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Sample Lesson Plan

TEACHER NAME: Hannah Perry
LESSON SUBJECT: Social Studies
LESSON TITLE: Immigrants and Influence of Alexander Hamilton
LESSON DATE: October 25th, 2017

This lesson is designed to connect students to immigration in the late eighteenth century in North America (specifically around the
American Revolution) to immigration today. The purpose is to also introduce students to positive prominent immigrant figures, such
as Alexander Hamilton.

Big Idea: Emerging ideas and ideologies profoundly influence societies and events.
Big Idea: Disparities in power alter the balance of relationships between individual and between societies.
Content: American Revolution, local demographic shifts, including patterns of migration and population growth
Curricular Competency: Assess the significance of people, places, events, or developments, and compare varying perspectives
on their historical significance at particular times and places, and from group to group
Curricular Competency: Make reasoned ethical judgments about actions in the past and present, and determine appropriate
ways to remember and respond

Students to understand who Alexander Hamilton and why he is significant as an immigrant

Students should understand why immigrants can be an incredible force in society, the main example being Alexander
Hamilton and his ferocious drive to change and succeed

Context of the American Revolution

Major players of the American Revolution
Immigration in North America (Today and Before)
How to cite sources/make a reference page

Alexander Hamilton Hamilton at the Whitehouse

Hamilton: The Revolution by Lin- Manual Miranda
Battle of Yorktown Tony Performance of Hamilton
o Copy of Song from Hamilton: The Revolution w/Annotations by Lin- Manual Miranda
Hamilton Text Set - Hamiltons Bio
Marquis De Lafayette -
Historical Rap/Song Assignment Sheet
Cabinet Battle #1:
Dear Theodosia (Written from Aaron Burrs Perspective):
Discussion Worksheet
Projector and Computer


Ability for Students to do more research on their historical figure and include many sources
Students can use simple language in their Raps or Songs
Students can record their Raps/Songs or perform for the class


Students will have a guiding worksheet for the discussion and that will be handed in to be assessed
Students will have the remainder for the class to work on their historical Rap Assignment and that will be handed in by the
end of the week.



Alexander Hamilton Hamilton at the Discuss who you think Give students a time frame 25M
Whitehouse Hamilton may be and why he for their discussion
was such a player in the Students Desks should be
Provide worksheet w/ Questions below to prompt American Revolution? clear of distractions (Phones,
discussion Discuss Hamiltons unique Chromebooks, Binders etc..)
position as immigrant in early in order to focus on Video
How do Immigrants change the landscape of our America and Discussion
How can Immigrants change
Why do you think Hamilton was able to be so the landscape of a country?
influential, did his immigrant status have anything Why are immigrants so
to do with this? important to development of
Hamilton was able to hold an objective lens up to
the creation of America as an Immigrant, he was
able to shake things up and see what needed to

Who do you think Hamilton is? Why are we even
discussing him? What can we glean from the
performance we just saw about who Hamilton was
and what may have happened to him in his life?

Battle of Yorktown Tony Performance of Define Hamiltons role in the Give students a time frame 25M
Hamilton Revolution and who else was for their discussion
Copy of Song from Hamilton: The Revolution an immigrant, who changed the Students Desks should be
w/Annotations by Lin- Manual Miranda course of the war? clear of distractions (Phones,
Chromebooks, Binders etc..)
Marquis de Lafayette Another Immigrant who Discussion of Immigrant in order to focus on Video
helped change America a General in Washingtons roles/expectations in our own and Discussion
Army. Originally from a well-connected French society

What did Hamilton do? (WHAT DIDNT HE DO?)
Created the Federal Reserve and Bank
Created the Electoral College
Created the Coast Guard
Write 51 essays of the Federalists Papers
(Defending the Constitution)
Created the New York Post almost to exclusively
bash his political opponents
He wrote Like he was running out of time

Explain expectations of Rap Assignment Write a rap or song from the Students will have class time 25m to
perspective of a significant to write the rap/song on explain
Provide a worksheet with prompts for the Rap/Song historical figure who was an their figure. This gives them a and give
and other Historical Figures who happen to be immigrant. Also write a short chance to be able to ask worktime.
immigrants biography of what they were questions as they go.
able to achieve in their lives Students are asked to work
If students need more examples: and why their contributions are quietly on their
important? Chromebooks or computers.
Cabinet Battle #1: -Sources must be in a If the noise level rises, allow bibliography at the end of the a brain break
Dear Theodosia (Written from Aaron Burrs -Must use 1-3 Primary
Perspective): Documents -Must use 1-3 Secondary
-Students Can Record or
Perform Raps/Songs