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Twenty under forty

A salute to young leaders serving our community.
A salute to young leaders
serving our community.

20/40Twenty under forty

In the pages that follow you will read about

individuals who have distinguished themselves
through professional leadership and service to
their community. This publication was made
possible by the Cadillac Area Chamber of
Commerce in an effort to recognize these people,
the organizations they represent and to celebrate
the vitality of our community.

2 May/June 2013
Twenty under forty

Brent Deller Highpoint Cadillac GMC 4
Marianne Quist RE/MAX Central 5
..................................................... 6
Randy Hill Baker College

..................................................... 7
Tricia Wing Mercy Hospital Cadillac

..................................................... 8
Holly Mulder Rec Boats Holdings, LLC

..................................................... 9
Ronnie Urbanavage Fox Motors of Cadillac

Tracy Winkle Dons Auto Clinic

.................................................... 11
Leslie Nowlin Piranha Hose Products, Inc.

................................................... 12
Sheryl Jenicke Brilliant Smiles Family Dentistry

Mitch Whitaker CN Digital Solutions 13
................................................... 14
Lindy Benson RE/MAX Central

Chris Crawley Chemical Bank 15
Ryan Howell Baird, Cotter & Bishop, P.C. 16
Heather Witkop Rec Boats Holdings, LLC 17
Ryan Liabenow Weber Benefits Group 18
Amy Gonzales Avon Protection 19
Misty Groleau Active Brace and Limb

................................................... 21
Todd Bridget Rec Boats Holdings, LLC

.................................................. 22
Carrie Fansler Northwestern Bank

Terri Hamp Dynamic Physical Therapy 23

May/June 2013 03
20/40 Brent Deller
Twenty under forty

Service Consultant and Certified Technology Expert

HighpoinT Cadillac GMC
The young man under the hood of your car at Highpoint Cadillac GMC not
only has a degree in automotive management; he has a degree in performing arts.
Brent Deller, service consultant and certified technology expert, did a lot of
acting in college and offered that his strengths are the ability to learn quickly
and his sense of humor.
Five years ago Brent and his wife, Katie, settled in Cadillac, where working
at Highpoint Cadillac GMC provides an environment where all employees
are treated like family.
We all support each other because in the end, we all want the same thing,
happy customers.
He credits his father, James Deller, with teaching him the value of hard
The lessons I learned from him were not always easy or fun,
he recalled. But they proved to be invaluable. He taught me to do
whatever is necessary to get the job done. I would not be the husband
or employee I am today without him.
Brent has built his reputation on the values his father taught him.
He said theres no job thats beneath him. When he couldnt find his
dream job after college, he worked as a janitor.
I didnt have the perfect job waiting for me after college, he
admitted. Dont sit around and expect your dream job to just
happen make it happen.
He added that hes always willing to learn and do whatever is
necessary to get the job done.
The automotive industry is constantly changing. Vehicles built
today are not the same as five or ten years ago, he explained. The
technologies, policies and procedures are evolving. If you are not
willing to learn and move with the changes, you will be left behind.
Maintenance is cheaper than repair, he added. That goes for
everything! Its easier to maintain a healthy relationship or marriage.
If you neglect it, there is a greater chance of breakdown during
tough times.
Brent and Katie are huge Detroit Tiger fans. They enjoy going to
the games, camping, golfing, playing softball, deer hunting and hanging
out at home with their two Maine Coon cats.

South End Business US-131, Exit 177, Cadillac
(231) 775-1222 1-800-828-9852
04 May/June 2013
Marianne Quist 20/40
Twenty under forty

Sales Associate
Re/Max Central
Success isnt always determined by the size of a bank account. Putting off
thoughts of financial gain and focusing on the job has been a successful formula
for Marianne Quist.
Marianne started RE/MAX Central with her father-in-law Jerry Quist
in July 2001.
I put my dedication to do a good job ahead of thoughts of money
and success, Marianne said, which ended up being the way to success.
I would have none of this without the support of my husband,
The McBain graduate got her start in real estate in 1997, when her
father-in-law Jerry Quist was so busy he asked Marianne if she would
help out. Marianne started as Jerrys assistant and later was made a
partner. Marianne went to real estate broker/manager school in Denver,
Colorado, and has education certifications as Certified Residential
Specialist, Certified Distressed Property Expert and Accredited
Buyer Representative.
Her key to success is simple.
Treat others as you would want to be treated, Marianne said.
Be a hardworking, honest and loyal person. If you treat your
customers as important and dignified individuals, success will
The most important lesson Marianne has learned through
work is not to give up on yourself or other people.
We all have ups and downs, and we must be determined to
see things through, she said.
A lesson she learned the hard way is that people do not
always see things the same way as you do. But her strengths
of strong faith and determination have helped her succeed.
Strong faith keeps her going in the right direction, while her
determination keeps her going.
Marianne says a young person starting out in life needs
to be dedicated to helping and supporting others, and that
education and ethics are essential.
Love what you do and show it, she said. Never
be afraid of change. Change makes for many exciting
adventures and makes growth possible.

124 S. Mitchell Street, Cadillac, MI 49601
Each Office Independently Owned and Operated

Team Quist
May/June 2013 05
20/40 Randy Hill
Twenty under forty

Dean of Health Sciences

Baker College
Randy Hill grew up in a small town in Maine where he loved to
explore the woods and discover what was at the bottom of mud puddles.
His love of nature led him to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree at the
University of Maine, followed by a Masters degree in teaching and later,
a Masters degree in Marine Science from the University of South Florida.
Currently he is pursuing a Doctorate of Education in Education
Leadership through Liberty University.
All of his educational experience and love for teaching are now
combined into his dream job. In September of 2008, Randy accepted the
position of Dean of Education and Human Services at Baker College in
Cadillac. He was named Dean of Health Sciences in 2012.
I always wanted to work in education, he stated. I love to instill
my passion for learning in others. The best part of my job is helping
students achieve their goals and helping them graduate. Thats a
satisfying feeling.
He hopes to pass on his enthusiasm for life-long learning to his
students, encouraging them to never stop learning and to know
that they are as capable as anyone to do the job . . . the skys the
Randy credits his parents for stressing the importance of
education. They supported and encouraged him in all of his
endeavors. It was while he was in college that he met his future
wife, Heather. When she was accepted into the University of
South Florida to pursue her doctorate, the couple made St.
Petersburg their home.
We lived in the big city and we enjoyed it, he explained.
But now we are enjoying Cadillac. We love this area.
Randy and Heather have three young children and they love
spending time outdoors camping, hiking, and kayaking.
His goals include growing in leadership and to continue to
help students achieve their educational goals. On a personal
note, Randy is striving to be the best father, husband, co-
worker and friend that he can be.


97% of our available graduates are employed. Plus, every graduate
receives Lifetime Employment Assistancefree and forever.


CALL: (231) 876-3119 OR TEXT: BAKER TO 74700 CADILLAC, MI 49601

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06 May/June 2013
Tricia Wing 20/40
under forty

Physical Therapist
Mercy Hospital Cadillac
Tricia Wing experiences many motivational stories through her
work as a physical therapist at Mercy Hospital in Cadillac.
She said seeing many patients get back on their feet after an
injury or illness because of their hard work shows how much pure
determination can have an impact on life.
The most important lesson I have learned on my job is to never
underestimate the power of pure determination, says Tricia. I
have had patients come in that could barely walk and after weeks of
hard work and commitment they walk out the door with minimal
Tricia, who has been with Mercy Hospitals rehabilitation services
department for three years, decided to enter the health care field
after one of her best friends in high school was injured in a car
crash. Her friend suffered a traumatic brain injury and doctors
did not know what functions she would regain.
During that time I decided I wanted to go into the medical
field to help, Tricia said. And the area of physical therapy
was the most fitting for what I wanted to achieve.
Tricia went to receive her bachelors of science in health
sciences with a minor in exercise science from Oakland
University. She earned her doctorate of physical therapy
from the University of Michigan.
A full-time mother of four with, three boys and one girl
ages 9, 3, 2 years old and the youngest 15 weeks old, there
is never a dull moment around Tricias house. She likes to
enjoy time spent with her children and husband camping,
playing sports and, Just having fun.
Not regretting any decisions with her career, Tricia
continues to take continuing education courses and
works to develop as a leader in her profession. Some day
she hopes to start a hippotherapy program in the area,
working with children and others with disabilities to
utilize therapy through the movement of horses.

Rehabilitation Care For The Whole Family

Care For The Whole Family

The best people, providing the best

The best people, providing the best
treatment, lead toproviding
The best people, the best care.
the best
treatment, lead to the best care.
We have it all,
treatment, leadright herebest
to the in Cadillac.
We have it all, right here in Cadillac.
We have it all, right here in Cadillac.

(231) 876-7443 |

(231) 876-7443 |
(231) 876-7443 |
May/June 2013 07
20/40 Holly Mulder
Twenty under forty

Upholstery Leader
Rec Boats Holdings, LLC
Life didnt take Holly Mulder where she originally
thought it would, but she is happy with the way things have
turned out.
Holly graduated from Baker College with an associates
degree in applied science and a bachelors degree in health
care management. She is currently working for Rec Boat
Holdings as an upholstery leader.
I am very happy with my career right now, Holly said.
It wasnt what I thought I would be doing, but its where I
am and I love it. Things change, adapt.
When not working, Holly spends her time with her
husband, Tony, and her 2-year-old son, Carter.
My philosophy for a happy life and a successful business
is knowing whats important, Holly said. My family is
the most important thing to me and when my family is
happy and healthy it reflects on my job.
Stay positive.
Holly started working at Rec Boat Holdings in May of
2002. She said she learned that following through on your
word can go a long way. That can earn you respect and
when you feel respected you feel confident.
That respect and confidence is helping Rec Boat
Holdings be a leader in the boating field. We are always
coming up with new ideas and we have great employees
who provide the product, Holly said.
Finding the positive aspect in difficult situations and
listening to team members to find solutions are two of
Hollys greatest strengths.
I used to waste a lot of energy on getting rattled too
quickly, Holly says. I learned to have more patience,
relax and move forward.

The quality of our boats has everything

to do with the qualities of our people.

Rec Boat Holdings. Proud manufacturers

of Four Winns, Glastron and Wellcraft.

08 May/June 2013
Ronnie Urbanavage 20/40
Twenty under forty

New Car Sales Manager

Fox Motors of Cadillac
Treat people the way you would like to be treated.
Ronnie Urbanavage, the new car sales manager at Fox Ford
Lincoln of Cadillac, says his parents taught him that early. My
parents were my mentors; they made me who I am today. His
father, who enjoys the auto business, has provided a good life for
Urbanavage and his brother. His mother kept he and his brother
on the right track and instilled strong morals that guide Urbanavage
today. My parents made me who I am today; they pushed me
and made me believe that anything I want is possible. It is
inspirational to have their strong support through life. He
believes honesty is the best policy, no matter what.
Urbanavage is a 2002 graduate of Lake City High
School and studied finance at Ferris State University; but
he grew up in a dealership, helping his dad. I was always
around and eventually I was put to work mowing lawns
and washing cars, Urbanavage said. But I liked being
with the sales guys, I listened to the sales process and the
operation of the front end of the dealership, I would take
sales tests on my own time, just to learn all I was able.
When not working, weather permitting (and
sometimes not) you can find Urbanavage at the
Missaukee Golf Course, where he also serves as Vice
President on the Board of Directors. When he is
working, he is focused on making Fox Motors a
bigger part of the community and leading his staff
in a positive way. I truly have a passion for people,
especially my staff. I love seeing my staff succeed and
have enthusiasm about their jobs, he said.

Visit us 24/7 at

1450 N. Mitchell St. Cadillac OPEN:

Mon. & Thurs. 9 am-8 pm

231-775-3448 Tues., Wed., Fri.

9 am-6 pm
Sat., 9 am-3 pm

May/June 2013 09
20/40 Tracy Winkle
Twenty under forty

Dons Auto Clinic
Maybe youve seen outgoing Tracy Winkle on television promoting his business, Dons
Auto Clinic in Cadillac. The tall, former college basketball player has been in the
family business since 1998. He now owns the dealership with his brother Tod.
One lesson Tracy has learned as a business owner is that theres no quick way
to the top. It takes hard work. And if you want to stay on top, you have to work
even harder.
Dons Auto Clinic, a Cadillac mainstay for some 55 years, sells Chrysler,
Dodge, Jeep and Ram products plus used cars and trucks. And theres one thing
that concerns him - the often-held assumption that you cant trust a car salesman.
There is a stigma in the car industry that car dealers should not be trusted,
he said. But we have been able to break this by proving to people that we can be
trusted because we treat customers like we would want to be treated.
Winkle is a 1993 graduate of Northern Michigan Christian School and earned
a business degree in 1997 from Dordt College, a private Christian college in
Iowa. He returned to the area to work in the family business.
One of my biggest mentors has been my father Phil Winkle,
he stated. He always taught me that if you treat people with
honesty and integrity, they will keep coming back to you.
Being in business taught him another valuable lesson
that people respect the truth. Even though they may
not like what you have to say, in the end they respect
From these lessons, Tracy has developed a
philosophy for a both a successful business and a
happy life that is grounded in keeping things in
perspective with God first, then family and work.
If you keep the important things first, the rest
will fall into place.
Tracys long term goals include running a
successful business that provides a thriving
atmosphere for our employees and to
someday coach basketball.
When hes not working, he likes to golf
and spend time with his wife Alisha and their
two sons, Trevin and Brant.


Honesty and Integrity are the Foundation of Our Business!

1110 N. Mitchell, Cadillac, MI


Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 AM-5:30 PM,
Sat. 8 AM-2 PM, Other by Appt.

10 May/June 2013
Leslie Nowlin 20/40
Twenty under forty

Quality Assurance Manager

Piranha Hose Products, Inc.,
Dont wish it were easier, wish you were better. Dont wish for fewer
problems, wish for more skills. Dont wish for less challenges, wish for more
wisdom. Earl Shoaf
Leslie Nowlin is meeting the challenges of life head-on, and is moving
forward. The mother of two balances her work as Quality Assurance
Manager at Piranha Hose Products, Inc., with going to school part time at
Ferris State and helping her husband run two businesses.
You have to be able to multitask, Leslie said. Confidence is also
really important. If you do not believe in yourself, no one else will either.
I think it is important to teach the importance of confidence to young
people as well. That is why I have done presentations on confidence for
Lead and Lead Jr.
Leslie, who has an Associates of Business degree from Baker
College, is working toward her Bachelors in Business Administration.
She also helps her husband, Nick, with books for his construction
business, Creative Carpentry, Inc. In 2011, they opened Titan MMA,
a mixed martial arts gym in Cadillac. She is also on the board of
directors of the Northwest Michigan Council of Governments
Workforce Development Board, the New Hope Homeless Shelter
and the Cadillac Leadership board.
Her multi-tasking started in high school. Leslie went through
the Wexford-Missaukee Career Technical Centers Business
Services program. During her second year, she took advantage of
dual enrollment through Baker College.
After graduating high school, I started as an entry level
administrative assistant and evolved from there, Leslie said. I
also started taking college classes at night. It took me a while to get
my degree, but I did it without accumulating any student loans
and without missing irreplaceable time with my young family.
Nick has been in her corner since they started dating in high
school. No matter how busy he was, he would help with work,
school and family.
At the end of the year we reflect on what we accomplished
that year and what our goals are, Leslie said. It has helped
immensely to have someone else goal-oriented to share a passion
for life with.

2500 Weigel, Cadillac, MI 49601

Toll Free (800) 250-5132 (231) 779-4390
May/June 2013 11
20/40 Sheryl Jenicke
Twenty under forty

Brilliant Smiles Family Dentistry
Sheryl Jenicke loves her job. Shes passionate about teeth and
the artistry of dentistry.
You can change peoples lives if you give them a beautiful
smile, she said. Maybe they couldnt smile before because
they were embarrassed or in pain. This is my favorite thing
Im trying to bring affordable, beautiful smiles to Cadillac at an
affordable price.
In her office, she is known for being painless. She strives to
make her patients feel as comfortable as possible. My staff prides
itself on customer service and we want our patients to feel like
family. One thing she would like to improve is to ease up on
being a perfectionist and taking things too seriously.
I worry too much, she admitted. I dream about
teeth. When Sheryl first started college at Michigan State
University, she was determined to become a veterinarian.
But then she got a job with a woman who showed
poodles. One of her tasks was to clean the dogs teeth
before the show. Thats how she fell in love with teeth.
I love teeth, she laughed. But she decided she would
like to work with people and dentistry became her goal.
I love meeting people and caring for their health.
She also fell in love with dogs and now breeds and
shows them miniature poodles.
I love the personality of the poodle, she said. They
are very affectionate and clever.
Her career goals include expanding her office in
Cadillac, perhaps at a new location.
When shes not working she likes to read a good
book, relax with her poodles, Julie and Valerie, enjoys
fishing and the outdoors and spending time with
family, friends and loved ones.

Family Dentistry Quality care for your smile

at every age!

Taking good care of your oral health is important at any

age. We offer a full range of dental care services - from
routine cleanings to fillings, root canals, whitening and
even painless laser dentistry - to help make sure your smile
stays healthy and bright through the years.

12 May/June 2013
Mitch Whitaker 20/40
Twenty under forty

Digital Marketing Consultant

CN Digital Solutions
For Mitch Whitaker, Digital Marketing Consultant for CN Digital
Solutions, marketing was never part of the plan.
I had prepared myself academically and psychologically to be a college
professor. I just love the atmosphere of learning and I love to do research and
teach, so it was a natural fit, said Whitaker who holds two undergraduate
degrees in addition to graduate degrees in Humanities, Experimental
Psychology and is in the final stage of a PhD in Media Psychology.
But a tough economy and a family firmly grounded in the Cadillac
Community, an academic career was hard to come by, so Whitaker
explored other passions.
I had done a lot of academic research on political
communications, so when an opportunity came along to run a
Congressional campaign, I jumped at it..
With some political experience behind him, Whitaker
considered making a career out of political consulting, but
quickly realized that relocation would be necessary.
I knew I would have to move to D.C. or at least Lansing to
make it as a political consultant, so when a job at the Cadillac
News came along, I knew it was the right move.
Whitaker worked in the newsroom for a year prior to the
launch of CN Digital Solutions in September 2012.
We knew there was a need in the community and we
could offer things that others are not capable of offering,
so we set out to change the way small businesses market
Whitaker says that when creating a marketing strategy
or a website for a client, he takes into account who their
customers are and how they will experience the message
psychologically. Everything from shapes, images, and
colors to specific words used in specific places is intended
to convey a marketing message, whatever that may be.
Most people dont know that I used to be an
equestrian, said Whitaker. I dont think people would
expect that of me and it often surprises them when the
find out.

Get a Healthy Media Mix and stay in tune

with the latest way to reach customers!
Digital Marketing services include:
Social Media Management & Consulting
Website Design and Development
Mobile Marketing
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Reputation Management (Claim your listings)
Web Advertising at
Email Marketing

Contact Mitch Whitaker at 231-779-4156 for your FREE consultation.

Cell: 231-884-9357
May/June 2013 13
20/40 Lindy Benson
Twenty under forty

Sales Associate
Re/Max Central
Lindy, a Sales Associate with RE/MAX Central for the last year,
has been working in the real estate field since 1996. She earned her
Bachelors Degree in Pharmacy and Allied Health from Wayne
State University, but knew since high school that real estate was
her calling.
Real estate fits me perfectly because I love the interaction
with my clients, Lindy said. Being in 10 different places in
a day, and the mystery of tomorrows unknown, makes you
work hard.
With a passion for her customers, Lindy puts a lot of energy
into every deal. Her work ethic comes from her father, while
her courage to dream and personal skills come from her mother.
For someone starting out, Lindy says they need to be
knowledgeable in all aspects of their line of work.
Present yourself with confidence, but not over confidence,
Lindy says. Dont ever be afraid to ask questions. Surround
yourself with a positive network of people. With good
work ethics and persistence, you will achieve your
Lindy Benson beat stage 2 melanoma cancer 12
years ago. At the time it was a horrible experience
to live through. But Lindy says it has taught her a
valuable lesson.
It was a tragedy at the time that made me grow
up real fast and see how precious life is, Lindy said.
I think being faced with this gave me the outlook
of not sweating the little things in life.
It was most likely the most important but worst
thing that has happened to me.
She lives in Mesick with her husband, Glen
Haefele. While not working Lindy enjoys hunting,
fishing, camping, gardening, golfing, snowmobiling
and going to farm auctions with her husband.

124 S. Mitchell Street, Cadillac, MI 49601
Each Office Independently Owned and Operated

Lindy Benson 231-920-2550
14 May/June 2013
Chris Crawley 20/40
Twenty under forty

Branch Manager
Chemical Bank
Chris Crawley didnt always want to work in banking, at one point in
life he wanted to be a field agent for the FBI or CIA.
Chris, who is happy to be the Branch Manager at Chemical Bank, said
working at Chemical Bank has been a good fit for him. He has worked at
Chemical Bank for about four years.
I had worked as a manager for several different companies in the past
and prior to Chemical Bank I was a Branch Manager for a large financial
company, Chris says. I enjoyed the lending and customer service
aspects of the job and working at a bank allows you to use those
One of the most important lessons Chris has learned has been to
be flexible. He said as a Branch Manager, you wear many different
hats. Though he may be changing hats frequently, Chris doesnt
let little things slow him down.
I believe the philosophy for a happy life is, Dont sweat
the small stuff, Chris said. Knowing that Jesus Christ is
my personal savior helps me through lifes obstacles. To be
successful in business you must be honest and respectful of
others, which also helps you have a happy life.
Chris, a proud Hoosier, graduated from Indiana
University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Public
Affairs. His mother and grandmother were instrumental
in getting through school and into a profession he enjoys.
My mom and grandma were both inspirational in
my life, Chris said. They both were single parents and
worked hard to raise kids on their own. They both had
a good work ethic and encouraged me to graduate from
college and do something that I enjoy.
Chris has been very active in the community. He graduated
from the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerces Leadership
program in 2011, he is Vice President of Kiwanis, Treasurer of
Cadillac Jaycees, a Kids Hope mentor, member of BNI and a
board member of New Hope Shelter.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of
Michigan for over 95 years. At Chemical
Bank, we believe it is important to be a part
of the communities we serve. To learn more
about Made
a bankin Michigan.
that believes in the great state
Made for You.
of Michigan, visit one of our convenient
locations or

Chris Crawley
1408 N. Mitchell St.

May/June 2013 15
20/40 Ryan Howell
Twenty under forty

Baird, Cotter & Bishop, P.C.
Ryan Howell always knew what he wanted to be when he grew up an
accountant. And thats because he wanted to be just like his grandfather, a
downstate businessman and entrepreneur.
His grandfather traveled to Mesick almost every weekend during
Ryans childhood to help his son, Ryans father run a local motel. During
those visits, Ryan was always at his side, learning bookkeeping procedures
and the importance of accounting, which his grandfather constantly
I knew from a young age that I wanted to be like him, Ryan said. He
thought of accounting as just a necessary part of understanding business.
After graduating from Mesick High School in 1999, Ryan attended
Central Michigan University and earned a degree in business
administration with a major in accounting in 2003.
My wife Meghan and I are both from northern Michigan, so
when I completed my degree we returned to the area. I interviewed
at Baird, Cotter, and Bishop and the rest is history, he stated.
Now a partner in the firm, Ryan said the best part of his job is the
variety of tasks and the people that he meets.
I also like that we really try to make all our clients feel like they
are our most important client. We have a great work environment
and we spend a lot of time together. We make a great team.
One lesson he has learned on the job is not to become
I have to constantly educate myself on the latest tax laws and
accounting standards so I can be up-to-date in my field.
His professional goal is to be the most knowledgeable resource
available for client tax and audit needs.
When not working, Ryan loves to spend time with Meghan
and their two young sons. A member of Emmanuel Lutheran
Church, he also enjoys hunting, camping and boating, downhill
skiing and golfing.
As a father to two young, energetic boys, I have mastered
patience, he added. In my work life I am very persistent. I do
not stop until I get the right answer.

Our firm offers a full range of public accounting services including tax planning
and preparation, accounting, and auditing services, business succession
planning, bookkeeping and payroll, as well as consulting and assistance with
accounting software programs.
Call Ryan or anyone at Baird, Cotter and Bishop, P.C. for business consulting or
any other services. We can help.

134 West Harris St., Cadillac, MI 49601 231-775-9789 e-mail:
16 May/June 2013
Heather Witkop 20/40
Twenty under forty

Industrial Designer
Rec Boat Holdings L.L.C.
When it comes to life designs, Heather Witkop could not have drawn it up
Heather, an Industrial Designer with Rec Boat Holdings, grew up around
boats in western New York. When she was young she discovered a love for art.
Today, she combines the two working on boat designs for Rec Boat Holdings.
I have been boating since I was a newborn, and have wonderful memories
of spending the weekends at the marina together as a family, Heather said.
For my 10th birthday, my parents gave me an easel, colored pencils and
paper, and I have been hooked since. When choosing a career path I decided to
combine the two things that I enjoyed most in life.
Heather graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in
Savannah Georgia, with a bachelors degree in industrial design with a minor
in marine design.
She joined Rec Boat Holdings nearly three years ago.
There are not very many designers that start this career with a
dream to design boats, especially females, Heather said. But
designing boats is both fun and challenging because you get to
design every little detail and component, from the overall style to
the smallest detail, such as color and font used in the gauges.
She is a board member and secretary of the Cadillac Area
Artists Association. She also designed digital and print media for
Artists Association event. She also designed the new sign for the
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce.
Detail-oriented and able to tune into current trends, Heather
used her professional strengths to help design Rec Boat
Holdings RS design.
The RS is a bold boat design with a bright green and black
color scheme, she said. The mix of bright colors, especially
the green and black, is a trend that can be found in industries
such as athletic wear, automotive and fashion. This boat was
a big step away from the traditional colors usually seen in the
marine industry, but has been a great success so far.
Heather hopes to eventually become a leader of a design
team to mentor young designers and college student. She is
also studying to become a certified yoga instructor with hopes
of offering yoga classes in the community.

The quality of our boats has everything

to do with the qualities of our people.

Rec Boat Holdings. Proud manufacturers

of Four Winns, Glastron and Wellcraft.

May/June 2013 17
20/40 Ryan Liabenow
Twenty under forty

Principal/Managing Partner
Webber Benefits Group
As the Principal/Managing Partner of Webber Benefits Group, Ryan is
responsible for the strategic direction of the firm and provides advisory
services regarding the design, administration and funding of key business
performance solutions and effective employee strategies. His firms
unique business model focuses on the healthcare and human capital
benefits impacting business.
With the advent of Health Care Reform the employee benefits
industries focus should have changed, but didnt. I returned to consulting
because I was thoroughly convinced that their needed to be an employee
benefits firm in Northern Michigan that would lead the charge on
issues related to health care reform, its bottom-line impact on
business, and specifically, how these legislative constraints
could be leveraged in the marketplace to start helping
business align employees Total Compensation with
the key factors driving business performance, I believe
we are doing just that.
Ryan has over 10 years of experience in the health
care consulting, management and insurance industry.
Prior to becoming the Principal of Webber Benefits
Group he served as Managing Director at EHIM,
Inc., a third party administrator and pharmacy benefit
manager headquartered in Southfield, Michigan.
Ryan was responsible for the strategic direction of
EHIM. Under Ryans leadership, EHIM became
one of the fastest growing firms in the Midwest.
Ryan is the President-Elect of the Northern
Michigan Association of Health Underwriters
and is actively involved with numerous industry
organizations including: the National Association
of Health Underwriters, Self Insurance Institute
of America, Pharmacy Benefit Management
Institute and Pharmacy Benefits Academy.

Enhanceyour overall
Enhance Business
your Performance
Business Performance
Enhance your overall Performance
your Employee
Reposition your Strategy and
Employee Benefits
Strategy andBenefits
Reposition your Employee Strategy and
Continuously Improve your HR and
Continuously Improve
Improve your HRand
HR andBenefits
Turn your Costs into Costs
your an Investment
Turn Costs into
Always Acknowledge
Always the Value the
Acknowledge of People
Always Acknowledge the Value
231.882.9655 231.882.9655
18 May/June 2013 231.882.9655
Amy Gonzales 20/40
under forty

Delivery Value Stream Manager

Avon Protection
Raised in Cadillac, Amy Gonzales has a Bachelor of Science
degree in Business Administration from Central Michigan
In 2001 she began her career with Avon Rubber and Plastics and in
2003 with Avon Protection Systems, a company that manufactures
respiratory protection equipment for the United States military,
police departments, SWAT teams and foreign military.
I am proud to say that I am part of something that saves peoples
lives, stated Amy, who said that she ended up pursuing a career in
manufacturing because . . . the right door opened at the right time. I
have never been afraid to tackle new challenges.
Amy started in customer service and worked in Continuous
Improvement and as the Materials Manager. She is now the Delivery
Value Stream Manager for Avon Protection, the recognized global
market leader in respiratory protection systems technology.
To be good at something you have to put in the time, she
explained. Success is not just defined as climbing the
corporate ladder. For me, it is self-fulfillment and liking the
person I see in the mirror each day. Reward comes with
hard work.
Amy credits her parents for teaching her the
importance of family and the value of a dollar and hard
work. She believes her strengths are reliability and
organizational skills.
I do what I say I am going to do, she said. I like
to build strong relationships with my teammates
because I think good performance comes with a
good team. I also pride myself in not giving up
until the job is done right.
When not working, Amy enjoys gardening,
boating and camping and spending time with
her daughter Maya, her family and friends.
Relationships with my family and friends
are important. They are more long lasting than
any career will be.

May/June 2013 19
20/40 Misty Groleau
Twenty under forty

Office Manager, Certified Orthotics Fitter

Active Brace and Limb
When the opportunity to go to college after working several years in
manufacturing presented itself, Misty Groleau jumped at the chance. Misty
received her Associates Degree concentrating in Medical Insurance from
Baker College in 2010.
She is now the Office Manager, Certified Orthotics Fitter at Active Brace and
Limb in Cadillac. Misty has been with the company for two and a half years.
When I was young, I took my time deciding what I wanted to do,
Misty said. I think that if I would have started earlier I would still be in the
place I am now, but with more knowledge and abilities.
After receiving her degree, her goal was to find a job in the medical
insurance field. The job at Active Brace and Limb not only provided a
position in the medical insurance field, but gave her room to learn and
grow into a Certified Orthotic Fitter and Compression stocking fitter,
allowing her to work with patients.
To be successful, I would have to say hard work and dedication
is very important in business.
The most important lesson Misty has learned on the job is
that hard work and loyalty does pay off.
It has taken me a long time to get where I am at and I
recall many times thinking that I was never going to make
it, she said.
Two women helped inspire and mentor Misty, her mother
and Becky Voelker from Baker College. Voelker was Mistys
mentor throughout her college career.
She has really pushed me to be the best I possibly could
be, Misty said. She has helped me not second-guess myself
and she has shown me if you put your mind to something,
you can succeed in anything.
Mistys mother taught her that to get the things in life Misty
wanted, that hard work and honesty was the only way to get them.
I hope to be half the woman she is someday, Misty said.
She worked very hard to support her family and she has
always been an amazing role model for me and my siblings.
Misty also wants to thank her loving husband Ryan and
daughter Kailey for their love and support.

The proven leader in orthotic and prosthetic care with over 45 years of experience.
Proudly serving Northwest Lower Michigan.

Traverse City Cadillac Petoskey

231-932-8702 231-775-3577 231-487-0998
20 May/June 2013
Todd Bridget 20/40
Twenty under forty

Electrical Facility Maintenance Technician

Rec Boats Holdings L.L.C.
Todd Bridgets philosophy for a happy life is his own personal recipe for
success; build a strong, healthy family with the help of God while building
a good reputation and being helpful to the community.
Always do the best that you can, he stated. Dont have an attitude . . . just
let your work and your work ethics speak for you.
Todd works for Rec Boat Holdings as the electrical and facility
maintenance technician. He studied at Baker College and went to trade
school and worked as an electrician apprentice. He describes himself as
hard working, full of energy, good with people, funny and helpful to
Todd is the former owner of Genesis Electric, an electrical contracting
company that was forced to close in 2007 during the economic decline.
Thats when he heard that Rec Boat Holdings needed a maintenance
tech. Thankful for the new opportunity; Todd said he wouldnt do
anything differently in his career.
God laid it all before me and has had me learn something
everywhere he has taken me, he said. This is the place he wants
me now. He added that his relationship with God and his
relationship with his wife are what keep him on the right path in
life. He noted that education is also one of his greatest strengths
and he likes to tell young people to get everything you can out
of school.
Todd credits his step-father for teaching him the value of hard
work and his father-in-law, who taught him how to enjoy life.
Many people have different ways of looking at things and
many ideas on how to do things, he said. The lesson is to check
into every way and work well with everyone.
Someday Todd would like to own a successful business or
become the head of maintenance working for someone else.
But family is Todds No. 1 priority. His goal is to be the
best husband and father he can be and to do something in the
community that leaves a mark or makes a difference. Meantime, on
his days off, he likes to take family bike rides.

The quality of our boats has everything

to do with the qualities of our people.

Rec Boat Holdings. Proud manufacturers

of Four Winns, Glastron and Wellcraft.

May/June 2013 21
20/40 Carrie Fansler
Twenty under forty

Northwestern Bank
Office Manager
Carrie Fansler got to be where she is today, Office
Manager at Northwestern Bank, by learning each step of
the way. And she wouldnt change anything.
Carrie applied for her first banking position as a
teller after her son was born with the support and
motivation from her husband, Shane. She has been
with Northwestern Bank since October 2012.
She said one of the most important lessons she has
learned along the way is that life is hard, but how
you react to the down times will determine your
You can either let it eat you up and make
excuses, or you can take advantage of each valley
by learning this lesson has happened for a reason
and will only make you a better person, Carrie
said. Keep moving forward and dont look
Carrie says she was drawn to Northwestern
Bank because of its culture of customer service.
I did some research on Northwestern
Bank and found that they are as passionate
about customer service as I am, Carrie said.
Northwestern Bank cares about its customers,
employees and community, bank-wide. From
the CEO to the janitor, everyone treats each
other like friends and family.

1573 N. Mitchell St., 775-9077 150 Granite St., 775-8564

Member FDIC

22 May/June 2013
Terri Hamp 20/40
Twenty under forty

Physical Therapist and Clinic Manager

Dynamic Physical TherapY
Terri Hamp truly wants her customers to put their best foot forward, and
their worst foot, too.
Terri is a physical therapist and clinic manager with Dynamic Physical
Therapy in Cadillac. She has been with Dynamic for nine years.
We put our patients first, Terri said. We have created an extremely
positive environment for both patients and staff. The staff truly get
along well, and want to be there, care about each other and all of the
We want to make a difference in each patient and for them to leave
not only feeling better physically, but emotionally as well.
Terri earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Health Science from
Grand Valley State University and her Masters in Physical Therapy
from GVSU. She also has additional training in Manual Therapy from
the Manual Therapy Institute.
A visit with a family member to physical therapy sparked Terris
interest in the profession.
I had a family member in need of physical therapy and was able to go
with them and experience the benefit from the treatment they received,
Terri said. I wanted to be able to help people return to what they wanted
to do and improve their lives. I love interacting with people and this was
the perfect profession for me.
The person who inspires Terri is her mother, who Terri says works
harder than anyone she knows and never complains.
She taught me the right way to treat people and that everyone is
important, Terri said. I always knew she believed in me and what I
chose as my profession. As I grew up, and now have a family of my
own, I want to show them the same love and support.
Terri, who is married with three boys, says her professional and
personal goals are to continue to develop deep roots in the Cadillac
area. She and her husband have lived in Cadillac for nine years and
plan to stay for a long time.
Professionally, I want to help Dynamic Physical Therapy grow
and open new clinics within northern Michigan, Terri said. I want
to continue to make Dynamic Physical Therapy the best place for
both staff and patients to be and to have people want to be a part of it.

May/June 2013 23
Making a Difference
in Our Community...
As we congratulate the young professionals showcased in this
publication, Cadillac Leadership continues to foster the growth of
future community leaders through our annual, nine-month program.
Over three hundred and fifty graduates, many under age forty, can
be found in leadership roles throughout the greater Cadillac area. For
more information about this program, please visit the Cadillac Area
Chamber of Commerce website at

Leading Businesses.
Leading Communities. TM

Cadillac Area
Chamber of Commerce
222 Lake Street, Cadillac, MI 49601 231.775.9776

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