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Estimated Cost Rs. 19.9 billion

1. Name of the Project Construction of Tesla Motors Distribution and
Assembly Unit in Peshawar
2. Location Peshawar, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa
3. Administrative Authority
responsible for:

i. Sponsoring P&D & Tesla


ii. Execution: C&W Department

iii. Operation Tesla


iv. Concerned Federal Department of Industries and Commerce and

Federal Trade
4. Plan Provision:

i. If the N/A
project is
included in
year plan;
The people of Peshawar are suffering from a health
ii. If not crisis. Hospital are flooded and over their capacity to
included in deal with such large number of patients due to which
the current affordable healthcare is not accessible to everyone.
plan, what This plan aims to reduce one of the main causes of
warrants its health issues which is pollution by introducing
inclusion feasible and powerful electric cars by the company
and how is Tesla.
it now
proposed to


iii. If the
project is N/A
proposed to
be financed
out of
5. Project Objectives:

i. The This plan aims to improve the lifestyle and health of
objectives the citizens of Peshawar by reducing carbon
of the emissions via the introduction of feasible electric
sector/subs cars and jeeps that are on par or even better than cars
ector. As and jeeps which run on petrol or diesel. It also aims
indicated in on providing employment to the local labor of
the Peshawar and increasing their technical capacity
medium wherein they will become more technically adept.
term/five- The project falls in line with objectives of the social
year plan sector as it helps to improve both the Health of the
be people and the Environment as well by reducing
reproduced carbon monoxide emissions which have been
. Indicate declared dangerous and lethal by the Center for
objective Disease Control (CDC) as it leads to Carbon
of the Monoxide poisoning which is confused with the flu
project and but can lead to brain damage or death. It also aims
develop a for increasing employment and provides training to
linkage unskilled labor increasing both their capacity and
between value in the market in the KPK region.
project and
the sectoral

ii. In case of
indicate N/A
of the
project, if

6. Description,
justification and

i. Describe Pakistan, according to the World Bank Database,

the project only has 59.331 million technical experts as of 2011
and which is miniscule compared to other countries such
indicate as India which by 2010 had 100.885 million
existing technical experts. Along with this information the
facilities in unemployment rate according to the World Bank in
the area Pakistan was 5.87% as of 2016 while in India it was
and justify 3.458%. These two pieces of information prove that
the Pakistan is in need of projects that will:
establishme (i) Increase the number of technical experts in the
nt of the country and;
Project. (ii) Decrease Unemployment even further.
Furthermore, this project also aims to improve the
environment as it directly tackles climate change by
reducing carbon emissions it is actively reducing
greenhouse gases which in turn will result in a drop-
in temperature in the area of Peshawar which will
result in the reduction of deaths by heat stroke. The
current environmental situation of Peshawar
expresses tremendous amounts of Carbon Monoxide
emissions which is a deadly gas as declared by the
CDC (Center for Disease Control). These two
eventual outcomes will lead to a reduction in the
traffic on hospitals essentially reducing their

Along with helping out the environment the
establishment and promotion of Tesla will also result
in the increase of disposable income which will in
turn prompt people to start saving effectively making
the interest rate on savings go up which will lead to
two effects:
(i) The appreciation of the Pakistani Rupee
(ii) The attraction of greater foreign
This project aims to do that although for now it is on
a small scale. Even on a small scale it will create an
estimated of 14,000 jobs which will decrease
unemployment from 5.87% to 5.75%.
Currently in the district of Peshawar there exists
distribution units of Toyota Motors and Honda but
there is no such distribution or assembly units of
Tesla motors. The construction of this distribution
and assembly unit in Peshawar of Tesla Motors will
be the first of its kind. (Pilot Stage)
ii. Provide This project will involve the establishment of
technical Peshawars first assembly unit. Along
parameters with the introduction of feasible electric cars in
and discuss Peshawar. The project will increase the technical
technology capacity of the people of Peshawar making them
aspect of more technically adept and increase the number of
the skilled labor in the labor market.

The following equipment is needed for the assembly

iii. Provide line to be constructed 10 robots. These robots include
details of the following:
civil works, 1. Xavier It will stand at the entrance to the
equipment trim line, lifting cars down to the floor from
and other an electrified rail;
machinery 2. Iceman, Wolverine and Beast They do the
and other heavy lifting in the assembly line;
physical 3. Storm and Colossus will be at the end of the
facilities chassis line and;
required 4. Vulcan and Havok will work as a team to
for the lift cars back onto the rail.

It will also house the following other machines:
1. Stamping Press
2. Tandem Press Line
3. Cold Metal Transfer Welding
4. Conventional Spot Welding
5. Structural Adhesive
6. Self-piercing rivets
7. Pretreatment process
8. Corrosion resistant electrolytic coating
9. Stator Wind line
10. Hydraulic Lifts
11. Hoisting System
The assembly line will also include an automated
assembly line which will move cars down as
associates (laborers) work on them, enabling a more
streamlined and consistent workflow. This line will
run about 1,000 cars a week with the potential for
even more.

In the powertrain department, there will be

convertors and advanced robots that will have the
capacity to process 800,000 to 1 million batteries per
The installation of the 13-car buffer will guard
against bottlenecks in the assembly line.
The assembly line will also include the installation of
24 new tire and export docks to the perimeter of the
main building, increasing the speed with which the
cars can be distributed.
Aesthetically the assembly line will have skylights in
order to brighten it and will be replacing fluorescent
light with energy saving LED lamps and painting
walls and floors a bright white. The pillars in the
assembly line will be wrapped climbing plants to add
some greenery to the surroundings.

iv. Indicate
issues of N/A
the sector
relevant to
the project
strategy to


7. Capital Cost Estimates Rs. 19.9 billion

Indicate date of 3 years

estimation of Project

Basis of determining The calculation of this capital cost is based on google

the capital cost be research of the tesla assembly plant in Fremont.
provided. It
includes market
survey, schedule
rates, estimation on
the basis of previous
work done etc.

Provide year-wise estimates Items Unit Year -1 Year Year 3

of Physical activities by main 2
components as per following: A. Purchase of July
1008 Kanal 2017

B. August August
Construction 2017 2020
of the
plant in the
bought land.
C. Painting the Septemb Septemb
building with er 2017 er 2020
50 painters
D. Fitting of 72 October October
mile ethernet 2017 2020

E. Importing Novemb
the er 2020
F. Epoxy Decemb Decemb
flooring of er 2017 er 2020
square feet

G. Capacity Augu August

Building of st 2020
14,000 2019

H. Installation October October

of 50 2017 2020
Solar Farm

I. Installation August August

of Utilities 2017 2020
Internet, etc.)

J. Fitting October October

Electrical 2017 2020
Wires, etc.

Phasing of Capital cost be worked out on the basis
of each item of work as stated above and provide
information as per following

(Millions Rs)
Item 2018 2019 2020 Total

Total Local FEC Total Local FEC Total Local FEC Total Local FEC

A. Purchase of 2000 1200 800 2000 1200 800

1008 Kanal
of land
B. Construction 2666.6 1600 1066.6 2666.6 1600 1066.6 2666.6 1600 1066.6 8000 4800 3200
of the
C. Painting the 10 6 4 10 6 4 10 6 4 30 18 12
D. Fitting of 72 0.6 0.36 0.24 0.6 0.36 0.24 0.6 0.36 0.24 2 1.2 0.8
E. Fitting 166.6 99.9 66.6 166.6 99.9 66.6 166.6 99.9 66.6 500 300 200
Wires, etc.
F. Importing 2500 1500 1000 2500 1500 1000 2500 1500 1000 7500 4500 3000
for the
G. Epoxy 84 50.4 33.6 84 50.4 33.6 84 50.4 33.6 252 151.2 100.8
flooring of
square feet
H. Capacity 166.6 99.9 66.6 166.6 99.9 66.6 166.6 99.9 66.6 500 300 200
Building of
I. Installation 333.3 199.9 133.4 333.3 199.9 133.4 333.3 199.9 133.4 1000 600 400
of 50
Solar Farm
J. Installation 72 43.2 28.8 72 43.2 28.8 72 43.2 28.8 216 129.6 86.4
of Utilities

10 | P a g e
Total 7999.7 4799.6 3199.8 5999.7 3599.6 2399.8 5999.7 3599.6 2399.8 19999.1 11998.8 7999.4

In case of revised Project,

i. Provide approval history, year wise PSDP N/A
allocations, releases and expenditure

ii. Item wise, year wise actual expenditure N/A

and Physical progress

iii. Justification for revision of PC-I and N/A

variation in scope of the project if

iv. Item wise comparison of revised cost N/A

with the approved cost and give reasons
for variation

v. Indicate exchange rate used to work out N/A

FEC in the original revised PC-I

8. Annual Operating Cost

Item wise annual operating cost for 5 years and N/A

sources of financing

9. Demand supply analysis

i. Existing capacity of services and its


ii. Projected demand for ten years

11 | P a g e
iii. Capacity of projects being implemented
both in the public & private sector

iv. Supply demand gap

v. Designed capacity & output of the

proposed project

10. Financial Plan

Sources of Financing

Indicate the amount of equity to be financed from

each source

i. Sponsors own Resources

ii. Federal Government
iii. Provincial Government Rs. 11.9 billion
iv. DFIs/Banks
v. General Public
vi. Foreign Equity Rs. 8 billion (Tesla)
vii. NGOs/Beneficiaries
viii. Others


Indicate the local & foreign debt, interest rate, grace

period and repayment period for each loan separately.
The loan repayment schedule be also annexed N/A

Grants along with sources

Weighted cost of capital

12 | P a g e
11. Project benefits and analysis

Financial In terms of financial benefits,

it frees up money that is
otherwise spent on fuel
services i.e. it increases the
disposable income of the
people which in turn would
increase spending and saving.
The saving of Pakistan
Rupees means it would
become reduce in supply
which would have two
i. It would
appreciate the
value of the
Pakistani rupee in
the international
ii. It would also
attract more
towards Pakistan.
Social N/A

Environmental On a environmental
standpoint, this project would
reduce emissions in
population which is a city of
1.7 million people meaning
that Pakistan would join the
international arena of trying
stop climate change i.e.
global warming. Due to this
shift to zero emission cars
one would notice a drop-in
temperature in Peshawar
because greenhouse gases
would not be trapping sun
rays within the atmosphere of
Project analysis

13 | P a g e
Quantifiable output of the project 4000 per month

Unit cost Analysis Rs. 7,000,000 (Per Unit)

Employment generation (direct and indirect) This project will make 14,000
jobs available to the people.

Impact of delays on project cost viability The environment will

deteriorate further if this is
not implemented on schedule
or sooner. It will also
strengthen the economy and
reduce unemployment

12. Implementation of the project

i. Indicate starting and completion of the July 2017 December 2020


13. Management Structure and Manpower


i. Administrative arrangements for

implementation of the project

ii. Manpower requirements during execution

and operation of the project be provided
by skills/profession
iii. Job description, qualification, experience,
age and salary of each job be provided

Job Description Qualification Experienc Salary

e (Rs.)
Communication Design, deliver and Bachelors degree or 4 years N/A
s & Public pitch creative relevant experience
Affairs communications Excellent writing and
Associate campaigns and editing skills, in both Urdu
narratives. and English
Drive awareness of our Valid drivers license
products through stories
in relevant publications
and through awareness

14 | P a g e
Build and maintain
relationships with key
Develop excellent writte
n materials, including
product messaging,
communications plans
and FAQs, blog posts,
and other collateral.
Manage day-to-day
operation of press
vehicles, including

3D Scan Capturing clay models, Five years minimum 5 years 516,25

Technician both scale and full sized. experience in 0
Capturing prototype scanning.
builds. Must be proficient
Capturing benchmark with Surphaser, Faro,
data. or GOM hardware.
Processing data for Experience with
different uses. Polyworks, GeoMagic
QA and organizing new or GOM Inspect.
and existing data. Familiar with laser,
R&D into scanning structured light,
technologies and camera based
methodologies. scanners.
Assisting metrology Automotive
team as needed. experience preferred.
Receptive to learning
new tools and
Accustomed to going
above and beyond.
communicator, team
player, resourceful,
organized and mindful
of time management.

Associate Using Catia V5, create Bachelors Degree in 5 years 393,75

Mechanical vehicle seating bucks to related field or the 0
Design represent new vehicle equivalent experience
Engineer, design concepts in exceptional ability
Human Factors Design components to be You must have
and Ergonomics fabricated using a variety experience with
of methods such as 3D CATIA v5 including:
printing, water jet, 3D Part
milling, and hand design

15 | P a g e
Manage and oversee the Surfacing
fabrication and assembly (Generative
of components and Part Design)
vehicle models. Managing
Design and hand large data
assembly of wood and assemblies
metal structures through (Assembly
the use of a variety of Design)
cutting and drilling tools. Processing
Perform assessments of 3D scan data
ergonomic criteria Bringing
against styling and functional
engineering proposals parts to life
3-5 years of hands-on
g experience
Strong ability to
maintain attention to
detail and multi-task
under tight deadlines
Must be a team
player. No egos
Self-driven and

Account As an Accounts Manager you Demonstrated performance of 5 years N/A

Manager - will: sales/business development in
Powerpack a related field
Develop market focused
business plans, in line with overall Experience launching
company strategy, to develop a new business/products
sustainable pipeline of short,
medium and long-term Excellent
opportunities for the company communication and
documentation skills
Identify and target the
relevant stakeholders required to Ability to execute many
support this strategy, including tasks in parallel
market partners; cultivate strong
relationships with same partners
Demonstrated techno-
economic / financial modeling
Lead the sales cycle, skills, both rapid and
including originating and closing comprehensive
a targeted number of opportunities
per quarter Experience digesting and
translating technical
requirements and

16 | P a g e
Lead the contract policy/regulatory information
negotiation and manage the sales for commercial applicability
cycle for key accounts
Deep passion for
Rapidly evaluate market changing the way we use
dynamics/drivers across sectors, energy on the electric grid
and disseminate to team
BA/BS or similar
Manage techno-economic experience
analysis of opportunities and
identify associated risks 5 years minimum work
Develop process and
documentation for efficiently Familiarity with
qualifying business opportunities salesforce, MS suite

Define the framework for Working knowledge of

synthesizing and disseminating grid/utility markets, as well as
functional requirements from the grid-tied technologies, such as
market PV, wind, EE, DR, storage, etc.

Provide reporting to Fluency in English and

management as and when French, another European
required language is a plus

This is multi-faceted role where

strong product and market
knowledge is expected. Besides a
rock-solid work ethic and a strong
team oriented personality,
members of our team display
creativity, passion, and a desire to
break new ground in a constantly
shifting technology landscape.

Bid Manager Prepare first class At least 5 years 5 years N/A

proposal documents experience in a bid
Ensure proposals manager or similar
requirements are met and role
submitted on time Experience in a sales
Liaise with all relevant role is preferred
stakeholders involved in BA/BS/MA/MS
producing a proposal Electrical Engineering
including but not limited discipline preferred
to Customers, Partners, Commercially astute
Business Development, Strong team player
Legal, Marketing and and networker
Engineering. Strong Project
Monitor and compile management
reports on the energy experience
storage markets at all Strong
times communication skills

17 | P a g e
Assist in analyzing, Ability to prioritize
reporting and distributing and manage multiple
competitor analysis task and work streams
Develop and maintain a in parallel
suite of Good command of
standard/approved offer MS Word, Excel, and
templates to maximise PowerPoint
offer submission Understanding and
efficiency and minimise experience
variation of content and in distribution and
style presented to the transmission networks
market / government tenders
Oversee Salesforce preferred.
records of tenders Knowledge of battery
submitted and highlight systems, power
to sales teams where data conversion, and grid
appears dated / markets seen as
inaccurate favourable
Network with bid
management teams in
other regions to share
and collate best practice
Work with legal
department to build a
library of agreed
template responses and
boundary positions to
key recurring contract
Assist in analyzing,
reporting and distributing
competition trends
Maintaining full
technical understanding
of the Tesla offer and its
key value proposition
versus the competition

Commercial Prepare, review and Minimum 1 year 1 year 227,50

Interconnection submit Interconnection relevant external 0
Specialist documents in accordance experience
with various utility Evidence of
policiesaccuracy and exceptional ability
being detail-oriented is Proficiency with MS
essential Office (Word, Excel)
Daily input of and Adobe Acrobat
appropriate notes for all Professional with an
interconnection tasks and ability to learn new
manage project status software
updates Ability to manage a
Research and become high volume of
knowledgeable in customers/cases

18 | P a g e
submittal processes in and must thrive in a
assigned regions fast-paced, ever-
Identifying common changing environment
interconnection issues Outstanding verbal
and corresponding with and written
management and utility communication
relations specialists for Excellent customer
process development service skills required
Maintain regular and Ability to effectively
timely phone and email manage time and set
communication with priorities
Tesla colleagues, Detail-oriented,
customers and utilities to resourceful and able
ensure proper to manage shifting
documentation is priorities
obtained in a timely Excellent written and
manner, and technical verbal communication
and administrative skills required
requirements are Ability to positively
understood and and effectively
communicated interact with internal
Pinpoint common and external
inquiries and establish customers
education methods for Regular, reliable and
other departments to predictable
utilize for project performance required
guidance Ability to work well
Suggest and participate with others in a
in process improvements collaborative team
including better software environment
utilization, critical Must be able to
reporting and successfully pass a
summarizing information pre-employment
for other departments criminal screen.
Demonstrates ability to Additional pre-
thrive working in a team employment driving
environment and drug screens may
be required based on
job responsibilities

Design Mechanical design and BS or MS in N/A 770,00

Integration packaging of Mechanical 0
Engineer components to meet Engineering - all
system requirements experience levels
while optimizing for considered
cost, weight, efficiency, Outstanding design,
manufacturability and packaging and 3D
serviceability modeling skills -
Develop product level CATIA preferred
mechanical architecture Great people skills
Define and manage and the ability to work
interfaces between across organizations
systems / engineers to elicit requirements
Recognize integration and solve problems
conflicts and drive

19 | P a g e
resolution with the Demonstrable
responsible engineers motivation and ability
Support and execution of to solve novel,
virtual builds in difficult design
preparation for physical problems with tight
prototype builds timing constraints
Support the release Experience with
process with engineering Product Lifecycle
and PLM. Management tools
Support programs Experience managing
through the entire life a BOM of dozens to
cycle including; design, hundreds of parts
prototype builds, vehicle Passion for clean
test, and production energy and energy
CAD top level efficiency
management for all Flexibility and
product variants adaptability in a fast-
Drive CAD best paced and dynamic
practices and serve as a work environment.
CAD resource to the
team Hands on experience
Campion and pilot the with physical projects
roll out of new CAD for college graduates
software and improved preferred. (ie.
release processes within Formula
the team SAE/EcoCar/Solar

Electricity Identify and evaluate Bachelor or Masters 3+ years N/A

Network opportunities for the use of Engineering
Specialist of Teslas battery (Electrical)
systems in network 3+ years of work
(transmission and experience in a
distribution) network planning
deployments environment or in an
Lead Teslas response to unregulated network
network tenders and services business
investment tests, often High level excel
working with partners or skills. Skills in other
external parties to deliver modelling tools and
a compelling and languages such as
comprehensive bid Matlab, Simulink,
submission VBA a plus
Work with transmission Professional fluency
and distribution network in English,
companies to increase proficiency in other
their understanding and regional languages a
familiarity with Tesla plus
product and assist in
connection agreements.
Understand and define
network functional
requirements, feeding
these back into the Tesla

20 | P a g e
product development
Develop case studies of
Tesla battery
deployments in networks
for distribution to Tesla
teams both domestically
and regionally
Develop technical or
process documentation in
support of project
evaluation and
Work with the local
Tesla Energy team and
Tesla Energy partners to
increase their
understanding of
network requirements
and the value that storage
can provide electricity
Proactively develop
quantitative tools to
identify new business
opportunities and storage
applications including
technical and economic
models for various use

Field Service Troubleshoot and repair Certified Electrician 3+ years N/A

Electrician equipment as defined by (Grade B or Grade C
the service engineering and Grade H)
team. Minimum 3+ years
Be ready to travel for electrical experience,
extended periods of time High Voltage,
covering multiple Transformer and Grid
locations with minimal Connected experience
notice. desired
Perform complex and Must be able to work
precise electro- from complex and
mechanical debug, detailed
rework and repair. documentation and/or
Perform tasks requiring a verbal and written
high level of skill and instructions depending
patience. on situation
Operate a variety of hand Strong computer
tools, power tools, skills. Comfort with
diagnostic and measuring Microsoft office and
equipment (including cloud-based
DMMs and computing programs.
oscilloscopes). Ability to
communicate and

21 | P a g e
Develop and follow best function well in a
practices and procedures mobile office setting.
for various maintenance
activities related to Tesla
Maintain high levels of
communication and
feedback within the
Tesla service
organization; prepare
daily updates of work
completed, problems
identified, and future
Have flexibility to
provide support outside
your region and possibly
outside the country as
Perform other related
duties as assigned.

Installation Coordinates with BA/BS degree or the N/A N/A

Coordinator Regional Sales Managers equivalent in
to identify installers in experience and
new and expanding evidence of
markets exceptional ability
Process installer Strong team-player
applications, scorecards Excellent written and
and conducts interviews verbal communication
Assist Installers in skills
becoming a vendor Ability to work
Assist Training Manager independently, detail
in scheduling and oriented, and
conducting trainings for execution focused
new and already certified Proven record of
installers prioritizing effectively
Introduce and assist in and handle shifting
managing Installers priorities
Partner Portal accounts Ability to work across
Reviewing Installer multiple systems and
performance to ensure platforms
that Teslas Installer
network achieve and
maintain industry leading
customer satisfaction
Manage Installer
Follows up with
customers and installers
on negative customer
satisfaction survey

22 | P a g e
Provide feedback to
improve installer
management processes
Escalate critical issues to
senior management in a
timely manner
Assist with special
projects and data analysis
as needed
Provide reporting to
management as required

Logistics Manage interactions with Bachelor's level 2 years 367,50

Coordinator Parts Distribution education is 0
Centers preferable. Experience
Be able to set up and can make up for
create International education.
shipments and Minimum of 2 years
Commercial Invoices. of experience in
Manage the service warehousing or
Outbound & Shipping material handling
process in an optimal Experience with
way - excellent customer internal or external
service (high delivery Warehousing &
reliability) against low Distribution partner
costs Mastery of Microsoft
Coordinate and execute Office software
accurate and in-time packages
order processing into the Experience with
system in order to ERP/WMS system
provide accurate tracking Customer focused /
information to the intrinsic passion to
receivers provide excellent
Monitor all inbound and service
outbound delivery Practical, hands on
schedules mentality. Must be
Manage spares in and out reliable, have good
of PDCs initiative, committed,
Ordering and keeping and quality focused
stock levels at required Polished, analytical
levels and engaging
Handle goods received possessing excellent
Prepare daily outbound interpersonal skills
parts and material Ability to plan own
shipments suppling just time well to maximize
in time delivery to Field effectiveness
Technicians Self-starter with a
Keep a clean and desire to succeed
transparent inventory Team player proven
database work experience
Handle RMA within Logistic or
transactions, Inventory Distribution center
management, demand environment
planning with factory,

23 | P a g e
shipping and parts Familiarity with
distribution to service international outbound
techs, MRB shipping requirements
Support Field of components via
Technicians in parts common freight
return carriers
Familiar with FedEx
and UPS shipping
Certified forklift
Must have command
of the English
language, both written
and verbal
Ability to maintain a
safe working
Ability to lift 75 lbs.

Manager Sales Provide technical support BSc, BEng - 10+ years N/A
to Sales team selling MEng and or evidence
battery solutions into a of exceptional ability
wide array of markets in the relevant
and applications engineering field.
Provide in-person and 10+ years relevant
over the phone technical work experience
support to sales efforts CAD, MATLAB,
Serve as technical lead Excel experience
for call-for-tenders and preferred
RFPs Knowledge of battery
Work with external systems, power
counterparties to identify conversion, and grid
best technical fit and systems
implementation of Tesla Understanding of
battery systems, from local regulatory and
initial discussions to safety standards
contract execution
Collaborate closely with
internal design
engineering teams to
provide market feedback
of functional

This is multi-faceted role where

strong knowledge of engineering
fundamentals of energy storage
systems is expected. Besides a
rock-solid work ethic and a strong
team oriented personality,
members of Tesla Energy display
creativity, passion, and a desire to

24 | P a g e
break new ground in a constantly
shifting technology landscape.

Operations Regularly monitor Bachelor's degree; or 2+ years 367,50

Associate existing dashboards for the equivalent in 0
all sites and report on experience and
any data quality, or site evidence of
performance issues; exceptional ability
Suggest improvements to 2+ years development
dashboards experience working
Promote and prioritize with on customer
operations issues with facing team
the field service and Experience with
service engineering team customer interactions
for all products and with internal
Report on historic fleet ticketing/prioritization
performance internally Comfortable with
Generate and maintain Quickbase or SQL
monthly customer report Pluses: Understanding
across the fleet of energy storage,
Site Operations and solar or wind systems.
Ensure that all sites are
configured correctly for
use case, tariff, and
codes, and that billing
reconciliation happens
where appropriate
Communicate with key
customers any savings
related issues
Work with customers
during commissioning to
gather relevant
operational information
Manage enrollment in
demand response
programs and report on
Ability to handle
multiple, competing
priorities while
maintaining high quality

Performance Apply device physics A Bachelor's Degree 3+ years 743,75

Engineer knowledge to understand in Electrical 0
the performance Engineering or related
characteristics of solar field or equivalent,
modules. direct industry
experience; an
advanced degree is

25 | P a g e
Model and optimize the 3+ years of relevant
optical parameters of industry work
solar cells and modules. experience;
Analyze outdoor module Experience in the
performance data to solar industry is
determine degradation highly preferred.
mechanism. Work history clearly
Perform data mining of show evidence of
large performance data exceptional ability.
base. Proficiency in
Perform modeling with scripting languages
PV energy simulation (eg. Python, Matlab,
tools (eg. PVsyst, VBA, sql) and expert
Helioscope, SAM). level knowledge in
Analyze large PVsyst.
performance monitoring Working knowledge
database, and perform of applicable codes
residual analysis to and standards (eg.
evaluate difference 2008/2011 NEC) and
between predicted and PV racking designs
actual performance. and concepts.
Develop new Expert level
performance analysis knowledge in design
tools, utilize and review and assembly of data
existing analytical tools acquisition systems.
to quantify performance Able to work outdoors
of operating solar and on top of roofs to
systems. perform necessary
Perform spice inspections.
simulations for PV Able to lift 50 lbs.
modules and diode with the team and/or
circuits. appropriate tools.
Collaborate with cross- Willing and able to
function technical teams travel up to 20% of
to meet company the time, both
milestones and domestically and
objectives. internationally.
resourceful and able
to manage shifting
Excellent written and
verbal communication
skills required.
Ability to positively
and effectively
interact with internal
and external
Regular, reliable and
performance required.
Ability to work well
with others in a

26 | P a g e
collaborative team

12V Systems Manage 12V system electrical Greater than 5 years of 5+ years 743,75
Engineer loads and performance engineering experience on 0
requirements Coordinate fusing multiple products that have
strategy for the low voltage entered production MSc., PhD.
electrical system Test compliance in Electrical Engineering
of low voltage
components Collaborates tightly
with hardware teams to ensure
efficient implementation and
validation of new features,
components, and systems Manage
electrical load budget and fail-safe
Advanced Strong expertise in Camera Bachelors in Engineering 5 years 770,00
Driver sensing and development - with minimum 5 years of 0
Assistance Experience in designing next- experience - Has experience
Systems generation camera hardware, developing a camera system
Product including optics, lenses, PCBA, from scratch - Has solid
Engineer, sensor, cabling, and signaling - technical depth and breadth
Camera Good knowledge in latest camera radar and active safety systems.
Hardware technologies and trends - - Ability to communicate and
Experience in algorithm drive suppliers and multiple
development for sensor signal disciplines across Tesla -
processing and sensor fusion - Strong problem solving skills
Experience in developing system and desire to work in fast
verification and vehicle testing paced environment -
procedures for camera systems - Experience with high-speed
Experience in packaging, digital technologies, including
calibration and validating camera CMOS imagers, processors,
systems - Experience in executing FPGAs, DRAM, digital video,
project from start to finish across cabling, etc. - Optics
multiple disciplines - Knowledge background with strong
in system integration of sensors understanding of lens
and control hardware - technology - Experience with
Knowledge in design of FPGA programming - Strong
electronics, DSP algorithms and understanding of image
automotive communication processing theory and
networks - Ability to perform implementation - Hands-on
simulations (Simulink/Matlab) experience designing and
with support from other experts - debugging products - Have
Engineer should define Hardware solid technical depth and
interfaces and state machines. breadth in analog and digital
circuit analysis and design
Baseband Job responsibilities may include Experience with Cellular N/A 805,00
Hardware working to define the architecture HW/baseband system and 0
Engineer of the platform, designing and board level design. Familiarity
documenting the wireless with Digital ASICs and system
hardware platform, schematic and design on Mobile phone
BOM capture, working with the application. Strong
CAD team on the PWB layout, understanding of Mobile
lab-based design verification and products including Smart

27 | P a g e
integration, transition of the phones, feature phone and data
design of the electrical system, cards/modules
including power management,
micro-controller, wireless Understanding of Digital/BB
communication to high volume HW design and PCB design.
production. Good trouble-shooting skills
with analysis and debugging
Working with and managing ability on Board bring up
suppliers/manufacturing partners (boot-up). Solid knowledge in
including overseas build support. High Speed Digital interfaces
such as : Memory Bus I/F
SDRAM, etc.) Display
interfaces (parallel and serial),
preferably MIPI DSI Camera
interfaces (parallel and serial),
preferably MIPI CSI High
Speed peripherals (USB, SDC,
etc) Standard Peripheral
interfaces (UART, SPI, USIM,
I2C, JTAG, HDMI, etc).

Bachelor's, Electronics and/or

Electrical Engineering
Preferred: Master's, Electronics
and/or Electrical Engineering

14. Additional projects/decision required N/A

15. Certificate

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