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The Step Mother told the The King Banished The Demon Ravana Ravana made a golden fawn

ana made a golden fawn so that Sita would

King to make her son the Rama and Sita heard of Sitas beauty ask Rama to catch it for her
next King and banish Rama
to the forest for 14 years

There was once a prince named

Rama, who lived with his father,
the King and his step mother
and step brother. He was
This Demon had 10
married to the princess Sita

While Rama was hunting for the fawn, Ravana Rama

kidnapped Sita, taking her to the Island Lanka and his THE DIVALI
for Sita
RAMA and
asked for
the help
Hanuman, the monkey king can
y and spots Sita and rescues her SITA
There was a great battle between
Hanumans monkey army and
Ravanas Demon army. It looked
like Ravana would win, but Rama
used a bow and arrow borrowed
from the Gods and killed him

Rama and Sita returned to the kingdom at night and Rama became
so the people lit candles throughout the city to guide King and ruled
them home. These lights are called Divas and are still his Fathers
used today to symbolise this story Kingdom

Happy Diwali