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Lesson Plan

Day: Tuesday Date: 10/10/2017 Time: 12:30-1:45 Year: 9 extensions

Learning Area: English Topic: Picture book analysis
Curriculum content description: (ACELA1556) discusses image, layout, and font variations and how they enhance the
story and produce effects. (ACELA1561) Discusses authors innovations with language and effect for example: sentence
structure, spelling, and punctuation. (ACELA1553) Narrative elements are discussed, particularly plot, theme, setting, purpose,
structure, and characterisation.
Students prior knowledge and experience:
- Students have already started work on picture book analysis
- Students have read Rose Blanche and have studied it in some detail.
- Most have selected a picture book and have started their multimodal presentation

Learning purpose: To recap students knowledge of picture books following the school holidays. The purpose is to
encourage students to start thinking about their multimodal presentations.

Learning objectives: Evaluation:

On completion of this lesson, students will be able to: - Students will be able to engage in class and
- Name and explain the conventions of picture books small group discussions about the conventions
- Understand and explain the values, attitudes and beliefs in of picture books as well as a discussion of
Rose Blanche and explain their reasoning behind their values, attitudes, and beliefs.
decisions - They will be able to begin their analysis of their
selected picture book.

Preparation and Resources:

- A copy of students marking rubric for their multimodal presentations
- Copies of picture book analysis sheet to hand to students to guide their presentations
- Whiteboard marker and whiteboard
- Copy of Rose Blanche
Catering for diversity
- Ensuring that there are a range of discussion techniques to allow more reserved students to share their ideas in smaller
groups rather than with the whole class.
- Following class discussion of Rose Blanche, students will either begin or continue their work on their picture book
analysis talking quietly amongst themselves. I will ensure I am available, along with my mentor teacher to answer any
questions or concerns students may have.
Timing: Learning Experiences:
Open the lesson with a conversation about picture books and their conventions.
5 minutes
- What makes them special? Unique? Come alive? (style, features, images)
Sequence of learning experiences:
- Think pair share activity on picture book conventions before coming back together as a whole
15 minutes class to discuss answers.
- Look at 4 different character types (round- detailed description; dynamic- changes a little; flat-
very little detail; static- doesnt change). Have students identify what type of character Rose
Blanche is and explain their reasoning.
- Values, attitudes, and beliefs within Rose Blanche (values- care & compassion, honesty, integrity,
loyalty, doing your best, freedom, fair go, understanding, tolerance and inclusion, respect,
responsibility, and trustworthiness; attitudes- physical outworking of your values (your actions
and thoughts); beliefs- religious, about self, about society.
- Give out multimodal presentation analysis sheet and go through briefly with students to ensure
they understand what is being asked of them and remind students of their rubric, pointing them
to the excellent side to give them an idea of what to aim for.
The rest of the lesson will be spent working on presentations and analysing their picture books with the
assistance of myself and my mentor teacher.

Management of behaviour:
I will manage off task behaviour by engaging with the student/s quietly and asking them to focus on their
task rather than calling them out in front of the class.
I will ensure that I am available to students whenever possible to assist them with their presentations and
picture book analysis.

Lesson conclusion:
Concluding my recap of students knowledge of picture books, I will ensure students understand what is
being asked of them for their assessment.

Lesson Evaluation:
Overall, I believe the lesson was successful introduction. I feel I didnt provide as many opportunities for different discussion,
instead focussed more on a question and answer session which is something I will endeavour to change for my next lesson.
I also think it would have been more beneficial to allow students some time to look at the values, attitudes, and beliefs in their
own books rather than just from Rose Blanche as it had been some time since they had read it.