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SUMMERTIME (From PORGY AND BESS ¢) [Yd 0 By GEORGE GERSHWIN v A Sou DU BOSE anc DOROTHY HEY WARD ‘ond IRA GERSHWIN Arranged by DAVE WOLPE SLOWLY 4=67 @ Sum-mer - time an’ the liv-in' is = SS Fish are _ jump-in,__________ an’ the cot-ton is Oh yo dad-dys rich, an’ yo! ma. is good - hush, lit- tle ba - by, don! look So ae e & ang One of these = morn - in's. You goin’ to rise up 3 Then you'l spread yo" wings an’ youll take to the ® 3 But till that morn-in' there's a noth-in' can Voea. “SUMMERTIME! = Es # ca With Dad-dy an! Mam-my stand-in’ harm you morn-in's You goin’ to rise | 2 Then you'll spread yo! _ wings. ant youll take to the wr o ® sky + But till that’ mornin! there's 8 noth-in' can 7s With Dad-dy an'Mam-my stand-in! a harm your BR a * ey by stand - bye