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Neida E. Castaneda & Josephine L. Abel

City of West Palm Beach

City of West Palm Beach- Profile
• Established in 1894, we are a local government operating under a Strong
Mayor System

• 1,700 employees serve approximately 82,000 residents along the Atlantic
Intracoastal Waterway

• Ranks #4 by Milken Index which measures cities with thriving economy • 2005 Digital Cities Survey Winner • The City successfully implemented/upgraded Oracle Financials/HR/Payroll
- August 1999, 10.7 first time implementation - August 2002, 11.5.5 upgrade - October 2004, 11.5.9 upgrade Visit us @

• Neida E. Castaneda - Senior Systems Analyst, OCP
- 8 years of Oracle experience - Lead HR/Payroll Technical and End user support - Oracle Apps implementation team member (10.7, 11.5.5 and 11.5.9)

• Josephine L. Abel - Database Administrator, OCP
- 12 years of Oracle experience, 5 in Development, 7 in e-Business Suite - Oracle Apps implementation team member (10.7, 11.5.5 and 11.5.9) - Technical support for e-Business suite

Process Overview XML Publisher Template Builder Going the XML Way! Tips and Tricks Technical Requirements & Challenges XML Publisher Latest Releases Resources Q&A .Agenda • • • • • • • • • • What is XML Publisher? XML Publisher – Benefits Report Transformation .

What is XML Publisher? • It is a template-based publishing solution bundled with e-Business suite • XML is the acronym for eXtensible Markup Language • Designed to structure. store and send information • The collection of data continues to be handled by e-Business Suite. but users design and control report outputs using template files .

Benefits • Eliminate 3rd party software • Reduce support cost • Maximize technical resources • Generate jazzy and feature rich reports • Use graphs.XML Publisher . fonts. and colors • Allow different report layouts using same data source • Publish reports for online viewing . charts.

HR & Payroll .

Invoices & Dunning Letters .

Financial Reports .

Report Transformation Process Overview • Design Create layout form and markup elements • Integrate Setup “Data Definition” and “Template Definition” • Runtime Submit report and XML Publisher concurrent request .

colors. graphs and charts • Create layouts using Acrobat Writer for PDF templates or MS Word for RTF templates Graphics Fonts Form Letter Table Colors .Layout • Determine the report or form layout such as fonts.Design .

Design .Markup Set the concurrent program to generate XML output Run report Change output format to XML .

Markup XML datasource Repeating Group Fields .Design .

Design .Markup • Define markup elements to map XML datasource to the layout • Markup elements can be defined using Basic RTF or Form Field Method Group Placeholders Page Break End of Group .

Integrate – Data Definition Register report as a Data Definition Use XML Publisher Administrator responsibility Navigation Path: Home → Data Definitions .

Integrate – Data Definition Data Definition Code MUST MATCH the concurrent program Short Name Data Definition Code = Short Name .

Integrate – Template Definition Register and upload template file Use XML Publisher Administrator responsibility Navigation Path: Home → Templates .

Integrate – Template Definition
Associate template to Data Definition

Data Definition

Upload Template File

• The first template uploaded is the default template • A single report can be associated to multiple templates

• Run the concurrent program

• Run the XML Publisher Concurrent Request
Not required if patch 3435480 is applied

Report Transformation - Process Overview
Process Overview Process Overview
Layout Layout

Design Design

Markup Markup Data Definition Data Definition

Integrate Integrate

Template Definition Template Definition Run Report Run Report

Runtime Runtime

Run XML Publisher Run XML Publisher

5.XML Publisher Template Builder What is Template Builder? • An add-on to MS Word • Simplify RTF templates development To install Template Builder for MS Word apply 4561835 Oracle XML Publisher Desktop Patch 5.0 client patch .

XML Publisher Template Builder Data Menu Load → XML Data Allows users to select a sample XML file containing fields that can be inserted into the template as a data source. RTF and EXCEL Tools Menu → Field Browser Allows multiple fields to be changed/updated efficiently . The data source defines the XML format that will be merged with the RTF template Insert Menu → Field Allows users to select fields from the data source and insert them into the template Insert Menu → Table/Form Allows users to insert tables or forms into the template Preview Menu Allows users to preview the RTF template with sample XML data. The available output formats are PDF. HTML.

Going the XML Way! .

rdf) is a custom standard report.Design About the report HR Employee Details report (hreebarg. used by HR to generate service awards.How To . eligibility lists and letters Run HR Employee Details Report P -X re L M .

How To . headers/footers. etc Logo Header . title. static text.Design Layout Use MS Word to design the layout Place logo.

How To .Design Markup Set output format = XML Use System Administrator responsibility Navigation Path: Concurrent → Program → Define Set output format to XML .

How To .Design Run HR Employee Details Report to generate XML output Navigation Path: View Output → Tools → Copy File .

Design Output displays in a browser Save XML output file as hr_emp_detail.xml .How To .

Design Load the XML output (hr_emp_detail.How To .xml) Data → Load XML Data… .

How To .Design After data is loaded successfully Use Insert → Table/Form to add table and fields .

Design To Preview template Use Preview → PDF .How To .

How To .Design Use Insert → Field to add more fields .

How To .Design To Preview template Use Preview → PDF .

Design Use Tools → Field Browser View/Modify XML commands in the form fields .How To .

Design Pre and Post XML Output re P ML -X L M Po t-X s .How To .

Design Additional Template Features • IF-THEN-ELSE • Display a message depending on a field value • Conditional formatting of fields • CHOOSE • Display a graphic depending on a field value • Group Count • Count total number of employees • Graphs .How To .

How To .Design Display a message depending on years of service Use IF-THEN-ELSE <?xdofx:if YR > 15 then ’15+' elsif YR >= 10 and YR < 15 then ’10-15' else ’1-9’ end if?> .

Design Yrs of Service Conditional Message .How To .

How To .Design Change color attribute for years of service <?if:YR>=15?><xsl:attribute xdofo:ctx="block“ name="color">red</xsl:attribute><?end if?> <?if:YR>=10 and YR<15?><xsl:attribute xdofo:ctx="block" name="color">green</xsl:attribute><?end if?> <?if:YR< 10?><xsl:attribute xdofo:ctx="block" name="color">blue</xsl:attribute><?end if?> .

How To .Design Display when employee has 15+ years of service Use CHOOSE <?choose:?> <?when:YR >= 15?> <?end when?><?end choose?> .

Design Display the total count of employees Use COUNT .How To .

How To .Design Represent Number of Employees vs. Years of Service graphically Use Insert → Chart Chart Type Group by Years of Service Count Number of Employees .

How To .Design Sample Template .

How To .Design The possibilities are endless… .

Integrate Navigation Path: XML Publisher Administrator responsibility Home → Data Definition NOTE: Data Definition Code MUST MATCH the concurrent program Short Name .How To .

How To .Integrate Navigation Path: XML Publisher Administrator responsibility Home → Templates Data Definition Template type = RTF Upload RTF template Specify Language .

How To .Integrate Template Duplicate Functionality Query template definition Click on Duplicate button Enter Code & Name for new template definition .

How To .Integrate Upload the new template file Change template file Click on Update button Upload hr_emp_detail_graph.rtf .

How To .Runtime Run HR Employee Details Report .

How To .Runtime Default template can be changed using Concurrent Program definition page Navigation Path: System Administration responsibility Concurrent → Programs .

Transformation Steps .Summary .

Tips & Tricks .

. use the Help Key tab or add more form fields to the template.Tips and Tricks The Form Field Help Text is limited to 138 characters. To overcome limitation.

Suppress or not to Suppress? Suppress Nulls No additional coding required E.g. Letters and Labels Do Not Suppress Nulls Insert blank space E.Tips and Tricks Handling NULLs .g. Preprinted forms .

Tips and Tricks XML output does not extract parameter names and their values. create formula columns to return parameter values. As a workaround. Formula Column (Report Builder) .

Tips and Tricks Headers and footers do not allow placeholders. Use BASIC RTF method to insert fields in the headers and footers .

Tips and Tricks Use MS Word Table Property to repeat heading across pages Missing header on Page 2 .

Tips and Tricks Use MS Word Table Property to prevent rows from breaking across pages Row breaking across pages .

Tips and Tricks To utilize date format functionality. MMMM dd. the date from the XML data source must be in canonical format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss+HH:MM Optional dddd. yyyy .

Tips and Tricks Use Diagnostic button to view XML output Navigation Path: Standard Request Submission → Diagnostics Button → View XML .

Technical Requirements & Challenges .

H 3822219 XDO/Oracle XML Publisher OA ROLLUP patch 5.0 4515143 XML Publisher User’s Guide Online Help Release 5.0 3435480 Publishing Concurrent Requests with XML 3854951 FSG XML Publisher Functionality for R11i 4073717 FND images pre-req for OA Framework 4206181 XDO/Oracle XML Publisher OA ROLLUP patch 5.XDO.5.5.Patches Client side patch (Platform = Microsoft Windows(32-bit) Client) • 4561835 Oracle XML Publisher Desktop Patch 5.5 .0 Server side patches (Sun SPARC 32-bit) • • • • • • • • 3412795 XML Publisher: Patch ADSPLICE patch for XDO 3263588 Patch 11i.0.

Setups • Set properties in the xdo. When using MICR font. remember to copy fonts on server • Assign the XML Publisher Administrator responsibility to users .cfg under $JRE_TOP/lib The configuration file is primarily used for setting: • Temporary directory (Highly recommended for processing large files) • General and security properties for PDF files generated by XML Publisher • Font locations and substitutions • Copy the font files From $FND_TOP/resource to the /lib/fonts directory (under OA_JRE_TOP & JRE_TOP) on all Web and concurrent nodes.

System level properties --> <property name="system-temp-dir">/tmp</property> <property name="xslt-scalable">true</property> The directory pointed to by system-temp-dir should be large enough to hold your largest output files.Challenges & Solutions • “JAVA lang out of memory errors” To improve performance add the following lines to the xdo. or report is non-SRS request run the XML Publisher request to generate the output • • . Timeout Warnings The concurrent manager has timed out waiting for the Output Post-processor to finish this request set profile Concurrent:OPP Response Timeout to allow more time to process large reports “Unable to find the published output for this request” Output Post Processor (OPP) patch has not been applied.cfg on your concurrent manager node: <properties> <!-.

XML Publisher Latest Releases .

6 • Server side patches 4561451 XDO/ORACLE XML PUBLISHER OA ROLLUP PATCH 5.6. and template level.XML Publisher 5. previously done in the xdo.0 4743521 XDO 5. . Behavior of XML Publisher can be configured at the site. data definition.cfg file.6 • New Features • Administration User Interface Configuration properties can be set via the Administration interface.6.0 ADMIN PAGE UPDATE 4734820 ONLINE HELP PATCH FOR XML PUBLISHER RELEASE 5.

XML Publisher 5.6 • Upload Font Files and Create Font Mappings Upload fonts through the Administration interface to make them available at runtime • RTF Template Enhancements • Graphics Support • Drawing/Shape support • Background and Watermark support • Conditional Formatting • Fixed-row enumeration • Specify a fixed number of rows for a table regardless of the amount of data coming into the template at runtime Currency formatting Numeric values can now be formatted according to their associated currency code .

1 RTF Template Enhancements • Hyperlink support for shapes • Bookmark Support Users can click the image in the document and link to an internal or external destination Generate the bookmark links that display in the PDF navigation pane • Truncate Table Data Ability to truncate data in a table cell that is too big for the cell Define different headers and footers for odd and even pages in report output • Odd and even header and footer support .6.1 Server side patches 4905678 XDO/ORACLE XML PUBLISHER OA ROLLUP PATCH 5.6.XML Publisher 5.

1 Concurrent Request Fails due to Timeout of the Post Processing 352518.1 OPP error) Presentations.1 Action Unable to view output in a single request run (CONC-PP FAILED NO Technical Information and Demos on XML Publisher http://www.1 Check Printing Using XML Publisher 312353.1 Concurrent Processing Publishing Concurrent Requests with XML Publisher Using the Output Post Processor (OPP) in Oracle Applications 291792.1 XML Publisher and Concurrent Manager Integration 276691.5 316447.Resources Topic Doc# About Oracle XML Publisher Release 5.html .

org • .Q&A E-mail Addresses: • ncastaneda@wpb.

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