by Phantomimic All rights reserved © RAGG

Calcareous islands of ashen amorphous rocks formed underwater over millennia rise today above their reflections.

The reclining bride with her veil and her body so white, flanked by the blue of the sky and the water, playfully taps the rainbow with the toes of her steam.

I took a quiet walk by the lake at dusk. The rays of the sun were scattered by the ripples in the water. Everything was fine.

Do you see me taking your picture little calf? I see my reflection in your big, round, dark eyes. What are you thinking? Thoughts of warm milk and cool nights?

Let the sunshine Let the sunshine through The sun shine through Let the sunshine Let the sunshine through The sun shine through

Engulfed in hundreds of points of light the devil was crucified. It's good someone did things differently, for a change!

It's a world of reflections on the glass window of the combine. OK? Can we go now and have fun at the fair?

Ghosts dwell in this hazy world of white shadows and double rainbows amid the mist, the waves, the foam, and the thunderous roar of the falls.

Did they know? Did they hear the noise of the propellers? Did they see the reflection of the sun on the fuselage? A lone plane flying over a huge city. What harm could it do?

The sun's rays filter between two ancient giants one-upping each other in their never-ending quest to reach the sky.

The Sun-melt water can rill crystal swirls that seem to twirl with sparkles that whirl!

Light rays reflect off their canisters. A rainbow of M&M colors. My mouth waters. So many flavors! So little time!

All photos by Phantomimic except #2 by Dust Masquerade. The photos are, in their order of appearance: 1) Tufa formations in Mono Lake, California. 2) Bridal Veil and American Falls, Niagara, New York. 3) Beebe Lake, Ithaca, New York. 4) Farm in Pennsylvania. 5) Sun shining through snow on tree, Washington, D.C. 6) Porter Sculpture Park, Montrose, South Dakota. 7) State Fair, Des Moines, Iowa. 8) Horseshoe Falls, Niagara, Ontario (Canada). 9) Dulles Air and Space Museum, Virginia. 10) Sequoia National Park, California. 11) Icicles, Rockville, Maryland. 12) M&M store in Times Square, New York, New York.

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