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Use code S18AMSTUD to A Practical Education Witnesses of the Unseen
receive a 20% discount on all Why Liberal Arts Majors Seven Years in Guantanamo
ISBNs listed in this catalog. Make Great Employees
Lakhdar Boumediene and
Visit to order online. Visit Randall Stross Mustafa Ait Idir
for information on phone A Practical Education investigates This searing memoir shares Lakhdar
orders. Books not yet published the real-world work experiences of Boumediene and Mustafa Ait
or temporarily out of stock will be liberal arts majors to demonstrate how Idirs time inside Americas most
charged to your credit card when multi-capable these graduates are in notorious prison. In 2001, they
they become available and are in the workforce. Randall Stross weaves were arrested in Bosnia, wrongly
the process of being shipped. personal stories about the undergradu- accused of participating in a terrorist
ate years and first job searches together plot, and were flown, blindfolded
@stanfordpress with discussion of the historical rise of and shackled, to Guantanamo Bay,
professional schools, the longstanding Cuba. For seven years, they endured
contention between engineering torture, harassment, force-feedings,
and the liberal arts, and the recent and beatings. They had no oppor-
Blog: stanfordpress. popularity of computer science tunity to argue their innocence education to trace the evolution until 2008, when the Supreme
in thinking about how to prepare Court issued a landmark ruling
We're celebrating 125 years of
publishing! One year after the
students for professional futures. in their case, Boumediene v. Bush,
university opened its doors, the first As institutions of higher learning are confirming Guantanamo detainees
Stanford book, The Tariff Controversy called on to justify the merits of the constitutional right to challenge
in the United States, 17891833, was liberal arts, A Practical Education their detention. Now living in
published in 1892. Follow us on social reminds readers that the most useful Europe and rebuilding their lives,
media throughout the academic training for an unknowable future is Lakhdar and Mustafa share a story
year for the latest on special events the preparation of a liberal education.
and offers to commemorate the
that every American ought to know.
The need for critical thinking and
anniversary of one of the oldest U.S.
liberal artseducated leaders is more An intense, important read for
university presses.
relevant than ever. An engaging anyone interested in the American
Learn more at
perspective on this crucial topic that governments misguided efforts
proves that investment in the humanities at Guantanamo.
Kirkus Reviews
pays dividends in the long run.
David Kalt, 288 pages, 2017
CEO/Founder, Reverb Holdings, Inc. 9781503601154 Cloth $24.00 $19.20 sale
304 pages, 2017
9780804797481 Cloth $25.00 $20.00 sale

Race and Upward Mobility Broke and Patriotic The Myth of Millionaire
Seeking, Gatekeeping, and Other Why Poor Americans Love Tax Flight
Class Strategies in Postwar America Their Country How Place Still Matters for the Rich
Elda Mara Romn Francesco Duina Cristobal Young
Mexican American and African Why are poor Americans so As U.S. states consider raising taxes
American cultural productions patriotic? In Broke and Patriotic, on their wealthiest residents, there is
have seen a proliferation of upward Francesco Duina contends that the a very real concern that these high
mobility narratives. Surveying best way to answer this question is to rollers will board their private jets
literature, film, and television from speak directly to the impoverished. and fly away, taking their wealth with
the 1940s to the 2000s, Elda Mara Spending time in bus stations, them. In The Myth of Millionaire Tax
Romn untangles how these narra- Laundromats, senior citizen centers, Flight, Cristobal Young examines
tives present the intertwined effects homeless shelters, public libraries, a trove of data on millionaires and
of capitalism and white supremacy. and fast food restaurants, he con- billionaires and distills down
She examines how class and ethnicity ducted over 60 interviews in which surprising insights. While economic
serve as forms of currency in American participants explain how they view elites have the resources and capacity
literature, affording people of color themselves and their country. to flee high-tax places, their actual
material and symbolic wages as they migration is surprisingly limited.
This book offers a stirring portrait
traverse class divisions. Identifying Ongoing economic potential is tied
of the people left out of the national
four recurring character types, to the place where the rich become
conversation. By giving them voice,
Romn traces how each models a successful, and that success ultimately
Duina sheds new light on a sector
distinct strategy for negotiating race diminishes both the incentive and
of American society that we are
and class. Her comparative analysis desire to migrate. This important
only beginning to recognize as
advances a new approach to ethnic book debunks a powerful idea that
a powerful force in shaping the
literary studies and a nuanced has driven fiscal policy for years,
countrys future.
understanding of the class-based clearing the way for a new era.
complexities of racial identity. This is superlative ethnography,
allowing voices too little heard to With grace, sophistication, and
A tour de force of intersectional speak for themselves, and to do so unprecedented data, this important
critique and cultural studies analysis: with pride. Social understandings book feeds public debates on
innovative, imaginative, and an can be furthered more by this book inequality, public policy, and the
infinitely generative book. than by any other at present in health of American democracy.
George Lipsitz, the marketplace. Martin Gilens,
author of How Racism Takes Place author of Affluence and Influence
John A. Hall,
RACE AND ETHNICITY 160 pages, 2017
312 pages, 2017 9781503603806 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale
240 pages, 2017
9781503603783 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale
9780804799690 Cloth $26.95 $21.56 sale


Anchor Babies and the What Is a Border? How Civility Works

Challenge of Birthright Manlio Graziano Keith J. Bybee
Citizenship The fall of the Berlin Wall, symbol This book elegantly explores the
Leo R. Chavez of the bipolar order that emerged crisis in civility, looking closely at
Leo R. Chavez explores the question after World War II, seemed to how civility intertwines with our
of birthright citizenship, and of inaugurate an age of ever fewer long history of boorish behavior
citizenship in the United States writ borders. The liberalization and and the ongoing quest for pleasant
broadly, to counter the often- integration of markets, the creation company. Keith J. Bybee argues that
hyperbolic claims surrounding of vast free-trade zones, and the the very features that make civility
so-called anchor babies. He considers birth of a new political and mon- ineffective and undesirable also
how this term is used as a political etary union in Europe, for instance, point to civilitys power and appeal.
dog whistle, how changes in the legal all appeared to point in that 88 pages, 2016
definition of citizenship have affected direction. Only thirty years later, 9781503601543 Paper $12.99 $10.39 sale
the children of immigrants over though, boundaries and borders
time, and, ultimately, how U.S.-born are expanding in number and being The New States of
citizens still experience trauma if they reintroduced in places where they Abortion Politics
live in families with undocumented had virtually been abolished. Is
this an out-of-step, deceptive last Joshua C. Wilson
immigrants. By examining this
pejorative term in its political, gasp of national sovereignty or the This book outlines decades
historical, and social contexts, victory of the weight of history over long efforts by anti-abortion
Chavez calls upon us to exorcise the power of place? The fact that activists to transform the
it from public discourse and borders have made a comeback, politics of abortion, moving
work toward building a more warns Manlio Graziano, does not from the streets into legislative
inclusive nation. mean that they will resolve any halls and courtrooms.
problems. His geopolitical history [This book] will change how
Analytically sharp, powerfully and analysis draws our attention
written, and cogently argued, this we think about abortion politics
to the ground shifting under our in America.
important book is essential reading
for every American. feet in the present and allows us to Kristin Luker,
speculate on what might happen in University of California, Berkeley
Roberto G. Gonzales,
Harvard University the future.
128 pages, 2016
120 pages, 2017 112 pages, 2017 9780804792028 Paper $12.99 $10.39 sale
9781503605091 Paper $12.99 $10.39 sale 9781503605398 Paper $12.99 $10.39 sale

Americas Arab Refugees The Limits of Whiteness The Latinos of Asia
Vulnerability and Health on Iranian Americans and the How Filipino Americans Break
the Margins Everyday Politics of Race the Rules of Race
Marcia C. Inhorn Neda Maghbouleh Anthony Christian Ocampo
This book shines a spotlight on the When Roya, an Iranian American Filipino Americans are among the
plight of resettled Arab refugees high school student, is asked to largest immigrant populations in
in the ethnic enclave community identify her race, she feels anxiety the United States. They are classified
of Arab Detroit, Michigan. Arab and doubt. According to the federal by the U.S. Census as Asian, but
refugees struggle to find employment, government, she and others from the the cultural legacy of Spanish
and those who have fled from Middle East are white. But based on colonialism in the Philippines
war zones face several serious the treatment Roya and her family means that Filipinos share many
health challenges. Marcia C. Inhorn receiveinteractions characterized by characteristics with Latinos, such as
follows refugees suffering reproduc- intolerance or hateRoya is increas- last names, religion, and language.
tive health problems requiring in ingly certain that she is not white. Their cultural experiences as
vitro fertilization (IVF). Without descendants of a former U.S. colony
In The Limits of Whiteness, Neda
money to afford costly IVF services, contradict the construction of Asians
Maghbouleh offers a groundbreaking,
Arab refugee couples are caught as forever foreigners. The Latinos of
timely look at how Middle Eastern
in a state of reproductive exile. Asia illustrates how for Filipinos, their
Americans move across the color line.
Americas Arab Refugees questions colortheir sense of connection
By shadowing more than 80 young
Americas responsibility for, and with other racial groupschanges
people, Maghbouleh documents
commitment to, Arab refugees, depending on the social context,
Iranian Americans shifting racial
mounting a powerful call to end the the communities people grow up
status. She tells for the first time the
violence in the Middle East, assist in, the schools they attend, and the
compelling, often heartbreaking story
war orphans and uprooted families, people they befriend. This book
of how a white American immigrant
and take better care of Arab refugees offers a window into both the racial
group can become brown and what
in this country. consciousness of everyday people
such a transformation says about race
Inhorn has expertly woven the and the changing racial landscape of
in America.
traumatic experiences of Arab American society.
refugees to the United States with This trailblazing book should be
racial disparity and poverty in required reading for anyone interested Brimming with unexpected find-
in race in America, period. ings and insightful explanations,
America. A story that must be The Latinos of Asia underscores the
told, and read. Porochista Khakpour, intrinsic instability and enduring
author of Sons & Other
Salmaan Keshavjee, Flammable Objects
power of race.
Harvard Medical School Moon-Kie Jung,
248 pages, 2017 University of Massachusetts
256 pages, January 2018
9781503603370 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 272 pages, 2016
9781503603875 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale
9780804797542 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale


Behind the Laughs SECOND EDITION Law Mart
Community and Inequality Cultures@SiliconValley Justice, Access, and For-Profit
in Comedy J. A. English-Lueck Law Schools
Michael P. Jeffries Since the initial publication of Riaz Tejani
When comedians define success, Cultures@SiliconValley fourteen In the early 2000s, private equity
they dont talk about moneythey years ago, much has changed in financiers established the first for-
talk about not quitting. In comedy, Silicon Valley. The corporate land- profit law schools, offering the promise
even big names work for free, and scape has shifted, with tech giants of professional upward mobility
the inequalities of race, class, and like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, through high-tech, simplified teaching
gender create real barriers. Yet and Twitter vying for space and and learning. In Law Mart, a vivid
comedians still believe that hard attention. Daily life for all but the ethnography of one such school,
work and talent lead to the big time. highest echelon has been altered Riaz Tejani argues that the rise of
by new perceptions of scarcity, risk, these institutions shows the limits
In Behind the Laughs, Michael P. and shortage. The second edition of of market-based solutions. Building
Jeffries brings readers into the world Cultures@SiliconValley brings the on theories in law, political economy,
of comedy to reveal its dark corners story of technological saturation and moral anthropology, Tejani
and share its buoyant lifeblood. and global cultural diversity up to reveals how for-profit law schools
He draws on conversations with the present. J. A. English-Lueck marketed themselves directly to
comedians, club owners, bookers, and provides readers with a host of new minority communities, relaxed
managers to show the extraordinary ethnographic stories, documenting admission standards, increased
social connections professional the latest expansions of Silicon diversity, shook up curricula,
humor demands. Comedy is not Valley to San Francisco and beyond. and saw student success rates
a meritocracy, and its rewards are She explores how changes in tech- plummet. Law Mart offers an
not often fame and fortune. Only nology impact work, family, and unprecedented glimpse into the
performers who know the rules of community life. Ultimately, collision of law, finance capitalism,
their community are able to make the inhabitants of Silicon Valley and higher learning.
it a career. illustrate in microcosm the social
An extremely insightful and smart
This is a smart, original, highly- and cultural identity of the future. analysis of for-profit law schools.
readable booka must-read for Tejanis book is a must-read for
anyone interested in the interplay of J. A. English-Lueck shows us the
Valley as it really is: risky, diverse, anyone who cares about the future
culture, labor, power, and inequality in of the legal profession.
the contemporary culture industries. cosmopolitan and complex. Simply
the best study of Silicon Valleys Eve Darian-Smith,
Laura Grindstaff, many cultures that I know. University of California, Santa Barbara
University of California, Davis
Fred Turner,
288 pages, 2017
240 pages, 2017 224 pages, 2017 9781503603011 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale
9781503602908 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9781503602922 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale


Bernie Madoff and the Crisis The Art of Revolt Making Moderate Islam
The Public Trial of Capitalism Snowden, Assange, Manning Sufism, Service, and the Ground
Colleen P. Eren Geoffroy de Lagasnerie Zero Mosque Controversy
Bernie Madoff s arrest could not When not decried as traitors, Rosemary R. Corbett
have come at a more darkly poetic Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Making Moderate Islam is the first
moment. In the midst of a horrid and Chelsea Manning are seen investigation of the assumptions
recession, Madoff s story was as whistle-blowers whose crucial behind moderate Islam in our country.
a media magnet, voraciously revelations are meant to denounce Drawing on a decade of research
consumed by a justice-seeking public. a problem or correct an injustice. into the community that proposed
Bernie Madoff and the Crisis goes Yet, for Geoffroy de Lagasnerie, the Ground Zero Mosque, this
beyond purely investigative accounts they are much morethey are book refutes the idea that current
to examine how and why Madoff exemplars who have reinvented an demands for Muslim moderation
became the epicenter of public fury art of revolt. They have inaugurated have primarily arisen in response to
and titillation. Rooting her argument a new form of political action and a the events of 9/11, or to the violence
in critical sociology, Colleen P. Eren new identity for the political subject. often depicted in the media as
analyzes media coverage of this Anonymity as practiced by unique to Muslims. Instead, it looks
landmark case alongside original WikiLeaks and the flight and at a century of pressures on religious
interviews with dozens of journalists requests for asylum of Snowden minorities to conform to dominant
and editors, the SEC Director of and Assange break with traditional American frameworks for race,
Public Affairs, and Bernie Madoff forms of democratic protest. As gender, and political economy.
himself. Turning the mirror back Lagasnerie suggests, such solitary An important contribution to the
onto society, Eren locates Madoff choices challenge us to question urgent questions around Muslims and
within a broader reckoning about classic modes of collective action, citizenship. The central characters
free market capitalism. calling old conceptions of the state and debates here are striking and
and citizenship into question. even dramaticand Corbett does
A sweeping comment on our society
a splendid job of identifying and
at large, which created and upheld In the process, he pays homage invoking many of the players, tropes,
the kill-or-be-killed finance ethos, to the actions and lives of these and consequences of the story of the
and thereby produced the twenty- three figures. Ground Zero Mosque.
first century version of a Wall Street
serial killer. [This book] will inspire all readers Sohail Daulatzai,
to reflect on how they can engage author of Black Star, Crescent Moon
Erin Arvedlund,
author of Too Good to Be True: productively in the betterment of RACERELIGION
The Rise and Fall of Bernie Madoff our societies. 304 pages, 2016
Sarah Harrison, 9781503600812 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale
224 pages, 2017 Director of the Courage Foundation
9781503602724 Paper $25.95 $20.76 sale and WikiLeaks Associate
128 pages, 2017
9781503603325 Paper $18.95 $15.16 sale


The Work of Art in the Age Dead Pledges Making Literature Now
of Deindustrialization Debt, Crisis, and Twenty-First- Amy Hungerford
Century Culture
Jasper Bernes How does new writing emerge
Annie McClanahan and find readers today? Why does
A novel account of the relationship
between postindustrial capitalism Dead Pledges is the first book one writers work become famous
and postmodern culture, this book to explore the ways that U.S. while anothers remains invisible?
looks at American poetry and art culturefrom novels and poems Making Literature Now tells the
of the last fifty years in light of the to photojournalism and horror stories of the people who make
massive changes in peoples working movieshas responded to the their living by making literature
lives. The Work of Art in the Age of collapse of the financialized itself come alive. The book shows
Deindustrialization argues that art consumer credit economy in 2008. how various conditionsgender,
and literature not only reflected Connecting debt theory to questions education, business dynamics,
transformations in the workplace of cultural form, this book argues social networks, money, and the
but anticipated and may have con- that artists, filmmakers, and writers forces of literary traditionaffect
tributed to them as well, providing have re-imagined what it means to the things we can choose, or
some of the terms through which owe and to own in a period when refuse, to read. Amy Hungerford
resistance to labor was expressed. debt is what makes our economic focuses on literary bestsellers as
As firms continue to tout creativity lives possible. A searing critique of well as little-known traditional
and to reorganize in response to the ideology of debt, Dead Pledges and digital literature from smaller
this resistance, they increasingly dismantles the discourse of moral presses, such as McSweeneys.
rely on models of labor that derive obligation so often invoked to make Ranging from fine-grained eth-
from values and ideas found in the us repay. Debt is no longer a source nography to polemical argument,
experimental poetry and conceptual of economic credibility, it contends, this book transforms our sense
art of decades past. but is a system of dispossession that of how and why new literature
threatens the basic fabric of social life. appearsand disappearsin
The intelligence at work here is contemporary American culture.
scintillating without ever being An exemplary demonstration of how
merely flashy, and Berness readings literary and cultural analysis can Hungerfords brilliant portraits
of poetry, history, and the relations address urgent social and political of editors and writers, behind-the-
between the two are compelling. problems. A timely work of critical scenes ethnography, and pointed
Michael Brub, debt theory, poised to reshape the inquiries make this the book from
Pennsylvania State University transdisciplinary debates around debt which future literary histories will
and contemporary capitalism. be written.
240 pages, 2017
9780804796415 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale Richard Dienst, Mark Greif,
Rutgers University author of The Age of
the Crisis of Man
248 pages, 2016
9780804799058 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale 224 pages, 2016
9780804799409 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale

8 POST *45


Remainders Maximum Feasible Jazz as Critique

American Poetry at Natures End Participation Revisiting Adorno and
Margaret Ronda American Literature and the Black Expression
War on Poverty Fumi Okiji
A literary history of the Great
Acceleration, Remainders examines Stephen Schryer Taking Theodor Adorno down a
an archive of postwar American Maximum Feasible Participation path he did not go, Jazz as Critique
poetry that reflects on new dimen- traces American writers contribu- argues that the distinctive history of
sions of ecological crisis. These tions and responses to the War on blackness means that jazz must call
poems portray various forms of Poverty. With the 1964 Opportunity the integrity of society into question.
remaindersfrom obsolescent goods Act, the Johnson administration Fumi Okiji makes the case for jazz
and waste products to atmospheric provided an emerging model of as a model of the communal self,
pollution and melting glaciersthat professionalism that sought to letting us see the most pressing
convey the ecological consequences of eradicate boundaries between concerns of jazz as demands for
global economic development. While professionals and clientsa model a recognition of black humanity
North American ecocriticism has that appealed to writers, especially and alterity.
tended to focus on narrative forms African American and Chicano/a 184 pages, June 2018
in its investigations of environmental writers associated with the cultural 9781503605855 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale
consciousness and ethics, Margaret nationalisms gaining traction. These
Ronda highlights the ways that poetry writers privileged artistic process Uncle Tom
explores other dimensions of eco- over product, rejecting conventions From Martyr to Traitor
logical relationships. The poems she that separated writers from their Adena Spingarn
considers engage in more ambivalent audiences. Ranging from the 1950s
ways with the problem of human to the present, the book explores From his origins as the heroic Christ-
agency and the limits of individual how writers like Jack Kerouac, Amiri like protagonist of Harriet Beecher
perception, and they are attuned Baraka, Gwendolyn Brooks, Oscar Stowes anti-slavery novel (1852),
to the melancholic and damaging Zeta Acosta, Alice Walker, Philip Uncle Tom has become a widely
aspects of environmental existence Roth, and others exposed the War recognized epithet for a black person
in a time of generalized crisis. Her on Povertys contradictions during deemed so subservient to whites that
method, which emphasizes the its heyday and kept its legacy alive in he betrays his race. Adena Spingarn
material histories and uneven effects the decades that followed. traces this evolution. showing how
of capitalist development, models a citizens have relied on this figure
unique critical approach to under- The works analyzed here come alive to debate racial difference and the
in new ways. reality and legacy of slavery.
standing the causes and conditions Carlo Rotella,
of ongoing biospheric catastrophe. Boston College 272 pages, May 2018
272 pages, June 2018 9780804799157 Cloth $40.00 $32.00 sale
224 pages, March 2018
9781503603677 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale
9781503603141 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale

Haunting History Secret Cures of Slaves Feverish Bodies,
For a Deconstructive Approach People, Plants, and Medicine in the Enlightened Minds
to the Past Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World Science and the Yellow Fever
Ethan Kleinberg Londa Schiebinger Controversy in the Early
American Republic
This book argues for a deconstructive In this book, Londa Schiebinger
approach to the practice and writing examines medicine and human Thomas A. Apel
of history at a moment when available experimentation in the Atlantic From 1793 to 1805, yellow fever
forms for writing and publishing World, exploring the circulation devastated U.S. port cities in a series
history are undergoing radical of people, disease, plants, and of terrifying epidemics. The search
transformation. To do so, it explores knowledge between Europe, Africa, for the cause and prevention of the
the legacy and impact of decon- and the Americas. She traces the disease involved many prominent
struction on American historical development of a colonial medical American intellectuals, including
work; the current fetishization of complex from the 1760s, when Noah Webster and Benjamin Rush.
lived experience, materialism, and a robust experimental culture This investigation produced one of
the real; new trends in philosophy emerged in the British and French the most substantial and innovative
of history; and the persistence of West Indies, to the early 1800s, outpourings of scientific thought
ontological realism as the dominant when debates raged about banning in early American history. But it
mode of thought for conventional the slave trade. also led to a heated and divisive
historians. Arguing that this Massive mortality among enslaved debate that reflected contemporary
ontological realist mode of thinking Africans and European planters, beliefs about God and creation, the
is reinforced by current analog soldiers, and sailors fueled the capacities of the human mind, and
publishing practices, Ethan Kleinberg search for new healing techniques. even the appropriate direction of the
advocates for a hauntological Amerindian, African, and European new nation. Through this thoughtful
approach to history that follows the knowledges competed to cure investigation of the yellow fever
work of Jacques Derrida and embraces diseases, but not all knowledge epidemic and engaging examination
a past that is at once present and was equal. Highlighting the of natural science in early America,
absent, available and restricted, rather violence and fear endemic to Thomas A. Apel demonstrates that
than a fixed and static snapshot of a colonial struggles, Schiebinger the scientific imaginations of early
moment in time. explores aspects of African republicans were far broader than
MERIDIAN: CROSSING AESTHETICS medicine that were not put to the historians have realized: in order to
208 pages, 2017 test, such as Obeah and vodou. understand their science, we must
9781503603387 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale This book analyzes how and why understand their ideas about God.
specific knowledges were blocked, 208 pages, 2016
discredited, or held secret. 9780804797405 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale
256 pages, 2017
9781503602915 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale

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The Political Erosion of the The Rise of Catholics in American 90-day period, your
Voting Rights Act Political Life invoice will be cancelled.
Jesse H. Rhodes Manlio Graziano Otherwise, you may
Over the past five decades, both The Catholicization of the United purchase the book or
Democrats and Republicans in States is a recent phenomenon and return it at no cost.
Congress have consistently voted was particularly prominent in the Requests by mail or
to expand the protections offered Obama administration. Over one-
fax must be on your
by the Voting Rights Act. And yet, third of cabinet members, the Vice
the administration and judicial President, the White House Chief of
department letterhead,
interpretation of its terms have Staff, the heads of Homeland Security specifying the title of
become much less generous. Ballot and the CIA, the director and deputy your course, expected
Blocked argues that conservatives director of the FBI, and the Chair- enrollment, the semester
adopt a paradoxical strategy in man of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were or quarter in which the
which they acquiesce to expansive all Roman Catholic. Challenging course will be offered, the
voting rights protections in received wisdom that the American course level (undergradu-
Congress (where decisions are Catholic Church is in crisis and that ate or graduate), and the
visible and easily traceable) while the political religion in the United titles of any textbooks
simultaneously narrowing the scope States is Evangelicalism, Manlio
that you currently use.
of federal enforcement via less Graziano provides an engaging
visible administrative and judicial account of the tendency of Catholics
maneuvers. This strategy has to play an increasingly significant
enabled a conservative Supreme role in American politics, as well as MAIL TO:
Court to exercise preponderant the rising role of American prelates Examination Copy
influence over the scope of in the Roman Catholic Church. Stanford University Press
federal enforcement. This fascinating and astonishingly 500 Broadway
Bold and richly detailed. Rhodes neglected subject is of immense impor- Redwood City, CA 94063
provides timely and crucial new tance, and I can think of no one better
insights into the Voting Rights Acts positioned than Manlio Graziano to FAX TO:
evolution and undoing. treat it in all its complexity.
(650) 725-3457
Vesla Weaver, Stanislao G. Pugliese,
Yale University Hofstra University
256 pages, 2017
9781503601819 Paper $25.95 $20.76 sale
280 pages, 2017
9781503603516 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale

The Poverty of Privacy Rights The Balance Gap Contraceptive Diplomacy
Khiara M. Bridges Working Mothers and the Reproductive Politics and
Limits of the Law Imperial Ambitions in the
The Poverty of Privacy Rights makes United States and Japan
a simple, controversial argument: Sarah Cote Hampson
Poor mothers in America are In recent decades, laws and work- Aiko Takeuchi-Demirci
deprived of the right to privacy. The place policies have emerged that This book turns to the history of
U.S. Constitution is supposed to seek to address the balance the birth control movement in
bestow rights equally. Yet the poor between work and family. Millions the United States and Japan to
are subject to invasions of privacy of women in the U.S. take time interpret the struggle for hegemony
that are gross demonstrations of off when they give birth or adopt in the Pacific through the lens
governmental power. Khiara M. a child, making use of family- of transnational feminism. Aiko
Bridges investigates poor mothers friendly laws and policies. Takeuchi-Demirci follows the
experiences with the stateboth relationship between two iconic
when they receive public assistance The Balance Gap traces the
birth control activists, Margaret
and when they do not. Presenting paths individual women take in
Sanger and Ishimoto Shizue, as well
a holistic view of how the state understanding and invoking work/
as other intellectuals and policymak-
intervenes in all facets of poor life balance laws and policies.
ers, to make sense of the complex
mothers privacy, Bridges turns Conducting in-depth interviews
transnational exchanges occurring
popular thinking on its head, argu- in two distinctive workplace settings
around contraception. The birth
ing that these women simply do not public universities and the U.S.
control movement facilitated U.S.
have familial, informational, and militarySarah Cote Hampson
expansionism, exceptionalism, and
reproductive privacy rights. Further, uncovers how women navigate
anti-communist policy and was
she asserts that until we disrupt the laws and the unspoken cultures
welcomed in Japan as a hallmark
the cultural narratives that equate of their institutions. She shows
of modernity. With a transnational
poverty with immorality, nothing these policies and womens abilities
context, Takeuchi-Demirci draws
will change. to understand and utilize them
connections between birth control
have fallen short of alleviating the
This book calls us to rethink the very activism and the history of eugenics,
tensions women experience .
meaning of the right to privacy and racism, and imperialism in
to end the unjust and unsupportable Elegantly written and timely, transnational context.
moral condemnation of poverty. The Balance Gap is a rigorous
call to action in transforming how A fascinating study of transnational
Dorothy Roberts,
we view the ideal mother and the feminism and international policy
author of Killing the Black Body
ideal worker. that yields an exciting new frontier
296 pages, 2017 for transnational histories.
Rene Ann Cramer,
9781503602267 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale Drake University Barbara Molony,
Santa Clara University
184 pages, 2017 344 pages, January 2018
9781503602151 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9781503604407 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale




Stephen Hong Sohn

The Long Afterlife of Nikkei Inscrutable Belongings Nisei Naysayer

Wartime Incarceration Queer Asian North American The Memoir of Militant Japanese
Fiction American Journalist Jimmie Omura
Karen M. Inouye
Stephen Hong Sohn James Matsumoto Omura
This book reexamines one of the
darkest chapters in North American Inscrutable Belongings considers Edited by Arthur A. Hansen
historythe imprisonment of U.S. narrative strategies that emerge in Among the fiercest opponents of
and Canadian citizens of Japanese queer Asian North American literature the mass incarceration of Japanese
descent during World War IIand through extended readings of texts Americans during World War II was
the long shadow these events involving LGBTQ Asian North James Matsumoto Jimmie Omura, a
continue to cast. While many American storytellers. Despite many newspaper editor who fearlessly called
consider wartime incarceration an antagonistic forces, these works pro- out leaders in the Nikkei community
isolated historical moment, Karen tagonists achieve a revolutionary form for what he saw as their complicity
M. Inouye shows how internment of narrative centrality through the with the U.S. governments unjust
and the suspension of rights have defiant act of speaking out, recounting and unconstitutional policies. In
continued to impact political their survival plots, and enduring to 1944, Omura was pushed out of his
discourse and public policies the very last page. These feats are made editorship of the Japanese American
in both the United States and possible through their construction of newspaper Rocky Shimpo, indicted,
Canada long after their supposed alternative social structures Sohn calls arrested, jailed, and forced to stand trial
political and legal reversal. This inscrutable belongings. Collectively, for unlawful conspiracy to counsel, aid,
book addresses the mechanisms by the texts confront a broad range of and abet violations of the military draft.
which injustice can transform both issues, including interracial desire, the He was among the first Nikkei to seek
its victims and its perpetrators, AIDS/HIV epidemic, transnational governmental redress and reparations
detailing the dangers of suspend- mobility, and postcolonial trauma. In for wartime violations of civil liberties
ing rights during times of crisis as these narratives, Asian North American and human rights. Shunned by the
well as the opportunities for more queer people are often excluded from Japanese American community and
empathetic agency. normative family structures, and excluded from the standard narrative
must contend with multiple histories of Japanese American wartime
A moving and original account of oppression, erasure, and physical
of how the trauma of wartime incarceration until later in life, Omura
violence, involving homophobia, racism, provides in this memoir an essential,
incarceration unexpectedly turned
victims into passionate advocates and social death. For such writers firsthand account of Japanese
for human rights and social change. and their imagined communities, American wartime resistance.
Christopher Lee,
questions of survival, kinship, and
408 pages, June 2018
University of British Columbia narrative development are more 9781503606111 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale
than representational; they are
256 pages, 2016
9780804795746 Cloth $55.00 $44.00 sale lived experience.
360 pages, June 2018
9781503605923 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale

Crook County The Manhattan Project Letters of the Law
Racism and Injustice in Americas A Theory of a City Race and the Fantasy of
Largest Criminal Court David Kishik Colorblindness in American Law
Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve This sharp, witty study of a book Sora Y. Han
American criminal courts are the never written, a sequel to Walter Deconstructing the laws central
gateway between police action Benjamins Arcades Project, is doctrines on due process, citizen-
on the street and the processing dedicated to New York City, ship, equality, punishment, and
of primarily black and Latino capital of the twentieth century. A individual liberty, Sora Y. Han
defendants into jails and prisons. sui generis work of experimental exposes how racial slavery
Yet the courts, often portrayed as scholarship or fictional philosophy, and the ongoing struggle for
sacred, impartial institutions, have it analyzes an imaginary manuscript abolition continue to haunt
remained shrouded in secrecy. composed by a ghost. the laws reliance on the fantasy
Crook County bursts open the A beguiling work of literary and of colorblindness.
courthouse doors and enters the social criticism. THE CULTURAL LIVES OF LAW
hallways, courtrooms, judges Kirkus Reviews,
Starred Review 184 pages, 2015
chambers, and attorneys offices 288 pages, 2015 9781503602793 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale
to reveal a world of punishment 9781503602779 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale
determined by race, not offense. The Global Rise of Populism
Defendants find themselves thrust American Terror Performance, Political Style,
into a pernicious legal world The Feeling of Thinking in and Representation
where courtroom actors live and Edwards, Poe, and Melville
Benjamin Moffitt
breathe racism while simultane- Paul Hurh
ously committing themselves to a This book argues for the need to
colorblind ideal. Nicole Gonzalez If America is a nation founded upon rethink the concept of populism.
Van Cleve urges all citizens to Enlightenment ideals, then why are While still based on the classic
take a closer look at the way we do so many of its most celebrated pieces divide between the people and
justice in America and to hold our of literature so dark? American Terror the elite, populisms reliance on
arbiters of justice accountable to returns to the question of American new media technologies, its shifting
the highest standards of equality. literatures distinctive tone of terror relationship to political representation,
through a close study of three and its increasing ubiquity have seen
Beautifully written and keenly authorsJonathan Edwards, Edgar it transform in nuanced ways that
insightful, Crook County is a Allan Poe, and Herman Melville
horror story I couldnt put down. demand explaining.
[This is] ethnography at its best. who not only wrote works of terror,
240 pages, 2016
but who defended, theorized, and 9781503604216 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale
Paul Butler,
Georgetown Law championed it.
272 pages, 2016 312 pages, 2015
9781503602786 Paper $16.95 $13.56 sale 9781503604186 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale

Digital Publishing Initiative
Stanford University Press, with generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon
Foundation, is developing an innovative publishing program in the rapidly
evolving digital humanities and social sciences.

Enchanting the Desert

Nicholas Bauch
In the early twentieth century, Henry G.
Peabody created an audiovisual slideshow
that allowed thousands of people from
Boston to Chicago to see and experience
the majestic landscape of the Grand Canyon
for the first time. Using virtual recreations
of the Grand Canyons topography and geography of a landmark that has come to
rich GIS mapping overlays, Nicholas define the American West.
Bauch embellishes Peabodys historic VIEW ENCHANTING THE DESERT NOW AT
slideshow to reveal a previously hidden ENCHANTINGTHEDESERT.COM

Americas Public Bible

Lincoln Mullen
Newspapers, as the first mass medium,
are a rich resource for analyzing public
discourse across nineteenth-century
America. A vast digitization effort at the
Library of Congress has now created a
data set from these newspapers, enabling
researchers to pose questions at a scale million pages. The centerpiece of the
only possible via computational means. project is an exploratory, interactive
Lincoln Mullen mines the data set to graphic of Bible quotations.
uncover the presence and interpretation AVAILABLE FALL 2018
of biblical quotations in its nearly eleven


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