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10/20/2017 Language learning- individual words vs sentences?

: Anki



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Language learning- individual words search

vs sentences? (self.Anki)
submitted 3 days ago by Ilovenut this post was submitted on 17 Oct
What's your experience learning
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sentences vs individual words with
Anki? Some people swear learning
full sentences is the best method username password
but I'm not so sure. Out of context
of the sentence the words will be remember me reset password
harder to recall and it takes alot of login

effort to memorise the arrangement

of something that you will probably Submit a new link
never see, hear or use again.
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[] BonoboBanana 2 points 2 days ago
Sentences also serve as templates for Welcome to /r/anki!
other sentences. This community is for people who
use the Anki "friendly, intelligent
In English, if you can say, "I love flashcard" program. Anki is
clowns", you can say that you love available for these platforms:
anything else... just plug in a new noun. Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD,
iPhone, and Android. There is also a
The sentence serves a a model for web-based version of Anki.
correct grammar. You are welcome to ask your
questions about Anki here, and
Ditto for longer sentences with more
please help answer other people's
complex grammar structures. questions when you can. If you find
a good resource for Anki users,
Sure, sentences may not focus much on
please share it with us.
any word in isolation; that's what
single-word cards are for. But just Anki Tips & Info
because a screwdriver doesn't drive in a New to Anki? Our Anki wiki has
nail, it doesn't follow that you shouldn't some resources you'll want to see.
have one in your toolbox. When creating cards, consider the
tips in this article: Twenty rules of
The effort you put into learning a formulating knowledge.
sentence teaches you not just words,
Please support Anki
but grammar patterns too; something
single-word cards suck at. Anki is free. But if you use it,
consider supporting Anki by one of
Of course, explicitly learning grammar is the ways listed here. That will help
a good idea too. It's probably better to the developer to continue
improving the software.
have a concrete example or a template
to go along with it. /r/anki participation
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[] Ilovenut [S] 1 point 2 days ago* Keep your posts on-topic. 1/3
10/20/2017 Language learning- individual words vs sentences? : Anki

thanks for the input. I'm finding Be polite and kind.

sentences very time consuming, I Posts that are off-topic will be
removed. Rude or snarky
definitely need to start using shorter comments will be removed.
ones, Any tips for learning new words
message the moderators
n sentences with anki? Just keep
hitting again until it sticks? or
actually stop on new words and Gear5th
spend a few mintues atleast trying to Jae_t
commit it to memory then hit again. Glutanimate
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[] adrianslont 2 points 2 days ago < > discussions in r/Anki X

Yeah, keep them very short and 2 3 comments
basic or they become too difficult Basic plus cloze. Is it possible?
very quickly - just phrases is fine.
Also, I recommend cloze deletion
cards. They dont have the
cognitive load of trying to
remember a whole sentence but
you get to see sentences/context
with every card.
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[] Ilovenut [S] 1 point 2 days ago

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[] BonoboBanana 1 point 20 hours ago

Create a field for a Mnemonic Device in your note type. Then use
conditional replacement to create a card that is only generated
when that field is not blank; a card that gives you the word and
asks you for the mnemonic device.
Then, when you're reviewing and you notice a word giving you
trouble, hit 'E' to bring up the note editor and add a mnemonic
device for the word to field. It doesn't need to be a good one;
even terrible mnemonics are better than nothing.
Then presto! you have a new card to help with learning this word.
It will, of course, be at the end of the new card queue, so if you
have a bunch of cards, you'll have to manually move it tho the
front of the line.
*Also display the mnemonic on the reverse side of the other cards
as well.
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[] hnous927 2 points 1 day ago

I'm those who swear by sentence cards. I've tried drilling 2000
vocabulary cards. Turned out to be the biggest waste of my time. Sure
I can recall those individual words but... That's it. I couldn't form 2/3
10/20/2017 Language learning- individual words vs sentences? : Anki

sentences nor could I speak. Switched to sentence cards and I'm far
better off. There are words like a special dish is better with a picture
and a vocabulary card.
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[] paradoxez 1 point 1 day ago

Do you use reading recognition only card type, listening recognition
card, or production card, or combination?
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[] hnous927 1 point 1 day ago

My primarily focus is reading recognition sentence card. I have
listening recognition card (Front: Audio; back: sentence) but I
rarely do them. Production card for special vocab like a special
dish or special holiday.
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[] paradoxez 1 point 19 hours ago

Got it. Thanks!
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[] troy_civ 1 point 3 days ago

deja vu
You could have just made a x-post
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