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EPC 2903 Teaching Practice Booklet

Observation Task 3: Supporting Learning through the Performing Arts: Music and

Focus: Understand the importance of using performing arts in the classroom to link with
academic subjects

Objective: To encourage student teachers to identify different ways that performing arts can be
used in academic subjects

Procedure: Identify two music and movement activities students performed in the classroom
and complete the table

Table 3: Music and Movement (Example)

Observed learning Centers Description: Objective International
(include photo): (Music & Movement) Learning Outcome:

The children saw Music: Learn to

this video they Appreciation: students show us their Facial expressions also they
improve all the
was very active describe their feeling through their movement. skills which are
and song with Cognitive, social
Pitch: all children sing in the same time.
man and did the emotional,
exercise. Rhythm: students replicate the rhythm of a song by clapping Physical
Notation: students make their song by themselves

They was sing the

Conservation: student remind the song was they listen before and
song and show us song it.
their smile face. Movement:

Slow Fast

They was saw the Low High

video then they
act like the actor march, stomp, skip,

in the video Relationship: students are aware of their partners as everyone

EPC 2903 Teaching Practice Booklet

Interpretation: students when they listen to music they imagen

everything for example they imagen windy or snow or trees. Or
when they show the video they feel they are some of the actor