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Sharia Compliant
TABLE OF CONTENTS A Users Guide to Hacking
Encountering Traditions........ 2-3
Islamic Law
Cultural Memory Rumee Ahmed
in the Present..................................3
For over a thousand years,
Spiritual Phenomena.................. 4
Muslim scholars worked to
From Giorgio Agamben.............5 SHARIA ensure that Islamic law was
RaceReligion....................................6 C O M P L I A N T always fresh and vibrant,
Additional New Titles............. 6-7 responding to the needs of an
The Zohar..........................................8 evolving Muslim community.
They did this by hacking
Other Titles of Interest......... 8-10 A USERS GUIDE TO
Islamic law in accordance with
Digital Publishing Initiative...... 11
changing times and contexts,
diving into the interconnected
Examination Copy Policy........10
Islamic legal tradition to
recalibrate what was outdated, while leaving other parts
OR DER IN G undisturbed. These hacking skills made Islamic law both flexi-
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with changing values, while remaining true to its ancient roots.
Today, the hacking process has stalled in the face of unprec-
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for information on phone
orders. Books not yet published
This book is designed to revitalize the hacking tradition by
or temporarily out of stock will be getting readers involved in the process. It walks them through
charged to your credit card when the ins and outs of Islamic legal change, vividly describing
they become available and are in
the process of being shipped.
how Muslim scholars have met new and evolving challenges
on topics as diverse as abolition, democracy, finance, gender,
@stanfordpress human rights, sexuality, and more. It provides step-by-step
instructions for readers to hack laws for themselves, so that
stanforduniversitypress through their engagement and creativity, they can help Islamic
law regain its intrinsic vitality and resume its role as a forward-
Blog: stanfordpress. looking source for good in the world.
Ahmed honors a timeless faith, a Holy Book, a wise Prophet, and
Were celebrating 125 years of
generations of enlightened acolytes who do not defend the faith as
publishing! One year after the
university opened its doors, the first much as they uphold its very tenets.
Stanford book,TheTariff Controversy
Azza Karam, UN Population Fund and
in the United States, 17891833, was
UN Inter-Agency Task Force on Religion and Development
published in 1892.Follow us on social
media throughout the academic
year for the latest onspecial events
232 pages, May 2018
and offers to commemorate the 9781503605701 Cloth $22.95 $18.36 sale
anniversary of one of the oldest U.S.
university presses.
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Image and Presence Divine Currency The Story of Reason in Islam
A Christological Reflection on The Theological Power of Sari Nusseibeh
Iconoclasm and Iconophilia Money in the West
In The Story of Reason in Islam,
Natalie Carnes Devin Singh Sari Nusseibeh narrates a sweeping
Joining a growing multidisciplinary This book shows how early economic intellectual historya quest for
conversation that rejects an ideas structured Christian thought knowledge inspired by the Quran
understanding of images as lifeless and society, giving crucial insight into and its language, a quest that
objects, this book offers a theological why money holds such power in the employed Reason in the service of
meditation on the ways images West. Examining the religious and Faith. Eschewing the conventional
convey presence. Just as Christ theological sources of moneys power, separation of Faith and Reason, he
negates himself in order to manifest it shows how early Christian thinkers takes a fresh look at why and how
the invisible God, images, Natalie borrowed ancient notions of money Islamic reasoning evolved over time.
Carnes contends, negate themselves and economic exchange as a basis He surveys the different Islamic
to give more than they literally or for new theological arguments. God schools of thought and how they
materially are. Her Christological became an economic administrator, dealt with major philosophical issues,
reflections bring iconoclasm and and Christ functioned as a currency showing that Reason pervaded all
iconophilia into productive relation, to purchase humanitys freedom. Such disciplines, from philosophy and
suggesting that they need not ideas provided models for pastors and science to language, poetry, and law.
oppose one another. Christian emperors, which led to new Countering received chronologies,
economic conceptions of the admin- in this story Reason reaches its
Investigating such images as the zenith in the early seventeenth
istration of populations and conferred
biblical golden calf and paint- century; it then trails off, its demise
a godly aura on the use of money.
ings of the Virgin Mary, Carnes as sudden as its appearance.
Divine Currency argues that this
distinguishes between iconoclasms Thereafter, Reason loses out to
longstanding association of money
that maintain fidelity to their passive belief, lifeless logic, and
with the divine has contributed to an
theological intentions and those a self-contained legalismin
ever-increasing significance of money,
that lead to visual temptation. other words, to a less flexible Islam.
justifying various forms of politics
Offering ecumenical reflections on Nusseibehs speculations as to why
that manage citizens along the way.
issues that have long divided vari- this occurred focus on the fortunes
ous Christan traditions, Image and Devin Singhs bold reading of the
sources challenges us to reconsider and misfortunes of classical Arabic
Presence provokes a fundamental in the Islamic world. Change, he
reconsideration of images and of the relations between theology, politics,
and economics. suggests, may only come from the
the global image crises of our time. revivification of language itself.
Philip Goodchild,
256 pages, 2017 University of Nottingham 288 pages, 2016
9781503604223 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale
288 pages, April 2018 9781503600577 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale
9781503605664 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale


SPIRITUAL Lucrecia the Dreamer
PHENOMENA Prophecy, Cognitive
Science, and the
Spanish Inquisition
Tanya Marie Luhrmann Kelly Bulkeley
and Ann Taves
Set in late sixteenth-century
SUP is actively recruiting Spain, this book tells the
titles for this new series, which gripping story of Lucrecia
features investigations of events, de Len, a young woman
experiences, and objects, both of modest background
unusual and everyday, that who gained a dangerously
people characterize as spiritual, popular reputation as a
paranormal, magical, occult prophetic dreamer predicting
and/or supernatural. apocalyptic ruin for
her country. Stung that
Working from the Lucrecia had accurately foreseen the defeat of the Spanish
presupposition that the status Armada, King Philip II ordered the Inquisition to arrest
of such phenomena is contested, her on charges of heresy and sedition. During her impris-
it seeks to understand how such onment, trial, and torture, the carefully collected records of
determinations are made in a her dreams were preserved and analyzed by the court. The
variety of historical and cultural authenticity of these dreams, and their potentially explo-
contexts. Books in the series sive significance, became the focal point of the Churchs
explore how such phenomena investigation. Lucrecia the Dreamer is the first book to
are identified, experienced and examine Lucrecias dreams as dreams, as accurate reports
understood; the role that of psychological experiences with roots in the brains
spontaneity and cultivation natural cycles of activity during sleep. Using methods from
play in the process; and the the cognitive science of religion, dream researcher Kelly
similarities and differences Bulkeley finds meaningful patterns in Lucrecias dreaming
in the way phenomena are prophecies and sheds new light on the infinitely puzzling
appraised and categorized question at the center of her trial, a question that has
across time and cultures. vexted all religious traditions throughout history: How can
The editors encourage work that we determine if a dream is, or is not, a true revelation?
is ethnographic, historical, or
An excellent scholarly work, Lucrecia the Dreamer reads
psychological, and, in particular,
like a novel of political and religious intrigue, for the scenes
work that uses more than one
are stranger than fictioneven though they are a matter of
method to understand these
historical record. Anyone interested in dreams should read
complex phenomena, ranging
this book."
from the qualitative to quantitative
surveys and laboratory-based Patrick McNamara, Boston University and
Northcentral University
experiments. Series books should
therefore be accessible 224 pages, February 2018
to a broad intellectual audience 9781503603868 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale
of scholars working from across
the humanities and the
behavioral sciences.

Karman The Omnibus Homo Sacer The Mystery of Evil
A Brief Treatise on Action, Giorgio Agamben Benedict XVI and the End of Days
Guilt, and Gesture Giorgio Agamben
Giorgio Agambens Homo Sacer is
Giorgio Agamben one of the seminal works of political In 2013, Benedict XVI became only
What does it mean to be responsible philosophy in recent decades. A the second pope in the history of
for our actions? In this elegant twenty-year undertaking, this the Catholic Church to resign from
study, Giorgio Agamben traces project is a series of interconnected office. In this brief but illuminating
our most profound moral intuitions investigations of staggering ambition study, Giorgio Agamben argues
back to their roots in the sphere and scope investigating the deepest that Benedicts gesture, far from
of law and punishment. Moral foundations of every major Western being solely a matter of internal
accountability, human free agency, institution and discourse. This single ecclesiastical politics, is exemplary
and even the very concept of cause book brings together for the first in an age when the question of
and effect all find their origin in time all nine volumes that make up legitimacy has been virtually left
the language of the trial, which this groundbreaking project. Each aside in favor of a narrow focus
Western philosophy and theology volume takes a seemingly obscure on legality. This reflection on the
both transform into the paradigm and outdated issue as its starting recent history of the Church opens
for all of human life. In his search pointan enigmatic figure in Roman out into an analysis of one of the
for a way out of this destructive law, or medieval debates about Gods earliest documents of Christianity:
paradigm, Agamben draws not management of creation, or theories the Second Epistle to the
only on minority opinions within about the origin of the oathbut Thessalonians, which stages a
the Western tradition but engages is always guided by questions with dramatic confrontation between
at length with Buddhist texts urgent contemporary relevance. the man of lawlessness and the
and concepts for the first time. MERIDIAN: CROSSING AESTHETICS enigmatic katechon, the power
In sum, Karman deepens and 1336 pages, 2017 that holds back the end of days.
rearticulates of some of Agambens 9781503603059 Cloth $90.00 $72.00 sale In Agambens hands, this infamously
core insights while breaking obscure passage reveals the
significant new ground. theological dynamics of history
that continue to inform Western
120 pages, April 2018 culture to this day.
9781503605824 Paper $17.95 $14.36 sale MERIDIAN: CROSSING AESTHETICS
96 pages, 2017
9781503602731 Paper $15.95 $12.76 sale


Making Moderate Islam Colored Television Reading the Hebrew Bible
Sufism, Service, and the Ground American Religion Gone Global with Animal Studies
Zero Mosque Controversy Marla F. Frederick Ken Stone
Rosemary R. Corbett Colored Television looks at the This book explores the significance
Drawing on a decade of research influence of televangelism ministries of animal studies for the interpreta-
into the community that proposed beyond the United States, where tion of the Hebrew Bible. Combined
the so-called Ground Zero Mosque, complex gospels of prosperity and with biblical scholarship, it sheds
this book refutes the idea that sexual redemption mutually inform useful light on animals, animal
current demands for Muslim one another while offering hopeful symbolism, and the relations among
moderation have primarily arisen yet socially contested narratives. As animals, humans, and God. Without
in response to the events of 9/11, an ethnography, this book illumi- the presence of domesticated and
or to the violence often depicted in nates the phenomenal international wild animals, neither biblical tradi-
the media as unique to Muslims. success of American TV preachers tions nor the religions that make
Instead, it looks at a century of like T.D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Joyce use of the Bible would exist in their
pressures on religious minorities Meyer, and Juanita Bynum. Focusing current forms. Although parts of
to conform to dominant American particularly on Jamaica and the the Bible draw a clear line between
frameworks for race, gender, and Caribbean, it also explores why the humans and animals, other passages
political economy. Making Moderate genre has resonated so powerfully complicate that line in multiple
Islam is the first investigation of the around the world. Investigating the ways and challenge our assumptions
assumptions behind moderate Islam roles of producers, consumers, and about the roles animals play therein.
in our country. distributors, Marla Frederick takes Engaging influential theorists and
An important contribution to the a unique look at the ministries, the experts in animal and ecological
urgent questions around Muslims communities they enter, and the studies, Reading the Hebrew Bible
and citizenship. The central characters global markets that buffer them. with Animal Studies shows how
and debates here are striking, and No other work in black religious prehumanist texts reveal unexpect-
even dramatic. Corbett does a splendid studies so well documents the history edly relevant dynamics and themes
job of identifying and invoking of television media in black Christianity for our posthumanist age.
many of the players, tropes, and in the U.S. and how it manifests itself
consequences of the story of the and morphs in a global context, in Stones ecological sensibilities, theo-
Ground Zero Mosque. this case, the Caribbean. retical acumen, and incisive exegetical
Sohail Daulatzai,
arguments open up fresh perspectives
Monica A. Coleman, on overread biblical texts and tired
author of Black Star, Crescent Moon Claremont School of Theology
scholarly debates.
304 pages, 2016 256 pages, 2016
9781503600812 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale Stephen D. Moore,
9780804796989 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale The Theological School,
Drew University

240 pages, 2017

9781503603752 $24.95 $19.96 sale


Divine Variations Aurangzeb Jinnealogy
How Christian Thought The Life and Legacy of Indias Time, Islam, and Ecological Thought
Became Racial Science Most Controversial King in the Medieval Ruins of Delhi
Terence Keel Audrey Truschke Anand Vivek Taneja
Divine Variations offers a new account The Mughal emperor Aurangzeb In the ruins of a medieval palace
of the development of scientific ideas Alamgir is one of the most hated in Delhi, Indians of all castes and
about race. Focusing on the production men in Indian history. Reviled as creeds meet to socialize and ask
of scientific knowledge over the a religious fanatic who violently Islamic jinns for help, writing out
last three centuries, Terence Keel oppressed Hindus, he is even requests as if petitioning the state.
uncovers the persistent links between blamed for setting into motion At a time when a Hindu right-wing
pre-modern Christian thought and conflicts that resulted in the government in India is committed
contemporary scientific perceptions creation of a separate Muslim to normalizing a view of the past
of human difference. He argues that, state in South Asia. In her lively that paints Muslims as oppressors,
instead of a rupture between religion overview of his life and influence, Anand Vivek Tanejas Jinnealogy
and modern biology on the question Audrey Truschke offers a clear-eyed provides a fresh vision of religion,
of human origins, modern scientific perspective on the debate over identity, and sacrality.
theories of race are, in fact, an exten- Aurangzeb and makes the case for
The ruin, Firoz Shah Kotla, is an
sion of Christian intellectual history. why his maligned legacy deserves
unusually democratic religious
Keel demonstrates that Christian to be reassessed. She evaluates
space, characterized by freewheeling
ideas about creation, ancestry, and Aurangzeb not by modern
theological conversations, DIY rituals,
universalism helped form the basis of standards but according to
and the sanctification of animals.
modern scientific accounts of human the traditions and values of his
Taneja observes the visitors, who
diversitydespite the ostensible shift own time, painting a picture of
come mainly from the Muslim and
in modern biology towards scientific Aurangzeb as a complex figure
Dalit neighborhoods of Delhi, using
naturalism, objectivity, and value whose relationship to Islam was
their conversations and letters as an
neutrality. By showing the connections dynamic, strategic, and
archive of voices so often silenced
between Christian thought and scientific sometimes contradictory.
in this enchanted space. He encoun-
racial thinking, this book calls into A fresh, balanced, and much-needed ters a vibrant form of popular Islam
question the notion that science survey of one of the most controversial that resists state repression and
and religion are mutually exclusive figures in Indian history. challenges postcolonial visions
intellectual domains and proposes Richard M. Eaton, of India.
that modern science did not follow University of Arizona
a linear process of secularization. SOUTH ASIA IN MOTION
152 pages, 2017 336 pages, 2017
208 pages, January 2018 9781503602571 Paper $19.95 $15.96 sale 9781503603936 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale
9780804795401 $60.00 $48.00 sale


The Zohar In Rome We Trust
Pritzker Edition The Rise of Catholics in
A Practical Education American Political Life
Translation and Commentary by Why Liberal Arts Majors Make
Daniel C. Matt, Nathan Wolski, Great Employees Manlio Graziano
and Joel Hecker The Catholicization of the United
Randall Stross
Sefer ha-Zohar (The Book of States is a recent phenomenon:
A Practical Education investigates some believe it began during the
Radiance) has amazed readers
the real-world work experiences of Reagan administration; others
ever since it emerged in Spain over
liberal arts majors to demonstrate feel it emerged under George W.
seven hundred years ago. Written
how multi-capable these graduates Bushs presidency. What is certain
in a lyrical Aramaic, the Zohar, the
are. Randall Stross weaves personal is that the Catholic presence in
masterpiece of Kabbalah, features
stories about the undergraduate the American political ruling class
mystical interpretation of the Torah,
years and first job searches together was particularly prominent in the
from Genesis to Deuteronomy.
with discussion of the historical Obama administration: over one-
The Zohar: Pritzker Edition series rise of professional schools, the third of cabinet members, the Vice
presents the first translation ever longstanding contention between President, the White House Chief
made from a critical Aramaic text of engineering and the liberal arts, and of Staff, the heads of Homeland
the Zohar, which has been established the recent popularity of computer Security and the CIA, the director
by Professor Daniel C. Matt (along science education to trace the and deputy director of the FBI,
with Nathan Wolski and Joel Hecker) evolution in thinking about how to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs
based on a wide range of original prepare students for professional of Staff and other top military
manuscripts. Every one of the twelve futures. As institutions of higher officers were all Roman Catholic.
volumes provides extensive com- learning are called on to justify Challenging received wisdom that
mentary, appearing at the bottom the merits of the liberal arts,this the American Catholic Church is in
of each page, clarifying the kabbalistic book reminds readers that the most crisis and that the political religion
symbolism and terminology, and useful training for an unknowable in the U.S. is Evangelicalism, Manlio
citing sources and parallels from future is the preparation of a liberal Graziano provides an engaging
biblical, rabbinic, and kabbalistic texts. education. account of the tendency of Catholics
To celebrate the completion of the The need for critical thinking and to play an increasingly significant
twenty-year project to translate liberal artseducated leaders is more role in American politics, as well as
The Zohar, all twelve volumes are relevant than ever. An engaging per- the rising role of American prelates
spective on this crucial topic. in the Roman Catholic Church.
available, both individually, and
as a complete set. David Kalt,
CEO/Founder, Reverb Holdings, Inc. 256 pages, 2017
9781503601819 Paper $25.95 $20.76 sale
Visit for details 304 pages, 2017
on ordering the complete set or 9780804797481 Cloth $25.00 $20.00 sale
individual volumes.


The Prince of This World Mandatory Separation Circuits of Faith
Adam Kotsko Religion, Education, and Migration, Education, and
Mass Politics in Palestine the Wahhabi Mission
The most enduring challenge to
traditional monotheism is the Suzanne Schneider Michael Farquhar
problem of evil: God is all-good Mandatory Separation examines Circuits of Faith offers the first
and all-powerful, and yet evil how colonial, Zionist, and examination of the Islamic University
happens. The Prince of This World Palestinian-Muslim leaders of Medina and considers the efforts
traces the story of one of the most developed competing views of undertaken by Saudi actors and insti-
influential attempts to square this the form and function of religious tutions to exert religious influence far
circlethe offloading of respon- education during British rule. The beyond the kingdoms borders.
sibility for evil onto one of Gods British Mandatory government STANFORD STUDIES IN MIDDLE EAST-
rebellious creatures. supported religious education ERN AND ISLAMIC SOCIETIES
In this striking reexamination, as a supposed antidote to
the devil emerges as a theological nationalist passions at the precise 288 pages, 2016
moment when the administrative, 9780804798358 Cloth $45.00 $36.00 sale
symbol who helps justify oppression
at the hands of Christian rulers. pedagogic, and curricular trans-
formation of religious schooling Copts and the Security State
And he evolves alongside the Violence, Coercion, and Sectarianism
biblical God, who at first presents rendered it a vital tool for Zionist
and Palestinian leaders. This study in Contemporary Egypt
himself as the liberator of the
oppressed but ends up a cruel ruler. of their policies and practices Laure Guirguis
This is the story, then, of how God illuminates the tensions, similarities,
This book considers how the Egyptian
becomes the devila devil who and differences among these
state, through its subjugation of
remains with us in our ostensibly diverse educational and political
Coptic citizens, reproduces a political
secular age. philosophies, revealing new
order based on religious identity and
thinking about religion
This diabolically gripping genealogy difference. Laure Guirguis focuses on
and political identity in the
offers a stunning parable of Western state discourses and practices, with
modern Middle East.
politics, religious and secular.With particular emphasis on the period
the ironic wisdom of a postmodern Schneider exposes some of the of Hosni Mubaraks rule, and shows
Beatrice, Kotsko guides us through essential foundation for the the transformation of the Orthodox
the sequence of hells that leads to decades of conflict in Palestine Coptic Church under the leadership
our own. and Israel. An important and
timely work. of Pope Chenouda III.
Catherine Keller,
Drew University Rashid Khalidi, STANFORD STUDIES IN MIDDLE
240 pages, 2016 CULTURES
9781503600201 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 304 pages, February 2018 256 pages, 2017
9781503504155 Paper $25.95 $20.76 sale 9781503600782 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale


Examination copies of
select titles are avail-
able on
To request one, find
the book you are
interested in and click
Request Review/Desk/
Examination Copy.
You can request either
a free digital copy or
a physical copy to
consider for course
adoption. A nominal
handling fee applies
for all physical copy Confessions of the Shtetl Uprising of the Fools
requests. Converts from Judaism in Pilgrimage as Moral Protest in
Imperial Russia, 18171906 Contemporary India
Ellie R. Schainker Vikash Singh
Over the course of the nineteenth The Kanwar is Indias largest an-
century, some 84,500 Jews in impe- nual religious pilgrimage. Vikash
rial Russia converted to Christianity. Singh highlights how it offers a
Confessions of the Shtetl explores the social space where participants
day-to-day world of these converts. can prove their talents, resolve,
The book narrates tales of love, and moral worth. Uprising of the
desperation, and fear, tracing the Fools shows how religion today is
uneasy contest between religious not a retreat into tradition, but an
choice and collective Jewish identity alternative forum for recognition
in tsarist Russia. and resistance within a rampant
global neoliberalism.
Drawing on extensive research with
conversion files in imperial Russian 256 pages, 2017
9781503601673 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale
archives, in addition to the mass
press, novels, and memoirs, Ellie
Goddess on the Frontier
R. Schainker offers a sociocultural
Religion, Ethnicity, and Gender
history of religious toleration and
Jewish life that sees baptism as a in Southwest China
conversion that marked the start Megan Bryson
of a complicated experiment with Dali is a small region on a high
new forms of identity and belonging. plateau in Southeast Asia. Its
Ultimately, she argues that the Jewish main deity, Baijie, has assumed
encounter with imperial Russia did several gendered forms through-
not revolve around coercion and out the areas history. Goddess
ghettoization but was a genuinely on the Frontier argues that Dalis
religious drama with a diverse, encounters with forces beyond
attractive, and aggressive Christianity. region and nation have influenced
STANFORD STUDIES IN JEWISH Baijie's transformations. Megan
Bryson argues that Baijie provided
360 pages, 2016
9780804798280 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale a regional identity to Dali.
264 pages, 2016
9780804799546 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale


Digital Publishing Initiative
Stanford University Press, with generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, is now
publishing in the digital humanities and social sciences. By publishing digital projects that are
peer reviewed, edited, designed, marketed, and held to the same rigorous standards as our print
monographs, we are revolutionizing how scholars work online and how their research is accredited
by the academy, setting new standards for twenty-first-century academic publishing.


Americas Public Bible

Lincoln Mullen
Newspapers, as the first mass medium,
are a rich resource for analyzing public
discourse across nineteenth-century
America. A vast digitization effort at the
Library of Congress has now created a
data set from these newspapers, enabling
researchers to pose questions at a scale lion pages. The centerpiece of the project
only possible via computational means. is an exploratory, interactive graphic of
Lincoln Mullen mines the data set to Bible quotations.
uncover the presence and interpretation of AVAILABLE FALL 2018
biblical quotations in its nearly eleven mil-

Constructing the Sacred

Elaine Sullivan
Utilizing 3D technologies, Constructing the
Sacred addresses ancient ritual landscape
from a unique perspective to examine
development at the complex, long-lived
archaeological site of Saqqara, Egypt.
Elaine Sullivan focuses on how changes in
the built and natural environment affected dynamic evolution of an ancient religious
burial rituals at the temple due to changes site that is typically viewed as static.
in visibility. Flipping the top-down view AVAILABLE FALL 2018
prevalent in archeology to a more human-
centered perspective puts the focus on the


500 Broadway St., Redwood City, CA 94063

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