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University Address Home Address
134 Campus Ave. 1835 13th Ave NE
Unit 11 Rochester, MN 55906
Ames, IA 50014 Cell: (507) 884-9009
Cell: (507) 884-9009

Career To obtain a position in the field of embedded systems that will allow me to continue growing and devel-
Objective oping as an engineer.

Education Iowa State University of Science and Technology Ames, Iowa

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering Date of graduation: May 2018
Minor: Computer Science
Cumulative GPA: 3.70/4.0
Relevant Coursework
Advanced Circuit Design Digital Signal Processing Signals and Systems I & II
Digital Logic Embedded Systems I
Programming: C, C++, Java, MATLAB, Python, Oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and signal
TCL, and VBA generators
ADC, DMA, I2C, SPI, UART, and Wi-Fi OrCAD, PSPICE, Multisim, and Signal
Circuit analysis, design, and prototyping Express
Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and
Projects Publisher
Senior Project: Design a hardware/software plat- Facial Recognition Software: Identify a
form to allow students to easily collect data persons from a picture of their face using
from various sensors for lab activities in signals principle component analysis
and systems classes at ISU Make to Innovate: Create a UAV capable
Spectrum Visualizer: sample an analog audio of herding 10 iRobots to one side of an
signal, perform FFT and display amplitudes on arena in under 10 minutes
10 LED strips
Career Athena GTX | Johnston, Iowa | Summer 2017
Experience Senior Engineering Intern
Assisted in the design and development of firmware for various wearable wireless medical devices
Integrated embedded modules using real-time operating systems on various ARM MCUs
Designed and developed hardware and software for a multi-line IV fluid control system prototype
Researched and implemented DSP techniques to remove motion artifacting from various vital sign
Cobham Mission Systems | Davenport, Iowa | Summer 2016
Electrical Engineering Intern
Worked on product development teams to optimize electrical designs and verify system perfor-
Assisted with product design, prototyping, and failure analysis
Used various lab equipment to verify designs, perform stress testing, and failure analysis
HGST | Rochester, Minnesota | May 2015 - December 2015
Channel Integration Co-op
Integrated a digital signal processing chip used for writing and reading data on hard disk drives
Wrote scripts and firmware to test new features, perform failure analysis and evaluate performance
of the HDDs
Used various lab equipment to verify channel operations, experiments and failure analysis results