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Grass Lake High School 11500 Warrior Trail Grass Lake, Michigan 49240 Phone: (517) 867-5570 October 2017 To Whom It May Concern, Tam writing to recommend Phoebe Miller for admission to your institution. It has been ry privilege to have taught Phoebe for the last two years in social studies and English classes at Grass Lake High School. She is a very mature young woman that works hard and is very conscientious about her academic studies. While at Grass Lake High School, Phoebe followed a college preparatory schedule and also availed herself of dual enroliment at Jackson College. She also challenged herself academically taking Advanced Placement US History and Advanced Placement English Language and Composition and Advanced Placement Chemistry. She has managed to ‘maintain an exemplary GPA and also has an excellent reputation with her peers. They enjoy working with her knowing that she will be responsible and will always respect the contributions of others. Phoebe is very involved with both her school community and the community at large with her volunteer work. She is a member of our local chapter of the National Honor Society and has worked closely with the American Red Cross the annual blood drive. She has been in charge of the GLHS Tutoring Center for the last two years and serves on student council. She has also taken on the challenge of becoming a mentor in our Ignition Program. In this capacity, she mentors a group of assigned freshmen to help them adjust the academic and social rigors of high school. In addition to all of this, she is a varsity cheerleader and participates on Quiz Bowl. ‘know the Phoebe is anxious to begin the next phase of her formal education. She plans to study biology and then later go to study medicine. She clearly understands that education is a lifelong endeavor and will certainly be an asset to any institution. Sincerely, Dreplcl. Oriness— ele Kovach Connors