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McDonald's is an American
hamburger and fast food
restaurant chain. It was founded
in 1940
Sausage egg mc muffin: It is a muffin with egg and cheese and a

Sausage patty. 2.00 $

Hasbrown: its slices potato pieces put together and breaded 1.50$
Fruit and yogurt parfait: its a cup of vanilla yogurt with fresh berrys.

Sausage egg and cheese Mc Griddles: griddle cake fold egg

saausage and patty cheese 3.00$

Fat free milk jug: less fattining milk

Dr.peper: yummy soda with caffine 1.00$

Sprite: yummy bubbely non caffine soda


Rootbeer: yummy sweet non caffine soda 1.00$

Fries: low fat very salted fries with the sizes of small medium and
large. 1.00$-2.00$-3.00$

Carmel apple slices: apple slices with side of carmel to dip in. 2.00$