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Association of Chartered

Certified Accountants (ACCA)

Certified Accounting
Technician (CAT)


Sunway-TES administrative office

Incorporated in 1994 as a subsidiary of Sunway University College,

Sunway-TES Sendirian Berhad (Sunway-TES Limited Company) offers
internationally renowned professional accounting courses in Association
of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and Certified Accounting
Technician (CAT) qualifications.
Sunway-TES has been ranked as a key player amongst tuition providers of professional
accounting courses in Malaysia. This status is recognised not only in Malaysia but also in
the Asia-Pacific region. As a prestigious tuition provider, Sunway-TES plays a significant
role in the development of the accounting profession in Malaysia.

With experienced and dedicated staff, both academic and administrative, Sunway-TES
has been achieving great success. It is consistent in producing high achievers who
are awarded World and Malaysian Prizes. This constitutes a phenomenal track record
in ACCA and CAT examinations since 1996 and 2000 respectively, demonstrating the
commitment and ability of Sunway-TES to match global standards in the offering of
professional accounting courses.

 n the cover page are champions of the 8th Inter-varsity Accounting Quiz 2009. The champion team members are (left to
right) Foo Chun Keong, Chan Yin Kit, Ng Yee Mun and Susan Lee Wei Wei.
Platinum Status

We have achieved and sustained this

prestigious accolade only through the
power of teamwork of the academicians
and students, the dream to strive in
each and every one of us to achieve the
pinnacle, to be the best as an individual,
best in Malaysia and even in the World!

Platinum accreditation (retained since

awarded) affirms that you are acquiring
world-class education right on your
homeground. (Our pass-rate surpasses
the world pass-rate of at least 75% of the
papers in each exam sitting.)

(From left) Mr. Tay Kay Luan, Director - ASEAN & Australasia, ACCA, Mr. Teo Ee Sing, Executive Director,
Sunway-TES Sdn Bhd and Mr. Rhys Johnson, Head of Education and Development, ASEAN &
Australiasia, ACCA at the presentation of the Platinum Status Certificate from ACCA to Sunway-TES.

ACCA prize-winners and CAT top scorers of December 2007 and June 2008 examinations with Mr. Richard
Aitken-Davies, President, ACCA (centre), Y. Bhg Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah, Chancellor of Sunway
University College (right of Mr. Aitken-Davies) and Mr. Teo Ee Sing, Executive Director of Sunway-TES (left
of Mr. Aitken-Davies)

Achievements of Sunway-TES Students by June 2009

Level Achieved ACCA CAT

World Top Scorers 15 55

Malaysian Top Achievers 133 112

Total Graduates
(ACCA since 1994) 1782 2415
(CAT since 1998)

‘ I have no regret choosing Sunway because it has a team of excellent and
dedicated lecturers. Without them, I could never have achieved such results.

Wong Viang Wing

ACCA World Prize-winner in June 2009 Exam for Paper F7 - Financial Reporting
CAT Global Prize-winner, 1st Placing in the June 2008 Examination
The Association of Chartered
Certified Accountants (ACCA)

ACCA is a world-renowned professional qualification which was first

introduced in the UK in 1904. The Association is the largest and fastest
growing international accountancy body in the world. Today, ACCA
has 362,000 students and 131,500 members in 170 countries with
an extensive network of offices and centres in nearly 82 countries.
Wherever you may be, there is always support at hand.

The aim of ACCA is to offer itself as the first choice of qualification

to individuals seeking a rewarding career in accountancy, finance
and management. With over a hundred years of accounting and
financial experience, ACCA is widely respected.

Every eight minutes, somewhere in the world, someone is registering

himself or herself as an ACCA student. Does this mean that you will
still stand out from the crowd? Most certainly! ACCA students and
members are individuals in every sense of the word, unbound by
business-sector or country-border constraints.

ACCA Connect
Tel: +44 (0) 1415822000 / +44 (0) 1415822222

‘ Sunway is known for its quality education provided to its students

by a faculty of esteemed and dedicated lecturers. Sunway’s ACCA

programme has equipped me with the knowledge I need for my
profession. This has allowed me to pursue a career which I enjoy
and have gained more than I thought I could.
Melissa Tan Hui Ying
ACCA, December 2008
Associate Pricewaterhouse Coopers Advisory Services
Performance Improvement - Governance, Risk and Compliance
Sunway-TES – Your Preferred ed
Tuition Provider
Sunway-TES which conducts accounting and financial courses maximises the potentials of its students. Apart from a well-
qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty, and unsurpassed achievements, Sunway-TES also provides a conducive
environment for students to learn, socialise, acculturise and lead.

Platinum Status
In September 2007, Sunway-TES was one of the first institutions in Malaysia to be awarded the Approved Learning Partner –
Student Tuition, the Platinum Status. To achieve the Platinum Status, Sunway-TES was assessed by ACCA on five performance
indicators – tuition (pass rate to match that of the World), materials, facilities, students’ support and course management.

Proven Track Record

One of the hallmarks of the success of Sunway-TES is its ability to produce high achievers. Apart from the high pass-rate by
subject regularly surpasses that of the World, Sunway-TES has, to date, produced 15 World Prize-winners and 55 World Top
scorers in ACCA and CAT examinations respectively.

Effective Teaching and Learning Strategies

Sunway-TES is a pioneer in teaching strategies which result in outstanding student achievements. The focus of lectures is to
impart knowledge that stimulates learning and critical thinking. In tutorials, the emphasis is on the application of knowledge
in the real world of business and accounting practices. Apart from lecture notes, students are also given an ACCA-approved
recommended text for each of the papers enrolled. Students are also required to attend the Exam Driven / Exam Focus
classes for each of the papers registered. These classes are followed by a mock exam where questions are answered under
examination conditions.

Communication Skills in Business

The objectives of Communication Skills in Business 1 & 2 are to improve the student’s ability to communicate in a higher
education learning environment, with specific reference to the area of accounting and business. The student will learn to
write in English in a wide range of accounting and business situations. The student will also improve his/ her ability to speak
and listen to English in an academic and professional environment.

ACCA / CAT Graduation Ceremony

Sunway-TES is the only institution in Malaysia to host an ACCA / CAT graduation ceremony twice yearly for its graduates.

Students are euphoric and delighted to graduate among their friends and in the presence of academic staff who have been
their mentors, and parents who have been their motivators.

At every graduation ceremony, a special award – the ‘Ernst & Young Best Graduation ACCA Student Award’ is conferred on
the highest achieving ACCA Affiliate.

Strategic Alliances with the International Professional Services Firms

A well-forged alliance between Sunway-TES and the ‘Big 5’ International Professional Services Firms enables graduates to be
placed in employment with these firms.
The conducive learning environment of Sunway-TES has resulted in its graduates being the most sought after and preferred
of applicants with ACCA qualifications.
Sunway-TES graduates are regarded as all-rounders, technically sound as well as possessing a mix of interpersonal and
organisational skills to complement the needs of today’s business and globalised world.

Various scholarships are available for high academic performers as well as for students requiring financial aid.

Since 1999, Sunway-TES is the only tuition provider with a registered club of ACCA graduates. The Alma Mater is the Sunway
ACCA Graduates Club (SAGC) and it plans to organise activities to foster camaraderie among students and graduates.
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Qualification
ACCA enables members to attain a premier professional qualification in accountancy and
provides graduates with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to be finance professionals in an
Graduates with an ACCA qualification are likely to gain employment with relative ease, be it locally
or internationally. It also paves the way to many sectors of work – financial or corporate.

Certified Accounting Technician (CAT)

CAT is a technical / diploma-level qualification which provides a comprehensive introduction to
It is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in finance or to gain an accelerated route
to the ACCA qualification.

ACCA & CAT Qualifications Pathway

Member of the Certified
Chartered Certified
Malaysian Institute Accounting
of Accountants Technician

3 years practical experience

gained prior, during or
subsequent to examinations 1 year practical experience
gained prior, during
or subsequent to
ACCA Professional examinations
(1 year)

CAT Advanced Level

ACCA Skills CAT Intermediate Level
Sunway-TES CAT Introductory Level
(1 year) Sunway-TES
(1-1½ years)

ACCA Knowledge
(1/2 year)

SPM / GCE, O-Level

or equivalent with a
STPM / GCE A-Level credit in English and
or equivalent Mathematics
CAT (Certified Accounting Technician)
Academic Calendar
January & July 2010 (1 year)

March, April & September 2010

(Introductory Level only)
(1 year 4 months)

Note: CAT is offered as a full-time

programme only

June & December 2010

Entry Requirements
Aged 16 years and above, with a minimum of 5 O-Level or SPM Credit passes, including English and
Mathematics, or equivalent.

English Language Requirements

Communication Skills in Business (CSB)
All international students must sit for an English Placement Test (EPT), and students who pass the EPT
with a satisfactory grade will be admitted into the CAT programme (subject to meeting academic
SPM students who have met the academic requirements to join CAT, but have a C+ or C in SPM
English Language, will be required to take CSB Foundation.
UEC students who have met the academic requirements to join CAT, but have a B5 or B6 in UEC
English Language, will be required to take CSB Foundation.

Students with the following English Language qualification may be exempted from CSB 2.
• TOEFL 550 (computer-based test 213)
• IELTS 6.0
• MUET Band 5
• Graduates / Diploma holders of accounting and business degrees from recognised institutions
where English is the medium of instruction.
CAT Programme Syllabus


A Parents’ Day is held each semester. On this day,
Paper 1 Recording Financial Transactions parents of CAT students are able to discuss with
Paper 2 Information for Management the lecturers the progress of their offspring. Prior
Control to the designated date for Parents’ Day, a report
on attendance and grades of internal exams is
mailed to the parents. To date, the response has
been positive, fostering good rapport between
parents and students, and lecturers.
Time Frame for Completion of Studies
Paper 3 Maintaining Financial Records Most students graduate in a year.
Paper 4 Accounting for Costs
ACCA has developed a system for Papers 1 to 4
whereby the students attempt a combination of
computer-based and paper-based examinations.
Students who attempt the computer-based
Paper 5 Managing People and Systems exams are able to obtain their results immediately
Paper 6 Drafting Financial Statements upon completion of the examinations.
Paper 7 Planning, Control and
Performance Management CAT Graduates
Graduates with one year of relevant and
supervised practical experience are required to
submit their Practical Experience Requirement
which may be pre-, during or post-examination
OPTIONS MODULE (Any 2 Papers) / studies to ACCA.
Upon approval, CAT graduates may add the
Paper 8 Implementing Audit Procedures prestigious designatory initials ‘CAT’ to their
Paper 9 Preparing Taxation Computations names.
Paper 10 Managing Finances
Progression to ACCA
CAT graduates attempting to pursue the ACCA
qualification are granted exemption from the
Knowledge Module (3 papers) and thus may
progress directly to the Skills Module (6 papers).

Career Prospects
CAT graduates will be able to support Financial
Managers in any type of business, both locally
and internationally.
ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)
Academic Calendar
January & July 2010 (Full-time & Part-time)

April & September 2010 (Full-time for Fundamentals Level, Knowledge Modules only)

June & December 2010

2 years with CAT qualification (Full-time basis)
1½ years with a degree from an ACCA-accredited institution (Part-time basis)
2½ years with STPM / A-Level (Full-time basis)

Entry Requirements English Language Requirements

Professional Entry Route (PER) Communication Skills in Business (CSB)
Aged 18 years and above, with a minimum All international students must sit for an
of 5 SPM / O-Level credits, including English English Placement Test (EPT), and students
and Mathematics, or equivalent. who pass the EPT with a satisfactory grade
In addition, students must fulfil one of the will be admitted into the ACCA programme
criteria below: (subject to meeting academic entry
• 2 Credits at STPM or A-Level
• 3 Credits at LCCI Higher Stage or Level 3 All local students with Pre-university
• Pre-University pass, with Distinction qualifications or equivalent and have met
• Degree from an approved university (Note: the academic entry requirements but have a
Recognition of these qualifications are solely C+ or C in SPM English Language or B5 or B6
determined at the discretion of ACCA, UK) in UEC English Language, must take CSB 1.
• Students can enter into ACCA Part 1 if they Exemption
achieve 2 As and 3 Bs (including English
and Mathematics) in UEC results, plus the 5 Students with the following English Language
credits inclusive of English and Mathematics qualification may be exempted from CSB.
in SPM. • TOEFL 550 (computer-based test 213)
• IELTS 6.0
Should you have a relevant degree from an • MUET Band 5
ACCA-accredited institution, you may be • Graduates / Diploma holders of accounting
granted exemptions of up to all 9 Papers at and business degrees from recognised
the Fundamentals Level. No exemptions are institutions where English is the medium
awarded at the Professional Level. of instruction.

FUNDAMENTALS LEVEL Structured Teaching and Learning

(9 Papers) Approaches
Sunway-TES has a structured approach in
Knowledge Module imparting knowledge to its students. Each paper
F1 Accountants in Business consists of a minimum of 28 lectures and tutorials,
F2 Management Accounting comprising 2 lectures per week of 3 hours each.
F3 Financial Accounting Selected ACCA papers consist of 40 – 50 lectures.
Attendance is mandatory for all lectures and
Skills Module tutorials.
F4 Corporate and Business Law
F5 Performance Management Exam Driven / Exam Focus classes for each paper
F6 Taxation are compulsory, comprising a minimum of 18 to
F7 Financial Reporting 21 hours per paper. These sessions provide and
F8 Audit and Assurance discuss past exam questions and techniques.
F9 Financial Management
In addition, each paper consists of 3 internal
exams. These internal exams are indicators of
students’ progress in their studies.

Time Frame for Completion of Studies

Most students attempt from 2 to 3 papers
(5 Papers) each semester and thus graduate in 3 years.
However, ACCA grants up to a maximum of 10
Essentials Module years to attain its qualification.
P1 Professional Accountant
P2 Corporate Reporting
P3 Business Analysis

Options Module (Any 2 Papers)

P4 Advanced Financial Management
P5 Advanced Performance Management
P6 Advanced Taxation
P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance

ACCA Members

ACCA affiliates, with a minimum of 3 years of relevant supervised practical experience (which may
be pre-, during or post-examination / studies), are required to submit their Practical Experience
Requirement (PER) to ACCA to demonstrate sufficient competency to merit membership. The
standard of competence required consists of a range of technical, management and personal
skills which are essential for all aspiring members.

Upon approval, ACCA graduates may add the prestigious designatory initials ACCA to their
names. They may also apply for membership to the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA)
and use the designatory initials ‘Chartered Accountant (Malaysia)’.

Visit to Ernst & Young by ACCA students of Sunway-TES

Career Opportunities

Graduates with relevant practical experience may be employed in an organisation of their choice
- international professional services firms, multinational conglomerates, and private and public
sectors. They may even be self-employed and manage their own business in any industry or

A career in finance will not put you in a box or limit your options. With the right qualification -
ACCA - you can gain employment in any country. Accountancy is one of the few professions that
transcend national borders. Finance professionals are in demand in places far afield internationally.
Once you have obtained the appropriate qualification, it is not a situation of Where you can go?
But more of a where do you want to go?
Financial Courses Division
Ernst & Young Best Graduating Student Award

Presentation of award to Yvonne Choy from Ms. Lee Soo Fern, Executive Director of Human Resources,
Ernst & Young

Examination / Month Recipients

December 2008 Foo Pei Lin

June 2008 Yvonne Choy Sook Yee
December 2007 Choy Sia Lee
June 2007 Lim Boon Kim
December 2006 Ang Fei Ling
June 2006 Teoh Pei Ming
December 2005 Lai Kar Jun
June 2005 Nicholas Liaw Han Wen
December 2004 Lee Yen Leng
June 2004 Tan Leng Imm
December 2003 Tan Sin Yi
June 2003 Sim Siew Huay
December 2002 Ee Fee Ley
June 2002 Calvin Lee Kok Ming
December 2001 Paul Lam Shun Pow
CAT Top Scorers
55 World Top Scorers in the World • 112 Malaysian Top Achievers in Malaysia
Dates of Exam Sitting Top Scorers Top Scorers Dates of Exam Sitting Top Scorers Top Scorers
in in in in
Malaysia the World Malaysia the World

JUNE 2009 JUNE 2005

Lim Jia Wen T2 T2 Lim Li-Yin 3 3
Michelle Tan Wan Ying T7 T7 Choong Woon Wei 3 3
Darilyn Tong Kheng Ling T8 T8 Lim Li-Yin 4
Dominic Ong Weng Siang T5 Kenneth Koh Chun Hong 4
Ang Kar Hseng 6 6
DECEMBER 2008 Celina Chan Yee Ling 7 7
Tessrina Kaur Dhillion 2 2 Lam Sook Khan 8
Tan Kee Hoong 4 4 Ang Kar Hseng 9 9
Ng Cheng Hong 6
Lim Yee Chien 6&8 DECEMBER 2004
Jessie Lim Shee Jo 6 Lam Sook Khan 2
Chiok Poh Nee 6 Chuah Hoon Hong 4 4
Germaine Chong 6 Ong Chee Ming 4 4
Foo Pei Hann 6 Poh Yien Mar 5
Chong Yew Tian 6 Raymond Tan Kim Yew 6
Ooi Wyn Yau 6 Moh Jiun Haur 6
Lim Ooi Leong 6 Ivy Goh Siok Yee 7
Ang Fei Ling 9
JUNE 2008
Andrew Lim Han Jiet 1 JUNE 2004
Lee Chai Hooi 1 Ang Fei Ling 4 4
Yoon Teik Wei 1 Koay Chow Liang 4 4
Yuan Kee Wan 4 Lee May Huay 5
Ooi Wyn Yau 5 5 Lim Yong Shi 7 7
Lisa Khoo Poh Yin 6 6
Wong Viang Wing 6,7,8 & 9 6,8 & 9 DECEMBER 2003
Asokumaran A/L Seeramalu B2 B2
DECEMBER 2007 Lim Seok Ching B2 B2
Thong Ei Leen 3 3 Lim Yong Shi B3
Wong Ding Yan 3 3 Sim Siew Han C3
Leong Je Timm 4 4 Sim Siew Han C4 (MYS) C4 (MYS)
Jovan Lee Chein Feung 6 6
Tan Yiqian 6 6 JUNE 2003
Thebendra Manogaran 6 6 Sim Siew Han B3
Ng Yee Mun 6 6 Nicholas Liew Han Wen C2
Foo Chun Keong 6 6 Lee Yen Yen C4
Lew Tzyy Jia 6 6
Haider Bin Hashmuddin 7 7 DECEMBER 2002
Susan Lee Wei Wei 8 8 Tan Swee Ying B1 B1
Choy Shin Wye 9 9 Tan In Lunn C2
Seah Chuying 5 Amirul Nasir Abdul Rahim C3
Tan In Lunn C4 (MYS)
JUNE 2007
Lim Sze Yue 3 3 JUNE 2002
Tan Yiqian 3 3 Chim Wai Chong B1 B1
Phay Hui Peng 3 3 Lee Mei Yi C2 C2
Lew Tzyy Jia 4 4 Khairul Ridzuan Bin Azizan A2
Foo PeiLin 6 6 Kok Pauline B2
Wong Shi Ming 7&9 7&9 Dennis Chan Fong Hoong B3
Joyce Ding Hui Sze 9 9 Thevi Bawani d/o Selvanathan C4
Ng Wern Eik 9 9
Chan Yin Kit 5 DECEMBER 2001
Tan Ann Gie 8 Lim Geok Fun B1
Thevi Bavani d/o Selvanathan B2
DECEMBER 2006 Sim Siew Huay C1
Vincent Wong Ling Sii 4 4 Tan Tian Yee C
Yee Li Yin 8&9 9 Sim Siew Huay C4
JUNE 2006 JUNE 2001
Soo Tatt Hoong 3 Sim Siew Huay B1 B1
Kristyn Wong Chuin Yi 3 Sim Siew Huay B3
Foo Wai Lun 7&9 Pamela Ong Pui Mun C4
Lim Min Chun 8
DECEMBER 2005 Melissa Ann D’souza B1 B1
Chan Yi Munn 3 3 Calvin Lee Kok Ming C3
Foo Wai Lun 4 4 Tong Ji Long C3
Tan Yong Chen 7 7 Calvin Lee Kok Ming C4
Tan Yong Chen 8 8

15 World Top Scorers • 133 Malaysian Top Achievers
Dates of Exam Sitting & Achievers Malaysian World Dates of Exam Sitting & Achievers Malaysian World
Prizes Prizes Prizes Prizes
Wong Viang Wing F7 F7 Doris Cheng Siow Thien 1.1
Tan Kiang Peng F4 Alvin Kok Yee Wei 2.1
Ang Char Wei F5 Tan Sin Yi 3.1
Chong Mei Ting F6 Lian Kuan Yew 3.3
Chong Yin Mei P1
Lee Pei Lu P2, P7 JUNE 2003
Lew Tzyy Jia P2 Tan Chan Yien 1.3
Cecilia Tan Soo Khim 2.2
DECEMBER 2008 Lim Mei Jiun 2.4
Chan Suet Yee F4
Thong Ei Leen F5 DECEMBER 2002
Quek Yi Lian F7 Yoong Tai Mai 1.2
Ter Lay Mei F8 Tan Si Ming 2.1
Foo Chun Keong P1 Gan Warnvy 2.2
Lee Yean Ting P2 Teresa Chan Mei Kuan 2.5
Loo Lai Fatt P2 Ang Wei Keong 2.5
Ling Li Yuen P5 Sim Siew Huay 3.1
Yong Su-N P7 Voon Mei Ee 3.6

JUNE 2008 JUNE 2002

Chang Lianne F4 Ang Wei Keong 2.2
Ng Yee Mun F5 Rozi Fazleen Fadzil 2.3
Lew Tzyy Jia F5 Rozi Fazleen Fadzil 2.5
Ang Wei Liang F6 Ng Yee Wan 2.6
Yong Su-N P2 Maureen Lee Gaik Kim 3.1
Jonathan Yeow Hock Sing 3.3
DECEMBER 2007 Tan Khoon Yeow 3.5
Chang Lianne F2 Tan Khoon Yeow 3.6
Christopher Ng Wei Hao F5 Lim Kok Heng 3.7
Sharmela Balasingam F9
Josephine Tan Li Ti P3 DECEMBER 2001
Chan Yi Munn P7 Loh Fwu Wren 1.1 1.1
Chang Lianne F3 F3 Toh Saw Kim 1.1 1.1
Soo Tatt Hoong F7 F7 Ng Yee Wan 2.1
Lee Pei Lu F8 F8 Calvin Lee Kok Ming 2.5
Tan Ming Yew 3.1
JUNE 2007 Hazel Hall 3.7
Lim Li-Yin 3.7 3.7
Perumal S. A/L Vythilingam 2.5 JUNE 2001
Chin Vei Kit 3.3 Lim Kok Heng 8 8
Tan Yong Chen 3.5 & 3.6 Sam Min Yik 4
Lee Yin Mei 13
Loh Fwu Zian 1.2 1.2 DECEMBER 2000
Tan Yong Sheng 1.3 Lim Kok Heng 1
Chan Yi Munn 2.3 Lim Kok Heng 3
Cheok Mei Ngoh 2.5 Tan Siew Peng 4
Tan Yong Chen 2.6 & 3.1 Chan Yin Mei 5
Lim Li-Yin 3.1 Chan Yin Mei 6
Khoo Suet Ling 3.4 Ong Siyu Su 10
Tang Chen Son 3.5 Tan Yen Ying 1
Ang Fei Ling 3.6
JUNE 2000
JUNE 2006 Chan Yin Mei 1
Cindy Chew 1.1 Yap Siew Wei 2
Tan Yong Chen 2.2 & 2.4 Chiam Tau Wen 3
Ong Chee Ming 2.5 Chan Yin Mei 4
Tang Wen Ping 3.1 Austin Wang 5
Tan Lik Wei 3.5 Tan Jin Ee 10
Woo Hooi Jew 2.6 Wong Joe Foong 13


Chong Pei Ven 1.1 Jimmy Chan Kwei Yin 2
Ang Kar Hseng 2.4 Lin Saw Fan 3
Ang Fei Ling 2.5 2.5 Tan Lin Wan 3
Chew Mui Khim 2.6 Sak Mei Lin 7
Goh Yen Shi 3.3 Ruzlena Ahmad 10
Lim Yong Shi 2.4 2.4 Yee Mei Hui 1 1
Doris Ching Siow Thien 3.3 Chan Yunn Perng 2
Teh Heng Wee 3.6 Yee Mei Hui 3
Tan Ai Ling 3.7 Yee Mei Hui 4
Loh Lee Sun 13
Tan Ee Chew 2.4 JUNE 1998
Tan Ai Ling 3.3 Joachim Ang 2
Poon Suzanne 3.5 Cheah Sek Hon 12
Tan Bee Eng 3.7
Seline Ng Mei Wan 2.6 DECEMBER 1997
Yong Chee Keong 4 4
JUNE 2004
Andrew Watt Sing Hoe 1.2 JUNE 1996
Sim Siew Han 2.4 Janice Chin 4 4
Tan Bee Eng 3.1
Yoong Tai Mai 3.2
Heng Wee Teh 3.3 3.3
Joanne Kek Yen Ei 3.5
Andrea Tan Leng Imm 3.7
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All information is correct at the time of printing (Nov 2009)