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1) Write down the definition of the basic life process?

Detect and react to information. Interaction

Energy to grow and develop. Nutrition

Create new members of their own species. Reproduction

2) Which life processes are being described?

a) Plants need sunlight to produce their own food during photosynthesis. For this reason they
turn towards the sun to receive the maximum amount of light. N

b) Turtles create new members of their own species by laying eggs. R

c) Whales produce sounds that can be heard many km away. I

d) The seeds that we find inside many fruits are necessary for the plant to carry out a life
process. R

3) What is biodiversity?

This is enormous variety of living things

4) How many different species are there on earth?

The different species are more than two million.

5) Which unique qualities does our planet have and are essential for life?

The Earth is ideal for life because it has light, water and air.
What types of cells are there?

There are human cells, animal cells and plant cells

What are the parts of the cells?

The parts of the cells are membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus in humans and animal cells and
membrane, cytoplasm, vacuole and a cell wall in plant cells.

What types of cells in animals according to their function?

Red blood cells: carry oxygen from the lungs to the muscles and organs.
Nerve cells: transmit nerve impulses from the different parts of the body to the brain
and reproductive cells: they enable us to reproduce

How are plants organized?

They are organized in: cells (the photosynthesis takes place in leaf cells), tissue, organs and

What are the parts of the plant?

The parts of the plant are roots (absorb water and nutrients), stem (support the plant) and
leaves (where the photosynthesis takes place to make)

Which systems do living things have?

The system in nutrition are digestive system, respiratory system and circulatory system

The system in interaction are the nervous system and the muscular and skeletal systems.

The system in reproduction are the reproduction system male and female.