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What Banged at Big Bang?

Understanding Motion and Life

The key to Evolve and Survive
on Earth
By John Paily


Introduction : Page-2
Concept of Motion that Unfolded with science: Page-4
The Dilemma of Science: Page-10
A Vital observation to Evolve: Page-11
The Secret of Eternal Motion and Life: Page-14
The Philosophy and Science Creation: Page-23
The Present situation of the world: Page-29
The Future: Page-33
Summary: Page-34
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Understanding Motion and Life are the fundamental quests of science.
Nature and Life represent constant flow and motion. Before science
came into existence in the west, the realm of knowledge was
dominated by religious institutions. In west Christianity ruled the realm
of knowledge with iron grips amassing wealth and killing anyone who
questioned them. Knowledge out have brought order, peace, and Life.
In spite of all the development in science and the recent revival of
religions and spirituality, the scenario for earth and humanity has not
changed. We are on the brink of Great disorder and destruction.
Religious friction is growing, society is growing unstable, the earth is
going fragile and her ecosphere is collapsing. Many and fishing in
troubled waters to advance once their self.

Religious institutions taught that everything moved and is held in place

by God. All events happening on earth and solar system, including
climate changes, were taught as governed by God. The huge natural
catastrophes, famines, diseases that look millions of life were taught as
the wrath of God. The religious institutions and people in it thus
emerged as intermediates with God. They ruled humanity inculcating
fear. Modern science took birth against such suppression and
exploitation of humanity.

Science visualized certain properties of matter, developed theories and

models for motion and used mathematics to predict motion. It became
a New Religion. A theory and model was visualized as true when its
predictions turned true and or is experimentally proven. One model
and vision ruled till new phenomenon and its understanding countered
it, forcing science to evolve. Early science was ruled Physicist and they
assumed that there is no role for life in it.

However, in the beginning of last century, with Einsteins work and

Quantum Science, it became clear that observer, therefore Life, is
inseparable from the understanding of Nature and cosmos. The
foundation of science and predictable worldview broke down at this
point. This loosened science grip on the realm of knowledge. The field
became open for philosopher, mystics, and paved the way for the
return of religious people and spirituality.

Today in the absence of Truth, the field of knowledge is exploited by

evil minds both in science and spirituality to seek their self and
advance their material interest, stressing earth and rendering society
vulnerable. Science's failure fundamentally exists in its failure to
comprehend the origin of motion and Life. All the models of nature
and cosmos developed by the scientist by looking to the material world
seem to break down when extended backward or forward in Time.
From matter and gravity point it leads to black hole and singularity or
death, with no cause for origin and existence.

Science is now stressed to review the foundation of science itself. The

concept of motion is calling for a review.
Concept of Motion that Unfolded with science
A basal steady state motion in a straight line was assumed by Newton
based on some experiments and arguments that Galileo, the Father of
science presented. Galileo rolled balls on two planks kept in the shape
of V [See Fig].

It is apparent that ball rolled down on one plank would go up in the

second and return to make an oscillation. He now kept one plank
constant and changed the angle of the second plank. Now the ball
rolled farther and farther. From this, he argued that in the absence of
friction the ball would role eternally. From this Newton developed His
First law of Motion, An object at rest stays at rest and an object in
motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction
unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. We today know that there
is nothing called rest everything exists in motion in a relative manner
and there is nothing called frictionless state.

Newton then came up with attractive force relationship between two

or more object that explains the curved motion based on a term called
mass. Mass for all purpose is weight, but not weight. Even today we
do not know what is mass and what gives gravity to objects explicitly.
Newton visualized that a small object becomes stable around big
objects and moves in a specified curved path at a specific distance. The
small object tends to travel in straight line, but because of attraction by
the bigger body it bends and takes a curved path See fig. His picture
of motion necessitated the existence of a huge object with huge mass
moving in a straight line and to which everything is bound and around
which everything rotates and moves in specific paths. All force is
directed to this big object.

Galileos idea and experiment was crude. It is apparent that at the base
of V there should be a curved path that facilitates a smooth
transition. We can replace this experiment with a pendulum. Einstein
went one step ahead to visualize a curved path. He introduced a
fourth dimension or time direction. Einstein work and his mathematics
are more complex. It was a mathematical twist such that he could
include major conceptual development in science, which included light
and electromagnetic phenomenon. Light denied gravity and traveled
with maximum speed and was assumed as a massless particle. Fig
below speaks the conceptual shift in the Einsteinian world.

The Fig explains the following Points and exposes some points to
1] Light was considered a massless particle because it is not affected by
gravity. Fig tells us that as the mass decreases and goes to state zero or
massless state it actually is traveling in a straight line.

2] Everything is centralized to a point that has huge mass and binds

everything into one. This point cannot be stagnant and it should be
moving. The object at that is farthest distance should be moving in an
accelerated manner to keep itself in the orbit. The mathematics has
come good in predicting distant objects and observation has proved it.
Even atomic model [of that time] with electrons moving around the
central nucleus, seem to fit into Einsteins vision. However, when it
comes to perceiving the cosmic picture, we run into difficulty.

Einsteins work states that we cannot reach the speed of light. His
worldview was built from light and near the speed of light in contrast
to Newtons. But at lesser speeds, the speed that we deal normally on
earth, we note mass of body increases with speed. This is a dilemma.
This means matter and light are two different entities and
governed by different principalities and laws. Science has failed to fix

it. They became obsessed with predicting mentality. Thus the
fundamental picture of nature and its understanding suffered.

Before Einstein could rest on His laurels, it was proven that at the
fundamental level, one cannot predict motion. Thus the foundation of
science broke down. It gave way to another branch of science, built on
new language [statistical mechanics], which dominates today called
Quantum Science. Indirectly, Einstein is a great contributor to this
science, but he failed to accept that nature at the fundamental level is
unpredictable. Thus his famous quote God does not play dice

Einsteins greatest contribution to science is the vision of spiritual

[Energetic] world behind matter which he proved with E=mc2.
Energy is an unseen realm that can be experienced when it is doing
work. The discovery of E=mc2 and coming to Quantum Science
facilitated the return of spirituality and religion.

Important Point - A point to be noted here is that Christianity took a

New Life in the west during the same period with Holy Spirit or
Pentecostal movement. The scientific community slowly began to look
to the east for answers. This is reflected in the bronze statue of Lord
Shiva [dancing pose] in front of the headquarters of greatest
experimental project and facility called CERN.

Newtons worldview was simple because it used simple geometry. The

curved vision of Einstein was real, but it was difficult to comprehend
to the common man. Both Newton and Einstein have failed to address
what is the cause of the origin of motion and what sustains it. Much
like creation has become throne in the flesh of spiritual institution of
the west, the inability of origin of motion has become a thorn in the
flesh of people in temples of science.

In short, science fails to understand the Reality of Nature [Truth of

Nature and Cosmic existence]. Another thorn in the flesh of scientist is
the unflinching second law of thermodynamics that relates to energy. It
states that some energy is lost as heat when objects move in cycles and
exchange energy. This means the whole cosmos should in time wind
and collapses to a point in Great Black Hole, in a Singularity and go
into non-existence. All the models of science break down at this point.
Here, the concepts like space-time, matter, energy breaks down and the
universe goes into non-existence or nothingness. Thus the great
question What Banged at Big bang

In Newtons worldview, space and time are independent and not

influenced by the objects moving in it. Space and time like was a stage
where actors play. Everything here moves in one direction. In
Einsteins worldview time is directed to center contracting the path
and accelerating and leading to a singularity [See Figure]. This meant
there is no differentiation of stage and actors, they became one inter
influencing entities moving in one direction to one entity and
collapsing into it and forming from it. This is the vision of Great
Blackhole and Singularity that we have failed to comprehend. A
Scientist and Catholic Priest even extrapolated it to a SEED ATOM
and SEED Particle [ God particle]

One can easily visualize all philosophical and conceptual development
in modern science from the above two figures.

1] In Newtons world there is no shrinking and singularity or death. In

Einsteins world, there is a singularity.

2] The only implication of second law of thermodynamics in Newtons

worldview is slowing down of motion uniformly. In Einsteins vision,
this brings a picture of acceleration of the body, dragging it down to a

3] Both Newtons picture and Einsteins Picture necessitate the

existence of a force that opposes gravity and gives stability. However,
Einstein picture forces us to figure a creation and existence out of
nothing. Thus today scientists are dropping the very concept of
Gravity and are looking to develop new conceptual visualization of
universe from Information philosophy or living philosophy

4] Newtons Picture needs a Force Provider that cancels the slowing

of the object in time but need no vision of the parallel world. But
Einsteins world develops complexity and gives scope to a parallel
world. From the figures, we see that stability can be brought in by
visualizing a parallel world that is spinning in opposite direction and
thus resisting the flow of time to the singularity. This also gives rise to
the possibility of multiple worlds. Physicists possessed by symmetry
tend to visualize and stake the parallel world one above the other in
straight line. [See Fig - Parallel Worlds].

Important Point- Here science has gone wrong. The world works on
non-equilibrium or asymmetry and duality. The best way we can
visualize parallel world and multiple worlds coming from visualization
of one cell dividing to form many cells and differentiating as inner and
outer, but compacted into one. Every cell is interrelated and the system
works as one system with one purpose. It should be noted that life is
governed by an internal force that unfolds from the center to the
outside. In short, life instinctively works against gravity.

The Dilemma of Science

Each world can contain many worlds but are linked to a singularity,
within and with the whole. Thus we see the concept of String and
Parallel and multiple worlds in science. But all these complexities
cannot avert the Gravity and Great singularity or death. This means
science has to explain and account the origin from singularity or death.
It has to visualize the origin of cosmos and existence from a Seed
Atom and Seed Particle [God particle] and Big Bang happening from
it. The big bang is a conceptual vision that a Catholic Priest Dr.
Georges Lamaitre hypothesized extending Einsteins Theory back in

It makes no sense to visualize all the matter in the universe, falling to

an unimaginable small point and going into non-existence. Since space-
time, matter and energy are destroyed at the singularity of a black hole,
the Big Bang vision of Origin of Universe is without a cause. Thus the
great question What Banged? The other option is to imagine a field
and force that opposes it. Einstein for many parts of his life after he
was incorporated into Temples of Science did strive to invent a second
field and force that opposes gravity field. He did introduce Anti-gravity
and the cosmological constant, but retracted, when observational proof
came for the expanding universe.

Important Point - The important point I wish to make is that the

world obsessed with the material world seems to have failed to observe
the role of Life in the Universe. The evolution pressure is stressing us
to look into ourselves and our role in experiments and our role in
Cosmos. Einstein work showed the existence of individual clocks.
Quantum Mechanics proved the inevitable role of the Human mind in
nature and its reality. Yet the relativity physicists fail to look to life and
make fundamental changes.

Today we see physicist dropping the very concept of Gravity and

trying to develop a new model of Universe on information science.
This shift is in the right direction. But seeing the history of science and
eh slow pace in which comprehend the realities of nature, I am not
sure when they would come with a biological model of the universe -
A vision that Great Indian philosophy spoke and wrote.

A Vital observation to Evolve

If you stand back and observe Life, Earth and its ecosphere, we note
some fundamental aspect. Life is instinctively anti-gravitational. It
transforms gravity into anti-gravity in its inner space. It assimilates
energy and matter to create the biological mass that grows against
Gravity, thus they oppose time direction to singularity and death. This
brings earth that supports life to the center stage. We appear to be at
the center of the universe. This center need not be the geometrical
center, but an off-centered center, as the heart is the off-centered
center of life.

Gravity and time of material world now seem to direct to this center.
This time direction is opposed by life creating a time direction from
the center to the outside. Life not only transforms gravity force but
also build a biological mass or kingdom. At the pinnacles of this living
kingdom exist we the human being who thinks and explore cosmos,
nature, and God.

It is proven by Nobel Laureate James Lovelock that Earth with Life is

self-organizing Gaia or is living Universe. Ancient east, especially India
did speak of it and eastern cultures are founded on it. The earth that
supports life seems to take a central Position in the Universe. Earth
has Parallel World and multiple designs that help it oppose the time
direction to a singularity. It works like double Pump or heart of the
Living system. See Fig. Earth, much like a living system is designed to
sustain the temperature within a Limit,

As one part of the earth awakens to daylight and unwinds [Energetic

cycle], another part of earth sleeps in darkness and winds. As day
peaks, it gives way to darkness and simultaneously in the opposite
darkness peaks and it gives way to Light. This design speaks of
instantaneous communication existing in the earth. The fact that the
action is communicated through the earth over a period of 12 hours
invariably means it has multiple world design forming a dynamic

system. Earth has many layers of grid point around it through which
information is communicated in a quantum manner. The co-existence
of instantaneous communication and time-bound communication is
phenomenon noted in life. No wonder the culture of east visualizes
Earth as Living and a Great Mother.

The twelve-hour peak of light and darkness, signified by heat and

temperature, is embedded in 12-month climatic cycle with its own peak
of heat and temperature. Earth also seems to have a 12-year cycle and
so on to form a universal cycle, where heat peaks and falls violently,
leading to a possible destruction of all life and the ecosphere. We seem
to be moving to such a period of inevitable destruction by fire, wind,
flash flood/snows, increased earthquake and volcanic eruption. We are
already experiencing such destructions. Scientific community relates it
to Global warming and Climate Change. They visualize that it is driven
by CO2 emission.

The awakened world has been targeting Oil, coal and gas industry, for
Global warming, Climate Change, and increasing natural catastrophes.
However, I keep stressing that it is related to increase in heat of the
environment. The leaders and rulers of this world, who have much
investment oil and coal, have been resisting Global warming and
climate change. Naturally, anyone who speaks much larger implication
that involves all industries will not find a hearing. But I keep trying
leaving the rest to his will.

I have been trying to call worlds attention to the disturbance that

humanity is creating by upsetting earth and her design to sustain two
vital ratios; the ratio of energy to matter and ratio of O2 to CO2. I
visualized humanity stressing earth to a point where she breaks open
and turns inside out, destroying all life.

I have called the attention of the world to three aspects

Exponential increase in heat of the environment since industrial era
Exponential intrusion into Night cycle when she cools the system
and maintains the balance
Exponential loss of forest and green mass that capture sunlight and
heat and convert it into biological mass, helping to sustain CO2 to O2
balance, thus supporting the earth and all Life on it. Green plants we
know also forms the basal aspect of Food chain.

Much of the predictions made from above simple thinking are coming
true. Many scientists have predicted the end of earth and humanity.
However, having experienced the Life Force, I do carry hope for
humanity awakening and entering the Golden Age of Knowledge and
wisdom that can help us live in peace with oneself and with Nature I
am not sure, how much destruction one needs before the ego of
leaders leading this world, especially the Popes of religious institutions
and the Popes of Scientific Institutions, who determine the Knowledge
realm, breaks to see the simple truth that exist next to their skin.

In short, the time direction to death and destruction comes from adult
humans, who become, ego, self, and excessively material centered.
People who become self-centered, break Truth and Justice and thus set
time in Motion towards darkness and death. In short, the man who is
self and extremely material centered breaks the self-organizing cycles
of nature and thus he calls the destruction. This is already happening.
The only way is to evolve towards Truth or God, acquire the
Knowledge live in peace with nature.

The Secret of Eternal Motion and Life

Modern Physicist tends to figure everything symmetrically. The
symmetry and equilibrium is misleading and fundamentally erroneous
one. We all know that equal and opposite cancels. This means the
concept of action creating equal and opposite reaction and
development of the symmetrical model is wrong.

An individual Life, a species, community of different living species,
ecosphere, climate and almost everything in nature seems to work on
the non-linear phenomenon, where small action can create a great
chain of reaction in the whole system. For example, a small spark
leading to an explosion of a gasoline tank. A viral disease manifesting
in one place quickly spreading everywhere is another example. The
butterfly effect of climate, the instability of society leading to the
revolt, even life unfolding in a womb all speaks of a non-linear

It is apparent that at the basic level of particle and all levels of

organization like atoms, molecules compounds and bigger complex
system including life, a simple non-linear design, and a Universal
principle should be working. There is nothing called constant in this
world. There is no singularity. Everything exists in pairs. There is a
ratio design between pairs, one being dominant other recessive. Only
this can explain nature. Einstein in His biography even proposed the
need to replace the constants of physical science with ratios. Kurt
Gdel, a great Mathematician and a contemporary of Einstein spoke of
limitation of mathematics to describe the reality of Nature

Newton visualized non-equilibrium as he proposed his Gravitational

Theory. Non-equilibrium reflects in Life as male and female, dominant
and recessive genes. Unless a non-equilibrium exist, a flow of energy or
force and resultant motion cannot manifest. The Quantum Nature of
energy transfer means a ratio design can lead to a Quantum Dance
between two states.

For example take a ratio of 4:3 on right and left. A quantum of energy
or force moves from right to left. This means we have a reverse ratio
of 3:4, which leads to change in direction of flow, leading to eternal
Quantum Dance. An atom, a molecule, compounds and all systems
both inorganic and organic [life] formed from it and everything in
Cosmos, including the cosmos itself, should have such Quantum
Dance. This means a perfectly straight line and a perfect circle or
sphere are non-existing. What exists are curvature and lops that can
dynamically change, accepting and releasing energy.

We can now visualize a one-dimensional quantum dancing particle as

seen in the figure, as a light particle. It has no immediate resistance in
three-dimensional spaces and so it dances with maximum speed and
moves. The energy it contains can vary. Now this explains

Spin and displacement in a quantum particle. The non-equilibrium

design leads to spin and curved displacement in space

It explains paired existence of particle one right winding and other

left winding.

The Quantum Dance is three step DIMENSIONLESS spiral

compressions, followed by expansion. The straight line only is a
transitional state. This accounts for action and reaction. We see here a
PRINCIPLE and DESIGN. The principle is an attempt to seek
equilibrium. Since energy is transferred in a quantum manner, the
Quantum Dance becomes inevitable. In the process of action and

reaction, there is a near equilibrium state, at which the particle wishes
to stay but it cannot because of the quantum nature of energy transfer.

All systems [Atoms and complex systems like Life and the whole
cosmic system] wishes to exist dancing around an equilibrium state,
but the quantum nature of energy transfer make time direction
inevitable. Thus it leads to Quantum Dance. This explains why we
have to account for Big Bang. Universe much like a living system
should have singularity state in the black hole at which everything is
destroyed to be created again. In short, it has Birth and Death. The
question is what controls Birth and death and How.

Since the particle figured above has one-dimensional existence, it

would Quantum Dance freely in three-dimensional spaces. The
frequency of the dance is depended on the energy contained in it. This
explains why all electromagnetic particles of electromagnetic spectra
take the same time to traverse a given distance.

The particle and its dance are independent of Gravity Force. They
have the same speed coming towards earth and going away from it.
Thus it explains property of light.
It can explain the observed wave-particle duality of light in the
It can explain everything about light and electromagnetic

Now let us see how an atomic matter manifests. E=mc2 suggest an

atom with a mass is the product of two particles of light [See fig]. This
means huge energy is locked in an atom in a neutralized manner. This
was proven. The fact that all atoms can communicate and have
giggling or quantum dancing existence means the two particles of light
forming atom are not equal. The atom has to have a ratio design. Let
us assume it as 4:3. This allows the atoms to have a communicative
existence. In other words, it can give out energy and receive energy and
exist in a constant process of balancing.
The key difference between a Light particle and Atomic systems is that
Light particle radiates energy and seeks a pair. It is quantum entangled
with a pair and exists in relativity with it. This is proven by quantum
entanglement of quantum science. In short, its equilibrium point in
three-dimensional spaces exists outside of it in relations to a pair and
complementary pair. Atom forms when two light particles with
opposite spin collide. It has its center within.

This gives it a higher stability in three-dimensional spaces [See Fig

Hydrogen atom]. Atoms do quantum dance and radiate energy and
absorb energy. In short, they can communicate. They radiate from one
plane and absorb from another plane. Thus they are designed to
sustain the balance. An atom formed can be right twisted or left
twisted. This means they are formed in pairs.

Important Note The charge sign given in figure tells us that Gravity is
only a form of electromagnetism

A fusion of two hydrogen atoms with opposite twists results in Helium

atom. Helium atom is stable in three-dimensional spaces. See figure.
The two atoms fusing should full fill the non-equilibrium ratio
relationship for fusion to occur. Only this can allow helium atom to
wind and unwind thus to communicate with the external world. We
know that Helium atom is inert atom and it does not chemically react
to form bonds with other atoms. However, inert atoms respond to
heat-induced winding or unwinding.

When gravity and the winding force acts on the helium atom, it
unwinds on the complementary plane. When it reaches the critical
point it can collapse into a new order, changing the direction of the
flow. In short it quantum dances. Few important points one should
note are

Inert atoms are stable in three-dimensional spaces. However, it is

unstable in fourth dimension or dimension of time. It is amenable to
heat bound winding and unwinding.

By the non-equilibrium design of its constituent particle, it develops

black hole that can open and close in three steps. The system is closed
in the near-equilibrium state, but when stressed by winding or
unwinding force it can open up in a spiral manner. We must bring in to
mind DNA winding and unwinding.

They can show creativity in near non-equilibrium state by adding
non-inert matter in pairs and complementary pairs onto itself, thus
resisting the external force disturbing its equilibrium. This can account
for the development of DNA molecule. See fig. This happens when it
is pushed to near the second level of the non-equilibrium state.

This means inert atoms can be visualized as the source of Life. The
actual information of the life exists in the black hole in spiritual or
energetic form.

The existence of right winding and left winding inert atoms give rise
to two parallel worlds that together can oppose gravity and give
stability. One can visualize them as male and female. of a living species
that oppose winding and collapse to a singularity. In short, they
oppose time in the material world.

This means developing of DNA by inert atoms needs to be visualized

as balancer balancing the balance. Since the external winding force acts
in two pairs, the creative information it builds also should take place in
a minimum of two pairs {See Fig]. Since male and female together
resist time and give stability against singularity and death, it means
information is created in 4 pairs. This also means lifes information
works as a dynamic unit of a minimum of 4 pairs multiples of it. This
could account for paradoxes that scientist encountered when they
worked on of Human Genome Project. This is dealt in detail in my

Note Our solar system also has a similar design with earth as its
center. The sun now simply becomes the point through which energy
comes in and moves out to the cosmos. Taking earth as a living, it
means earth has a minimum of 16 and multiple of 16 waves moving in
its environment. They form the dynamic grid point that opening to
outside and to inside acting as channel of energy movement

These inert atoms when stressed to first critical state, by winding and
unwinding force, it can also create its own images, using energy and
matter from external space. This manifest as DNA duplication and
vegetative reproduction

When it is pushed to near third critical state, it reduces its

information and goes into a reproductive state, to survive in Time.

It is important to note that, the gravity force of cosmos can only have
one direction right winding or left winding, not both.

If gravity force is right winding, then the left winding inert atoms
oppose gravity. They unwind and loose energy. The right winding
atoms then tend gain energy. This energy gained is stored as dark and
neutral mass in a black hole. The sustenance of the universe calls for
release of this energy or black energy from Black Hole. This happens
in Life as it goes into reproduction.

Previously we saw earth that inhabits life could be the center of the
universe. This means Life plays an important role on earth to sustain

Universe has time direction mean; all force of the system gets
directed to earth. On earth, it should be directed to the living system.

Since humans take the highest position in the pyramid of life on

earth, the Gravity of the Cosmos should direct to one Single Human
being and an inert atom in it [Soul] and a single particle [God particle]
in this inert atom. This single supreme human being should take a load
of gravity on itself and transform the Gravity force into anti-gravity
force, to conquer time and restore everything back to order. In short,
the conquering of time and time initialization or creation and
restoration should happen through one Supreme Being on Earth and
its soul. The Big Bang scenario relates to this Supreme Being See fig.

The Supreme
Center The
Big Bang
Point Point

Since duality is reality and all life has male and female, the big bang is
a unique state, when the two is dissolved into one. It is heaven and
earth coming together. It is single being containing the Pair of
Absolute information. This information otherwise exists in parallel

From information Point, this supreme person at the center and His
Soul [Inert atom], should be holding all the information of the whole
system. Time and creation should begin when this information unfolds
as a template for creation.

From the above Context The Calvary sacrifice of Jesus calls for
attention. This is not in support of religion called Christianity. It calls
us to observe Jesus and the Path of Life He showed.

This mean Calvary is the Big Bang Point. Cosmic living information
or knowledge is unfolding since Calvary leading us into Knowledge
and Wisdom era.

This means what banged at Big Bang is the consciousness and

the intelligence of the Creators or that of God the Father and
Mother. It is information and Knowledge and wisdom

The Philosophy and Science Creation

From the above deductive reasoning, we can visualize

The universe as Information unfolding and enfolding in cycles. There

exist dual world or parallel world; God the Father and Mother [Heaven
and Earth], carrying the Primal

Creation or conquering of time necessitates the absolute Information

coming together to create one Absolute Being, Carrying Absolute

The absolute information then has to be kept open recreate and

conquer time and death and initialize the system back into new order.

Earth now plays that support life unquestionable plays an important

role, the search for that Supreme Being carrying the Absolute
Information leads us to Jesus and His Calvary sacrifice as the Big Bang
Point of creation. Jesus perchings becomes a Life science and His
Calvary sacrifice the Point of New Life to us and everyone.

There is no physical death, only spiritual death, and origin, which

leads to conquering of time and death to a physical body. The physical
body gets restored through a transformation of souls and illumination
of His intellect, such that he comes out the bondage of religions and
evil minds and sees the Truth or God that is seated within and outside.

This does not mean we must scrap spiritual institutions, but it means
it has to be cleaned and reinstalled. An intuition that holds the light
and hands it over to next generation without any corruption is a
necessity on Earth. This is so because human memory is weak. Its
ability and power to dig deep into DNA and information is limited.
Thus a Divine plan was instituted through Jesus Christ, unfolding the
Primal DNA or information of the whole system. You cannot know its
spiritual secret with your mind, with its ego, self and material
centeredness you need surrender and dance with it.

We need to evolve from, symbolic material idols, symbolic organic

idols [bread to wine] to Spiritual or Light energy levels to know Truth
and God.

Time has only two dimensions one directed to the center [Black hole,
disorder or death] the other is directed to the away from the Black
Hole [Life and Order]. One is conceived in the other It is like birth
concealed in death and death concealed in Birth.

Thus, in Bible God forbids from eating from the tree at the center,
after creation. However, in time spiritual deterioration and corruption
of knowledge occur, thus upsetting the balance. By the time of Jesus,
the balance was in favor of evil minds, thus to disorder and death.
Thus a Divine Plan of transformation and restoration of souls became
necessary and it was instituted by Christ. This means the Spirit of
Christ has already conquered time and death. A Life Force is working
in darkness or black hole in which we are caught. The call of Christ is
to surrender and transform to gain New Life. You are called translate
and grow in this field.

The Divine Plan is completed at the spiritual level in Calvary, but it is
yet to manifest to bring order into the physical realm. It amounts to
the conception of information from the parallel world in the womb.
This happens in three days and takes life in quick time, rest of the time
it is the physical growth of the Child in a Womb, [Black Hole], before
it is rendered to New Life and initialized into New Time Cycle

A great Living Force us unfolding within the dark and disordered

world we live in. This is Christ Consciousness and intelligence
unfolding. We are called to enter it and experience a transformation
and new Life experience in it.

The evil minds that thrived during Christ in religious institutions and
in all other realms [kingly and marketing and financial realm], still exist
operating in the world. They are all more powerful than before. This is
because the Christ consciousness and intelligence is an open field. The
evil mind seems to make use of it efficiently. Thus we see increased
war, terrorism, reckless exploitation of nature and humanity. This is
leading it to the critical state of disorder and destruction and a collapse
of our society and earth.

The failure point to the religious institution and its deterioration.

Religions are human creations and they have become the greatest
threat to humanity. Scientist, who raised hope of leading us to truth
beyond religion, has contributed so much to our understanding of the
physical body, but their mind based inquiry with conquering and
predicting motive is failing to know the whole Truth. They in
desperation have already thrown the towel asking people to leave
planet earth and colonize another planet. This mean earth and
humanity are in an endangered state.

Even, the religion called Christianity, built in Jesus name is not an

exception. In fact, Christianity being the spiritual institution of the west
has to take the primal responsibility for the deterioration of the world.
The statement could be hurting to my Christian Brothers and Sisters.
Forgive me; it is a Truth that stands out if we introspect.

Christianity is separated from the Spirit of Christ and seems to serve

the opposite. It is full of evil minds, who seek material growth than a
spiritual one. This is best described in the words of Mahatma Gandhi
I like your Christ; I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike
your Christ. It is time Christianity makes introspection and return.
Pope Francis, at last, seems to shows some Good signs of Christianity.
He rightly condemned His people as hypocritical and scoffed at his
people who take dirty money and make spirituality a business and
means to acquire wealth.

The Good Sign A good sign is a sign when the spiritual leader
becomes human than living in the realm of unseen heaven and selling
tickets to unseen heaven. When you become, human and
compassionate, you have already conquered the devil or the dark side
of you. This means you have conquered the first path to the divine.
You are in a Conscious and intelligent path that leads to the divine.
The very purpose for which Jesus came to earth is to Bring Heaven to
Earth. It is to make us conscious and intelligent and thus walk the Path
of Truth and Justice and thus build the Kingdom of God. Jesus
showed the way. I feel Pope Francis, the supreme spiritual leader, is
showing His Human nature. It is a Good sign. A good teachers, a
good priests, role in society exists in making, human connect to the
consciousness and intelligence and help him walk the path of Truth
and Justice. You cannot start to seek God unless you become
Human first.

We need to introspect and first realize our dark side. We need to

observe our ego, self and material centeredness. We need to connect to
our consciousness and intelligence and awaken to our human nature
and see our oneness beyond religion. We as humans are not perfect we
all carry weakness. We are caught in a vortex that tends to GREAT
BLACK HOLE. It is huge flow no human can swim against. This is a
reality. This is a reality to which we all contribute as individuals and in
collective levels, as we become, ego, self, and extremely material
centered. We are digging our own grave. We individually and
collectively cannot come out it on our own.

Thus a Divine plan became necessary to change the direction of flow

towards death. This Divine Plan was executed at Calvary. The memory
of it is kept alive and it is taken to the world by the religion called
Christianity. Nobody can deny the role Organized Christianity played
to keep the message of Jesus and the memory of His Calvary Sacrifice
alive in the mind of people. I salute all soul that strived at it with good
intent from the depth my soul. But one thing stands out, when a small
percentage strived for Jesus, most strived for material wealth and
institutional development in corporate style. The institution has not
strived for spiritual growth

The Divine Plan through Jesus has arrested the Journey to the black
hole and death. It has created a path out of Great Black Hole. Jesuss
spirit is working to lift us and render us out of a GREAT WHITE
HOLE. It is meant for all souls, not only for those who join
Christianity. The purpose for which Jesus came is to manifest the
Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is Truth and Justice. The
basic criteria to enter the new world it is to believe in Spirit of Christ
and surrender. The second is to walk the path of the Truth and Justice
and get rooted into the New World.

Jesus's spirit is compassionate and can heal anyone when he

surrenders. Healing, miracle cure, financial gains are not the signs of a
transformative experience in the field of Jesus's Spirit. The first
symptom of your true transformation into the spirit field of Jesus
comes from the Human nature you reflect to the world beyond
religions. It is 180 degrees turn around. Those who experience Spirit
below it, in the form of healing and miracle intervention in money
other material aspects, end up walking the same old path. Such people
live in illusion becoming a bigger salve to religious institutions and
become sitting ducks for the evil mind. They repeatedly return, seeking
more wealth and miracles. They share their dirty money.

Eventually, spirituality begins to deteriorate. This answers why many

Retreat Centers sparkled and dwindled, why many speakers rose
preaching Jesus, creating new churches and fell. It answers why in spite
of such awakening in Christianity led by Pentecostal and Holy Spirit
movement, the world is fast dipping to great disorder and destruction.

When you make 180 degrees turn around in the field of Christ
consciousness and intelligence field you realize your human nature and
its oneness, beyond religion. Only having done so will one will begin
to take the Journey to Divine. Otherwise, you live in illusion becoming
the sitting duck to people who market God. In short, Jesus primary call
is to grow beyond religions and know your human nature and oneness
first. The second call is a call to align with Him and grow in His spirit.
We are now stressed to transform. This transformation is facilitated by
the Spirit of Christ. There is no way out for humanity but through the
Spirit of Christ.

In spite of all the destruction, I witness, in spite of popes of the

scientific world throwing the towel. I see hope for the world in
Calvary. I see all destruction as a stress on humanity to awaken to
Truth of Nature and her functioning in simplicity and take guard of
her. We are experiencing the birth pangs. The light and Lifeforce, that
Christ released is due to emerge breaking the darkness.

Many in modern time in the last few decades have experienced the
Spirit of God. Many have been working for Jesus and His Spirit with
passion. Many are falling back as the power of evil is growing in
parallel. Only those who have tuned, 270 degrees only get unshakably
transformed and translated into the Kingdom of God. Only when a
minimum of souls is transformed into this level, will the system
emerges from darkness to Light. We are being stressed to evolve

individually and collectively and bring Light to the world and make
earth a heaven.

Even if that critical number is transformed into the Kingdom of

God, it need not bring order to the world. The order to the world can
come only when we comprehend Truth that leads us from darkness
and Light. We need to know Jesus and Calvary as Supreme science.
Only this can bring humanity together as one, beyond religion.

Scientifically the scenario is best explained from a Great Attractor

state developing in non- linear system when it tends to Great Disorder.
The non-linear science says the system collapses into new order
around this Attractor State spontaneously. This attractor state is Christ
consciousness and intelligence unfolding from within. It is
undefeatable and it cannot be suppressed. Just as plane rises by the
opposing force of the wind, it is growing by the power of evil acting
against it. Thus victory to the Kingdom of God is prewritten.

I hope to write much about the Divine Plan and how it is unfolding in
a book that is on the table. I have written it before. But want to refine
it further and publish in written form. One thing I can tell you is that
all spiritual scriptures have hidden knowledge. Everything that is
hidden is bound to emerge in Christ. What is hidden also exist in you.
You and I cannot fathom it, so God himself manifested as Jesus Christ
and opening it. We just have to introspect and surrender, get liberated
from all schools of thoughts and allow Him to unfold our human
nature first, then the Divine. You and I are part of the whole. We are
called to some duty to support His Kingdom and get supported in the

The Present situation of the world

God and His Spirit are in control of the spiritual world. He is beyond
religion. It is yet to express to the physical world. The Good News has
been taken to the world. Christianity has grown as corporate Religion,
amassing wealth and property in Jesus name. The rest of the world is
following suit. God today is an easily salable product. People seem to
begin speaking God and end in serving the ruler of this world. I am
not judging anybody. The conscious field of the creator knows the
intent of all who take His name and call out to him. Christianity has
failed to evolve one step, further in Spirituality. It still exists in Bread
and wine or the basal food realm that supports Life.

By the Grace of God, we have evolved to know that behind food and
matter is Energy [Spirit] that gives Life and sustains life. Indian
philosophy and its spiritual scriptures tell us about various levels of
spirituality. The first being gross physical of Food level [Annamaya
Kosha]. The organized Christianity seems to exist at this Level,
resisting further evolution. Above this level exists the Pranamaya
Kosha or Breath Level.

Breath level also appears to have been reached. It started as

Pentecostal Movement or Holy Spirit movement in 1905, the
same year as Einstein discovered E=mc2. It happened spontaneously
outside the church at the individual level. This was initially resisted by
the organized church, but by 1950s few in organized church accepted
it and incorporated it in the name of Charismatic movement. These
movements have evolved to a larger context as New Age Movement
spreading to all religions. Every religion seems to have awakened to
this Spiritual awakening.

But these movements have not changed the world scenario. It

probably has expanded Gods Conscious field, but the evil is thriving
in this open field of Christ or God consciousness. The evil minds seem
to make the best use of it. Jesus knew of this situation and he did
speak of it, in a parable of good seeds and weeds growing in the field.
The New Age movement seems to have partially served the purpose
for which Jesus came and became the sacrifice. But it is failing to
evolve. The purpose of Jesuss manifestation is to bring order and
peace and herald the Kingdom of God on Earth. Today we see the
earth and human society deteriorating. War and terrorism and self-
destruction is growing as never before. We are recklessly destroying
Mother Earth that has been supporting us from the beginning of time.

The spiritual movement is severely countered by science. Last two

decades we saw New age spiritualist fighting science and trying to
propagate scripture in the name of Intelligent Design. They lost the
battle miserably. We also saw many Retreat centers rising and falling,
many individuals rising and falling. This has now culminated in Pope
Francis, declaring that God is not a magician and that Big Bang and
Evolution are true. This leaves us in the midst of pitch darkness. This
is especially so since popes of scientific world have called us to desert
Earth. Both science and religious institution sold heaven to us and are
leaving us deep in darkness.

One reason, I could think of for the failure of spiritual people is that
their struggle was attached with Fruit. Institutions pursuing the battle
were attached to one or other religion and sects. When individuals are
enlightened, they seem to develop ego and self and work to advance
His self and build a material empire around Him. Hardly anyone seems
to work for Kingdom of God, which is Truth and Justice. Thus in
spite of the spiritual awakening, the world is tending to great Disorder
and destruction.

A Good sign is that the Pope of the western spiritual world, [Pope
Francis] has come down to earth, to speak for humanity, admitting the
hypocritical life of His people. He appears on the right path. But there
is a long way to go. I perceive severe opposition to Him, because of his
strict stands on dirty money and materialism that his institution
propagates. There are uncertainty, tumult, and stress everywhere.

The scenario is stressing both science and spirituality to evolve and

make a quantum leap into a new realm of knowledge and
understanding of nature and God. This is the Mind level or
[Manomaya Kosha]. Here we encounter Truth and God. This is an
inevitable stage we have to reach to find order and peace to the world.
The one we enter Mind level, the information era can take positive
orientation and quickly can lead us next level Jnanamya Kosha
[Knowledge and wisdom level]. This, in turn, will lead to [Anandamaya
Kosha], the peace and order Level.

Today we live in the illusion of Knowledge. We are far from reality and
Truth. The more we delay more will be the destruction and misery we
have to witness on Earth. Jesus compared this period to Pregnant
women. The fragile state of the earth, the violent peak and fall of
energy in the environment is leading to huge climate catastrophes and
increasing natural catastrophes speak that we near a critical state. I am
not sure how much pain and destructions we have to endure, before
the ego, self and material slavery of people ruling us breaks down and
we emerge into light and Truth.

The exponential increase in heat of the environment, reckless intrusion

into night cycle when Mother Earth cools to create new order, reckless
deforestation of forest and greenery that traps sunlight and heat and
produces the biological mass, is pushing the whole ecosphere into a
great ecological disaster. The energy of the earth is peaking and falling,
causing the huge unwinding and winding pressure on earth. This
explains what is happening on earth now. The increasing forest fire
increased flash flood, earthquake and volcanic eruption all are related
to it.

The vision that initially came to me was the picture of the heart that is
taking its last breath. But with the spirit of Christ, I see it as the Birth
Pangs. We all are going to suffer unless we give in to the Spirit of God
to emerge to lead us from darkness to light. Spirit of God is in control
nothing can stop it from completing the purpose. The purposes is it to
Give Life and lead us into New Life, beyond religion.

I am aware, when I speak of religion, I am in for trouble. I am not

truly speaking of religion; I am only speaking for the Spirituality that is
the basis of everything. I believe we need spiritual institutions. Not
religions. Common sense tells us that the religious friction is the
greatest threat to humanity.

The Future
We are due to enter Higher Knowledge. With it, the information
era of science will lead to knowledge and wisdom era. Science will
unite with spirituality. Complexity will dissolve to show simplicity. All
of this will center on one point- Calvary.

We will, by Grace, replace all our inferior techniques and technologies

that we use to communicate and move. Our understanding of life and
food will change. We would have a better grip on managing once
health and Life. It will also change the way we live in a community and
in nature. We will have better and simple understanding our ecosphere
and its working. This would help us live in harmony with the earth and
her forces. There would be a revolution that will lead to surfacing all
knowledge that was known but lost in Time.

Everything will go fine, as long as our eyes are set on one Point
Calvary. It begins to deteriorate again, drawing us into down cycle,
when we turn out to face away from Calvary Sacrifice.

The new technique and technologies will be based on Life. A life we

know does a huge amount of mechanical work and a huge amount of
information processing, yet release very little heat compared to what
we are generating in a vehicle, computer, laptops, and mobiles. This
shift in technology is critical for sustaining the New World. I hope to
speak my mind in depth on it and even work on it if His Grace

Universe is governed by two opposing forces,

The Living Force - Living Force or God Force is Integrating force

is represented by life. It is creative and it acts against Gravity. It
originated from a singularity in a black hole. Knowledge of this helps
sustain Life.

The Material Force Is the winding, divisive and destructive force.

It is the force of the material world which in time directs to the
singularity, disorder, and death in Black Hole.

Science that assumes universe as material takes the divisive approach

and thus sees a great black hole and singularity and finds no cause for
origin and existence from it. The religious institutes that preceded
science as schools of knowledge also are divisive. Both are directed to
the same destructive scenario.

Given the choice, I prefer science, for it is beyond religion. All

developments it showed is not self-centered, it is a way of approaching
truth. The light bulb, that burns in our house and information era we
live in is the outcome their spiritual growth. It is true science has failed
to comprehend Lifeforce and Light. It is true that evil minds still
survive and rule us from various realms. The worst people are who
speak God, but serve the opposite. The people at the helm of
spirituality and even science becomes responsible for the present

We are today in the mouth of Black Hole or destructive end. Both

science and religions are blaming each other. The way out exists in
comprehending Black Hole.

Black holes are considered as space-time curves that gulp everything

including information. That is nonsensical. It means death and there is
neither creation of existence. After a great debate between two group
of living Popes of the scientific world, Prof. Stephen Hawking, and
Prof. Leonard Susskind, it is now assumed that matter, energy, space-
time gets lost in the black hole, but information exists plastered on the
surface of the black hole in a two dimensional way, amenable for

These are deep thoughts of the highest order. I often wonder how
Physicist came into such comprehension. The mathematics of it I must
accept is beyond me. One thing left for them to explain sensibly is why
and how this information moving into a black hole is plastered onto
the wall black hole, and why and how they are retrieved to create and
restore the cosmos. In short how time and death is conquered and it is

The concept of strings, the Parallel and multiple worlds, black hole,
dark energy and on becomes simple when we comprehend it from
Biological science. Life is bestowed with the ability to conquer and
perpetuate in time.

In those moments of my enlightenment in the spirit of Christ, when I

surrendered my mind, what flashed my mind is Jesus guarding the
Great Blackhole and retrieving everything back to order. It is at this
point I developed the vision of Universe as Information, enfolding and
unfolding from the black hole. Jesus Christ, thus I began to see as
White Hole or Life Force and the Big Bang point.

The deductive reasoning of it led to the beauty hidden in ancient

Indian science. The concept of Universal Consciousness and intelligent
Field and it force that opposes gravity eternally and creates and sustain
Cosmos in time appeared sensible and real. Ancient east visualized
universe a big Cosmic Family.

The east approached Truth and God by transcending their mind

inward. The knowledge they gave to the world is much superior and it
is called spiritual knowledge. They perceived themselves as a spark of
the Divine, related to a Great Fire or Living Force. They visualized
universe as one Great Conscious and intelligent Living Being and they
understood themselves as individuated conscious and intelligent
entities who are supposed the serve the whole. In short, they realized
they are created in the image of God and that they are like cells of one
whole being, called to serve, the whole by upholding Truth and Justice.
They called it Dharma.

This spiritual knowledge of east deteriorated in Time when spiritual

institutions and people in it became ego, self, and material centered
and made caste differences. This possibly led to splintering and the
development of many religions. Further loss of knowledge made
people in spiritual institutions uncomfortable to face the question from
the general public. Thus, instituted God into an idol and began to
worship it and began to suppress all questioning and learning process.

When ego and self-develops, Truth and Justice begins to deteriorate

driving time. People begin to exploit people in the name of God. Evil
began to flourish everywhere

This deterioration has two steps

1] One is the disconnection from Universal Consciousness and

2] Second is a disconnection from once own consciousness and


When this happens you get caught by the evil force or dark forces.
Dark forces then begin to rule, taking you down the lane to Dark

A struggle of God Force to bring His people back to Life reflects in

the worship of Jews who kept in sanctum sanctorum, a stone
containing the 10 commandments; a stick of Aaron [symbolic of
power God gave to Aaron to lead Jews] and a Piece of Bread; symbolic
of Bread God gave them when they were in desert under Moses. Here
we see an initiation of spirituality, back form stone and idol worship to
Word of God and to organic aspects that build and sustains the body.

But this alone could not stop the deterioration. Eventually, God sent
His only son to become the sacrifice and feed for all. The Jewish
priests, filled with ego and attached to material power, could not
comprehend their Savior and Savior of humanity manifested through

Jesus by His Sacrifice, unfolded the Primal Information, for us to

evolve. When He gave Himself as bread and wine, He showed His
Cosmic physical Nature. On the 50th day as promised, He showed His
hidden Spiritual Nature. Today, since E=mc2 was discovered, we
know that behind the organic matter is energy that gives Life and
sustains life. Jesus Christ exposed the Heart and Mind of God. In Him
God, the Father and Mother existed in Fullness.

In short, God consciousness and intelligence are unfolding through

Christ and the Spirit He released. This consciousness is growing from
within to conquer Time and Death and render the whole cosmos into
New Time Cycle. The seven-day creation in Bible is seven step
evolutions of the consciousness and intelligence that leads us to
Truth and Life.

In Jesus, we have hope to awaken survive the endangered state in

which we are caught. We can make earth into heaven by His Grace. we
dont have to desert Earth.

Background of Author
Much of my early part of life I was an atheist. Seeing bloodshed in the
name of God, I could only define God as the invention of the
intelligent rule the ignorant. When I finished Masters in science, I took
a career as a scientist. It was a conscious decision taken hoping to
contribute something to humanity in the process of leading my Life.
Once I began to feel deep flaws in the foundation of science, I left my
career to be a free man in nature, observing and studying nature, life,
and the human society. However, whatever I write comes from my
New Life experience and encounter with Spirit of Christ that happened
accidentally. This does not mean I am a master in Bible or Theology
and I am a religious person. My retreat changed the way I look at
things and the direction of my thinking.

I just believe that since I am created in His Image, all information and
knowledge exist within me. A spark of Divine and its force exist in me.
In short, Bible exists in me. I am incapable of reading it from within,
because of physical body and mind with all it accompanied weakness.
The way forward that I perceived is to surrender to Him and listen to
His whispers. The ancient sages did it by Meditation and Tapas for
long years, detaching and Turning their mind inward to explore the
inner realm, from where Life and Power and all knowledge comes.

I believe Jesus is the greatest of all mediator and sage. He conquered a

realm to which no one could reach the realm of time and eternal
Life. By His Grace, this realm is kept open for all through Christ and
His Calvary. All meditators have failed to reach this realm. All you
have to do to do to transcend from death to Life is surrender your ego,
self and abide in Him and walk the Path of Truth and Justice.

I am a sinner, I am not worthy of Jesus. There is nothing special in me,

just a normal human who wished to enjoy Life, with all material
afflictions. Looking back, if there is one small string on which I was
drawn to God and Jesus, is my conscious decision to take a career in
science and contribute something to humanity in the process of
leading my Life. This conscious approach disturbed me as I dwelled
deep into science. Instead of living a hypocritical life, I chose to leave
my lucrative career and returned to my parents and my village, in an
interior place with no electricity, roads or communications. However,

the fundamental questions of life, lingered on leading me to make life,
society and Nature my Laboratory and Mother Earth my guide.

I am dubbed stupid man as I sacrificed a lucrative career to return to

my village. Even my loving wife think I am stupid and idiot because I
responded to my conscious call to leave the source of my income and
move back to town, to write and share, what the Spirit of Jesus is

Decades of uncertain Life has passed. My body is getting weak, there is

no going back for my soul. The way to me is going forward with Spirit
of Jesus [God] at all cost. I stick to my call. I do not intend to sell
heaven to People. My primary Concern is to remain Human and speak
for Earth that supports Life. I believe Earth is a Divine Place. Even
Jesus manifested here showed all human characters before, He was
taken to heaven. I believe that Jesus came to earth to make it a heaven
and give back the knowledge and wisdom that is lost to humanity. The
judgment, whether, my spirit-soul goes to heaven, hell or stays here on
earth, is left His Will.

This write up comes to you when I began to see the huge peak and fall
in the energy of the earth, leading huge fire, flash floods, earthquakes
and volcanic eruptions. I am not sure of Gods appointed time. But the
misery of ordinary humans for the failure of leaders to awaken does
move me. In all my weakness and against odds, I keep trying to awaken
people to simple realities that could help make Earth a Heaven. I do
my conscious call. Rest is His will.

I am working on a book which is the expanded version of this small

write up. Publishing a book is a dream carried for a long time. The
other dream is to return to explore many applied ideas that flashed my
minds in the last three decades of my interactions with nature.
Ultimately Knowledge not only has to lead to light and life, but it has
to become applicable to sustain Life. I hope and pray, Rest I leave it to
His will.
If you think it has substance Viral it to the world.

We will enter the Golden Age. Jesus and His

calvary sacrifice are not going to fail. The only
question is how much struggle and pains we
have to endure before our ego of our leader's
and ours breaks. Earth and we humans are
experiencing the Birth Pangs