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Topic: Personal identification

Verb to be Personal pronouns and possessive determiners

Verb to have got Nationalities


A. Read the text.

Hello, my friends! My name is Pierre Gomes and Im French but

my father is Portuguese. He is from Coimbra. My address is 105
Champs-Elyses, Paris and my phone number is 08 00 0931 54. Im
12 years old and my birthday is on 23rd January.
Im short and thin and Ive got straight brown hair and brown
eyes. My favourite food is crpes and my favourite drink is milkshake.
Ive got a small pet. Its a dog. Its name is Puffy. I like swimming and
skateboarding but I dont like playing football.

B. Circle the correct option.

1. Pierre is a) Portuguese. b) French. c) English.
2. Pierres father is from a) Cambridge. b) Lisbon. c) Coimbra.
3. Pierre has got a) green eyes. b) straight hair. c) long hair.
4. His favourite food is a) crpes. b) milkshake. c) soup.
5. He likes a) playing football. b) watching TV. c) swimming.

C. Answer the questions about the text.

1. Whats his name? _________________________________________________________________________________
2. What nationality is he? ____________________________________________________________________________
3. Where is his father from? _________________________________________________________________________
4. Is his address 105 Champs-Elyses, Paris? __________________________________________________________
5. Has he got a cat? _________________________________________________________________________________