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Stand Up for Europe 17/10/2017

Stand Up for Europe

Yearly Board Report

Mandate from the 3th of December 2016 till the 4th of November 2017

Board composed by 18 members elected by the last General Assembly in Brussels on the 3th
of December. Board meetings planned to be every two weeks with physical meetings
between members based in Brussels every second meeting.

Roles in the Board:

- Defined by the GA:
President= Richard Laub
Vice-President= Pietro de Matteis
Secretary General= Blint Gyvai
Treasurer= Jacques de Ridder
- Defined by the Board:
Responsible for Support Committee: Michel Caillout
Responsible for Students for Europe: Nicolas Hamon
Press relations officer: Grard Bouquet
Responsible for city-teams: Pietro de Matteis with Fernanda Neutel and Anita Seprenyi
Fundraising: Alain Deneef/Romain Gustot
Policy development responsible: Georgios Kostakos
Social Media Manager: David Zhlke
Human resource manager: Catherine Guibourg
Responsible for projects: Jules Bejot
- Other Board members: Mauro Casarotto: Communication area supervisor and
coordinator; Lorenzo Sparviero: Responsible for March for Europe event; Katharina
Kuckla, Vice-Social Media Manager; Hubert Heine: Responsible for Le Nouvel Europen,
the Back to School + project and the European Youth Gatherings.

- The Board adds a new member by cooptation which is provided by the by-laws. The
Board starts its work with 19 members. Grard Bouquet joins the team after a vote from
the Board: 1 against, 3 abstentions, 10 in favor.

Comment: Unfortunately, this point was allowed by our by-laws but it was in fact going against the
laws on associations of Belgium. Indeed, only the GA can make someone member of the Board.

Blint Gyvai Secretary General

Stand Up for Europe 17/10/2017

- Launch of a first city-team document in order to give advices to the members on how to
start a team at local level.

- The Board adopts Our proposals for a better Europe as the main document explaining
our vision for the European project.
- Creation of various communication teams: Social media team, video creation team,
translator team, administrator team and the editors team.
- New website for the movement launched in English and French.
- The Board agrees on participating to the Sziget festival in Budapest in August and to take
part to the organization team of the March for Europe in Rome on the 25th of March for
the 60 years of the treaty of Rome.

- The Board adopts the interim guidelines for the social media management.

- The Board agrees on launching an e-shop in order to sell t-shirts with some slogans on
our ideas.
- Board members commit to find at least 10 new members around them in order to
increase our incomes and support.

- The Board adopts the official social media guidelines
- The Board agrees on calling our teams: Stand Up + city name
- The Board also emphasize to create teams at local level in cities and towns

- The Board agrees that the central funds will be available to finance the projects in the
city-teams. The teams should apply for money when needed.
- Board agrees on joining the Pulse initiatives and cooperates with them.

- The Board and hundreds of young people including the Students for Europe teams
gathered in the European Parliament for a citizen debate with MEPs in the framework of
the 60 years of the treaty of Rome.

- Board mobilized for the March for Europe in Rome with thousands of people in the
streets. Same initiative in London, Berlin and Brussels with our local teams represented.
Simultaneous speeches held in Brussels and Rome.

- Starter-kit validated by the Board and made available for the city-teams.

Blint Gyvai Secretary General

Stand Up for Europe 17/10/2017

- Board defines the process for the election of the next Convention place.
- Roadmap for policy development adopted by the Board with the idea of sending out the
proposals to the teams for discussions and gathering the inputs ahead of the Convention.

- The Board adopts and launches the call for application for the location of the 2017
- The Board agrees to apply for the Friends of Stand Up for Europe fund in order to have
tax deductibility on donations to the movement in Belgium (Achieved).

- The Board agrees on the system of reports from all the fields at every Board meeting
with a compensate document of the inputs to get an overview of the work done.
- The Social media plan and strategy are adopted by the Board.
- The Board agrees that the name at city-level should stay Stand Up for Europe, it cant be
translated. What can be done is to add a motto or a sentence in the local language next
to the standardized name.
- The Board decides to launch a crowdfunding campaign in order to gather money for the
creation of our pan-European platform.
- The Board takes note of the reception of 500 flags for the movement and defines the
criterias for distribution.

- Presentation of the flagship initiative
- The Board decides to hold the 2017 Convention in Munich.
- Board agrees to develop the platform with a Belarus company under Belgian law

- Board decides that the Federalist Charter project will be merged with the Flagship
- Board agrees on launching city-team coordination meetings with a monthly call.

- Katharina Kuckla resigns from the Board of Stand Up for Europe

- Board decides to create a Code of conduct for Stand Up for Europe.

- Board decides to adopt the as name of the platform and aim of the
Crowdfunding campaign.
- The Board decides to propose, to the next General Assembly an amendment in order to establish a 2
years mandate (instead of the actual 1 year mandate) for the next elected boards.

Blint Gyvai Secretary General

Stand Up for Europe 17/10/2017

- Regarding the European elections, the Board proposes to organize an online Convention
to have formal vote later before summer 2018. We will only have discussions around the
topic in Munich.
- The Boards adopts the agenda of the Convention.
- The Boards adopts the Code of Conduct of the movement.

- Stand Up Board takes part thanks to the team in Budapest to the Sziget festival in the
Hungarian capital.
- Launching of the crowdfunding campaign through Ulule.

- The Board agrees on the proposed changes to the by-laws with emphasize on keeping
the Ombudsman outside of the Board, keeping the group of advisers and adding the
name of all the founders from USE Now.
- Board decides to discuss Brexit at the next Board meeting.

- The Board agrees on the ticket approach for the call for application to the new Board.
Lists will be presented with this Board aiming to go together in one list.
- The Board decides to keep the Social Media Manager and end the temporary suspension
he was going through. However, last chance letter has to be sent to David Zhlke
following a series of many incidents the last of which was the publishing of swastikas.

- The Board decides that it will hold a vote on the final text of the ECI on Migration before
launching the initiative.
- Presentation of the vision proposal for the reform of the Federalist Charter

- The Board adopts a first position on regionalism which touches upon the Catalonian case
as well.
- The Board agrees on joining the crowdfunding campaign of the EU flag fashion project
in order to gain money and spread the European symbols.
- The Board adopts the call for application project ahead of the Convention and maintains
1 year term for the next Boards.

Additional achievements:

Our Support Committee grew till 98 members.

Our city-teams grew till 45 teams all over the EU.
The Board secured many important partnerships with big organizations: Pulse of Europe, AIACE,
AEGEE, Debating Europe, and Go-Europe
WE are launching a pan-European platform: the after a successful Crowdfunding (8000
euros gathered).
Monthly Newsletter

Blint Gyvai Secretary General

Stand Up for Europe 17/10/2017

We have now more than 118 000 followers on Facebook and 9 000 people in our official group.
Our projects regarding the European Youth Gatherings (including the Back to School+ project) and the
European Citizen Initiative on migration are evolving well.
2 successful e-magazines: Europe Today and Le Nouvel Europen
An additional project with Henri Malosse (and En Marche) regarding the Citizen Conventions

Weak points:

Stagnation of Students for Europe groups

Weak visibility in press and media in general
Financial and budgetary issues not solved

Blint Gyvai Secretary General

Stand Up for Europe 17/10/2017

Board attendancy table

Blint Gyvai Secretary General