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10/20/2017 Backlogs : Anki



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1 submitted 3 days ago by zavenseven
this post was submitted on 17 Oct
Hello guys.. I have a backlog of 182 2017
cards lets say in my Immunology 1 point (100% upvoted)
subject (deck).. I need to review shortlink:
this subject from the beginning lets
say from the 1st chapter (1st card) username password
and simultaneously to get rid of
these 182 backlog cards... the remember me reset password

question is what should i do ? what login

am doing is that i created a filtered

deck in order added and start Submit a new link
studying this deck. Am i doing it Submit a new text post
right ? or is there anything that i
can do for better performance or
anything else... thanks in advance. subscribe 4,213 readers
57 users here now
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Welcome to /r/anki!
sorted by: best This community is for people who
[] himself_v 2 points 3 days ago
use the Anki "friendly, intelligent
flashcard" program. Anki is
The surefure way to deal with backlog is available for these platforms:
to move cards to new, then review Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD,
iPhone, and Android. There is also a
thoroughly and in due time, as you web-based version of Anki.
would with new cards. You are welcome to ask your
If you can review it all at once go questions about Anki here, and
please help answer other people's
ahead, but keep in mind that you'll questions when you can. If you find
probably have elevated review counts a good resource for Anki users,
for a while. 180, 100, 90, 81, 72, 60, please share it with us.

etc the following days. Anki Tips & Info

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New to Anki? Our Anki wiki has
[] zavenseven [S] 1 point 3 days ago* some resources you'll want to see.
How to move cards to new.. please When creating cards, consider the
can you explain more through steps tips in this article: Twenty rules of
formulating knowledge.
how you deal with backlogs... i mean
steps anki wise.. thanks in advance Please support Anki
permalink embed parent report Anki is free. But if you use it,
[] himself_v 1 point 3 days ago consider supporting Anki by one of
the ways listed here. That will help
Open card browser, select the the developer to continue
cards you want to move, menu improving the software.
Edit -> Reschedule, "OK" /r/anki participation
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[] zavenseven [S] 1 point 3 days ago
Keep your posts on-topic. 1/4
10/20/2017 Backlogs : Anki

But this way i'll lose my due Be polite and kind.

intervals isn't it ? Posts that are off-topic will be
removed. Rude or snarky
permalink embed parent report comments will be removed.
[] himself_v 2 points 3 days ago
message the moderators
Yes. This is for cases where MODERATORS
you don't really remember glasspenguin
cards all that well. Gear5th
If you think you still
remember them you can just about moderation team
try reviewing them as usual.
< > discussions in r/Anki X
It's just, often when people
have a backlog they haven't 2 3 comments
Basic plus cloze. Is it possible?
reviewed in a while and
remember the cards poorly.
They fail them, cards return
tomorrow, they fail them
again etc. In which case it's
better to give up and move
cards to new.
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[] zavenseven [S] 2 points 3 days ago

Ok what about my plan in creating filtered decks with
cards in order added cause i want to review from the
beginning.. is it ok ? thanks
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[] [deleted] 2 days ago

[] zavenseven [S] 1 point 2 days ago
please can you explain by steps how to make this
deck "overdue" you mean to make a deck and call it
Overdue ? how to study them then ?please help
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[] dedu6ka 2 points 2 days ago*

please can you explain by steps how to make
this deck "overdue";
you mean to make a deck and call it Overdue ?
... Yes, that easy :-)
To move the Overdue cards, go to Browser; click
on the Deck;
in the search Bar, append the deck name with:
prop:due<0 Make sure the list shows cards due
before Today; select all; change deck --> Overdue 2/4
10/20/2017 Backlogs : Anki

The cards will be moved.

Study them as usual deck.
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[] zavenseven [S] 1 point 1 day ago

Hello sir.. just if you can clear this to this
selective i mean i want to move the overdue
cards of a selected deck.. whenever i'm typing
the "prop:due<0" into the deck browser it gives
me overdue cards from another deck also
which i dont want.. any explanation maybe am
doing something wrong.. Thank you very much.
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continue this thread

[] himself_v 1 point 2 days ago
Sure, sounds fine, so long as you're not overwhelmed
with reviews.
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[] dedu6ka 2 points 2 days ago

Make a regular deck "Overdue" and study them here.
> I need to review this deck "In order created" from the beginning
... Do not use Filtered deck - it is a complicated option.
Since u moved the Overdue cards to a separate deck, keep
reviewing the DUE cards in the Main deck. And at the same time
you can Review the cards 'in order added'. Do this:
Download 2 add-ons: Advanced Browser; and Advanced Previewer.
Sort cards by "Created" column.
Set the 'Advanced Previewer' ( Tools-->Advanced Prev Opt ) Top
option to "Allow studying ....";
that means -- you will be able to click on Rating buttons ( at
bottom left).
All other options ( under header 'Reviewing cards' ) will also be
Start Previewing. To advance the screen to the 'Rating Buttons',
click on Right_Arrow.
Note: u can edit cards as u go - it will not hamper the Preview
Note: Buried or suspended cards can not be previewed.
Note: New cards CAN be previewed.
When you need to pause the process, MARK the next card to be
reviewed - so that it will be
easy to find the place where u paused. Note: to turn the
Adv_Preview off:
Tools --> Menu -->Uncheck the Top option "Allow studying ...".
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10/20/2017 Backlogs : Anki

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