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Caroline Jones

Miss Akers

Honors English 9

19 October 2017

Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt, crossed the red sea and wandered in the desert for

40 years. The whole book of Exodus is about Moses exiting Egypt. Moses suffered throughout

the book, with not being able to spread the word, the Pharaoh wouldnt let them go, and they

created a new god behind his back. Moses obeyed God and listened to him through the stress of

guiding the Hebrews though the desert. Moses struggling accomplished spreading the word of

God and making Christianity happen.

Moses was a shy guy and didnt like to talk very much. Naturally, when God told him to

lead the Hebrews out of Egypt, he was nervous. When God commanded Moses to lead the

people out, Moses didnt know why God was choosing him. The quote says, I have seen the

affliction of my people who are in Egypt, and have heard their cry Come, I will send you to

Pharaoh that you may bring forth my people, the sons of Israel out of Egypt. Moses was a

nobody just a quiet shepherd and now God wants him to lead people. Moses was a slow speaker,

and knew that he was just not the right person to ask. God knew what he wanted, so he said, Is

there not Aaron, your brother, the Levite? I know that he can speak well. Put the words in his

mouth Moses established a connection with God and let God speak through him, so Moses

wouldnt have the sense of quietness.

Moses finally gets to Egypt and his feeling pretty good. Moses asks the Pharaoh to let the

hebrews go, and Pharaoh shoots him down. Then when Pharaoh lets them go, he sends his army
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to chase after them. Moses meets Aaron and they make their way to Pharaoh to ask him for some

favors. Pharoah has no idea who these people are or the Lord. He says, Who is the Lord, that I

should heed his voice and let Israel go? I do not know the Lord, and moreover I will not let Israel

go. Moses thought that life is gonna be great once we get these Hebrews out of here.

Unfortunately, he skipped over the part of getting them out with permission and has hit a bump

in the road. Now Moses is regretting coming, getting stressed out, asking the Lord why he

choose him. Moses just wants to go home. The Lord has not given up, he made a promise and

hes going to keep it. He sees that the Pharaoh doesnt have any sympathy for the Hebrews. So,

the Lord sends some nice little presents to him, called the plagues. The Lord makes all the water

into blood, all the fish die, has swarms of frogs, bugs, and more. After all that, the Pharaoh still

refuses. The Lord sends one last plague out, saying kill all the male first borns (including

animals). Pharaoh doesnt believe any of this, so he goes on with his life waiting for this to all be

over. Meanwhile, the Lord tells Moses and Aaron, to tell the Hebrews. that theres a hack to this.

If you cut a male one year old lamb and put it on the doorposts of their house, they will be passed

over. Of course the Pharaoh didnt do that, so his kid is killed. Moses and Aaron go back and ask

to let the Hebrews go, and the Pharaoh cant deny anymore. Moses gets to finally bring the

Hebrews out of Egypt! Later, Moses is just walking along with them, and a army comes up

behind them. Moses already went through so much suffering and pain trying to just get them out

of Egypt. He is completely done with them, so he closes the Red sea on them and goes on with

his life.

While Moses is leading the Hebrews through the desert, he goes up to pray with God on Mount.

Sinai. God gives Moses the ten commandments and explains them to him (one being, you only
Jones 3

worship one god.) Moses is so stoked to go down and show everyone the commandments! When

he comes back, they are worshipping a golden calf. As if Moses didnt already have enough on

his mind, and now this. Moses has been going up the mountain for three days in a row now. God

appears in a very classy way, with trumpets. God says, I am the Lord your God, who brought

you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. God goes on to talk about all of the

ten commandments. Moses assures God that he will follow and keep these rules. Right now,

Moses is feeling pretty happy, got some new rules in his hand. Moses goes down of the mountain

feeling light and free, with no suffering on his shoulders. He gets down to tell everyone the good

news, and the Hebrews are worshipping a golden calf. They made a calf out of the jewelry on

them and now are worshipping it as a God. This is right after God gives Moses the ten

commandments, with one being dont worship any other God. Right in front of Moses, they are

just worshipping away, with not a care in the world. Meanwhile, Moses just got handed a truck

load of suffering, pain and anger. The worst part was, it was Aaron that organized it all, so now

Moses just got betrayed by his own brother. He got so angry that, Moses broke the stones and

burnt the calf. Now Moses had to give them a speech about the ten commandments and hes very

disappointed with them. Moses tried so hard to get these people out of Egypt and now they dont

listen. Now all Moses has left is the broken stones, him and suffering.

Mosess struggled throughout his life, but still made Christianity a real-life

accomplishment. Moses was practically born into suffering. He came to life and was supposed to

be killed. Somehow through all the struggle, he found a way to stick with God. Even if he never

did see the promise land.

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