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10/20/2017 Help with removing a single cloze deletion?

: Anki



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Help with removing a single cloze search

deletion? (self.Anki)
submitted 4 hours ago by supacrap this post was submitted on 20 Oct
Hi, I had multiple cloze deletions for
2 points (100% upvoted)
one note? Say, for example, I
replaced {{c2:: with {{c1::, how do
I get rid of the extra "cloze 5" card? username password
Is there a built-in function that
allows me to do this automatically? remember me reset password
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[] troy_civ 1 point 3 hours ago* Submit a new text post
I got a feeling this should be possible to Anki
do with regex. Damn I wish I was better subscribe 4,213 readers
with that. 41 users here now
I can grab the string with
Welcome to /r/anki!
\{\{c5::.+?\}\} but I don't know with
what I should replace it. I think it This community is for people who
use the Anki "friendly, intelligent
should be possible to assign this inner flashcard" program. Anki is
string to a variable but I couldn't make available for these platforms:
it work. Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD,
iPhone, and Android. There is also a
Edit: made some progress: web-based version of Anki.
You are welcome to ask your
searching for \{\{(c4::.+?)\}\} and
questions about Anki here, and
replacing it with \1 gives you c4:: please help answer other people's
questions when you can. If you find
Edit 2: Arrrr, I'm that close
a good resource for Anki users,
search for \{\{(c4::.*)?\}\} and please share it with us.
replace with \1 removes the brackets Anki Tips & Info
However the folloing expression is
New to Anki? Our Anki wiki has
invalid and I don't know why: some resources you'll want to see.
\{\{c4::(.*)?\}\} When creating cards, consider the
tips in this article: Twenty rules of
But you could just remove the c4:: formulating knowledge.
with a second run of find and replace. is
that a solution for you? Please support Anki
permalink embed report Anki is free. But if you use it,
consider supporting Anki by one of
[] BonoboBanana 1 point 48 minutes ago
the ways listed here. That will help
Tools >> Empty Cards... the developer to continue
permalink embed report
improving the software.

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10/20/2017 Help with removing a single cloze deletion? : Anki

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