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What is the most important consequences of the greenhouse effect?

What does global warming mean?

What is the ozone layer?

Why do people destroy the rainforests?

Why is destroying the forests so dangerous?

How would you reduce pollution in your town?

What do you do to protect the environment?

The most important consequences is the global warming of the earth which causes climate changes
and melts polar icecaps.

It means the increase in the worlds temperatures.

It is the upper part of the atmosphere, above the Earth surface. This is the place where most
atmospheric ozone gathers absorbing harmful ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. Industrial pollutants
damage the ozone layer.

People fell trees because they can sell the timber at a good price. They can produce crops and raise
cattle. In some areas they even build settlements and roads.

Deforestation leads to the increase in the global warming trend and drastic climatic changes. With
deforestation, the natural habitat of species gets destroyed and animals and plants disappear.

I would inform people how important recycling is and create facilities for recycling. For example, I
would place selective rubbish containers in housing estates and in other residential areas.

I only use environment-friendly products. I try to recycle whatever I can, for example, I use both
sides of paper to write or print on.