hait She has bluc cyes.She is generOus ttd

/ RB

HEIGH lm 40 m
R:shO ,rcd and curly

CmCTER:in and invcnt c

IIEIGH lm 37cm

CHARACTER:chccril and hardwOl lcing


IEIGH lm 50cm

HA brOwn
CHARACTER:hOncst and scriOus

HEIGH lm 40cm
R:dark brOwn
CRttcTER:calm and undcrstanding

Add -.r or -er to the verb:

Tom drive_ fast.
Tom driveg fast.
Grandpa watch_ TV in the evening.
Grandpa watches TV in rhe evening.

She take. ... piano lessons.
, Ke,,,in listen. ,.. ro music every day.

A4: INCLiS [

3.NIy SiStCr alwtts in h. ..

hcr hol ncwork fastcr than l do.
'a lot.
4.Thc littlc boy Watch, ,.. .' Cartoon Ncavor
5,ShC Catch,_,_.,'. an carly bus to gct to SChOOlin tilnc.
6,Mv mothcr kss. baby brothcr a lot.
7.Jcan gO tO hCr dancc dass by bus
8.Thc applc taStC. ...,
9.NIIs,Smith do. , , her
shopPing in thC alcrnoon.

10,Susan sit,, .a lot of muscumS Wllcn shc is on holida)L

ite thc o ng sentences h the 3d PerSOn

Example: a) \Ve ahvays trv to eat healthy food'
He a1.,vays tries to eat healthy food'

b) \7e play football at school.
He plays lootball at school.

1. They fly their kite every afternoon' He ' '

2. They stali at home in the evenings' She

3.Hcr childrcn cry a lot.Hcr child . . .

4.They play basketball in their bac$'ard' He
5. They always try to do their homework as quickly as they can' She

6.Thcy o cny nsh l)r dinncr.Shc ._. .

7. The chiidren study English at school' The boy 1

J! Add + or -ss to the verbs in the box n4rere necessary. Pay attention to the changa in spelling
1. leave 4. do 7.wJk 10 ask
8.t7 1. turn
2. hurry 5. get
6. 9.go 12. recognise
3. try see

The train l) h tcn minutcs.Tom r pcopL 4) bCCttsc thc 1

station is vcw crowdcd With children le ing hr thc camp,V
cn hc 5) tO the train,hc 6)

suitcasc.Othcr pco c7) Past hctt but nOnc ofthcm
an Old h carr,ng a hCa

8) tO hdp her, m9) thC h and 10)

hCr fhe can hdP,Vttcn shc
around,hc 12)
ll) htt aund



rc Put the verbs in the 3'd person singular:

:.I cr)r_Hc .

6 I
` Hc try

i lsav_Hc ._. .
I do Hc

i IPl _Hc . . . 8.I go Hc

=, Ifinish-He. .....9. Iwatch-He
-<, I srudy- He .10. I kiss - FIe

El Fiil in with do or does:

-.,....,.,........squirrels eat nuts? 4. Vrhen he do his hornework?

:........,.....,.. your friend go to school by bus? 5. ........,,.,.... Sarah have a pet?
vou live in a big cin ? 6. What rhe.v have for breakfast?

]cilc the cOrred ans =

EttDocs hc(like)/1ikes)bananasP

l.DOcs your father drivcs/drivc wcll:

3. I)oes Sarah go / goes on trips often?
2.Do th livc/1i1/cs nearby,. 4. Do you likes / like footballr

writ ic 10wing ntcnc h ie negative:

I eat fruit every day. I dont eat fruit every daE
She practises sporr. She doesnt practise sport.
1) My cousins live next door.

2) Mike always wali<s to school.

3) I have dinner at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

4)Mr.Coopcr gcts to work by bus.

5) Julia likes ice-cream with biscuits.

6) They put ali their books on the bookshelf.


Ask questiOns about the llnderlined wOrds:

Exrtmple Fred reads a lot. \Mho reads a iot?

1) Mother cooks deiicious me;rls. iff/ho

2) M), uncle and ar:nt often take us for a ride in their car. \Yho

3)Tom hatcs Maths,W 0

4) Paul and Sarah write a lot of letters. Who

5) Father repairs
a lot of thines around the house. Who


Ask questiOns about dhe l nderlined wOrds:

Example: Thelittle girlplayswith her do11

What does the little girl playwith?

1. The children laugh at t.he clowffho.

2. Theylook at Lheir family alhryoften. Vhat


3. Mike plays wi th hi s new bae}0ry day. What

4.Joe ah,r,ays waits f or his f rieidmnt of his house. Who.
,1, :(E G Li'H

EAsk questiOns about thc underlined wOrds:

Example: a) enna bakes delicious pies.Who bakes delicious pies?

b)ISe mvttiends on saturday Whell do lsee l y fl iends?
C) eCllildrenplaywith their tA31MttdOtllechildl enplayv

1,My doglikes bOnes, . , .

, . ' ' . .

2.Mother turns offthe TV at 10 o'clock every evening . _. ,'

3. Susan rvashes the di shes


4.The children go to school in the morning.

5. Boys talk about f ootba@ite alot.


wl ite the
tt fOrm ofthe f0110 ving verb put them in the rl t C01um.

run running take tt ing=taking

sit sitting make+ing=mahng
put putting write+ing=writing

& d break_b run

corllc ... ..... Writc

swlm . put
bur'- .drop -
run - .take -

n a)Vrite sentences in the Present Continuous using the words given:

ExitmpLe: We/rvatch/TV.
\Me are rvatching T\/
i ) The baby / drink / his milk now.
I )J) Look! Thev I run I to catch the bus.
3) N{ike / make / a rvooden bird-house
1) She / sit I under a tree.
i) The boy i take offl his shoes.
6) Mary i pLit on / her coat to go out.

b)Vrite the sentences in 2.a) in the negative

La r \7e TV now.
are watching

We arerit watching TV now.

a )

fE Askquestions and give true answers using the words and the

Plcms glven:

Is thegirl combing her hair?
No, she isnt. She is brushing her teeth.


drhk climb a tree? srt under a tree? llsten to music?


sk questions about thc underiined lrOrds:

Example: Jack'S dOgissleeping under a tree

Where isJacIS dOg tteepill

1,Graldnlotheris sitting ttn an armchaiWhere, . . . . . ,

. ?

2.Grandfathetts digging in the gardell.Who. . . ... , . , 7

3.Julie is cooking dinnerW hat ._. .

4.I'm using Tom s computer.whose.

5,Sheispractisingthepianobecause she wants to enter a competit on

W/hy . , , , , '

6.Sheis going to school by bustoda)l IIow, , .

' ,, , ?

Askpllr iend

questiOns about the peOPle in tlle chart ttd then lllin the ansttrs

Use the Present Continuous" Begin your questions with Vliere, Wheil, How and


Student A: look at the chart below

Student B: look at the chart on page 155 (Anexa 2)

& Student B: lX''here is Mary going?

Student A: Mary is going to the cinema.
Student A: \){4ren is lvlary going to the cinema?
Student B: On Thursdar,'.

Chart for stud,ent A:


PLACE cinema musclllll

TI1/1E Monday Tuesday

TRANSPORT by bus by taxi

REASON to look at the to see

animals something

at haPPe ng h the,Ctur itc sentcnces

i) A giri is throrving an apple at her ciassmate.






E underline rhe correct form:

1. They (are singinglsing) an English song no\,v.

2. (fu. they writingiDo they write) letters to their parents every week?
3. LooklThat dog (eats/is eating) your sandwichl

4. He (is trying/tries) to make a bird-hoLrse nolv.

5. My parents (aren'r workingldont work) lare.
6. V&y (are you coming/do you come) late ro school so often?
iACI([ !` :F}I

77ite the verbs in the cOrrcct tensco Ch00se be
rcen PrcSent silllPle and Presellt

1)Thc dog(bark)at thc cat nOw. _.

2) The dog often (run) alter the car,

3)Thc baby(Cr,a lot cvcry d .

4) john and Sarah (try) to build a model r,illage norv.

5) Birds (fl1) to the warm countries in autumn.
6) Now Jean (drar,i,) a picture for her art ciass.
7) Close that rvindowl The wind (blorv) stronglvl

8)Wc alwayS(sa,goOdbyC tO Our tcachcr whcn thc class is OvcI.

Eil \fitite the verbs in the present
simple or presenr conrinuous, affirmative,
negatiye or interrogatiye:

1) You usually (eat) a iot of sweets?

2) You (have) breakfast now?

3) Your fiiend (sleep) late on Sundayi

4) He never (arrir.e) to school in time.

5) lvly dog (not like) to sleep outside.

6)Thcy(comc)to sit yOu cvcry Sund ?
7) They (wake up) at 7 o'clock every morning.
B) Claire (do) her homework now?
9) They (nor sir) in the garden now because rhe wearher is cold.
10) He (not drink) a milkshake now, he (drink) hot chocolate.


8.3. PAST Sr,vpLE

complete ic sentenccs w i e t rbo Ch00se Om:

uisited, walked, uossed, arriued, serued,
firuished, stopped, talhecl

1) V'e ,.,.. Disneyiand last year.

2) He ., ... fast and , ,, .. home earlier yesterday
3) The lroy ., the street when the tiaffic light was red.
4) My ciassmates ,..,, me organise my binhday parry ar school.
5) We ,.... cakes and orange juice to rhe other children.
6) They ,.. ,, in fiont of Miket house and .. ,., fbr a long time.
7) John .,... my advice and ... ., his composition for the English class.

A \ffrite the following senrences in

the past tense:
ha P The dog (chase) the cat.
The dog chased the cat.
1)Thc cat( llow)thc mouse,
. . ,

2) The cat (climb) the tree quickly.

3) The dog (start) to bark.

4) I (want) to chase the dog away.

5) The dog's owner (arrive) and (walk) away with it.

6)Thc cat(looD hapP . .

writ the sentences in the negative.

& P r Jane cleaned her room yesrerday.

Jane didnt clean her room yesterday.

1. Father watched TV last night.
2.The teacher talked about "Robinson Crusoe" last week.

3. I wanted to read the book.

4. i walked to my friend's house two days ago.
5. The reporter asked the film srar a lot of questions.
:( CL:SH

in the interr 3ati
b)7ite the scntences in ex,3. '

ExantpLe: Jane cleaned

her room yesterda-r"'

Did iane clean room yesterd-al'?




I trv-l tried I $op-l $oPPed

I $ay -l stayed
I carry { carried I drop-i droPPed
Iplay IPlaYed

vlng regda

itC the past tensc Ofthe follo

1.I shop. I
4. Idrop.-I
5.I nnish I .....

2.I cry I

3.I stav I
6. Itry-l

Put the verbs in the brackets in thc Past simPl

1. \{other (fr:r) fish YesterdaY'
2. The little boy (cry) for his mother
he was a child'
3. The scientist (study) English when
4.Thev (plry) tennis together last week' E
5.I(Sta,at hOmc bccausc thC Wcather was bad.

r thc school ist al.
6.John and Susan(tr,tO WritC a song

7. I (stoP) in front of their house'

B. She accidentall-7 (drop) a cup in the living-room'

RI h m thc arlrlntti. c,ncgative Or mterlog


. .
1.I(nOt bC)at hOmc ycstCrdtt a crnoon. sCh001 ycstcrd ?...


ParcntS lbCl at thc thcatrc lasl night.

l.Thev (be) glad ).ou called them?

5. I]r icnds(nOt bc)hclc whcn l arr cd.

H studytteliStOfil ar verbs frOm tO

and ien put ie verbsin tte
brackets into the Past Simple:

i. lbur friend . . . . .his leg in the park yesrerday. (break.)

l. ,,., .., he . . .you flowers last Saturday? (bring*)
3. \\here . . . .you iast nightl (be*)
,i. Her mother . . . . .pancakes yesterday, (not cook)
5. My friend .a new dress last Friday. (buy*)
6. Ve . .ar a hotel iast summer. (stay)
7. ..,, ... he . . .to Cluj lasr summer? (come*)
- 8. There . . . . .any books on my desk yesterday. (not be*)

stlldythe list Ofir gulttverls frOm z tO

and then putthe verbsin the
brackets into the Past Simple:

1. My cat . . . . .its leg yesterday. (cut*)

2.We . . .cheeseburgers last Thursday. (eat*)
3. !flhere .you . the key yesterdar.? (find)
4. These men . .a lot yesterday. (work)
5. L . . . .my jacket at school last Monday. (forget-)
6. Wendy a good mark yesterday. (get*)

E Study the list of irregular verbs from sellto thinhand then pur the verbs in
brackets into the past simple:

Last week I (go*) ,.... with my friends to the seaside. \[e (spend*),.,,,, ,,,,,, four
-.'s there. \[e (take*) ,.., food, water, clorhes and sieeping bags, we (sleep*)
-- . rent. In Constan?a we (see*) ,,., the Aquarium and the Dolphinarium. At the Aquarium
: neei.) ,,,,. some American tourists and we (speak-) .,, to them in English.
Thev (tell.) ,, us about their country. one of them (study) ., the sharks.
-.. sav*). ., he (like) ,,, danger and rhe fish in the sea. We (think*)
..,. rhat he (be*) ,,,,,,, alinle cruy, \re [ike) dolphins better than sharks.
: -: :iter talking to him we (become*) ,,,,, , more interested in sharks.

= =

: :: :]=::
=== =============
JEE ===
== == === = ======
= = =

48 MA41(ENttLl'H

Put thc fol10wing irregular r,sin the P t nse Simpl

Example: I (drink*) some juice yesterday.
I drank some juice yesterdal'.
1. I (eat*) a lot oi fresh fruit last week'
2. Mary (go*) for walk with her friend.

3. The children (make-) a robot from empv boxes.

4. Jane (take*) her dog for a walk last night.
5. They (see*) a good fiim on TV last Sunday.

6. I (be-) on dury at school yesterday'

7.Tony (have*) a good time at my birthday parry.
B. She (give*) me a wonderful present. . . ' .

9. Sheila (rvrite*) a letter to her parents from the summer camp.

10. Torn (read*) "Robinson Crusoe" when he was 1 1.

\frite the sentences in ex. 10.a) in the negative.

Ex r I drank some juice yesterday.

I didnt drink any juice yesterday.


c) \!'rite the sentences in ex. 10.a) in the interrogative.

Exnitpk: I drank juice yesterday.

Did you drink juice yesterday?

Student A: Take a look at the following form and write the questions.

Student B: Look at the form on page 157 (I.lrrexa3).

1. \X4rere I you lgo last Sunday?

2. How I yor I go there?
3. \X/hat/vou/eat*?

4. How lbe lthe food?

5. \X,hat I you I drink?
6. \Xhat / vou
/ / see?

Now fill in this form about yourselfi

1. Example: to the forest



MAr_ic EN`Li`H

Student A: ask student B the questions above and wT ite fuIl ansrn'ers:

1.L Last Sundttr cx wcnt tO. .






IFEI Put the verbs in brackets into the past tense simple, affirmative, negative or

1. The dog(run) ,,., away fiom home because his 6. ,.,. ,...,,.. you (be) at horne

o\vner (not fced) ,, '. him. last night?

2. \\h1- .,.. you (write) such a short composition? 7. Tom (not hea$ ,.,. us

3. He (take) ,.,, a bad markyesterday? knocking at his door.

4. They (spend) .,,, all theii money on sweets. 8, They (find) , ., a stray

i. ,.,, ,,,,,,. you (see) the big truck in front of our puppy in the street,


Rcad e sto7 of The UttDucHhg":

A duck sat on her nest, waiting for her eggs to hatch*, \{,hen fie eggs cracked and the lide ducklings carne

our, she saw that one of them was very ugly. She looked at him angrily, so the little duckling ran away in the
Soon he arrived ar a great marsh where the wild ducks lived. Ali the ducks there told him he was very
ugly and laughed ar him. He ran away from the great marsh. The rain staned to fall. The ugly duckling was
*rt ,nd cold and tired. Just as the night fel1, he found a little house. He went inside to get warm. An old
wgman lived there. She had a cat and a hen. But, when they all lound him in the morning, they sent him
away, telling him how ugly he was. So the litde duckling was 0n his own again.
One day he saw a flock* of beautiful white swans and he felt sorry he wasn't as beautiful as they were.
Winter came and the duckling had nowhere to stay and no food to eat, He was always cold and hungry.
But after many long weeks, the spring sun began io shine again. The duckling spread his wings* - they
weie srrong wings nowl He flew high into fie slq, to meet the beautiful white swans. Now, he was one olthem.
to hatch = a ie?i din ou

fl,ock = stol
to spread the wings = a intinde aripile

a) Underline the verbs in the past tense. Vrite down the tw-o forms of the
irregular ones.

Example: sit - sat

b) Ask questions about the story:

Example: \7hy did the ugly duckling run from the duck's nest?
He ran away because the duck was an1\i with him for being ugly.

He arrived at a marsh where the wild ducks lived.


No , he didnt stay there long.

Next he went to a small house.
An old woman lived there.
He had to leave because the old woman sent him away.

8 4 THE FuTuRE
8 4 1.VVILL

E Complete the sentences with the words in the box:

will write, will go, will learn, will do, will meet, will visit, will come

Next summer, Joe ...... to summet camp. There he .... ..a lot of
. -'.i' iriends. He . .. ,
... many interesting things: he .. , .. how to swim,
:. a horse and use a computer. All the children in the camp ...... places of

rrrlre feeling rested and happy.

rill ie dren dO en
1 htt Ow up? te sentcnces

Example:Tom will climb mountains.

TOM b )

climb mountains teach children be a gymnast

) 1) TONY

work on the computer fly a plane work in a bank

E Ask and answer about the children in ex. Z.

Example: \(iIl Tom teach chiidren?
. I.{o, Tom wont teach children. Tom will climb mountains.
1. Jenny - work in a bank?

2.Jim- fly plaoes?

3. Ben - climb mounrains?

4.Muy - work on the computer?

5. Tony - be a gvmnast?


Allswer the qucsdOns

1.W at wi11) u dO when yOu grOw uP?.

2.W at will yOu dO On your sulllmcr holiday,. . . . .

3. \X,hat will your classmates do at school tomorrow?


t 4. \XAat rvill your mother do when she comes home from work?

t E Choose rhe correct form:

1. He doesn't like Maths. He .

a bad mark every monrh.
a) took b) is taking c) takes
2. Yesterday he ., ., ... , ar schooi late.

I a) arrived
3. He
b) will arrive c) arrives

, on the telephone now.
a) talked b) will talk c) is talking
4. Next summer we ...
..... to the seaside.
a) will go b) went c) go
5. Two days ago I ... my umbrella at home.
a) leave b) ,rnleaving c) left

T 8.4 2.o BE COING o

; E Iilrat are rhey going to do?'Write sentences:

t Example: Ben is going to clean the carpet.

b.) ANNA c.) JOE f.) JIM and TONY

clean the carpet read a book ' eat dinner de thei bikes

Ask and arlswer about ie children h 1:

% Is Ben going to read a book?
No, he isn't going to read a book. He is going to clean the carpet.
1. Anna - eat dinner? . . .

2.Joe - clean the carpet?

3.Jim and Tony - play football?


EI Ask questions about Tom's room. Give true answers.

h f Is there a bed in Torns

Yes, there is.

fue there three tables in Ti room?

No, there arent.

1)an armch i:

2)a lot ofbooks,

3)a desk?

4) alot of toys?

5)a sOfa'

5) three chairs?


A Help Mr. Bean solve his problems:

Exemple : Mr. Bean: I'm hungrv. (a fast-food restaurant)

You: There is a fast-food restaurant down the street.
l) Mr. Bean: I need to buy some cheese . (a supermarket)
2)MI.Bcan:I nccd an En h diCdOna (a bootshOp)

3) M. Bean: I have a terrible headache. (a chemistt)

4) Mr. Bean: I want to buy a toy cx for my son. (a tov shop)
5) M.. Bean: I want ro posr a letter. (a posr office)

sarah went tO Helett birthday Pttty last nighto L00k tt her diary and Brrite
sentences using there was, tltere u)ere, there wdsn 't, there weren't.

Example: There was plenry of food at Helent birthday pafty.

There werent any boys at Helent birthday patry.


Jtte itt

l shOW

8 6:1 CAN

usc a Or a

1) Itt We
summer. make a snowman. 6) h's autumn. \fle , ,,..ear a lot of fruit.
2) Ir's winrer We . .,,.play in rhe snow. 7) It's summer We ,, ,., ear a iot of ice cream.
3) itt windy. I .,... , ,,, , . ., , fly my kite. 8) ft's winter. Ife ., ,,, go skiing.
4) k's raining. \fle , ,,,, play foorball 9)Itt cloudy, I .,.,.,...,.,., see the sun.
outside. 10) ht hot and sunny. \fe ,,, ,. have a picnic.
5) It's spring, \fe ,. .,, swim in the sea,

n Look at the table a{rd use ticks (r') or crosses (x) to ftll it in. Then write true
Example: Crocodiles can swim. Eagles cant swim.

elephants monkeys eagles crocodiles

fly /


climb trees

what d Ask and an likc h tte exampl

Can Mica pl the guitar,NO,she ca .

Can she dance:Ycs,she can.ctc.

play the guitar dance SWIm speak Spanish c00k

JMica /

Bryan / / /

Kim / / /

/11ice / /

J W.hat could Billy do when he was two?


B COdd SpCak a hdc cnhcwtt m Bl coddrt

speak sPanish cn hc w o.
' .'. ""sPeakalittle/ . . . .sPeak SPanish
. . . .eat bv himself r'

' . . .get dressed *

. . . .climb the stairs


E of these things can you do now? Vhlch of them could you do when you
were three?

. speak English . sing . swim

. run fast . rrd
. read stano on your nea
. write . climb a ladder



Tim has got a terrible sromach-ache. The doctor is telling him what he must or
-l musffit do. Fill in with ru.ust ot mustrlt

1 .You . . . . .take some medicine. 4. You . ,eat toast and drink tea.

2.You ......eatanymoresweets. 5. You '.make a lot of effort.

3. You . . .stay in bed. 5. You . .rest'

IIIIEEE It's the flrst day of schOol.This is what the teacher is tcling her class.
Fill in with must or mustru'f

1. You .come to schoolat B:00 6. You . . ,fight with your classmates.

.terv day. 7,You . . .run in the corridors.

2. You .be late. 8. You . . .clean the blackboard rvhen

3. You .bring all your boola and you are on dury.

:upvboola. 9. You . , ,do your homework everv

i. You .'chew gum in class. Iry.

j, You .wear a uniform. 10. You . .be polite:

8.6 3.MAY

Ask permission to dO thc ring thing
Example: May I go to the toilet?
1) go to the toilet
2) go out and play
3) watch TV
4) eat an ice-cream .. .

/r I I 1 l.
)) borrow your teacners olcttonary

the following sentences in the negative:
You may go out.
You may not go out.
1) %u may watch cartoons now. .

2) The children may visit their friends.

3) \tr may play with father's tools.

4) You may go to your friendt birthday parry.

Fillin with Or ?:
. you
1) ,,, I go out to play?" the boy asked his father. "No, .,, "said his

father. "Your homework is not ready and you got a bad mark at schooltoday'.
2) .,, we watch TV this afternoon?" the chiidren asked Mrs. Brown. "Yes, you

,i,.i.....,. . You were very good this morning".

3) Mother says I .. . go ro my friends house and play until I finish cleaning my room.
4) " .,, we bring toys at school?" Iittle Johnny asked his teacher. "Yes, you
.,, " said the teacher, "But you .,., plrf with them during the class",

ru Fill in wrth ca*, must, may inthe affirmative or negative:

Dear Susan,

project, lvfy teacher says we ,,. be late with it if we want to get good marks. I will ask mother if
I .,..... ,.... pay ,vou a visit next Thursday to give you your present.

9.1 PnrposrTroN oF Trrvn

t n00n
ln the evening z t7o'c10ck On October 10th
In the afternoon At night On a hot day
In 1998 2 t rnidnight On Monday morning
In August
t tlle vcckend On a spring night
In summer At ChHstmas
At Easter

Usc r .

1. May
2. . the moming

4. . F day


12o'c10ck :

6. . Sulllln
1 .

7. the wcekcnd

8. .
.. .

the evenlllg
9. .."..

March 8th
10. halfpaSt three

2 Choose the correct answer.

1. I get up ,.,, ..,seven o'clock. 5. I play tennis , Saturday morning.

a) on b) at c) in a) on at b) c) in
2. I usually warch TV .,. ,..... the evening. 6. Helent birthday is .,.,., , May 16th.
on at

a) b) c) in a) on b) at c) in
3.'We can go skiing ,.,,,.. winter. 7. This shop is closed ..,,.. Sunday.
a) on b) at a) on
c) in b) at c) in
4. \fe go carolling ,,.,,., Chrisrmas. 8. I will be there ,... , , noon.
a) on b) at c) in a) on b)at' c)in

_ ,

' 11


E Fi[ in the blanks with in, at or on.

1, \X/e dont go to school ...... 6, Iis cold ,,,.. winter.
Saturdav. 7, He was ,
born .... 1993,
2, I have breakfast .,., , seven B. The film starts ,..,. 8 o'ciock
o'c1ock .,,,. the morning. ..,., the evening.
3. nfe always go to the seaside 9, I always meet Tom .,.,. Saturday

summel. morning.

4,Thc holiday bCgins, ' 'Junc. 10. N{y birthday is .,.,. June 4th.

5.I P17 on thc cOmputcr. :, thc 11. My brother will come back .

cvcning. Frida-ri

Il is the cat? Write sentences.

&%? 1. The cat is on the table.

A Look at the picture and find:

1. a book 4. a scarf
2. abag 5. apalr of glasses

3. a jumper


the numbers on the picture. Then, complete the sentences.

1.Thc b00k is
2. The bag is

3. The jumper is

5. The glasses are

H L00katic du , ad the mstructions and drtt lines

1. The book is on the sofa.

2.The shirt is under the table.

3. The dog is near the armchair.

4.The torch is berween the sofa and the armchair.

5" The clock is on the wall above the sofa.

9 3 AT/ o/ IN/BY
I am at home.
We go to school in the
lWe are
in the classroom. I
go to school b1'bus.
\\'e are at school. morring. Tom is in the kitchen.

My father goes to u.ork b1

\lr rn61[s1 is at work. Let's walk to school. My father is working in car.
They are at the My mother goes to work the garden. I go to Tom's house by
cinema. by car. They live in London.

\bu can do a lot of things I am going to the cinema. She works in an office, You can travel to Paris by
at the We go to the We spend our winter plane.
seaside. seaside in summer. holiday in the

We went to the seaside by
\\re wiil spend the evening Let's go to your place. mountains. train.
at your place. Let's walk to school They are playrng in the
E tn, on, At.
i. rown
Manchester is a .... England.
2. Is your mother .... work?
3. i live .... a big rown . ... Tlansylvania.
4.The pen is .... the pencil box .. .. the desk.
5. The boola are ... . my schoolbag . , .. the car.

6. This town is ... the south coast of ltaly.

7. Can you wait ... this room?
8. The family are ,,, the zoo.
9. My pen isn't .., my bag.
10. I am writing your phone number ... my agenda.
1i. He's from .
a town ,. the north of England.
12. My parents are .., the theatre .

13. Mum isnt .. . home.

14. The glasses are ... the table.
15. We are ... the cinema.
E questions and answers using the prompts and the prepositions in, on, At.

my glasses? !flhere are my glasses?

the desk They are on the desk.
1. my hat?
the car
2.*y photos?
the bag
3. Bucharest?
the south of Romania
4. your friend?

E W'rite the words in order.

& is / next I the I newsagentt I $e I bank/ to
The bank is next to the newsagent's.
1. opposite I the I is / the / post office / cinema
The cinema
2. the / is / fast food / behind I the I newsagenr's

Thc fast f00d

3. the / is / next / chemist's / to / post office i the

The chemistt
4.and/the/is/ bettQen/grcengrocer /thc/bank/thc/cinema
The greengrocert


10 QUEStt10NS
10.1 Yns / No QuESToNS wH euESTroNS
1. Are you ar home? a) Yes, you must.

3. May
Can he swim?
I come in?
b) Yes, I am.
c) Yes, I have.

4. Must we wear a uniform?

5. Do you know me?
d) lrio, he can't.
e) Yes, I will.
5. Have you gor a pen? f) No, i dont.
7. Does he iike English? g) Yes, you may.
B. \fiil you help mei h) l$o, I didot.
9. Did you like the parry? i) Yes, he does.

A Give short answers.

Example: Is he happy? Yes, he is.

1. fue you a policeman? No, .

2. ,\te they at home? Yes, . .

3. Is she planng in the park? No,

4. Is Tom a good boy? Yes,

fue you readv? Yes,

6. fue you sleeping? No,
7. Is Mary tall? Yes,

B. Have you got a bike? Yes,

9. Has he got a sister? No, . .

10. Have you gor a compurer? Yes,

11. Do you like milk? Yes, . .

12. Do you g0 to bed late? No,

13. Do they live here? Yes,
14. Does he play on rhe compurer every dayr yes, . .

15. Does she like Engiish? I.{o, she

16. Can you speak German? Yes, . .

64, A41(EN`LiSH

E Ask questions. Here are the answers.

No,I dOrt likc bananas.

1.Ycs,I can s m vcry wcll. ,

2.No,hc dOcsn'tknow mc.
3.Ycs,thCy arc at sch001 now. .

4.N ,she itti siccPilg,I iS ading..:.

Yes,we ttF ed last ght :

6.No,we ddtt lik th b00kt ::

.Ycs,you must wcar a uniform.:. :. .
8 No,I dOi play Otballi li. :.
9.No,I havctt gOt a Pc . :. ,

l L I ayed on ie cOmptteF
Match ic queplon Js witt e phrase

h r l C
l.At thc cincma AI W7hOl
2.4.30 B)Whcn?
3. im C)Wh rel
4.In Scptembcr. D) Lat,
5.Ten childrcn.
6 A b00k F)What dme,
7.Tony G)WhOsc:
8.Bccausc l likc lnusic. H)How many:

,H RIh % %

1 Wherel. .
In the park 9: The doctor.
2.. In e evening 10. . .At school.
Kim. 11 . .Because I like English.
4. On MOnd 12. . .Yesterday.

A bird. . .A flower.


.7. 10,0'c10ck 15.


In thc hOusc. 16.



!| Choose the correct word.

1. ...., you come home from school?

a) where b) when c) what a) what b) whose c)when

2. ..,.., the cat? In the garage. i. it? Itt a house.

a) where b) what c) who a) who b) where c) what

3. .....,.........are you sad? 8. ......does the bus leave?

a) why b) whose c) what a) who b) what c) when


4. .....,, that man? My father. ......are these shoes? Therre Kellv's.

a) who b) where c) whose a) who b) where c) whose

5. .....,..., it? kt ten o'clock.

1 0. .....,..................are you doing?

a) where b) what time c) when a) who b)what c)when

|E'Write the questions in the correct order.

1. do / live / you / where?

2. Ben / where / is / sitting?

3. this / whose / is/coat?

4. subject / which / is / your i favourite?

5. are I happy / why / you?

6. best / is I friend / who / your?

7. up / do i what I you I time?


8. did / when I the I new / you I buy i bike?

Answcr the questiOns about yourscll

1. How old are you?

2. Wrere do you live?

3. Have you got any brotlrers or sisters?

4.N7hat arc your hobbies,

5. \7hat time do you start school?


6. \flhich is your favourite subject? \7hy?

7. \(ho is your best friend?

8. \Mhat colour are your eyes?

9. Iflhat is your favourite sport?

10. \,Mhat is your favourite colour?

IE questions to which the underlined words are the answers.

Her name is Claudia Marson. She is from Australia. She is a waitress. She is 19 )rears
old. She has got trro brothers. She likes comedies. Her favourite actor is Jim Carre),. She can
speak Spanish. She eoes to
^ work in fie evenins. She eoes to the cinema every weekend. She
spends her holidays in Soain.


1A.2, Tnc QuESTToNS

sc the cOrrect words.

1,Thcy arc good icnds,(arc thcy/arcnt thcy):

2.l lary is dra
ring,(is shc/isn't shc),

3.Thcy arcnt at hOmc,(arc thcy/arcnt thc,7

4.I am smart,( l1/arcrt I),

5i Shc isnt siccPing,(iS shc/isrt shc)

6.b arc thc bcst,(arc wc/arcnt wc):

7.Shc is your mothc (is shc/isn't shc),

8.Kclly and Sar arcrt c
kng,(arc they/arcrt thc :

Fidd a tag question to cach sentence.

ha You like computer games, dont you?

He doesnt like coffee, does he?

1. You knorv rhis boy,

2. F{e likes English,

3. They go to school in the morning,

4. She doesn't want to come,

5. They don't like bananas,

6.YOu dont livc hcrc,.....

7.Tam lives next door,

8. James and Jim watch TV a lot,

!s Match each sentence with a agquesrion.

1. She is pretry a. is he?

2. He was lare, b. wasn't I?

3. fulike isn't here, c. isnt she?

4. You were at home last night, d. wasnt he?

5. I was good, e. arent they?

6. They are ar school,

f. weren't you?
7. Jennv isn'r sleeping, ,
g. weren't &ey?
B. They were in a hurry, h. is she?


Add a tag question.

& : M^ry has got blonde hair, hasn't she?
You havent got a watch, have you?
l. She has got a big house, . . . .
2. We have got a nice dog, .

3. They have got a lot of mone-y',

4.1 havent got blue eyes, .

5. Sam hasnt got a headache again,

6. Your parenrs have got brown hair,

E Add a tag question.

& He arrived last night, didnt he?

He didnt know the answer, did he?

1.Thcy livcd in Paris last yca .........


2.lk7fikc likcd thc fllm, . :

3.YOu didnt tcll hcr thc sccrct, ......


4.Thcy didnt scc mc, . ..


5.Thc tcachcr likcd your prOjcct, .

6.YOur dOg didn't cat iny hamburgcr n rninutcs ago, ...


se ic cOrrect wOd

1.It wOi r ln7i /wo 4. She won't wrire ro me, (will she / wont she)?
2.Th wil cOmQ lwim i /wott thcyl, 5. I will pass the exam, (wiil I / woni I)?
3.We will win the match,lwi lvc/wO :

.' !] Match each senrence with a agquestion.

1. She likes foo$all, a.did thcy:
2.We are best friends, bo was I:
3. They didnt buy tJre house, c,dOcsi she:
4. She wont win the competirion, d.dOtt you:
5. I wasnt good, e.aren't we:
6. We invented a good story f will she,
7.You work here, i
go werett they:
8. They were singers, h.did tn/e,

II111lEI Circlethecorrectwords.

1. She lives in Budapest,
a) does she b) didnt she c) doesn't she

2. Ve are the tallest,
a) aren't we b) aren'r you c) are we
3. They were late,
a) arent they b) dont they c) weren't they
4.The train arrived an hour ago,

a) did it? b) didnt it c) does it

5. You will write to me,
a) wont you b) will you c) do you
6. Mike doesn't go to this school,
a) does he b) did he c) doesn't he
7. You weren't sad after the match,
a) are you b) weren'r you c) were you

8. They don't iike De, . .

a) did they b) do they c) don't they

9. Shehasgotblueeyes, .. '.....?
a) hasnt she b) doesnt she c) has she


E Vhat time is it?'Write sentences:

Example: 1:30
1t is halfPas1 0ne.

a) 2:00 1)9:30

b)5:30 g)7:00

c)4:00 h)6:15

d)10:30 8 0


D what time is it? rfrite sentences:

ttp 2:45
1tt a quartcr to threc.

a)6:45 1)7:50

b)6:50 Dl:45

c)8:45 h)4:35

d)9:35 5:55

,, 53

72, MA`I ENCLi,H

E \rhat time is it?'Write sentences:

903 .

E Match the pictures with the verbs below:

a) get up
b) ride his bike
c) go to bed

d) have a shower

e) study Maths
f) g.t dressed

g) watch TV

h) have dinner
i) have lunch
j) arrive at school
Torn's Doy k) play football

l _ a)gct up


LInscralnble the sentences:

l. heldaylat ten pasr seven/has/everyi breakfast

2. fi1ms/Tom/every/watches/daylon TV

3. football/ usuaily'he/at four o'clocldplays

4. abooklaker dinner/usualiy/reads/Tom

wl ite a compOs on abOut pur dprOgralllme,be ndng Lk is

I usu gct up at I gCt drcsscd and l go to schOd

ati. :l li1111

1 5)to g:l:Iili ;II;:11:if[: :gCt

thc hOmcwOrk;8)tO
drcsscd;3)to p17(what' icr
havc breakfast;4)to gO tO7);9)to

watch T 110)to h c dinnet H)to gO to bcd.


12 A DAY AT ScHooL

E Match the words in column A with rhe sentences in column

At a)Maths 1. I learn about continents, countries and towns.

b)Music 2. I learn to draw.
c)English 3. I learn how to use a compurer.
t 4.7learn to sing.
c)PE. 5. ] learn about numbers.
f)R.E. 6, I learn about the past.

GeOgrThy 7 . I learn about
Jesus Christ.
h)History B. i
learn to do physical exercises,

i)(3omputer Scicncc 9. I learn about England,


D a)Vrite your timetable in English:





1 D Talkto pur iend lk th

,7hcn dO yOu havc English7
I A:
B:I h c English On MOnd m lot 11,On W dncsd Om llt 12 and On
On1 9 to 10.
l ThurSday

I E rffhat school subjects

do you like? vhy? choose a reason. \flrite senrences.

I ,] ;li,'fi;"", ,]i:l:*il? ;] i:i:;:x#.*,

I Example;l like English because it is interesting.

I 1:'

1 5

t trr Answer the questions:

dmcdo pu ttt xhO .

D HOW rnally classct tO ru uyh .

c) How many breal<s do you have?

d) How long is a break?

c)What time dO pu nnish sch0017



E Match the words with the pictures:

Example: 3 a) apple

.b) lemon
.c) orange
.d) pear
.e) peach
.f) cherry
.g) strawberry
.h) nut
3. 5.

4. 6. 7. 8 .

lI|'Write sentences about the fruit in Tina's basket:

Example: a) There is an apple in Tinat basket.

b) There are three lemons in Tina's basket.


E Match the words with the pictures:

I 8.

Ctt 09


, . C)CuCumbcrs
1 .C)OniOns

.f)cabbagCS 6.

. g)mushrooms e


E the singular of the nouns in exercise 3. Use a or an:
Example: a) 4 carrot


Itr Match the beginnings with the endings. \ilfrite sentences:

Example: 1-e: \fle can ear peaches and cherries in the surrfirer.

1) \fle can ear peaches and cherries a. have a lot of vitamins.

l 2) Fruit and vegetables b. in aurumn
3) \tr pick grapes c. in a salad.

4) Carrots are good d. for your eyes, because they have viramin A.

5) Squirrels e. in the summer.

6) \X/e put tomatoes, cucumbers and onions f. eat nuts.


4. HE M[ALS OF ttHtt BAY

! Learn the words:


FEE h ic gaPtt L00k e ctu S bdOw:

In the mOrning Mary has l)..
She ca
some 2) with 3)
and 4)

and shc drinks 5)m .1,` Brefast is

an impottant me because it gives you enery fOr a day.
At nOo Mtt has 6)
She cats sOme
7)s... ,lSh and 8) 1...:. ,and a piece of
9),, .

In the evening shc has a 10).

cheese,sOmc H)t. :...:..and she sOmetimes,has
12)p Shc ca little tO siccP ll at nittt.


5. SHopPtNc

H Matchthev70rdS Om cdumn A wi e wOrds Om cdumn

1. a bar of )shocs

2. aloaf of b )Coke
3. abar o{ C.)trousers

4. a packet of d )k
5. a pair of )soap

6. a pair of l)chocolate
'7. a bottle of
8. a carton of h )tca
I -f a bar of chocolate


al Label the pictures

l tW baves Ofbread

2. l i o ,` ....


b) Rose is your English friend. She wants to do some shopping and she would like
different things. Suggest urhere to go:

1. Rose: I would like mo loaves of bread.
You: Lett go to the bakert.
\Write short dialogues
for pictures 2-3.


H vatchthebegl in with the endings

1. Things are cheaper a) where you can find sugar and rice.

2. A bookshop b) at a fast food.
3. When you wanr to buy something c) at the supermarket.

4. You can buy cheeseburgers d) sells books.
5. You can see your favourite toys e) you ask the shop-assistant.
6. The grocer's is the shop f) at the toy shop.

Example: l- c

E Talk to your friend. Ask and answer these questions. rfirite the answers in your

a) \X&en do you usually go shopping?

b) \[ho with you?
\fhat is very important - how much the thing cosrs or how good it is?
d) \x&ere do you usually go shopping? (in a supermark.t / n.ri home).
e) Do you like shopping ? ![hy?

*-- What is the weather like? Match the sentences with the pictures:

It is cold.


.b) k is windy.

,c,.J It Is snowv^

d) k is hot.

e) It is rainy. 4.:i :

f) It is cloudy.
d t1U warm

what is the weather like in winter/sumlner/aut,IIln/SPrillg'Select thc

sentences from exercise 1.

Exarnpb. It is coid and snowy in winrer.

E a) order these activities and phenomena into the four columns:


a) pick fruit and vegetables k) pick snowdrops
b) make snowmen l) decorate the Christmas tiee
c) skate m) pupils start going to school
d) go sledging n) leaves become yellow and g
e) go fishing brown
f) 1ie in the sun o) fight with snowballs

g) the snow melts p) the trees are in blossom k

h) go to the seaside q) people dig their gardens
i) go skiing r) pick cherries and apricots
j) go swimming $ birds go ro warmer countries.

b) Iflrite sentences about what happens during each of the four seasons:

Example: In spring the snow melm, children pick snowdrops, rhe ffees are
in blossom and the people dig in their gardens to piant vegetables.


! Learn the words:

Nlililsaldcastie towel

St sunglasses

E a) Match the numbers with the verbs:

a) swim in the sea e) make a sand castle

b) play volleyball on the beach f) read amagazine
c) pick shells
$ play in the sand
d) sunbathe h) look at a jellyfish
Examlle: I - f
04: r=


b) \7rite sentences about the people in the picture using Present Continuous.
Their names are: 1. Mrs. Hill,2. Satly, 3. Ron, 4.Mr. Hill, 5. Tina and Peter,
6. Ben, 7.Muy and Kate, 8. Sam.

Example: 1. - f) Mrs. Hill is reading a magazine now.


2 Underline the best alternative for you. Complete the sentences:

f. in the a) summer I go to the seaside with a) my parents.

b) winter bJ *, aunt..
c) my friends.
2. Usually it is a) hot and sunny.
b) wet and cold.
c) warm and rainy.
3. We stay a) at a hotel.
b) in a tent.
c) with a family.
4. The slry is a) blue and the sea is green. There are many people on the beach.
b) green
c) red
5. I usually wear a) my swimming suit
b) my swimming trunks.



B. A PlcNlc rN THE Fonnsr

Itr Fiil in the gaps with words from the box:

natlrc tiln icsh bcautiilly r blanket

cards f00tbali hidc_alld_seck ball hungry

I likc PicniCS in thc rcst a 10t bccausc l like tO sit and rcltt in thc middlc Of l)

air is 2) "thC yass is grccn and thc birds sing 3)


W cn lgo 4) a piclllc l usu ly takc a 5)

and a rucksack 6)

T. T. i

It tt intastic tO be Out OftOwn,in tte rcst.It is nicc tO p
A .11


1 1. 1 1
lA 1 l r ,
r .
1 _
and t k tO your liends, cr pu pl
_ _
and ttc Od ems dttd . Id 1 ' i
thcir l l)

bChind tllcm.Thc iOrcst bccomcs dir7 and l am sOrry

__ r l . 1 .
r tllat.
must bc mOre
carcil with natu .Wb must prOtcctid Bccausc,ifthc l
athcr is Anc,pu can ha rc grcat 12)

.1. __^__ , 1 . l r
nirhh i.our friends
friends at a picnic in the forest.

|Erhe composition above was wriften by sally Roberts.
Answer these questions

in writing:

a) What does Sally usually carry to the fore$?

0 Iary does Sally like going lor a picnic?

b) What games do the children piay?
d)Why does the forest sometimes look dirq,?

= 9. Mv BrnrHDAy pnnry
E Circle what you need for your birthday parry:

1/9!ABUt ARy, t ETTEBt AND CottpostrtoN

r7hy do you need the objects

4 above? \frite sentences:
Example: I need apples because my friends like fruit jot.
I need fizzy driril<s because, after adance,
we are thirsty.


E Match the words wirh the pictures:

Santa Claus



trl a) fue these sentences true ( T) or false (F):

1. On 25th December people celebrate Easter.
2. Children ger presenrs under the Christmas ffee.
3. People decorate tle christmas ffee with flowers and pretzers.
4' christmas carors are songs that people sing at christmas.
5. People celebrate dre birth ofJesus Christ at chrismas.
6. On 25dtDecember the pupils are nor on holiday
7. People go,carolling in the summer., i


b) Correct the false sentences:

h i
L F On 25th December people don't celebrate Easter. They
celebrate Christmas.

suc C llins is lvIIhai COdreanuls iEnglish Penfriendo Rcad Adihaib letter tO Suc
about Christmas and fill in the gaps. If you need help, choose one of rhe
words in the box below:

3, Fericirii Street
lTth December 2002
Dear Sue,
in your last letter you asked 1) ,..,, , how the people in Romania
2) ,.,,, .Christmas - the binh ofJesus Christ.
I like Christmas a lot because I ceiebrate it with my family. Before 25th December we 3)
..,,,, thehouseandmymorher 4),..,., manycookies. Mysisterandl 5)
,,,,:...,,,..,, the fir-tree with ,,,,.. , candles and orflamenrs. \[e also 7)
...,, a letter to Santa Claus to bring us many wonderful g) ,..,, . \fe 9)
...,.,..veryhrppywhen, on Christmas Day, we 10) .,,.. , thepresents undertie
Christmas tree. On the next day we go 11) ,,,.,, to our uncles, and aunts, and to our
neighbours'place. nfle receive apples, pretzels and
12) ,,., . . \fe iike to go carolling because we mer so many
13) .,.,
\[e enjoy presents, holidavs and the spirit of Christmas. \X4rat about you? Vrite soon.


lite a letter to an English 6dend abOut hOv u celebrated your iast
Christmas. Use Past Simple (10-12 lines).


E writetrue r) r ttsc )ntt to e sentence

a) People celebrate Easter in July.

b) At Easter people remember the death of Christ and his return to llfe.
c) People paint balloons in different colours.
d) People go to church at night.
e) After they come home from church people break the eggs.
f) Housewives clean the house carefully before Easter.
g) Housewives cook traditional food.'
h) People go to visit their relatives at Easrer.

3 Correct the false sentences.

h p a. F People dont celebrate Easter in July. People celebrate
Easter in April.

12. Crorurs
Match the wOrds th the Pictures:

.....a) dress
.....b) skirt
.....c) shirt
.....d) T-shirt
.....e) jacket
0 ffousers
"" 'g) sock
..i.. .....h) shoe
. ....i) scarf
' ''j) jumPer
.....k) cardigan
1) trainer
.....m) jeans
.....n) swimmingsuit
. . . . .o) swimming trunlcs :
.....p) waistcoat
.....r) shorts
.....s) giove
.....t) belt


1Fiil in the gaps using A, Anor -. Colour the pictures:

. ..

Sophie is wearing 1) .,,. redT-shirt,

2) ,... .... orange skirt and 3) .... ..,. white jacket.
She has got 4) , yellow socks and 5) ,,,,

brown shoes. She has 6) .... ,... black hair and7)

. blue eyes.

Peter is wearing8)..... ... pink shirt,

9) .,.. .... yellow coat, 10) . purple rrousers
and 11) ,,,,

..., green shoes. He has 5) .,..

hair and 6) .... .... brown eyes.

E What are you wearing now? \iMhat colour is your hair? !7.hat about your eyes?
a short paragraph according to the models in exercise 2 (20-40 words).

3. DrscnrBINc Propm


E Unscramble the words.'Write the numbers in the boxes:

Example: a) gel =f

b) yee .= E fl kenc .. .= E
htmuo osen . .. .= E

c) . ..= [l g)

d) andh .=E h)teef i.........=E

e) mar
= a


te sentenccs abOut tte peOPla Use the adiecd

height tJ1/shO
b)weight thin/fat
Example: Tom is tall and fat.


c)faca roulld/ ova1/triangular/square

Example: Tom has got a round face.

1) long/short 2) straightlcarly fai /browl1/ ack/ d
Example: Tom has got short straight black hair.

H ReadiedescrIPtiOn Find e ur mistakes COr ct them

Dorin is tall and fat. He has gor an oval face. He has got long curly hair.

His hail is fair. He has got small eyes and a small nose.
Example: Dorin isnr fat. He is thin.

!| Describe these children. Are they good-

looking or ugly? You find a model in exercise
i) height
.2) weight
3) face
4) hair
5) eyes
5) nose
7) general opinion


hat tt dlcylike?Match the exPlanatiOns dle wOrdso Writ smtences

She has many friendso she is. ,

1 alnb iOus

b)He telis the truth.Hc

c)They WOrk hard.Thcy.
dl Alice tels goOdjOkcs.She.
1. . 4.friendly

c)Tom doestt talk much tO peOple. .: 1 5 lazy

O They dott like wOrk. funny 6

Sttah always
mtsto be e best..
..7.had wOrking
hl Ben is not p01te.. .

I)escribe y )ur ibiend (120-2()O wcprds).Answer these questions:

PARAGRAIDH l: a) \[hat is your friendt name?

b) How old is shelhe?
c)\ilhere does she/he live?
d) What does she look like? (write about height,
weight, face, hair, eyes, nose, general opinion)
P GRAPH 2: e) ![hen did you meet?
f) Where did you rneet?
P GRAPH 3: g) !flhat is she/he like?
h) How often do you meet?
i) \[hat activities do you do when you meeti
j) \fhy do you like your friend?
Because: 1. She I He teaches you new things.
2. She / He always tells you the uuth.
3. You can tellher/him allyour secrets.
4. You play many interesting games.


)14 J03S
E I[rrite answers to these questions according to the model.'What is she/he?
!7hat does she/he do?
Modrl:1. Miis Hill / teacher / to teach stud.ents.

1. N4iss Hill is a teacher.

She teaches students.

2.Mrs. Smith / secretarv / to

3.Mr. Amold /
tlpe letters.
doctor / to cure
sick people.
5.Mr. Clark / pilot
/ to fly planes.
6. Mr. Street
Disk Jockey /
to plav
4.Mr. Taylor / engineer / to
design cars.

Answer rhese questions:

l. What is your mother?

2. Wrat does she do?
3. \Mhat is your father?
4. $[hat does he do?
5. \ftrat are you?

6. What do you do?


E Guess the word:

a) She is your father's sister.

b) He is your mothert brother.

c) She is your mothert mother.
d) He is your rnother's father.
e) He is your uncle's son.

writc abOut Peterb family members.

Example: Dan is Petert father.

1. Sam is Peter's .3. Kate . . .6. philip
2. Sam is Petert . . . . .4. Fred , . .7. Mary
Sophic. 8.JOhn 5

n 0 pur famtt Answer tte ttesdOns

Write a compos

PARttGRAIDH l: 1. \7hat is your name?

2. How old are you?
3. \ffirere do you live?
4.Iilho do you live with?
5. \ftrat is your address?
6. \[hat are you?
T. Vhere do you study?
PAMGRAPH 2: , 8. \[hat is your modrer'p name?
9. How old is she?


10. Describe your mother. (Mention: height, weight,

hair, face, nose, mouth)
1 1. \,Mhat is she?
12. \X/here does she work?

13. Choose two words to describe your morher:

a) hardworking; b) honest; c) kind;

d) funny; e) sociable
14. \X4rv do you like her? \Mhat does she do for you?
P GRAPH 3: 15. \X&at is your fathert name?
16. How old is he?
17. Describe him (height, weight, face, hair, nose, mourh)
18. \X/hat is he?
19. \X/here does he work?
20. Choose rwo words to describe your father:
a) hardworking; b) honest; c) kind;

d) funny; e) sociable; f) friendly

21. \[hy
do you like him? What does he do for you?
PARAGRAPH 4: 22. Have you got sisters or brothers? Describe them.

? I love my parenrs (and my sister/brother) very much. I think rve
are a great family.

..... 1


Match the wOrds th the Pictures

[ - house
ILL - sr<y'--scraper

l-l - caravan

[ - bloct of flats
M f - igloo


b) !flhere do they live? Thlk to your friend like this:

1.A: \Mhere does Peter live?

B: Peter lives in a block of flats.

c)'Write sentences about the children who live in the block of flats:
Example: Sally lives on the ground floor. Mrry
Tom iives on the first floor. Kate
Bill Peter

This is the plan Ofa hOuse.Fill in the sentences usillg the prePositlons in the
box" A, B, C, D and E are rooms.
between, opposite, next to, on the right, on the left
.1.B is. A and C.
2.A is . ,.:. . , .Of B,

3.C is, . . Of B

4.A is. R
5.E is. . R


b)'$7hat rooms are they?

E i A -a room where you can sieep = a . . . .
B - a room rvhere vou wash your face in rhe morning= a . . . .

C - a room where you eat with your goestS = l

D - your mother cooks here = a . . .

F - you relax and watch TV here = a . ,

E Describe Tonis flat using the same prepositions as in exercise 2a).

Vrite as many sentences as you can.

kitchen living room

Tont's ::


Example: The kitchen is next to the living room.


E Describe Tonis bedroom. U,e the preposition below:

on top ol, un on, behind, in front of, near, befween, on

the left of, on the right of


write about yow hOus,/nat Answer iese qucsdOn

P AGRAPH l: a) \iMhere do you live? (house/block of flats).
\X&o do you live with?
b) Wrat is your address?

PARAGRAPH 2: d) What rooms have you got?

e) Where are the rooms? (e.g. The kitchen is between

the living room and my parents' bedroom).
GRAPH 3: f,) Describe the room.

g) What do you like most in your room?
PARAGRAPH 4: h) Do you like your flatlhouse? Whyi

1. Because it is large and bright
2. Because it is the safest place in the world.
3. Because you feel you belong there.

4. Because you have nice neighbours.
fie cenrre of the ciry.

5. Because you live in
6. Because it is dre place where you can relax and
feel protected.


write the animds mder thc nght c01um

1. dolphins 8. crocodiles PEMALS REPTILES BIRDS FISH

2. snakes 9. badgers

3. lizards 10. robins

4. blackbirds 1 1. trout
5. sharia 12. whales

6. parrots 13. tortoises

7. lions l4.cuckoos



4atcll the begillnings with the cndillgs:

1. Cows, dogs and cats

2. Reptiles
a) have colci blood,
b) can run very fast.
3. Lions, tigers and elephants c) live 100 years.
4. Cheetahs il) ]ire in Antarctica.
5. Tortoises e) put their eggs in other birds' nests.

6. Cuckoos f) are domesticated animals.

7. Penguins B) are wild animals.

1 'Write
E the fuliwords:


1 11121 a Fill in the gaPs uSing ,or :

This animal is small. It has got 1) small ears, 2) ........."... small eyes, 3) ..........
sharp teeth and 4) ..........,.. small muzzle. It has got 5) wings. It lives in 6) ..........,., caves.
It eats 7) ,. ..,., insects or fruit. It drinks blood. it lives in South America. It gets up at night
and it sleeps by day.

b) Guess the animal: V B


41118 MY PE
Write sentences usingy % 0Z % about your pet

a) . . .give it water and food'

b) ...hurtit.
c) . . .keeP it in the dark'
d) . . .clean its home.
e) . . .keep it in the cold.
0 . . 'iook after it.
Example: a) You must give it water and food.

a letter to your friend about your pet (120-190) words. Answer these


PH l: 1. \[hat is your pet?

2. Vhat is her/his name?
3. How old is she/he?
4. \7here do you keep him/her? (in aiarlan
aquarium/a cage)
PARAGRAPH 2: 5.How did you get him/her?
6. Describe your pet (size, parts of the body and colour)
PARAGRAPH 3: 7. How do you look after your pet? (what you
must/mustnt do)
PARAGRAPH 4: 8.Why do you iike your pet? Is it because:
a) Helshe is your best friend?
b) He/she makes you happy?
c) HeAhe is interesting and you like studying animals?
d) He/she is cute?



Match the beginnings th thc ending

a)The zookeeper 1. real animals at the zoo.
b) Anima"ls 2. feed the animals.
c) When you enter the zoo 3. are in cages.
d) You can see 4. you must buy a ticket.
e) You mustn't 5. looks after the animals in a zoo.

Fill h ic gaps wi on OneVO

Going tO thc z00 in thc summcris Lntastid Whcn pu l) thC Z00 yOu
must buy a 2) ThCn the zOOkecper ttts you in.There are many 3)
at thc zoo:liOns,tigcrsi bCars,dcPhants,monkcr, raffCS ttd birds,t00.
Thw arcin 4) ThC z00kccpcr 5), .thCm.Hc givcs thcm f00d
and 6).. . .. .
and hc clcans thcir cagcs.
W cn yOu visit a zoo pu 7) cd thc anim s and you mustrt gett
c10sc tO thc cagcs.

HOw a the animttF Form scntences

1. bears htde

2. rabbits b)colourLl
3. parrots c)strong
4. lions a
5. dolphins c)wild

6. penguins f)dcvcr
7. monkeys in
Example: 1=c)I think bcars are strollg







Read Mike Smi ary:
I4ONDAY, 6m August 2002: WEDNESD ,8
. sox to the mountains with friends . gox hiking in the forest
.go*bycar . findx mushrooms
. arrive at Beli?, 6:30 p.m. . seex a lot of rout in the river
. putx up the tent. THURSDAY
. go* fishing in the river
TUESDAY, 7* August 2002; . gox swimming in the river
o getx up early . see* a snake in the grass
. wash face in the river . run* away
; pick raspberries FRIDAY, :

. go* back home

. have* a wonderful time

a)'Write the dates next to the days of the week.

b) Answer the questions:

1.17hat did Mike Smith do On MOttday'

2.What did Mikc smith d0 0n Tucsday:

3. What did he do on \flednesday?

4. What did he do on Thursday?

5. What did he do on Friday?

1. on
Monday, 5th August 2002 Mike wenr to the mountains
with his friends. They wenr by car.
Pay attention!! Irregular verbs are marked *.


kto pur mend.Ask ttd mswer thesc qucsdon"

a) Did you g0 on a holiday in the mountains? f) \{&ar things did you take with you?
b) Wrere did i'ou go? V4rar did you do there? (menrion at least 3
c) When diciyou go rhere? activities)

d) \{4ro did you go with? h) How many days did you stay there?
e) \X&at was the weather like? i) Did you like your holiday? V&y?

21 , HosBtES
II a) Match the action with the picture.

a) draw

c) play tennis

b) swim d) read g) dance

b) . '$7'hat
is their h"b{ IU[rite sentences:
Example: 1-d. Miket hobby is reading.


2 Describe the activities above using the expressions:

a) it is relaxing b) it is exciting
c) it is dangerous d) it is great fun
e) ir is interesting f) it is healthy
g) it is attrac[ive
Example: L I think reading is relaxing and interesting.

Read e text bdOw

Ben likes dancing, He thinks that dancing is relaxing and attractive. He likes meeting the girls
I and boys at the "Dance Club", where he dances three times a week. He has three dancing classes

every Monday, Friday and Saturday from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

I His hobby is expensive because he goes to competitions and he must have elegant clothes. He
needs a suit - a jacket and trousers - and good shoes.

I He started dancing when he was four years old. His friend, John, invited him to the club. He
liked the trainer and the music.

For Ben dancing is like a holiday. It is an exciting dream. He thinla he will never slop dancing.

(T) for "true" and (F) for "false":

1. Ben has dancing classes in the morning.

2.He dances only when he is on holiday.

3. His father took Ben to the dancing club.

4. Ben needs a lot of money for his hobby.

ru a) \7hat do you need for each hobby? Match the words in column A with the

words in column B:


a) football 1. a paintbrush

b) fish 2. good CDs

c) tennis 3. a ball

d) paint 4. a fishing rod

e) listen to music 5. a good racket


b)'Write sentences according to the model: :

Model a) 3 To play football you need a ball.



fE Write a letter to a penfriend about your hobby. (8-15 lines). Answer these

PARAGRAPH l: 1. What is your hobby?

2. Where do you do the activity?
3. How often do you do it?
P/ AGRAPH 2: 4. What do you needl
5. Is your hobby expensive?
6. !7hen did you start doing the activiry?
7. \[ho told you about the activiry?
PARAGRAPH 3: 8. \7hy do you like the activity?
108 MA41(lNCL15H

1ES 1
E Answer the following questions:
1. \il/hats your name? . . . .

2. How old are you? .

3. \X4rat school do you come from?

4. \,Mhat subjects do you like? .
\ff4rere did you spend your holiday? .
5. .

E Choose the right words:

1. They went........... the cinema. 6. Jane worla in London,. . .,... .. ?

in b)at c) to a) does she b) doesnt she c) can she

2. Shes my boss.'s Hill, 7. W'hat time do you... be there?

His b)Hcr c) Hers al do b) have c) must

3. My birthday is...............the 1st ofJuly. 8. This is my brother. He....,......,.,...,.11.

a) at b) on c) in al has b)is O are

4. They will travel. .. , .. ..,., . car. 9. .....,. .....people areJacks parents.
a) by b) with c) in a)Those b)That c)This
5. The bird sings. 10. They. ,....t0 school in the morning.

a) happy b) beautifi.rlly c) nice a) are going b) goes d go

Ask questions ro the following statemenrs:

1. He is going out tonight to see a new play.
VLat. . `
W cn. .
W y `.`
2.Harry musr be in time for school.

3. Tom wenr to the seaside in summer.


Wcn. . . _.

4. She is decorating the Christmas ffee.


. \,x&o

(100-150 words)


H ch se the right vOrd:

i. Plums
a) Potatoes b) c) Flowers are vegecables.
2. a) There b) Their There dogs are white.
3. a) \X4rich b) \X4rere c) \X4rat is the book? It's on the table.
4.Jack a) often b) never c) always has breakfast in the evening.
5. a) \Iho b) How c) Vhy old are you?
6. Bob a) do b) dont c) does many exercises.
7. How a) is b) are c) am you? Fine, thanks.
B. What's the time? It a) are b) is c) be six o 'clock.
9. He is running because he is a) a ta,ri b) car c) in a hurry
10. The bus is a) on b) under in c) the street.
11. I can play rugby but I a) dont b) cant c) isn't ski.
12. Tbm has a cat. a) Her b) His c) Its cat is vrhite.
13. They a) sing b) are singing c) sings every day.
14. a) Does b) Are c) Do you speak English?
15. I travel to school a) in b) with c) by bus.
16. Look at the housel How nice a) she b) he c) it is.

17. hs a loveiy day, today a) doesnt b) isc) isnt it?

18.'Mhat's hisjob? a) He's b) His c) He a teacher.
19. She's my boss.His b) Her c)Hers
a) name is Ann.
20. He cant a) hair b) here c) hear very we1l. Het old.

IIIII 1 Yoll are sPendling yOur h01iday at the scaside or in the ll10untttns.
to your parents about it. (10-15 lines).

== : =



Choose the odd word out:
1. car

3. shirt skirt shoe jumper jeans
4. May Monday Sunday Friday Thursday
5. baker's butcher's fast-food church supermarket
6. mushroom snowdrop

7. grapes
B. arrir
9. seal
10. room cafPet wardrobe table desk

complete the sentences with the cOrrect form Ofthc rb:

1.N SiStCr, .SWimming cvcv day.(go)
. a comPoSitiOn now(write)
3.Robert. SWim Whcn hc was ur (can)
4. Fu. aPPLS,(Lke).Ycs,I dO.
tenms tomorrow ol
.. a10t Of in at thc Par7 1ast night.(h c)

7.Thcv. at school ycstcrd (bc)
8.I. tO Church evcry Sund (nOt go)
9.Lu. C me to thc match tOmOrrow(not come)
10. _
thW at hOmc ycstcrd (bc)
H.Shc, at the ottcc ycsterday(not bc)
12. ShC tO SCh001 cvett d :(go)
13.Mothcr. a cakc nOw(cOo0
14 N COusin` TV CVc d (watch)
15.V . On thC trip ncxt wcck.(nOt gO)

111111 I Choose thecOrrectanswver:

1)This is . . .
a)wc b)our c)ours

2) Claire is from .,,,,,... Paris. 14)This is Lucys dog. kt ,.,...., dog.

c c) a a) she b)hcr c) hers

3) These are,,,...,., pencils. 15) She went home mo hours
a)Ann b)Anns c)Ann's a) ago b) before c) rhen
4)The children in the garden. 16) Does she have a car? lrio,

is b) are c) am a) she doesnt b) doesn't she c) she does

5) Those shoes are 17) IThy ,.,,,,, ? Do you know?
a) mine b) *y c) me a) she cries b) she is crying c) is she crying
6) Look at ....,,,,. I She is a singer. 1B) How ,.,..,, money have you gor?
a) hers b)shc c) her a many b)much c)litdc
7) I can see two 19) I will buv some books at the , .. ,
a) baby b) babys c) babies a) iibrary b) bookshop c) post-office
B) Paui is ,.,.,.,,, brother. 20) i always get up ,,..,., on Sundays
al theis b) there c) their because I dont go to school.
rwo .,,..,, at the door.
9) There are a) early b) lately c) late
a) policeman b) policemens c) policemen 21) H. C truth.

10) How ......,, oranges are there on the a) my b)me c) mine

table? 22) L ,..,,, you romorrow.
a) many b) much c) little a)call b) calling c) wiilcall
11) Sally has two ,.,,,.. : a boy and a girl. 23)Tinais ,,,.. ,. sister.
childb b)childrctt c)childrcn a) mine b)mc c) my
12) Harcy is in bed. He ..,, 24) .. .... car is this?
a) sleeps b)is sleeping c)slccping al who ot Oosc
13) His name is Tievor. ,,..., . is very clever. 25)The house is

al his b)him c)hc a) their b)thcrc c) theirs

114 MA`1(lN`LISH

II Fi[ in the blanks with a suitable word:

1. We dont go to school... Saturday.

3. This is my brother.

4.I'm going to the post this letter'

5. She is not beautiful at all. She is really

6.'We need a....... find our way there'

7. This exercise is not difficult at all. It is very

B. Put your clothes in the.....
9. Ilove ... because they are the first flowers that appear in spring.
10. Go to the........ ............and buy some medicine for grandma.

A Fill in the blanls with the correct form of the verb:

1. My grandfather ......... .....,... chess the match tomoFrow
everySunday. (play) (nOt Win)

2. \fe ...,...., ......... a film now. (warch) 10.The chttdren. tO SCh001 every day.

3. Danny...,,........:,... skate when he was six. (can) (not gO)

4. Betty ....... bananas. (not like) 11.Wh she h Shennci ttavel

5. They basketball tomorrow. 12.They on dle tip"morttl lnotcomel

(plr/ 13`GittdmOther. a Cake

6. lfe ......... at home last night. (be) CVe7Wek ( o0

7. She fun at the pury yesterday. (have) 14.I. the bOo on ie shelfnow(Putl

8. \flhat she ,..........,........ now? (do) 15 Alice. tCllnis on

Saturday morn . Ot

E choose the correct answer:

1. Yesterday, we ........................... home.

a) was b) were c) where


l. Sue painted four little a) your b) you C Ours


11; fiouse b) mice c) rnouse's 15. \X&en I r,vas young I .,.................... swim.
3.MI mOthcrt llair tt vcry bcauti l. a) can b) could c) cannot
hair is very long. 17. Tom .... in the office ten
a) hers b) his c) her minutes ago.
4. He usuallir......,.........,....rennis in the al
\.lsnt |\ ,
b) wont c) wasnt
afternoon. 18. My father can drive but he ...................... a
a) plavs b)pl c) is playing alf

5.\X4rat .... in the kitchen, mum? a)didnt b) doesnt c) hasnt got

a) do you do b) are you doing c) you do 19. Victor wanrs .... plane for his
6. She .... dinner now. blrthday.
a) is having b) have c) has a) - b) , c) an
7.He ,... tennis wel1. 20,I think therc arc sOme."

a) play b) doesnt piay c) dont play behind the cupboard.

8. ..........., name is Jim Smith, a) mouset b) mice c) mice's
a) he b) his c) him 21. My blnhday is ...................,.. Augusr,
9. ............ bag is this? a) at b) on c) in
a) whot b) how c) whose 22.I rill call you.

10. Take your umbrella or you a) in b) on c) at

wet. 23.Theyoung men ............. at home last

a) gets b) got c) will get night.
11. ........... didyoubuythatshirt?Last a) was b) it c) were
week? 24.Iwill, buy some books ar the
a) where b) what c) when
12. Is that book yoursi Yes, it is ...................... a) library b) post office c) bookshop
a) my b) me c) mine Zl.We've gor a big .... in the
13. ........... are youi l{ine. bathroom.

a) how iong b) how much c) how old a)fridge b) sink c) mirror

14. Bert is .,.................... in the class.

a) taller b) tallest c) the tallest

15. Is this record ......,............... ?

1 11

111= li 111111:1111
RI h the misshg ds lvi e nalllcs ofie shO
1. Go to the .. and buy some fruit and vegetables.
2. I bought some bread at the
3. Crandma is ili. Go to rhe .., ..,,,,, anci buy some medicine.
4. We need some more mear, Lett go ro rhe .. and buy some.
5. Father wanrs to read today's newspaper. Go to the . , .,... . and buy it, please .

I111 21 Findthemissillgword:

1. Your mother's sister is your , . 4. Dont turn left, turn .. ,.,,, and
l. \bu are your grandfather's you will reach the supermarket.
i, \bu have breakfast in the morning and 5. In summer the r,r.eather is hot, in winter it is
in the evening,

comptte e sentences with ie cOrre rln Oftte rb

1.Thes children.
"tO school e day.(nOt go)
2.I... wim when l was ave
3.M White....
. the
. car nO (dean)
4.TOm. .a shOwcr every moming
5.Thcy in the garden ycsterday.(b
6.Vttat is mOther doing'She, ..
.. lunch nOw lhave) .

7.I cacOme ntt I. to

my sch
hOmewOrk (dO)
. ,
th 01 10mOrrOw,(cOmc)

9.Julic tennls on Saturdal momin,

10 My brother.
TV at dle moment.lnot watch)
11.She. _ bread cvcry d
(bu, .you.
nOW'(do) .

13. at.
yOu. cvery day'(do)
14. yOu at homc ycstcrday,(bc)
15 My cOuin. tO School cvery d (go)

E Choose the correct answer:

1. \fle wear warm clothes , ,..,,. ., , , winrer. 12, The money ,,, on the table.
a) on b) at c) in a) am b) are c) is

2, There are ,, , , .. ..,. children in the class. 13.Tell i, . ,.1.. .

thc truth

a)much b) a lot c) many a) my

D,l mrne c,) me

3,My brother ,. like bananas.

a) dont b) doesni c) not a) do b) does c) am
4.They ,.. footballevery day. 15.Johnt birthdayis,,,.,,. ,,, Augusr 16th.
a) playrng b) plays d pl.y a) on b) at c) in
5, Tina is ,,.,,. ,..., sister. 16. ,,. ,, ,,.., , is the ladv in the car?

a) me b) mine c) my a)who b) whose c)what

6, Mary ,. to bed early every day.
, 17 . .,. ,..,,., , is that radio? My father's.
a)went b) go c) goes a) what b) whose c)how
7.Thatis.,,... ,,,..pen. 18. My car is , , than yours.
a) your yours c) you
b) a) fast fastest c) faster
8. The supermarket is closed ,, Sunday. 23.Bertis,,,,., ,,.. in the class.
a) on b) at c) in a) taller b) the tallest c) tallest
9. ..,, ....,.,. hego to school bybus everyday? 24.Thehouse is
a) did does c) do b) a) their b) them c) theirs
10. The women ..,. very happy when 25. He drives his car very

they heud the news. a) slow b) slowly c) slower

a)was D/ Were cJ are

1 1. The young man .. at home last


a)were b)was c) is

TrsT 6
ft| Write a letter to Santa ( no more than 6-8 lines)'

G Fil in with one suitable word:

My(1) ...,irlr.k. Iam11. Ihave {2) .. . abrotherandasister.

My (3) .. (4)
... name is Nick and ..,. sistert is Joan. My brother Nick
(I) ... . football. He wants to (6) . ... a great football star. He gets up
yery 0) .... in the morning. H. (8) '.. ' some jogsng

,... he goes to the football (12) . "' ' He (13) '

" go to the
cinema or to the prit . H. plays football'every (14) . .. . At school he gets very good
(1r) . .. . He is a very good (16) .... . His coach has great hopes for
tl7) . ... brother. He thinla that he can (18) a great footbali star. Last

weekheandhisteam(19) .,..... toLondon.They(20) ""amatchwiththe

London team.

Choose the ri t rmS a )Or b )or c )

Model: L.... ... many toys.

a.) have b) has c) hadn't

1. \X&rat . now?
a) are you doing b) do you do c) You do


2. m is nota good Otball P17cr.Hc. pl Otbali at 1.

a) don't b) doesn't c) plays not

3. Dan . T'V ever,v morning.

a) is watching b) watches c) watch

4.He goes . school every day.

a) at b) in c) to

5. Mary has a doll but she . a cat.

a) have b) hasn't c) haven'r

6. The cars .. ..,.., cross the street when the traffic light is red.
a) can b) may c) mustnt

7, He can speak
a) very well French b) French very well c) French very good
8. He has ... ..... French books.

a) many b) much c) a little

9 Last year hc. English b00ks,t00.

a) has b) had c) have

10.In 1992 1ny fricnd......

a) visit b) visits c) visited

11.Therehe,... .... inhisfriendshouse.

a) lived b) does live c) Iives

12.In 1992 he , speak English well, but now he can.

a) can b) cant c) couldnt
13. .. ...... you play tennis last summer?
a) do b) doesnt c) did
14. Thank you for . lerer and the presenr.
a) mine b) your c) you

15. This picture is ,.,., .., than your picture.

a) most beaudfui b) more beautiful c) beautiful

16. V&en we ... .,... in Britain we visited oxford and cambridge.

a) was b) were c) are

17.My brother is .,,.. ... than I am.

the tallett b)t 1 c) taller

18. He is a nice boy, .. ...... he?

a) is b)waStt C)iSrt
19. .. ...... you like these cakes?

dO b)(10CS c) doesnt

20. \fle were very busy yesterday. V'e . help our parents.

a) can b)couldtt C)can


i 121

Trsr T
E a Ietter to a penfriend
about how you celebrated
rkT your last birthday. (g-I0

E choose dre co*ect form:

1.My . name is paul.

a) unclet b) uncles c) uncles,
2.Ve can buy fruit at the ...
a) bakert b) greengrocer,s c)
3. This is my friend
John. . father is a pilot.
a) Her b) Hi, .) H.t
a) helps b) will help .)
5.IvIy hamster is ..... ... than yours.
a) tle smaller b) smallest .) ,*rll.,
6.Iam lm 28cm. .

a) short b) heavy Cl tali



Trsr 7
E a letter to a penfriend
about how you celebrated
rkT your last birthday. (g-10

trE choose the co*ect form:

1.My . name is paul.

a) uncle's b) uncles c) uncles,
2.We can buy fruit at tie
a) baker's b) greengrocert c)
3. This is my friend
John. . father is a pilot.
a) Her b)Hi, c) Het

a) helps b) will help .)

5.IvIy hamster is .....
... than yours.
*) th. smaJler b) smallest
.) ,rril.,
6.Iam lm 28cm. .

a) short b) heavy cl tali


7. Give me a glass of water. Im ...,,...,...,,. 15. fy grandithcr is.

.: Our imi
a) hungv b) thirsv c) cold al thc oldest b)thc oldcr c) ldcst
B. A lernon rasres ,..,,.,,.,..... ,
16.Thc bottic is madc Of.


a) sour b) sweet c) salty a)rr,rcod b) glass c) metal

9, like
I photos. 17, \Ve thirsry so we had some orange
a) to taking b) taking c)

10. \(hen the museum?

w b) had c) rvere
a) did you visit b) did you visired c)
you did visir 18. I .,.....,...,.,. ro the park yesterday,
11. Is that Beclryt ball? No, ir,s nor
a) not wenr b) didni go c) didnt went
a) hers b)hcr c)his 19. I cant come, I my homer,vork now.
12. They here next week. a)do b) doing c) am doing
a) will arrive b) arrived c) arives 2A.Thewind is blowing
13, Tom his homework every day. a) strongly b) strong c) stronger
al dO b) is doing c) does
CallTIm andJosh and tdl,
to come

a) they b) them c) rheir

, trE Fiil in the gaps:

Kate and Sam(1)

. in England nOw They 12)
.hOhe last
week.Their imlies(3)
them at the airport.LO OfOther peoPle14)
at the drport,t00.nte(5)
n televisiOn and the 10c radiO
(61 :. samo They(71.
about their adventures.Thcn they(8)

BCanO in quarandne.BcanO(9)
happy tO sce them.Then Kate
and Sam(lo) .
back tO sch 1.

11 ES 8
E choose the right form:

1.How Old.

a)arc hc b)is he c)has hc got
2 Thcrc.
much milk in thc idge.
arcrt b) t c)wcrcn t :.

3.V crc. ..

was b)arc O wcrc
4.I havc a ncw bali.

C010ur is bluc.
a)Hcr b)Itt c)Its
5. ere`...


. .. :

a)docs icc l cb)does Aice Lvcs c)do Alicc l cs

6. Vhat will you do ..,
in b)on c) at
7.Someof.... .. classmatesarealread"ythere.
a) they're b) there c) their
8. He is smaller than .

a) me b) *y c) mine
9. She is looking ar you
a) angry b) angrily
c) anger
10. There is a mouse under my .........

a) bad b) bid
c) bed
11.HOw. .. ..
.. _. money do you need?
. :

a) many b) much
c) a lor of
12.YOu can buy.. ...

.. at the greengrocer's.

a) meat b) bread c) flowers

13. ...... talking?
a) V4rose b) Whos c) \7ho
14. Do you like flowers? No, ..
a) I I
b) dont c) I do
15. Mike usually
...... Maths in the morning.
a) is studying b) study c) studies
16. He can't .
..... you.
a) here b) hear c) hair