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Trumps trans ban De Leon takes on Feinstein LGBT homeless youth


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amfAR raises $2 million+ at LA gala

Money goes for grants
to fund research into
HIV-killing treatments


Since the joining together of two

women powerhousesactress Elizabeth
Taylor and scientic researcher Dr.
Mathilde Krimto create the American
Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) in
1985, Hollywood celebrities and the rich
and famous from fashion, music and the
arts have enjoyed grand events that raise
money to ght HIV/AIDS.
Sometimes it seems the partys the
thing, with dinner chatter drowning out
the events raison detre. No matter, the
moneys still good. Since 1985, amfAR
The stars turned out to honor Julia Roberts and raise big bucks for AIDS research
has invested $480 million in research PHOTOS COURTESY OF AMFAR

programs and awarded more than 3,300

grantsand the Oct. 13 gala honoring
actress Julia Roberts at the Green Acres
Estate of activist philanthropist Ron Burkle
pulled in more than $2 million. That brings
to $13 million amfAR has raised in the
eight years of its annual LA gala.
Some of that $2 million will no doubt go
to the $100 million amfAR has committed
to its three-year old initiative, Countdown
to a Cure for AIDS. Unfortunately, Dr. Krim
was too frail to travel to the LA gala or she
would have certainly expounded on how a
cure may actually be in sight. amfAR notes
on its website that last July, the Food and
Drug Administration nally approved a
gene therapy-based treatment in the US.
The treatment, rst developed by Dr.
Carl June of the University of Pennsylvania,
a member of amfARs Cure Council, is
based on the use of so-called CAR cells to
kill cancer cells, amfar reports. On July
13, amfAR announced two new grants to ability to kill HIV-infected cells. The grants dream, and the case of the Berlin patient HIV. However, several complex scientic
(Los Angeles area-based) research teams are part of a new round of seven awards provides proof-of-principle that a cure challenges remain, and these new grants
pursuing similar strategies involving CAR totaling $2.3 million in support of gene is possible, said amfAR Chief Executive reect amfARs determination to pursue a
(chimeric antigen receptor) cells, which therapy-based approaches to curing HIV. Ocer Kevin Robert Frost, referring to the
have shown signicant potential for their Curing HIV is no longer a pipe only person known to have been cured of CONTINUES ON PAGE 05
LO C A L N E W S W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM O CT O BE R 2 0 , 2 0 1 7 0 5


range of strategies to overcome them.

The event was emceed by popular TV
host James Corden, with performances by
Chris Martin and Fergie. Longtime amfAR
supporter and proud gay dad Cheyenne
Jackson introduced amfAR Board Chair
Kenneth Cole, who talked about the
recent devastation caused by the series
of hurricanes, the Nevada mass shooting,
and Californias wildres.
So much loss and so much suering
most of it out of our control, Cole said. But
tonight we can at least feel encouraged by
knowing we are working together to address
a crisis that we are doing something about.
With your support, we are getting closer
every day to a cure for a chronic condition
that has already taken 35 million lives.
Cole introduced Tom Hanks, who won an
Oscar for his deeply moving and impactful
performance 25 years ago of a lawyer with
AIDS ghting against the rm that red
him in the movie Philadelphia. Hanks
gushed over Roberts, presenting her with
amfAR Award of Courage. Roberts played
Dr. Emma Brookner in Ryan Murphys
acclaimed 2014 television adaptation of
Larry Kramers award-winning AIDS play,
The Normal Heart, about the early days of
the epidemic. In addition to supporting
amfAR, Roberts is a longtime supporter of
the (PRODUCT) RED campaign, a unique
coalition of activists, celebrities and business
that produce branded RED products, with
proceeds going to the Global Fund to Fight
AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
Roberts called the stemming of AIDS-
related deaths a tipping point, giving her
courage. If we dont take our foot o the
gas by 2020 we could ensure that no
children will be born with HIV anymore,
becoming the rst HIV-free generation!
In addition to funding scientic research,
amfAR continues to work towards AIDS
prevention with programs such as EPIC HIV positive. Since then, Ongina has used trusted the guy. The biggest mistake generation, with millennials for whom this
VOICES, featuring, among others, Ryan her fame to be an advocate for equality, we make is we get involved with people is no longer a serious issue.
Palao, better known as Ongina, a star drag people with HIV/AIDS and trans rights. sexually and we forget to use protection Check out the
performer from season 1 of RuPauls Drag Palao tells the Los Angeles Blade he and be smart, he says. Working with (later this week) to read about Ryan Palao/
Race. After winning an award on the show, was infected during a random hook up amfAR, he hopes to use his own story Onginas experiences at the amfAR LA gala,
Ongina emotionally came out as being in New York City in 2006 at age 24. He to raise awareness with the younger including being invited onstage by Fergi!
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Bipartisan legislation introduced to protect transgender servicemembers

House bill companion Committee, tells the LA Blade.
to Senate bill introduced When the President tweeted out his
discriminatory transgender military ban, he
last month claimed he had consulted with the Pentagon.
As his announcement so plainly took the
By KAREN OCAMB military by surprise, it is dicult to give the Presidents statement any weight, Rep. Adam
Schi (D-CA) told the LA Blade. Congress
More opposition is emerging to both Democrats and Republicans must
President Trumps directive to reinstitute hold the President accountable.
a ban on transgender individuals from In fact, Joint Chiefs Chair Marine Gen.
serving in the US Armed Forces. Several Joseph Dunford told the Senate Armed
lawsuits have been led, bipartisan bills Services Committee last September that
have been introduced in both chambers he opposes the ban.
of Congress, and a slew of legislators have I believe that any individual who meets
formally requested evidence from the the physical and mental standards,
Pentagon that Trump, in fact, conferred Dunford said, should be aorded the
with top military generals before tweeting opportunity to continue to serve. He
the stunning personnel reversal last July. also noted that he had given that advice
California Rep. JACKIE SPEIER spearheading bipartisan legislation to protect trans servicemembers
Trans people have been serving openly in privately to administration ocials.
the military without incident since the ban PHOTO COURTESY OF SPEIER There are currently four lawsuits against
was lifted by then-Defense Sec. Ash Carter Trump, Mattis and the proposed ban. On
in June 2016, with training completed of history, Speier said in a statement. formal congressional letter to the Pentagon Oct. 16, a group of 15 Democratic attorney
and only the accessions policy left to be News ash, Mr. President thousands requesting all correspondence and generals added their weight, as well, ling
tweaked. In response to agitated confusion of transgender troops already serve documentation to show who advised Trump. a brief inU.S. District Court for the District
from within the ranks, Sec. of Defense Jim our country with pride and dignity. Our We seek information to discover the of Columbia arguing that a ban on trans
Mattis has repeatedly said the current policy military should be focused on recruiting proof of where and when the Pentagon military service violated the Constitution,
of trans open service remains in eect until and retaining the best troops, not on advised the President that this was the harms the trans community and is against
he develops a replacement. He has six rejecting qualied service members on the best idea for our country, McEachin wrote the interest of national defense. The
months to convene a panel of experts to basis of discrimination. in the Oct. 10 letter to Mattis signed by 114 brief argues that nothing about being
come up with recommendationswhile Im proud to work with this bipartisan, members of Congress. transgender inhibits a persons ability
simultaneously preparing for the possibility bicameral group of lawmakers, including Decades ago senior military leadership to serve in the military or otherwise
of nuclear war. Arizonas Senator John McCain, in standing and Members of Congress tried to say that contribute to society.
Meanwhile, legislative opposition grows. with our military, said bisexual Rep. a group of people, African-Americans, were The brief was led by attorney
California Reps. Jackie Speier and Susan Kyrsten Sinema. A Pentagon source told not t to serve and would run at the sight of generals from California, Massachusetts,
Davis, with four other members of Congress, the Los Angeles Blade that Mattis called a battle. I cannot believe that we are here Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois,
introduced a bipartisan bill on Oct. 13 McCain directly to ask him to sign onto today facing similar discrimination against Iowa, Maryland, New Mexico, New York,
to protect currently serving transgender Gllibrands legislation. transgender individuals, McEachin said in Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island,
military servicemembers. H.R. 4041 The decision by the Administration to his press release. Washington, D.C., and Vermont. It is in
prohibits the Department of Defense from not allow transgender individuals to serve President Trump clearly has no support of a lawsuit led in August by
discharging trans members based solely in the military is a sad reminder of the dark appreciation for the courage it takes not just the National Center for Lesbian Rights
on their gender identity. The legislation chapters in our nations history that should serve the country, but to own your identity and GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders
is a companion bill to one introduced in never be repeated, said Florida Republican knowing there are people who will not and argues both animus and that the
September in the Senate by Sens. Kirsten Rep.Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who has a trans accept you. He is using terms like military administrations purported justications
Gillbrand, John McCain and others. son. These individuals are willing to sacrice readiness and unit cohesion to hide the for reinstating the ban are contradicted by
Kicking out members of the United their lives for our freedom, a freedom that abject cruelty and naked bigotry of his action research, reason, and experience.
States Armed Services solely based they should also be able to enjoy. against transgendered servicemembers, One possible hitch to the push back is if
on their gender identity is hateful, In addition to the legislation, Democratic out Rep. Mark Takano, the Vice Ranking the courts decide not to take a case while
discriminatory, and on the wrong side Virginia Rep. A. Donald McEachin initiated a Member on the House Veterans Aairs legislation and the new policy are pending.
In adults with HIV on ART who have diarrhea not caused by an infection
This is only a summary. See complete Prescribing Information at or by calling 1-844-722-8256. This does not take the place
of talking with your doctor about your medical condition or treatment.
What Is Mytesi?
Mytesi is a prescription medicine used to improve symptoms of
noninfectious diarrhea (diarrhea not caused by a bacterial, viral, or
parasitic infection) in adults living with HIV/AIDS on ART.
Do Not Take Mytesi if you have diarrhea caused by an infection. Before
you start Mytesi, your doctor and you should make sure your diarrhea is
not caused by an infection (such as bacteria, virus, or parasite).
Possible Side Effects of Mytesi Include:
Upper respiratory tract infection (sinus, nose, and throat infection)
Bronchitis (swelling in the tubes that carry air to and from your lungs)
Flatulence (gas)
Increased bilirubin (a waste product when red blood cells break down)
For a full list of side effects, please talk to your doctor. Tell your doctor if
you have any side effect that bothers you or does not go away.
You are encouraged to report negative side effects of

Tired of planning your life around diarrhea?

prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit or
call 1-800-FDA-1088.

Enough is Enough
Should I Take Mytesi If I Am:
Pregnant or Planning to Become Pregnant?
Studies in animals show that Mytesi could harm an unborn baby or
affect the ability to become pregnant
There are no studies in pregnant women taking Mytesi
This drug should only be used during pregnancy if clearly needed
Get relief. Pure and simple. Ask your doctor about Mytesi. A Nursing Mother?
It is not known whether Mytesi is passed through human breast milk
Mytesi (crofelemer): If you are nursing, you should tell your doctor before starting Mytesi
Is the only medicine FDA-approved to relieve diarrhea in people with HIV Your doctor will help you to decide whether to stop nursing or to stop
taking Mytesi
Treats diarrhea differently by normalizing the flow of water in the GI tract
Under 18 or Over 65 Years of Age?
Has the same or fewer side effects as placebo in clinical studies Mytesi has not been studied in children under 18 years of age
Comes from a tree sustainably harvested in the Amazon Rainforest Mytesi studies did not include many people over the age of 65. So it is
not clear if this age group will respond differently. Talk to your doctor to
What is Mytesi? find out if Mytesi is right for you
Mytesi is a prescription medicine that helps relieve symptoms of diarrhea not caused by What Should I Know About Taking Mytesi
an infection (noninfectious) in adults living with HIV/AIDS on antiretroviral therapy (ART). With Other Medicines?
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do not have infectious diarrhea. Otherwise, there is a risk you would not receive the right medicine or speak to your doctor or pharmacist.
and your infection could get worse. In clinical studies, the most common side effects that occurred To report side effects or make a product complaint or for additional
more often than with placebo were upper respiratory tract (sinus, nose, and throat) infection information, call 1-844-722-8256.
(5.7%), bronchitis (3.9%), cough (3.5%), flatulence (3.1%), and increased bilirubin (3.1%).

For Copay Savings Card and Rx Only

Patient Assistance, see Manufactured by Patheon, Inc.
for Napo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. San Francisco, CA 94105
Copyright Napo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Please see complete Prescribing Information at Mytesi comes from the Croton lechleri tree harvested
in South America.
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Bannon declares war on Establishment Republicans

But hes speaking Likely Republican. Hunters Democratic
at the California opponent is a highly regarded former
Navy Seal, Josh Butner.
Republican Convention And then theres Rep. Dana Rohrabacher
who represents the 48th District of Coastal
By KAREN OCAMB Orange County. The Cook Report moved Rohrabacher into the Toss Up column
in reaction to the surng conservatives
The Republican Party is very, very excited encounter with Julian Assange, and
unied, President Trump told reporters support for internet conspiracy theorist
during a Rose Garden news conference Chuck Johnson and the whole Trump-
on Monday, Oct. 16, with Senate Majority loving pro-Russian gang. His strongest
Leader Mitch McConnell at his side. With likely Democratic opponent so far is Hans
Congress facing tax reform, a budget deal, Keirstead, a stem cell and cancer researcher
and the 2018 elections, Trump declared who founded a biotech company that was
that his relationship with this gentleman sold for $126 million, per the Cook Report.
Former Trump chief strategist STEVE BANNON at CPAC
is outstanding. Trump said he feels This is one of Democrats best takeover
closer than ever before to McConnell, PHOTO BY MICHAEL VADON; COURTESY OF FLICKR opportunities in California.
despite repeatedly heaping criticism on The Cook Report rates other vulnerable
the Majority Leader for not successfully to a broad electorate. After naming a Christian charity he founded, the justice Republicans in competitive races as:
pushing Trumps agenda. number of Tea Party losers, McConnell who was twice expelled from the bench for Toss Up: Steve Knight in the 25th District
In fact, just hours before the news said he is supporting GOP incumbents to violating the law, actually received a salary (Palmdale), Darrell Issa in the 49th District
conference, Trump said he understands keep a governing majority. of $180,000 a year for part-time work at his (Vista); Lean Republican: Je Denham,10th
why his former chief strategist and White Trump also seemed to backtrack from Foundation for Moral Law. Additionally, his District (Turlock), Ed Royce, 39th District
Nationalist advisor Steve Bannon called his before-lunch comments. He said $1 million-plus compensation as president (Fullerton), and Mimi Walters, 45th District
for war on the GOP establishment and he is going to try talking Bannon out of for ve years far exceeded what the (Irvine);Likely Republican: David Valadao,
specically name-checked McConnell primarying some incumbents, noting that foundation disclosed in its public tax lings. 21st District (Hanford).
during the Family Research Councils he has a fantastic relationship with some California Republicans have a similar Steve Bannon is not shy about taking
Values Voter Summit. members of Congress. candidate in Rep. Duncan D. Hunter, on the establishment on behalf of hard
Yeah, Mitch, the donors are not happy. It is unclear if Bannon is using his who represents the 50th District in San working Americans, California Republican
Theyve all left you. Weve cut your oxygen speaking gig at the California Republican Diego County. Hunterwho helped Party Chairman Jim Brulte said in a press
o, Bannon said on Saturday. Theres a Party Convention on Oct. 20in Anaheim spearhead the eort to evict trans service release, adding that he was looking forward
time and season for everything, and right as a recruitment opportunity or warning. members from the military is under FBI to Bannon and other speakers providing a
now its a season of war against a GOP As a ame-thrower, he is an attraction. investigation into whether improperly he vision for Republicans moving forward.
establishment. However, with California Republican used campaign funds for personal and But before Trumps stunning upset last
I can understand where Steve Bannon registration down to 26 percent and no family expenses. November, that GOP vision was starting to
is coming from, Trump told reporters GOP-held statewide oces, recruitment Hunter, who succeeded his father be one of sincere inclusion: the state party
before lunch with McConnell and Vice of primary challengers at a convention in 2008, is at risk of a stunning fall of welcomed gay moderate/conservative Log
President Mike Pence. Im not going to trying to gin up support for vulnerable losing the safest of Republican seats Cabin Republicans as charter members;
blame myself. Ill be honest, they are not incumbents could backre. because of silly self-inicted mistakes. It then-Speaker John Boehner ew in for a
getting the job done. The most important thing is an authentic would be possible to feel sorry for him if fundraiser for openly gay congressional
Asked about Bannons jibe at him candidate, Bannon told the values voters. hed ever shown genuine contrition. Now candidate Carl DeMaio; and Grover
and Bannons promise to primary GOP Whether its Donald Trump or Judge Moore its too late for that, the San Diego Union Norquist, founder of Americans for Tax
incumbentsjust as he boosted extremist -- this is who you ought to vote for. Tribune editorialized last July. Reform without whose endorsement once
Judge Roy Moore over Trumps incumbent But that admonishment for Establishment Republicans have quietly no candidate could win, was a strong ally.
pick Sen. Luther Strange in the Alabama authenticity came after the Washington indicated they will cut Hunter loose if he That vision has blurred. And now,
primaryMcConnell ducked and covered. Post revealed that, contrary to Moores is indicted. Election prognosticators at according to a lengthy story in the New
The goal, McConnell said, is to win public pronouncements that he did not the Cook Report moved his competitive Yorker, Trump comfortable jokes that
elections and that happens by appealing take a regular salary from the small reelection bid from Solid Republican to Pence wants to hang all gay people.
Participating retailers will be making
donations to Stories: The AIDS Monument.
Come out and see the stars and support
our local businesses.

Watch for more details at

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California reckoning: challenging Dianne Feinstein

With whom will the Democracy for America disagrees.
LGBT community side? The progressive group with nearly
300,000 California members issued an
immediate endorsement of de Len,
By KAREN OCAMB citing in particular his work on behalf of undocumented immigrants and single-
payer healthcare.
Kevin de Len, the progressive De Len didnt ask people to sit back
president pro-tem of the California State and wait, hoping maybe Trump would
Senate, made it ocial on Sunday, Oct. someday turn out OK, DFA Executive
15hes challenging 25-year incumbent Director Charles Chamberlain said. He
Sen. Dianne Feinstein in the June 5, 2018 immediately began working to pass
Democratic primary. LGBT loyalties are policies that would help the people most
about to be tested. immediately aected by Trumps bigoted,
California Democrats are just starting greedy policies.
to settle after the bruising battle by The contest may prove to be a trial
Berniecrats over the election of out gay for LGBT voters. Feinstein was the San
Eric Bauman as Chair of the California Francisco Supervisor who found the
Democratic Party to succeed longtime body of her colleague Harvey Milk and
Chair John Burton. For 17 years, Bauman announced the assassination to the world.
worked as a powerful statewide strategist California State Sen. KEVIN DE LEN
But as mayor, she also vetoed a domestic
and organizer, electing Democrats to partnership bill that many LGBT voters
federal, state and local seats as chair of remembered when she ran for governor
the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, against Pete Wilson in 1990. However, as
representing over 2.4 million registered contest is a dramatic playing out of the the arena together. a highly regarded conservative senator,
Democrats. Last week, on Oct 12, the annoyed cry by younger congressional Though he didnt mention Feinstein Feinsteins very strong voice opposing the
LACDC elected Baumans pick young gay Democrats that its time for the torch to be in his announcement video that focuses anti-gay Prop 8 in 2008 was critical and
politico Mark Gonzalesto lead them into passed to a new generation. on his biography and the need for jobs deeply appreciated. She said she changed
the critical 2018 elections. De Len presents himself as a leader of to escape poverty, De Len is calling out her mind about marriage equality because
The CDP election denotes a longed-for that new activist generation. Having cut the more conservative Democrat for of her out deputy, Trevor Daley, who used
political power shift from Northern to his political teeth ghting Wilsons anti- suggesting that Americans should exhibit to represent Feinstein at LGBT functions.
Southern California, which may give de immigrant Prop 187, he is the author of patience with Trump, that he might still She has also fought on behalf of binational
Len a good ghting chance against the the once-unimaginable sanctuary state become good president. couples and to repeal the Defense of
rich, well-connected Feinstein. Though bill, recently signed into law by Gov. Jerry He cannot be a good president, at all, Marriage Act.
California has a population of 39.25 Brown. The legislation is seen by many as whatsoever de Len told the Sacramento On the other hand, de Len is close with
million, the states two US Senators a powerful middle nger of resistance to Bee. His values are antithetical to the many LGBT activists and politicos, having
have come from the San Francisco area the anti-immigrant policies of President values of the state of California. fought for intersectional issues for a long
since Republicans Pete Wilson and John Donald J. Trump. Bill Carrick, Feinsteins longtime time. He is an accessible and ubiquitous
Seymour, from the San Diego and Inland We now stand at the front lines of campaign strategist, told The Bee that presence at LGBT events. He is of the new
Empire areas, respectively, were elected a historic struggle for the very soul of de Lens progressive positions are generation where the LGBT community
in the early 1990s. And while, Los Angeles America, against a president without one, counterfeit. is automatically included in his strategic
is essentially the ATM for the national de Len wrote in an email to supporters. Hes making himself sound like hes thinking, not one on a list of constituencies.
Democratic Party, the last LA-based US Every day, his administration wages been a leader of the progressive movement Age, race, region, progressive-vs-
Senator was actor George Murphy, a war on our people and our progress. He in California and that hes out front in a conservativeall will play a part in the
Republican elected in 1964. disregards our voices. Demonizes our direct appeal to Bernie Sanders voters, thinking of LGBT voters. But LGBT people
De Len, 50, announced his candidacy in diversity. Attacks our civil rights, our clean Carrick said. But the truth of the matter is also tend to be very loyal and that loyalty,
an email to supporters and an online video air, our health access and our public he never supported Bernie Sanders. I dont earned for an emotional reason, may play
six days after Feinstein, 84, announced safety. We can lead the ght against his see a record of somebody being out on the an important role in who gets their vote
she was running for a fth full term. The administration, but only if we jump into cutting edge on a lot of issues. next year.
Try it...
I promise
youll like it!

e k e nd R ide
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v e r y 1 5 minutes
S at 8 p m-3am
Fri & 0pm
n 2 p m - 1

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LGBT Homeless Gets State Hearing

Nearly one-third of
Americas homeless
youth live in California


California State Sen. Scott Wiener

(D-San Francisco) and Assemblymember
Blanca E. Rubio (D-Baldwin Park) held
a joint informational hearing on the
extraordinarily high level of youth
homelessness, with statistics indicating
that an estimated 80% are Californians,
not from outside the state or country.
While the State Legislature has made
some progress addressing housing
aordabilitythe youth component of
the larger homelessness issue has fallen
through the legislative cracks, even though
more than 12,000 youth are homeless in
the Golden State on any one night.
Representative service providers,
researchers, homeless advocates
and youth testied on Oct. 10, World
Homeless Day, at The Village at Ed Gould
Plaza in Hollywood on the dire but often
overlooked situation and what state
government could do, including education
and job training programs.
Simon Costello, the Los Angeles LGBT
Centers Director of Children, Youth & Family
Services cited statistics from an extensive
survey conducted by the Hollywood
Homeless Youth Partnership (www.hhyp.
org), with which the Center partners. The
2013 HHYP report indicated that: 40% had
been removed from their home by child
protective services; 69% had at some point
been involved with the juvenile or criminal SIMON COSTELLO, the Los Angeles LGBT Centers Director of Children, Youth & Family Services testies at hearing of the California Senate and Assembly
Human Services Committees on Oct. 10.
justice system; less than 50% of youth over
18 had a high school diploma or GED.
Simon also cited a Jan. 2017 study under
the auspices of the LA Homeless Services counted in 2016; over 90% were between In 2016, the Center provided services 7 days a week, it means 2 to 3 new young
Authority: 5,847 youthnearly half of all 18 and 24 and roughly 80% were young to over 1,200 young people experiencing people are seeking services every dayat
estimated homeless youth in California people of color; 70% were from LA County. homelessness, 880 were rst time clients, just one agency.
are homelessness on any one night in These surveys do not count youth who says Center Communications manager (See Sen. Wieners op-ed on the hearing
LA County alonethats up from 3,540 couch surf or nd other temporary shelter. Gil Diaz. Since the Youth Center is open in this issue.)


Sa Oc at 9

le tob pm
Hu ds r 30

En e
rry Mo th
In nda


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higher than the minimum payment that would be required if the purchase was a non-promotional purchase. Regular account terms apply to non-promotional purchases. For new accounts: Purchase APR is 29.99%; Minimum Interest Charge is $2. Existing cardholders should
see their credit card agreement for their applicable terms. Promotional purchases of merchandise will be charged to account when merchandise is delivered. Subject to credit approval. Monthly payment shown is equal to the purchase price, excluding taxes and delivery,
divided by the number of months in the promo period, rounded to the next highest whole dollar, and only applies to the selected financing option shown. If you make your payments by the due date each month, the monthly payment shown should allow you to pay off this
purchase within the promo period if this balance is the only balance on your account during the promo period. If you have other balances on your account, this monthly payment will be added to the minimum payment applicable to those balances.
Ashley HomeStore does not require a down payment, however, sales tax and delivery charges are due at time of purchase if the purchase is made with your Ashley Advantage Credit Card. Offer applies only to single-receipt qualifying purchases. No interest will be charged on the
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skillfully matched vinyl everywhere else. Ashley HomeStores are independently owned and operated. 2017 Ashley HomeStores, Ltd. Promotional Start Date: October 17, 2017. Expires: October 30, 2017.
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Notable quotes



At least 40 people are known dead, with an unknown number still missing after wind-fueled wildres devastated 5,700 homes, businesses, vineyards and entire neighborhoods in
Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino counties in Northern California. Fountaingrove Lodge, an LGBT retirement community in Santa Rosa, suered some smoke damage, with residents
evacuated to nearby senior facilities. The Bay Area Reporter noted that some LGBT-owned vineyards were impacted and LGBT evacuees stayed with friends. BAR says the San Francisco-
based Rainbow World Fund is raising funds and supplies. Additionally, Facebook groups have been started, including Napa/Santa Rosa Animal Evacuations Info and Solano County
Horse/Livestock Fire Evacuation Help Page to serve as hubs for donation and volunteer information and pet/owner reunication.

If youve been sexually harassed or assaulted write

me too as a reply to this tweet
actress @Alyssa Milano tweeted Oct. 15, launching #MeToo hashtag in response to Harvey Weinstein scandal.

The American government has failed.

celebrity chef Jos Andrs told TIME as he fed people in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

So Sec. Tillerson did not call the president a moron.

They were sharing a sunday and the President asked if
he wanted more sprinkles and the secretary said, more on.
SNLs Kate McKinnon playing a horror parody of Kellyanne Conway from a rainy sewer to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

Take an active role in your health.

Ask your doctor if an HIV medicine made by Gilead is right for you.
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Trump at anti-LGBT summit: The times are changing back again

Conservative Value Voters
respond with chants of


President Trump took the opportunity

Friday of speaking at an anti-LGBT summit
to express pleasure in his administrations
actions reversing the legacy of the Obama
years, citing among other things recent
religious freedom guidance seen to
enable anti-LGBT discrimination.
Entering the stage at the 2017 Values
Voter Summit to chants of USA! USA!
USA! Trump sought to connect with an
audience of social conservatives, who
were largely responsible for his win in the President DONALD TRUMP speaks at the 2017 Values Voter Summit.
2016 presidential election. BLADE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY
The American Founders invoked our
Creator four times in the Declaration of
Independence four times, Trump said. U.S. Attorney General Je Sessions. see it every day. Youre reading it. joke asking Tony Perkins, president of the
How times have changed. But you know Just last week, based on this executive Trump also issued a call for unity at the Family Research Council, for permission to
what, now theyre changing back again. action, the Department of Justice issued event, recalling recent tragedies aecting skip next years event. Looking to Perkins
Just remember that. a new guidance to all federal agencies the nation, such as the mass shooting on stage, Trump later said, Hes saying
Those words werent in direct to ensure that no religious group is ever at Las Vegas, the wildre claiming lives theyre saying no.
reference to LGBT issues, but could targeted under my administration, Trump in California and devastation caused The exchange intended as amusing
apply to any number of actions in the said. It wont happen. by hurricanes along the Gulf Coast, in aside, but demonstrates the coziness
Trump administration reversing LGBT The guidance is seen to green light Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. between anti-LGBT groups like the Family
achievements under Obama. Among discrimination against LGBT people in the (Trump has faced criticism for inadequate Research Council and the White House
them are his ban on transgender people name of religious freedom. For example, response to Puerto Rico, which is still 84 since the start of the Trump administration.
in the military, undoing action in Obama a Social Security administrator charged percent without electrical power.) In the end, Trump oered a triumphant
years allowing them to serve, or his Justice with processing benets applications When America is unied, no force on view of America overcoming the many
Department advocating against LGBT could see an application for same-sex Earth can break us apart, Trump said. We challenges it faces, but emphasized the
non-discrimination protections after the spousal benets and refuse to process love our families. We love our neighbors. centralized of faith in achieving that
previous administration enforced civil that application for religious reasons. We love our country. Everyone here today goal before an audience that known to
rights laws to protect LGBT people. Religious freedom was major point in is brought together by the same shared use religious freedom as an excuse to
Trumps speech covered a range of Trumps address, which was delivered to and timeless values. We cherish the sacred discriminate against LGBT people.
actions made in his administration, many evangelical Christians. As evidence dignity of every human life. We will defeat every evil, overcome
including the appointment of U.S. Associate of Americas commitment to faith, Trump Trumps speech marked the rst time a every threat, and meet every single
Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, cited the inclusion of the words one nation sitting U.S. president spoke at the Values challenge, Trump said. We will defend
ending the birth control mandate under under God in the pledge of allegiance. Voter Summit, which is hosted by the anti- our faith and protect our traditions. We
Obamacare and military advances against I pledged that, in a Trump LGBT Family Research Council. But Trump will nd the best in each other and in
the Islamic State of Iraq & Syria. administration, our nations religious has delivered remarks before at the ourselves. We will pass on the blessings
But Trump also maintained his heritage would be cherished, protected, annual event. Last year, Trump addressed of liberty, and the glories of God, to our
commitment to religious freedom, citing and defended like you have never seen the anti-LGBT confab when he was the children. Our values will endure, our
his executive order on the issue in May before, Trump said. Thats whats Republican presidential nominee. nation will thrive, our citizens will ourish,
that resulted subsequent guidance from happening. Thats whats happening. You At one point, Trump made a strange and our freedom will triumph.

LGBT, HIV groups pan Trumps executive order

By CHRIS JOHNSON The executive order contains three key If you get healthy people, or people services such as HIV/STI screening and
portions, each of which the White House who think theyre healthy, to leave the prescription medications will become
LGBT and HIV/AIDS groups are criticizing says is designed to curtail the escalating regulated plans that are in ACAs health more costly and less accessible, Boswell
President Trumps executive order on costs of health insurance and assist the exchanges to sign up for this cheaper said. Health insurance costs for people
health care, asserting the measure estimated 1,500 counties that will be left health insurance with less coverage then living with HIV will likely increase
endangers people with pre-existing with one provider in 2018: when you do is drive up the costs for signicantly, and insurance markets will
conditions who could be left out in the cold. The order directs the Labor the folks who need full health insurance become destabilized.
Trump signed the executive order Department to consider expanding because the risk pool gets skewed more Trump signed the executive order after
Thursday in the Oval Oce in front of Vice access to association health plans to and more towards people with high repeated attempts in Congress to make
President Pence, senior administration allow employers to form groups across medical casts, Bruner said. good on Republican campaign pledges to
ocials and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who state lines to oer healthcare coverage to Bruner added that could really harm repeal and replace the Aordable Care Act.
opposes Obamacare, but has threatened to their employees. Employers participating people with HIV or other high-cost medical Although the U.S. House passed a version of
vote no on legislative replacement plans. in these associations cannot exclude conditions as well as LGBT people. Trumpcare, the U.S. Senate has been unable
With these actions, we are moving any employee from joining the plan and Although lots of folks dont realize this, to reach an agreement on legislation.
toward lower costs and more options in cannot develop premiums based on there are an awful of folks in the LGBT Gregory Angelo, executive director of
the healthcare market and taking crucial health conditions. community who are low-income who Log Cabin Republicans, in contrast to other
steps towards saving the American people The order instructs the administration to potentially would be harmed by this as LGBT groups said the executive order is a
from the nightmare of Obamacare, consider expanding coverage through low well, Bruner said. step in the right direction.
Trump said. cost short-term limited duration insurance According to a March report from the The goal of President Trumps
LGBT groups, which predominantly typically cheaper plans that under Center for American Progress, the rate of executive order on healthcare is to provide
were vocal opponents of Trumpcare in Obamacare were slated to last a maximum low- and middle-income LGBT people who Americans particularly middle-income
its legislative form, panned the executive of three months, but not subject to the same are uninsured has dropped by 35 percent Americans with more aordable
order shortly after Trump signed it. requirements for pre-existing conditions. since before the Aordable Care Acts healthcare choices and to allow Americans
Carl Schmid, deputy director of the The order directs the administration coverage reforms took eect in 2013. to exercise greater control over their
AIDS Institute, said the executive order to consider changes to Health Asked whether the Trump executive healthcare decisions, Angelo said. These
sets up health care plans that dont Reimbursement Arrangements, employer- order would hamper Whitman-Walkers are principles that all Americans should
provide essential health benets like funded accounts that reimburse ability to administer care, Bruner replied, get behind, especially those who have
prescription drugs or preventative care employees for healthcare expenses, such We certainly hope not and, of course, been impacted directly by Obamacares
which he said is really important for as deductibles and copayments. were committed to serving everyone ongoing collapse.
people at risk of HIV or with HIV. David Stacy, government aairs director regardless of their ability to pay. Unlike other LGBT groups, Log Cabin
I dont know what these plans have to for the Human Rights Campaign, said The concern is that if folks have less has joined with other Republican groups in
cover, Schmid said. Theyre not regulated the executive order amounts to assault insurance coverage that is less generous, calling for repeal of the Aordable Care Act.
by the insurance commissioners. Were on health coverage provided under the or covers fewer conditions, or has much Sarah Kate Ellis, CEO of GLAAD, also
been working so hard to get the insurance Aordable Care Act. deductibles, then when they come to get condemned Trumps executive order in
commissioners to look at problems in the Trumps executive order is nothing the health care they need, either from us a statement as an attempt to sabotage
insurance market; these plans dont even more than a cynical attempt to sabotage or from someone else, theyre going to be coverage for the more than 20 million people
get regulated by the insurance regulators, the Aordable Care Act, Stacy said. hit with much higher out-of-pocket costs who receive coverage under Obamacare.
so it seems like its really substandard. Beyond undermining the ACA, President that insurance wont cover, Bruner said. President Trump is working to sabotage
Schmid added the executive order will Trumps order will put LGBTQ Americans One real concern is folks in that situation the Aordable Care Act in any way possible;
also hurt the overall insurance market, at risk through substandard health plans will just not get the care they need. showing complete disregard for the health
which includes people with pre-existing that exclude essential health benets and Also speaking out against the executive and well-being of millions of Americans,
conditions who may forced to pay higher protections for those with pre-existing order was Stephen Boswell, CEO of the including many in the LGBTQ community,
premiums and deductibles. conditions and increase premiums for Massachusetts-based LGBT organization who rely on the ACA for coverage, Ellis
The people who are sick will stay in those remaining in other plans. Fenway Health. said. Health care is a human right and now
those, and other people will go in these Dan Bruner, senior director of policy Todays executive order is a signicant more than ever we must keep ghting to
plans and people dont know when theyre for the D.C.-based Whitman-Walker step backwards for the nations health. protect our care and demand the inclusive
going to have HIV, or going to have cancer Health, said the executive order has no Weakening the mandate to ensure that and aordable healthcare that the LGBTQ
down the road, and thats what insurance immediate impact until U.S. agencies act, all health insurance plans oer essential community, and all Americans, deserve to
does, it spreads it out, Schmid said. but nonetheless expressed concern. health benets means that core health live and thrive.
W WW .L OS A NG EL ESB LADE .CO M O CO T BE R 2 0 , 2 0 1 7 1 9

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Boston Scientific Corporation has sponsored funding for this patient seminar and accompanying educational material.
Boston Scientific Corporation has sponsored funding for this patient seminar and accompanying educational material.
Boston Scientific Corporation has sponsored funding for this patient seminar and accompanying educational material.

Lawsuit against Mississippi anti-LGBT law reaches Supreme Court

By CHRIS JOHNSON not delay the issuance of licenses. Masterpiece Cakeshop, its decision is
Last month, the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court likely to make the questions presented
On the same day a Mississippi religious of Appeals refused to reconsider en banc here even more important, by spurring
freedom law enabling anti-LGBT before the full court an earlier decision more state enactments like Mississippis,
discrimination went into eect, an LGBT by a three-judge panel to throw out the the petition says. If the court rejects
legal team litigating against the statute lawsuit. That decision overturned a ruling the bakers claim and concludes that
petitioned the Supreme Court to review from a district court that found HB 1523 the challenged application of Colorados
the decision throwing out their challenge violated the Establishment Clause. public accommodations law does not
to the law. The petition presents two questions for violate the First Amendment, states will be
In a 43-page ling, the legal team in case the Supreme Court: 1) If plaintis in the more likely to pass laws like HB 1523.
of Barber v. Bryant urges the Supreme Court case have standing to challenge the law on The names of the attorneys on the
to reverse the U.S. U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of the basis that it violates the Establishment petition include heavy-hitters joining as co-
Appeals decision that determined plaintis Clause; and 2) If plaintis have standing to counsel in the case. Among them is Paul
lacked standing to challenge the anti-LGBT challenge on the basis that it challenges Smith, the D.C.-based attorney who in 2003
on the basis of either the Establishment or the Equal Protection Clause. successfully argued before the Supreme
the Equal Protections Clauses. Making the case the anti-LGBT law Court against state bans on same-sex
The courts decision is wrong on the violates the Establishment Clause, the relations in Lawrence v. Texas. Also on the
merits; it conicts with the decision petition argues the statute amount state- list is Donald Verrilli, a former U.S. solicitor
of other courts of appeals; and it has sanctioned discrimination in support of general under the Obama administration
staggering implications, the petition says. one particular religious views. assisted in litigation before the Supreme
Under the courts reasoning, a state could If anything, HB 1523 inicts a much Court seeking marriage equality.
A lawsuit challenging the Mississippi anti-LGBT
enact a statute establishing Christianity law has reached the Supreme Court. more concrete injury than any religious Susan Sommer, director of constitutional
or any other religion as the ocial display, the petition says. Enshrining litigation and associate legal director at
religion of the state, and no plainti would particular religious beliefs in a state Lambda Legal, compared the Mississippi
have standing to challenge that statute. statute is the most emphatic endorsement anti-LGBT law to state bans on sodomy
Representing plaintis in the case been experiencing the ill eects of the law the state can make it represents the struck down in the 2003 Lawrence v. Texas.
LGBT people, Mississippi ministers and since it passed. The Fifth Circuits decision States ocial and considered policy, and The Supreme Court again needs to
the Joshua Generation Metropolitan is out of step with decisions in many it is intended to govern all state citizens. safeguard equality for LGBT Mississippians
Community Church are Lambda Legal, other circuits and we are hopeful that On the issue of whether the law violates and LGBT people across the country who
Mississippi civil rights attorney Rob McDu the Supreme Court will grant review and the Equal Protection Clause, the petition are experiencing another dangerous
and the Mississippi Center for Justice. provide clarity on this issue. says the anti-LGBT law leaves a disfavored attack on their rights, Sommer said. We
McDu said in a statement the legal The law, House Bill 1523, prohibits the group of people with no recourse if are hopeful that the Supreme Court will
team is seeking Supreme Court review of state from taking action against religious theyre denied services under the statute. grant review and that its ruling will shut
the Mississippi anti-LGBT law because it is organizations that decline employment, That is the denition of unequal down other anti-LGBT state lawmakers
unfair and unconstitutional. housing or services to same-sex couples; treatment under the law, the petition emboldened not only by the wave of
These laws are wolves in sheeps families whove adopted a foster child says. HB 1523 establishes an unequal discriminatory laws like HB 1523, but also
clothing it is LGBT discrimination and wish to act in opposition to same- legal regime, both creating a favored class by an administration in Washington rolling
disguised as religious freedom, McDu sex marriage and individuals who oer of people and allowing them to deny with back LGBT civil rights and providing a
said. By promoting discrimination in the wedding services and decline to facilitate impunity a range of services to another, roadmap to discriminate.
name of religion, HB 1523 violates both the a same-sex wedding. disfavored, class of people. The Barber case is but one of two legal
First and the Fourteenth Amendments. Additionally, the bill allows individuals Although the Supreme Court has challenges to the anti-LGBT Mississippi law
Beth Orlansky, advocacy director for the working in medical services to decline a already agreed to hear a case on rejected by the Fifth Circuit. The other was
Mississippi Center for Justice, said in a statement transgender persons request for gender religious freedom and LGBT rights the led by New York attorney Roberta Kaplan on
the Fifth Circuits decision is imposing harm on reassignment surgery. The bill also allows Masterpiece Cakeshop case involving a behalf of the Campaign of Southern Equality.
LGBT people in Mississippi. state government employees who facilitate Colorado baker seeking to deny wedding A spokesperson for the Campaign for
Standing is not about who wins marriages the option to opt out of issuing cakes to same-sex couples the petition Southern Equality said the LGBT group
and who loses, but who has access to licenses to same-sex couples, but the insists consideration of the Mississippi is intends to follow up with its own petition
justice, Orlansky said. HB 1523 goes person must issue prior written notice to the still necessary. seeking Supreme Court of the Mississippi
into eect today, but our clients have state government and a clerks oce must [W]hichever way the court rules in anti-LGBT law.
W WW .L OS A NG EL ESB LADE .CO M O CO T BE R 2 0 , 2 0 1 7 2 1

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Trump draws sharp criticism from Latin America activists

By MICHAEL K. LAVERS Trumps election is a tragedy, said prepared to handle two dads with kids, the most violent countries in the world.
Jimnez. Ayala told the Blade, noting one of the Rampant violence and discrimination from
VALPARASO, Chile Activists in Latin Jimnez spoke with the Blade less than men left El Salvador when he was a baby street gangs, the police and even family
America with whom the Washington Blade 24 hours after a gunman who was in a and neither of them speaks Spanish. members based on sexual orientation
spoke in recent weeks sharply criticized 32nd oor suite at the Mandalay Bay Pedro Santos, the gay nephew of and gender identity has prompted many
President Trump over his administrations casino hotel in Las Vegas killed 58 people Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos LGBTI people from El Salvador, Honduras
stance on LGBT and intersex rights and and injured nearly 500 others during a who lives part-time in Brooklyn, N.Y., and neighboring Guatemala to ee their
other issues. country music festival. also discussed DACA when he spoke with respective countries and migrate to
Diego Encalada, regional coordinator Chilean President Michelle Bachelet and the Blade on Sept. 28 at a coee shop Mexico and the U.S.
of Fundacin Iguales, a Chilean LGBTI Argentine President Mauricio Macri are in the Chapinero neighborhood of the An executive order that Trump signed
advocacy group, sat down with the Blade among the Latin American leaders who Colombian capital of Bogot. on Jan. 25 spurred construction of a wall
on Oct. 3 at a coee shop in the Chilean condemned the massacre. Chileans with He said he has undocumented friends along the U.S.-Mexico border in order
port city of Valparaso. whom the Blade spoke in the days after the who have lived in the U.S. for their to curtail the number of undocumented
He described Trumps decision to ban mass shooting asked about the prevalence whole lives and some of their relatives immigrants who enter the U.S. sparked
transgender people from the U.S. military of guns in the U.S. and what American have been deported. Pedro Santos also widespread outrage among advocates
as a setback. Encalada, a medical student politicians have done to reduce it. criticized Trump over his response to the in Central America. The White Houses
who visited California and Las Vegas in white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, decision to reinstate trade and travel
2015, also criticized Trump over a host Trump immigration Va., in August that left Heather Heyer, a restrictions with Cuba and the Trump
of other issues that include his stance 32-year-old paralegal, dead. administrations response to Hurricane
towards North Korea and climate change.
policy sparks concern The precedent that hes setting is Im Maria in Puerto Rico have also been
He makes us laugh, Encalada told in Central America white so I have the power to mock you and sources of criticism throughout the region.
the Blade as he drank a glass fruit juice. Activists with whom the Blade spoke also I have the power, like I own you basically, Since Donald Trump took oce he has
[Trump] would clearly not make me laugh criticized Trump over his administrations said Pedro Santos. All of this is just letting slowly started to dismantle the system of
if I were . . . standing in the shoes of a trans immigration policy. white people know its okay to be racist, protections and access to human rights
person in the U.S. Andrea Ayala, executive director of which is not and this is setting a horrible of LGBT people, among other targeted
Fundacin Iguales President Juan Espacio de Mujeres Lesbianas por la precedent for the U.S. minorities, Mariano Ruiz, a member of the
Enrique Pi also noted Trumps decision Diversidad, an LGBTI advocacy group in Karla Avelar, director of Comunicando y International Day Against Homophobia,
to ban trans people from the U.S. military El Salvador that is known by the acronym Capacitando a Mujeres Trans, a Salvadoran Transphobia and Biphobia board of directors,
when he spoke with the Blade on Oct. 4 ESMULES, sat down with the Blade on trans advocacy group known by the told the Blade on Tuesday from Buenos Aires.
at his oce in the Bellavista neighborhood Sept. 25 at a coee shop in the upscale San acronym COMCAVIS, told the Blade on
of the Chilean capital of Santiago, which is Benito neighborhood of the Salvadoran Sept. 22 during an interview at her oce in The U.S. has become
roughly 70 miles southeast of Valparaso capital of San Salvador. The interview took San Salvadors Flor Blanca neighborhood
at the base of the Andes mountains. place less than a month after the Trump that her organization does not work with
irrelevant to people
What Donald Trump did with trans administration announced it will end the any known DACA recipients. U.S. Attorney General Je Sessions in
people in the U.S. Army is a tremendous Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals El Salvador and neighboring Honduras July met with his Salvadoran counterpart,
blow to trans identity, not only in the (DACA) program, which has allowed are among the countries that are included Douglas Menndez, in San Salvador.
United States, said Pi. roughly 800,000 young undocumented in the Temporary Protected Status program, The meeting coincided with the arrest
The world that Donald Trump proposes immigrants to remain in the U.S. and which allows people from countries that of more than 700 gang members who
is a world that is dierent than what obtain work permits. have suered war and/or national disaster are aliated with MS-13 and other gangs.
any human rights defender wants, he Ayala pointed out to the Blade that over the last two decades to receive The Justice Department announced while
added. It is therefore a world with more young undocumented immigrants from temporary residency permits in the U.S. Sessions was in El Salvador that a member
discrimination, with more exclusion, with El Salvador account for the third highest Avelar said COMCAVIS has worked with of MS-13s Peajes Locos Salvatruchas
more prejudice. percentage of DACA beneciaries. She also LGBT Salvadorans who have received TPS. Clique who allegedly killed three LGBT
Rolando Jimnez, president of the highlighted the case of a legally married She told the Blade that many of them are people in the country earlier this year was
Movement for Homosexual Integration gay Salvadoran couple who were raising concerned the Trump administration will in U.S. custody.
and Liberation, largely echoed Pi when a young child in Bedford, Va., before the end the program. Vice President Pence in August traveled
he spoke with the Blade on Oct. 2 at his U.S. deported them, even though they are We are aware of people who have to Panama, Colombia, Argentina and Chile.
organizations oces that are located near both DACA recipients. expressed concern, said Avelar.
Santiagos OHiggins Park. They came to a country that is not El Salvador and Honduras are among CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM

Sen. Kamala Harris to headline HRCs national dinner


Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) is set to

headline the upcoming Human Rights
Campaign dinner in D.C. amid speculation
she may pursue a presidential bid to
unseat President Trump in 2020.
Chad Grin, president of the Human
Rights Campaign, announced in a
statement Harris would speak at the
21st annual HRC National Dinner, which
will take place Oct. 28 at the Washington
Convention Center.
Sen. Kamala Harris is a champion of
equality who is committed to helping
us ght back against the Trump-Pence
administrations all-out war against
the LGBTQ community, Grin said.
Throughout her career in public life, Sen.
Harris has fought for the equal dignity
of the LGBTQ community, and she is a
national leader in the resistance against
the politics of hate and fear.
Harris, considered a potential 2020
presidential candidate, is already a favorite
of many in the LGBT community who are
looking to defeat President Trump and
reverse his anti-LGBT policy when he seeks
re-election at the end of his rst term.
A co-sponsor of the Equality Act in the
U.S. Senate, Harris as California attorney
general gained a reputation as an LGBT
advocate for refusing to defend Proposition
8 in court and declining to certify a state
ballot initiative aimed instituting the death
penalty for homosexual acts.
But Harris also faced criticism in the
transgender community for challenging
on behalf of the state a court order
granting gender reassignment surgery
for transgender inmate, Michelle-Lael
Norsworthy. The inmate ultimately
U.S. Sen. KAMALA HARRIS (D-Calif.) is set to speak at the Human Rights Campaign national dinner.
obtained the surgery under Medi-Cal after
she was granted parole. BLADE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY

Also set for recognition at the Human

Rights Campaign dinner is two-time Emmy Eyes Warren on the Netix show Orange change countless hearts and minds, commitment to helping advance equality
Award-winning actress Uzo Aduba, wholl is the New Black, which she said has Uzo Aduba is a powerful and compelling for LGBTQ people around the globe. We
be given the HRC Ally for Equality Award. educated her on LGBT issues. voice for justice, fairness, and equality, are proud to honor her with the HRC Ally
Aduba plays the role of Suzanne Crazy Using her incredible talent to help Grin said. Aduba is unwavering in her for Equality Award.

Trump should defend

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free press, not threaten it

PUBLISHED BY Los Angeles Blade, LLC
310-230-5266 x8080 (o), 917-406-1619 (c)
President threatened 310-230-5266 x8095
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MICHAEL K. LAVERS is a reporter for the NEWS EDITOR
Washington Blade. Reach him at mlavers@ KAREN OCAMB
President Trump on Oct. 11 once again CONTRIBUTORS
Trump in a tweet that he wrote at 9 55 DAVID EHRENSTEIN, STEVEN ERICKSON, LILLIAN
a.m. asked, at what point is it appropriate ROBIN TYLER, CHRIS AZZOPARD, ALLEN ROSKOFF,
to challenge the broadcast licenses of JOHN PAUL KING, JOHN MCHUGH-DENNIS, MELODY
NBC and other television networks. President TRUMPon Oct. 11, 2017, threatened to revoke NBCs broadcasting license in response to MUNDY, ROBERT WILLIAMS, DAN ALLEN, BRAD FUHR,
a story on his request to increase the U.S. nuclear arsenal. WINSTON GEISEKE, RICHARD ANDREOLI, DREW
Trump a few hours latertold reportersduring MACKIE, JOEY DIGUGLIELMO, CHRIS JOHNSON, LOU
White House that it is frankly disgusting the way PHOTOGRAPHY
the press is able to write whatever they want to BOB KRASNER, JON VISCOTT, MICHAEL KEY
write. Trump at 8:09 p.m. tweeted network Maykel Gonzlez, a gay Cuban journalist, El Salvador, Guatemala and Colombia CREATIVE DESIGN/PRODUCTION
news has become so partisan, distorted and has been detained twice over the last year have been threatened, harassed, attacked, DISTRIBUTION
fake that licenses must be challenged and, if because he triedto report on the aftermath kidnapped and even killed. It also notes the CHRISTOPHER JACKSON, 562-826-6602
appropriate, revoked. of Hurricane Matthewin the city of Baracoa Cuban government directly owned all print All material in the Los Angeles Blade is protected by federal copyright
law and may not be reproduced without the written consent of the Los
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Trumps outbursts came against the of Hurricane Irma in a portion of his available sources of information. implied. The appearance of names or pictorial representation does not
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his request to dramatically increase the Death threats forced Elena Milashina, horrors of the mass shooting in Las Vegas Unsolicited editorial material is accepted by the Los Angeles Blade, but
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is certainly not out of the ordinary. earlier this year, to go into hiding. A Russian Rico and the federal governments grossly at Postmaster: Send address changes to
the Los Angeles Blade, PO BOX 53352 Washington, DC 20009. The Los
Trump threatening to interfere with the court in August stopped the deportation of inadequate response that has cost lives. Angeles Blade is published bi-weekly, on Friday, by Los Angeles Blade,
LLC. Rates for businesses/institutions are $450 per year. Periodical
ability of the press to operate freely and a gay Novaya Gazeta reporter who writes Journalists are covering the litany of postage paid at Los Angeles, CA., and additional mailing oces. Editorial
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independently as the First Amendment under the pen name Ali Feruz and claims he scandals around the Trump administration editors notes as determined by the papers editors. Other opinions are
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Some facts are in order. The Washington Blade since January This is not fake news, Mr. President. submissions by e-mail to

The names of 2,305 journalists from has reported from Honduras, El Salvador, A free press is an essential part of
around the world who have died while Guatemala, Colombia andCuba. American democracy. Journalists in
on assignment are part of Newseums The State Departments 2016 human rights this country expect their president to
Journalists Memorialin downtown D.C. report indicates journalists in Honduras, vigorously and unequivocally defend it. 2017 LOS ANGELES BLADE, LLC.
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The Trump Administration is attacking transgender people

people from being red or harassed The courts have also ruled over and over transgender service members. Many
But the law still protects us because they are transgender. again that Title IX, the federal law barring service members came out as transgender
While many transgender people sex discrimination in education, requires to their commanders in reliance on the
understandably feel anxious and uncertain schools to protect transgender students militarys policy allowing open service. That
in the wake of these attacks on our from discrimination and harassment by policy was adopted last year after careful
community, its important to understand school sta and other students. In one study and with the full support of the
that we are not powerless. The law recent case we at the National Center for professional uniformed and civilian military

SHANNON MINTER is Legal Director for the

National Center for Lesbian Rights

Although transgender people are under assault like never before,

During the Obama administration, we need to remain strong and
transgender people made unprecedented remind ourselves how far we have come and
progress toward equality. President Obama
signed an executive order protecting
how many tools we still have to ght for equality.
transgender federal employees from
discrimination. The Department of Justice,
Department of Education, and Equal
Employment Opportunity Commission
all recognized that discrimination against
transgender people violates federal
laws prohibiting sex discrimination in protects us in many ways that the Trump Lesbian Rights led, a federal district court leadership. The Presidents reckless action
employment, education, and housing. And administration cannot easily undo, and we ruled that Title IX prohibits an Ohio School now threatens these service members
Attorney General Loretta Lynch pledged have options when faced with hostility and District from treating a 12-year old girl as if with dismissal and undermines the military
the full weight of the federal government discrimination at work or at school. she were a boy because she is transgender. itself by depriving it of highly trained and
in support of transgender people when For more than a decade, a near- As a result of this ruling, the student is now capable sta, many of whom have served
she declared: We see you; we stand with unanimous consensus has emerged able use the girls restroom and otherwise for a decade or more.
you; and we will do everything we can to among federal courts that the Civil Rights feel safe and protected at school. In Another recentand ominoussign
protect you going forward. Act of 1964 and other federal laws outlaw addition to these federal protections, of the administrations attitude toward
Since taking oce, the Trump discrimination against transgender people 21 states have laws providing specic transgender people is the Attorney
administration has been doing everything because it is a form of sex discrimination. protections against discrimination based Generals issuance on October 6 of a
in its power to turn back the clock on the This law is so well established at this point on gender identity in at least some areas, memo urging federal agencies to broadly
advances transgender people have made. that few courts would disagree. And it is such as employment, housing, education, interpret existing federal laws that protect
A month into the new administration, the the courts, not the President or the Justice and public accommodations. The Trump the religious freedom of government
Departments of Justice and Education Department, that are responsible for administration can do nothing to undercut workers, religious organizations, and
withdrew the Obama administrations deciding discrimination cases. these important state-level protections. others. While the exact impact of this
guidance to schools, which claried that The EEOC also has made clear that it does And while the Presidents military ban dealt new guidance remains to be seen, there
federal law requires schools to treat not agree with the Attorney Generals new a blow to transgender service members who is good reason to be concerned that in
transgender students equally in all respects, position on transgender discrimination continue to serve with honor and distinction, the coming months we will see federal
including equal access to restrooms and and will continue to treat discrimination the LGBT community has quickly swung regulations that allow discrimination
other facilities. This summer, President against transgender people as sex into action to challenge the ban. In August, against transgender people under the
Trump took to Twitter to abruptly announce discrimination. The EEOC is still urging any we at NCLR, along with our colleagues at guise of religious freedom.
that he was reversing the policy allowing transgender person facing discrimination GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders, led Although transgender people are under
transgender people to serve openly. on the job to le a complaint, and it the rst legal challenge to the ban on behalf assault like never before, we need to
Trumps announcement was immediately continues to investigate and take action of a brave group of current and prospective remain strong and remind ourselves how
opposed by military leaders, including the against employers who discriminate. Just service members. We have since joined a far we have come and how many tools
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Sta. And last month, the EEOC argued an important second challenge, and two other challenges we still have to ght for equality. Despite
just recently, Attorney General Je Sessions case in which it sued a Michigan funeral have been led as well. the Trump administrations unrelenting
announced that the Department of Justice home for ring one of its funeral directors In these cases, we are asking the animosity, we still have the law on our side
would no longer argue in court cases that after she told her employer of her plans to courts to immediately halt the Presidents in many areas, and we can trust the courts
federal sex discrimination laws protect transition at work. cruel and discriminatory betrayal of to take our claims for equality seriously.

Youth Homelessness is a Crisis for the LGBT Community

Sen. Wiener opines about
Legislatures moral failure
on youth homelessness


California faces a moral failure when it

comes to youth homelessness. We have
one third of the nations homeless youth
in our state, and of those minimum 12,000
youth, as many as 40% identify as LGBT.
We must, as a community and as a state,
step up for our young people. We can and
must end youth homelessness.
We know why our LGBT youth are
particularly vulnerable to being homeless.
It starts with family rejection, which 40%
of LGBT youth cite as the reason they
are homeless. In San Francisco, I see this
every day in the Castro neighborhood,
where I have lived for twenty years. For
decades, young people have been coming
to the Castro to escape intolerance in their
communities and their homes.
In recent years, the number of homeless
young people in California, ages 16 to
24, has risen, partially driven by the cost
of housing. As that rise has occurred,
we havent devoted enough resources
to addressing the unique causes of and
solutions to youth homelessness.
As Chair of the California Senate Human State Sen. SCOTT WEINER (second from right) at EQCA Palm Springs dinner, Oct. 2017
Services Committee, I recently joined my LOS ANGELES BLADE PHOTO BY KAREN OCAMB
counterpart from the Assembly Human
Services Committee, Assemblymember
Blanca Rubio, to hold a hearing on youth funding for homeless youth, and along but she ended up sleeping on the streets it was a welcoming place for someone
homelessness in California and what we with my colleague Assemblymember and was jumped for all of her possessions. like me. But I was fortunate -- I had a
can do to help end this crisis on our streets. Rubio, I will be pushing for a funding Depression and isolation followed. supportive family and a law degree. I had
We held the hearing at the Los Angeles package to signicantly increase funding. LGBT youth, in particularly transgender opportunities. So many who come looking
LGBT Center, which sees two to three new These young people deserve more than youth, face discrimination and intolerance for communities like the Castro dont have
homeless youth come through their doors budget dust. in our shelter systems, and there is just those resources. They come looking for
every day. These are young LGBT people The most challenging part of the not enough support in the few centers community and instead nd the streets.
who have nowhere else to go -- and hearing for me was hearing directly from we have. Luckily, Alexix found the LGBT We know what it takes to end youth
they are the ones lucky enough to nd a the young people about what Californias Center, and she has worked hard to homelessness: sustained support for
resource like the LA LGBT Center. failures mean for their lives. We had young improve her life. But as Alexix said, while housing and other critical services. The
At the hearing, we heard from service panelists, formerly homeless youth, who its her life, we need to get her -- and question is whether we have the political
providers and researchers working with talked about not being able to access the people like her -- connected to resources will to invest the resources to get the job
our young people day in and day out. few services that actually exist for them. to understand how they can build a better done. Lets have have that political will.
We heard about the various ways we are A young transgender woman named life. As a community, we need to be better Our kids are depending on us.
failing to prioritize resources for homeless Alexix talked about her experiences being at recognizing the epidemic of youth
youth. For example, one advocate referred rejected by her family, how there was no homelessness, and the responsibility that
to state funding for homeless youth as one there for her, and how her family we have to our homeless youth.
budget dust. And its true. The state wanted to medicate her. She left her home Like many, I moved to San Francisco and SCOTT WIENER is a Democrat representing San
Francisco and Northern San Mateo County in
needs to do better at providing dedicated for Los Angeles looking for a better place, to the Castro as a young gay man because the California State Senate.
V I E W PO I NT W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM O CT O BE R 2 0 , 2 0 1 7 2 7

Hollywoods Harassment of the Soul

it never occurred to me that I could be typecasting that resulted from how I looked. most gorgeous young men (not teenagers)
Gay men know wanking in line at the grocery store. After the Singer allegations (subsequently in Hollywood who stood in an endless
harassment, too Performing in Tom Eyens The Dirtiest unsubstantiated and dropped), Time snaky line in order to meet and make an
Show in Town (72) was of the culture Magazine posited that the scandal has instantaneous impression on The Rockstar.
then, attracting a slew of entertainment also thrown a spotlight on the places where I had never felt so humiliated, knowing
heavyweights who came to oogle a bevy of the line between Hollywood networking I would not be Eltons trick for the night;
mostly twentysomethings, strutting the stage and the casting couch is sometimes blurry, not muscular enough, not blond enough, I
au naturel, performing topical sketch material if not obscured altogether. was too tall, too soft, my voice was wrong,
and elegantly choreographed orgies. And when the players are gay men on the my face imperfect. I nally admitted the
Allan Carr, the aming manager- casting couch, the blurriness gets blurrier. truth about myself: I was a piece of shit.
producer, attended opening night, Lets say that a closeted actor with heat and Forget the acting credentials; forget my
outshining the likes of Merv Grin (with viable credits is threatened by homomogul cherished friendships, forget my career
MICHAEL KEARNS is a longtime theatre artist/ a Gabor as an appendage), Cass Eliot, in a robe (slate gray or barley beige). Because accomplishments. I was of no value.
activist, author and teacher. He is performing at Christine Jorgenson, and Christopher this scenario is played out in the closet, the To suggest that perceiving oneself with
Akbar in Silverlake on Oct. 22.
Isherwood with Don Bachardy. Fully- victim wouldnt say a peep, determinedly such severe self-hatred leads to a rash
clothed cast members segued their skilled maintaining his straight persona. of debilitating behaviors doesnt begin to
seduction with audience members at a Not identifying sexual predators describe what I, and too many of those
In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein post-show party, setting our sights on because an actor cant pry himself out other soulful party boys, would endure
travesty, many in the media want to know which celebs might further our nascent of the closet is cowardly. Let the throngs when the party ended.
what the comparable gay story is. What careers. I chose Alan. of cowardly straight and gay Hollywood Janice Min, former Editor of the
homomogul has been unconscionably When I heard about the 2014 incident predatorsfrom above-the-title stars Hollywood Reporter, told Time Magazine
accosting male stars on the ascent, involving gay director Bryan Singer, to producers and directors with clout that the predatory nature of Hollywood is
promising them an Oscar nomination in accused of predatory behavior with boys squirm in silence while they await the young attractive peoplelargely female
exchange for a massage? in their late teens (aka minors) at house ineluctable sound of sirens. putting themselves in front of men to be
There isnt one. parties, I conjured the bygone days of For hundreds of years, women in judged and appraised and chosen.
I arrived in Hollywood in 1971, during that Allan Carrs notorious parties in which he Hollywood have been bullied, derided, Gay men also put themselves in front
period when Weinstein came of age. Nearly deliberately mixed dozens of gay boys belittled, objectied, intimidated, brow- of men to be judged and appraised and
ve decades, and god-only-knows how many with the likes of Ann-Margret, Rod Stewart beaten, oppressed, persecuted and chosen. Have you been to the Abbey?
of those plus-size white bathrobes later, the and Salvador Dali. While Carr and Singer harassed; they are mad as hell and they I didnt perceive that the Hunk Auction
King of Hollywood is without a throne. hosted parties with an array of ambitious arent going to take this anymore. These for Sir Elton could be deemed as sexual
That was the culture then, the young men, the comparisons end there. sheroes include the brave women who harassment. Yet I learned that a moment
disgraced Hollywood powerhouse Or do they? have taken on Cosby as well as everyday of extreme humiliation takes yearsno,
explained to justify a list of immoralities I was one of those boys, hungry to women everywherefrom all businesses decadesto overcome.
and illegalities, like jerking o in front of triumph in an overwhelmingly competitive and walks of lifewho refuse to have their Today, there are no excuses, in
his prey in random public places. Silly me, and homophobic business. After three years souls obliterated by narcissistic pigs. Hollywood or anywhere else for anyone
I thought the 70s culture was dened by at a prestigious acting school, I did not see Carr threw a lavish all-male party for his female, male, gay, straight, black, white
Nixon in China and Bette at the baths; myself as a boy-toy, in spite of the inevitable pal, Elton John, and invited the purportedly to have their soul harassed.
Photo Credit: Paula Allen

Eve Ensler
& Anne Lamott
In Conversation

Photo Credit: Paula Allen

Sun, Oct 29 @ 7pm

Royce Hall, UCLA

Photo Credit: Mark Richards

Halloweenie is LAs ultimate must do
gay Halloween party
Gay Mens Chorus of Los Angeles ready to haunt again


O C T O B E R 2 0 2 0 1 7 V O L U M E 0 1 I S S U E 1 6 A merica s L G B T Q N e w s S ource L O S A N G E L E S B L A D E . C O M 2 9

Halloweenie is all about hair and makeup. And spooky good looks.


Fred and Jasons Halloweenie, Sponsored organization in the country, is known for its GMCLA channels all those resources first opportunity to connect with others
by Kevin Huvane, has been fittingly referred spectacular concert extravaganzas full of into advocacy and outreach, promoting like themselves.
to as the Party with a Purpose. For eleven fabulous costumes, glittering guest stars, visibility, acceptance, and equality for AMP also offers an opportunity to
years, it has been a must-do event for and magnificent musical performances the LGBTQ community through its vitally enrich each schools music education
Los Angeles LGBTQ scene-sters who want which are a staple of the communitys important youth outreach programming, program. Artistic Director Dr. Joe Nadeau,
to celebrate the Halloween season while cultural life every year. including its Alive Music Project and its visits the school prior to the presentation
also lending their support to one of their As Executive Director Jonathan national It Gets Better Tour, among other and conducts choral master classes with
communitys longest-standing and most Weedman wants you to know, however, community outreach projects. students, who are then invited to perform
beloved institutions. its much more than just a singing group. The Alive Music Project (AMP) brings a with GMCLA at the presentations.
On October 27, the historic Belasco Every Monday night, he points out, we message of anti-bullying and acceptance The It Gets Better Tour travels to
Theater in DTLA will be the setting for gather together 300 volunteers. Thats by placing students together with communities around the country,
the events twelfth incarnation, Fred and more than any other volunteer-based GMCLA members through an interactive producing a week of educational workshops
Jasons Halloweenie: Rebirth, as it returns organization in the city. presentation, sharing their stories, music, which culminate in a theater performance.
to once more benefit the Gay Mens These men are coming together to and experiences while fostering a safe The stage show is derived from the true
Chorus of Los Angeles. rehearse their music, of course, but they space. For many gay or questioning young
GMCLA, the largest LGBTQ arts are also doing much more than that. people, this is a valuable and life-changing ContinueS ON page 46
3 0 OCTO B E R 2 0 , 2 017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM 2 0 G A Y Q U E ST I O N S F O R: M I G UE L M A R Q UE Z



When Miguel Marquez was fresh out of

a masters program in international aairs
at Columbia University, we arranged to
meet at my tiny little East Village studio
apartment in Manhattan to talk about the
real world of a working journalist.
I gave him perhaps the worst career
advice anyone could have given.
At that moment, I was totally spent,
barely eeking out an existence while
launching an unfunded newspaper
venture that eventually succeeded.
Its the most dicult and competitive,
nastiest business you could get into. PHOTO COURTESY OF CNN

Finance would be easier, I remember

telling him, nicely. Dont bother.
I want to be a TV journalist, he said in How long have you been out and who On what do you insist? What LGBT stereotype annoys you
his made for TV voice. was the hardest person to tell? Punctuality most?
Theres always New York 1, I said 26 years. My best friends family. That being gay means one comes with a
dismissively. What was your last Facebook post or specic set of beliefs.
I hope he will forgive me if I rolled my Whos your LGBT hero? Tweet?
eyes I was wrong. I may have even Equally enamored with James Baldwin FB, about the NorCal res. Twitter, Brexit. Whats your favorite LGBT movie?
known it at the time. I saw that he was and Oscar Wilde. Love is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of
determined, whip-smart and startlingly If your life were a book, what would Francis Bacon.
handsome. Miguel stood a chance. Whats Los Angeles best nightspot, the title be?
Since then Miguel, who has never spent past or present? Chaos Wrangler Whats the most overrated social
a professional moment in the closet, has Akbar. custom?
soared. If science discovered a way to change Small talk.
He began as a desk assistant at CBS News Describe your dream wedding. sexual orientation, what would you
in New York and quickly found himself Loads of friends, champagne, cake and do? What trophy or prize do you most
reporting from the streets of the city for music. Encourage others not to use it. covet?
WNBC in New York. He was recruited by Pulitzer.
KSAZ in Phoenix as a general assignment What non-LGBT issue are you most What do you believe in beyond the
reporter before being spotted by CNN. passionate about? physical world? What do you wish youd known at 18?
For a time he anchored Headline News Equality. Hope. How easy, and simultaneously
from Atlanta before being transferred to complicated, life is.
Los Angeles to cover the second Michael What historical outcome would you Whats your advice for LGBT movement
Jackson trial. ABC News came knocking and change? leaders? Why Los Angeles?
it wasnt long before Miguel started to nd Slavery. Develop and implement a rural strategy. Gravity. It just keeps pulling me back. I
his footing as an international reporter, LOVE Cali.
covering ashpoints around the world. Whats been the most memorable pop What would you walk across hot coals
culture moment of your lifetime? for?
CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM Michael Jacksons second trial. Family and friends.
3 2 OCTO B E R 2 0 , 2 017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM O U T & A BO U T

Melissa Carbone wants to scare you to death



Los Angeles lesbian goddess of horror Tango. She was the companys youngest
says shes impervious to the wiles of General Sales Manager.
Halloween. She is one of the few female business
My fascination with horror is that I love owners in the horror entertainment
to be scared, says Melissa Carbone, CEO industry, with a team that is almost entirely
of Ten Thirty One Productions, a large-scale female, and after several successful years
horror-event business known for realistic running the Hayride, Carbone says ABCs
attractions designed for optimal fear. I grew Shark Tank producers approached her
up loving Halloween and horror movies and to compete on the show. She waited until
as an adult Im pretty unscareable. Everyone 2013, and Season 5, to take her event to
keeps trying and no one has done it. I think the next level and expand, and she realized
Ive de-sensitized myself to it. that being on the show was a means to an
While hundreds of thousands of end with a potential huge payday.
wickedly tricked out, mostly straight I thought it was a great marketing tool
monsters descend on the gay city during to be in front of millions of people if we
West Hollywoods sprawling Halloween didnt get a deal it was still a huge win. If
Carnival, treating the town to an enormous we did get a deal, it would have to be for
haul of cash, over in Grith Park, the an amount we could live with. I honestly
Los Angeles Haunted Hayride oers didnt think Id get it. It was the largest
something a bit more horrifying. anyone had asked for by far [$2 million
Carbone cashed in on the holiday by Taking back Halloween and making a killing; MELISSA CARBONE. dollars], I expected to walk out empty
terrorizing hordes of horror fans with handed. But they took the deal and I was
Hollywood-style spectacular eects at sincerely shocked, she says.
her vast, darkened movie lot concept full Carbone used the seed money to
of zombies, booby traps, bloody clowns, Carbone describes the Hayride as a Beverage or car you can think of industry expand her Great Horror Campout to six
demons and orphan ghosts. totally immersive experience. leaders, but when you think of Halloween new markets, and was able to replicate
And just as the wild festivities in WeHo From the second your car gets to the events, nothing comes to mind. Carbone the L.A. Haunted Hayride in New York City.
ll the coers of that city, Carbone too has parking lot, to the second you get in your says that meant a land grab for her. To date, more than 500,000 guests have
literally made millions. car to leave you should never be plucked This is a dark horse industry thats long attended Carbones attractions.
She just may have saved Halloween by out of this experience in a cerebral way. been ignored because its thought of as a But leaving Clear Channel and taking the
cashing in, terrorizing hordes of horror fans We want to keep you submerged into the lifestyle. I think of it as a business. From a leap of faith to launch her own events took a
with Hollywood-style spectacular eects at horror attraction from the fog coming woman in a guys world I was looked at by toll on Carbones personal and professional
her vast, darkened movie lot concept full out of the trees to the orange glow that men as a threat. Ive had to be really tough, life, and what led her to write her recently
of zombies, booby traps, bloody clowns, were known for that you can see from not get my feelings hurt too easily and be released book, Ready Fire Aim: How I
demons and orphan ghosts. the street. The narrative goes through all ten times better than other attractions out turned a Hobby into an Empire.
In 2009, the now 40-year-old Carbone, the zones. With life size churches burnt there just to be equal, she says. The fear of failing with this probably cost
created the popular annual horror down, ghosts of war, smoldering embers Carbone along with her wife at the me my marriage. My wife and I at the time,
attraction, the Los Angeles Haunted of orphans that have been killed in re time, Alyson Richards, raised half a million wed been together ten years, got divorced
Hayride, located on over 30 acres in and are still on re. Its not a spectator dollars from friends and family initially, and Im sure it was because I left Clear Channel
Grith Park. sport. All that should be in your head is along with their rst sponsor,Mini Cooper and jumped into the abyss of uncertainty
An interactive and totally lifelike world, what is coming around the next corner to to create the Hayride. with the Hayride. Stress was crippling and it
the Hayride employs hundreds of actors, annihilate you, she says. Prior to creating the Hayride, Carbonne took its toll on lots of relationships. Ive had a
makeup artists, set and production The Halloween industry has historically worked at Clear Channel Entertainment, lot of uppercuts to the chin, she says.
designers to create a world not for the been male dominated. In any other honing her craft by working on such
faint of heart. industry, you easily think of a leader. giant events as the Rose Bowl and Wango CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM
3 4 OCTO B E R 2 0 , 2 017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM O U T & A BO U T

Even the palm trees are gay



This years Greater Palm Springs Pride Dale Bozzio at 2:30 PM, Mama Tits from
theme Viva La Vida (Live Life!) may seem Seattle (and a YouTube sensation) at 9 PM.
a bit ip given the tremendous hurdles Sunday brings GayC/DC, the only all-gay
that have been placed before the LGBT tribute band to AC/DC, as they don their
community since the horric killing of 43 gay apparel for a 1:15 PM performance.
LGBTQ family members at Pulse Nightclub On Saturday and Sunday, the heart
in Orlando coupled with the devastating of the city on Palm Canyon Drive (from
rise of Donald Trump. Amado Drive on the north to Baristo Road)
But the phrase really denes Palm will be transformed into a pedestrian
Springs at its core: enjoying your life is the street festival. Along the route are music
ultimate act of resistance. stages at the Hyatt Palm Springs and the
With the actions of the administration main Pride Stage presented by Desert
slowly stripping away the progress that AIDS Project on Arenas Road just west
the LGBT community has made, it is as of Palm Canyon. The main stage is open
important as ever for the LGBT community to everyone and features a Childrens
and for all individuals who believe in Headquarters (CHQ), a safe space for for
equality for all, to stand up and be heard, games and crafts. There you will also
Greater Palm Springs Pride President Ron nd the Safe Schools Desert Cities Youth
deHarte told the Los Angeles Blade. Zone and HIV/AIDS testing by Get Tested
Greater Palm Springs Pride is one of the most popular Pride events in Southern California.
This is no time to remain quiet. This Coachella Valley.
is not the time to be complacent. LGBT PHOTO COURTESY OF PALM SPRINGS PRIDE DeHarte likes to say with 80+
rights are under attack and Pride events performances, a diverse lineup of artists
provide an opportunity to be seen and be all people. Becks participation allows Dottie & Maude, who have raised over will oer something for everyone including
heard. We must be visible and our voice us to honor her service and help raise $2 million for AIDS and community special appearances by the Palm Springs
cannot be silenced. We will not become the visibility of transgender and gender charities since discovering their drag Gay Mens Chorus, and Modern Men.
the invisible. nonconforming people, and address the personas in 1980. The Transgender Dozens of community organizations,
Greater Palm Springs Pride, highlighting issues the community faces, said deHarte. Community Coalition was recognized LGBT-friendly businesses and vendors
the transgender community, has selected This years Community Grand Marshal is as the Organization of the Year and will will line the streets, along with local
as this years Grand Marshal United States Palm Springs very own singer-entertainer dedicate a memorial to those who have merchants.
Navy SEAL Kristin Beck. and restaurateur Michael Holmes. Known lost their lives on Transgender Day of Tradition at Palm Spring Pride is to shop
Beck, who is an outspoken critic of as owner of Michael Holmes Purple Room, Remembrance November 20th. only at stores that support Palm Springs
Donald Trumps executive order that the leader of The Michael Holmes Trio, Pride weekend begins Friday, Nov. 3 Pride. The can easily be identied by a
expels transgender service members, will and the creator and star of The Judy Show! with the Viva la Vida Street Party on decal in their store window. Theres also
lead the November 5 parade. Fitness expert Craig Ramsay and Arenas Road (ground zero for gay in Palm a list of Ocial Pride Restaurants and
Beck was a member of the United States celebrity hairstylist Brandon Liberati who Springs) starting at 6 PM. One block will be Pride Watering Holes in the events Pride
Naval Special Warfare Development Group, shared their rst year of marriage with closed to trac, and the US Bank Stage, Guide, which is widely available before
a special counter-terrorism unit SEAL Team the world on the Bravo show Newlyweds: hosted by Alexander Rodriguez, host of and during Pride. Many restaurants oer
Six, and received multiple military awards The First Year, will be honored as Celebrity On the Rocks Radio, will oer music from special Parade day viewing parties.
and decorations, including a Bronze Star Grand Marshals of the 2017 Palm Springs Iconique with sounds ranging from Le The Dyke March and Rally kicks o
with a V for valor, a Purple Heart and the Pride Parade. Chic to David Bowie. Jen DM, resident DJ at 4 PM Saturday at Frances Stevens
Defense Meritorious Service Medal. But Pride season in the desert is already for the queer gathering, Cruise at The Eagle Park, followed by performances by local
We are proud to work with the underway. in Silver Lake will then spin the crowd into entertainers Keisha D and Jesse Jones on
Transgender Community Coalition to The Pride Honors Awards, held on a rollicking frenzy. (21+ only; ID required). the Arena Road stage at 6 PM .
honor Kristin Beck who is a nationally September 28th, honored Marshall Featured entertainers on Saturday,
recognized advocate for equality for Pearcy and Douglas Woodmansee, aka Nov. 4 include Missing Persons featuring CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM
3 6 OCTO B E R 2 0 , 2 017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM BU SI N E SS

New addiction treatment center focuses on LGBTQ niche



In my many times being in treatment, in those same programs.

especially in the past year, ML, a young male PRLA is in West Hollywood for two main
addict using only his initials, said via email, I reasons. One: WeHo has a large LGBTQ
have felt as if I couldnt express my full self, community, said Matthew Bianchi,
whichhas prevented me from advancing Admissions and Outreach Coordinator.
in my recovery. Not only am I able to fully be And substance abuse has played a pretty
myself [now], I am able to openly discuss my big role, with meth having a profoundly
history and dissect all the dierent layers negative impact.
that contribute to my addiction. The second reason? Becoming a
ML felt he couldnt be himself when he treatment destination. PRLA is seeking
attended a traditional treatment program clients from outside the area, even out of
because he is gay. state. LA is a very safe bubble for some,
Its a common refrain for people in but we are looking at other cities where
recovery, but ML recently completed rehab its not safe to be gay, says Hymes. The
and now resides in a sober living home, opportunity to recover in WeHo with
coupled with an outpatient program, a other gay people can sometimes remove
standard recommendation of modern barriers for those seeking treatment. LAs
addiction treatment. famous weather may also be a draw.
He says he is sober today because he For those outside LA, various sober living
found the right program, one that ensures a options can be coupled with treatment,
MATTHEW BIANCHI, Admissions and Outreach Coordinator of Pride Recovery Los Angeles.
judgement-free environment of like-minded even including transportation. I suggest
people who also happen to be LGBTQ. LOS ANGELES BLADE PHOTO BY TROY MASTERS the word cocoon. It is cocooning,
Larry Hymes, a well-known marriage Hymes admitted. We get you here. We
and family therapist, believes in the power While several addiction treatment specically or have a strictly LGBTQ sta. feed you. Theres coeesnacks. If youre
of LGBTQ family and has taken the idea centers in Los Angeles oer an LGBTQ KLEANs focus is also on drug and alcohol [in] full-day, theres a catered lunch.
to the next level. As Clinical Director of focus, very few oer intensive programs abuse, while PRLA describes its programs Hymes added, We have numerous clients
Pride Recovery Los Angeles (PRLA), a new centered on the identity issues LGBTQ as holistic, treating a variety of behaviors, from various sober living communities in
addiction treatment facility located at people face. including sex addiction. the area, like Chateau, Corona House, and
8300 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, With so much progress in terms of But how big is the need for LGBT-specic others. We are making signicant outreach
he says PRLA oers a unique outpatient civil rights and marriage equality, it may treatment? eorts to the community of recovery
model. Its for LGBTQ people, by LGBTQ sound surprising to hear that so many A 2015 report from the Substance Abuse programs in Los Angeles.
people, he says. LGBTQ people still struggle. Theres a lot and Mental Health Services Administration One of Los Angeles largest sober-
PRLA is focused exclusively on the needs of self-hatred for being gay, lesbian, bi or states, People who identify as lesbian, living management companies, Westwind
of LGBTQ patients who have completed a 30- transgender, Hymes said. Even with, say, gay, or bisexual are at greater risk Recovery Residences, owned by Zach Ament
to-90-day inpatient rehab program, or who a 40-year-old adult? [Its] probably worse for substance use and mental health and Justin Wells, is aliated with PRLA.
wish to combine their sober living experience because they have been hidden for a good issues compared with heterosexuals. Bianchi discussed the various types
with an outpatient program. Our resources chunk of their life. Perhaps they have And The Advocate reported, the use of of outreach PRLA is engaged in. WeHo
are large, says Hymes. Were the largest families. Its actually more dicult to come methamphetamine is ve to 10 times City Council member John Duran will
facility that I know of in California. out later in your life. more common in urban gay and bisexual be the keynote speaker at their open
Able to treat 30 to 60 clients at a time, If they are focusing on LGBT and men than in the general U.S. population. house on October 26th from 4-6 PM, and
PRLA provides three distinct tracks, [addiction] issues, said Trevor Scott, These percentages can be even greater for partnerships with AIDS LifeCycle, the LGBT
Monday through Friday full- and half-day regional director of marketing for KLEAN communities of color. In addition, PRLA Center and social networking recovery
options, as well as a twice a week program Treatment Centers, also in WeHo, that cites that LGBTs in traditional treatment app MOBER are also in place.
for those with some recovery time under would be unique. While KLEAN is LGBT- programs can experience a success rate
their belts. friendly, they do not target LGBTQs roughly 60% lower than non-gay patients CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM
Californias exclusively LGBTQ treatment center
LGBTQ people are nearly 30% more likely
than members of the general population to suffer from addiction.

The LGBTQ population are 60% more likely to relapse

following addiction treatment in traditional recovery programs.

The same trauma that the LGBTQ community faces in everyday life - the trauma that lurks beneath
the addiction - is replicated in traditional treatment because traditional treatment is
a microcosm of the world at large.

LGBTQ-specific treatment transforms the dangerous environment clients face every day and gives them
the safety to work through their shame and create connections and community.

Thats why we need LGBTQ-specific treatment, not only for drug/alcohol addiction,
but for all substance and behavior addictions.

At Pride Recovery Los Angeles, were here to address shame and build pride.

Addiction Treatment for our LGBTQ Community. Covered by most insurance programs
844.303.1551 | West Hollywood


3 8 OCTO B E R 2 0 , 2 017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM T E LE V I SI O N

Sarah Paulson thinks you should know...



terror. You have to manufacture that in a

way thats believable.
She continued: I had a couple of
moments this season; my character
is pitched very, very, far emotionally. I
actually had to stop for a moment and
collect myself. Because I got very upset...
when you are asking your body to be in a
state of panic or terror, your mind knows
that you are pretending but your body
doesnt know. If you have gotten yourself
into a hyperventilated state, you are
running out of oxygen.
O set, she is terried by bees, snakes
and sharks. All the normal things! Who
likes any of those things! she quipped.
Paulson prefers playing real human
beings. I love playing real people more
than anything. For me as an actor, I like
having a very steadfast blueprint of what
the boundaries are with the character,
because then I feel like you can do so much
SARAH PAULSON is the lesbian soul of American Horror Story and one of Hollywoods favorite actresses. with it. If you know exactly the core of the
person, it gives you a kind of condence
to make really bold choices within that
Sarah Paulson has that rare, charismatic veteran lesbian actress, talked about the oscreen, is in a relationship with actress Paulson also has a slew of movies she
presence that makes you want to watch any mega success of shows. I dont t know Holland Taylor) has played on American has starred in, like M. Night Shymalans
television or movie project she is in. Winner what the magic bullet is about why people Horror Story. In the second season, Glass, and Steven Spielbergs drama,
of an Emmy, SAG Award and Golden Globe love watching this show. I think its great, Paulson played reporter Lana Winters, The Post.
for her riveting performance in the FX and Im so happy to be a part of it. I dont who was committed to Briarcli for being And recently worked on Oceans Eight,
miniseries, The People v. O.J. Simpson: know what that ineable thing is that in a secret lesbian relationship. the all female spino to the Oceans
American Crime Story, she was recently makes it still here seven years later and For all of AHSs intensity, Paulson still Trilogy.
given the lead role in the upcoming Netix other things laying by the wayside. nds time to have laughs. When Jessica It was extraordinary to look around
series, Ratched. Both series are executive In this season, American Horror Story: (Lange) was on the show, we would have the room and see Cate Blanchett, who i
produced by her gay long time collaborator, Cult, Paulson and actress Alison Pill are to stop shooting, we would be laughing worked with twice now, Sandra Bullock,
screenwriter Ryan Murphy. playing a married couple. so hard, in the most insane, fully charged Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling,
Next year, Paulson will start work on Weve known each other for a long time moments. And I think thats just what Helena Bonham Carter, Awkwana. It felt
American Crime Story: Katrina, the third and have never had the chance to work happens when you are asked to bring like a very empowering place to be. Really
series in Murphys anthology for FX, as well together, said Pill. So it was really most that part of your internal being forward. fun; we have a text chain going thats one
as star in the series that catapulted her exciting to have all of these scenes with a Sometimes you have to have a moment. of the most epic things!
to being a household name, American person that I couldnt respect more and While Paulson doesnt get scared on With all her seemingly overnight success,
Horror Story, which is currently in its who is so good at acting. set, she does get frightened watching the Paulson remains modest. Its a bit of an
seventh season. This is the second LGBT relationship show. Part of the thing this year for me, is out of body experience. I dont think I have
At the Television Critics Press Tour, the that the veteran lesbian actress (who that I have to be ratcheted into a place of really taken in what happened.
T E L E V I SI O N W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM O CT O BE R 2 0 , 2 0 1 7 3 9

Edgar Allen Poe lives again on PBS



Fans of Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1849) are

excited about Denis OHare, portraying
the notorious late author in a new PBS
American Masters documentary, Edgar
Allen Poe: Buried Alive.
A literary icon, Poe wrote over 100 short
stories and poems, like The Tell Tale
Heart, The Pit and The Pendulum and
The Raven.
At the Television Critics Press Tour,
OHare talked about his experiences with
reading Poe. I knew a fair amount because
I was a strange child, and so I think I had
read, by the time I was 12 or 13, almost all
of the most horric storiesI also was in
love with Vincent Price at the time.
The Tony Award winning and Emmy
nominated actor didnt know Poe by his literary
criticism, which Poe was also known for.
I didnt know about how well embedded
he was in the actual world of literature
Tony Award-winning and Emmy-nominated actor DENIS OHARE stars as Edgar Allan Poe in American Masters -- Edgar Allan Poe: Buried Alive.
and magazines at the time, said OHare.
I did know about a lot of his poetry, and
oddly enough, I didnt know The Raven. I
knew Annabel Lee, because it was such a Agatha Christie, owes a debt to Edgar Allan soul, and theyre obviously not completely worried, anxious look that was sort of his
beautiful poem and so rhythmicI was a Poe, acknowledged OHare. accurate. Theyre aspirational what he wants hallmark. Hes an extraordinary-looking
tortured poet at 12, and so I was writing A veteran actor, OHare was recently to be, but his yearnings are pure, naive, person. The way he photographed was,
my own poetry. seen on NBCs This is Us in a relationship positive in many ways, but his idea of what I thought, revelatory. You can see the
OHare continued: Poe is one of our with William (Ron Cephas Jones). He played love should be, and just beautiful. Theyre haunted aspect in his eyes. I think thats
great American treasures as much as a gay vampire in HBOs True Blood, and childlike in the best possible way. just crazy. So I hoped to emulate rather
Whitman or Thoreau or Emerson or has appeared in lms like Milk and Wearing the hair, makeup and growing than impersonate.
someone like Katherine Manseld. He is Dallas Buyers Club. a mustache made OHare feel more like Written and directed by lmmaker
a great literary gure, and I would hope OHare was slightly challenged by Poes the literary icon. Eric Stange, the documentary combines
that this production would help people to enigmatic nature. Its funny. As an actor, I You could say Im a hair and shoe actor. dramatized reenactments of Poes life with
understand the large scope of his literary tend to over-research, but you cant really If you get those things right, then you readings of his imaginative, Gothic horror tales.
output, that it wasnt simply these Gothic over-research with him (Poe) because know youre home, he quipped. In this Much has been talked about Poes
tales, that he had a much broader impact. you dont get a consistent character. But case, it was a mustache and hair actor. mysterious death, which to this day,
People like Charles Baudelaire, who as a friend of mine always said, human OHare grew a mustache knowing he remains uncertain.
modeled his poetry after him. Dickens beings arent consistent. Only characters didnt want a fake one. Those drive me The mystery around Poes death is
knew him. He was famous in France. He are consistent. Hes a wonderfully crazy. And my eyes are sunken enough the least of it, said Stange. The real
was famous in England. complicated, contradictory person. that that worked. Then we had a brilliant question at the heart of this lm is why
Poe created the detective ction genre, He added: Hes hard to categorize wigmaker, Joe, who was just truly brilliant, Edgar Allan Poe continues to be one of
with The Murders in the Rue Morgue. because he was so inconsistent. When I look and he made me this fantastic wig. And the most popular writers in the history of
Every single procedural cop show to at his poems and really, really drill down to then, you just tweaked the eyebrows Western literature and one of the most
this day, including Sherlock Holmes and the poems, those are sort of his heart and a little bit, and you get that constantly misunderstood.
4 0 OCTO B E R 2 0 , 2 017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM F I LM

Straight to the heart of Tom of Finland



Director Dome Karukoskis Tom of quiet, still and heartfelt.

Finland is Finlands entry into the 2018 Tilkanens Nipa is Touko and Kaijas object
Academy Awards and all of the lms of desire. Its easy to see why. Not just
participants know what they are doing. handsome and well dressed in now bygone
But what is perhaps most surprising European fashion, hes gentle and curious,
about this story of Touko Laaksonen, the kissable and naughty, a love interest born.
decorated World War Two ocer-turned- Tilkanen invites us to consider how we
infamous queer illustrator, is how tame would approach seducing him. How would
it feels, almost genteel. The lm allows we ask him to dance, take a walk in the
everyone, in the way PBS Masterpiece forest, or make love in a stable this latter
Theatre does, to settle in for a good ride, a setting Tom of Finland used in one of his
allowing the story to transport them to more famous drawings.
another place and time in that familiar The romantic chemistry Strang and
costume drama way. Tilkanen create is one of the most
Quite an achievement considering the enjoyable aspects of the lm. Both actors
main character is a gay man having illicit are straight. In a phone call Strang told
public sex living in a repressive, ice-cold me how they approached the love scenes.
country. Not to mention that his way of PEKKA STRANG portrays Touko Laaksonen in his journey from a Finnish youth ghting for his We decided, just before shooting, lets just
country to internationally celebrated artist and liberator of gay male sexuality.
coping is to draw provocative, overtly sexual relax and look at each other deep into the
man-on-man imagery that, should it be PHOTO COURTESY TOM OF FINLAND MOVIE
eyes and feel love for each other, he said.
discovered, would get him tossed into prison. Its always nervous doing sex scenes. The
Still, even within its traditional three-act lm about Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. it for life? While the next scene shows biggest dierence between kissing a man
structure cocoon, there is much that is not Tolkien includes much poetry in telling Touko in bed, clearly depressed by his and [kissing] a woman is that men tend to
your grandparents common foray into Touko/Toms story. status in Finnish society, he doesnt allow have a bit more hair on the upper lip.
international cinema. When was the last Numerous visual metaphors raise the prejudice and discrimination to keep him The cinematography and production
time you heard dialogue like this: picture above the level of a standard biopic. down. In phone interviews with Karukoski design are worth mentioning. When the
My cock is the boss. There is a moment when a relationship and Strang, both said they see Touko as a lm shows Finland, we are bogged down in
Yellow curtains are for sissies. ends. Rather than giving us a soap opera hero for this reason. He fought back, not oppressive, Nordic white light. We almost
It seems Finland has bigger cocks. bedside confession, we are shown two just as a war hero, but also as an artist. cannot breathe. Its beautiful, but ominous.
Yet the script also makes the most pieces of ice breaking apart on the surface Supporting performances are also When the story moves to California, no
of subtext, in a way many lms set of a pond. Beautiful. And earlier in the lm terric. Jessica Grabowsky, as Toukos surprise, the cinematography explodes
in contemporary times do not, with those sissy yellow curtains gure into the sister Kaija, and Lauri Tilkanen, as Nipa, into yellow, gold and green. The LA
characters confessing their feelings as tale in such a tender way, Im not sure Ill one of Toukos sexual conquests and sunshine saturates our senses and we
easily as posting to Facebook. In Tom, ever look at curtains the same way again. eventually his lover, stand out. Poor Kaija, understand: America means freedom,
conversations take place in Europe of the Pekka Strang, who is not gay, plays Touko a looker of a gal behind her glasses, she sexual and otherwise.
1940s and 50s when even two women with a quiet, graceful power that is completely just doesnt believe it; a talented artist, she
kissing, a character declares, is illegal. believable. He nds the soul of the main doesnt allow praise. Always struggling to CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM
Therefore, choice morsels of sexual character, communicating his struggles without live life to the fullest, Grabowsky allows
metaphor such as these greet our ears: melodrama. His Touko, though conicted, hurt us to feel pity for Kaija without hating her. Tom of Finland opens Friday, October 20 at the
Nuart (11272 Santa Monica Blvd just west of the
Im here for the pheasant hunting. and brutalized, is without shame. In her most poignant moment, Kaija rolls 405). Lead actor Pekka Strang will be in atten-
dance for a Q&A after the 7pm screening, as
I shined my boots. Theres a scene where a visit to the mens down a grassy knoll hoping her lover will will members of the Tom of Finland Foundation,
Youll have to come over for poker. room, promising a sexual encounter, goes follow. Allowing herself a moment of joy, who were instrumental in the lms production.
Running Time:114 Minutes/ Language: Finnish
Karukoski, 40, who is straight, has south unexpectedly. A security guard says she giggles, feeling the midsummer sun With English Subtitles
made six feature lms prior to Tom of hell ban him from the club for a month, on her skin before realizing the truth.
Advance tickets can be purchased online at
Finland and is currently shooting the new yet Touko replies, Why dont you make Grabowskys choices are, like Strangs,


4 2 OCTO B E R 2 0 , 2 017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM AUTOS

Small and sporty



Compact and spunky. No, were not

talking Ellen Page or Tom Daley (though
we could be). Instead, theres a host of
zippy, smallish vehicles perfect for rush-
hour maneuvers or scampering around
tight parking garages.


0-TO-60 MPH: 6.5 SECONDS

Hip hamster commercials aside, the Kia

Soul is one of the quirkiest yet likeable
rides on the road. This year the Soul gets,
well, a lot more soul, including a fresh
redesign with wraparound headlights and
sportier wheels.
Along with the tepid base model and
the electric Soul EV (pricey at $32,500),
theres an aordable turbo version with
a new, more powerful engine. The turbo
comes with red accent lines, shiny dual- LEXUS IS 300 AWD
exhaust tips and funky orange stitching
on the seats, dash and elsewhere around composed handling and braking. Must- of Nissans popular compact sedan,
the cabin. There are plenty of high-quality LEXUS IS 300 AWD have options include rearview camera, though the engine is less than blistering.
materials and soft-touch surfaces, along $41,000 voice-command activation, 15-speaker Where the sportiness shines is in the
with a at-bottomed steering wheel and 0-TO-60 MPH: 6 SECONDS mark Levinson stereo and large, 10.3-inch tight suspension, taut steering and
easy-to-use infotainment system with infotainment screen. large, 18-inch wheels. Racy red accents
smartphone integration. Theres even more safety gear, including are everywhere, from the outside body
For some reason, certain features Its easy to nd comfort in full-size blind-spot monitor, rear cross-trac alert, cladding and side mirrors to the seats,
available on other Soul models are missing sedans and huge, honking SUVs. Not so adjustable pedals and more. Overall, the steering wheel and center console.
here: ventilated seats, forward collision much in compact cars, though the Lexus IS 300 is an easy ride, and strikes a nice The ride and handling are denitely
warning and lane-departure warning. The IS 300 AWD proves otherwise. The wicked balance between poise and performance. sti but comfortable. And the primo
Soul also lacks paddle shifters, emergency styling still shapely after all these years brakes would be right at home on any
braking and all-wheel drive, which can be certainly helps. So does the form-tting NISSAN SENTRA NISMO motorsports racecourse. Alas, the quiet
found on some competitors models. interior, with bolstered bucket seats, $25,000 cabin is full of cheapo hard plastic and the
Still, there are quite a few pleasing ample backseat legroom and a high-tech 0-TO-60 MPH: 7.1 SECONDS controls and infotainment system should
options, including heated steering wheel, dash/center-console combination that have been updated eons ago.
heated front/rear seats and an impressive looks like it belongs on a ghter jet. But what this Sentra lacks in va-va-
panoramic moonroof. Theres also gobs of The brushed-aluminum trim, especially on With a Lexus or Mercedes, its easy to sit voom, it makes up in room: the oodles of
room for hauling passengers and cargo. the steering wheel, foot pedals and shifter, back and relax, especially on long drives. passenger and cargo space are comparable
Perhaps best of all, Kia oers one of the adds more than a dash of class. Things are But with the Nissan Sentra NISMO, you hit to a midsize sedan. Another plus: certain
longest warranties: up to 10 years or almost too quiet in the cabin, though that the ground running and dont ever stop. must-have options include backup camera,
100,000 miles. makes it easier to focus completely on the This is the high-performance version push-button start and Bose audio.
Honda of Hollywood
The customer is always the star!
Honda of Hollywood has new management and a whole new attitude.
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can give your family the best deals, like this brand new 2017 Honda Civic.

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4 4 OCTO B E R 2 0 , 2 017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM CA LE N D A R

E-mail calendar items to
two weeks prior to your event. Space is
limited so priority is given to LGBT-specic
events or those with LGBT participants.
Recurring events must be
re-submitted each time.

OCT 23
Planet Queer: Haunted Tarot, Mon. Oct
23 @ 8 PM at AKBAR (4356 W Sunset Blvd).
A terrifying evening of LGBTQ experimental
LifeWorks Mentoring Program and the Los Angeles LGBT Center presents Models of Pride at University of Southern California, the worlds largest LGBT
Performance Art, Music, Community, and youth conference.
more. Hosted by performance Zac Monday PHOTO COURTESY OF LIFEWORKS

and Angel Dust. Door Whore Steven

Reigns with music by DJ Billy. event. Open Mic available. Sober space. Free. 638-4225 for more details. March, Wed. Nov 01 @ 6 PM at Grand
Central (160 La Plaza, Palm Springs).
OCT 24 OCT 27 OCT 29 Remember George Zander on the 2nd
Film: The Invisible Man, Tue. Oct 24 @ Roostersh: Back From The Dead, Models of Pride 25, Sun. Oct 29 @ 8 AM anniversary of the day he and Chris Zander
1 PM at Los Angeles County Museum of Fri. Oct 27 @ 5 PM at Roostersh (1302 at University of Southern California (3551 were attacked in downtown Palm Springs.
Art Bing Theater (5905 Wilshire Blvd). The Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice). Calling all Trousdale Pkwy). The 25th anniversary George died on December 10, 2015. The
ongoing Tuesday Matinee series features beachy ghouls and goblins... dont miss the of Models of Pride is the worlds largest vigil will begin on La Plaza, in front of
classic directed by James Whale based on Westsides Biggest Gay Halloween Party! conference for LGBTQ youth and allies. The Grand Central, and features a rally and
the novel by H.G. Wells and starring Claude Following the huge success of Roostersh day-long conference is free and is one of march through the heart of Palm Springs.
Rains, Gloria Stuart and more. A scientist Revived last month did you think theyd the most important events of the season.
nds a way of becoming invisible, but in let Halloween pass without an encore We strongly recommend it. Learn more NOV 3
doing so, he becomes murderously insane. celebration? Festivities continue till 2 a.m. and register at Viva la Vida Greater Palm Springs
Admission is $2 members, seniors (65+), Party open to all adults 21 years of age or Pride Street Party, Fri. Nov 03 @ at US Bank
and children (17 & under); $4 general public. older who would like to attend. General OCT 31 Stage on Arenas Rd. (302 E. Arenas Road,
Admission, $10 (a few things have changed). Halloween Palm Springs 2017, Tue. Oct Palm Springs). Diva performs and Emcees
OCT 25 Halloweenie 12: Rebirth v1.0, Fri. Oct 27 31 @ 5 PM at Arenas Road, (Palm Springs, for the night. San Franciscos Sheena Rose
OUT PSP: A Kick O to Greater Palm @ 8 PM at The Belasco Theater (1050 South CA). Halloween in Palm Springs is an brings her act to the desert and the night
Springs Weekend, Wed. Oct 25 @ 5 Hill Street). The legend rises from the ashes unusual assortment of international visitors continues with Miss Rusty Waters and
PM at Grand Central Palm Springs (160 for this years hottest Halloween celebration who travel from Berlin, Cape Town, Sydney, the ladies of Risqu. The amboyant Los
La Plaza, Palm Springs). Greater Palm with a revamped event at a new location, with Shanghai, London, Tel Aviv. Be ready to Angeles based synth disco trio, Iconique
Springs Pride and the Gay Desert Guide a new format, longer hours, better prices but show yourself and your little costume too. takes the stage with their upbeat, and
kick o Pride weekend with tastings from all in support of The Educational Programs of Its a truly unique event without all the theatrical 1980s inuenced performance.
Coachella Valleys premier restaurants, Gay Mens Chorus of Los Angeles. One other drama of West Hollywoods crowds. Dancing in the street kicks into full gear with
bars, and beverage purveyors. Celebrity thing that will never change? Halloweenie West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval, Jen DM (Hi Fashion DJ set) and a soulful, ball,
Grand Marshals Craig Ramsay and will always be Costume Mandatory. Make Tue. Oct 31 @ 6 PM at Santa Monica vogue house beat. Free.
Brandon Liberati and Palm Springs very sure and buy your ticket to the After Party Blvd between Doheny Dr and La Cienega
own singer-entertainer Michael Holmes Next Door (Masterbeats 4th Mayheim). Be Blvd. Halloween Carnaval takes over the NOV 5
who is honored as the Community Grand safe, yall and get prepped :). entire city of West Hollywood, making it Palm Springs Pride Parade, Sun Nov
Marshal. Tickets at door $75. the largest celebration of its kind in the 05 @ Downtown Palm Springs (268 N.
OCT 28 whole world. While the street party is Palm Canyon Drive). Palm Springs comes
OCT 26 WeHo Dodgeball Annual Charity free (no tickets required) and open to the alive during the annual Pride celebration.
East Los Queer Flea Market, Thu. Oct Halloween Tourney, Sat. Oct 28 @ 11 AM public, its best to leave the kids and pets 60,000 spectators are expected to gather
26, 7 PM @ Greens Center for Plant Based at WeHo Dodgeball (647 N. San Vicente). at home! Before you go, remember to along palm tree-lined streets to cheer and
Nutrition and Gluten Free Education (4906 E 100 percent of all proceeds will be donated pack lightlyno backpacks, camera bags support local organizations, activists and
Olympic Blvd). This Queer Flea market space to the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic or totes allowed. Attendees are asked to themed oats along historic Palm Canyon
is safe, inclusive and diverse. Sellers will be Cancer Research, so dont balk about the carry items in clear plastic bags this year. Dr. Steps o in the Uptown Design District at
vending hand made crafts, art, clothing, and price.ok? You better have a great costume Tachevah and Palm Canyon Dr. and travels
zines, etc. Greens Center is a vegan space. to play because its mandatory and you NOV 1 south through downtown ending at the
Childrens play area. Outdoor and indoor could win a prize. $140 per team. Call (323) George Zander Candlelight Vigil and entrance to the Pride Festival at Amado Rd.
GO S S I P W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM O CT O BE R 2 0 , 2 0 1 7 4 5

Who is Harvey Weinsteins mystery man?



Girl, listen, this is getting juicy. Andy Cohen, Because I, Billy Masters, have been in more
Im waiting for The Real Housewives of Eastern than one compromising position over
Europe. Go get em! Get on this, Andy Cohen. the years. Did it feel icky? Yes. Did I feel
Those bitches are gonna be ghting with violated? No - I felt empowered because I
swords and everything! - Sheryl Underwood shot these people down. Did taking a stand
on The Talk discusses Andy Cohens oer hurt me? Perhaps - Im sure I lost out on
to mediate between Ivana and Melania some opportunities. But it would have
Trump. Id denitely watch that show. hurt me much more to have given in. And
When last we saw Kathy Grin, she either way, I made a decision and I stand
had announced a world tour, shaved her by it. Period.
head in solidarity with her sister who had Could it be theres another victim
cancer, and was feuding with a neighbor whose keeping quiet? Well, of course,
over a pool party. Since then, her hair has theres the wife who got where she is the
started to grow back in, her sister died, and same way all those other starlets did.
the neighbor thinks shes spying on him. But when she saw what was happening
On top of all that, she made a surprise around her, she threatened to leave.
appearance the Best in Drag fundraiser, And then Quasimodo had an idea - what
which she has appeared at almost 20 if she had someone to satisfy her sexual
times in the past. If that wasnt a complete needs? She made a wish list. Cut to that
surprise, her walking onstage wearing limber lad so attractive to women and
a non-bloody Trump mask and taking a men alike. A golden boy whos willing to
knee was perhaps somewhat surprising. bend over backwards (and forwards) to
What she did was less of a routine and Harvey Weinstein scandal has opened a never ending can of worms. get ahead. Suddenly hes on the hubbys
more of a proclamation that she was back. payroll and banging the wife. You see,
And just to prove it, she read some letters He went rogue (if not commando), and got am I condoning Weinsteins behavior or he thought shed leave Cyclops for him.
she got from fans and foes alike. The people to talk. That NBC passed on the excusing it on any level. But, getting to But, in actuality, it was all yet another
most amusing was an e-mail addressed story is yet another mystery, but Ronans the heart of the matter (and heres the deal. When the mover and shaker gured
to Anderson Cooper but CCd to Kathy. tenacity got it to The New Yorker. unpopular part) - I think there is a world it out, he threatened to go public. And
Dear Anderson. From one homo to The rest is history. That said, I have to of dierence between rape/sexual assault suddenly, poof, he was oered his dream
another, youre a ckle faggot. Really? Not admit something that wont be popular and someone propositioning you in a role on Broadway! And like so many
supporting and backing Kathy Grin after - I really dont care about any of this. I sexual way. Its curious that this very week, whores before him, he kept his big mouth
she had your back for years? Even to talk mean, Cosby was drugging and raping when Pink entered the stage for her rst shut - even when the Broadway show was
about your cock-sucking in her comedy people - that was interesting. And I have song on Saturday Night Live, she smacked mysteriously postponed.
back when you were still a closeted queen. enormous sympathy for anyone who is her guitarist on the ass. Sexual assault or When you can hu and pu and blow
And another thing, Anderson. Homo rule physically assaulted. That is horric. But playful? Intent is everything. Scores of a blind item down, its denitely time to
101 - you always back your fag hag. You what about the story that Harvey put his women are coming out saying, Oh, I was end yet another column. Of course, were
can see the rest of her appearance on hands on Gwyneth Paltrows shoulders once in an uncomfortable situation like far less circumspect onwww.BillyMasters. and suggested they get a massage. Do I that. Even a few guys are coming forward. com, the site that cannot be bought - but
Then theres all this Weinstein drama, believe it happened? Sure. Does it get me I think I was actually there when Terry Crews can be rented. And like so many rent boys
and one must give credit where credits excited? Nah. What about reports that he was groped! But to all the people out there before me, you can send your requests
due. Im not the biggest fan of Satchel made advances on Angelina Jolie? What who wonder what to do when someone into and I promise to get
Ronan OSullivan Farrow Allen Sinatra - interests me is the common thread - Brad in a position of power propositions you, back to you before I get called as a witness
aka Ronan Farrow. But he did do the leg Pitt! Im waiting for Jennifer Aniston to heres what I have to say - sometimes it (Ive got a great hat Ive been DYING to
work on this piece and did the digging come forward with a teary testimony. costs more to say yes than it does to say wear). So, until next time, remember, one
even without the support of a news outlet. Lest there be any question, in no way no. And, I know from whence I speak. mans lth is another mans bible.
4 6 OCTO B E R 2 0 , 2 017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM A RT S & E N T E RT A I N ME N T

Halloweenie just keeps getting bigger

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 29 also those of all populations who are now Costumes are required, so bring your on Carly Rae Jepsens Cut To The Feeling.
at risk of being marginalized even further best Halloween game and be prepared DJ Max Bruce got his start spinning in
and the ongoing battle against a backwards to dance all night. the after hours and gay clubs of Toronto
experience of stories of lesbian, gay, tide requires resources more than ever. To help with the latter, Halloweenie will over 25 years ago, and brings a great
transgender, genderqueer and straight Thats where Halloweenie and you provide imaginatively crafted sounds by historical perspective to his sets. House
allies from across America across America, can help. some of the worlds most sought after DJs. is the word with disco, tech and deep
bringing them to life and infusing them Due to the generous support of the DJ Hector Fonseca is an international DJ being the prexes.
with dynamic musical numbers. events creators Fred Arens and Jason superstar and coveted celebrity remixer. Additional sponsors for the event
Programs like these are even more Duguay, hundreds of thousands of dollars He has charted over 15 Ocial Billboard include Anawalt Lumber, Ketel One Vodka,
important in the current political climate. have been raised for GMCLA, and this #1 dance remixes for artists like Sia, Lady LASC, Don Julio Tequila, and Rockwell
As GMCLA Board Chairman John Jude years 12th Annual Halloweenie hopes to Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Blondie, Kerli Table & Stage.
Durant points out, The world changed continue that grand tradition. and Beyonce. Only those 21-and-over are allowed to
on November 8, 2016. The horrible, Every year, partygoers are invited DJ Jeremy Blacklow is the director of enter. Ticket prices have been adjusted
regressive agenda of the nations current to enter into a completely immersive entertainment media for GLAAD. His to reect this years change to a cash bar.
administration means that our work has and original Halloween experience with recent production work includes the There will also be private cabanas and VIP
become much, much harder, and will be astonishingly real dcor, ghoulish celebrity highly-acclaimed update (with two full areas available throughout the venue.
that way for at least the next four years. guests, killer photo ops, an array of fully remix packages) of the 2001 dance music For more information or to purchase
The Chorus is committed to advocacy for stocked bars, and sexy and ghoulish anthem To Be Able To Love on Swishcraft tickets ($75-130) in advance, visit www.
the rights of not just LGBTQ citizens, but costumed eye candy. Music, and an explosive high-energy take or call (424) 239-6514.
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Mid-Century Fixer Opportunity = $$$ Financial Gain. Immaculate and spacious 3BR/2BA updated condo. 3BR/2BA Mid-Century designed by Palmer and Krisel.
4BR/3BA + Media Room. Private Gated Estate. Pool. Views. Two Master Suites. Prime location. Two private patios. Cash-Generating Vacay Rental. Light. Bright. Pool. Views.

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