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A Dozen Unusual Armors

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Dungeons & Dragons
Players Handbook
A Dozen
Unique suits of armor are a staple of most fan-
Unusual Armors
tasy fiction and, over the past thirty years, fanta-
this particular item is decorated with silver
sy roleplaying games. Recently, even computer BRITTLE SHIELD studs and five red gemstones. Beautiful
RPGs have included unique suits of armor that Appearance: This item looks like a very scrollwork engravings cover the gorget.
players struggle to claim. This short PDF presents thin shield constructed of a black, beaten
a dozen unique or very rare suits of armor, Appraise Information: DC 12. While not
metal. The leather straps on the shield are rot- well suited to the battlefield, noblemen at
each one anxiously awaiting its chance to join ten and require replacing and a huge gash
your campaign. court frequently wear gorgets such as this.
rips through the center of the shield, light The gemstones are near-perfect rubies.
Just as with those suits of armor presented in showing through it when it is held up to the
101 Mundane Treasures and Another 101 Value: 87 gp (5 gp for each ruby, 2 gp for
sun or a flickering torch. An upraised fist is the gorget, and 60 gp for the craftsmanship of
Mundane Treasures, these dozen suits of armor (a crudely painted on the front of the shield.
few are actually shields and one is a helmet) are the item).
Appraise Information: DC 14. This is a Special Rules: Armor Bonus +1 (but only
not at all magical in nature. While many of them fairly common small shield made of light
are constructed from magical creatures the suits of against called shots to the neck), 1 lb.
steel. It was the property of the barbarian Additionally, a garrote cannot be used
armor themselves are not considered magic items. Ulhoff and is worth some small amount to a
Rather, these are all unique, non-magical treasures against someone wearing a gorget.
collector of historical arms and armors.
that add a little history and wonder to your next
game session.
Value: 65 gp (65 gp for the historical
value of the shield and no value for the small
Please note that many of the suits of armor in
this PDF were fashioned from creatures taken from
light steel shield since it is damaged). SHIELD
Repairing the shield will destroy its historical Appearance: A round wooden shield with
a pair of excellent D20 System products. While value.
license restrictions keep me from mentioning these leather straps and covered with several
Special Rules: As it currently is the shield spikes, this large shield has odd runes carved
products by name I can recommend that you turn
is worthless in battle, providing no shield along the back of it. The shield feels light,
to the OGL section of this PDF and look closely at
bonus. too light, and has an almost ethereal quality
Section 15. Both of the books listed there deserve
to be on the shelf of every gamer. If you do not to it.
own them I encourage you to check them out I ELEGANT GORGET Appraise Information: DC 25. It is quite
promise you will not be disappointed with the Appearance: A finely detailed steel gor- difficult to properly identify this shield and to
quality of the products. get a piece of armor worn around the neck pinpoint the reason for its odd lightness.

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A Dozen Unusual Armors

Known amongst sages and bards as a fear crafted to help the paladin defend the goddess
guards shield, this particular shield is created of the frozen plains. It is told that Aravall fell in NECROMANCERS
when one of the incorporeal undead known as a battle with the evil magma lords of the deep SHIELD
fear guard is slain in the vicinity of a wooden earth, defending his goddess honor up until the Appearance: This small, black shield is
shield. At such a time there is a 2% chance that very end. Where the suit has been in the time constructed entirely of bones. The shield is in
the fear guards essence will cling to the shield, since Aravalls death is completely unknown. good repair and shows little sign of use.
forever changing it. Value: 3,200 gp (1,500 for full plate armor, Appraise Information: DC 18. This evil
Value: 503 go (500 gp for rarity and 3 gp for 1,000 gp for the gelid beetle carapace used in shield has been constructed of the bones of var-
the shield). the construction of the armor, and 700 gp for ious undead creatures. Such shields are valu-
Special Rules: Beyond the light weight (1 the craftsmanship and rarity of the suit). able to necromancers since they grant the user
lb.) and odd aura, this shield is identical to any Special Rules: Except for the odd appear- an increased level of power when casting
heavy wooden shield. ance and value, this suit of armor is in all other necromantic spells. Some full suits of armor
ways identical to standard full plate armor. constructed of the bones of the undead are
GELID SHELL ARMOR known to exist though they tend to be rare. See
Appearance: This suit of full plate armor KEDIAVUDDS CHAIN A Dozen Unusual Materials for information on
enshrouds the wearer in overlapping plates of
white mottled silver that looks something like
SHIRT creating your own suits of armor from the
bones of undead creatures.
Appearance: A long, steel chain shirt, this Value: 357 gp (250 gp for the bones used in
sections of a monstrously large insect. The hel-
armor extends down to the wearers mid-thigh the shields construction, 100 gp for the crafts-
mets jaw is adorned with a pair of dull silver
and includes several black straps that are used manship, and 7 gp for the shield).
mandibles and the visor is shaped so that the
to secure it to the wearers body and to fasten a
wearers head appears beetle-like in appear- Special Rules: Constructed of the bones of
helmet so that it can be easily slipped from the
ance. The suit has a few dents and scratches but undead creatures, this special shield grants
wearers head.
is, for the most part, pristine. arcane or divine spellcasters the ability to cast
Appraise Information: DC 14. Kediavudd necromancy spells at one caster level greater
Appraise Information: DC 18. Crafted
Martange, a respected paladin who led several than their actual level. In all other ways this
from the carapace of the gelid beetle, a medi-
religious orders decades ago, wore a shirt such shield is treated as if it were a heavy wooden
um-sized magical insect that resides in cold
as this and the white shield painted on the shield.
forests, this suit of full plate armor is grotesque,
armors chest identifies it as a shirt from that
almost monster-like in appearance. While this
era. While it is doubtful that Kediavudd himself
suit does not possess any magical abilities there
wore this chain shirt all such items from that NUCKALAVEE SHIRT
are known to be several suits of gelid shell Appearance: When worn on the torso, this
era are now known as Kediavudds chain shirt.
armor that project a magical cold aura that armored shirt gives the wearer the appearance
harms anyone foolish enough to come close to Value: 100 gp.
Special Rules: None. that he has no skin, internal organs, muscles,
the armor. and raw, meaty flesh taking the place where a
This particular suit of armor worn over shirt or armor would normally be seen. Those
thirty years ago by the paladin Aravall was

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A Dozen Unusual Armors

weak of stomach are likely to vomit upon wit- Appraise Information: DC 20. The helmet Slaughtersuits are rarely seen in use these
nessing a nucklavee shirt. of a slain proscriber, an outsider charged with days, most of the suits having been destroyed
Appraise Information: DC 18. The punishing clerics that displease their gods, when The Blackest Sign was wiped out. Some
nucklavee is an evil creature of the forests and sometimes remains behind when the entity is still surface in markets or in the treasure hoard
some evil warriors find it exciting to hunt and destroyed. This particular helmet is in immacu- of a dragon or evil wizard. Assassins today
slay these powerful beasts. Taking the flesh of late condition and is quite valuable. would be honored to own a slaughtersuit.
the creature, warriors sometimes have the Value: 2,500 gp. Value: 860 gp (500 gp for the slaughterford
beasts hide fashioned into a horrific-looking Special Rules: If worn, the weight of this skin used in the armors construction, 150 gp for
armored shirt. Working with the hide of a helmet forces the wearer to struggle to maintain masterwork quality construction, 200 gp for
nucklavee is quite difficult and there is a 75% balance, strength, and even stamina. All uniqueness, and 10 gp for leather armor). If
chance that the creatures skin will be destroyed Dexterity, Strength, and Constitution checks repaired Craft (Leatherworking) DC 25 the
during the crafting process, rendering the flesh suffer a 4 circumstance penalty when the hel- suit would be worth an additional 1,000 gp.
unusable. Few craftsmen willingly attempt the met is worn. Special Rules: Expertly using these
creation of a nucklavee shirt since failure often weapons requires Exotic Weapon Proficiency
pushes the warrior awaiting the shirt to murder
the craftsman.
SLAUGHTERSUIT (Slaughtersuit Blades). The weapons inflict 1d8
damage and are treated as longswords for all
Appearance: This pale, almost white suit of
Fifty years ago the human warrior Crazdock other purposes. A true master slaughtersuit
leather-like armor was crafted years ago from the
the Thirsty wore a nucklavee shirt for a brief wearer will also have Two-Weapon Fighting. A
flesh of a swarm of evil slaughterfords. The
time. Finding the shirt uncomfortable Crazdock slaughtersuit differs from leather armor in that
slaughterford is a rare undead creature with sharp
passed it on to one of his lieutenants. a suit weighs 22 lbs. Has an armor bonus of +3,
blades in place of hands and a thin, weak-looking
Crazdocks Shirt, as it has come to be known, is a maximum dex. bonus of +5, and an armor
build. Horrific creatures to behold this suit of
identifiable by the red eye painted on its chest. check penalty of 1. Slaughtersuits are identi-
armor gives the wearer the appearance of one of
Value: 1,210 gp (1,100 gp for the nucklavee cal to leather armor in all other ways (specifi-
these foul creatures, the suits arms even ending
hide, 100 gp for the construction, and 10 gp for cally, arcane spell failure chance and speed).
with the wicked-looking blades.
leather armor). Crazdocks Shirt would be
Appraise Information: DC 20. This suit of
worth an additional 1,000 gp.
masterwork leather armor is one of many such THREE-QUARTER
Special Rules: Other than its disgusting
appearance, a nucklavee shirt is treated as if it
suits that were created for the assassins guild FIELD ARMOR
known as The Blackest Sign. Members of the
were a suit of leather armor. Appearance: Very similar in appearance to
guild frequently donned slaughtersuits before set-
full plate, this suit of armor is constructed of the
ting off a mission and even wore the suits to for-
PROSCRIBERS HELM mal functions. For dozens of years rumors of
finest steel and decorated with silver, gold, and
platinum trim. The gauntlets are mitten-like in
Appearance: This full helmet, adorned with wicked, undead assassins spread across the lands,
construction and the full helms visor is so nar-
a thick spike and a fully enclosed visor, is pitch each barely breathed tale heightening the power
row that it is difficult for the wearer to see
black in color and shines brightly beneath the of The Blackest Sign. This particular suit is dam-
clearly. The weight and ornamentation of this
mid-day sun. It is extremely heavy. aged but could be repaired by a skilled craftsman.

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A Dozen Unusual Armors

particular suit of armor makes it suited to for- Even less common are the items fashioned Appraise Information: DC 12. This odd
mal functions and not very useful in a fight. from two-headed trolls. These horrible-looking armor is made from the feathers of a corpse
Appraise Information: DC 12. The expert suits use both heads of the troll, one of the rook. These large magical beasts look like
artistry of this armor, coupled with the compo- heads sitting upon the wearers shoulder. three-headed ravens and are quite rare. The
nents used in its manufacture, make this a par- Armored tunics made from two-headed trolls armor does not grant the wearer any flight
ticularly valuable suit of armor. are never available for medium-sized or small- capabilities and is more formal than functional.
Value: 15,000 gp (2,500 gp for the armor, er races. Value: 470 gp (400 gp for the feathers used
2,500 gp for the beautiful construction, and Value: 550 gp (400 gp for the troll skin and in the armors construction, 60 gp for the
10,000 gp for the materials used in its manu- head and 150 gp for the craftsmanship and rar- artistry of the work, and 10 gp for leather
facture). ity of the item). An armored tunic made of a armor).
Special Rules: Wearing this armor into bat- two-headed troll is worth an additional 500 gp. Special Rules: For the most part, this suit is
tle is not recommended. Armor Bonus: +1, Special Rules: Armor Bonus +5, Maximum identical to leather armor. The only differences,
Maximum Dex. Bonus: , Armor Check Dex. Bonus +3, Armor Check Penalty 4, in addition to the value (see above) are the
Penalty: -7, Arcane Spell Failure Chance: 60%, Arcane Spell Failure Chance 40%, Speed (30 weight (40 lbs.), the Maximum Dex. Bonus
Speed (30 ft.) 10 ft., (20 ft.) 5 ft., 75 lbs. ft.) 20 ft., (20 ft.) 15 ft., 35 lbs. The two-head- (+2) and the Chance of Arcane Spell Failure
ed version is identical except that it weighs 48 (45%).
TROLL HELM AND lbs. and the penalty to spot and listen checks is
increased to 2.
Appearance: This particular item is fash- WINGED ARMOR
ioned from a rock troll and appears much like Appearance: This leather shirt is covered in
an armored shirt with a cruel-looking hood. The massive black feathers and includes two large
hood, a helmet made of the rock troll skin and black wings that hang from the back. The armor
decorated with the rock trolls face, covers laces up the front and when properly worn cov-
most of the wearers head making listen and ers the wearers entire torso and arms making
spot checks slightly more difficult than if the him almost look like a giant, winged creature.
hood was not worn (-1 equipment penalty to The leather is lined with a rich, soft cloth that is
such checks). The helm and armored tunic is in red in color.
excellent condition.
Appraise Information: DC 20. This rare
item is rarely seen outside of the underground
societies of the world. Drow warriors some- Please visit
times wear troll helms and armored tunics, as for information about more D20 System PDFs.
do deep dwarves and other subterranean races.

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A Dozen Unusual Armors
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