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Schmidt 1

Riley Schmidt

Miss Akers

Honors English 9

19 October 2017

The Suffering of Eve

The first woman ever created, created directly from Adam is Eve. She is present in many

stories in the Bible, and a major character that influences many beliefs today. In the Bible, Eve's

purpose is to stand around and look pretty for Adam; This is Gods plan for her and the only

reason she has to exist on Earth. She defied Gods wish because her curiosity got the best of her,

and it gave a great burden to herself and everyone else with the expectations and pain of the


Adam is the first human created in Gods image, placed in the Garden of Eden alone.

God decided Adam needed another human to live along with him, so God made Eve for him.

Eve forms directly from Adam so they could be together, but Eve differs greatly from Adam.

Adam's depiction as a strong and masculine while Eve's description is delicate and beautiful.

They are physically made different, giving advantages to one over the other; Eve isnt burdened

the same as Adam once God punished them for eating the forbidden fruit. Adam is told he would

have to labor for his food until death, but Eve is told that Adam would control her and that she

would have great labor in childbearing. Adam and Eve are created unequally and described as

such, this causes Eve to struggle from having little to no influence and power in many situations.
Schmidt 2

God let both Adam and Eve live in the Garden of Eden on one condition, to never eat

from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In the Garden there is a snake with them who is

said to be symbolic of the devil; This snake convinced Eve to eat from the tree she is forbidden

from, showing that God created Eve vulnerable and easily manipulated. According to many

beliefs, people are made in Gods image with a path predetermined for them, therefore, Eve was

made with this vulnerability to be manipulated and tricked by the serpent, just as God created

her. She doesn't even have an opportunity to dismiss the snakes lies.

God punished her along with all other beings, they were given all the evil emotions and

feelings, including shame, hate, and greed. In The First Murder Adam harasses Eve by not

letting her have any comments on Cain and Abels dispute. This is significant of her suffering

due to Adam denying her to voice her opinion as if she is a lesser being. This is not the only case

of her being silenced, in Forbidden Fruit she ate the trees fruit and she is informed by lord

that Adam would be her master, a superior to her, and she couldn't do anything about it. Eve

struggles to control her own life because God made it so she had to submit to her husband.

Eves struggle is so significant in the Bible because she is manipulated, controlled, and

punished, she led on to be one of the most important figures in the Bible. Her suffering displayed

roles in society that God gave women since the beginning. Eve will always be an example of

why equality is important, a symbol that we need to wake up and realize that such an unfair

concept has been in society forever, but weve barely changed it.