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Despite Nora seems to act in a self-centered way and plays a dominant role in the speech,

she expresses some sympathy towards Ms. Linde in a certain extent. The contrast between
how she claims, I am just going to think about you and the delivery of her personal long
speeches helps her to draw attention from audience. The repetition of heaps of money,
penny and pounds emphasizes how she takes physical finance as priority of anything else
as well as the fact that, she doesnt seem to be sensitive to Ms. Lindes misfortune. Even
though Nora has the knowledge of Ms. Lindes loss of husband, she keeps stating Mrs.
Helmer position of capital vice president of the bank, big salary, lots of percentages and
heaps of money. This illustrates Nora has barely looked after Ms. Lindes feeling.
Furthermore, Nora seems like an emulative character through the way she compares with
Ms. Linda who has contributed more to the family. It was I who saved Torvalds life and
to be proud and happy too shows how she doesnt want to seem to be lagged behind than
Ms. Linde, the word too denotes a sense of competition between the 2 characters.

Nora and Ms. Linda have a rather close relationship through the way they communicate
with each other and the manners of talking are relatively comfortable and intimate. fumps
up and claps her hands, tosses her head to the sofa, walks across the room and Ms. Linde
gets up restlessly suggest there is no hierarchical link between them, they are friends of
the same generation and age groups. Likewise, patronize and incapable of getting down to
anything serious creates an atmosphere of great affection and tenderness. However, their
relationship sometimes seem slightly uncommon, now you look like your old self, a bit
thinner implies an aging character of Ms. Linde. However, the fact that they havent seen
each other in the past ten years make audience doubt what has happened seriously in these
past few years and what is the reason of Ms. Linde appearance in Noras house. The
interruption of doorbell a bell rings in the hall foreshadows a threatening and ominous
obstacle Nora might have to face.

Mr. Helmer dehumanizes his wife through patronizing languages such as spendthrift,
squirrel, squanderbird, little creature, denoting a romantic and personal relationship of
love affairs and how he treats her wife as an animal-like presence to be flattered and
protected. Mr. Helmer seems to compromise quite often, seen through he is almost angry
with me, my beloved Nora, put my hand into my pocket again suggests despite nora
overspends and indulges herself with money, he still guarantees money for her full needs.
The word again emphasizes the frequency and repetitive routine of giving out money to his