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10/20/2017 Still Doubted?

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Still Doubted?
Still Doubted? is the fifth studio album by rapper Lil Wyte,[1] released on
Still Doubted?
June 19, 2012. It was mostly produced by Wyte Music producer Big BOI
Beats and features guest appearances from Young Buck, Frayser Boy, Lord
Infamous and Liquid Assassin from Grave Plott, among others. It is Wyte's
first album to not feature any production by HCP's DJ Paul and Juicy J.

1 Background
2 Music and lyrics
3 Guests and production
Studio album by Lil Wyte
4 Singles
5 Critical reception
Released June 19, 2012

6 Commercial performance Recorded 2010-2012

7 Track listing Genre Hardcore hip hop, trap
8 Charts Length 1:14:00
9 References Label Wyte Music
Producer Big BOI Beats, Lex
Luger, Wyte Music Rec,
Background 2Tall
Still Doubted? is Wyte's first album since 2009's The Bad Influence. It is a Lil Wyte chronology
follow up to his debut album Doubt Me Now and was released 10 years The Bad 'Still No Filter
after it. Wyte spent three years touring and releasing mixtapes in Influence Doubted' (2013)
preparation for his next album. He also founded his own record label Wyte (2009) (2012)
Music and started signing and promoting new artists, such as
Singles from Still Doubted
Miscellaneous (who appears on the single "Sike"). Unlike his previous
releases under HCP, which were crafted by DJ Paul and Juicy J, Still
1. "Sike"
Doubted? was executively produced by Wyte, who wanted to make an
Released: February 7, 2012
album on his own.[2]

A music video for "My Smoking Song" from Doubt Me Now was released on April 20, 2012, to promote the album. It
was shot at the 41st Annual Ann Arbor Michigan Hash Bash, an annual event hosted to help legalize weed, which was
attended by 15,000 people.[2]

Music and lyrics

Wyte described Still Doubted? as an "old-new Lil Wyte." The album features the usual drug and party-themed songs,
as well as tracks on personal topics, which were rarely heard on his previous albums.[2]

Guests and production 1/4
10/20/2017 Still Doubted? - Wikipedia

Prior to the album's release Lil Wyte confirmed working with Pastor Troy, JellyRoll, Al Kapone, Miscellaneous, Liquid
Assassin, Project Pat, Three 6 Mafia, Insane Clown Posse, Young Buck, Curren$y, Bubba Sparxxx, MJG, Tech N9ne, I-
20 and Twista on the album. The ones who actually appear on the album are Pastor Troy, Al Kapone, Miscellaneous,
Project Pat, Bubba Sparxxx, Partee, $hamrock, Lil Wil, Big Lazy, Thug Therapy, Frayser Boy, Young Buck, Lord
Infamous, Liquid Assassin from Grave Plott and Miss Wyte.[3]

The album was produced almost entirely by Wyte Music producer Big BOI Beats, with few tracks produced by Lex
Luger, Wyte Music Rec and 2Tall. Although Lil Wyte confirmed in an interview that Three 6 Mafia members DJ Paul
and Juicy J had produced some tracks, they didn't make the final cut. This is the first Lil Wyte album and the first
album under HCP not to have any production done by DJ Paul and Juicy J.

The first and only single "Sike" was released on February 7, 2012. A music video for the song was shot on Panama City
Beach and released on June 9 on Wyte's YouTube channel.[4]

Critical reception
The album received positive reviews. Josh Boutwell from Hubpages gave
the album 4,5 stars out of 5 calling it his best since Phinally Phamous.
Professional ratings
Popculturez gave the album a positive review stating that hard-core, Review scores
Southern-fried hip-hop fans should check out the album as Wyte delivers a
Source Rating
quality of Memphis street-hop. This is Book Music also gave the album
positive review claiming that "Still Doubted? is an answer to anyone who [5]

has ever thought Lil Wyte could not make decent music." Steve Flash Juon
from RapReviews gave the album 6.5 stars out of 10 praising him for sharpening his rhymes and songs like "Sold My
Soul," "All Kinds Of Drugs" and "Lesson Learned," but criticized the length of the album, saying that skipping tracks
like "Yea Hoe," "Get Em Out Of Durr," "Sike" and the skits would have resulted in a much stronger album.

Commercial performance
Although the album didn't appear on the Billboard 200, it charted on the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums at #34 and on the
Rap Albums at #23.[6]

Track listing 2/4
10/20/2017 Still Doubted? - Wikipedia

Track Title Producer(s) Featured Length

1 "Intro" Big BOI Beats 1:17
2 "I Do It" Big BOI Beats 4:27
3 "Stoner Night" Big BOI Beats 3:28
4 "Sold My Soul" Big BOI Beats Pastor Troy 5:17
5 "U Don't Know Me" Big BOI Beats 3:07
Big BOI Beats, Lex
6 "All Kinds of Drugs" Young Buck, Lil Wil 4:42
7 "Show Some Skin" Big BOI Beats Bubba Sparxxx 3:44
8 Im Going Home Big BOI Beats Big Lazy 3:57
9 "(Interlude) Call Us" Big BOI Beats Thug Therapy 3:25
10 "M.E.M.P.H.I.S." Big BOI Beats Miscellaneous, Al Kapone 4:08
11 "Gun Down" Big BOI Beats Frayser Boy, Partee 4:25
Wyte Music Rec, Lex Lord Infamous, Liquid
12 "Welcome 2 the Gathering" 3:44
Luger Assassin
13 "Yea Hoe" Big BOI Beats $hamrock 3:53
14 "Get Em Out of Durr" Big BOI Beats Partee 3:58
15 "Sike" Big BOI Beats Miscellaneous 3:57
16 "Lesson Learned" 2Tall 2:42
17 "Money Train Gang" Big BOI Beats 4:01
18 "Wyte Speaks [Outro]" Big BOI Beats 2:15
Miss Wyte, Partee, Project
19 "Money" Lex Luger 4:36
20 Lost In My Zone Lex Luger 4:06

Chart (2013) Peak position
Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums 34
Billboard Top Rap Albums 23

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10/20/2017 Still Doubted? - Wikipedia

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