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Jordan Young

CprE 494

General Education Reflection

My short-term academic goals are to graduate and make the Deans List this semester.

My long-term goal would be to return to school to get a Masters degree in Information

Security. My short-term goals for my career are to gain as mush experience as I can in as many

fields as I can and to take on a leadership role at work. My long-term goal would be to become

certified in various areas of network administration and security and hopefully get a job as

either an administrator or network engineer. My short-term personal goals are to stay active

and save money. My long-term would be to get a car.

I have learned from my general education electives how to gear solution towards the

user and how to analyze a solution so that it is easier to use. Specifically, my CLPS 270 and 322

classes helped me with this kind of critical thinking. In 270 and 322, we learned about team

dynamics and leadership styles. It is important for every member of the team to recognize what

role they play. It is also important that the leader of this group recognizes their roles so that he

or she can communicate with the group effectively. In that same way, it is important that when

I develop a solution to an engineering problem that it caters to every member of the team so

that it helps the group achieve their goals. So, now when I am solving an engineering problem, I

not only focus on the technical side of things, but I also think about the end product and how to

make the experience efficient yet simple.

I also have to think about the solutions being secure, not just accurate. Solutions that

are not secure can cause economic and societal issues. For instance, in my Classical Studies 273
and 373, we talked a lot about credibility and correctly identifying people who appear in myths

and determining if they were real and if they did the things that fables say they did. Many

archaeologists need accurate solutions for correctly identifying the time period that an artifact

may have been from. However, it is important to the researcher that they are the ones credited

for their discoveries and analysis. Therefore, the solution to the problem needs to be secure as

well. This also applies to my CLPS classes that I mentioned earlier. We discussed how group

members need to hold each other accountable. If my solution is secure, it would make sure that

each user is responsible and held accountable for what actions they perform on the system.

Overall, CLPS 270 and 322 have taught me how to broaden my solution and gear it

towards many different personalities inside a group dynamic and provide them with a solution

that ensures each member of the team is held accountable for their actions. My Classical

Studies courses, showed me the importance of coming up with a solution that is consistently

accurate and secure. Research is just as important as the person responsible for their

discoveries, so, when I solve the problem the end product should be secure. All of these classes

have given me the motivation to go beyond a technical solution to a complete solution.