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C. Complete the table with the correct personal pronouns. There are two examples.
(Completa a tabela com os personal pronouns corretos. Segue os exemplos.)

Portuguese English
eu I
tu 1.
ele 2.
ela 3.
ele/ela (objetos/animais) it
ns 4.
vs 5.
eles they

D. Complete the sentences. Use the personal pronouns from exercise A. There is
one example. (Completa as frases. Usa os personal pronouns do exerccio A. Segue o exemplo.)

1. Usain Bolt is from Jamaica.

He is from Jamaica.

2. Peter is nine years old.

______________________ is nine years old.

3. Tom and Rachel are ten years old.

______________________ are ten years old.

4. J. K. Rowling is British.
______________________ is British.

5. Maria and I are friends.

______________________ are friends.

6. The book is on the table.

______________________ is on the table.

7. Thomas and you are tall.

______________________ are tall.