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Nine Day Novena

to be recited daily

Oh, Dear Jesus, You are our King and our God, because of your
love for us, You came down from heaven and born of the Virgin
Mary. We repent all the transgressions we have committed
against you. Forgive us, Oh Jesus, for our sins of
ingratitude. Strengthen our will to resist temptations. Grant us the
grace not to sin again that we may enjoy the blessings of
Oh, Holy Child Jesus, son of the living God, who is ever-good and
loving. We kneel before you our True God. We humbly ask to
give us your mercy and grant us all the favors we ask of You in
this Novena. AMEN


O Sweet Holy Child Jesus, our dear Senor Santo Nino, we
thank You for leading our path to this family who has
wholeheartedly received Your Divine Image to their home. May
Your stay with them for one day be filled with enormous blessings
and graces. Protect them, Lord and guard them against
evil. Bless them with good health and strengthen their bond as a
family. We lift up their petitions, O Lord and pray that You will
provide them their concerns in Your own precious time. And
may there be more families like them who are open and willing to
accept Your image to their humble homes. This we pray in Your
most Holy Name, Amen. (Pray 1 Apostles Creed,1 Our Father, 1
Hail Mary and 3Glory Be)

Day 1 Petition
Oh, ever-wise Jesus, son of the living God, in your infinite wisdom, You
sent zealous missionaries to our shores in the Philippines to preach the
Gospel to our forefathers. You had drawn our people to the light of your
Catholic Church, we humbly ask you to give us the living faith so what we
may always please you in all that we do. We ask you this in your Holy
Name. Amen.

Day 2 Petition
Oh, most-loving Jesus, who has shown your love to us by dying for us on
the Cross and by giving yourself to us in the sacrament of the Holy
Eucharist, we beseech you to share with us Your love so that we may
always love You with all our heart, with all our soul and all our strength, and
also so that we may always love our neighbors as ourselves. This we ask
in Your Holy Name. Amen

Day 3 Petition
Oh, my Jesus, who has said, learn from me because I am meek and
humble of heart, grants us the virtues of meekness and humility so that we
may progress in our spiritual life, and so that our neighbor may see your
Image in us. We ask you this in your Holy Name. Amen

Day 4 Petition
Oh, merciful Jesus, you had forgiven those who crucified you; we implore
you to give us a forgiving heart so that we may always pardon those who
will hurt us in words or in deeds. This we ask you in Your Holy Name.

Day 5 Petition
Oh, most-loving Jesus, You have said, there will be more rejoicing in
Heaven for one sinner who repents than over ninety nine who dont need
repentance, we beseech you to grant us the grace of repentance so that
we may repent our sins and live for you alone . This we ask in Your Holy
Name. Amen
Day 6 Petition
Oh, most-loving Jesus, You gave us the example of a chaste life while you
were on earth; we implore you to grant us the virtue of chastity so that we
may always live a chaste life in whatever state of life we have chosen. This
we ask of you in Your Holy Name. Amen

Day 7 Petition
Oh, most merciful Jesus, You had been always obedient to your heavenly
Father even unto death; we beseech you to grant us the grace of being
always docile to the promptings of the Holy Spirit so that we will always
glorify your Father in Heaven. This we ask in Your Holy Name. Amen

Day 8 Petition
Oh, merciful Jesus, You opened the gates of Heaven for us through your
death and resurrection; we implore you to grant us eternal life after our
journey on earth. We ask you this in Your Holy Name. Amen

Day 9 Petition
Oh, merciful Jesus, You said, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, We
beseech you to guide us in our way to Heaven so that we may be able to
surmount all the difficulties and obstacles we encounter in this decptive
Grant us also the virtue of hope so that we always thirst for the heavenly
things and for your glory. We ask you this in Your Holy Name. Amen

Pray 3 Our Father; 3 Hail Mary & 3 Glory be

Now ask Senor Santo Nino your intentions for making this


Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us.
Jesus, hear us.
Jesus, graciously hear us.
In every need let us come to you with humble trust.
R. Santo Nino, help us.
In our all doubts, perplexities and temptations, R
In hours of loneliness, weariness and trials, R
In the failure of our plans and hopes, R
In disappointments, troubles and sorrows, R
When others fail us, and Your Grace alone can assist us, R
When we throw ourselves on your tender love as our only
refuge, R
When we are ill and our head and hands cannot work and
we are lonely, R
When we feel impatient and our cross irritates us, R
Always, always, in spite of weaknesses, failings and
shortcomings of every kind, R
Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world:
Spare us. O Jesus.
Lamb of God who take away the sins of te world:
Graciously hear us, O Jesus
Lamb of God who take away the sins of the world:
have mercy upon us, O Jesus.
Jesus, hear us.
Jesus, Graciously hear us.

O Santo Nino, who has said, ask and you shall receive;
seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto
you, Give we beseech you, to us who ask the gift of your
divine love, that we may love you with our whole heart, in
words and deeds, and never cease from showing forth your
Make us, O Lord, to have a perpetual fear and love of Your
Holy Name, for you never fail to govern them whom you
solidly establish in Your love; through Jesus Christ our Lord.
O miraculous Santo Nino prostrate before your sacred
Image, we beseech you to cast a merciful look on our
troubled hearts. Let Your tender love, so inclined to pity, be
softened at our prayers, and grant us that grace for which we
ardently implore you. Take from us all unbearable affliction
and despair. For your sacred infancys sake hear our prayers
and send us consolation and aid that we may praise you,
with the Father and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever.

Prayer to Seor Santo Nio

For The Sanctication of Families

Divine Child, give all married couples a holy disposition in the

raising of their children. Help them to be models of their faith so
that their children will learn from their good example. I pray that all
homes be a place where children are showered with love,
understanding and guidance, but most especially, that their
homes not be a house, but a place of refuge where they and
shelter and refuge in the loving arms of their parents and that their
home may foster the practice of the virtues. Glorious Son of Mary
Immaculate, while providing for all the basic needs of their
families, may all parents never forget that love is of utmost
importance and that such as the body needs nourishment to
stay healthy and alive the soul and spiritual life need nourishment
as well. While taking care of our bodies, the Temple of the Holy
Spirit, may we not neglect that Who lives within our souls. Dearest
Seor Santo Nio, please make our home Your home. Be that
invisible yet ever present guest around our table during our meals
so that no conversation displeases You. Come and lay Your little
head upon our pillows and keep us all safe until the morning
comes. Walk with us throughout the day and may Your little feet
bless our home and make it holy. May our home be a place of
refuge for all who enter. As for my immediate family, I ask that
you bestow on them the following graces [mention graces]. I place
within Your heart the following needs of my family [here make
your personal petition]. I am confident Seor Santo Nio, that You
hear my plea of supplication and that You will grant my petitions if
it is in line with the Lords desire for our salvation. Impart all
blessings and graces on each member of my family. May each
member of my household learn to imitate the Holy Family
of Nazareth so that they may come to know the wonder of
praising You and contemplating You for all eternity. Amen.

Heavenly Father, in the name of the Holy Infant Jesus, we thank you
for 1 day with you through our devotion to your Holy Infancy.
Thank you for allowing us to be with one another enjoying your
love, protection and blessings you always showered upon
us. We thank you loving Father for whatever reward all of us
received from you especially the Family of Bro. ______ and Sis.
______ who welcomes you into their humble home. We also give
you thanks for the gift of life you provided to ____ who have
his/her ______ celebration/s. Thank you also Lord for all the
blessings that you gave to the family of ________ who renew
their covenant with you. Lord God, may all of us who are here
today be blessed abundantly, which we ask your beloved Son
Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. May the blessings of peace,
joy and strength be upon as always and may the blessings of the
Holy Triune God be upon each and everyone of us Amen

LEADER: And may the spirit of love, the spirit of peace be always
in our way
ALL: May the blessings of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be
upon us always snow and forever, Amen.
O Divine Holy Child Jesus, the moment has arrived for your
departure from our home. We bid you farewell upon your
departure, bring with you our hearts, bring with you our love
and joy, never allow us to go stray from you. To you we have
recourse in times of trials and grief; we humbly beseech you, O
Lord to instill into our hearts the love for us, Lord and our God,
LEADER: O Lord and master for the breath of life
ALL: We thank you Lord
LEADER: For whatever health we now enjoy


Thank you Lord for the trials that come my way In that way I can
grow each day as I let you lead Thank you Lord for the patience
those trials bring In the cross theres a growing as I learn to share
But if youre hasty to change my way To put my human nature down
Please let your spirit take control of all I do Cause when those
trials come my way My human nature shouts the things I do And
your soft promptings can be easily ignored But I thank you Lord
for the victory those trials bring To surrender my everything is
so worthwhile And I thank you Lord for in my cross is
your embrace Even in darkness I see your face For in you I
belong Thank you Dear Lord

ALL: We thank you Lord

LEADER: For our loveliness and our children
ALL: We thank you Lord
LEADER: For the capacity to talk, walk see, hear and smell
ALL: We thank you Lord LEADER: For the convenience of
electricity, water and other things we just take for granted
ALL: We thank you Lord LEADER: For all the tears we have shed
which have brought closer to you ALL: We thank you Lord
LEADER: Dare we thus O Lord Eternal, ask for more ALL: Yes
LEADER: And finally that you enlighten us, guide us,
strengthen us in mind and body, that with you above us and
behind us and before us, we may from this moment of our lives be
worthy of your Divine Love. (Offer 1Our Father, 1 Hail Mary and1
Glory Be then Sign of theCross)